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Taylor! It’s Scarleth! First of all, I would really like to tell you how much I appreciate everything you’re doing for all of us lately. It’s so beautiful and kind and generous. It’s amazing to realize that the person you’ve loved and admired for several years is the same person who does all these nice things for the people that support and love her. You’re so lovely and your golden heart melts mine. I love the genuine person you are and I also love the person you’ve taught me to be. I used to be very insecure of myself before you came into my life, scared of what other people could say or think about me. I used to think I’d never be good enough for someone and I also used to let people define who I was. But then you showed up with your magical songs and that positive energy and the most honest and bravest words for us, the ones that I needed to hear. Your advices have brought me to tears more than once, in a good way. Five years ago, I’d never believe it if someone would tell me I’d get to love myself someday. But I did. I love myself and I’m so confident with who I truly am. I know I’m beautiful and worthy of love and respect. I know I’m good enough despite my physical disability. You helped me to be aware of that. You contributed to make my life so much brighter than it was and I can’t even find the right words to express how much it meant and still means to me. You guided me on my way to find my happiness and that’s honestly one of the best thing someone has ever done for me. Your optimism and goodness have influenced me in so many ways through these years. I’m so grateful for living in a world where people like you exist. It feels so good to have you as my role model, as the kind of woman I want to get to be. You’re the living proof that someone can be nice and soft and also really strong and empowered, and that someone else’s opinion doesn’t define us at all. You’re the living proof that someone can be the kind of person who has two cute cats and that paints watercolor flowers and that loves to wear sparkly dresses and also the kind of person that fight for what they think is fair and that have the most badass music videos ever (that even haters love, by the way). I admire you for deciding that no one can tear you down or make you feel bad for being who you are anymore. I deeply admire you for deciding you’re going to live your life on your own terms and you’re not going to let them decide who you have to love and who you don’t. I’m proud of you because you’ve won the battles against those dragons that have tried to knock you out and have failed. And I’m the happiest person alive when I see those pictures of you in the secret sessions, where you look so sincerely happy, smiling and killing us with that curly hair and those awesome outfits. When I see those pictures, I think “Yes! She’s finally getting what she deserves! That brilliant, smart, sweet and warmhearted person is having not a taste of what she has gave to us, but the whole cake and even more!” and it’s the nicest thought ever. I hope life gets better and better everyday for you. I hope you never stop feeling as loved as you make us feel. I earnestly wish the best for you. And I hope we can meet someday so I can give you the warmest hug I’ve ever gave. I know it’s going to be a little difficult to talk to each other because Spanish is my first language, but I don’t believe in impossibles since I heard your songs for the very first time. Chile is pretty far away from you, but we live under the same sky anyway. That’s the important thing, isn’t? Oh! I also wanted to tell you that you’ve inspired me to do the thing I love the most to do, which is to write poetry. If you ever feel in the mood to try to read some poems in Spanish, you can find them on my Instagram account (@scarfloresb). That’s it for now. Thank you so much for everything! I love you with all my heart.
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You have so many choices every single day. Millions of possibilities branching out into different destinations. When you get to a place where those choices are truly yours, you’ll find a freeing independence and happiness. That’s when you’ll be able to take ownership of your life and do the things you’ve dreamt. I am always striving to get to that point. To have the courage and motivation to make the decisions which will lead me to the best version of myself. I know I will get there eventually.

Absolute Destiny Apocalypse Complete 絶対運命黙示録・完全版

Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku is a song from the Banyu Inryoku play Kaspar Hauser. Which was in… 93? It was before Utena. (Seal Spell was also from there.) Kaspar Hauser was a German boy who supposedly grew up completed closed off in a cell. He was taught to say phrases that he only knew by sound and they did weird experiments on him and NOTHING MAKES SENSE. Which is probably why there’s a Banyu Inryoku play about him, because, well, nothing makes sense. Anyway he died with a note written backwards on him and everyone collectively went what the fuck. And so Seazer did a play of it because of course he did.Banyu Inryoku is post-Terayama Tenjo Sajiki, led by Seazer who inherited the group after Terayama died. I’m under the assumption it wasn’t going well for them, but Ikuhara FUCKING LOVED Tenjo Sajiki because uhh, Tenjo Sajiki is awesome, and omg neeeeded Seazer to do his anime. Apparently he went eh sure, why the hell not food is nice, here, take some of these songs I already did, and we got weird remixes of them by Shinkichi Mitsumune. At the end of the second season he actually started recording and making original music for the show. While this song arguably isn’t, the second half maybe is.

