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Nickname: daddy! Lmao na let me stop
Birthday: January 3rd
Star Sign: capricorn 
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10
Sexual Orientation: women! 😂
Favorite Color: Burgandy
Time Right Now: 11:48 am
Average Hours I Sleep: 4-5
Lucky Numbers: 5
Last Thing I Googled: B M W’s lol
Favorite Fictional Character: Bart simpson!
Favorite Famous People: Jim Carey, Will smith, Morgan Freeman
Celebrity Crushes: Jennifer Lawerance, Scarlett Johansson
Favorite book: a brief history of time- Stephen Hawkings
Favorite Bands: none
Last Movie I Saw: ANT MAN!!
Dream Trip: Brazil, Puerto Rico, or Australia! Italy,Hawaii!!!
Dream Job: Nuclear engineer
What im wearing right now: clothes lol jk
Um cargo shorts, tims and a white tee!
Real name: Jonathan Eustaquio
(Yes i know its not on here but why not)

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I was tagged by yngprincess (thank you hun x)

Name:  Grace

Gender: Female

Height: 5"4

Where I live: London

Time and Date: 2.20am July 15th 

Average sleep: 4-6 hours, more when i’m not at school/uni 

Most recent Watched and enjoyed Movie: Spy at the cinema, The Wild Thornberry’s Movie on netflix (LOL…lets not judge yh)

Fav Bands/Artists: Talking Heads, Run DMC, TLC, Foster The People, Saint Raymond, Skepta, 2Pac, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Stromae, Jodeci, Hi-Five, Banks

One thing that pisses me off: Getting all comfy in bed and having to get up to charge my phone / do a chore

Meaning of url: the group Pharcyde…I was really into them at the beginning of this blog

Most used phases: i think my friends will know this more than me lol, i’ve got no clue

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