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I’ll Come To You (Requested)

“Could you write something based on the song “half the world away” maybe where harry is too far away and y/n cannot stand to be in her hometown anymore?”

Adjusted this slightly, hope you still enjoy!

Let me know what you think, and if you have any requests for future oneshots, you can ask me HERE.

You sighed, shifting restlessly under your duvet a couple of times before rolling over to check the time on your phone. 2.34am. You’d been tossing and turning since you’d turned off your light at 11pm, desperately trying to fall asleep. You had a huge day the next day, and you needed to get some sleep. Without Harry next to you though, a good night’s sleep was hard to come by.

You two had been living together for six months now, and you’d gotten used to sharing your bed with another body. He was warm, he snored a little, and he often trapped you under his heavy limbs, but he was yours, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. Something about his presence comforted you, and you always slept uninterrupted when he was there. 

He’d disappeared off on tour exactly a month ago to the day, and while you spoke on the phone at least once a day and you were almost in constant communication via instant message, it just wasn’t the same as having him there. Being this far apart was hard on you both. When he had been recording in Jamaica it had been difficult, but you hadn’t been living together yet. Once he had returned, you had both decided that you wanted to move in together, and when the day rolled around for him to leave for tour, it was the hardest goodbye you’d ever been through.

Quite simply, you missed him.

You had no idea what time it was in Jamaica, despite Harry’s attempts to teach you how to calculate the difference, but you just couldn’t wait to hear Harry’s voice any longer. It was the only thing that would get you to sleep, and so you gave in to yourself. You dialled his number, preferring to type it out even though you could just find his name in your contacts list. There was something so intimate about having memorised his number, and you loved reminding yourself of that fact.

The phone rang a couple of times, and then-

“Hey love.”

You let out an audible sigh as Harry’s familiar drawl filled your ears, slumping back against the pillows before answering.

“Hey you,” you murmured, breaking into a smile.

“Y’alright? It’s… what, gotta be 2am where you are little one. What’s got you awake at this time?”

“Just couldn’t sleep. Missed you.”

“Oh, babe. I miss you too. You in bed?”

“Yeah,” you answered, nodding even though Harry couldn’t see you.


“Yeah. Just a big Harry sized space next to me,” you murmured, your voice quivering a little despite your attempts to keep it steady.

“Oh sweetheart,” he answered, his words coming out a sort of tired sigh. The sadness in his voice only encouraged your tears, and before you knew it you had a steady flow streaming down your cheeks as you desperately tried to keep quiet.

“Don’t cry,” Harry soothed.

“M’n-not,” you whimpered, brushing your tears from your cheeks as best you could.

There was a moment of quiet, and then-

“I love you. T’the moon and back. You know that right?” he whispered.

“Yeah,” you whispered back, your voice still a little shaky. “I love you too.”

“Just… snuggle up, put on one of my t-shirts, and close those beautiful eyes. Okay?”

“Okay. Love you,” you said again.

“Love you more, sweet girl,” he murmured, pausing a moment before the pair of you reluctantly hung up.

You hesitated a moment, shuffling to sit up, before dialling another number.

“Hello? Hey, Jeff, it’s me. Yeah… Listen, I wanna come there. Can you help?”


Five sleepless hours later you were in a taxi on the way to Heathrow airport to catch your flight to Jamaica. Jeff had sorted it all for you, your flight departing London at 10am and arriving in Jamaica at 2pm. It was a direct flight into Montego Bay, and you were eternally grateful that there was so stop over. You just had to get through those 9 hours of flying and you would be there.

Jeff had been more than willing to get you over to Jamaica as soon as possible, enthusiastic as the two of you discussed your travel plans. He reassured you over and over that Harry was just as desperate to see you as you were him, and he was relieved that you had made the suggestion. Harry was apparently in a bit of a creative slump, and Jeff was sure that a little visit from you would help get him going again.

The check in to your flight and depositing of your luggage went by in a sort of tired, excited haze, and before you knew it you were boarding your flight. You slipped into your seat, foot tapping anxiously as you waited impatiently for the flight to take off. You were never good at waiting, your mum always telling you time and time again that “good things take time”, and now especially you were as impatient as ever.

9 painfully slow hours later, you were landing. Caught up in the excitement and anxiety of the trip, you had forgotten that you were going to be seeing Jamaica for the first time. Harry talked about it like it was the most wonderful place in the whole world, and it began to dawn on you that you would get to experience it too, your eyes wide as you stared out the window at the tropical surroundings.

