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Hi! I dare you all prompts on kazachi? Well you did say that:)

***Oh, Anon, you sneaky, sneaky person, you. I forgot to delete that ask meme. Oh, well. Enjoy!

 47 Questions

Forty-seven questions. Holy shit, the scroll was fucking endless. But goddammit, Kazama had been alone long enough and the Oni matchmaker promised a compatible mate for him.

Number four: Are you tired right now? What kind of fucking question was this? Tired, like physically tired? He barely slept, tired would be an understatement. This whole process was tiring. He wrote down “yes.”

Number eighteen: When was the last time you smiled? A flash of Chizuru’s face entered his mind and Kazama shook his head like an annoying fly had been bothering him. No, forget about her, he told himself. She had rejected him, chose to stay with the human dogs instead of running away to his village with him.

Though he couldn’t blame her. His approach was atrocious. Fuck, he tried to kidnap her. Kidnap. Her. No, of course, she had no choice. Why would she runaway with him?

But those big brown eyes. Even when she scowled at him, Kazama fancied her face. His lips tugged into a smile. He wrote down “today.”

Number twenty-one: Who was the first person you talked to today? Of course Shiranui found a way to insert himself into Kazama’s narrative. The guy was a nuisance and popped up everywhere Kazama went. He wrote down “no one of importance.”

Number thirty: Do you fall for people easily? Kazama’s heart raced, and for a moment, he thought his chest would explode. If he put no, it wouldn’t be a lie. The truth was, he had fallen for Chizuru the first time he laid his red eyes on her. So, in a way, he did fall easily. Especially when it came to her. But could he fall in love again? With someone who was not Chizuru? He wrote down, “no.”

Number thirty-two: What’s the last thing you put in your mouth?  He wrote down, “this kiseru,” and exhaled a long smoke.

He continued to read the list, scoffing in between questions that he found trivial or unimportant to answer when finding a mate.

Number forty-four: Have you ever had your heart broken?  Fuck you, Chizuru. Fuck you, Chizuru. Fuck you. He nearly crumbled the scroll, spilling the inkwell as his hands slammed on the desk. It wasn’t worth it. Answering these questions were torturous, tearing him like he was made of paper. He was going to be alone forever.

He scrubbed his face and dragged his hand through his honey-blonde hair. He let out a long sigh, submitting his soul into the questionnaire. No, he didn’t want to be alone. Not now, not ever. He wrote down, “never.” Technically it wasn’t a lie. How could his heart break when it already melted when Chizuru came along? He touched his chest, letting whatever was left inside thump against his palm.

His eyes darted toward the bottom of the scroll. He was on the last question and he felt relieved to finally be done with this whole ordeal. He didn’t give a damn anymore. He’d marry whoever the matchmaker chose for him. It was time for him to move on.

Number forty-seven: Have you ever found it hard to tell someone you like them?  That was the straw that broke the Oni camel’s back. Kazama crumbled the scroll and threw the paper into the trash bin.

He stormed out of his study room. A handmaiden approached him, and Kazama snapped his fingers at her. “Ready my travel bag and find Amagiri and Shiranui,” he ordered her. “I’ll be traveling to Kyoto for a few days. I have some unfinished business there.”

He was tired of being alone. But he was his own matchmaker and the only woman he wanted to marry was stuck in Kyoto. Shinsengumi scums be damned.

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1. Nicknames: Roberta.

2. Gender: Female

3. ⭐ sign: Aquarius

4. Height: 1,80m i think? didn’t measured in a long while.

5. Time: 5:07 pm

6. 🎂: February 14th

7. Favourite band:  I do not have one

8. Favourite solo artist : I cannot decide between Arai Tasku and   Dmitri Hvorostovsky

9. Song stuck in my head: Like Lovers do- Hey Violet

10. Last movie I 👀: I Origins

11. Last show I 👀: Voltron

12. When did i create my blog: Uhhh 2014 March but it started as a normal blog. It turned into an ask blog about 1 and a half years ago?

