where are her wonderful green eyes

The boy with the brown eyes
loved the girl with the grey eyes
but she didn’t always have grey eyes

Sometimes she had green eyes
that reminded him of the picnic they
went on for their second date
where the grass was so soft but
nothing compared to the softness
of her lips when they kissed

Sometimes she had brown eyes
that reminded him of getting lost in the forest
where they planned their
whole lives together between the
trunks of two trees

Sometimes she had blue eyes
that reminded him of swimming at the beach
watching her transform into
the most beautiful sea creature and
wondering how he was lucky enough
to catch her

The boy with the brown eyes
loved the girl with the grey eyes
or green or brown or blue
the girl made of water and earth
who took the air from his lungs
and lit a fire in his heart

He loved a world that lived only
inside of her
And though I know you’re in love with her, there are still times where I wonder if you look for pieces of me in her. If you search her blue eyes for the specks of green mine hold. If you ever wonder what my lips would taste like compared to hers as they’re pressed to yours. If you dream about me while she’s lying next to you. If you ever regret choosing her over me.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #985
Book Review: GRACELING by Kristin Cashore

“Mercy was more frightening than murder, because it was harder.”

Katsa has always known that her strange eyes– one blue, one green– will give her power. Graced with the art of killing, Katsa is the fiercest warrior in all the kingdoms, but her power is a prison. Her uncle traps her, and abuses her abilities to instill fear in his enemies. But she isn’t content to be his killer. Katsa rebels where and how she can, and when she meets a prince Graced with impeccable fighting skills, she wonders if she’s met her match as a warrior. Together, they take on the crookedest king in all the realms, and discover disturbing truths about their Graces. 

With a relatively small cast of characters, Cashore was faced with both an opportunity and challenge to create compelling traits, intricate backstories, and enough emotional attachment to keep her readers engaged. Much of the book is interactions between just two characters; normally, I’m more drawn by a pretty large band of characters, but Cashore successfully made me invested in the few people that grace the pages. 

I typically have a hundred page rule for books. If I don’t care by page 100, I stop. And to be frank, I really thought Graceling might meet that tragic fate. The beginning was tedious in its confusion and pace, but finally rallied after several chapters into the moving and engaging piece I’ll remember it as. 

Graceling is a textbook example of high fantasy, and does rely on several of the tropes common in that genre: kick-ass heroine, charming (but humble) prince, a corrupted king, mysterious magical powers, and plenty of horse-riding through dangerous woods. Despite its somewhat unoriginal components, this book still managed to feel raw and unique in its emotional depth. There were lags in pacing, but at its core, Graceling is a great lengthy read for anyone with a love for detailed characterization and magic. 

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i really love the headcanon that marinette can secretly sing okay

like it’s just got so many opportunities for cute moments??? 

  • she could be sitting on a rooftop ledge as ladybug during patrol and just start singing out of boredom, and chat is so surprised and entranced by his wonderful, beautiful lady who’s got the voice of a literal angel that he can’t help but stare with these big green eyes as he falls even deeper in love with her
  • or it could be during school, marinette is humming behind adrien and he happens to hear. after class he shyly tells her that he heard her singing and that he thinks she’s got the most beautiful voice ever
  • or even post-reveal, where adrien is playing the piano and marinette is singing along as the two make music together. his hands dance along the keys while she sits next to him and watches every movement of his fingers, her voice echoing off the walls of the mansion

i really,, really love the headcanon that marinette can secretly sing and i want it please. plea se

The signs as green day lyrics

Aries: I’m not growing up I’m just burning out

Taurus: Home is where your heart is but what a shame, cause everyone’s heart doesn’t beat the same

Gemini: Its something unpredictable, but in the end its right

Cancer: She’s all alone again, wiping the tears from her eyes, somedays he feels like dyin’, she gets so sick of cryin’

Leo: And there’s nothing wrong with me, this is how I’m supposed to be

Virgo: I’m a mess and you’re a work of art

Libra: Talk is cheap and lies are expensive

Scorpio: Shut your mouth cause you’re talking too much and I don’t give a fuck anyway

Sagittarius: Everything isn’t meant to be okay

Capricorn: Speechless and redundant cause “I love you"s not enough, I’m lost for words

Aquarius: Sometimes you’re better lost than to be seen

Pisces: Give me a long kiss goodnight and everything will be alright

State of Grace

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Summary: When Liam Dunbar spots an incredibly alluring girl in the hallway with glowing green eyes, the pack (or more like Stiles) becomes suspicious and investigates.

