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🎵When did you hear your first song by them? What was it?

⛺️Have you seen them live?

🎧What do you like about them and their music?

💿Favorite album?

🌎Favorite song from Wild World

🗣Favorite song to sing along to?

📼Favorite song off the mixtapes?

📀Favorite cover?

👤If you could only meet one member who’d you choose and why?

👀Craziest or weirdest thing you’ve done as a fan? 

💔Most underrated song?

🚫Most overrated song?

🛒How much of their merch do you own?

📸Post your favorite photo of each member. (or your fav of them all together)

🎸Favorite song to hear live?

🎻Favorite acoustic song?

📝Favorite interview?

💕Which member do you relate to the most?

📽Favorite music video?

🎡If you got to spend the day with the band what would you want to do?

🎶Favorite song from Bad Blood?

🥊Which member do you want to punch you in the face?

💘Which member do you want to punch in the face with love and kindness?

💞Would you rather smother them with affection and hugs or them smother you dead?

🤝Would you hold dan so he can stop asking about it in his songs? 

🖕🏻If dan gave you the middle finger how much better would that make your day on a scale from incredibly better to blessed?

Honestly at this point I feel like the greatest obstacle to making Ganon stop attacking Hyrule would just be at this point he is probably so incredibly paranoid, it’d be hard for him to take to any proposed ceasefire or treaty- like even before he’s considering ways to twist this in his favor he’s too busy trying to figure out what the other person’s angle is, and the more he can’t find one the more uncomfortable he’d get.

If he could actually believe this is legitimately what they’re offering I can’t see him turning his nose at a perfectly good “can I put down my bow, he puts down his dead sword, and you put down whatever you’re using these days and we nurse our respective trauma in peace” agreement.

Hell, considering where Ganon was in BotW I’m reasonably sure Link could at least get a foot in the door just by making some really good food and tempting him with it, like. when was the last time anyone did any even slightly small kind thing for him.

Like… okay so Zelda, in one memorable incarnation responded to the royalty of a banished Realm Of Forbidden Darkness equated to hell itself showing up at a time where power from said realm was taking over Hyrule by worrying after Midna and making very personal sacrifices on her behalf. She is exactly the kind of person who would worry about the welfare of sealed “ancient godless evils”. She is actually pretty much someone in a good place to be more or less telepathically punched in the face by just how bad Ganon is doing without him even meaning to.

And Link- Link thinks everything looks like friend, pretty much. In BotW he will attempt to tame bears. Literally if you just had him run into Ganon without any of the destiny-and-peril context he is exactly the kind of person who would adopt some kind of shabby demon person he found embedded in a wall by virtue of nothing else that Ganon isn’t doing well.

Link wants to help everyone, Zelda is deeply empathetic and so duty-bound that it would really do her better to be a little selfish for once, and Ganon would logically like very much to not be hurting any more. The cycle is, if anything, a stilted situation that forces them back into their roles and back at each other’s throats, and with very minor shifts in context one way or another they could so easily get along.

And quite frankly… tell me that wouldn’t make the threads of an interesting story. 

i got holland to sign the #stydia print i did mainly bc i actually like how it came out like wtf…… and it seemed like a lot of ppl at howlercon liked it too!! i sold all except 2 of them!!

when i showed it to holland she said “wow this is so beautiful…” and i thanked her and said i drew it and she went “wait /you/ drew this??” and i said “yea… wait have you already seen this?” and she told me that she signed a bunch of copies the night before and that she was glad to meet the artist of it! i was very honored that she liked my artwork, and holland is such a sweetheart, she asked me if i was enjoying myself and having fun and when i asked her the same she said she was having the best time and she was so happy to be there with all the fans

i also gave her a lydia keychain (will be up on my online store at a later date 😏) and told her i drew that too and wanted her to have it and she said “WHAT!!! this is amazing!! it amazes me how people can be so talented like this! i love it!” like damn… dont @ me but i really do love holland roden…

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When jk did vlive last time, he mentioned Jm cracked walnut with his index finger in one try. They made a bet weather jk can do it too. They made a meal bet.

Anonymous said: Jk mentioned it in his live!! Jikook made a bet to break a walnut with a hand, loser treats the dinner :)))

Oh my god why am I just now hearing about this, that was months ago LOL. WHO TREATED WHO TO DINNER!!!!

I always hate when WWE have RAW or SD in LA because they always have stupid "guest stars" in an effort to get attention instead of focusing on the wrestlers.

I don’t give a shit about LaVar and Lonzo being MizTV tonight. I just don’t want the RAW women to be all shoved into one short segment like they did last week. They deserve more segments, more time, better storylines, and they need to bring Summer back already. She’s been out since last August with injuries but she’s been cleared for at least two months now and they still haven’t brought her back.