13. What do I post (or reblog): I answer questions as 2P Italy and sometimes other muses.

14. Last thing I googled: Make me bark chapter 18.

15. Do I have any other blogs: Yes, I have 4 more blogs besides this one, 3 ask blogs and one personal blog. An Idol 2p Italy AU askblog , A Cardverse 2p italy ask blog(that is no longer active) and a 2p chibitalia ask blog.

16. Do I get asks: Only when I post new drawings. I get many asks but I am slow and they tend to pile up. I deleted about 600+ asks at once because i couldn’t cope before.

17. Why I chose my url:what?

18. Following: A lot of gay porn, hetalia related, good art(mostly pornography and gore) and make me bark fandom lately!

19: Followers: 2897

21.  Average hours of 💤:4-5 h per day or less

22. Lucky number: 7

23. Instruments: i don’t know any, i sing with my voice only.

24. What am I wearing: My pajamas.

25. Dream job:I want to be a graphic artist and animator and to help in making an anime in the future!

26. Dream trip: I dream to visit Venice before it will sink even more, and see the whole world. I would love to witness the other’s culture.

27. Favourite food: I no longer have a favorite food.

28. Nationality: Romanian

30. Favourite song right now:  Vitaly Beskrovny - Sad Song

Reality: I didn’t get the selfie (it was rammed and busy and they were rushing people). But I did gush about his TT run, he did light up every time he saw people bring up any TT comics, including my massive trade (and not when it was something else), and even smiled and leafed through them for a good chunk of time, sometimes to the very last page (so antis can choke on the accusation that BBRae was fanservice; he fucking ships it and always has no matter what some Karen says on twitter; deal with it and stay off my fucking posts).

He was very appreciative of my comments and glad to know his work is so loved. And then when I brought up how much I loved Gar and Rae’s relationship the way HE wrote it, he said, REDACTED (because no anti will ever have the satisfaction of knowing what Johns told me, and only friends can message me and ask because I’m keeping this knowledge for FANS of the ship ONLY! I’d apologize but I’m not sorry. Y'all ruin enough things I love, like hell you’ll take this from me 👏)

Anyways, it was all worth it, he’s a great dude and I’d love to meet him again to get something else signed! 😄 Proud to know it was him that was behind one of my all-time favourite ships and characters, and I trust him fully.

Here’s a pic of said signed books to relieve you of any saltiness from this post!

Last February when I broke my hand and could pull my first finger away from my second, enough so that you could look into the fractured joint, I contemplated how little pain I was feeling at the time. I knew the pain would come, but it wasn’t there yet. The officer investigating the accident hadn’t even noticed I was injured, not even the blood on my hand or clothing, but in his defense it was dark, snowing, and there just wasn’t a lot of blood. He did ask me to stop pulling it open when I showed him.

At the ER the attendants asked to see me do it, then would shrink away unconsciously holding their own hand. Morbid curiosity always brought them back, usually bringing someone else with whom they wanted to share the gore. Easy entertainment on a late night in emergency.

I think about it now and I see parallels of life. How many times do we look at someone else’s pain, relish it, thankful that it isn’t or own? How many times do we parade our pain for the notorious pleasure of being a freak, for the attention that we get from our injury if not the actual pain? Are we all slightly suffering from Munchausen’s? Schadenfreude? Or just starved for attention?

Sorry, I’m rambling. Time on my hands, so to speak.

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Nickname(s): My mom calls be Claire bear but I don’t like it when anyone but her and maybe like my really close friends call me that. I don’t really have any other nicknames.

Gender: Female

Sign: Aries

Height: 5′4’’

Time: 11:51 am (USA eastern time zone)

Birthday: April 17

Favorite Bands: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Queen, Pink Floyd, Green Day, Mindless Self Indulgence

Favorite Solo Artists: David Bowie, Weird Al, does Stephen Sondheim count?

Song stuck in my head: Hazy Shade of Winter by The Bangles (from the Stranger Things soundtrack)

Last movie I watched: I think it was Thor Ragnarok?