It didn’t take too long to get off the plane and collect your bags, and you realised that another joy of Jamaica was that it was so much less busy than the London life you were used to. People moved a little slower, and their expressions were a little kinder. Most importantly, no one knew who you were, and if they did, they didn’t care. Being with Harry for as long as you had been meant that you were recognised pretty much everywhere you went, so it was nice to be able to just get on with your airport activities without any interruption.

The drive to the house Harry was renting felt much longer than it actually was, and you tried to distract yourself by taking in your new surroundings. There was something about being in this new, slow, hot place that made you feel a little emotional. You didn’t know what it was, whether it was the way you were being treated, or the climate, or the idea that a life existed for you outside of the frantic one you lead.

The driver pulled up in front of a modern, white villa, and you let out a sigh as you took it in. You were here, you were going to see Harry. This was happening. A sudden wave of nerves hit you as you scrambled out of the car, sweaty palms shaking as they smoothed over your cotton dress. What if he didn’t want to see you? What this was a mistake? What if he didn’t want you hear.

Trying desperately to push your thoughts aside, you tugged your suitcase up to the front door, knocking a couple of times against the wood. You heard the mumble of voices, some familiar, and you chewed your lip anxiously as you waited.

“Harry, you should get it,” you heard Jeff call, his voice a little muffled on the other side of the heavy door. There was a pause, the sound of familiar footsteps, and then the door swung open. Harry’s eyes widened, his mouth dropping open as he took you in, and then before you could say anything, he burst into tears. Heavy, ugly, heaving sobs, his hands moving to cover his face.

You abandoned your luggage, arms wrapping around him immediately as you cuddled him close. His hands left his face as his arms returned your embrace, lacing around your frame, his wet face nuzzling into your neck. Your hands rubbed over his back soothingly, lips pressing kisses to whatever part of him you could reach, just holding him as he cried.

You had only ever seen him break down like this once before, and it broke your heart to think that he had been holding this in, your own tears rolling down your cheeks as you cried with him. The pair of you stayed wrapped in your emotional embrace for a long while, before eventually breaking apart, your forehead finding his as your hands moved back and forth over your shoulders.

“S-sorry,” he stammered, his breaths coming out in wet hiccups as he tried to fill his lungs.

“Shhh love… No need to be sorry,” you murmured, your voice cracking a little, thick with emotion. You pressed your lips to his, the action of kissing soothing you both as you relaxed into the comfort of each other, enjoying the familiarity of the action.

“I’ve been struggling without you. I’m so glad you’re here,” he mumbled against your lips, smiling weakly.

“I’m glad to be here,” you murmured, pecking his lips before pulling away a little.

“Can I show you round? I wanna introduce you to everyone… You can meet Mitch!” he smiled, wiping his face before grabbing your hand and leading you into the airy villa.

You spent the afternoon meeting the band the recording team, and Harry made sure to show you around the whole of the house. You all ended up sprawled out in the living room, chatting about the album and getting to know everyone. It was lovely, and it was slow. You and Harry stayed glued to one another, and you couldn’t help but notice he was being much more clingy than usual, determined to be touching you at all times. You relished the attention, glad that he seemed to have missed you as much as you missed him.

“Right,” Harry yawned from behind you. “I think we’re off to bed,” he chuckled, kissing your temple as you yawned right after him, your eyes blinking sleepily. “Travel taken it out of you, huh babe?” he mused, a hand finding your back. You nodded a little, the pair of you saying goodnight to everyone before heading up to bed.

You changed into your pyjamas together, crawling into bed and cuddling close, your legs tangling together in an attempt to be as close as possible. Your faces were close as you gazed at one another, and it felt so good to be here with him, basking in his presence.

“Baby…” you whispered, hesitant to break the moment.

“Mm?” Harry hummed in response, ghosting a couple of kisses along your jaw.

“You gotta tell me if you’re feeling like how you’ve been feeling. I know I’m miles away and I can’t always just pack up and come here to see you, but it kills me think you’ve been feeling so low all by yourself,” you murmured, your hand cupping his cheek, a thumb moving over his cheekbone.

Harry hesitated before replying, brow furrowing ever so slightly. “I just didn’t want to worry you,” he answered lamely.

“I know love, I know. But… I’d much rather know, okay? I love you, and I wanna know where you’re at,” you explained, your voice soft and soothing. Harry nodded, sighing a little.


