6,000th post: Some of my favorite people on tumblr

Now this is a mix of reasoning.  These are the PEOPLE that are some of my favorites.  Some of their blogs are completely different from mine, some are relatively similar.  They made this list because who they are as a person and the content of their blog makes me happy.


  Funny, ballsy, down to earth, cute, and an excellent taste in some great photo blogging.  What’s not to love about this West Coast Wonder


   Shania might be Understood, but this crazy ball of awesome is too much to comprehend.  He’s smart, he’s ridiculous, and he’ll always give you a retarded anon to make you laugh.


   You know those people that you want to argue with, but you just know they’re awesome and smart enough to be so much more correct than you?  Well drop all the pretentious downside and you’re left with the crazy awesome that is Ie


   Yeah he’s that smart.  Yeah he makes his points that well.  Yeah he’s really a recording student.  Yeah, he really said that.  If you don’t follow josh, you’re welcome because you should.


   Of the comic geared blogs the one i probably disagree with the most, but have had by far the best debates with here and there.  you like deadpool? of course you do, so why not follow him!


   You want comics?  You want style?  You want a DJ? Stop looking because in this limited time offer they come packaged together in this blog of torrential “i want to reblog everything but then i’ll look like a creep” tastyness


   Kenzie is one of the most beautiful human beings i have ever met.  She’s known me, and i mean known me better than almost everyone for about 6 years.  She is gorgeous and sweet and retarded, i wouldn’t have her any other way.


   It’s a girl.  who rides horses.  and says funny shit.  and when i say funny shit.  i mean like, makes me look like a bad stand up night funny.  She speaks too much truth to ignore, 10 points to griffindor for stuart!


   I’m pretty sure that when the apocalypse happens there will be myth of a single man with a poncho, handlebar mustache and thick rim glasses riding the wastes on a long board and saving innocent lives.  That is Dylan’s future.


   You want the truth?  You want adorable acts of being the shit?  Casey’s got that, about the best choice in television and film of anyone i’ve heard of and an itchin for some entertainment!  She WILL make you laugh, there’s no question

-Sir Mitchell

   Remember that dream you had, the one that was so ridiculous you almost had some midnight ejaculate to deal with?  He paints that.  And then he does it again and again and a god damn gain!!!!  He doesn’t post much, but it’s so fucking quality.

There you have it folks, the top of the top, the cream of the crop i think.  They make me smile on a pretty much daily basis.  Now of course there are people that i left out (schizofrenetic and -scoutfinch to name a few) but honestly, if you’re reading this and i follow you, well i follow you for a reason.

cause you’re kinda fuckin awesome.

Thanks everyone for listening to my shit, laughing at my jokes, and watching me evolve into an adult.