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taekook in run bts! - ep.16

yes hello i have decided not to finish this because wots to come is too horrible and  i might die (if you have seen the video ull understand) ,, but since i suffered workin on part of it, you gotta suffer too so here:

Imagine you’re on your period and have to sit through a pretty long meeting with Genji and a few others. When the meeting adjourns, you stand to leave, but you feel a hand on your wrist that immediately pulls you back down into your seat. You turn to ask Genji what the problem is, but he just shushes you and waits for everyone else to leave before speaking. 

“I think you had a little accident, love,” he says softly. “I didn’t want to risk the others seeing.”

You let out a small gasp and get back off your seat to see that you have indeed bled through your pants and even got some on the chair. You start to panic. It was a long way to your bedroom where you could get another pair of pants and a new pad, and oh god everyone is going to see, this is the worst day ever, oh god—

Genji sees your distress and gently hushes you. He explains that his room is closer to the meeting room and he has some sweat pants you can change into— plus some pads! (…He decided to invest in a box or two since he started dating you. It just seemed like a smart move.) He also assures you that he will keep your back covered so no one will catch sight of the stain you’re currently sporting. 

You’re near tears you’re so relieved. You quickly take his hand and have him hurry along behind you. The sooner you can change, the sooner this embarrassment will go away.

Kanato: I’ve decided to live on my own.

Subaru: Okay, good.

Kanato: Your luggage is outside.

  • *browsing my sister's collection of romance novels*
  • me: so which book do they get together?
  • sister: i don't have that one
  • me: you mean none of these books have pants action?
  • sister: no
  • me: this never happens in fanfic. i know exactly what i'm getting
  • sister: because the fic is called "pants action"?
  • me: exactly

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Can I request an imagine where the reader is insecure about her legs (to the point where she wears pants even when it's hot out?) ~thanks✨

Here you go darlin:)


He’d be concerned when he noticed you never wearing shorts, not even to bed, but he wouldn’t bore you with questions instead he’d focus on the parts of you he loved the most, making sure no matter what was going through your head he  was silencing it with his love.


He wouldn’t want to hear it when you finally gave into his questions and told him about your insecurity. It would offend him that you hated any part of your body and would be very vocal about how wrong  you were and how unnecessary it was for you to think that way. 


He’d hate himself for ever letting you think about yourself negatively. He’d sit there with one hand on your covered knee as he pried the information out of you and when you were done telling him he’d kiss you gently before slowly pulling your leggings down and laying you back. He wouldn’t do anything, he’d just want you to learn how to be comfortable around him. He wouldn’t care if you wanted to keep covered infant of others, as long as he knew you he loved you. Every part of you. 


It would break his heart to see you so self conscious about anything, let alone his favorite part of you. He didn’t care what you thought you looked like, to him you were perfect and it wasn’t fare to him that you couldn’t love yourself as much as he loved you. He would spend every moment with you making you smile and feel as comfortable as possible. 


He’d know your insecurities and share them with you in confidence. Seeing how much his own thoughts bothered you made you forget about all of your issues and when he brought them back up to tell you not to feel about your thoughts you couldn’t help but smile at the way  he had managed to make you feel better and you soon found yourself loosening up around him in ways you never saw yourself doing. 


Tae would make you feel better through laughter. He’d tell you if you didnt want to wear shorts then he would have to make up for the both of you by walking around the house pant less. He’d dance around until you were a laughing mess which would cause him to pull you into his arms and look at you sternly. He’d tell you how much he loved you and how beautiful you are.


He’d lay sweet kisses over you as he listed off a long list of the things he loved the most about you, your legs being number one and every other bullet he listed. He insisted that you’d smile and when you did he’d pull you into a hug and kiss the top of your head before pulling you up to cuddle into his chest and trailing his fingers up and down your thighs. 

