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I was tagged by Hitomi (tumbleupondisney) and Shannon (disneyismyescape) to do this ultimate disney tag video! It was hard narrowing down so many movies so that’s why the video is so long, hope you enjoy! And if you don’t… take a moment to admire my room. 

I tag:

The questions are in the description to the YouTube video~

whenyouwishupondisney replied to your post: Am I the only one who feels sorry for Cal Hockley in Titanic?

why? he was a mega douche lol

Okay, here is how I saw it. Yes, he was trying to please Rose by buying her that diamond, but he said something to her when he gave it to her. “Open your heart to me, Rose.” He basically asked her to open herself up to him, and she said nothing. Instead, she felt like she was in a prison, and reacted negatively to him as possible. Maybe the choice to marry him wasn’t hers, but she could have still tried to be more positive about it, than basically shutting herself off and running away with another man. 

Yes, he reacted poorly, but I bet there are other people who would react worse than trying to shoot their ex-fiance’s lover on a sinking ship, or at all. But we don’t know his side of the story. We don’t know if she truly was just a mark for him, or if he truly did care, but that quote from above makes me think he at least cared for her. If I saw his side of the story, then maybe I’d feel differently. 

In the end, yes, he shot himself, because of the crash. Does that make him a bad person? No, because a lot of people probably shot themselves when the stock market crashed. A lot of people who probably had more than he did, and a lot of people who probably didn’t have as much as he did. 

But also, I have to look at Jack. Jack knew she was miserable with Cal. He didn’t know why, but he didn’t care to ask. He didn’t care to give her some friendly advice to talk to Cal. He saved her life, yes, but he should have tried to help her, before he made his move. I feel like their relationship was only based on their looks, and not anything else, because I don’t really feel like he even tried to get to know her. 

This is just my opinion. Feel free to agree or disagree. 

no-one-sees replied to your post: Am I the only one who feels sorry for Cal Hockley in Titanic?

Yes you are

Okay cool. :p


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1. Do you like scary movies?

Sometimes I do! If I’m brave enough. Most the time I’ll watch them and then be scared for days later. 

2. Salted or unsalted popcorn?

Salted and buttered

3. What food do hate more than any other food?

Chillie because once I got a really bad stomach flu and I’ll let you figure out what happened/ why I can’t even be in the same room as it.

4. Have you ever done any crazy dares?

Nooo, not really!

5. Can you keep a secret?

Oh absolutely not. I end up telling my boyfriend everything. But he’s very good at keeping a secret!

6. If you had 15 minutes to go running through a store and keep everything you grabbed for free, which store would you run through?

This question is the hardest question I’ve ever had to answer. Ummm probably a thrift store! I love thrifting! And I’m poor! 

7. What is your favourite possession?

Probably my picture of a sloth that my boyfriend adopted for me. It was a really thoughtful gift and I’m really happy I have it. 

8 Can you cook?

Not very well!

9. Have you ever gotten lost?

Of course I have! 

10. Who is your favourite Disney princess?

Merida! We have the same hair!

11. Who is the best Disney parent?

I’d like to say Fergus, Merida’s dad. He cracks me up but he’s always there to protect his family, even if that means giving his life or even a leg. And he’s always there to listen to his wife and respect her. 


1. Have you ever done something really embarrassing in public?

2. What’s your least favorite class?

3. If one TV show could go on forever, what would you want it to be?

4. Who is your favorite Disney sidekick?

5. Who is your favorite Avenger?

6. If you could live in any play (fiction or real life) where would you live?

7. If you could eat one food for the rest of your life, what would you eat?

8. What’s your dream pet?

9. Favorite Disney song?

10. What is your favorite tumblr blog? (promote them!)

11. What animal are you the most afraid of?


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