Request:  can you do a liam Imagine where the reader is a siren and the doctors find her and make her shift to full mermaid form and before they can hurt her the pack comes and liam has to carry the reader to deaton bc she doesn’t know how to shift back and idk jujst fluff after that thanks! xx

*I don’t own the gif; credit goes to the wonderful owner/maker*

Note: I’m not exactly thrilled with how this turned out; I hope you guys like it. Also, I’ve heard that sirens don’t actually have mermaid tails but wings instead. I have always loved mermaids though (I want to be one so freaking bad) and the request specifically said “mermaid” so I made her have a tail instead of wings. I hope that’s cool.


Y/N nervously peeked out from around the thick maroon curtains. The auditorium was packed; people were chatting and strolling up and down the sloping aisles as they found their seats. She hadn’t expected there to be this many people! Her heart began to thud against her rib cage.

           As much as she wanted to look away, she couldn’t. Her gaze was trapped on the growing audience- which was doing wonders for her nerves.

           Then she saw him. Liam was dressed in some nice slacks and a button-up shirt; he had on a tie but it was done wrong. Stiles and Malia were in front of him, counting seats to make sure they’d have enough. A boy with dark hair and a girl with a cool belt were behind them. Mason, a friend of Liam’s that she had met earlier that day, was examining the program. Lydia was at the end of the line, spinning Liam around and adjusting his tie. Despite her anxiety, Y/N laughed. The way the strawberry-blond was scolding him was hilarious.

           “Ms. Y/L/N!” The choir teacher suddenly called, causing Y/N to spin around with wide eyes, the curtain falling shut behind her. “What are you doing? Go get in line with the others. We don’t have time to dilly-dally.”

           Y/N bowed her head and rushed over to the group of choir kids. She crossed her arms, trying to convince herself that she wasn’t going to throw up.


Liam could hear it over the raucous crowd- a heart fluttering impossibly fast. He took one look at Scott before jerking his thumb over his shoulder. When his Alpha nodded, Liam scrambled from his seat and began to jog up the walkway, slipping in the side entrance door, and starting down the dark hall with his head down.

           It wasn’t hard to find her, especially because her scent was never off his mind. Y/N was standing at the end of a long line of students, looking like she was about to pass out.

           “Hey,” Liam said simply when he approached her. Then he felt stupid.

           Y/N jumped and gaped at him with wide eyes. “Liam!” She whispered- part in amazement, part in shock. “What are you doing back here? We’re going on in a few minutes! You’re going to get in trouble!” Y/N craned her neck in an attempt to spot her teacher. Liam found himself smiling at her concern.

           “I just wanted to come back here and see you. Let you know that everything is going to be fine, and that you have nothing to worry about, okay?” He raised an eyebrow for emphasis.

           Slowly, Y/N nodded. “Okay.”  She breathed. Her heartbeat was still a bit elevated, but not as frantic as before. It made Liam swell with pride; he was happy that he was able to help his new friend with her fears.

           Before he could stop himself, Liam blurted, “You look very nice.” His cheeks burned.

           Y/N glanced down at her simple black dress. “Thank you.” She played with the end of her hair. “We’re actually required to wear this. I feel like it makes me look like a witch.”

           “No.” Liam insisted. “You look great.”

           A woman’s voice suddenly blared through the speakers of the auditorium. “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to-”

           Y/N’s small hands shoved his chest lightly. “Go!” She asserted with big eyes. “It’s starting!”

           Laughing slightly, Liam began to walk backwards from her. “Remember what I said.”

           It was Y/N’s turn to laugh. “I’ll be looking for you.” She bit her lip and her brow furrowed. “Wait, was that weird? I’m sorry.”

           “No, you’re fine. That’s not weird. I’m weird. You’re great. You’re gonna do awesome.” He promised, throwing her a thumbs up before jogging out the side door and disappearing into the darkened room.


