where are her wonderful green eyes

The signs as green day lyrics

Aries: I’m not growing up I’m just burning out

Taurus: Home is where your heart is but what a shame, cause everyone’s heart doesn’t beat the same

Gemini: Its something unpredictable, but in the end its right

Cancer: She’s all alone again, wiping the tears from her eyes, somedays he feels like dyin’, she gets so sick of cryin’

Leo: And there’s nothing wrong with me, this is how I’m supposed to be

Virgo: I’m a mess and you’re a work of art

Libra: Talk is cheap and lies are expensive

Scorpio: Shut your mouth cause you’re talking too much and I don’t give a fuck anyway

Sagittarius: Everything isn’t meant to be okay

Capricorn: Speechless and redundant cause “I love you"s not enough, I’m lost for words

Aquarius: Sometimes you’re better lost than to be seen

Pisces: Give me a long kiss goodnight and everything will be alright

||Shadowless hearts||~Reserved au for cybersmithrp~

Marsika was walking near a ocean as she was now humming to herself. Her  crystal green eyes looking to the sky as she was wondering where she will go next. She seen a few heartless but already got rid of them. Sighing, she still keeps a eye out. “Well, now what will I do? I still found nothing after seeing a few heartless…I will never find anything.”


hiding on the rocks near the shore a young siren peeked out at a sleek pirate ship she had been watching them for months and found the young captain the most interesting. he was entranced by his deep green eyes and golden hair it was a rare thing for her to be so interested in humans which made him even more interesting to her. she wondered if she could get him to get away from his men so she could study him more.

the pirates where totally unaware of the presence of the siren, they where soon to set sail on the ocean to the Caribbean and it was very soon. She would have to act quickly.

State of Grace

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Summary: When Liam Dunbar spots an incredibly alluring girl in the hallway with glowing green eyes, the pack (or more like Stiles) becomes suspicious and investigates.

Request:  can you do a liam Imagine where the reader is a siren and the doctors find her and make her shift to full mermaid form and before they can hurt her the pack comes and liam has to carry the reader to deaton bc she doesn’t know how to shift back and idk jujst fluff after that thanks! xx

*I don’t own the gif; credit goes to the wonderful owner/maker*

Note: I’m not exactly thrilled with how this turned out; I hope you guys like it. Also, I’ve heard that sirens don’t actually have mermaid tails but wings instead. I have always loved mermaids though (I want to be one so freaking bad) and the request specifically said “mermaid” so I made her have a tail instead of wings. I hope that’s cool.


Y/N nervously peeked out from around the thick maroon curtains. The auditorium was packed; people were chatting and strolling up and down the sloping aisles as they found their seats. She hadn’t expected there to be this many people! Her heart began to thud against her rib cage.

           As much as she wanted to look away, she couldn’t. Her gaze was trapped on the growing audience- which was doing wonders for her nerves.

           Then she saw him. Liam was dressed in some nice slacks and a button-up shirt; he had on a tie but it was done wrong. Stiles and Malia were in front of him, counting seats to make sure they’d have enough. A boy with dark hair and a girl with a cool belt were behind them. Mason, a friend of Liam’s that she had met earlier that day, was examining the program. Lydia was at the end of the line, spinning Liam around and adjusting his tie. Despite her anxiety, Y/N laughed. The way the strawberry-blond was scolding him was hilarious.

           “Ms. Y/L/N!” The choir teacher suddenly called, causing Y/N to spin around with wide eyes, the curtain falling shut behind her. “What are you doing? Go get in line with the others. We don’t have time to dilly-dally.”

           Y/N bowed her head and rushed over to the group of choir kids. She crossed her arms, trying to convince herself that she wasn’t going to throw up.


Liam could hear it over the raucous crowd- a heart fluttering impossibly fast. He took one look at Scott before jerking his thumb over his shoulder. When his Alpha nodded, Liam scrambled from his seat and began to jog up the walkway, slipping in the side entrance door, and starting down the dark hall with his head down.

           It wasn’t hard to find her, especially because her scent was never off his mind. Y/N was standing at the end of a long line of students, looking like she was about to pass out.

           “Hey,” Liam said simply when he approached her. Then he felt stupid.

