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ok so APPARENTLY i have an anime convention coming up that i forgot about this weekend, and there are upwards of 30 asks in my ask box, so i’m closing it!! thank you guys for thos sweet asks >:3c there may be a slight delay in Production™ so im sorry in advance!! :D

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HC that the last time Sev cried laughing was when he bought a laser pointer and used it on Cat!Minerva; watching her spin in endless circles sent him into stitches. When she Transfigured back to human form, she was dizzy and irritated at him for playing a prank like that.

Bonus: Severus is walking towards his classroom when he sees a phial of Felix Felicis floating in the hallway.  Looking around from side to side, Severus chases it down only for it to zip out of his hand at the last minute.  Finally, he gets stuck halfway up the side of a large suit of armor while chasing it when he hears a familiar laugh from the shadows.  Minerva emerges with a smug look on her face and Severus glowers back.

“Some assistance, perhaps, Minerva?” he asks, his voice unable to hide his mortification.

“Of course, Severus,” she says with a wry chuckle, levitating him down and handing him the phial.

Severus hands him the laser pointer, looking chastened.

“Not much fun when the shoe is on the other foot, is it?” Minerva says.

“Hmph,” Severus responds, “Just you wait.”

A week later, Severus slips her catnip tea instead of her normal Scottish Breakfast.  After she doesn’t show up to her first Transfiguration class, Albus finds her in cat form, lying on her back and batting at sunbeams with her pupils blown wide.

20 questions tag

 heyy I was tagged by @junghkook​ and @ilykimtae​thank you so much!

rules: answer the 20 questions and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better

nicknames: cat/cathy

gender: female

star sign: sagittarius (funny stry almost all my stars are also on sagittarius lol)

height: 5′7 / 170cm

time right now: 19:45pm

last thing I googled: the trademark symbol bc I needed to meme™

favorite bands: bts, day6, one direction (rip), knk, dreamcatcher, blackpink, arctic monkeys (used to listen a lot), twice, astro, red velvet, etc etc

fave solo artists: dean, halsey, lee hi, tove lo, etc etc

song stuck in my head: shape of you by ed sheeran

last movie I watched: hmm good question, it’s been so long i dont even remember but I think it was doctor strange

last show I watched: the flash

when did you create your blog: this one I made on march of 2016 (one year ago omg)but my first tumblr blog was back in 2013

what do you post: 99% bts

when did your blog reach its peak?: hmmm sometimes one of my gifsets make it lol so like… 5 times? not sure

do you have other blogs: yessss: aes sideblog, multifandom side, anime blog (i miss this one the most tbh), my old multifandom blog (rip), a b&w blog and a one directoin sideblog (you can say i like making blogs lmao) but the last two have no chances of me going back to use them

do you get asks regularly: kinda? is not a daily event, but I do get them more often than i used to

why did you choose your url: park jimin + er ‘cause everything else i tried with his name was already taken (but I love my url dearly)

following: 250

posts: 14k+ (tbh almost 15k)

hogwarts house: according to pottermore I’m a slytherin but I took another test and the results were 84% ravenclaw so idk what is the truth

pokémon team: I didn’t played it lol

favorite colors: I say red but I love all colours

average hours of sleep: 5-6 on the weekdays and 8-10 on weekends

lucky numbers:  8 (it’s not really a luck number, is more like my fave number)

fave characters: hahahaha don’t do this to me :)

what am I wearing now?: blue leggings and a red shirt lol

how many blankets do you sleep with: one

dream job: idkkkk

dream trip: everywhere but rn Im saving up to try and go to seul

I tag: @loserandnamjintrash, @yeonggi, @jinblond, @hyu-k, @ilyparkjiminie, @park-jimizzle, @mytaeddy, @puppyoongs, @rosejimin, @fluffyliontae, @taesflower, @itsrapmonster, @pjkook, @pjungkook, @jjibooty, @kooksgf, @btsjimln, @cryjeon, @jcongguuk and @preciousjeon

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i want some juicy fic recs (อก° อœส– อก°)