Y/N sucked in gulps of air. Liam had seemed so sure when he had said that she would do great. At the time, she had believed him… sort of. But any amount of confidence that he had given her had trickled away as her solo neared.

           Suddenly, the lights on the stage went out with a bang. Shrieks erupted all around her at the abrupt black. Emergency lights clanged on. The principal strode to center stage, announcing, “We’re having technical difficulties. Take this time to use the restroom, check your phones, whatever. Everyone just stay calm; this will be fixed in no time and the show will continue.”

           Applause broke out, and then the people in the audience dispersed.

           Y/N turned to the girl beside her. “Hey, Amanda, right?” When she got confirmation, she proceeded, “I really have to run to the bathroom. So if Ms. Gonzalez asks…”  Amanda nodded and motioned her along.

           It wasn’t until Y/N was walking, clueless, down the hall that she realized she should have asked Amanda for instructions. She had only been going to Beacon Hills for about a week and still didn’t have a very good idea of where everything was located.

           As she rounded a corner, she gasped and came to a halt. At the end of the hallway were three tall, dark figures emitting strange clicking noises. And they were staring at her.

           Feeling slightly fearful and incredibly uncomfortable, Y/N stepped backward.

           “Y/N,” one of the beings called to her, but their voice was too low, too gruff. “Y/N.”


Liam sat patiently in his seat, fiddling with his thumbs while Stiles rambled on in his ear. “I’m telling you, the second she starts singing, we’re all going to be majorly screwed.”

           “You’ve said this before.” Liam groaned. “And I thought we already established that Y/N isn’t evil. She doesn’t even know what she is; how is she going to use her powers for evil if she doesn’t even know that she has them?”

           Stiles didn’t get a chance to answer. The choir teacher was barking into the microphone, “Take your seats! We are about to begin- wait, what?” She pulled away from the mic stand to glare at a student. They exchanged a few brief words before she sighed. “Ms. Y/L/N? If you are in the auditorium, please make your way to the stage.”

           A warm hand suddenly touched Liam’s arm. Malia’s face was hard and concentrated as she asked, “Liam, do you hear that?”

           “Hear what?” He strained his ears.

           Scott stood up suddenly. “It sounds like a bunch of clicking.”

           Liam’s blood ran cold, like ice had been directly injected into his veins. The Dread Doctors- how could he have forgotten about them? He had been so caught up with Y/N and what she could be… he never even stopped to consider the possibility that he and his pack weren’t the only ones interested in her…

           Liam was shoving his way out of the row of seats before he could even register his actions in his mind. He walked briskly down the narrow walkway to the door, fighting the urge to burst out into a run. They had to avoid looking suspicious.

           As he pushed out the door, Malia, Scott, and Kira hot on his heels, he lifted his nose into the air and began to sniff. Y/N’s scent was sweet and unique; it was easy to find in the musty hallway. He didn’t hesitate to sprint now, knowing that no one was around to gawk at how fast he moved.

           “Guys, slow down!” Liam was rounding the corner when he caught sight of Lydia, Mason, and Stiles struggling to keep up. He couldn’t wait for them. There was no time. He needed to go save his new friend- if she was even still around to save.

           No, Liam scolded himself. Don’t think like that. But it was hard not to. So far, every encounter they’ve had with the Dread Doctors had not exactly worked out in their favor.


When the doors blew open to reveal Liam and his friends, Y/N was both confused and relieved. Confused because they all looked slightly different, like someone had altered their features- and since when did Kira have a sword?

           She was also relieved because the people who had been injecting her suddenly stopped what they were doing and stared. Head feeling light, she glanced down at her legs for what felt like the millionth time.

           Well, they had been legs five minutes ago. The metal men gave her a shot of something. It had caused the most excruciating pain Y/N had ever experienced in her life. When the ache had subsided, and she opened her eyes, her legs were gone. In their place was a long green tail, flaring out at the end.

           She had to be seeing things. Humans don’t grow fish tails! Maybe she was going crazy. Either way, it felt like she couldn’t breathe. Y/N was gasping for air but could never seem to get any. It was like her lungs didn’t work.

           Suddenly she was being pushed over, landing face first in the pool. Y/N waved her arms frantically, trying to keep herself afloat, but the new tail was too heavy; it dragged her down. As she looked around for anything that could hold her up, she noticed that she could see perfectly. Normally when you went under water the entire world was a slippery haze; but this time, this was different. Y/N could see.