Last show I watched: Stranger Things

When did I create this blog: I think I created it in 2010 and I started using it in 2011. Fuck I’m old… 

What do I post: My blog is currently half Stranger Things, and half like other stuff I like, things from previous obsessions of mine (Hannibal, Steven Universe, Marvel stuff, etc.), some political/social justice stuff, memes, etc. I’m trying to write/post more fan fiction.

Other blogs: I’m hoarding a bunch of urls but I don’t have any other active blogs. I used to have a blog dedicated to Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty but then the fandom became too embarrassing so I deleted that. I never updated it anyway.

Do I get asks: Hardly ever.

Why did I choose this URL: BECAUSE MILEVEN OWNS MY ENTIRE ASS. Also because I felt like if I was going to be writing Stranger Things fic, I should have a url that’s more on-brand.

Following: 643

Followers: 888 (cool)

Average hours of sleep: Between 6 and 8

Lucky number: 35

Instrument: I don’t play any instruments, but I’m always a slut for strings. Violin is my favorite. 

What am I wearing: U of M hoodie/long sleeved tee/jeans. I graduated from U of M and we’re playing our rival in football this Saturday so I gotta Represent. 

Dream job: Film/TV reviewer

Favourite Food: PASTA

Last book I read: Tbh I don’t remember the last book I read in its entirety. I started reading The Disaster Artist and Who Censored Roger Rabbit recently but I’m bad at like actually deciding to read.

3 favorite fandoms: 1) Tbh the Matt Stone and Trey Parker fandom because I met lasting friends in there including one of my best friends now who’s going to be in my wedding.  2) Hannibal fandom, loved the connection between the fandom and the cast and crew.  3) Stranger Things fandom cause I’m meeting a lot of cool peeps there now.

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1. nickname: mar

2. gender: female

3. star sign: leo

4. height: 1,60 cm

5. time: 21:00

6. birthday: august 4

7. favourite bands: bts, big bang, blackpink

8. favourite solo artists: troye sivan, nicki minaj, hayley kiyoko

9. song stuck in your head: ‘sunburn’ by droeloe (thank u jungkook)

10. last movie i watched: moonlight

11. last show i watched: andi mack

12. when did i create my blog: may 2011 (i had to check my archive lmao, it’s been so long)

13. what do i post/reblog: bts, gay shit, memes, and the occasional cat

14. last thing i googled: the expression ‘to be big on’ to see if i was using it correctly

15. other blogs: my sideblog, where i reblog posts about languages and linguistics! @polyglotjpg

16. do i get asks: almost never, so i appreciate it when it happens ♥

17. why i choose my url: jungkook is a lil gayby

18. following: 349

19. followers: 279

20. average hours of sleep: about 7-8

21. lucky number: i don’t have one, i’m not very supersticious

22. instruments: none :((( i would like to learn piano though

23. what i’m wearing: my pajamas

24. dream job: i have no idea??? i’m studying to become a sworn translator but i don’t fucking know man

25. dream trip: i wanna go back to paris :((( it was gorgeous; as for places i’ve never been, i’d like to visit new york

26. favourite food: pasta ??? idk i like everything except for bugs lmao

27. nationality: argentinian

28. favorite song right now: ‘new rules’ by dua lipa

29. last book i read: ‘korean: a comprehensive grammar’ from the routledge grammar series 

30. Top Three Fictional Universes You’d Want To Join: obligatory harry potter mention, and…. that’s really it, all the other universes i’m interested in would be terrible places to be lmao

I’m tagging some of my recent (and not so recent) mutuals too: @behaveboy  @takisobieluftmensch  @stcrmywinds  @ionlyknowbts  @not-her-e  @helihi !! you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to!!

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1. nickname: holz, garth, blondie

2. gender: female

3. star sign: cancer

4. height: 5′4″ AND A HALF

5. time: 10.44 pm

6. birthday: july 20

7. favourite bands: bts, spector, the staves, f(x) WHERE ARE THEY, CHVRCHES,

8. favourite solo artists: taemin (I LOVE YOU), janelle monae, kesha, george michael my gay dad, hayley kikoko, carly rae jepsen, marina and the diamonds

9. song stuck in your head: exid- ddd DUR DUR DUR DUR

10. last movie i watched: the handmaiden again

11. last show i watched: i’m a celebrity get me out of here

12. when did i create my blog: this one was this year about june-ish?