“Don’t be,” you smiled, answering immediately. “C’mere.”

You rolled onto your back, opening an arm for him to scoot closer. He shuffled in against you, his head finding it’s place against your chest, an arm and a leg draped across you as he burrowed down. Your hand moved slowly over his back, lips pressing the occasional kiss to his head of curls.

You forgot sometimes that as hard as it was on you being apart from him, it was just as hard for him. He was so good at keeping it all bottled up and being strong for you, and you were glad that this time round he trusted you with his vulnerability. You felt him begin to go slack against you, sleeping beginning to take you as well, and you knew you were both about to have the best sleep either of you had had in months. All wrapped up safe in each other’s arms.

“Well, yes, ma'am, I do… I mean, I got everything I need right here with me. I got air in my lungs, a few blank sheets of paper. I mean, I love waking up in the morning not knowing what’s gonna happen or, who I’m gonna meet, where I’m gonna wind up. Just the other night I was sleeping under a bridge and now here I am on the grandest ship in the world having champagne with you fine people. I figure life’s a gift and I don’t intend on wasting it. You don’t know what hand you’re gonna get dealt next. You learn to take life as it comes at you… to make each day count.”
  • Mulder: Scullay!?
  • Scully: What!?
  • Mulder: Where's my gun?
  • Scully: What?
  • Mulder: Where? Is? My? Gun!?
  • Scully: I, uh, put it away.
  • Mulder: WHERE!?
  • Scully: WHY do you need to know?
  • Mulder: I need it!
  • Scully: Uh-uh! Don't you think about running off on no derring-do! We've been planning this dinner for two months!
  • Mulder: The WORLD is in danger!
  • Scully: My EVENING'S in danger!

In the light of what is happening in the world right now, there is something we want to make clear.

This is a hopeful story.

We did not collect a bunch of amazing, diverse actors and give them characters that reflect that only to kill them off. What would that accomplish? That would just be cruel. We are a post-apocalyptic story, yes. But we are a story about learning to live in this new world. We are a story about surviving, rebuilding, connecting. Is there danger? Absolutely. But this is not going to be a story with a huge body count. How terrible would that be? Folk who are represented in this podcast already know that life might be difficult for them. We already know what it looks like when a story chooses to have someone like us die. We want to be a story that says ‘Hey, guess what? You can have stories where you triumph, too.’ Where you fight and win. Where you live.

So to our Jewish listeners, our queer listeners, our Black listeners, our disabled listeners… To everyone who looks outside or at the news and sees messages of hate directed at intrinsic parts of who they are. Just know that we are a story for you, too. 

This is a podcast about the end of the world. But it is also a podcast about the beginning of a new world. One that we all get to be a part of.

Some characters will walk in and out of this story, but we will never kill for shock value, to prove a point, or simply to remind you all that death is a threat. We have a feeling we all are aware of those things without a reminder.

Stay strong out there, everyone. Remember - You are all survivors too.

With love and hope,
The Cast and Crew of Crossing Wires

Dark Fantasies - part 4

AU Mini Series - part 1 / part 2 / part 3

warnings: nsfw, dub-con / non-con

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“Stop it, Ivar! What the hell is wrong with you?!” You had finally snapped, fear making room for the anger you felt. 
His hands didn’t stop to roam your body, moving up your shirt to run his fingers along your sides and back. Where he touched goose bumps rose and you unwillingly began to shiver. 
“A lot.” 

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A dreamer is quite different from the normal human being. When a normal human closes their eyes, they see darkness, cause well, technically, that’s what they should see. But a dreamer sees different. Inside the darkness brought about the closed eyelids lays worlds of fantasies. Perfection and imperfection. Where life is a sweet melody. Even though it might even be a pure childish figment of imagination, a dreamer enjoys their time there, for it is something that real life cannot provide.
—  What goes through my mind unknown to all around me. They call me as their loved one yet they know nothing about how I feel inside. Or maybe they do?
Question Time!

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is rapidly expanding - from the Fantastic Beasts films, to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, and all the new information that J.K. Rowling herself shares! 

What would you most like to see explored in the Harry Potter universe next? Perhaps a retelling of the original Harry Potter books from another character’s perspective? How about a prequel or a look into a different Wizarding School?

Reblog with your thoughts! 

