mazthespaz  and  whenthedevilcametogeorgia 

this is the “care sheet” i threw together yesterday. not much of a care sheet but whatever haha. there are two other pages. one is just photos of the food she eats and what kind of treats she eats along with what stores sell them. the other is her vets info and directions on how to get there and of the backup vets info and also directions on how to get there. didn’t want to post those since it’s literally step by step directions to the offices from my house. don’t want or need strangers showing up at the door.

whenthedevilcametogeorgia replied to your post:oh lord. my cousin…second cousin, that has the…

psh fuck that jealous bitch. dont lose a good friend/family member cuz of her ass, they’re hard to come by :P

haha i know. i’ve never personally met her, and i have no desire to do so but she does give me a good laugh every so often. she pisses me off but good god. i’ve never had to have dealt with someone so insecure about themselves that they think they’re gonna lose their significant other because of a cousin.

then i think about it and get slightly insulted that she would think that i would move my relationship forward with my cousin…like sexually. he’s my cousin. i don’t do that inbreeding shit lmao.