13. what do i post/reblog: bts and gay things, although the two are not mutually exclusive! go boys!

14. last thing i googled: train times 

15. other blogs: my “main” one @glasgowuniwankeralumnus but i’m mostly on this one now

16. do i get asks: sometimes

17.  why i choose my url: the gayest bts song but made gayer cos i’m gay, gay

18. following: 160ish

19. followers: 300+

20. average hours of sleep: as much as i can get (unfortunately only about 8 recently)

21. lucky number: 2

22. instruments: violin and the majesty which are tuned percussion instruments (if you can play one you them all)

23. what i’m wearing: my jammies and a massive hoodie, a bitch has to be comfy

24. dream job: publisher

25. dream trip: paris for the berets and little cakes! or vienna 

26. favourite food: pasta

27. nationality: scottish

28. favorite song right now: not gonna lie everybody- i’ve rediscovered celine dion so power of love

29. last book i read: Hings- Chris McQueer

30. Top Three Fictional Universes You’d Want To Join: discworld, lemony snicket’s world cos i have questions, mass effect cos space gays

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The last time I spoke to her was when we ended, it ended. She was angry at me and was questioning what we had. Did we have anything? Was our whole relationship just fighting? We ended awfully. However, she didn’t want to ‘work things out’ she didn’t believe in stuff like that. Instead I’m left here trying to drink her away while she’s out with her friends. If I called, I wonder if she would answer. Maybe she would pick up and tell me that she regretted everything and still loves me the same. Just maybe … 


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1. Nicknames: Moni, Monikute.

2. Gender: Female.

3. ⭐ sign: Virgo.

4. Height: 5′4, I’m quite small. ;;;

5. Time: 4 pm.

6. 🎂: August 24th.

7. Favourite band: I don’t have a favourite band at the moment;;;

8. Favourite solo artist: Too much to choose. ;;

9. Song stuck in my head:  † CΛIN † - † † †

10. Last movie I 👀: Spirited Away.

11. Last show I 👀: Hetalia- Other than that I don’t remember.

12. When did I create my blog: July 2017? Probably? >:0

13. What do I post (or reblog): Art for asks, currently on a Hiatus though. *cri*

14. Last thing I googled: Tumblr.

15. Do I have any other blogs: Nope. though I’m planning on creating a Deus blog soon. <3

16. Do I get asks: Yes, Yes, I do need to answer them soon–

17. Why I chose my url: My Albert bean became popular to the point I had to make a blog of him, bless.

18. Following: G o o d  A e s t h e t i c  B l o g s .

19: Followers: 488.

21.  Average hours of 💤: BARELY.

22. Lucky number: 16? Don’t ask why. ^:’)

23. Instruments: Piano is ma shit.

24. What am I wearing: A big black jumper and black pants.

25. Dream job: Animator? Though I haven’t planned yet.

26. Dream trip: Visit Norway and learn the language, Norway is just  👌

27. Favourite food: (B U R R I T O  A N D  P U S S Y) Wait, what?

28. Nationality: (Prussian-Lithuanian) Lithuanian.

30. Favourite song right now: † CΛIN † - † † †

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  1. nicknames: gina
  2. gender: female
  3. star sign: cancer
  4. height: 5ft 9/10
  5. time: 10:51pm
  6. birthday: 24th June 
  7. favorite bands: one direction, destiny’s child
  8. favorite solo artists: beyonce, dua lipa and many many others
  9. song stuck in my head: reggaton lento by cnco and little mix
  10. last movie i watched: thor ragnarok
  11. last show i watched: peaky blinders
  12. when did i create my blog: august 2017
  13. last thing i googled: idek, i think it was, how old is stanly johnson ahah he’s in im a celebrity get me out of here this year and my dad wanted to know
  14. do i have any other blogs: yup, @sebstancreations
  15. do i get asks: sometimes, i’m greatful for each one
  16. why i chose my url: because my husband chris pine is a huge dork
  17. following: 946
  18. followers: 706
  19. average hours of sleep: 8-9
  20. lucky number: 24
  21. instruments: if you count the recorder as a child then that ha
  22. what am i wearing: my flannel red check pj’s
  23. dream job: celebrity stylist
  24. dream trip: new york
  25. favorite food: chicken
  26. nationality: british
  27. favorite song right now: how long by charlie puth

