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n. touch or stroke gently in a loving manner

Your touch gives me more than just butterflies. 

pairing: taehyung | reader
words: 1.9k
genre: fluff
summary: from the way his fingers danced with yours, to the way his thumb pressed circles on your palm, you thought that all this was nothing but a friendly gesture.
a/n: i should be writing not worthy but i’ve been so stressed i want some floof out here

Okay, you get that being known for the ‘fucking adorable midget’ among your group of friends would maybe land you a probability of having more attention and maybe some tender loving care but nope because 5 minutes into a crowded market streets or an uncivilized frat party, your eyes could even barely stay in vision when all you could see – fuck you can’t even see anything.

Sure, being short had its perks and everything, but when all your friends are massive giants who would remind you every single time of your ‘adorable height’, messing your hair that took a perfect hour to do and the classic immature teasing, it did no justice in trying to hold back the rolling of your eyes and a flick behind their heads.

It isn’t the easiest for such a mousy person to scatter around strangers that tower over you and lets be honest here, it was terrifying drowning in an ocean of people. Not that you were complaining or whining about how small you were, but it really defies a lot of things you could do.

But then he slips his hand in yours so well, practiced till perfection and memorized the familiarity of your skin and fingers and you were a goner. Well this is probably one of the reasons you made it out alive in crowds.

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Jack Johnson - Cuddly

Request:  hey! i know you recently wrote a jack johnson imagine but i was wondering if you could please write one in which y/n and jack have a frienship but they hug a lot, tell each other ‘i love you’ and kiss each other but not on the lips (skinny love kinda thing) until one day the finally become a couple?


When your best friend is literally a star, you have to get used to fame yourself. Because there is no chance you can hide your friendship from the fans.

Johnson and I had been best friends since second grade. I was new at school, afraid of everyone, but he sat next to me at lunch and since then, we were inseparable. It was a bit hard when he and Gilinsky got famous, because I rarely could see him, but our bond was way stronger than that.

“There is my favorite girl!” he shouted from far away. I laughed at him and run towards him not giving a single fuck that we were in the damn mall. I jumped onto him and he took me into his arms.

“I missed you so much, J!” I happily sang as he finally put me down.

“I missed you too,” he said kissing my cheek. We often were mistaken to be a couple, since we behaved like one, while we were just very close friends.

I would lie if I said I wouldn’t date him, because he was the most amazing guy I had ever known, and I knew he would take good care of me, but thought he would never think of me like that.

Fans always thought that we were together, however we always denied this. Yes, we hugged a lot and it was a common thing to kiss the other’s cheek, but it was just us, being cute and being close friends.

Now he was finally at home for an entire month and we had a lot of time to spend together. I couldn’t be happier.

We went shopping quickly, and then we crushed at his place with Gilinsky and Nash.

“Guys, where am I supposed to sit?” I asked raising my eyebrows at them. There was no space on the couch, since they made themselves so comfortable.

“Come here,” Johnson said pulling me onto his lap.

“Get a room guys,” Nash commented starting the movie we decided to watch.

“Shut up, Grier,” Johnson groaned.

I made myself comfortable sitting on Johnson’s lap and it made me feel a bit nervous. Was I too heavy? Was it uncomfortable to him? Is he going to feel his leg after this? Questions like these were in my mind, when my thought was cut off by his hands. He put them around my waist and pulled me to his chest, so I was almost completely lying on him.

“Tell me when it gets too uncomfortable,” I quietly said glancing up at him.

“Don’t worry about it. It won’t get uncomfortable,” he said tightening his grip around my waist.

I could feel his scent from this close and I was distracted from the movie by his hands caressing my waist from time to time. Sometimes I had to take deep breaths to calm myself, and I just hoped no one noticed my excitement. At first I thought he was just being his cute self, but after a bit, things got more… heated.

I went out to the kitchen to get something to drink, and I was just casually pouring the soda out to a glass, when I felt two familiar hands on my waist.

“I can tell you don’t like the movie,” he murmured into my ears.

It wasn’t that I didn’t like it, I just got so distracted by his actions that I lost focus and I just didn’t understand it anymore.

