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Imagine Levi taking Eren back to his apartment and it turns out Zeke lives down the hall. Its really awkward when Zeke finds them aggressively making out in the hall while Levi tries to get the key in the door.

Poor Zeke just wants to be able to leave his apartment in peace. Instead he finds his younger brother and his boyfriend trying to fuck before they even reach the bed. 

Eren is so embarrassed the next time he sees him, lol. He just keeps avoiding eye contact until Zeke finally approaches the subject like, “so that’s the guy.”


언제 어디서든 응원해주는 우리원스 늘 고마워요😍
오늘 1위도 너무너무 감사합니다👍
내일 진짜진짜 막방이다
막방도 화이팅👏


Thank you to our ONCEs who support us whenever and whereever we are😍
We are very very thankful👍
Tomorrow is the very very last broadcast
Last broadcast fighting too👏



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Could i get an imagine of UT and US skelebros and having a s/o that likes to hold out the arms to be picked up and carried?

UT Sans: Hes to small and to lazy to carry you, but he will levitate you with his magic. He may screw with you a bit, like just sit you down on a desk or on top of Papyrus tall sink. He can’t do it for long though, he doesn’t have the stamina to use magic for so long, but he will plop down on the couch and let you fall on top of him. Well, until the one time he accidentally lets you fall from a to high heigth and you both tumble of the couch in pain. Now he just sits you down carefully.

UT Papyrus: Ho, boy you found the skele for you. He will carry you around with you whenever and whereever you want. Expect very fast tours trough the Underground while your on his shoulders or in his arms. He will often spin you when he picks you up, and if your farther away, he will run to you super fast, and pick you up, throw you in the air a bit and catch you in a piggy back. 

US Sans: Smaller then classic Sans, but about 1000x more determined. He will carry you, no matter how much taller you are then him. He will try to carry you around all the time, but even though he trains very often, his stamina is still a tad low, and he will get exhausted after a couple of hours. But that just gives you the chance to pick him up an return the favor.

US Papyrus: Tall enough to carry you, but lazy. So the chances are 50/50 that he will levitate you with his magic instead of actually carrying you. His stamina is actually pretty good, so he can levitate you around all day long. He will sometimes spin you really fast on the spot jsut to mess with you. Also, if your a bit farther away, he will run at you in slow motion. Nobody knows how he runs in slow motion. But it is very dramatic. Music plays in the background. The sun sets behind you two. Until he runs past you and hugs a random object instead of you. But he will go backto you and pick you up afterwards, don’t worry.

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How would Reiner, Armin, and Bertholdt react to their significant other feeling insecure about their laugh. I'm always teased about mine since it doesn't sound at all feminine and because of it I don't laugh too often now.


  • He has a deep, hearty laugh himself and his s/o being the same is something he just finds is one of these cool cute couple similarities and he can’t help but love that.
  • Encourages them to laugh at anything and everything whenever and whereever. He’ll tickle them, if he has to turn that frown into even just a smile.
  • Laughter is contagious!!! He laughs alongside with them whenever they do (especially if it helps them more confident in their laugh to cover it up from any assholes) and if anyone ever was like “I can’t even tell your voices apart when you laugh, wtf” he’s like “I’m glad I share something this positive with my babe!”
  • Besides, whatever someone’s laughter sounds like, what matters is that it’s genuine and filled with the happiness it should indicate. Why would there be something bad about someone being filled with such joy?


  • Real damn upset that someone would want to take away someone’s joy. And real upset that his s/o has to experience this, it’s unfair and unjustified. There’s nothing wrong with their laughter, there’s nothing wrong with anyone’s laughter. A happy laugh can’t be wrong???
  • People can be dicks about literally anything. Someone’s laugh isn’t feminine enough, others – Armin himself – have been teased for being too feminine, blah blah blah. He knows it’s not nice to hear these things from others, but hey, you can’t please everybody and you’re always going to be too much of that and not enough of this for certain people who don’t even fucking matter.
  • In short, he knows what it’s like to be teased by others for who you are and what you do and he knows how to be there for his s/o and cheer them up and have them understand that they don’t need to exist to please others when they can literally laugh all day and be joyful without giving a fuck about what others think about it.


