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Narvin for the why they suck meme. Mostly because I'm curious if you can do it.


If I can do it? Narvin sucks more than anyone in the universe.

This guy is the head of the Celestial Incompetence Agency and it shows. He accidentally sides with Darkel, a power mad, totally immoral asshole because he thinks she is what is best for Gallifrey. He makes up for this mistake by getting blown up. Then he joins Romana’s side and continues to make up for it by getting blown up again. Then after realising that Darkel is 100% lies and manipulation and evil, he goes off to talk to her, and she almost blows him up again.

Narvin doesn’t realise that his second in command is actually the guy he sent his second in command to kill, spying on him. But I guess anyone could make that mistake, and at least in Imperiatrix he says he knows every last agent down to the very last strand in their biodata. The fact that the CIA are working for Darkel instead of him at this point is a minor detail. Anyway, he eventually gets a new second in command and totally fails to realise that this guy is actually Omega. That’s like if you failed to realise the Second Coming had happened and Jesus was actually one of your coworkers.

Narvin goes off on missions to primitive alien worlds and starts going on about Time Lord technology .He gets seen hiding in corridors and doesn’t realise when people are spying in him. He dresses like a penguin and says it’s practical.


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Hi, I just wanted to say that it is because of you that I am finally getting a diagnosis. I went to my first meeting today and it went a lot better than I thought it would and I'm not scared whatever might come. I don't know yet if it's actually ADD or just something with similar symptoms, but thank you nonetheless for giving me the courage to seek help.

Congratulations! I’m so glad you’re following through on this! :) Do let us know the outcome.


Agree, it’s so underappreciated and thanks for your thoughts, so interesting. We have no idea about the French Revolution ourselves so we can’t really examine it from an historical accuracy point of view or anything but we just feel the serial really has something special about it. Barbara’s role in it was really interesting to us too, that bit in particular where she tells Ian to ‘check his history books’ is such a powerful scene (damn you being lost but still…)

We’ve been watching it again and we just love it more each time. It’s the whole atmosphere of it, and the dialogue, and the way the characters’ lives come together, and all the intrigue. It has some of our fave supporting characters of the era and it knows just how to blend a brutal time period with some amazing humour and action. We liked it that it tried to be objective too, and there’s just so much to admire in the sets, costumes, direction, and characters. 

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Ugh, don’t tempt me. I just listened to Omega and super loved it, but I’ve already bought stuff from BF this month.

We should do something like: If your credit card is victimized by Big Finish raise your hand… lol. Audioholics (not so) Anonymous…

But they are really really really good. Nev just replied me on twitter and I’m jumping up and down in excitement.

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This is probably really random, but I see you tagging your Romana/Narvin posts with "spinach souffle". Can I ask how that ship name came to be?

Nooo, that’s kind of a reasonable question! :)

Well, once upon a time, there was a slightly unpleasant person in the Gallifandom (luckily, they seem to have left by now) who got very upset when anybody shipped something they didn’t ship and basically threw a tantrum because there was more shipping of Romana/Narvin than of their OTPs going on. One day, while Jane, Emma and I were discussing how silly they were being, the metaphor that fandom is like a picnic came up. Just because blueberry muffins are your favourite and there aren’t that many of them, doesn’t mean you have to start angrily yelling at the people harmlessly enjoying their spinach souffle. Spinach souffle being not to everyone’s taste, but no less of a delicacy for that. And then we started jokingly using spinach souffle as a Romana/Narvin ship name, and this fandom being as ridiculous as it is, it stuck.

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i miss two-parters. it’s okay if they don’t want to do a billion of them every season but it wouldn’t hurt to have one or two. yeah, some of the ones that exist weren’t super perfect but i’d rather they try to create an intricate storyline than not.

Me too.  I feel like two-parters aren’t the easiest thing to write and get the pacing right for one story over two episodes, but there’s also only so much you can fit into 45 minutes before it starts to feel, you know, like a blur that doesn’t give you enough time to catch up and process what the heck is going on.

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I’m so glad somebody else feels this way. I was starting to think the only reason recent episodes have been feeling rushed to me was because I’d gotten used to the Classic Who serial structure. Good to get some validation that it isn’t in my head.