Svt As Dads // Mingyu //

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  • Gyu gyu gyuuuuuuuu
  • Okay so like 
  • He had a dog before he had kids 
  • Loves that dog so freakin much
  • Literally took care of this dog like it was his first born child
  • So when a kid came along he was totally ready
  • Or
  • As ready as you can be for a kiddo
  • So obviously this dog didn’t go anywhere
  • And his kid 100% took on his love for dogs
  • So when the kids finally a toddler and walking/crawling around 
  • Automatic best friends with the dog
  • They do everything together
  • Take walks
  • Take naps
  • Eat
  • Literally everything
  • And gyu loves watching them interact together so much
  • Gyu is really fun and all but i feel like when it comes to kids he’d be really mature and actually really good at parenting
  • Like he can cook
  • And he’s really creative
  • So like he could build things for his kiddos
  • Hes like the right amount of fun yet mature and in control that makes well behaved but fun kiddos
  • Also before he had kids he was know as Uncle Gyu by all the other members kids 
  • He’d always take them out for ice cream or something 
  • They love him
  • And his kids get along with everyone as well
  • Work super hard to include everyone too
  • Best, cutest, most talented kids 
  • Beautiful skin just like him omg
  • Okay but imagine his kids as teenagers 
  • Just as clumsy 
  • And just as funny
  • Loved by so many people like 
  • Okay so i feel like he would have a daughter
  • That would be adorable gyu with a daughter is my aesthetic 
  • Anyways back to the daughter 
  • Everyone would be all over her
  • Tbh i feel like she’d be oblivious to the fact people are all over her
  • Either that or she doesn’t really care
  • But gyu would be !!!!!!!!!! 
  • Not my precious daughter !!1!!!!1!1 
  • But its not like he poses a threat 
  • He looks like a puppy so like
  • But idk 
  • I feel like if he really got angry and serious 
  • It could be like a quiet scary 
  • Maybe a respectful scary where like its not like pee your pants scary but you would still be shook
  • So thats gyu when someone tries to go after his daughter 
  • I need to stop soon because gyu with kids is literally the best thing 
  • He would just be so cute with his kids 
  • Or any kids in general 
  • So freakin cute my soul
  • Maybe ill do a part 2 for gyu because wow

// Scoups // Jeonghan // Joshua // Jun // Hoshi // Wonwoo // Woozi // DK // Mingyu // The8 // Seungkwan // Vernon // Dino //

~ Master List ~

What went down in Jackady
  • Alec: it's time for the game show where we ask contestants to do random things and then get them akumatized when the things we ask them to do turn out to be impossible
  • Nino: I thought this was The Challenge?
  • Alec: that's what I said, now let's play!
  • André: so your task is to make me dance
  • Nino: kk cool
  • Nino: these turntables act as a remote control to operate a small robotic mouse of my own design
  • Alec: wot
  • Nino: so basically when I do DJ stuff I can control where the little robot mouse runs around
  • Nino: see, he's dancing!
  • Alec: whoa that's evil
  • André: f**k you Nino
  • Alec: ok time for our next contestant!
  • Jacques: ok so I'm a hypnotist
  • Nino: are you a pigeon
  • Jacques: no I'm a bloke
  • Alec: coolio now hypnotize this guy
  • Gabriel: ...
  • Jacques: ok Gabriel now I'm going to draw three cards, keep your eye on the one in WHY IS THERE A ROBOTIC MOUSE IN MY PANTS
  • Nino: takin' down the competitionnnnnnnn!
  • Gabriel: *leaves*
  • Alec: ok Jacques so you're defs disqualified
  • Jacques: NOOOOOOOO
  • Alec: but your dance moves were pretty sweet when you were trying to get that mouse out of your pants
  • Jacques: why is Nino allowed to get away with that
  • Alec: bc this game show only exists to get people akumatized
  • Jacques: kk so imma get on that
  • Chat Noir: I AM NOW CHAT NOIR
  • Chat Noir: I AM NOW CHAT NOIR
  • Chat Noir: I AM NOW CHAT NOIR
  • Jackady: Simon says: you can stop that Chat Noir
  • Jackady: Simon says: oh and guys get after him
  • *fight sequence happens*
  • Chat Noir: *murders Gorilla Guy down an elevator shaft*
  • Ladybug: you did not just
  • Adrien: I AM NOW ADRIEN
  • Ladybug: coolio here's a bunch of romantic angst
  • Nino: guys pls no
  • Adrien: anyway let's go protect my dad
  • Gabriel: Adrien go to your room, you've had enough emotions for today
  • Ladybug: omg that's cold
  • Gabriel: anyway Ladybug you're protecting me now
  • Gabriel: speaking of which can I have your Miraculous
  • Ladybug: why
  • Gabriel: bc I'm probs the Collector and imma collect all seven of them
  • Ladybug: how many do you have so far
  • Gabriel: at least one, possibly two, and one more after I steal the one from my son
  • Ladybug: wait so Chat Noir is Adrien's brother?
  • Gabriel: ...you still haven't figured this out yet?
  • Ladybug: is he Felix? I heard something about a Felix
  • Ladybug: got it
  • Ladybug: oh frick I forgot to plan for this
  • Chat Noir: I AM NOW CHAT NOIR
  • Jackady: Simon says: why do you keep announcing that
  • Chat Noir: bc I keep transforming back and forth and it's confusing
  • Chat Noir: I'm just trying to help people keep track
  • Ladybug: wait so if your name's Jacques then why do you keep saying "Simon says"
  • Jackady: Simon says: bc we're going by the French dub in which my name's Jacques
  • Ladybug: so then why aren't you saying "Jacques a dit"
  • Jackady: Simon says: idk
  • Jackady: Simon Says: anyway let's go back to the studio
  • Jackady: *ollies outy with Gabriel*
  • Ladybug: let's go after him
  • Chat Noir: I AM NOW CHAT NOIR
  • Gabriel: *putters around*
  • Jackady: wait no you can't do that
  • Ladybug: I JUST DID
  • Jackady: dangit
  • Ladybug: *wins*
  • Gabriel: anyway Adrien can you give me your Miraculous?
  • Adrien: what Miraculous
  • Gabriel: the turtle bracelet you've been wearing all this time
  • Adrien: wait this is a Miraculous
  • Adrien: I stole it from an old guy when I helped him get up
  • Gabriel: yeah that's not good behavior
  • Adrien: oh
  • Gabriel: also tell your friend that if he moves that robotic mouse even one centimeter closer to my pants he will know nothing but pain and suffering for the rest of his pathetic miserable little life
  • Nino: :(
It Scared Him