  • He doesn’t get the fuss about why others should judge someone for the way they laugh. Why badmouth something about someone that is so human and so important and literally the epitome of what happiness means?
  • He can be damn fucking bitchy, if he needs to be. And a situation where it would require him to snark back would be to defend his s/o. “So what if their laughter isn’t your cup of tea or whatever. It’s not like your ugly ass haircut is appealing to me either. Feels bad to hear shit like that about yourself, doesn’t it?”
  • Always has an open ear for his s/o and will always listen to them rant about anyone who’d bash them down for whatever it may be. Sometimes letting it all out helps.
  • Whenever they laugh, he wears this smile that reflects pure appreciation and his eyes start shining and he’s so happy to hear such joy, it’s a blessing, honestly.

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I'm having a hard time believing this whole Brooks having a baby thing. I mean, I'm not saying you're wrong but he is in his late-mid 30s and seems pretty career driven. His wife also looks...well shall we say older? He really doesn't come across as the fatherly type. He was also married before for a very long time and had no kids. If I'm wrong I'm wrong. I'm sure you know more about this stuff than me. I do find it odd. But anyways if it's true good for him. I just didn't think he was the type.

Well, but the guy is in his late 30s now and rapidly approaching middle age so I don’t think it’s really all that implausible that he’s entertaining making room in his life for a kid (or two) as part and parcel of his new marriage. Many of he peers in his age group are doing just that. I mean, just look at Nate and Zack.  

Brooks has been doing therapy work of his own and mentioned he’s greatly benefited from it.  Four years ago, with the divorce of his wife and his destructive behaviors that came to a head on Tumblr, he appears to have decided to confront and address all the damage he’s incurred and avoided all these many years since C  o  lumbine.  He also mentions his new girl..wife.. has been a healing influence on him for too.  So, given all of that,  I don’t think Brooks wants to stay stuck as that perpetually single gaming dude that is now ‘over the hill’.   He’s kind of freaked out that he’s actually going to be a dad as it’s uncharted territory for the dude.  He probably fears raising a clone of himself..with this little boy and the thought of that unnerves him.  I think you’re right in that, even he didn’t think he was that type. but now here he is doing the father thing.  But, on the other hand, it’s could prove to be a positive new chapter to his life where he can begin to, at least hopefully,  start focusing responsibly on others other than just indulging himself. whenever and whereever ;)  Then again, he might not be up to the task and will fail miserably.  Time and experience will tell.  haha.  Hopefully, he won’t make a huge mistake and mess up miserably.  But honestly, I don’t think his wife is that old, certainly not past childbearing years, although they did suffer a miscarriage. But this baby boy Mini Brooks is now 20 weeks along. :)

“Hopefully he’s nothing like me”    lol  Well, at least he’s self aware about it. ;) 

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For the ship things RuPru (Thanks in advance :з)

Haha I kinda anticipated that one :D Sorry for the long wait!

who’s the cuddler:
Ivan. 100 % xD
He’s very clingy and very touchy. He takes every opportunity to take Gilbert into his arms, to hold him longer than necessary, and steal kisses whenever and whereever there is a chance ♥
Gilbert acts annoyed but actually likes the attention… unless they’re in public. Then it’s too embarrassing.

who makes the bed:
Gilbert. He’s so tidy!  In this regard Ivan is a lazy bum xD And he knows Gilbert would make the bed - so he sees no need to do that.