“It’s okay,” I said shrugging. He hugged me from behind and then kissed me on the cheek, then went to the fridge. He was oddly cuddly, and I wasn’t really sure why it was. I was used to him hugging me, or kissing my cheek, but he was now a bit more… intimate. Not like I minded it, I was just curious why he was like that.

“Want to go out a bit? I don’t like it either,” he asked nodding towards the backyard.

“Sure,” I said nodding.

We walked outside, it was still warm, and the light breeze felt so good on my skin. I heard him closing the door, and I expected him to just come next to me, maybe he just wanted to talk a bit, but suddenly he just grabbed my waist, pulled me to him and kissed me. Jack kissed me in his backyard all of a sudden.

I was taken a back at first, and didn’t really realize what was happening, until he pulled away. Mostly because I didn’t do anything and I guess he thought he did something wrong.

“Oh my God, Y/N, I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have, I just… I do-“ he started, but then I made him shut up by kissing him hard.

He hugged me tightly and I put my arms around his neck, deepening the kiss. I had been waiting for this moment since I knew what kissing meant. I always wondered how it felt to kiss Jack, even when I didn’t really realized how I felt towards him. And I have to tell you, it was amazing. Our lips moved in total sync and he was so gentle but passionate at the same time. His soft lips worked perfectly against mines and I just wanted this moment to end.

But he slowly pulled away with our foreheads still touching.

“So,” I started when I was able to speak, “this is why you have been all cuddly today?” I asked smiling at him.

“I’m sorry, I just couldn’t resist,” he admitted. “But this second kiss was a bit surprising. I thought you would be mad at me at first.”

“I was just too surprised. But I’m happy you did it.”

“You are?” he asked with bright eyes.

“Yeah,” I said nodding.

“I wanted to do it for a long time. I don’t know why this day was different, I just couldn’t hide it anymore,” he exclaimed nervously, while we were still hugging.

“You should have did it earlier. My reaction would have been the same tho.” I said laughing. He shook his head smiling.

“Then I don’t want to waste even more time. What about a real date tonight?” he asked looking excited.

“Jack, it’s almost ten, and what would we say to the guys?” I asked furrowing my eyebrows.

“The truth! And I don’t care what time it is, I want to take you out right now!” he stated grinning at me. I just laughed at his enthusiasm. But I was willing to do whatever he wanted to do after this. So I finally nodded.

“Okay. Let’s go on a date.”

BTS Gang (Part 6 /final?)

I apologise for any mistakes OTL

part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4 / part 5

warnings: adult language, violence

“Don’t you dare to do something to her!!” He yelled while he looked shocked at the screen of the computer that Taehyung was putting down on a table.

A voice calling it’s father was heard from the black laptop.

I slowly moved closer to look at the screen.

“DAD!!” a girl cried, tied on a chair with injuries all over her body.

All of a sudden the picture went black and Taehyung closed it.

“Hurry up or you won’t see here anymore.”

Is that the professor they were searching for from the beginning? and where they thought that I was his daughter, as they have kidnapped me?

“TALK!” Yoongi yelled and pierced his knife deeper into his skin.

“What do you want to know?!” the professor said under heavy breaths.

“The password”

“What password???”

Taehyung pulled the black USB stick out of his jacket. “To this”

“Where did you got his from!?” the man was shocked.

“Oh with some help” he said and looked at me.

“You- you are” Mr. Son was almost unable to talk as Yoongi was holding the knife even closer to him.

“Yoongi let him finish” Taehyung said while putting the stick back in his pocket.

“you are working…for… Namjoon?” Mr. son said out of breath.

Taehyung smirked and squat down to be on his eye level. “Does it matter to whom we belong to? Now tell us what the fucking password is”

“NEVER!” the professor yelled and Yoongi was back with his knife on his throat.

“Spit it out or your sweet daughter won’t be alive in any minute!” Yoongi growled.

“It’s transit umbra, lux permanet. Please don’t do anything to her!”

“Y/N take a note of it” Taehyung said.

I quickly tore out a piece of paper off a book and searched for a pen to write with.

“I-I forgot what he said” I stuttered.

transit umbra, lux permanet!” Mr. Son repeated.