I had a bowl of grapes and decided to sleep backwards on my bed for a nap and I had a four hour nightmare time where I went in and out of dreams of varying weirdness and terror and I had no idea what was reality and what was dream world and I know, for a fact, that Scrappy Doo was behind this.

Incest in ASOIAF

If you’re watching Game of Thrones, get into the world and stop applying modern day social norms. I too was guilty of this, specifically in reguards to romantic relationship between family members. However, in A Song of Ice and Fire is, this is quite common and I have accepted it.

First cousin getting married = normal

Aunt a and nephew getting married = normal

Uncle and niece getting married = normal

These type of relationships have been recorded in all the majors houses. Yes, even the Starks.

What’s taboo and frowned upon is sibling incest. That is a nono, hence why Jaime and Cersei, who are also twins, get heat for their relationship. Targaryens got away with it because they were in charge. However, It’s not condone in this world except by the Valyrians.

I am tired of seeing the same complaints. You chose to watch a show where incest is common. And if you want to understand further, the books are available. And if you still can’t handle it, don’t watch.

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In response to the post about cool crossover pairings: Rock Lee x Morrigan. Or Naruto x Anora. Sera x Sakura. Zevran x Sasuke. Okay, I'll stop now.

Zevran​ and Sasuke, because I’m also writing something else with Sasuke and might as well stick to his theme. If I wasn’t at work I’d go for something graphic, honestly. What an …aesthetically pleasing pairing that could be.

Anyway I’ve never written Zev in my life, this’ll be interesting.

Zevran catches up with his strange target in the blasted shell of an old chantry. The mages are certainly rough on the buildings where they’re held these days. Well, the whole world’s falling apart anyway - why not an old building or two?

The target is an oddity - an assassin making a splash in Crow territory. It takes a lot of nerve to be an, ah, shall we say, independent contractor, in Antiva city. He’s making a lot of people nervous, and Leliana, with her ear to the ground as always, is cautious. So here Zevran is, sneaking up on him. It’s mostly reconnaissance, but if he gets the opportunity to have a friendly chat–

He has to take the long way, creeping through the rafters and timing his steps with the wind roaring outside. Even then, he sees his target tilt his head once like he hears something.

It takes Zevran twenty minutes to get from the rafters to his target. It’s ridiculous. Nobody is this perceptive, surely. And yet.

“You know,” says Zevran into his target’s ear, when he finally creeps up on him. He is close enough to inhale the smell of his kin - something dry and strange beneath the tang of hot metal. “Before today I would have sworn that I was the only assassin in Antiva capable of irritating the Crows and living to brag about it.”

His target has nerves of steel, or else he heard Zevran's​ approach and is reckless enough to take the risk. He doesn’t even twitch.

“Not that you have been bragging much, have you, my close-mouthed friend?” That’s also strange, because assassins outside the Crows need to either undercut their prices or be spectacularly proficient at their work – and both have to advertise through word of mouth alone.

Maybe they do it differently wherever his target’s from. And the man is foreign – he’s been described to Zevran as half-elf, but that’s not quite right. Zevran’s seen half-elves before, rare though they are, mostly on the block at markets. This man’s slighter and more agile than the bulky, broad-shouldered men in this part of Thedas, but he’s definitely all human.

Pretty, though. Very pretty. He has the kind of dark-eyed, smouldering looks that make Orlesian maidens sob into their pillows at night. Maybe that’s how he keeps avoiding the Crows – they look him in the eye and his face makes their brains melt and dribble out their ears.

Or he’s an abomination.

Desire demon.


It’s a working theory.

Zevran’s… working on it.

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Danny Rand

So, I’m extremely confused as to why Danny has been getting so much hate. Like I get that Iron Fist was definitely not the best and honestly, kind of boring, I didn’t even finish it. But, in The Defenders, he got better, I guess? Like I know some of you are pissed about Danny being white which I don’t get at all. Danny is white in the comics, it’s a part of who he is, this rich white kid who ends up becoming the Immortal Iron Fist (honestly I’d be more pissed about why the Maximoff twins are white). There is one scene where people have been praising Luke and were like ‘ha, that’s what you get Danny’ and it just pisses me off so much? I think we all know what scene I’m talking about, the iconic Luke calling Danny out on his privilege.