who wakes up first:
Gilbert most of the time. He needs to get stuff done (even it it is just to update his blog). Mostly he just can’t get out of bed because there’s always a clingy russian next to him. When he tries to get out, Ivan immediately wraps his arms tighter around him or even rolls on top of him to immobilise him so they can cuddle a little bit longer ♥ Sometimes Gilbert struggles - to no avail - and ends up snuggling into Ivan for a few more minutes and ruffles his hair. Ivan might even end up falling asleep again so Gilbert can steal himself out of bed. If he can’t, he just updates his blog from his smartphone, complaining about stupid possessive and annoyingly lazy russians (or he even takes a picture of his sleeping boyfriends face to put it on his blog and make fun of him xD).
When Ivan is the one to wake up first, he just keeps lying there, serenely watching his sleeping lovers face.

who has the weird taste in music:
I think both of them to some degree. Ivan tends to hum Korobeiniki (the Tetris theme song) sometimes while Gilbert can be found singing Rammstein songs xD

who is more protective:
Ivan. But he’s also overreacting more than Gilbert. Give him the slightest reason and he will glare at you through his eyes while smiling sweetly.
Everyone backs off. Always. While Gilbert is completely oblivious sometimes.

who sings in the shower:
Gilbert. Loudly. Ivan thinks it’s cute (he doesn’t understand a word when he’s singing german), while it made Ludwig insane when they still lived together.

who cries during movies:
None of them. At least not when they’re together. They need to save face. But when they‘re alone, both of them are very mushy and get teary eyed very easily.
The single time both of them clung to eachother while sobbing during a movie was, when they watched Hachiko (who didn’t??).
They never watched that movie a second time and pretend it never happened.

who spends the most while out shopping:
Gilbert… technically. He buys all the stuff. Cool clothing, cute stuff, stuffed animals and so on.
But Ivan pays xD

who kisses more roughly:
Gilbert actually. But it depends. Gilbert’s kisses are hard, hungry and dominating while Ivan’s kisses are more soft and gentle, teasingly even. But when Ivan is in the right mood, his kisses are even more rough and passionate than Gilbert’s and leave the prussian breathless :///D

who is more dominate:
In his behaviour: Gilbert.
He’s a warrior nation and he has to keep his dominance to show that he still is a warrior, a knight, even if his country doesn’t exist anymore. Ivan lets him, he just smiles happily or he kisses him to shut him up.
In bed it’s rather balanced. Ivan tops but he lets Gilbert lead him on, guide him, set the pace and force if he wants to.

my rating of the ship from 1-10:
OVER NINETHOUSAND. Absolutely 100 % OTP!! ♥ ♥ ♥  (= 10 xD)

Everything above is just my personal headcanon of them so it’s fine if you have a different view :3

Thanks for asking :D

Please send me a ship and I will tell you Meme


Bombay Bicycle Club - So long, see you tomorrow scan. Got the album yesteday! Absolutely thrilled. Apart from It’s alright now, Carry Me and Luna, I have to say that Overdone and Home by now are my new favourites. Home by now has an unexpected hip hoppy beat to it. So long, see you tomorrow is the last track on the album and it was my favourite at the release show, and my overall favourite. (Sounded 100% better live than on the album!). Brilliant album!

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hey! so I'm going to be starting the ib in less than a month. and while I'm excited and all that, having to do cas seems absolutely daunting to me. I'm not a naturally open, relaxed, social person and having to do cas sounds super stressing. do you have any tips on activities for cas for people with social anxiety/uncomfortable with socialising? thanks in advance and have a great day!!

Hi! Don’t worry - I myself also had problems going out when dealing with the CAS activities. Here are a couple suggestions for flexible CAS activities :)


Online courses. Super flexible and often very fun. You can sign up for a super cheap course on udemy.com. 

You can also start a writing / art blog on tumblr or deviantart, and get comments & feedback from other artists :D It’s also possible that you upload your artwork to websites like Redbubble.com, and donate your earnings to charity: that way you can count your hours as service as well :)


Depending on how strict your teacher is: geocaching could be a great way to fill up your action hours. Basically walk around your town with a map / GPS and find geocaches :D Easier version of pokemon go.