“Thank you very much for your help, professor” Taehyung smiled and grabbed my wrist to leave the room.

As the door closed a scream was heard from inside.

“We can leave” Yoongi said as he came out, his hands were covered in red blood.

I was shocked again, brainlessly following them to wherever they were going now.

The halls were deserted.

We arrived at the suite we where before.

I was watching them quickly packing everything together.

“Did you  get the password?” Namjoon asked as he came back with the others.

“Sure, Y/N got it” Taehyung answered.

Namjoon made his way to me.

I was still holding the piece of paper in my right fist.

“Good job, Y/N. I guess I can say that you are a great agent” he smiled and moved his hand to stroke my hair.

Suddenly another hand slapped Namjoon’s aways.

“Don’t you dare to touch her!” Jimin said, his face was red from the anger that has filled his body.

Namjoon chuckled. “Calm down I won’t steal your bitch away”

“She is noT A BITCH!” Jimin formed his hands into fists.

“Oh my bad, I meant HOE!”

Jimin jumped at him and punched him in the face.

Namjoon pushed him away and slammed him against a wall to kick him.

Yoongi and Jungkook were amused at their fight scene while Seokjin shook his head, sighing.

“STOP IT!!” I yelled and tried to get Jimin off of Namjoon that was now punching him on the ground.

“Jimin, please!!” I said and dragged him away from him.

The older one stood up and whipped the blood off of his lower lip.

“Nice punch” he said and went to pack his bag again.

“Y/N You should change so we can leave” Taehyung said and gave me some new cloths.

I did as he told me and changed in the bathroom.

“Taehyung, what are you?”  I asked as I finished.

“What do you mean?” He giggled.

“Who are you working for? What is on the USB stick?”

“Do you need to know?” he looked away to pack his gadgets.

“YES? Since I’m kind of involved in your whole shit”

He looked up at me. “We are all a gang and I belong to them like you do now”

“No one asked for my approval if I want to stay!” I said angrily.

“No one asked, and now we are here”

“What do you mean?”

He ignored my question and took out the stick. “In here are really important formulas that can get us lots of money”

“So money is the reason why you kill people?”

“Y/N stop blabbering and move your ass here!” Yoongi called me over to him and Hoseok.

“What” I crossed my arms.

“Put this into your bra” Hoseok said and gave me a little item that looked like the thing I gave Namjoon at the casino.

“What is that?” I asked and looked at it.

“A sensor, we all have one. If we get lost, then the others can see where we are” he explained.

“No thank you” I said and handed it back to him. “That’s why we couldn’t escape from you”

“That’s for your own saftly”

“I don’t care!”

“Y/N put it in or I will! I’m sick of you bitching around!” Yoongi growled.

“You know what I’m sick of!?” I yelled.

“Y/N just do it” Jimin said and gave it back to me.

I looked angrily at him but then put it in my cloths.

“Ok guys we can leave” Namjoon said and grabbed his bags.


The voice was coming from outside the room.

“Fucking shit” Namjoon cursed and made a hand move to us that we should go to a room.

“We are going to jump out of here” he explained and opened the window.

“What??” I looked shocked down on the busy street filled people and cars.


“I’ll go first” Jungkook said all calm.

Jungkook stood on the edge of the window frame and took a deep breath before he jumped.

He landed saftly and acted all normal in the crowd.

All of them jumped, only Jimin and me were left.

“No I can’t” I started crying.

“Y/N come on we need to leave!” Jimin said and grabbed my wrist.

I shook my head.

The police was starting to hit the door.

“Shit.” Jimin said and breathed out. “You trust me right?” he asked.

I nodded.

“Good, then trust me now.” He said and grabbed my waist and pulled me close to him.

He let himself fall and me with him.

I tried my best not to scream to not get any attention of the people.

But that was for nothing since, we landed on a table of a bistro.

“Sorry mister!” Jimin said as we ran off.

Someone was calling for the police as we crossed the street.

“Where are the others?” I asked as we ran.

“You will see!”

My legs already hurt form the long run.

A black van was suddenly appearing in front of us.

Taehyung opened the door and we jumped in.

