where I see River in everything

The Signs as Concepts

Aries -  
concept: me, sitting comfortably on the top of the tallest tree. i can see everything and i’m no longer afraid
Taurus -
concept: me, waking up on a mountainside, surrounded by flowers. a river flows nearby. my responsibilities are nowhere to be seen
Gemini - 
concept: i have been sleeping for years. in my dreams i have lived a thousand lives, learned a thousand things, and now i am ready to wake.
Cancer - 
concept: me, eating strawberries and peaches on a hillside where i am far from everything i know
Leo - 
concept: me, dancing alone in a moonlit meadow. everything looks silver. i’m not worried at all
Virgo - 
concept: us, whispering little kindnesses into the night. sending out love to no one in particular and everyone at once.
Libra - 
concept: me, lying in a field of many, many flowers. daisies grow through the cracks in my body. i’ll be okay
Scorpio - 
concept: me, walking alone through a forest. the only thing on my mind is how beautiful it is here, all dappled sunlight and the smell of earth and growth
Sagittarius - 
concept: i breathe in sunlight, and exhale stardust.
Capricorn - 
concept: me, steady as a deep-rooted tree, solid as a river stone, constant as the setting sun
Aquarius - 
concept: i’ve seen the sky before, but never quite like this. somehow it doesn’t seem so far away
Pisces - 
concept: the universe hears you crying and sings a little song for you. the universe hopes you can hear it

*Many thanks to @conceptualsolitude for letting us use their beautifully written concepts for this post 

Suddenly, the rain stopped. The clouds parted and the sun started to shine, the water draining back into the river and the ocean where it came from. Still Maren gasped for air in her panic, shivering. She couldn’t stop. This didn’t change anything. “IT’S OVER! WE’RE SAFE!” Cam cheered. “C’mon, let’s go back home!” she smiled. “W-what home!? Th- there’s no h-home to go back to!” Maren yelled. There was nothing, why didn’t they understand!? “Maren, I’ll bring you to your house right now, you’ll see!” Cam exclaimed, grabbing her and pulling her to her house. She didn’t want to see this. She didn’t want to see everything she had worked for gone.

But as Cam swung the door open, she saw everything perfectly in place. The home she had come to love was still there, just as she had left it. It was almost as if nothing had ever happened. Tae, who stood behind them, gasped. “She was right… Cam, I am sorry for ever doubting you! Everything really is okay!” her eyes sparkled as she spoke. Maren’s legs gave out at the relief, finally breathing correctly again. Cam had caught her, and all she could do was cry. It was okay. For once in her life, it was okay. “Y-you w-were right…” she whispered through her tears. “T-thank God y-you were right…”

((The magic anon is now over!))

   were you lost to the mercy
   of the lake where your father’s remains lie?
   or are you out there, destined to fall to insanity?
   on a boat, with shrouded motives, blue spectacles. 

   you want to see the light of the sun,
   and wish the country’s children greet it.
   but you will see it in its full splendor.
   in the dawn, by the tree, consumed in fire.

   everything is gone. 
   hopes and dreams float down the river out to sea. 
   all is lost but a choice to destroy your life. 
   the top of the church, in the storm, a woman wails.

   but who was to blame? 
   you were never the enemy of the story. 
   you wanted what was best for her. 
   a distant town, on a bed, six feet under. 

   the earth sings to you 
   and they call you names because they cannot hear its song.
   where are they? where are they? 
   a pursuit, a cemetery, a cremation.

   she doesn’t know you, she’ll run away
   you cry for mercy
   but he begs for help and you let him go. 
   a mysterious man, a chest of gold, christmas eve.

   they don’t know what knowledge you store
   and yet he comes to you for advice, 
   the naive child of the west. 
   on a hill, an unjust imprisonment, an incurable illness.

   some are destined to meet. 
   thirteen years.
   some are gone, but some survive. 
   let them live, let them live!

—  fates of the characters of noli me tangere

i don’t want to see her colours fade
because she is pouring with shades and hues

i never knew were made

i see her become blackened like the tides
the ocean sweeping her away
then i see her shining like the diamond sky

rivers of lilac crystal flowing in her eyes
its like i am meeting god for the very first time
her mind is pulled in so many directions
like where two oceans meet and
heaven weeps
through the rain

she notices everything. and this is her wonder and
also her pain

what makes her laugh with the radiance of the sun
flickers shadows and crows
darkness below
to explore her will take me a million lifetimes
and i’d stay alive
just to swim through the sea in those eyes


do i care if i survive this? (bury the dead where they’re found)

[or: five times lexa almost dies. // ao3.]


do i care if i survive this? (bury the dead where they’re found)
i wanna save you from your sorrow / how do i live with your ghost? / should i tear my arms out now? / i want to feel your touch / should i tear my eyes out now? everything i see returns to you somehow / should i tear my heart out now? / everything i feel returns to you somehow
—sufjan stevens, ‘the only thing’



When you are seven, you almost drown. 

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Does anyone else go on tumblr

and roll your eyes for eternity because everything is.. “SOMETHING” 

Someone is always offended, crying, or pointing the finger of blame.

Do all of the lakes and rivers start from the tears of people on the internet?

Can I ever use the internet but avoid all of these people? CAN THERE EVER BE A DAY WHERE I CAN WRITE ON MY OWN BLOG and not have to see the tears from whiney babies that follow me?

Please jesus show me the way!

Oh wait, fuck, I might offend someone if I use the word “jesus”.


Countdown to River Song Appreciation Day - May 28th: give me the words that give me everything.I found myself standing as if at the fork in a road, and one branch went to places I knew and could understand, and the other took me where I had never been, and where things were different and terrifying and wrong. Where the world that I knew fell away and strange bones poured out of the melting skin of the universe. -Holly Lisle, The Ruby Key