Also, the Complete version happened in a live concert, the first stage of which was three Utena songs. This was the opening piece. It had more notes. I want those notes back. Please go back and record a studio version with literally everyone please. Yes, that poor girl had to sustain that awful note live.

Anyway, I did the whole thing, cause it felt cheap if I only did half, and I didn’t want to use someone else’s half. Obligatory tags for @hirakumblr and @empty-movement because.

Absolute Destiny Apocalypse Complete
(Barbara Dwarf Star Child Apocalypse version)

zettai unmei mokushiroku
zettai unmei mokushiroku
shusei touroku senrei meibo shibou touroku

The absolute destiny apocalypse
The absolute destiny apocalypse
birth records, baptismal registry, death records

zettai unmei mokushiroku
zettai unmei mokushiroku
watashi no tanjou zettai tanjou mokushiroku

The absolute destiny apocalypse
The absolute destiny apocalypse
My birth, absolute birth, apocalypse

闇の砂漠に 燦場・宇葉

yami no sabaku ni sanba uba
kin no mekki no tougenkyou
hiru to yoru to ga gyaku mawari
toki no mekki no shitsurakuen

A brilliant place in a dark desert, made of leaves
A gold gilded Eden
Day and night turning upon eachother
Time gilded paradise lost


sodomu no yami
hikari no yamo
kanata no yami
hatenaki yami
zettai unmei mokushiroku
zettai unmei mokushiryami mokushiroku

Darkness of Sodom
Darkness of light
Distant darkness
Endless darkness
The absolute destiny apocalypse
The absolute destiny apocalyptic darkness, apocalypse


zettai unmei mokushiroku
zettai unmei mokushiroku
shishite fukkatsu
purometius seitai
eisei touroku

The Absolute Destiny Apocalypse
The Absolute Destiny Apocalypse
Death then revival
Celestial body of Prometheus
Records of eternal life (satellite)

プロトゴノス わたし
宇宙 生命 黙示録

zettai unmei mokushiroku
zettai unmei mokushiroku
Purotogonosu watashi
uchuu seimei mokushiroku

The Absolute Destiny Apocalypse
The Absolute Destiny Apocalypse
The Protogonos Me
Universe, Life, Apocalypse

わたしのわたしが わたしプラクリティ

kigen no naka no mugen watashi
futatsu no tsuki to taiyou ni
uchuu kaibyaku watashi tanjou
watashi no watashi ga watashi purakuriti

In the origin is the infinite me,
in the two moon and sun,
I am born in the creation of the universe,
my myself is the Prakrti me

原初の起こり 受胎
円満愚息 球体
わたし 宇宙 原理

gensho no okori jyutai
monarizashion to tanjou
enman gusoku kyuutai
watashi uchuu genri

Conception of the original source
Mona Lisa’s Zion and birth
Sphere of the perfect foolish son
Myself, the universe, philosophy

天地  昼夜 暗闇光
双月 男女 アンドロギュヌス

tenchi chuuya an__kou
futatsuki danjo andorogyunusu

Heaven and earth, Day and Night, Darkness and light
Twin moons, hermaphrodite, Androgynous

もくし くしも
しもく くもし
もしく しくも

もくし くしも
しもく くもし
もしく しくも

mokushi kushimo shimoku kumoshi moshiku shikumo
mokushi kushimo shimoku kumoshi moshiku shikumo

Oh yay. Notes! So many notes! (Conversely, the song didn’t have enough, I’m making up for that.)