Originally posted by izzvlightwood

And I loved this scene because I feel like it was kind of addressing all the crap going on now in the world but with these particular characters, it just made me pissed. Yes, Danny was born into extreme privilege being a white male and then you add on the fact that he was born rich, wow privilege. And I totally understand why Luke was pissed, he caught Danny attacking this young black boy he was protecting, he assumed the worst. But Danny didn’t attack the boy, Cole, BECAUSE he was black. He attacked Cole because that happened to be the first person he caught. He attacked Cole and saw The Hand. And that is what Luke is not understanding. He pulled the race card when it had absolutely nothing to do with race.

Luke even tells him that he was born with that strength. But privilege and strength are two completely different things. Before everything that happened to Danny, before the plane crash, he was still being bullied by Ward. He was not strong, he was a weak child. He was completely helpless against Ward, that’s not strong. And I am extremely curious what a child of ten or younger was supposed to do with his privilege when he couldn’t even protect himself from a bully. He was obviously sheltered, probably kept around Joy and Ward most of his childhood. He probably had no clue how shit people and the world was. He probably didn’t know how much power he had because of his blood and skin color.

And then of course, comes the plane crash. He had to watch his parents die in front of him. And even then, he had no clue as to why. He had no clue that it was a murder at the time, he thought it was a freak accident. And then come the monks. Danny mentioned that he had to prove himself to everyone because he was the outsider. It’s the reason why he chose to take the test and become the Iron Fist because everyone around him called him the outsider. Doing those tests and training every single day since he was like ten, that made him stronger, physically. Mentally? I think they fucked him up a little. I remember him mentioning that failure = a beating. Like how fucked up is that? Instead of trying to help a child and show him what he did wrong in the first place, they beat him.

And yes, Danny has privilege now. And he’s done good with it? Wow guys, surprise, surprise, Danny is a white boy who actually didn’t abuse his privilege and try to fuck people over. He helped with the medicine issue and he tried to help those families near the cancerous factories. He cares more about the people than the amount of money he has. You know who did abuse his privilege? Ward. Literally one of the first things he did was try to pay Colleen into fucking Danny over. He pointed out how shitty her dojo was and tried to pay her, bribe her.

So yes, Danny has privilege but Luke was wrong in calling him out for it. Because Danny doesn’t understand what it is. His entire life was harassment from Ward, the death of his parents and then even more hardships and harassment from the monks. Danny has literally just came back home, he doesn’t understand the power he has because he’s literally never had it before. Even while being the Iron Fist, people looked down on him.

Luke calling him out on the privilege definitely made his eyes open more but the way he did was just uncalled for. Danny literally had it drilled into his brain that The Hand was the enemy and anyone working with them was the enemy as well. Do you blame him for attacking Cole when the kid was literally covering up murders? I understand the struggle of not having enough money. I’ve seen enough eviction notices and how my mum struggled to get the money and pay it back. But that? Covering up murders? Cleaning up dead bodies? Was a horrible thing to do and even if they were teens, I assume we’re old enough to see right from wrong.

In the end, I love both Luke and Danny. They’re amazing characters and they definitely improved Danny’s character in The Defenders.

Plus, I really hope we get to see more of Danny and Luke’s friendship.

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Wait what pics of Freddie are photoshopped ?

So many lol but the one in question is that one B posted where he’s wearing the green jumpsuit. Antis took a picture of 4yo Louis and photoshopped onto Freddie’s face (but wait! not the whole face, because the shape, the jaw, the chin are still Freddie’s. They basically put Louis eyes, nose and mouth on top of Freddie’s and are out there thinking they won the world Cup lol)

Bonnie Tyler  {Sentence Starters}

  • “I need a hero.”
  • “Where were you?”
  • “You’re driving me wild.”
  • “You’re too good to last.”
  • “I don’t want you seeing me cry.”
  • “Got a feeling and it just ain’t right.”
  • “I told you everything I possibly can.”
  • “Call me what you like, but I’m a fool.”
  • “You’ve got a lot to learn about loyalty.“
  • “I can’t help if the world is going crazy.”
  • “You’ve got nothing but fear in your eyes.”
  • “Something’s gone wrong, can’t you see?”
  • “Love songs last longer than lovers ever do.”
  • “If you want to leave, I won’t beg you to stay.”
  • “Just walk out that door… Yeah, see if I care.”
  • “You couldn’t tell right from wrong if you tried.”
  • “Gotta be careful when you’re taking a chance.”
  • “I was a fool to think that you’d be there for me.”
  • “I’m holding out for a hero ‘til the end of the night.”
  • “There’s a tiny piece of me that feels sorry for you.”
  • “You’re running from it all… so you better run, now.”
  • “Do you really think you’ve got a ghost of a chance?“
  • “If I sing you a love song, will you always remember?“
  • “I can’t lie… I can’t tell you that I’m something I’m not.”
  • “It’s gonna take a superman to sweep me off my feet.”
  • “This is gonna break just like every promise that you make.”
  • “Where have all the good men gone and where are all the gods?”
  • “I would swear that there’s someone somewhere… watching me.”
  • “I don’t usually talk about my feelings… but, with you, there’s such a lot I want to say.”
  • “But, since you don’t have an honest bone in your body, and you can’t seem to tell the truth… I’m gonna have to do it for you.”
If someone wants to leave the crew