“They are in” he said to Seokjin who was driving and he stepped on the gas.

Namjoon was sitting next to him looking on a map.

“Where are we going now?” I asked out.

“To a nice place called home” Hoseok said, who was leaning against his seat.

“He means the office of our boss, to get the money” Jungkook chuckled.

“Nice but I really want to leave now” I said.

No one said anything until we arrived at a huge building.

We all got out of the van and entered it.

Namjoon knocked at a door and a man opened it.

“He is ready to see you” he said and let us in.

The room was filled with computers, weapons and other gadgets.

“Ah~ BTS you are back” a man said as he cleaned his sunglasses.

“Boss we got the stick with the password” Namjoon said and handed it to him.

The man put his sunglasses on and looked closer at the item.

“Good, really good” he smiled.

I looked around and spotted a door were ‘exit’ was written on it.

I made a little more space to them, so I could move to the door.

They were looking at a computer as they stuck in the USB.

I took the chance and quickly run to the door to leave.

“Fuck you!” I yelled as I run out.

I took the sensor out of my bra and threw it away.

“Shit where am I supposed to go now?” I said to myself as I was standing in front of two doors.

I quickly opened the right one and ended up in the same room as I was before.

“That was cute Y/N” Namjoon said sitting in a chair.

Jungkook grabbed me and dragged me to the others.

“Now you won’t pull it out that easy” Hoseok said as he put the sensor on my chest and pushed it deep into my skin till it started bleeding.

“STOP IT!” I cried.

He put a plaster on it.

I sobbed and landed with my knees and hands on the floor as Jungkook let go of me.

“Now welcome to BTS!” the boss said and I looked up at him with swollen eyes.

“Also you did a nice job there, I’m glad to have a new female member in our group” he said and put the usb in a black box.

“I don’t want to be in a fucking gang!” I yelled as I stood up.

He just sighed. “We had to choose between killing you or to let you join the gang and we choosed this way because we don’t want to kill such a sweet young lady” he smiled and left with a hand motion.


“Yoongi kill me” I said and run to him.

“What?” he looked amused at me.

“Come on kill me! Take out our gun! Shoot me!!”

“Y/N calm down!” Jimin said and pulled me away from Yoongi.

“I want to be death!!” I cried.  “Kill me Jimin!“

“Sshh” he pulled me tighter to him and stroked my hair to calm me down.

“I think we should go and rest” Namjoon said after a while and they all left.

Jimin leaded me into a room and told me to sleep a little.

“I don’t want to sleep” I said angrily. “How am I going to sleep knowing that m life is over?”

“Just try ok? I’ll stay here with you” he smiled.

“Taehyung said that no one asked to be in this gang, what does that mean?”

“We all are here for a reason” he explained “I lost my family and this is the only family I have now”

“I’m sorry” I said and looked at the ceiling “I also lost mine”

“I’m sorry” he said and leaned his head on the bed while sitting on the floor.

“We are all the same” Jimin said. “That’s why we can’t leave” he closed his eyes.



“Why are you so nice to me?”

“Haven’t I told you that I like you?”

“Yes you did” I giggled.

“So? Isn’t that reason enough?” he giggled with me.

I learned more about them now.

I guess I should accept my destiny.

Or not?

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1. “where am i going?” by wilted petals

2. “When The Day Met The Night” by Panic! At The Disco

3. “Back to You” by Louis Tomlinson 

4. “ART IS DEAD” by Bo Burnham

5. “Michael in The Bathroom” from Be More Chill by George Salazar

6. “History” by One Direction

7. “Overture/All That Jazz” from Chicago by Catherine Zeta-Jones

8. “Chop Suey!” by System Of A Down 

9. “Get to the Table on Time” by M. Ward 

10. “Souverian” by Andrew Bird 

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Post-CoHF Alec headcanon

So I have this headcanon about when Alec moves in with Magnus.