           Y/N jumped and gaped at him with wide eyes. “Liam!” She whispered- part in amazement, part in shock. “What are you doing back here? We’re going on in a few minutes! You’re going to get in trouble!” Y/N craned her neck in an attempt to spot her teacher. Liam found himself smiling at her concern.

           “I just wanted to come back here and see you. Let you know that everything is going to be fine, and that you have nothing to worry about, okay?” He raised an eyebrow for emphasis.

           Slowly, Y/N nodded. “Okay.”  She breathed. Her heartbeat was still a bit elevated, but not as frantic as before. It made Liam swell with pride; he was happy that he was able to help his new friend with her fears.

           Before he could stop himself, Liam blurted, “You look very nice.” His cheeks burned.

           Y/N glanced down at her simple black dress. “Thank you.” She played with the end of her hair. “We’re actually required to wear this. I feel like it makes me look like a witch.”

           “No.” Liam insisted. “You look great.”

           A woman’s voice suddenly blared through the speakers of the auditorium. “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to-”

           Y/N’s small hands shoved his chest lightly. “Go!” She asserted with big eyes. “It’s starting!”

           Laughing slightly, Liam began to walk backwards from her. “Remember what I said.”

           It was Y/N’s turn to laugh. “I’ll be looking for you.” She bit her lip and her brow furrowed. “Wait, was that weird? I’m sorry.”

           “No, you’re fine. That’s not weird. I’m weird. You’re great. You’re gonna do awesome.” He promised, throwing her a thumbs up before jogging out the side door and disappearing into the darkened room.


Y/N sucked in gulps of air. Liam had seemed so sure when he had said that she would do great. At the time, she had believed him… sort of. But any amount of confidence that he had given her had trickled away as her solo neared.

           Suddenly, the lights on the stage went out with a bang. Shrieks erupted all around her at the abrupt black. Emergency lights clanged on. The principal strode to center stage, announcing, “We’re having technical difficulties. Take this time to use the restroom, check your phones, whatever. Everyone just stay calm; this will be fixed in no time and the show will continue.”

           Applause broke out, and then the people in the audience dispersed.

           Y/N turned to the girl beside her. “Hey, Amanda, right?” When she got confirmation, she proceeded, “I really have to run to the bathroom. So if Ms. Gonzalez asks…”  Amanda nodded and motioned her along.

           It wasn’t until Y/N was walking, clueless, down the hall that she realized she should have asked Amanda for instructions. She had only been going to Beacon Hills for about a week and still didn’t have a very good idea of where everything was located.

           As she rounded a corner, she gasped and came to a halt. At the end of the hallway were three tall, dark figures emitting strange clicking noises. And they were staring at her.

           Feeling slightly fearful and incredibly uncomfortable, Y/N stepped backward.

           “Y/N,” one of the beings called to her, but their voice was too low, too gruff. “Y/N.”


Liam sat patiently in his seat, fiddling with his thumbs while Stiles rambled on in his ear. “I’m telling you, the second she starts singing, we’re all going to be majorly screwed.”

           “You’ve said this before.” Liam groaned. “And I thought we already established that Y/N isn’t evil. She doesn’t even know what she is; how is she going to use her powers for evil if she doesn’t even know that she has them?”

           Stiles didn’t get a chance to answer. The choir teacher was barking into the microphone, “Take your seats! We are about to begin- wait, what?” She pulled away from the mic stand to glare at a student. They exchanged a few brief words before she sighed. “Ms. Y/L/N? If you are in the auditorium, please make your way to the stage.”

           A warm hand suddenly touched Liam’s arm. Malia’s face was hard and concentrated as she asked, “Liam, do you hear that?”

           “Hear what?” He strained his ears.

           Scott stood up suddenly. “It sounds like a bunch of clicking.”

           Liam’s blood ran cold, like ice had been directly injected into his veins. The Dread Doctors- how could he have forgotten about them? He had been so caught up with Y/N and what she could be… he never even stopped to consider the possibility that he and his pack weren’t the only ones interested in her…

           Liam was shoving his way out of the row of seats before he could even register his actions in his mind. He walked briskly down the narrow walkway to the door, fighting the urge to burst out into a run. They had to avoid looking suspicious.