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Why you defend Snape so much when there are characters (basically all Weasleys besides the twins) who have worse treatment by the HPfandom? I'm not saying you shouldn't defend Snape if you think that someone is wrong about him, but why you chose this character to be more protective of? It seems that when someone is saying something bad about him you're there to defend him. I agree with you most times, but other times seems more as fangirling and you don't seem the type.

(D’ja see the posts I did about Neville and Snape last night?)

There’s actually a very simple reason for it. The Weasley/Harry/Hermione/Ron bashing posts almost never show up on my dash, because the people I choose to follow generally love those characters. I’m very careful as to who I follow and that kind of bashing tends to send me incandescent with rage. Especially if it’s about Harry. I am perfectly happy to defend any of those characters. Send me posts bashing those characters if you like, I’ll go for it. But seeing them tends to agitate and upset me to the degree that I choose to try to avoid seeing them in the first place.

Unfortunately, because fandom has to be divided into factions, because it’s not okay to just love the books, people who love the Gryffindor characters often hate Snape. The pro-Gryffindor BNFs all hate him and constantly post quippy little posts about how they hate him and their followers imitate what they do. And I get why people hate him. He’s horrible to the Gryffindors with no excuse other than his deep bitterness, bias and resentment due to the awful things he went through as a child and teenager. (I absolutely reject the “He had to be awful to them to maintain his cover” argument.) He bullied Harry because Harry reminded him of James. It’s in the text, spelled out. So I get why people hate a character who was mean to their faves and my appreciation of him is tested every time I re-read the books and see him whispering threats and insults into Harry’s ear.

I also have a huge amount of sympathy for him, though. I was bullied, had a shitty childhood, have anger issues as a result. I can’t dismiss him as a monster. And as I’ve said before, when I defend him, I’m also defending the books. Snape’s character arc and his journey are enormously important to the overall themes of the series. If you reject him as a flawed hero, if you mock Harry for naming his son after him, then you’ve missed a pretty major point. Part of loving Harry, of understanding who he is as a character, means understanding why he chose to forgive and honour Snape. 

So, basically, I don’t do many Gryff defence posts, because I don’t see them. I will immediately unfollow anyone who bashes Harry, the Weasleys, Hermione or JKR (or Cursed Child). I choose to follow people who love those characters, and sadly that means I end up seeing a lot of Snape and Dumbledore hate. 

TL:DR: I post more Snape defence and less Gryffindor defence because I see more Snape hate than Gryffindor hate.

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omfg how did you then find out how babies were made? :0

Well, I was like 6 at the time, but I always found it weird that I’d go to a supermarket and never found any babies there, so my mom would tell me that they were sold out. This stupid lie lasted like a month until I started getting suspicious and asked my teacher and she was like “oh… well… when a man and woman love each other very much they hug…. and… a seed gets in the woman’s belly and a few months later a baby is born!” and I got scandalized……… mostly cause I used to hug all my friends and I thought I was gonna get pregnant LMAO! So that day I got home and confronted my mom and she ended up explaining to me a very kid-friendly version of how to make babies ahahah

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“Elena being empathetic and compassionate doesn’t really work that well when she’s dating the man who single-handedly terrorized each and every one of her friends “ I’m still side-eying that they didn’t give her some sort of intervention when de started dating 🤔