  • It’s gradually and he just starts to have more an more shit over at Magnus’
  • At some point one of them is just like ‘you know itreally wouldn’t make a difference if you/I would move in here’ and they just stare at each other for a while
  • Alec just shrugs and is like ‘might as well do that’
  • (Besides, the institute doesn’t feel like home anymore. Too much has changed.)
  • It takes some time until Alec can move all his stuff over because 'there is no space in the wardrobe, what the bloody hell Magnus?? Where am I supposed to put my clothes?’
  • When the others realize what’s going on they offer to help him carry stuff.
  • But when he gets everything organized he’s missing sweaters
  • And at first he’s suspecting Magnus threw them out and they have a fight. Magnus swears he had nothing to do with it but Alec doesn’t believe him although he eventually let’s it slide
  • It’s not until he finds Jace passed out in the library wearing one of his sweaters that he realized what actually happened.
  • The general excuse is that they needed something of his for comfort in case he was not there himself.
  • Izzy’s got two, one of which 'would have been Simon’s’
  • Clary get’s to keep her’s because she told Alec that 'this way she could always pretend to be him in case Jace needed his parabatei, which, let’s be honest, is every five minutes’ 
  • They keep sending Alec pictures of them in their sweaters with a pillow that wears Izzy’s spare sweater. 
  • (The pillow has a frowning face drawn onto it)
  • When Magnus finds out he thinks it’s hilarious.
sniperct replied to your post: what do you think of the vr chat?

Honestly VR is best when it’s like, you’re in an airplane or space fighter or race car or something like that where the headset naturally acts like a helmet. It gets uncomfortable in long sessions

i honestly cannot put into words how not interested i am in wearing goggles and moving around during what is supposed to be my relaxing after work hobby

writing while sad

I am a major fan of your writing, I wanted to say that your books have helped me a lot. I have been avidly reading them and they have helped with some things going on in my life. I have Fibromyalgia, High Functioning Autism, Bipolar and anxiety. I go to college but had to drop out of this term because it was way too hard for me to handle but I plan on returning next term to continue my degree to become a special ed teacher. Your books have been helping me get through the worst of the pain and the depression I have been having. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about a month ago and ever since then things have gotten hard for me. So, when I feel alone I go to your books. They help me stay away from the worst of my depression. For some reason, Jace’s quirkyness and his funny disposition and attitude get me out of that funk. Thank you so much for giving us this awesome book series because it’s been a blessing in these hard times.
Also, I am a writer as well and I keep starting to write a book then I just stop and go to another, never finishing it. Do you have advise for someone like me? Like, for writing?

I just wanted to thank you Cassandra Clare. I’ve been suffering depression for nearly two years. Not that long, but painful for me. I have experienced alienation, loneliness and self-harm.
But when I read the Mortal Instruments, I feel like I’m part of the story and that I’m not alone. I have suddenly felt a part of something. I’ve stopped self-harming. Now, I feel like I’m getting better. I may still be depressed, and I may suffer this for the rest of my life I fear, but whenever I have felt at my worst, I read the Mortal Instruments. It has saved my life in ways you cannot imagine.
I no longer feel like I’m alone. I no longer feel ugly. I feel part of something much bigger than myself.
So, I want to thank you for saving my life. I don’t mean to sound melodramatic but I owe you so much. If you could find time to possibly message me back and give me advice on writing, I would be even more in your debt.

One year ago my house was destroyed. I lived in a hotel for about two months. During those two months I was bullied. I was stressed, depressed, and even questioned myself why I put up with people constantly kicking me while I was down. When I read the first page of The City Of Bones I was so intrigued. It was like you pulled me in closer and closer I finished all the books in the second week of September. I fell in love with the characters especially Jace and Clary. The characters in the book have showed me too fight for what i want and never give up, and braveness is key. I'am currently reading Clockwork Angel which by the way is drawing me in more and more. I want to thank you for writing these books because they really have changed my outlook on life and books. The only thing I ask is that you please, please give me writing advice as you can see I’m not the best writer but one day i hope to be an author like you.

I’m writing you from Italy, so sorry if my english isn’t great.
You can think that I’m a happy teenager with a perfect life, who loves your books. But of all this, just one thing is true ; that I love your books.
I’m not a happy teenager, I’m self-defeating and tried suicide. I hoped to die , but I am again here, alive.
I thank you so much, because your books distracted me from the blade , and the desire of my blood flow from my wounds.
You are a very good writer, you wrote a perfect urban fantasy, not based only on vampires and werewolves. And your story has a plot! After i failed my suicide attempt, I thought that the only way to escape from the idea of doing it again was to follow my dream of writing a fantasy book. But I am stopped sometimes by sadness. Can you give some advice, to write this story and realize my dream?