           As he pushed out the door, Malia, Scott, and Kira hot on his heels, he lifted his nose into the air and began to sniff. Y/N’s scent was sweet and unique; it was easy to find in the musty hallway. He didn’t hesitate to sprint now, knowing that no one was around to gawk at how fast he moved.

           “Guys, slow down!” Liam was rounding the corner when he caught sight of Lydia, Mason, and Stiles struggling to keep up. He couldn’t wait for them. There was no time. He needed to go save his new friend- if she was even still around to save.

           No, Liam scolded himself. Don’t think like that. But it was hard not to. So far, every encounter they’ve had with the Dread Doctors had not exactly worked out in their favor.


When the doors blew open to reveal Liam and his friends, Y/N was both confused and relieved. Confused because they all looked slightly different, like someone had altered their features- and since when did Kira have a sword?

           She was also relieved because the people who had been injecting her suddenly stopped what they were doing and stared. Head feeling light, she glanced down at her legs for what felt like the millionth time.

           Well, they had been legs five minutes ago. The metal men gave her a shot of something. It had caused the most excruciating pain Y/N had ever experienced in her life. When the ache had subsided, and she opened her eyes, her legs were gone. In their place was a long green tail, flaring out at the end.

           She had to be seeing things. Humans don’t grow fish tails! Maybe she was going crazy. Either way, it felt like she couldn’t breathe. Y/N was gasping for air but could never seem to get any. It was like her lungs didn’t work.

           Suddenly she was being pushed over, landing face first in the pool. Y/N waved her arms frantically, trying to keep herself afloat, but the new tail was too heavy; it dragged her down. As she looked around for anything that could hold her up, she noticed that she could see perfectly. Normally when you went under water the entire world was a slippery haze; but this time, this was different. Y/N could see.

           But that was pushed farther from her mind when she realized that she still couldn’t breathe. Y/N felt like she was close to blacking out. For some reason, her neck was strained. When her hands came up to try to rub it, to make her last moments at least a little more tolerable, Y/N came in contact with slender slits, pushing open and closed furiously. Like gills.

           Something warm and strong wrapped around her forearms, and she was being heaved above the surface. They laid her flat; she didn’t have the strength to move her head to see anything but the ceiling. Her lungs were on fire. All she wanted to do was be able to breathe again.

           Lydia appeared over her, face heartbroken. She was holding a cup, and she dumped the contents all over Y/N’s neck. In other scenarios Y/N would’ve been appalled. But when the liquid washed over her, Y/N gasped, sucking it in. For that split second, she could breathe. Desperate for more, Y/N’s torso arched as she flopped up and down. It was reflex. Out of her control. Nothing she could help.

           “Hey, hey, Y/N.” A voice called- who was it? It sounded familiar, like a warm blanket on a cold night. “Y/N, hey.” Liam moved into her line of vision, a comforting smile on his face as he pushed her sticky hair off her forehead. “It’s okay. It’s going to be okay.”

Human Changes || Rp with @apesdonotwantwar

The weather was stormy that evening. And the cold rain wasn’t helping the girls already precarious position in the least. Her shoulder ached from a gunshot wound that was a few days old, but she knew it wasn’t in good condition.

The mare under her snorted small clouds of steam as she raced through the forest, green eyes scanning the area and wondering where a safe place would be for her rider. they’ve traveled these woods for who knows how long, and she could sense her rider was growing weaker. 

Eventually she paused to get a sense of direction, head held high and nostrils flared with heavy breaths. But the pause caused the girl to relax a bit, but then she slipped off the horses back and landed hard in the soggy ground. The mare snorted and eagerly started nudging her rider, urging her to get up. After a few attempts, the mare lifted her and whinnied, almost shrieking for aid. 

aaaaayyyyyyyeee i just realized laura’s eyes are green like thank you david lopez!! finally someone remembered!!!

like not only has laura been written out of character so much, they’ve been coloring eyes blue and it’s so important that her eyes are green because it’s the eye color of her mother as well and like the thing is dude she isn’t just a clone of wolverine, you know. she wasn’t made in a lab like her cartoon counter parts. someone actually gave birth to her, her genes are not 100% wolverine’s. sarah kinney is in there too and i like to think when laura is feeling blue and she’s wondering about who she is and where her soul comes from, she can look in the mirror at her own eyes and remember that she is her own person and not just some wolverine fucking clone