Omg it’s been a while since I read any fics haha but I recommend all of @tayegi fics ❤ they’re amazingly well written 💕 especially “in bloom” ,“Tinder” and “Elements” . But that’s just because I’m a jungkook stan lol but she wrote amazing fics for other members as well :) I recommend zaddy by @btssmutgalore , tbh her masterlist is so satisfying lol. I also recommend buzz , it was a yoongi fic but I don’t remember who’s the author 😫 Since you gave me a lenny face , I low key gave you the best smutty fics on tumblr haha but idk if you enjoy fluff ? I haven’t read fics for a while and I don’t even remember when was the last time I read fluff on tumblr , but I can recommend my masterlist if you want to fulfill your fluffy desires :) My friend @kookiewithak is writing an amazing Harry Potter au featuring yoongi and you should definitely check it out 😮😮😮 it’s amazing !!! I also recommend her fic “salt and pepper” 💙 My buddy @jeylovestoblog is a smut master lol so you should definitely check her out if you want more filth into your life haha and my baby medeltn @jinssmile has amazing content and her fics are adorable as well 💚💚💚 hope it helped :) ❤

I didn’t actually know Ascension was on the game mode rotation, and I never noticed because I was always playing with friends. One night they were offline, so I decided to go for some solo queue and I saw it. You bet your arse I played it until the queue expired. The last time I played Ascension was when it first came out along with Azir. I missed it so badly! I just wish my mates would see the fun in it like I do, they call it boring and completely shite. 

Art by mkuchima

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8 and 30 for FenHawke? Please figure out a way to ruin my life

She climbs over rock, walks on the sky. The breeze is warm, but there’s still a cold chill in her bones. She’s walked for days. She’s walked for years. Dark circles hang under her eyes and she’s not quite sure when the last time she slept was. She’s not tired. She’s too exhausted to go on. She keeps walking. There’s no end to it. She’s a curiosity to all the hidden things she passes. She’s acquired followers, watchful eyes. Most are peaceful. Some want to take. She won’t let them.

She sits down on some broken statue, resting elbows on knees and her face in her hands. She doesn’t know the direction she’s headed towards. She doesn’t think it matters. “Where are you going?” The spirit is some disembodied thing, glowing orange and voice echoing over the vast emptiness of the Fade. Hawke lifts her head to look at it, this inquisitive beast. Few spirits ever speak to her. The only voices she’s heard for the past long while are those of demons.

“Home,” she says.

“Where is that?” The spirit asks.

“Not here,” she laughs. The spirit doesn’t laugh with her.

“You’re hurt,” it says. “Why are you laughing?”

“Better than the alternative,” she says.

“What is the alternative?” Hawke locks her jaw tight, lips thinning, a frown forming. She pushes herself up from the statue, continues to walk. The spirit follows at her back. The alternative is to give up. To lie down. To listen to the demons. To take their offer. Or, to simply die. “I want to help,” the spirit says. Hawke’s steps slow. She looks over her shoulder, regards the spirit with disdain.

“Can you open a rift to the waking world?”

“I cannot,” the spirit says. Hawke shakes her head, keeps walking. She doesn’t see the spirit hold its arms to itself, see its shape change. No longer orange but dull grey, eyes that shine green far too brightly. A statue with glowing eyes. A statue that speaks. “Does this help?” Hawke is ready with a mocking answer as she turns to face the spirit. She’s lost in silence instead.

There are no colors to this Fenris. Skin is a stony grey, his hair the same. She reaches forward, cupping his face in her hands. Cold to the touch. Her hands tremble. “This is cruel,” Hawke chokes out the words in a whisper. This Fenris reaches towards her, pulls her close, and swallows her in a hug. Hawke can only stand against him, stiff and stone herself, head in the crook of his neck. Eventually her arms wind around him. She clings to him, desperate and shaking.  

“You’ve forgotten me,” she accuses, “you said you would come for me.” If you do not come home soon Hawke, I will have to come get you. “I’ve been waiting for you. I’ve waited so long.” Her legs don’t have the strength. Fenris supports her as they slowly move to the ground, kneeling in the dirt, still holding to each other. “I tried Fen. I tried not to…” Her eyes squeeze shut as tears roll down her cheeks.

“Why did you forget me?” She cries.

