My look for my friend malediction13 ’s event last night. Had so much fun dancing with wherbeckiv and seeing old friends. For this look, I decided to do deathrock ’s bat wing eyeliner look again paired with a gorgeous dark lip.  I wore lime crime’s venus palette for the eyes and kat von d’s everlasting liquid lipstick in the shade vampira for the lips. 


My makeup yesterday. Went to a goth/deathrock event with my bestie wherbeckiv last night and had an awesome time. Used sugarpill and an inglot gel liner for the eyes, tarte and nyx for the cheeks, and lime crime’s red velvet for the lips


My makeup yesterday. Hung out with my coworker wherbeckiv and had a jolly old time with him dealing with ugly stares and getting asked stupid questions at wal-mart hahaha. Used Sugarpill and Kat Von D for the eyes, Tarte for the cheeks, and Lime Crime’s Black Velvet for the lips

My 10 "Un-Goth" Confessions

I was watching itsblackfriday ’s video she did of this tag and thought it would be fun to do it myself :D

1. I really, really don’t like clove cigarettes. I know it’s a really big cliche to smoke them in the goth community but they make me feel really ill even just smelling them.

2. My very first concert was actually ‘N Sync, I was obsessed with them when I was a child and still do listen to them every now and then haha.

3. I am very proud of my polly pocket collection 

4. I don’t always like wearing monochromatic makeup, I really love wearing bright colored eyeshadows and lipsticks (don’t get me wrong, I love looking like a queen of darkness when it comes to my face, just not all the time)

5. I didn’t actually start listening to goth music until my older teen years (with the exception of depeche mode and a little bit of the cure) and I have to give all the credit to wherbeckiv for introducing most of it to me

6. I really enjoy watchng Disney films and cry every time I watch one

7. I was in Girl Scouts until I was almost 16 years old (started dressing the way I did when I was 13) and thoroughly enjoyed it and would probably still do it to this day if given the opportunity

8. Spiders scare me, they’re pretty to look at, but I don’t want one near me

9. I own a lot of bright, colorful cupcake decorations including signs, dishware, jewelry boxes, etc. I really think cupcakes are cute

10. I don’t like wine in the least bit, I just can’t get used to the taste (please don’t shoot me haha)

Well this was fun to write, for this, I tag wherbeckiv , evillittlething , iamablasphemousbitch , malediction13 , wednesdayaleen and anyone else who wants to do it :D

15 Things That Make Me Happy Tag

I was tagged by my best friend wherbeckiv to do this tag, okay here we go

1. Makeup

2. Snuggling with my cat

3. Eating melted chocolate

4. Watching 80’s horror movies

5. Listening to 80’s music

6. Dancing with walter

7. Walking in the park with my boyfriend

8. Makeup shopping with annunakialessandra

9. Using Lush products while taking a bath

10. Spinach and goat cheese pizza

11. Putting on a dark lipstick that makes me look like a vampire

12. Ben Barnes in the Dorian Gray film (haawwt)

13. Margaritas 

14. Having long conversations about silly things with my friends

15. Wearing funeral-esque clothing

I tag thepryncess , thatgirlwhodraws , evillittlething , annunakialessandra , the-tiny-death , and clarkisacorgi