Request - Hey! I'm this is stupid but I'm going to be having my first kiss in a few days and I was wondering if you could write one where dean teaches her how to kiss -thanks I have absolutely no idea how to kiss

(For sherlockwhovian01. Hope you like it, even though I had to write this really quickly. xx)

You took a deep breath as you approached Dean, who was relaxing in front of the television and unaware of the question that you were about to ask him. It was going to be awkward and you knew that, but you were hoping that he would help you out with your dilemma.

“Dean?” you asked quietly, and he looked up with those glittering green eyes of his.

Noticing the nervous expression on your face, he patted the spot on the couch next to him. “What’s up?”

Blushing furiously, you pulled at a loose thread on your shirt instead of answering him; what you had been planning to ask now seemed like the worst idea ever. “N-Never mind–”

You started to get up, but he pulled you back down and gazed at you with concern. “Is everything alright, Y/N?”

“Um–” you gulped, and you felt even more heat rush to the surface of your skin as a jumble of words escaped out of your mouth. “Could you please teach me how to kiss?!”

Dean choked on his beer when your question reached his ears, coughing and spluttering as you glowered at him, unable to keep his throaty laughter inside. “Wh-What? You have got to be kidding!”

“I’m not,” Your glare grew even deadlier, and he stifled his reaction well as his face became full of curiosity. “Thanks so much for your consideration.”

“Wait, haven’t you ever–”

You groaned. “If I had, why would I be asking you to teach me?” He shrugged in response, and you let out another sound of irritation. “Never mind, just forget that I asked; I don’t want you to tease me about it for months on end.”

“Wait!” he exclaimed, and gently took your arm so you couldn’t leave. He now looked unbelievably tender at you, and your annoyance subsided quickly. “I’ll help you.”

Rolling your eyes, you shook your head in false exasperation, hiding your happiness that he actually would teach you. “Really? Because you were just laughing at me about it!”

“Hey,” he said quietly, using one hand to lift your chin so that your face would be level with his. “I’m sorry, okay?”

You nodded, embarrassed at the fact that you could hear your own pulse in your ears. “Fine.”

“Don’t try to rush it,” Dean started to instruct. “That will just make it awkward. Get comfortable before you make a move.” He moved closer to you and took your hand reassuringly, crookedly smiling at the pink that tinted your cheeks when he did. Noticing your obvious tension, he brushed back a stray piece of hair that was covering your face. “You don’t need to be nervous; you know that, right? You’re not signing your life away or something.”

“I can’t help it,” you sighed; he didn’t know that you were only being anxious because he was being so sweet to you. “Just…keep going.”

Using his other hand to gingerly caress the route from your temple to your jawline, his thumb slightly brushed the corner of your lips as he started to bring his face closer to yours. Speaking lowly, he continued with the affectionate gestures as his deep voice became more like satin, a contrast from the rough and husky one that you were used to. “The key is not to move too fast; you’ll notice that the chemistry is off if you move your mouth too quickly against the other person’s.”

You could now faintly feel his breath on your skin, and your own caught as you found it a struggle to form sentences. “Got it; get comfortable and move at a slow pace.”

“Right,” he continued, and you were internally agitated. All you wanted for him to do was to put his lips on yours and impatience was starting to take you over. “So, now–”

“To hell with this,” you grumbled, and put all of your might into making your mouth collide with his. Instinctively encircling your waist with his arms, he eagerly but cautiously kissed you back as you wrapped your arms around his neck. You couldn’t help but giggle against his lips, and the both of you broke into silly grins when he pulled away.

“You are a very horrible student,” he joked, chuckling as you looked at him with defiance alight in your eyes. “Can’t even get through one lesson without interrupting the instructor.”

Smiling widely, you rolled your eyes before coming closer to him again. “I think I need another one, though.”

Dean immediately caught on to what you were implying, and lovingly drew you nearer before giving you another gentle kiss that was passionate just the same. “I couldn’t agree more.”


Jaime’s Tarth sighting & inner monologue


Sailor, come thou here.