“I’m sorry.” The voice isn’t quite right. This isn’t him. She’s quick to her feet, pushing the spirit away. It fades back into the dust it once was. Hawke keeps walking.

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1, 7, 13, 19 for Elucien please and thank you :)

Thank you!!!

1. Who is the early bird/ Who is the night owl? 

Okay so I’m not necessarily saying Lucien is an early bird by other people’s standards but by Elain’s standards he absolutely is. But more by a consequence of her just. Not. Elain does not like mornings. Elain likes bed. Elain likes blankets. Elain likes her snuggly warm mate. The only aspect of morning that Elain likes in any way likes is morning sex (ie those times when Lucien has to crawl under the blankets and eat her out because we have an appointment to keep, dove, I need you awake). 

Lucien isn’t really either? Probably more of a night owl but…his nights stretch into mornings stretch into…when was the last time I slept?? Elain makes him a little bit better about this. If she wakes up in the middle of the night and he’s not there she gets up and she finds him and she drags him to bed. ‘I don’t care what you’re doing, nothing is more important than you and so you’re coming to bed right now.’ One does not argue with stern!Elain. One would rather fight twelve, angry, starving bogge than argue with stern!Elain it is just Not Done. 

7. Who sweats the small stuff?

I actually want to say Lucien for this one? Elain is pretty chill about…Most things actually? She’s fairly laid back and very adaptable she just goes with things and finds ways to make the best of the situation she’s got rather than worrying about how to force it to change into the situation she wanted it to be. Lucien is all cool, composed, silver-tongued aloofness on the surface but on the inside he’s a mess of insecurities and worry. 

They’re good at balancing each other because sometimes there are things that Elain does need to worry about and should be thinking more about and Lucien helps direct her focus. But there are also things that Lucien does not need to worry about and Elain distracts him and calms him down and gives him a bit of perspective on things which helps. (Her favourite method of doing this is lots and lots of soft kisses) 

13. Who is considered the scaredy cat?

Okay, Elain is probably considered the scaredy cat but that girl is made of stronger stuff than people realise okay. This is a mistake a lot of people make. They think she’s this delicate, fragile little flower girl and a strong gust of wind will knock her for six and that’ll be her. In actual fuck Elain is metal as all fuck and she can and will take whatever the world throws at her and throw it back twice as hard, all wrapped up with a neat little blue bow on top and a sweet smile to go with it. The moral of the story is: underestimate Elain Archeron at your peril. 

19. Who loves to call the other one cute names?


ask me for ship headcanons and I’ll answer!

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imagine hooking up with harry after not seeing him for a long time after your messy break up. he would be so passionate and talkative like "when was the last time you had this pussy eaten?" and "who else has touched you, eh?"

Yum. He’d be all over you, wet kisses and long licks of your pussy…. dear god

cant believe i traveled completely alone and stayed w total strangers in 4 different countries and maneuvered all these public transportation systems in different languages but like..now i get anxiety thinking about having to live off of the J train when i move bc im like. wtf. when was the last time ive taken that ?!


“Fooood!” Milo screamed at the top of his little lungs as Thalia placed a ham and cheese sandwich in front of the starving two year old.

She couldn’t help but smile at his innocence. His oblivious train of thought made her heart smile even though it was completely broken. 

“You look just like your grandfather.” She mentioned to herself as he dug in and she ran her hands through his hair. Exhaustion was wearing her thin when it came to her father. She couldn’t remember the last time they talked but she figured it was some time before Milo was born. Their strained relationship broke the relationship with her mother as well, and neither of them have seen their youngest grandson. 

She shook herself out of her own dark thoughts and focused on the child in front of her. 

“Where’s Bet?” Milo inquired. He hadn’t quite figured out how to say Brett yet. 

“He’s at school silly, you slept too late to see him.” She explained. Typically she got Milo up at the same time she got Brett up for school. But today, she could barely get out of bed, let alone get two kids together. She was thankful Brett was mostly independent for a kid his age but she was also grateful he hadn’t reach the stage in his life where he felt like he didn’t need her. 

“Hmph.” He pouted, but accepted her answer as she checked her phone.

“Four missed calls from Tyson?”