-Luffy would be very surprised. When he first heard : Luffy, I want to leave the crew, he through that it was because of him. Because he is not a good captain.

-He will star to freak out a little bit, even if he doesn’t show it. He would ask himself what he did wrong.

-It would really break hi heart because he loves this life: being with your friend and travel the world together.

-But if someone wants to leave the crew, it will certainly be because of their dream.

-For example : Robin wants to leave the crew for some months because they are on an island where she could learn a lot about histoy and it’s very important for her.

-But of course, no matter the reason, Luffy will let them leave if that’s really what they want. But he will be heart broken.


-  « No ».

-In fact nobody needs to ask to leave the crew, beause they do not have the right.

-If you are in Kid’s crew, it’s because you are the best in your field. That’s why you can’t leave: if you leave, he will have to recrute someone else with less skills.

-In fact he will try to kill you if you try to leave the crew.

-He doesn’t really likes change.


-Law will be very perplex about it. Like « Why this idiot wants to leave the crew of the futur pirate king …?»

-He will coldly ask the man why he wants to leave.

-If it’s not a very good reason (My wife is dying and I have to take care of the baby myself, or I don’t want to be a pirate anymore I feel too old for that stupid game…).

-He will finally ask him if he is sure of his decision because when you leave the crew, you can’t come back, never.

-If the man says yes, Law will ask Bepo to land the submarine as soon as possible, and will let the man leave without saying anything.

-In fact, you don’t really know what he thinks about it. You know how he is when it comes to his emotions…

Fanfiction Writer Appreciation Day

Man Since I entered this fandom and got back to reading fanfics, I’m so amazed by all the writing styles and the huge variety of content that I could read at my fingertips. So here’s my favourites starting with the ones that got me hooked XP and then followed by the rest~! Some of these are smutty so…pay attention to the tags when you click on the AO3 link = w=;

Old favourites and what got me hooked into AO3 and eventually tumblr:

Road Trip Series - Shattered by Sekiei @nomadsky Gladnis

Push Me Pull You by Azkas19 HighSpecs

Another Butterfly Effect by ScribeofRhapsody

Having woken up with the flu the morning they were supposed to leave Insomnia, Ignis is forced to remain behind while the others journey to Altissia. Perhaps it was fate, because he was exactly where he needed to be to help Lady Lunafreya escape the city.

Atlas by notempty @chocobodrift

Ignis carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. He does it unnoticed, in shadows and silence, in support of his prince and in a role he never asked for. Occasionally, it becomes a touch too heavy. (Ignoct)

Body Heat by faierius @faierius

Gladiolus Amicitia was a human space heater. Ignis Scientia was irritated he had not noticed before now. (Gladnis)

But I Realized That I Need You by j_marquis

Iris is the new kid, Ignis is her second grade teacher, and Gladio runs a bookstore. It’s like one of those cute romance stories, the kind that feel like a warm hug listening to the rain. The kind Gladio totally reads when he thinks no one is paying attention. (Gladnis)

Deal with the Devil by jeejaschocolate @jeejascoffee

During one of their encounters, Ignis finds a single weakness in Ardyn: The man seems particularly sensitive to touch. In the World of Ruin, Ignis decides to capitalize on this. He can make a deal with the enemy to benefit the remaining humans. 

Really, what is the cost to Ignis himself? All he has to do is deign to touch Ardyn every now and then. Nothing serious, just a pat on the shoulder. A brief massage.

Nothing more than that…(Ardynis)

Defy the Stars by Strange and Intoxicating -rsa- (strangeandintoxicating) @rsasai

Ignis is given an Omen of the Stars.

Now, armed with the knowledge of living through a world of unending night, there are choices to be made.