           But that was pushed farther from her mind when she realized that she still couldn’t breathe. Y/N felt like she was close to blacking out. For some reason, her neck was strained. When her hands came up to try to rub it, to make her last moments at least a little more tolerable, Y/N came in contact with slender slits, pushing open and closed furiously. Like gills.

           Something warm and strong wrapped around her forearms, and she was being heaved above the surface. They laid her flat; she didn’t have the strength to move her head to see anything but the ceiling. Her lungs were on fire. All she wanted to do was be able to breathe again.

           Lydia appeared over her, face heartbroken. She was holding a cup, and she dumped the contents all over Y/N’s neck. In other scenarios Y/N would’ve been appalled. But when the liquid washed over her, Y/N gasped, sucking it in. For that split second, she could breathe. Desperate for more, Y/N’s torso arched as she flopped up and down. It was reflex. Out of her control. Nothing she could help.

           “Hey, hey, Y/N.” A voice called- who was it? It sounded familiar, like a warm blanket on a cold night. “Y/N, hey.” Liam moved into her line of vision, a comforting smile on his face as he pushed her sticky hair off her forehead. “It’s okay. It’s going to be okay.”

Human Changes || Rp with @apesdonotwantwar

The weather was stormy that evening. And the cold rain wasn’t helping the girls already precarious position in the least. Her shoulder ached from a gunshot wound that was a few days old, but she knew it wasn’t in good condition.

The mare under her snorted small clouds of steam as she raced through the forest, green eyes scanning the area and wondering where a safe place would be for her rider. they’ve traveled these woods for who knows how long, and she could sense her rider was growing weaker. 

Eventually she paused to get a sense of direction, head held high and nostrils flared with heavy breaths. But the pause caused the girl to relax a bit, but then she slipped off the horses back and landed hard in the soggy ground. The mare snorted and eagerly started nudging her rider, urging her to get up. After a few attempts, the mare lifted her and whinnied, almost shrieking for aid. 

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*A couple of your guys haul in a petite redhead, hands bound, ragged and scared looking, but fighting like a wildcat.* Don't know where she came from, but we caught her trying to sneak in a storehouse. Be careful, by the way. She bit the hell out of me when we grabbed her... *She glares up defiantly with big green eyes.*

*looks down at the girl as the men have her held down and I scoff* Stealin’, huh? *I suck my teeth and shake my head* No fuckin’ wonder she’s biting you, you drug her in her like a goddamn animal.. this is a lady, not a fuckin’ rabid dog. *I kneel down in front of her and smirk, tapping Lucille on the ground* What’s your name, darlin’? - Negan


Jaime’s Tarth sighting & inner monologue


Sailor, come thou here.

I wouldst thou speak this southern isle’s name,

So green of hill, dazz’ling blue of water–

Is it Estermont? Or yet another?


‘Tis Tarth, Ser Jaime. Hailed the Sapphire Isle.

JAIME [solil.]

In faith, I knew it true, ‘tis no surprise;

These seas are mirror’d in Brienne’s blue eyes.

How I long to toss my cares asunder,

To roam this blessed isle full of wonder;

I’d wander rocky paths where she hath been,

And bathe in gentle springs kiss’d by her skin.

Would th’Evenstar, her father, welcome me?

Tut, what musings these–never shall they be;

My ship sails south, her horse rides ever north,

Such idle thoughts enfold my heart for warmth.

The Seven keep her safe. I’ll now to Bronn

This sickness to talk off ‘ere reach we Dorne.

[exit JAIME]