  • 桃源郷 Literally means The Peach Blossom Spring, which is a story about a magical utopia, full of happiness where they’re untouched by politics and the outside world and some guy just waltzes in. (It’s mostly about politics really. Please take me. I love peaches.) Anyway the dude leaves and can never find it again. Apparently it gets used to mean a magical utopia, and I just preferred Eden over Shangri-La, especially since I was in an oasis type thing and statistically speaking, in English I don’t need to explain it.
  • Paradise lost is also written the same way as the novel title.
  • Prometheus was a Greek titan that made humans and gave them fire and is now punished for eternity.
  • Protogonos (but apparently usually Phanes) is the first born and deity of procreation and life in Orphism. Who is also apparently both male and female. And hatched from the world egg. And created the universe. He smashed the world shell.
  • Prakṛti, which has a weird dotted R apparently, is the primal matter of nature and femine existence in Hinduism.
  • Mona Lisa Zion. (Or it’s Mona Lisazation. But Probably not.) Okay. Seazer apparently made this word up. Team Japan seems to think it’s a combination of Mona Lisa and Zion, and according to that and a few random books that put the words beside eachother, it seems to mostly be based off the idea that Leonardo da Vinci filled La Gioconda with secrets about Jesus and stuff, which I will always think is stupid.
  • The original live version of …this version, had the ending lines
    天地  昼夜 太陽 月
    ラララ 男女 アンドロギュヌス
    Heaven and earth, Day and Night, Sun, moon
    Lalala, hermaphrodite, Androgynous
  • Also, I have no fucking clue how they got darkness and light to sound the way it does in song. I hear like, aninkou or an'ninkou or something. I didn’t feel it was worth holding this up for that though. What’s written means darkness and light though.
  • mokushi kushimo, etc is the syllables of apocalypse tossed into a blender. Mokushi by itself does mean apocalypse. 黙示録 is also the way Book of Revelation is written, but they seem to like it as Apocalypse. FYI if you join the Utena 4 lyfe club you’re legally required to randomly spew this line.

rp sentence starters using lines from r.h. sin’s work , whiskey words and a shovel II
part one  /  part two

“ your absence taught me how to live without you. ”
“ we hide behind the human condition of making mistakes. ”
“ you kill your future by mourning the past. ”
“ stop leaving the door open for someone who no longer deserves a key. ”
“ we know exactly what the other needs. ”
“ yet this heaviness remained sitting within my chest. ”
“ i realized the best revenge would be to become more of everything you failed to appreciate. ”
“ i set out in search of love. ”
“ what i often found was chaos and destruction. ”
“ i set out in search of everything that i could’ve given myself. ”
“ they were all lies. ”
“ i can’t find the words to explain what i truly feel. ”
“ silence is my only friend. ”
“ you know it’s time to let go. ”
“ you know you deserve more. ”
“ your emotions betray you every time. ”
“ it’s the constant battle between what you know and how you feel. ”
“ for the first time in my life, i wanted to be completely transparent. ”
“ even though you were a stranger, you felt so familiar. ”
“ most of our interaction was in the midst of silence. ”
“ you miss the person you thought ___ was. ”
“ you’re in love with everything ___ used to be. ”
“ that’s what keeps you up at night. ”
“ life is too short to lose sleep over a living nightmare. ”
“ you have to love yourself more. ”
“ how many tomorrows will you spend waiting for someone who only deserves a place in your yesterdays? ”
“ there was hatred in your actions. ”
“ all i felt was pain. ”
“ heartache is more common. ”
“ i was unaware of my own value. ”
“ you felt like hell. ”
“ silence told a story where words often failed. ”
“ we lose things to gain more. ”
“ sometimes what we lose isn’t a loss. ”
“ your heart will heal. ”
“ what i wanted was the most honest parts of your soul. ”
“ what i received was everything i tried my hardest to avoid. ”
“ people wear masks too large to fit. ”
“ the face you see isn’t really theirs. ”
“ my mind knows what my heart continues to ignore. ”
“ i’m tired but i can’t find sleep. ”
“ i’ve seen what you’ve been hiding. ”
“ there’s chaos deep within me. ”
“ i don’t remember the time where a smile actually meant happiness. ”
“ so many of our peers only smile to hide things. ”
“ be careful who you make your memories with. ”
“ i’m still learning about love and what it means. ”
“ you were a nightmare wrapped in something beautiful. ”
“ there’s this brief feeling of trust before the paranoia that seeps in. ”
“ different person, same bullshit. ”
“ you’ve been holding on to nothing. ”
“ i don’t want to be this way. ”
“ sometimes i just want to quit. ”
“ i just need you to be there. ”
“ i’m willing to help carry whatever it is. ”
“ i’m willing to climb the wall you’ve built. ”
“ i love you for who you are. ”
“ you weren’t brave enough to love me. ”
“ i forgive you for falling short of my expectations. ”
“ these scars remind me that i survived everything meant to destroy me. ”
“ sleep is no longer a means of rest. ”
“ we’re all the same. ”
“ we’re all seeking relief. ”
“ sometimes it hurts to be strong. ”
“ you’ll wake up and regret it. ”
“ i’m sorry and i love you. ”

Modern AU where Mikasa is a hijabi Muslim and gets bullied for wearing the hijab. One day, Eren finds that they ripped the hijab off while bullying her, so he promises to “wrap the scarf around her as many times as he needs to.”