Given the chance to change fate, Ignis will go to war with even the Gods to keep Noctis safe.(Ignoct)

For Hearth and Home by Viviena @vivicogitator

Nyx is waiting for death, but it doesn’t come neither for him, nor for his commander. (Drautos x Nyx)

Gasoline by SturgeonSurgeon

AU Where the Lucis line is comprised of vampires, and Ignis is too willing to aid Noctis with his cravings. (Ignoct)

Ignis And The Beast by Moon_Raccoon_Exe @moonraccoon-exe

Beauty and the Beast Gladnis AU:

Ignis Scientia, son of a sick inventor and nephew to the town’s mayor, ends up prisoner in a dark castle guarded by an imposing beast under the name of Gladiolus, and talking furniture.

With no chances to escape, Ignis has to deal with a moody beast through the months, unaware that his sole presence may be the only key to breaking an ancient curse set upon the castle by an evil Wizard who may or not still wander around to prevent it from happening.

Could Ignis, a simple town boy with passion for cooking, soften the beast’s heart and break the spell? (Gladnis)

Like the Wolf by notthelasttime @notthelasttime

Lucis has a wolf problem that no one wants to talk about. The transformation back in to a human body is a taxing one, but Prompto is always willing to help. (Promnis)

Older Gladnis Series - Return by Raufnir @expectogladiolus

On the day that marks the anniversary of Noct’s return from the Crystal, Gladio and Ignis planned to go with Prompto to Hammerhead to spend some time there on a day that means so much to all of them. Gladio and Ignis’ daughter, Clara, kicks up some fuss and demands that she and Nox be brought along too. Each of the four adults has their memories of Noctis, and for each of them today is a painful day. Ignis lost his charge, his best friend, almost his little brother. Gladio’s whole life’s purpose was to protect him, and in the end he couldn’t. And Prompto lost his soulmate. They had a week with him before he sacrificed everything to bring back the dawn.

Ignis, who has been hearing Noct’s voice in his mind for a month or so by this point, hears it again in the quiet of Hammerhead. Is he going mad, or is their king waiting for them there? (Gladnis)

Out Here with the Daemons by Lagerstatte @fatranchu

They break into the hotel room when Gladio is out. There’s five of them, armed with guns, and wanting Noct dead.

Ignis has a strange expression; it’s one Prompto doesn’t recognise.

Quiet Evening at the Garage by Florangey @fabulacrystal

In which two people enjoy a nice meal together and become closer. (Ignis/Cindy)

Ruin and Balance by 1000Needles @billionhighways

After a few years he couldn’t remember anymore why they stopped talking in the first place.

Spoilers through the end of the game. Could be considered AU, depending on your interpretation of the ending. (Gladnis)

Second Born by catbuttermargarine @catbuttermargerine

Based on a prompt from Pookaseraph, who asked for: “Cor asking Clarus for his permission to marry his daughter! IDK I want fluff, send fluff”

Well, here’s some fluff.
An offhand comment from Clarus sees Cor considering his friends’ approval when it comes to his romantic partners. But how precisely do you get approval from a dead man? (Coris)

Semper Fi by MidnightSwami

Gladio’s hand began to throb when he realized he was gripping the jagged rock of the haven with the strength typically reserved for his great sword. The dull ache served as a reminder that he couldn’t get too carried away and while every ounce of his willpower was being tested, he knew Noctis was right. Fuck, why was he so helpless when it came to him? Why was he willing to risk goddamn everything to watch pleasure spread throughout the soft features of the face meant to be stoic and lead an entire kingdom? (GladNoct)

Ten Years of Dark and Light by Pookaseraph

Small kinkmeme fill asking for Cor and Iris growing closer during the Long Dark. (Coris)

The Wolf and the Raven by synthysammy07

Gladiolus Amicitia scavenges the Leidan lands alone taking lone hunts and living off the land.

Ignis Scientia lives alone in an abandoned barn in Leide where he grows potatoes, reads books, and rarely leaves his home.