I wanted to spend time with people and get a lot done this week, especially since grandma’s Alzheimer’s is so bad that she and grandpa need to be apart now, and Tess is moving out of state so soon

but my opossum died suddenly, I got a stomach bug and puked up my days meds, my landlord added $325 July’s rent which is like a nightmare, then I got into a (minor, totally my dumb fault) car accident, and I just feel so sad/stressed/tired all the time, and it’s all making it way harder to get out of my house/bed/head to spend time with Tess but like… knowing she’s going so far so soon is part of why I feel this way so NOT spending time with her feels awful, too

Idk I just want my brain to work at least part time so I can spend time with people I care about

I’ve come to hate PLL due to plot holes and shitty writing but it took up 7 years of my life watching nearly every episode when it airs so here’s who I’m okay with being A.D. and who I’ll hate:

Okay With:

1. Twincer (or a twin of any of the Liars). This one makes the most sense to me and has more potential to fill in plot holes. A twin of Aria, Alison, or even Mona would be great too. I feel like because we all want it to happen and have theories about it that it won’t. I did see a lot of CeCexCharlottexCharles theories last time though so we may end up being right. I don’t have high expectations so if this happens I’ll be very pleased and maybe won’t hate the show lmao.

2. Ezra. He was just so fucking shady over a fucking book. He’s still super shady and it would just be a great tragedy which every show/book/movie really needs. I love when its not a perfect ending for the couple. He’s another one I don’t have high expectations for. 

3. Wren. I really like the Wren theories. They left so many things open for his character and there’s not many answers. Many plot holes could be filled if he’s A.D. and especially if he’s actually Charles. Lets face it, CeCe being Charles made 0 sense. Having her take the fall for “Charles” would be such a tragic love story between WrenxCeCe and then throw in Melissa and you have a great love triangle and power struggle.

4. Melissa. She always felt shady to me and she’s such a great bitchy character. It’d just be really cool and I’d be okay with it. 

Not Okay With:

1. Paige. I hate Paige. I’m pretty sure she finished filming long ago tho so not much to worry there.

2. Shower Harvey. She ded so no worries there.

3. Mona. Mona is one of the few characters I really love. She has so much depth to her and I wish the writing was as good for the Liars as it is for Mona. Her arc of best friend, to betrayal, to redemption has been so tragically beautiful. She really went through the most out of all the characters and deserves a happy ending more than any of them.

4. Any of the moms or the parents. Just no.

5.  Lucas. I’m on the fence about Lucas. He’s always been shady and he was bullied pretty heavily by Ali and by extension the Liars. 

6. Caleb or Toby. I feel like they’re just really kind and good characters. They have good hearts and show they’re protective of the people they love so it’d be disappointing for their character development. 

7. Any random supporting character we only saw a few times. That’s just shitty writing and PLL deserves the hate if this happens lmao. 

Revenge (6)

Description: Part 6 of a kind of AU Marvel series (cause I can’t stick with what the movies have set up idk also i don’t know what Infinity War is gonna be like so)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: idk. probably smut? angst? fluff? guess you’ll have to read it to find out

A/N; I’ll probably do a tag list for this series, so if you want in lmk. also I highkey forgot that I was writing this series lol


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Last Time:

He finally really looked at me, tears flowing freely again. “What– I’m so sorry, Y/N, the last thing I want to do is make you cry, I just–”

“I kissed Steve.”

He stopped talking, stopped moving, and just stared at me. I wanted to jump out the window when I looked up and saw how hurt he looked. I got myself into some deep crap.

“You did what?” 

“Bucky, I am so sorry. It really meant nothing, I swear.”

He cast his gaze to the floor, running a hand through his hair. “I just thought I was being crazy. I didn’t think you’d actually…”

I reached out for his arm, but he pulled back. “It wasn’t like that. I promise. I just… After our argument… He’s my friend and I needed someone to talk to and he just went for it and I didn’t realize what was even happening at first but when I did I left his room. I promise, Bucky, it was nothing.”

He shook his head. “I need some space. We need a break.”

And with that, he left. I royally screwed up. 

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Bill/Laura - "What in the world did I do with that magic wand?"

This kind of dilemma, Bill assumed, was exactly the kind of trouble his father had had in mind, twenty years earlier, when King Joseph had objected so strongly to the union of his son, then-Crown Prince William of Galactica, to the village sorceress.

“Where did you last see it?” Bill prompted patiently, as he followed his wife through the castle, wondering if he should warn the populace that spinning wheels might be about to become deadly objects (as they had last time Queen Laura had had a spot of bother with her wand) or if this might be one of those rare, glorious problems that were solved inside the castle, without any of the peasants the wiser.

rest on ao3

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Camila has always be beautiful and cute but when the hell did she become that sexy????? I couldn't even concentrate on the lyrics she was singing...... I had to watch it 6 times! On the last time I had to minimize the window and only listen Lol

BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 😂🤣 ohmahghad fam, you got me laughin’ here. I didn’t see it comin’ neither, ‘twas juz one day.. we woke up, and she became as hot and sexy as a fireball emerging from outer space ☄️🔥🚀