I saw this AU in the Eremika tag a while back, but I was so busy that I only JUST got around to drawing it. 

This prompt made me so happy because I rarely see hijabis in anything. So seeing my OTP as representation makes my heart do the doki doki thing. c:

ACOWAR Re-Read: Final Thoughts

In a nice numbered list!

  1. I’m glad that I re-read the book. I was able to find more that I enjoyed about it the second time through, and it gave me a good chance to think about my criticisms and why they upset me in the first place.
  2. That said, it still felt like … a drag to get through. Pacing was a huge problem in this book, and I seriously think if that major problem had been fixed, some of the other issues might have gone with it.
  3. I’m still very frustrated that Lucien was written out of the book halfway through. I wasn’t satisfied that he got a full arc out of the parts he was in, and his trauma was hardly addressed at all. So, generally, I’m not happy with the way Lucien was treated.
  4. I liked the Feysand moments better the second time through, but I still maintain what I said about wanting more conflict between them. 
  5. I feel ripped off that we didn’t see Feyre’s experience in the Ouroboros. It was a lot of build-up with not enough payoff, especially given that the Bone Carver makes very little difference in the final battle. 
  6. Cassian was the best part of the book, hands-down, to the point where I almost wonder if he’s a little too perfect? I just really don’t feel like complaining about it though because so much else went wrong.
  7. I maintain my feelings about this book needing two or three more rounds of edits, minimum. When you’re dealing with a project this big, it needs the TLC to really shine. I’m sad thinking about what this could have been if it had been given the extra time to mature. I would have happily waited. 
  8. In previous books, I didn’t mind that the magic system wasn’t fully developed or explained, but in this one, that weakness really started to show. There was a deus ex machina every time you blinked, and there were always exceptions to the rules, and that made everything frustration because you never had to worry if characters would be able to make it work. They just always did. 
  9. I’m disappointed in the King of Hybern as a villain. There wasn’t much to him at all. Amarantha was far more interesting and compelling, so it’s hard to consider this guy a step up. 
  10. There were some notable, if clunky, improvements in diversity, and I have to give some credit for that if even she arguably botched some of it. 
  11. While tonally I’m happy with the denouement and the closing of the book, there were too many frustrating things about those last chapters in particular. It kept me from being totally satisfied with the ending, and I resent that a bit. I really want to enjoy this, especially the ending, but there was just too much poor craft and awkwardness in the way. This makes me sad more than anything.

Total Count of “Oh Shit” Moments (moments where I stopped reading because I was impressed/surprised/eager to find out what was happening): 4, and this is low for an SJM book for me. 

Total Rhys Lean Count: 8 (I’m being generous–could be 9 but I didn’t count the bridge or table lean as full points)

Total Count of Rhysurrection Foreshadowing Injuries: 7 (this is a lot when you’re foreshadowing the same event)

Overall, I maintain my 2/5 star rating. While I did enjoy it more the second time through, the weaknesses were still too prominent to earn a higher rating from me. I’m sad to have to say that to the follow-up of ACOMAF, but in this case it seems SJM couldn’t top herself. It’s not the end of the world, and it’s also only my opinion. I’m happy for those who did enjoy this book and I’m sorry I can’t be among you. 

That’s a wrap on ACOWAR for me, but we’ll see what fic possibilities lie in my future … 

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How did you get to a mental point where you can sincerely appreciate so many things in life and have such a positive mindset?

i realized that just because i’m sad doesn’t mean that everything else has to be sad too. even if i’m unhappy with myself, that doesn’t mean i shouldn’t be happy about the other things around me. i don’t know, pitying myself and wallowing just became so old and unproductive and unhealthy so i put my energy in to other things instead.

find hobbies, make friends, create, go on adventures, pet some cats… even if there may not be a cure for your mental illness, or for whatever is making you feel down, there are still pretty colored bandaids to make it feel better.