I wouldst thou speak this southern isle’s name,

So green of hill, dazz’ling blue of water–

Is it Estermont? Or yet another?


‘Tis Tarth, Ser Jaime. Hailed the Sapphire Isle.

JAIME [solil.]

In faith, I knew it true, ‘tis no surprise;

These seas are mirror’d in Brienne’s blue eyes.

How I long to toss my cares asunder,

To roam this blessed isle full of wonder;

I’d wander rocky paths where she hath been,

And bathe in gentle springs kiss’d by her skin.

Would th’Evenstar, her father, welcome me?

Tut, what musings these–never shall they be;

My ship sails south, her horse rides ever north,

Such idle thoughts enfold my heart for warmth.

The Seven keep her safe. I’ll now to Bronn

This sickness to talk off ‘ere reach we Dorne.

[exit JAIME]

Lost and Confused |closed|

Jenny wondered across the land of where she…‘landed’ confused as to where she was. She had read while on the way a dictionary of this world’s apparent tongue English, but hadn’t run into many people yet. Oh, where was she and why could she feel the planet spinning?! She took a breath and paused putting a hand to her head, leaning against a tree. A real life living tree. And those that were green and not yellow or purple in hue. Her eyes snapped to the left at a rustling sound and she drew her gun and pointed it in that direction. “Who goes there?!” She demanded her fight instincts raging against her head demanding to fight and win. But she tampered them down with practice, even if she had gone to Mars and had met Ice Warriors.

Jess Rewatches the 100 in a Bellark-ey Way Part 2

EPISODE 3: Earth Kills (AKA the Episode where a lot of people die, what else is new?)

Aboard the ARK:

Aw. Wells and Clarke as friends:

I am suspicious of this father of hers.On the GROUND:

How does Clarke have batteries for an ancient watch?

Don’t die Jasper.

2 Random people of the 100 that we haven’t met yet. Wonder what’s going to happen. Charlotte. UGH. I guess Atom didn’t die after Bellamy hung him from that tree. Cool. Yeah Bellamy, let’s leave Murphy in charge. Great idea.

Aw I love Monty.

BELLAMY AND CLARKE FIGHTING. I could watch you guys fight all day long.

Wells, Finn, Clarke on a mission to find magical red seaweed.

Convenient they found that car to hide from the mist. Hmm, why does that feel familiar?

Oh yeah:

Clarke hating on Wells. That’s not getting old. “I’m fun” (to Finn). Most awkward ‘hiding from death vapors’ conversation in a car ever.

I forgot how much I disliked Finn in the Raven-less episodes. But it is all rushing back with his high and mighty-ness. Raven needs that dropship to get to the ground NOW. He seems to be moving on way too fast. Loser.

Poor Atom. That looks awful. BUT OMG THIS SCENE>>>>

That breath he takes.

They make a perfect team.

He couldn’t mercy kill Atom. For all of his tough talk, he needs Clarke. Bellamy Blake is a soft teddy bear, and you cannot tell me otherwise.


I’m really okay. Promise.

In other news, I had totally called it being Abby and not Wells. And Wells loved Clarke enough to take the blame and the hate because he didn’t want her to hate her mom.

AWWW Jactavia. Cutie pies.

And then Charlotte shows her true creepy colors.

NO, you really didn’t.

Obviously, Charlotte. Obviously.

Welp. Onto episode 4.


Saw this floating around on my dash earlier…

au where everything is black and white until you meet your soulmate

and thanks to the wonderful gif creators in our fandom, like repmet, piperholmes, angiemagz, and many others…I was inspired

Lady Sybil Crawley

All she’s known is a world in black and white.

Her sisters have found color, as have her parents, and they’ve told her all about their beauty, but it’s hard to understand when you don’t know what “green” looks like, or to look in the mirror and be told that you have lovely blue eyes because you can’t grasp what “blue” is…

She’s jealous of her sisters, of her parents, of all her friends who have found and see color.  She wants to see it too, she wants to know what it’s like to look at the sky at dusk and understand what people mean when they describe it as “amber rose”. 

But there’s only one way to see color.