After struggling through years of bleakness and depression, I found your books and they helped me incredibly, especially Clary and Jace. (If you want to write more about them there’d be a lot of excited people. No pressure.) How much they changed, how much they loved each other. How Clary was a real person with flaws and I was reminded that even flawed and imperfect people can save the world. And she was a girl. It broke my heart and put it back together. It made me want to write fantasy books of my own, but that’s where I have a problem. I don’t know if you’ve experienced depression or sadness but it’s paralyzing. I feel like I can work or write anything because I’m stuck in this quicksand of misery, and the only thing that would come out on the page would be misery, and there would be no joy like the joy I felt when Clary and Jace kissed in the greenhouse (tell me that happens in the TV show? Please?) I want to write about love but I don’t know how when I can’t even love myself. Any advice?

I took the identifying names off these because they’re so personal and about such sensitive material. But I think they speak to the fears of many artists, both those experienced and those just starting out. We write from our own hearts and own emotion — what do we do when those hearts and emotions feel broken? How do we write when we feel crushed by hopelessness, when terrible sadness douses the light of our inspiration?

I’ve been struggling with this a lot lately since I’m writing two books and also feeling overwhelmed by anger, sadness, despair and disappointment. Sometimes it feels so bleak and overwhelming that I am filled with fear, because I feel disconnected from my ability to write about people who are happy when I am not, and because it puts me in a position where sometimes I hate my own characters (mostly not the ones I’m writing about, but it’s still a frightening space to be in when I know I have to love them all, even the villains.)

I suppose for me the advantage is that I’ve been here before in the past. I had probably a year of depression around when City of Bones came out, and I had to write City of Ashes and City of Glass. 

What I found was that it didn’t help me to sit down and think “I need to write even though I am miserable. I will force myself.” What did help me was to sit down and think “I am miserable. How do I sort through that misery using my writing as a tool?” 

Someone once said, “Sure, writing is easy: you just sit at a typewriter and open your veins.” Which makes it sound horrifically painful. But if you think of it as opening yourself up to let the toxins out, it can help. You write your grief and anger and fear and loss and disappointment. You use those emotions in yourself, which are so strong they feel controlling, to fuel your writing. 

We make art out of our influences, but also out of what we’re feeling. For me it’s helped to not think of those emotions as ugly. They’re human. I give those conflicts, despairs, griefs, and disappointments to characters, and through the characters I’m able to disperse some of that weight from myself. Jem hitting Will in the face is my anger, Alec’s frustration with Magnus my frustration, Isabelle’s grief over Max my grief, Tessa’s pain my pain. 

Try to switch off the part of your brain that says you should be ashamed for being unhappy. Sadness isn’t weakness, or petulance. Grief can have immense power. Try to think of yourself as full of that power. You have the capacity to feel strongly. Many people don’t. Think this is a source of my strength and power. Think I will put my feelings of sadness and despair into words and I will have created art. 

In no way am I saying I know how to solve depression. I wish I did. But that is a different issue. I am only speaking to the issue of what it means to be an artist while you’re unhappy, and how not to keep that unhappiness from preventing you from writing. I can only promise it’s something I struggle with too, but in the past I’ve managed to make it not just empower me, but also produce some of the work I’m most proud of, like the epilogue of Clockwork Princess. Try to think I am in the dark now, but I will use this power I have, to dream up new worlds and new people, to create a light so bright that not only can I see by it, but other people can, too

And the best of luck and good wishes to you all. I look forward to reading your words. :)


“Shademag is a product of our friendship and aspiration to inspire youth like us. It’s all about creative positivity and inclusion. We are shining a light on artists of color and all the cool, amazing people we meet everyday.”

Meet the powerhouse duo behind SHADE MAG in this exclusive interview with creators Apryl Fuentes & Azha Luckman.

Photos by Jazmin Jones

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