Im so happy that I have been a fan of Taylor for 10 years cause not a single bit of it has felt like a waste. Shes been there through so many big things in my life. She truly is such an amazing person and role model. Ive never felt like my love for her was crazy because she gives so much back to us. She constently finds new ways to meet us and make us happy in thanks for getting her where she is. Her music has made me and so many others form great friendships, and I cant thank her enough for that. Almost 11 years in and shes still finding even better ways to make us happy and meet us and its crazy to me she gets just as much joy out of it as we do. I couldnt pick a better person to look up to, so thanks Taylor for being my favorite person. I hope one day I can meet you and tell you all this face to face until then im sending you the biggest hug. ✨ @taylorswift

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So if you're who I think you are on twitter, WCC follows you. Idk if you want me to tag the twitter handle but it sounds like a married Cait who took the last name of her hubby Sam. And the introduction/about me info is "super-shipper". It's the farthest thing from JC/OL and ALL Sam and Cait. You have almost as many SC pics on this twitter account as WS has Sam pics on his. Almost. And Cait's charity follows you. Yet we are the delusional bad guys? Hahaha okay. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

I’ll say my twitter handle for you since I quite like it: @caitheughans. and yes that’s me. Did you find me from Shatner’s twitter? Or were you just looking to harass someone on the internet today? Either way, welcome to my blog. Where I post about things and people that make me happy. I’m sorry that’s so offensive to you - that a stranger on the internet has things that make her happy. Gosh, how dare I. Maybe you should find some things that make YOU happy so that you’re no longer inclined to send rude and condescending messages while hiding behind a gray face. That speaks way more of you than it does of me. It tells me you’re a coward. It tells me you have a lot of anger and resentment deep down, 99% of which most likely has absolutely nothing to do with me. I’m just the blogger you chose to take it out on today. So what that leads me to is pity. I pity you, anon. I have never once sent a message like this and I’ve been doing social media, twitter and tumblr, for almost 10 years now. So fine, call me delusional. Call me whatever the fuck you want. I have the lovely ability of letting it roll right off my shoulders because I know I am none of the disgusting names you call me. Never have been, never will be. So go ahead and yell and scream and throw all the tantrums you want. It just makes you look terrible. Have a nice day, anon :)

Five Things

Finally got around to doing this! Thank you @chihxru for tagging me, I always love getting things like this! And I love reading everyone’s answers as well!

Five things you’ll find in my tote bag:

  1. Chapstick.
  2. This Is How You Lose Her by Junot Diaz.
  3. My passport (I’ve been meaning to take it out, but now I just say I keep it there so I can make a quick escape, lol).
  4. An ungodly amount of receipts.
  5. Too many pens.

Five things you’ll find in my room:

  1. Books. Everywhere, books.
  2. A tower of clean clothes I’ve been meaning to put away.
  3. Half filled notebooks.
  4. Shoes I don’t where anymore, lol.
  5. My hope chest.

Five things that make me feel happy:

  1. Books! Words!
  2. Hot coffee on late mornings.
  3. Long baths with bubbles.
  4. EDM playing all the time (I’m a person that needs constant background noise).
  5. Hand holding and cuddling (I’ve been feeling pretty touch deprived as of late).

Five things I’m currently into:

  1. Stranger Things (I just finished season 1 last night! HOLY SHIT).
  2. Make up tutorials.
  3. Growing my hair out to do those cute braid up-dos!
  4. Looking up prep meals for lunches.
  5. Getting my Master’s? I might apply for next year.

Five things on my to do list:

  1. Homework - Jesus, I need to really crack down on all my research.
  2. Shower and pack (I’m staying at my best friends for the weekend!)
  3. READ. I have so many freaking books in my TBR pile.
  4. Box away everything he gave me - I’m still having a hard time looking at it and think it’ll be better to get it out of sight.
  5.  Try to relax a little.

Ummm, I’m gonna tag @vambaer @slythindoricequeen @vball-baes-bball-babes @just-stay-determined @youaskedfurret

Of course, feel free to ignore this or have fun with it!

Much love!