And Sybil wonders if she’s only eager to meet her “soulmate” so she can understand the beauty that everyone is talking about…

Maybe it’s her jealousy that she hasn’t experienced color (or “true love”), or maybe it’s her confusion over what she really wants.  But whatever it is, she pushes herself to her new role as “nurse”, making her focus about helping others, rather than wondering about reds, purples, and golds.  For the first time in her life, she feels a sense of purpose, and that’s enough to distract her…for now.

Tom Branson

All he’s known is a world in black and white.

His mother thinks he’s not trying hard enough; “Kieran found his soulmate when he was sixteen!"  Really?  Is that all that matters?  How can anyone think about anything when their country is on the brink of revolution?  When freedom may come at any day?  There’s something to be said about a world in black and white, or so he tells himself.  Though he knows that even that isn’t as simple as it sounds.

He needs work, he needs to help his family, and even though it’s away from the Emerald Isle (something he’s never completely understood), he goes to England, to Yorkshire, to a place called "Downton Abbey”, to work as a chauffeur for the Earl of Grantham, something he tells himself over and over will only be temporary, just until he’s made enough to help the family, and then he’ll go.  After all, he won’t always be a chauffeur!  Though he will admit, Lord Grantham is a decent employer…even if he is a representative of an oppressive class.  At least that’s one thing that unites the classes; being born into a colorless world.

He meets many people at Downton; some like him who still see in varying shades of light and dark, and some who sigh dreamily while looking into the eyes of the other, going on and on about the colors they see.  Is that all anyone thinks about?  Truly?  Though he cannot deny, he is a little curious…but there’s only one way to see color, of course.  And he’s far too engrossed in politics to spare such romantic notions a thought…for now.

That day…

They haven’t crossed paths, amazingly enough.  Her nursing has kept her busy, as has his work in his Lordship’s garage.  But Tom notices her name in his Lordship’s ledger…and how it’s connected to a book about Ireland.  And Sybil comes across some pamphlets he’s dropped, about women and the vote.  She picks up the pamphlets…and wonders if he’s aware he’s dropped them?  Well, she’ll just to go the garage and give them back!  She has some time now, before dinner.  Though she can’t help but find it fascinating...a revolutionary chauffeur.

She enters the garage, the strong scents of motor oil filling her nostrils.  Oddly, it’s not as unpleasant as she thought it would be.  “Hello?” she calls out.  She hears a man grunting from underneath a car.  “Oh!  Hello?  Um…Branson?” she asks.  All she can see are a pair of black boots and black trouser legs.

He drops his tools and turns his head, seeing a pair of black boots–women’s boots–approach.  He doesn’t recognize her voice, but he can tell that whoever she is, she’s posh.  Probably the youngest daughter to his Lordship, the only one he hasn’t met.  “Aye, milady, I’ll be right there,” he answers, putting his tools aside and sliding out.

He nearly bangs his head as he hears her let out a startling gasp.

His eyes fly to hers, wondering whatever is the matter…and his heart stops.


Or…or at least what…they think is color.

But it has to be!  Because…because suddenly her dress is…what is that?  He doesn’t know, because while people have told him what color is, he’s never been able to understand! 

She blinks and stares back at him, and even though his trousers and waistcoat are black, and his shirt is white…his skin…his skin his…well, she doesn’t know how to describe it, but…but it’s not black and white!

This is color.

THIS is color!

Which…can only mean one thing…

“Branson…?” she breathes, her heart beating so loudly, she’s sure they can hear it back at the house.

He takes a long, shaky breath.  “Tom…” he answers.

She smiles…and his heart speeds up.  “Tom,” she whispers back…and he holds his breath as she reaches forward…and touches his cheek with her soft, gloved hand.

“Sybil,” she introduces, her eyes growing wider as she looks deeply into his eyes.  They’re so beautiful…more beautiful than anything she could ever imagine…oh gracious, she must know their color, what color are they?  Whatever color it is, she knows it is her favorite.

Tom lets out a long, shaky breath…and leans his face into her palm.  Her lips part and he wets his own as his eyes move them.  This is his soulmate.  This woman…who just so happens to be the daughter of his employer, an English, Anglican, aristocrat…but he knows, not just because of the color that now surrounds his world, but because when he looks at her, he can feel nothing but the purest joy fill his heart.  His soulmate…he’s found her.  Here, at Downton Abbey of all places!