Request: “Credence x reader where he is terrified to be a dad and his nerves getting to him once you give birth and you or Newt help him?”

Pairing: Credence Barebone x Reader

Word Count: 803

Warnings: None

A/n: sorry this is so short :/

It scared him.

When your belly swelled, you laughed with joy, smiling at him with a love like no other. But he was afraid. When the doctors told you that you were having a girl, you teared up excitedly squeezing his hand. He had smiled back at you, but felt as if there was a silent tugging at his core. He wanted to run. But he loved you, so he held it in. He pulled all his doubts into himself and covered them up, ashamed of them, as if he were a murderer cleaning a crime scene. The only evidence left was himself, and he was in a fit of panic. The bottling up did no good, and it all came pouring out on the day of his daughter’s birth.

“Credence, do you want to see her?” You asked, practically glowing from the baby.

He shook his head, trembling. Then he turned, and ran. He ran down the hallway of the hospital, he ran up the stairs and fled to the roof, where he panted violently. His heart felt like it was clawing its way up his throat, trying to escape his body.


He spun around to see Newt, his hands up in a non-threatening manner. “Credence, what’s wrong?”

There was no use in hiding it now, it was too late.

“Newt, I’m afraid.” He whimpered, Newt coming beside him and resting a sure hand on his shoulder. Credence no longer flinched at the familiar contact.

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Aw is it your birthday?? I hope you'll have lots of fun babe, even more than Greece (idk if that'll be possible tho but pretend for me) and have a stress-free day and that you'll get everything you've ever asked for 💖💖💖💖💖💖 seriously tho eat lots of cake and tell me all about it so I'll go and get some too n get fat :')))) i love your cute British self, make it a birthday to remember and turn tf up!!!!

Lemme just-

yup. there’s your cake. masterpiece. artisan baker’s. all of ‘em. 

Great British snake Bake Off eat your heart out. 

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Do you ever look at a boy and think 'there's a dick inside of his pants. Like it's right there. Where is it? Like I could sit on that. Right on that Dick. That's is attached to that boy' coz I do.... a lot

😂😂😂😂😂 imma be honest, I think about dick a lot as it is

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Shaving causes a lot of dysphoria for me but when my parents see me with unshaved legs I get made fun of and in trouble too. Theyve tried to blackmail and threaten me into shaving bc they see it as a really big deal. I can't wear long pants bc it's really hot where I live. What do I do?

Kii says:

Maybe look into bleaching your leg hair? That way, it’s not visible from afar, but you will still be able to feel it.