My Arrow Flies Ch. 1

Hunger Games AU: When Hiccup Haddock is reaped for the 74th annual Hunger Games with Astrid Hofferson, he thought it was the end. All he had to rely on were his crafting skills, a bow, and his meager hunting knowledge. Meanwhile, Astrid Hofferson just wants to survive-and keep an eye on Hiccup.

Read the FanFiction.net version here. -katurdi

My arrow flies

Strong and true

I won’t miss my mark

Nor feel any rue

This cruel world

Is all we knew

Our lives painted gray

With a hazy hue

The birds who sing

Haven’t got a clue

Of the lives we live

While they simply flew

We might say goodbye

One day quite soon

To this life we live

And start anew

My arrow flies

Strong and true

My aim won’t fail

Neither should you

Hiccup POV


I cursed under my breath, watching the rabbit I was hunting skitter away. I tossed my long auburn-colored bangs out of my eyes, trudging to the tree my arrow hit. I grabbed the arrow with one hand, yanking it out. I reached back, sliding the arrow back into my quiver. Tightening my hold on my hand-made bow, I silently followed my prey.

I was hoping to make a nice meal for my father- or, relatively nice. We’re used to eating half-baked bread and the meager amounts of grain the Capitol gives us. Why do I want to make a nice dinner? Today is the Reaping.(1) Usually after the Reaping is over, everyone celebrates. Well, almost everyone.

Lucky for me, I know how to hunt. I’m also pretty good at making traps, but someone might find them and take my game. My mother, Valka, taught me how to hunt when I was little. Well, littler. She died in a mine explosion when I was eleven. No one found hers or anyone else’s bodies.

Even though hunting or and even stepping foot in the woods is illegal, I do it anyway. In fact, more things are illegal here than things that aren’t illegal. Some of the many illegal things are owning weapons, hunting, going outside the district, and generally being happy. Sarcasm so included.

“District Twelve. Where you can starve to death in safety.” I muttered sarcastically. I glanced over my shoulder, making sure no one was following me. Even in the middle of the woods, you tend to worry about being caught. Courtesy of the Capitol, of course.

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Robin x zoro please

  • when or if I started shipping it. before I started shipping Frobin so in that sort of ambiguous timeline
  • my thoughts: they have such a good and unique bond built on the genuine hard-won earning of Zoro’s trust and I find that super admirable
  • What makes me happy about them:
  • What makes me sad about them: I don’t ship them as hard as other ships so I don’t appreciate their bond often enough 
  • Things done in fanfic that annoys me: not sure
  • Things I look for in fanfic: not sure
  • My kinks: weird shit
  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: too many people to list lmao
  • My happily ever after for them: let them share a bed or give me more scenes where Robin makes sure Zoro has a blanket or better yet the reverse!!!!

I loved many things and many people and I find it to be that many of them did not love me. But that’s okay. That’s okay. It does not make them any less beautiful. I spend my days putting my breath and my time into the happiness of people who did not deserve it but that’s okay. That’s okay. At least, it was for awhile. But that shit gets tiring. How are you supposed to keep giving happiness to people when you don’t have any left in you? Where does it come from? And where does something like that go? I loved many things and many people and I find it to be that now most of the ones I should care about are not here. But that’s okay. That’s okay. People outgrow each other and that’s fine. At least I’m growing. Some days I’d be gone and when I’d be back it was like the air around my backyard was calling my name, telling me it missed me. But some days I come back and I’m home again but it doesn’t feel like it. This is okay, though. It’s okay. There are hard days. Hard months. Hard years. And that’s okay. Those times, too, shall pass. Just like all others. I loved many things and many people and some of them didn’t even know it. Some of them knew it too well, too and some of them took it for granted. But this is okay. Or at least I tell myself it is, that it should be.


@silentauroriamthereal tagged me to list five things that make me happy… Thank you darling! 💚 What a delightful task 😊

1. Listening to music. I don’t know where I would be without music, and I don’t want to find out.

2. Drawing. I love to get lost in my sketchbook.

3. My friends. I don’t have many, but they are all of the highest quality and I wouldn’t trade them for the world 💕

4. Walking in the forest. I find myself smiling a lot when I’m there - so much beauty around me, it’s impossible not to smile.

5. Knitting. I always have to have a project with me wherever I go. Same as with my sketchbook, I also love to get lost in knitting.