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Sis I seen thevvideo Chris was minding his business and blogs trying use Chris name when he was not in it and offset look like he did something trying hype that shit And quavo by security scared migos came to fight. They was mad joe budden and dj some thing

Yes Joe budden rocks with Chris tbh and he just felt that migos was acting sassy all in their feelings this isn’t the first time they got into incident no disrespect to Q I speak truth you feel me he needs to lay off that hard stuff migos need to be focused more on dude well being I was told a lot last night Chris really was a good friend to Q at one point I need sinko whatever his name is to breath easy with that small talk instigating shit I peep his little yellow ass I’m glad Chris left he was waiting on his team from what I was told sinko bump Q allegedly by mistake and offset flipped Sinko low-key act like lil dirty bones is his chick the way this fool stay acting up ppl dead serious act like Chris was popping off over that and prove ppl wrong Chris has a family people who loved him this incident had ppl very alert demons moving real funny prayers up for my dude we rebuking that in the name of the heabenly father had fans who was there ready to catch every body for Christopher .

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When did you last text sasuke and why? :D

I can’t place picture so I am just going to write it down.

Naruro:“Hey where are u”

Sasuke:“I am in bed”

Naruto:“Oi, whatccha doing🙄😄”

Sasuke:“Eating a sandwhich”

Naruto:“…Sasuke, it is two in the morning?🤔”

Sasuke:“Dude, is there a time limit when it comes down to eating sandwhiches?”

Naruto:“Uhm no….But my mom says it is not good to eat in bed😶”

Sasuke:“Guess what my mom says?”

Sasuke:“Nothing because she is dead”

Naruto:“I came here to have a good time, but i feel so attacked right now🤐😔😖😭”

Jaebum: Scary things in life

Request: can you do a scenario where jaebum’s girlfriend is sort of strangely fearless except when he tries to scare her? like he has a certain affect on jajaja Hope you like it! 💖

— —-

Anyone who was around Jaebum and y/n had the same question. How was y/n so fearless? Often, the couple would go to theme parks, go to haunted houses when the time was right, even did crazy things like sky diving. But y/n never once flinched. She was the one person on the roller coaster laughing the entire time, hands up and swaying with the wind.

Y/n once jumped of a plane and the last thing she said before she checked her parachute was “I wonder if it’ll work”.

She was (strangely) fearless.

Nothing could scare her. Expect maybe her boyfriend.

That morning Jaebum had invited all of got7 to his new apartment with y/n. Everything was going well until she got up and went to the restroom. The topic of y/n strange fearlessness suddenly was brought up. Jackson claimed nothing could scare y/n.

Jaebum, much to the discomfort of Bambam (who happened to be sitting next to him) suddenly let out the creepiest laugh they had ever heard and leaned forward.

“Watch this, no one tell her!”

He swiftly moved behind the couch and motioned for everyone to be quiet. At the same time y/n come out the bathroom and joined the group.

“Where’s Jaebum?” She asked, confused.

Jackson shrugged.

Before she could ask anything else Jaebum jumped from behind the couch and she jumped so high everyone was startled.

After that, Jaebum kept doing things like that over and over again when people asked if there was anything y/n was afraid off.

Finally, Jackson asked her why it was that she could jump off a plane but couldn’t stomach her boyfriend jumping out at her.

She smiled.

“I’m guarded jumping off a plane. I let my guard down when I’m with the one I love.”

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When you were younger did u ever kind of like.. force an attraction to guys? Idk how to describe it. It's like, liking girls always came naturally to me, but for guys, I would look for guys and try to make myself like them too, like I'd look at good qualities about them and force myself to like them if that makes sense? Have u ever experienced that?

Of course babe. I tried to push myself into rs with guys all the time…I had one serious rs with a giy that lasted nearly 3 years and I never felt for him in that time a fraction of what I felt for my first gf…

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Can you do Merle: 54, 72, 84? :D

Someone I’ll never forget? Honestly, no one in particular. Ain’t no one of my past girlfriends ever meant nothin’ to me fer me to want to remember them.

What words do I like to hear during sex? Right to the dirty questions huh? Well, I usually never mind hearin’ my name comin’ outta some pretty little thang’s lips.  Otherwise I’m into whatever ya wanna call me in bed. Sir, master, and daddy too if that’s yer thing.

Why did my last relationship fail? Shit, it was everything. Probably didn’t help that I wasn’t fully into her. Didn’t cheat but I just never wanted to spend all the time with her that she wanted to. Got all pissy when I wanted to go out drinkin’ with Daryl and the boys, and she kept tryin’ ta get me ta be “boyfriend material.” I eventually told her that I ain’t changin’ fer no one and if she didn’t like me fer me she could fuck off. Probably wasn’t the most gentle way ta let her down but I was sick and tired of her at that point.

(Q&A Questions are currently closed for new asks, I’m finishing writing the answers to the questions I haven’t gotten to yet)

akaashi is definitely the type that has to shave every morning

bokuto is struggling save him