“Sybil…” he murmurs, his own hand rising to touch her cheek.  She shivers at the way her name sounds with his Irish lilt.  Her soulmate…he’s here.  She doesn’t care if he’s the chauffeur, she doesn’t care if he were…Uncle Tom Cobley!  He’s here…standing before her, touching her cheek just as she’s touching his. 

“You came,” she whispers, blushing and smiling as he grins at her words.  “No wonder I couldn’t understand what they meant; you were in Ireland!”

“And you were in your Yorkshire,” he replies, a deep chuckle in his throat, the sound causing her toes to curl deliciously. 

They both continue smiling at the other…and then, their eyes going back and forth from each other’s to their lips, Sybil murmurs, “yes…”


She smiles.  “Yes, you can kiss me.”

He grins and leans close.  “God knows it’s enough that I can kiss you,” he moans, before finally his lips caress hers, and their love, their bond is sealed for eternity, in the sweet passion of their first kiss.

…And just like color, nothing can begin to describe it, other than “beautiful”.

anonymous asked:

Charles and Erik are Faeries GO

Ok, going~! 


“The child is lost!” Charles protested, his wings flickering. “We should be helping her.”

“No,” Erik shot back. “We are faeries, and this is what we do. Cause mischief!”

“But she’s so young,” Charles said, ignoring Erik’s anger and flying to the child instead. “How old are you, little one?”

The girl blinked up at Charles with clear green eyes, her red hair a tangled mess from where she’d caught it on branches. “You’re more little than me.”

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Face to Face || Closed

It seemed a little strange that she would wander into the bar to meet a man that she had never seen before, but had only shared a great amount of text messages with. It had been an accident, the start of the conversation but it was ending in a small twist that she normally wouldn’t have agreed on. High heels clicked against the linoleum of the bar, signalling her entrance as the door closed just behind her. She’d told him that she would be wearing a deep green jacket, and a purse that matched. A black slinky dress hugged her curves just under it, though most were hidden. Where was he? she wondered as her eyes raked across the room.

Baker’s Dozen: Ungurean Grigore

In our Baker’s Dozen feature we highlight photographs we love that didn’t quite make the Daily Dozen.

Sometimes I get this whimsical longing. It’s hard to describe, but when it hits me all I want is to be in a misty, wooden grove transported through a wardrobe to a secret garden. I’m combining references, but I think it’s becuase so many stories incorporate that desire to find a special, hidden place where the purity of nature presides and humans exist as part of a harmonious order. My mom just thinks I should have come of age in the ‘60s

The green in this photo is what caught my eye—the shades of grass and trees and sweater. Then it was the motion. I like that her cardigan is animated by a breeze and she seems as if she’s about to spring up. At the same time she’s so peaceful that you wonder if she might float away instead. The picture isn’t perfect in its balance or framing, but the feeling it conveys connected to an ongoing story in my own imagination, illustrating an intangible desire.

Becky Harlan, Assistant Photo Editor

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anonymous asked:

Does your husband like Sunati or Austen? ;)

He doesn’t actually read comics/manga/etc. (which is strange for a person who plays video games and watches anime and reads heaps of books???) but he likes Sunati best, I think :)

Anonymous said to alwayshumancomic:I just read It’s Kind of Confidential and seems like Sunati was featured in the comicccc!

Kind of Confidential is wonderful (so funny! so pretty!) and it was absolutely delightful to see Sunati there :D :D :D
Thank you very much @vivlin <3

Anonymous said to alwayshumancomic:Speech bubble asker here. I’d just noticed that Rae’s bubbles changed to match her eyes - that she used to have orange and now they’re green. I’d normally put it down to aesthetics (and the clarity concerns you mentioned), but this is a setting where you could really get a new voice if you wanted to! Sorry for not being clear earlier.

Hahaha whoops, I completely misunderstood XD That was just for aesthetics/clarity - though you’re right, it could have meant a new voice, couldn’t it?

Anonymous said to alwayshumancomic:Hey i was just wondering where the comic takes place, cause ive recognized the name Lake Argyle from a school trip

It’s set in a fictional purpose-built town somewhere in Western Australia (probably the southern part of WA but not quite on the coast?)