These are just the ones that came to mind right now. Many things make me happy, thankfully 😊

Tagging @honeybeelullaby @sussexbound @alexaprilgarden @antivertigo (damn, WHY does your tag not work??!) @prettyrealisticjohnlockfanart (I forget your main, pretend I wrote that 😉) …just if you all want to. And also anyone else who sees this and gets inspired.

Jacob Kowalski though. Who is he?? How did we deserve him???

This motherf****r has a silver egg hatch in his hand, gets whisked through space multiple times, is attacked by a naked mole rat porcupine thing, and lured into a magical briefcase where he–instead of freaking the f**k out–starts FEEDING THE MAGICAL CREATURES WITH HIS NEW WIZARD BEST FRIEND. 


Happy Fics Rec!! (Part 1)

We all are really stressed and tired at the moment and I think we need a little break and take a nap and go out and just desactivate all our Tumblrs/Twitter cause that is the right thing to do… but since when we do the right thing????? Given this, I concluded that the only way to de-stress us is reading fics, but not just any fic.. we need HAPPY fics, those that make you smile, laugh, and crash your face into a pillow of giggles, screams and dead.

Soooooo.. this is the first part because idk how many time the babygate thing will last and yeah… just enjoy :))))

pour some sugar on me

Harry’s a bit clueless, and Louis’ a barista with clever hands.  

i’ll bring the bread because boy, you’re the jam

Or the AU where Harry loses his camera. Louis finds it. They fall for each other via email.

The One Where Harry Really Doesn’t Have Ten Cats

Or, the AU where Harry is a pet-sitter for the rich and famous, and Louis is rich and famous.

nothing else but us right here

Louis sighs and gives himself a mental pep talk as he smooths his jumper down over his hips. He can do this. He can resist the draw of Harry Styles, because he is a responsible, mature adult, and as much as he wants to tangle his fingers in that mess of hair and map those ridiculous tattoos with his tongue, he does not want to get his daughter’s favorite teacher fired.

My Friend

Louis almost can’t believe it when he gets the text: I have a friend who thinks ur cute. But when Harry won’t tell him who his mysterious ‘friend’ is, Louis decides he’ll just have to figure it out for himself.

Your Best Line Ever

University AU, in which Harry has a terrible job and lies about his name to drunk people, Louis is one of the drunk and has to move out of his flat, Liam shaves his hair because he fights with Zayn, Zayn protects Liam from creepy stalkers and Niall always has a solution, because he knows just about every person relevant! (The shampoo bottle part is just everything)

be with you day and night

[louis inherits a demon cat. harry is a cat whisperer.]

i’ll breathe your air into my lungs

five phases of their relationship in a world where harry smokes a lot and skips school and hates everyone except his boyfriend and louis is in plays and is loved by everyone and they work even though nobody gets how.

like an animal (i wanna feel you from the inside)

Louis leans a little closer. It’s not difficult – not with the way he’s already pressed so close, straddling Harry’s hard hips with Harry’s equally hard dick nestled tightly between his cheeks.

The paramedic clears his throat and looks away.

(Harry and Louis get a little stuck. Literally.) (No but listen, no no listen, I know how it sounds and no… this is one of the cuuuuuuutest fics ever it’s just… you neeeeeed to read this, for real, hear me out on this, just trust me)

Have You Coming Back Again

college au (I need to say more?…)

  • i want to write you poetry 
  • i want to sing to you
  • i want to make you smile
  • i want to make you laugh
  • i want to hold you
  • i want to buy you tea
  • i want to listen to music with you
  • i want to go for walks with you
  • i want to take you mudding
  • i want to kiss you
  • i want to fall asleep with you
  • i want to brighten your dark days
  • i want to keep you safe
  • i want to hold your hand
  • i want to sing with you, goofingly
  • i want to have long conversations with you
  • i want to know the way you think
  • i want to know what annoys you
  • i want to know about the littlest things that make you happy
  • i want to take you on dates
  • i want to protect your heart
  • i want to be apart of your world
  • i want to take you traveling with me
  • i want to spoil you with respect, patience, and loyalty
  • i want to know your opinion on everything
  • i want to support you with your decisions
  • i want to help you make your dreams come true
  • i want to try to learn different languages with you 
  • i want to play fight with you
  • i want to find out where your ticklish spots are 
  • i want to gain your trust
  • i want to do things you want to do
  • i want to experience the things that make you happy
  • i want to prove to you that there aren’t many people like me
  • i want to show you that i work things out instead of giving up
  • i want to open doors for you
  • i want to buy you flowers when you least expect me to
  • i want to sweep you off your feet with my romantic ways
  • i want to write you cute little notes
  • i want to wake up to you
  • i want to know what it feels like to look into your eyes before i kiss you each time
  • i want to hold your chin with my index finger as i slide my thumb across your bottom lip and make you wait for me to kiss you, as i stare into your eyes
  • i want to sneak up and hold you from behind
  • i want to give you forehead kisses 
  • i want to hold you against the wall and kiss you
  • i want to lift you up and wrap your legs around me and kiss you
  • i want to kiss your hand
  • i want to kiss your stomach
  • i want to kiss your hips
  • i want to kiss your thighs
  • i want to cuddle you while watching movies
  • i want to get distracted by you during movies
  • i want to be given a chance to be with you