No, it’s totally not just you.  I’ve felt for a while that a lot of New Who episodes feel too zoom zoom zoom.  And I’m sure it’s not just that I don’t like the pacing of contemporary TV versus, like, the 70s, because I don’t feel this way about every other show.

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Dude, you’re moving to England. Those are his stomping grounds!

This is true.  I’ve been to London twice, and both times I had a totally random encounter with someone I admired.  I’m just always little afraid I’ll be all

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Yes, come to the dimensions in time in october. They have an event were you get to have dinner with the actors. I mean, imagine having DINNER with Colin Baker. (I’d probably turn to goo from nervousness)

LORD.  I’m basically going to blow all my savings on conventions, whoops!  (I’d turn to goo too, but I might be too busy clinging to Colin and probably frightening him a bit) (Also HOLY CRAP SERIOUSLY ALL MY MONEY ON CONVENTIONS THERE ARE SO MANY SOME ACTORS ARE GOING TO START THINKING I’M STALKING THEM) (OMG GARETH JENKINS IS GOING TO BE AT DIMENSIONS THIS IS HILARIOUS)

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I’m going to Timegate in less than two weeks and Colin’s going to be there. It’s a very small con from what I saw last year. I pine after his hugs as well.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee DEFINITELY HUG HIM

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I love this! Now all that’s left to do is pick a blend to purchase. =D

Yay!  If you need any advice/opinions, let me know!

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ahhh thank you I’ve been banned from caffeine so I needed this

You’re very welcome!  I like having a good variety of caffeine-free offerings in my repertoire :3

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Can I do both ☾ and ☠ ? Otherwise just choose one. Anyway, Two's companions. (I am really bad at choosing today, I'm sorry).

Ooh okay! And that’s fine, I’ll do both :)

Polly - She decorated her bedroom on the TARDIS to look like her one back home so it felt more comfortable. She also helped Jamie learn how to read and there were plenty of time when they would fall asleep cuddled up in the library together.

Ben - He wasn’t a very heavy sleeper and only needed a minimal amount of hours of sleep, so he spent a lot of time exploring the TARDIS while everyone else was sleeping.

Jamie - He has that ability to fall asleep literally anywhere so the Doctor spend half his time finding Jamie curled up in the oddest places all over the TARDIS (and now I want to write this story).

Victoria - Was nervous at first and uncomfortable at falling asleep on the TARDIS because it was so strange and different. So the TARDIS picked up on this and made it so she couldn’t hear the ship’s noises in her bedroom and it felt more like she in her own bedroom.

Zoe - She’s one of those people who needs multiple pillows to sleep comfortably, and the TARDIS has a room with the biggest collection of comfy, fluffy pillows in the universe. On more than one occasion  Zoe snuck in there and fell asleep. And of course the Doctor and Jamie joined her in an epic pillow fight once.

☠ (I have no experience in drinking alcohol so I’m just going to discuss what kind of drunk they are).

Polly - She’s more of a social drinker and isn’t likely to get completely wasted. But if she does get drunk, she’s definitely the giggly type. 

Ben - He doesn’t get drunk too often either, but would be the type to have a beer at the end of a long day. When he’s drunk, he’s very loud, boisterous, and overly friendly to everyone. He once challenged the Doctor to a drinking contest. He lost. Badly.

Jamie - Enjoys having a pint every now and again but prefers to have his wits about him so he doesn’t overdo it. When drunk - surprise, surprise - he’s even more clingy than usual. 

Victoria - Hadn’t really drunk much before joining the TARDIS crew. Her father let her try some wine at home, but she never really developed a taste for it. After living on Earth with the Harris family, she found that she enjoyed champagne but never drank enough to get properly drunk. (I went and researched the drinking age in Victorian times for this one).

Zoe - Is entirely practical about alcohol. Like Jamie, she likes to have her wits about her and doesn’t overdo it. She’ll enjoy a glass of wine at a party but that’s about it. She did, however, once beat the Doctor in a drinking contest. He doesn’t like to talk about it.

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Just out of curiosity. Who would you like to voice One if an animation was really made? Seeing as William Hartnell sadly wouldn’t be able to do it.