I’ve never been to Lake Argyle so I apologize for any inaccuracies :)

The meeting went well!  But I was told that I need to cut down from 32 credits to somewhere more like 24, because it would just be too much and that even though I would be able to manage the 32 credits (I always manage somehow), I’ll be a lot happier and have more time to travel and do my own research if I take more like 24.

And here’s where I want to shout-out to my program director, Silvia, and tell you all a little about how wonderful she is.  To get a mental image: tall, imposing, but very slender woman in her mid-to-late 60s, with shoulder-length salt-and-pepper hair and green eyes.  She looks slightly intimidating, and she has the attitude to match.  She wastes no time in snaking through crowds, stopping traffic to cross the street just by walking out into the road, telling people who are upset with whatever she’s done to get their panties out of a knot and deal with it.  In a word, she’s a badass bitch who gives zero fucks.

But, she has fifteen US students here in Baden-Württemberg, and she treats us all as if we’re her own children.  If you need a question answer, call Silvia.  If you need to get in touch with a professor or administrator, call Silvia.  If you have visa problems, call Silvia.  If you get arrested/lose your passport/need to go to the hospital, call Silvia.  Any time of day or night, she’s made it clear that she’s at the most a two or three hour drive away.  She’s been doing this job for 30 years and she’s seen it all - kids getting STDs, kids getting arrested, kids getting pregnant, kids needing surgery, etc.  A few years ago a girl went to Amsterdam for the weekend, lost her passport, and got interrogated and detained by border agents for 5+ hours.  Silvia was on the phone with them, got her released, and had all of the paperwork necessary for an expedited passport ready, filled out, and awaiting the girl’s signature by the time she arrived back in Tübingen.  No questions, no scolding - she was just on top of everything and ready to get shit done.

When we three Heidelberg guys were dropped off on September 1st, she told the Tübingen students that she hoped her husband Klaus had remembered to pick up their apartment keys like she had instructed into.  If not, she announced, they’d all head to her house in Reutlingen, make pizzas, and have a ten-person-strong sleepover in her guest rooms and living room.  She’s also invited all fifteen of us to her house for Thanksgiving dinner once November rolls around.

I was chatting with the other two “Heidelberg Männer” today after she left, and we all agreed that while we know very little about Silvia’s personal life, aside from the existence of Klaus, and, apparently a son in Zurich, she can be reliably counted on to come meet us, deal with any crises, and make everything feel much more understandable and under control, regardless of the issue.


“she can’t feel her face”
tea clouds - absorbing, trickles, constant wet.
wondering where you fit in to the cycle.
cycling thoughts too fast for you to hang onto - fast like you know the words before you think them.
does thought have Dimension?


curls over wet rock.
“they want to just sit there”
sea salt:
too much is too little,
too little is too much.
pebbles make you think of her or him or it,
pebbles make you think of God,
make you think of no God.
“can’t see. it’s too bright.” (how ironic).


are you feeling anything?
what are you feeling? why are you feeling?
“do you wish you had more time?”
“do you wish you got to remember more?”
not an ounce of your Body remembers, let alone feels.
every ounce of your Body knows It.
you are alive because of It.

mixed forest;

pockets of silver pink raspberries.
pockets that say:
“yes, this is my field.”
pockets too shallow to hold anything.
“blanched almond.”
what was gained in delivering this to you? and, what was lost?


nebulas are mostly green because our eyes mostly see their green
(they are many other colors, too, but for now, consider them green).
think strings. think strings plastered over black (actually, charcoal).
data is something: something from nothing, something from everything.
too far to touch. close enough to see.

suddenly you remember there’s more than just green.
(maybe i shouldn’t have told you that. now it’s in just in your head. think -
green nebulas).

they’re green again, but you’re always dangling at some odd end,
stretching to distances whose own distances are also stretching. so you’re extra stretching. everything gets farther the more you think about it. too far to touch, close enough to see.

it’s sort of like thinking about God.
like almost understanding God.
like almost getting

and then being whipped back to nothing,
to a complete sense of wonder,
maybe the understanding is wonder.
maybe the wonder is God.

maybe God is too far to see. but, close enough to touch.