There’s a saying where people say “Her eyes were so blue it was like drowning in an ocean.” However, let me tell you the true tale. “Her eyes were as green as the forest. Aged, but reflected nature all too perfectly. The good, the bad, the ugly. While she may have been told being grounded means a steady life, her eyes always flickered to the sky wondering if she’d ever be lifted high enough to meet the stars. Her teacher taught her love was weakness.” And the girl with the blue eyes, was always meant to be the sky. People told her space was all the beauty she’d ever need to see. Although, seeing the sun rise and the moon lower was like watching the other never realize the beauty of the other. Or maybe she wanted to see their beauty merge together, but knowing if they collided destruction would ensue. And so she decided to become an impossibility because why would you want to watch something so lovely from afar? Beauty deserves to be felt not untouchable. And so the sky made contact with land. She walked the Earth and reveled in all it’s artistry, thinking nothing compared to the sky. Until, she met the ground and she knew something wasn’t in place. She met her, this girl was shown as the Commander of the world around her. That felt wrong because the world was more than just the ground, it included the sky. As does it include the many grounds on different planets as the sky remains the same. That’s when she realized this girl was hiding something and so she tried to know her’s true self. Many hardships of the head choosing over the heart later, the sky found out what was behind the ground’s disguise. The ground was the sun. And she knew she should be cautious most definitely scared, but all that ran through her was exhilaration. She didn’t know why she felt this way or how the sun landed and became the ground. All she knew was that the sun was bowing before her. That’s how the sky started naming itself the moon for the sun was truly admiring the beauty of the other. When she kissed the sun more than once, she wondered why she wasn’t being burnt nor consumed? You see the sky wasn’t the sky, she labeled herself that for that was where she was from, but neither was she the moon. Then once day, the sun began to dimmer. Her was not as bright as it once was and maybe that was because the sun was merely a piece and never whole. When the sun finally went out, the sky was devastated that something so lovely and beautiful has vanished from the art of the ground. A few days passed and the sun and moon were still on schedule. And so if a piece of the sun has been sent to the ground, there’s no way the sky could’ve fallen to the ground and love a piece of the sky. Yet, it can. The sun and the moon. One rises and the other falls repeatedly, but they love each from afar because if they get too close the moon will disappear. That’s how she find out she is the moon, but a unique one in a different world. What they had was called living in a miracle. They were able to revel in each other’s beauty together and closely instead of afar and in fear of the moon vanishing. Of course, the universe had to turn against them, nothing lasts forever. The moon hated herself and every time she looked up, she’d wander if the piece of the sun she fell in love with reunited with the whole of the sun. She hated herself so much she started thinking maybe such beauty should remain untouchable. That their beauty that lead love is destructive. That love was weakness, but she was told she was right. “Life should be about more than just surviving.” And so a piece of the sky who found out she was a piece of the moon decided she’d changed her name once more. She decided to be a star. The girl she fell in love with who could’ve raised a thousand suns bowed before a single star. Though it wasn’t a happy ending, the star achieved her impossibility along with a love story that will forever be remembered in her heart.
—  Clarke & Lexa Deserved Better

aaaaayyyyyyyeee i just realized laura’s eyes are green like thank you david lopez!! finally someone remembered!!!

like not only has laura been written out of character so much, they’ve been coloring eyes blue and it’s so important that her eyes are green because it’s the eye color of her mother as well and like the thing is dude she isn’t just a clone of wolverine, you know. she wasn’t made in a lab like her cartoon counter parts. someone actually gave birth to her, her genes are not 100% wolverine’s. sarah kinney is in there too and i like to think when laura is feeling blue and she’s wondering about who she is and where her soul comes from, she can look in the mirror at her own eyes and remember that she is her own person and not just some wolverine fucking clone

Lost and Confused |closed|

Jenny wondered across the land of where she…‘landed’ confused as to where she was. She had read while on the way a dictionary of this world’s apparent tongue English, but hadn’t run into many people yet. Oh, where was she and why could she feel the planet spinning?! She took a breath and paused putting a hand to her head, leaning against a tree. A real life living tree. And those that were green and not yellow or purple in hue. Her eyes snapped to the left at a rustling sound and she drew her gun and pointed it in that direction. “Who goes there?!” She demanded her fight instincts raging against her head demanding to fight and win. But she tampered them down with practice, even if she had gone to Mars and had met Ice Warriors.

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Charles and Erik are Faeries GO

Ok, going~! 


“The child is lost!” Charles protested, his wings flickering. “We should be helping her.”

“No,” Erik shot back. “We are faeries, and this is what we do. Cause mischief!”

“But she’s so young,” Charles said, ignoring Erik’s anger and flying to the child instead. “How old are you, little one?”

The girl blinked up at Charles with clear green eyes, her red hair a tangled mess from where she’d caught it on branches. “You’re more little than me.”

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