Gosh we have absolutely no idea. The man who voiced him for the Planet of Giants episode ¾ recon thing on the DVD was pretty decent, although it was obvious he was younger. William Russell or Peter Purves do his voice really well… but anyone really who can nail the way Hartnell stuttered and did the hmmms,and his unique chuckle maybe,and his speech patterns. Imagine how hilarious the voice auditions could be:

casting director: Could you say  'hmmmmm?’ for us please?

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Have you gotten to Lucie Miller's audios yet, and if so what are your thoughts on them so far? If not, are there any Big Finish releases you like to think never happened and personally retcon away? (PS, I totally agree with your Day of the Doctor review, we got so many other awesome things that it just needed to be a good episode to satisfy.)

I haven’t yet! Sorry!

And Nekromanteia. Just… All of it. Or specifically the rape scene that had no reason to be there at all.

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‘LEELA WHAT THE HELL IT’S A BABY AND IT’S COVERED IN BLOOD’ ‘what did you expect it to be covered in?’ ‘EGG’

AAAAAAAA YES. And it’d be screaming and Andred wouldn’t know what to do and he’d be so worried about the blood. And Leela would sigh and tell him just to hold the baby and that’d make him feel a little better, because it’s cute even if it isn’t in an egg.

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Also how confused would Susan’s husband be when she laid an egg? That would be some really awkward “baby” pictures for Alex.

David would at least have an advantage since Susan would almost certainly tell him the baby would come in an egg though! But he’d still find it reaaaaaally awkward. Especially if people wanted to see his new baby!

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Hi, first let me say that I love this idea, and the statistics are really interesting. It also confirms my suspicion that people who calls Zoe a screamer clearly only watched the Mind Robber. About the index though, Susan's SPE says .028 when it should be .280. It also lists Barbara screaming once, when you have 7 logged screams for her. (Which would give a SPE of .092 instead of .013). Sorry for the nitpick.

Not at all. I am gratified and somewhat shocked that someone checked my figures. I think I will have to go through all of them and make sure that there aren’t any more mathematical (or in Susan’s case, probably clerical. That really looks like a typo)

I am not sure if it applies to the case of Barbara, but occasionally a post is made that includes a case where I, the mod, would have screamed, but the character did not. This results in less screams than posts.

I definitely will check it out, though. There’s no point to this information if it is not accurate. I was thinking of adding the data of “most scream-dense story” to each of the companions anyway, because as you pointed out with Zoë and
The Mind Robber, often there is one story where the character is especially scared, or the writers want to use that character more heavily to show how scary the situation is is, and they scream much more than usual.

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Sob, I read your Benny Book recommendation post and basically ordered every single one of the ones you said were great or plot important. Actual Question though, BF usually takes time to ship to me, how important would you say Life During Wartime is for Death and the Daleks? Because that's next for me when it comes to Benny Audios. Would you recommend me to wait for the book?

Well, I’m glad you bought them, but sorry for your wallet!

Death and the Daleks is important. Not essential but really important and it adds a lot more to the audio. So yeah, I’d strongly recommend waiting, if you’re getting it anyway. And Life During Wartime and Death and the Daleks are amazing, so definitely worth the wait!

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That is the opposite of a problem.

I might need to rent a room just to keep all my fan-stuff and books there. When I have enough money I might do just that :D So I woud have a place to listen to audios and to read in silence.

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We have very similiar problems.

Big Finish: we love stories obsessed fans.

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I have that problem too (you do mean not enough shelving, right?)

Not nearly enough :) It’s good they have downloads!

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I fail to see a problem.

Being a fan is powerful and probably better than any high I could get from illegal substances.

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Those Rob Shearman Books! AND audio scripts. That is some collection.

Rob Shearman is awesome. Fact. You should try reading his non-DW works. And BF have some of his stories on audio!

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Ooh, I’ve been considering the Darrow autobiography, is it worth a read?

Sure! Really witty and bright book. I love Paul.

External image

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You have excellent taste!

Thank you, sir! I’m waiting for you next book! ^_^

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those audio scripts though.

I took me more than a year to hunt them down.

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I saw a shop on holiday that had a bunch priced at £10-£20 for the scripts and the short trips, I didn’t have any money and my Mum only let me get one :’( I still cry about that day…

I live in Ukraine and there’s no DW here, and I’ve never been to GB, so it was really hard and expensive to get them. If I can get them, so can you (someday)… :)