but what i want ain’t what you need.

I don’t know if it’s intentional or not

but Garnet’s future vision (especially in the eponymous episode Future Vision) manages to be a more accurate metaphor for what living with OCD and intrusive thoughts are actually like than any depiction of OCD I’ve seem on television

especially the contrast between Steven and Garnet. Steven’s clearly suffering from it and has severe anxiety from all the things that he’s seeing (or rather, hearing from Garnet).

Garnet on the other hand has managed to cope with it to the point where it doesn’t effect her, but makes it clear in the episode’s climax that she still has to deal with constant, unending, reminders of all the ways her friends can get hurt.

The /very/ powerful line “I see so many things that can hurt you, I should have never let one of them be me.” is what really sells it for me.

And it makes me happy to think that the kids in the audience dealing with OCD can find something they can relate to.

anonymous asked:

hi! I want you to know that I feel very dumb asking this question, but I've been trying to figure it out on my own to little avail. I'm already involved in my business association and participatory budgeting process. I know who my reps are (Dick Durbin, Tammy Duckworth, Jan Schakowsy) and am tracking their issues. I'm signed up for all of their newsletters. For the love of god, why can't I find out when they are next going to be having local meetings?? Is there some secret calendar somewhere??

Bless your boots, YOU ARE NOT DUMB AT ALL, and let me tell you that even if there was some calendar somewhere that was easy to find, you would still not be dumb. This stuff is hard and confusing and completely fucking demoralizing to work on so like, take a minute to just give yourself a pat on the back for what you’ve already accomplished, learning-about-politics-wise. (Like bro, I don’t even know what a “participatory budgeting process” is, so you’re ahead of me.)

BUT you will be sad/happy (sappy? had?) to know that no, there is no secret calendar and there is no easy way to find out when/where your reps are next having local meetings/town halls/the like. Each rep does their own thing and many of the GOP ones make a point to have as few meetings with the public as possible, so they can pretend that they speak for us without having to actually listen to anything we say.

The solution is unlovely and unpleasant but: you gotta call them, preferably at their DC office (at least those are the only ones who ever seem to know anything, the district offices all just refer me to the DC offices), and ask when the rep is next going to be in your state/district and how you can be assured of getting into the meeting. Do it every week until they actually tell you when the meeting is, and then go to it and yell at the person (or like, respectfully talk to them, depending) and then the very next day you call their office again and ask when the NEXT one is.

bucketsofmonkeys  asked:

Where do you find your content and choose what to post? Do you look for anything in particular in the designs? Also, Thank You for posting regularly- the things you show are fantastic. And Happy Holidays, of course!

I find content on so many different sites! I will find something I like on the newspaper or printed magazines, websites from around the world, and tumblr. I get many submissions and recommendations from the tumblrverse (thanks guys). 

I don’t look for anything in particular except creativity, something that makes me stop and admire someone else’s thought process, believe me, the amount of incredible ideas I see everyday make me feel very little. I am happy that I get to shine the light on some of these artists, 

I know archatlas is small in the tumblrverse but I have the BEST FOLLOWERS OF ANY TUMBLR. You guys keep me on my toes, engaged and active, asking intelligent and insightful questions that sometimes even make me do heavy research (I don’t want to admit ignorance sometimes). So thank you for making this blog better.

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PS I don’t “know” but I hope!