Again, in BTVS, when everyone finds out she’s still seeing Angel — and this was the other thing too, Buffy lied about Angel being back and that she was seeing him because yeah, the last time they saw Angel he was Angelus and killing people/terrorizing them, you don’t just start seeing the guy who did that to your friends with absolutely no shame — and then they’re like so we need to talk about this and all of them handle the situation differently. Willow tries to be supportive and uses “I” statements saying “I feel that when it come to Angel you don’t think straight” and Oz who is dating Willow and a part of the Scooby Gang by extension only points out that Buffy lied about seeing Angel and then Xander is pissed and he’s yelling about how Buffy lied about seeing Angel and is willing to forget that he killed Ms. Calendar so she can see her boyfriend again and people get angry at him for his delivery but he’s also not wrong and Cordelia is on his side. Giles defends Buffy to Xander and to the group but then in private tells Buffy that she doesn’t respect him because she’s willingly seeing the person who took pleasure in torturing him and politely asks her to leave but he’s deeply hurt and she’s hurt too. EVERYONE gets a say about how Buffy’s actions have hurt them. DE needed that. 

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Nicknames: Abbie (real name is Abigail), Abs, and Mulder and Abbeh by my girlfriend.

Gender: Female

Sign: Aries

Height: 5'4"

Time: 1:36am

Birthday: 03/21/97

Favourite bands: Abba, Fleetwood Mac

Favourite solo artists: Lady Gaga, Kesha, a bunch of broadway ladies

Song stuck in my head: Nothing for once

Last movie I watched: Ponyo

Last show I watched: Difficult People

When did I create this blog: About four years ago

What do I post: Gillian Anderson, The X Files, Jane Krakowski, pink things, wlw posts, positivity posts, lesbian positivity, mental health, middle aged actresses.

What did I last Google: Engagement rings

Other blogs: @janiekrajkowski

Do I get asks: Not really

Why did I pick this URL: It made me laugh and I love scully and bagels

Following: A lot

Followers: I have no idea how but 1,017

Average hour of sleep: 8-9 hours - I love sleep

Lucky number: 21

Instrument: I can play a bit of piano and ukelele

What am I wearing: Underwear

Dream job: Singer/Actress/Dancer

Favourite food: PASTA… and chicken

Last book I read: Currently reading “Unbearable Lightness: A Story of Loss and Gain” by Portia De Rossi and I love it

3 favourite fandoms: Musical Theatre lovers is where I belong and fit in. I love The X Files fandom but there are always bad seeds in the bunch. I don’t really have favorite fandoms.

I’ll tag: @golddustscully @mullder @denascully @lostlastsforever756 @huei-ming @gilliankatic and @scullys-psychiatrist 💕

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1. Nicknames: Oliver, Ollie, smol, bunn

2. Gender: Male

3. ⭐ sign: Leo

4. Height: 4'9

5. Time: 9:48 am

6. 🎂: August 7th

7. Favourite band: Creature feature and/or vocaloid?

8. Favourite solo artist : Lily Allen or sia

9. Song stuck in my head: Me to - Meghan Trainor

10. Last movie I 👀: hmmm fantastic beasts and where to find them

11. Last show I 👀: Rick an morty

12. When did i create my blog: about 5 years ago ;3;

13. What do I post (or reblog): things regarding my ocs and asks

14. Last thing I googled: pastel colour pallettes

15. Do I have any other blogs: heh, alot @bunn-mun @ask-vampire-oliver @ask-the-freakshows and 2 other ask blogs still in the works