Ravens like wolves for some reason. They like to eat with them and not alone. (Gladnis)

The Far and Distant Light by DiamonDustOhSnap

Ignis is struggling to adapt after Noctis disappeared into the crystal, and Gladio and Prompto aren’t supporting him the way he’d like either. He finds a new ally in the unlikely Aranea Highwind… Ignis/Aranea. This is my personal headcanon. Rating it M for some of the future content. [Spoilers!] (HighSpecs)

The Science of You & Me by waywardmelody @ofthekingsglaive

Science is verifiable. It is understandable. Even when the answer you seek is disproved utterly, there are assurances in place, lines etched into the sand. There is procedure. There is order. None of these exist within the constructs of love. (Gladnis)

Too Much is Never Enough by writerlady118

Aranea Highwind works where the money is good – and right now that’s for Niflheim under the strange, yet powerful Ardyn Izunia. She doesn’t always understand his orders, but who is she to look a gift horse in the mouth? After an unexpected act of kindness, Aranea fears she might be falling in love with the enemy. And if she is, then she’s going to have a really hard time following her master’s next orders.

Crappy summary aside: this is mostly wish-fulfillment nonsense. I’m mostly re-writing scenes from the game, but adding Aranea because I liked her a lot. (HighSpecs)

Until the End of Days by TwoCatsTailoring @twocatstailoring

It was fate, they said. Prophecy, foretold, all decided without any input from anyone anywhere. Few choices but the path before them. But in the midst of fate there is always choice. Always lives that happen in and around and between and after. This is a story about those lives.

There is a guide to the various arcs and ships in the end notes. I hope that helps (cause not everyone turns up for the same things.) (CorxMonica)

Wicked Games by UnsteadyGenius @unsteadygenius

As Insomnia’s Royal Strategist, Ignis is pragmatic, reasonable, and always one step ahead of the enemy. But when it comes to Aranea Highwind, Commodore of the Niflheim Empire, he’s weak and vulnerable–two traits he can’t afford to have, especially when both countries are on the brink of war. (HighSpecs)

You’re Hiding (Underneath the Smoke) by Daiako(Achrya)

Ignis is 19, poor, and living in a shoebox when he gets a job offer at Lucis Technology. He’s 19, slightly less poor, and still living in a shoebox when his boss, Mr. Caelum, starts giving him expensive gifts.(Ignoct)

My man is very much into current events and politics and subjects like that, whereas I’m on Futurism and Space.com everyday. I get excited for events like today’s eclipse, I get excited about Space X and its plan for Mars, I get excited about missions focused on exploring the hidden ocean on Enceladus that may possibly host extraterrestrial life. I don’t know, as much as I do care about the events in our world, on our planet, I care more about where humanity is headed as a species on a broader cosmic timeline, and not what we do in our short daily little lives. I feel selfish about that. My man says it’s because I’m a dreamer.


The finale of “FIVE” will air today.
The production where it was my first leading role in a drama, I had a lot of fun.
For those who can’t watch it in real time, I give you a 0.02% look into the world of “FIVE”.

And, LOLing so hard at his fellow “FIVE” cast member Mizuta Kouki’s (Nakagome Mitsu) reply to Sato Ryuji’s (Shimizu Toshi) Tweet.

Mizuta Kouki @MizutaKoushiki

Even though it isn’t this kind of drama, that’s incredible. LOL

Then, Asakawa Nana (Asou Hina) also joined in the fun! xDDDDD

Asakawa Nana @SG_NANA_avex

What kind of look into the world [of the drama] is that… (LOL)


At the very beginning of the video, Ryuji actually says, “Watch me.” He says it in a way that someone would if they had been dared or challenged to do something and wanted to prove that they could do it. ROFL! This is followed by someone else just laughing and repeatedly saying, “Incredible!” xDDDDD

anonymous asked:

Drops a Death note in the ask

Oh, what’s this? A mysterious book randomly being gifted to him?

“Death note? Weird.” He picks it up and quickly flips through it– blank. What kind of book doesn’t even have words!? “Ohhh, it must be like a journal or something! A place where I can write about all the people who annoy me, without facing any real-world repercussions! Perfect!

anonymous asked:

You've mentioned before, and I agree, that owning slaves is evil and inappropriate for a paladin. But if a particular paladin was raised in a culture that practices slavery, would it be forgivable for that paladin to think of slavery as allowable/not worth getting upset about?

An unimpressive paladin, yes. It’s a fair thing to allow ordinary people the understanding of the circumstances of the times they live in and what they were raised to believe was acceptable. You’re reasonably decent to forgive a man or woman born two centuries ago for not being as “woke” as you are.

But Paladins are not ordinary people. At the very least they have aspirations to be extraordinary, agents of faith, and exemplars of all that is good and righteous in the world. And there is no world where looking at another sentient being as inherently less than you isn’t evil, no matter the reasoning behind it.