16. Do I get asks: yes, but I’d appreciate more heh

17. Why I chose my url: my ocs are weird

18. Following: a ton of art blogs, and fandom askblogs

19: Followers: last time I checked 2,256? Though it may have gone down more

21.  Average hours of 💤: 5-9 hours

22. Lucky number: 5, I don’t know why

23. Instruments: violin, piano and drums

24. What am I wearing: jeans, a t-shirt and my favorite hoodie

25. Dream job: hooo boy, uhm well a voice actor, Baker, digital artist and or maaybe, ahem…. something else

26. Dream trip: a fabulous trip around Europe

27. Favourite food: chicken an waffles

28. Nationality: American

30. Favourite song right now:  hmmm Viva happy by vocaloid

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  1. Are you named after anyone? My middle name is my grandmother’s name, since I was born on her birthday
  2. When was the last time you cried? I think I watched a movie that SHOULD NOT have made me cry but did (like a superhero thing or whatever) recently? Or I got into an argument with my mom, I always cry when I’m feeling a lot of emotion, regardless of what the emotion is. Anyway, it’s been a couple weeks.
  3. Do you like your handwriting? It’s not great (I get told I have the handwriting of a preteen boy), but I’m fond of it tbh. It looks a lot like my dad’s.
  4. What’s your favorite lunch meat? Probably turkey
  5. Do you have kids? Not yet! Hopefully one day somewhat soon!
  6. If you were a different person, would you be friends with you? You know, up until the last six months or so, the answer would have been no. But now, I think so, yes! I think I’m a pretty fab friend to have!
  7. Do you use sarcasm? Yes, but badly. Autism and sarcasm don’t tend to mix well…
  8. Do you still have your tonsils? Nope
  9. Would you bungee jump? Absolutely not
  10. What’s your favorite cereal? Anybody else remember Oreo O’s? Those things were BOMB! In terms of still-extant cereals, Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds
  11. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? I don’t thihnk I own any shoes with laces anymore
  12. Do you think you are a strong person? Physically? Nah, son. Emotionally/mentally? Yeah, but only because I’ve put A LOT of “exercise” (therapy, etc) into it.
  13. What’s your favorite ice cream? Double dunker, birthday cake, cookies n cream
  14. What’s the first thing you notice about people? Hair
  15. What’s your least favorite physical thing about yourself? Idk, I’d usually say my weight, but I’m so freaking proud of myself for losing 70+ pounds that it’s hard to pick that, even if I am still too heavy. I’m still a work in progress there, but I am still making progress! Not a fan of acne, but it’s not horrible at the moment. Maybe the fact that my nose is perpetually peeling no matter what I do to it.
  16. What color pants and shoes are you wearing right now? Gray jammie bottoms, bare feet
  17. What are you listening to right now? My mom and sister talking and the sound of the shower
  18. If you were a crayon what color would you be? An obnoxiously bright purple
  19. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone with? Somebody called me at work and I was disappointed to see the end of a two-month streak of no phone calls
  20. Favorite sport to watch? Don’t really enjoy sports, but I’ll watch a couple minutes of baseball here and there. Oh, Little League games are fun to watch! Or kickball! Or anything with little kids who really aren’t good yet but they’re having fun. Hey, the question doesn’t specify professional sports!
  21. Hair color? Blonde
  22. Eye color? Blue
  23. Do you wear contacts? Nah, I couldn’t get them to part with my eyeballs when I tried
  24. Favorite food? Mashed potatoes
  25. Scary movie or comedy? Comedy, I hate scary things and love to laugh
  26. Last movie you watched? Was Hitch the last squad movie night? I think that might have been the most recent. I don’t really watch movies except with other people.
  27. What color shirt are you wearing? Gray
  28. Summer or Winter? Summer
  29. Hugs or kisses? Hugs are GREAT
  30. Book you’re currently reading? The Unbecoming of Noah Shaw. Also have The Four Loves on hold
  31. Who do you miss right now? My sunshine child, always. My work friends, because it’s a Wednesday and I should be with them right now?? And I’m not going to see them for two weeks!
  32. What’s on your mouse pad? lol is that even really a thing anymore?
  33. What’s the last TV program you watched? I think my family watched New Girl after Person of Interest last night… yup.
  34. What’s the best sound? Laughter. Little kids laughing, someone trying to suppress a giggle in an inappropriate situation, a surprised laugh when someone wasn’t expecting you to be funny, the out-and-out breathless guffaws when someone really loses it…
  35. Rolling Stone or the Beatles? Not a fan of either
  36. What’s the furthest you’ve ever traveled? To Las Vegas/Zion 
  37. Do you have a special talent? I’m really pretty good with tough kids, or at least, I used to be. I’ve lost a lot of faith in my patience and stubbornness on that count, tbh, but I’m working on getting it back.
  38. Where were you born? Pennsylvania born and raised, baby

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