I’ve also heard people running on treadmills and taking a picture of the final result / go on running trips with a running app. 


7cupsoftea.com. This is an amazing website that allows you to train yourself to become an “active listener”, and help others in need of someone to talk to. You basically volunteer as a listener, and chat with anonymous people - you’re not required to give any advice, sometimes all people need is a place to vent!

Given this happens over the internet, it’s an extremely flexible activity and you can choose to do it whenever and whereever you like. The hours you spent there are recorded, and the staffs are happy to write you a certificate if you send them an email. Awesome activity that will definitely make you and other people happier - it also helps you tick off a bunch of your CAS requirements!

Hope this helped. Don’t let CAS be the stress factor in IB!

Uncontrollably Fond...

To those of you who slept on this, dropped it after a few episodes or whatever…You missed out on something really and truly special.

To those of you who waited until the entire drama had aired and are going to binge watch all 20…Brace yourself. Bring plenty of boxes of tissue with you, and remove any handy throwable objects from your vicinity. You are in for something amazing. You are gonna laugh, cry, get angry, want to throw things at your TV…please don’t break your TVs.

To those of you who wanted Kim Woo Bin to do another bad ass role, that was lighter…You should give him a chance to truly surprise you.

To those of you who absolutely fell in love with Kim Woo Bin this time around…Welcome. You now know what stans have been saying all along. He showed his AMAZING range in this role. Completely and utterly devastating and not just in his looks. This guy can do it all and it is a FUCKING SHAME that he probably wont get the appreciation and recognition he deserves for this due to all the bad publicity regarding the ratings. I will stan for him whereever, whenever!

To those of you who doubted Lee Kyung Hee as a writer because of this…You honestly should be aware of how amazing she is. NO ONE does melodrama better than her.

To those of you who knew what to expect because this was Lee Kyung Hee…You know what I’m talking about. Melodrama at its finest.

To those of you who blantantly hated on Suzy for her acting…STOP. You are wrong. She is not just a pretty face. Stop hating her because she is pretty and is dating Lee Min Ho.

To those of you who recognized how much Suzy has grown as an actress…Wonderful. We really did get an awesome treat here. Someone who was effortless in her subtlety and grace.

Thank you Drama Fever for having these episodes subbed early every week for us. PLEASE DO THAT MORE OFTEN!

And lastly, but most certainly not least, to those of you who stuck with this for 10 long weeks. Those of you who thought Wednesday couldn’t get here fast enough and endured the sheer sweet torture with every episode. Those of you who’s heart broke every minute and every second of this drama…Hey Fam, you doing ok? You need a hug? Come hug it out with me. You need to cry? Come cry it out with me. You want to talk about it? Come talk to me. 

Because guess what? I’m turning right back around and hopping right back on this crazy train called Uncontrollably Fond, and I don’t think I will EVER GET OFF IT!!


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ok i have nothing against other cultures but i get mad when i hear that here in germany, women who want to wear nijabs and burqas can wear them whereever and whenever. but when we come into YOUR country, we HAVE TO wear those things too???? like why??? i dont think thats fair

literally all arab countries want is for people to dress modestly, some of them don’t even require u to be modest. u aren’t forced to wear niqabs or burqas or hijabs anywhere in the arab world, not even in most of saudi so stfu, u didn’t even try to learn before talking especially since u are claiming europe is so accepting when france, belgium, spain, parts of italy, 16 states in germany (applied to teachers only as far as i know), part of russia, and switzerland banned the hijab, niqab or burqa. how accepting.

Newly human Cas is finally safe and sound in the bunker, which makes the loss of his grace just that bit easier, now that he doesn’t have to go hungry or cold again and has the Winchesters if he has any questions about his human body. But that still doesn’t mean it’s not difficult for him. Mostly, the Winchesters have taken to having set meal times so that he knows when his body needs food, and Cas knows when he’s supposed to go to sleep, though he has troubles with this. His mind can’t seem to get any rest at night, shaken by mares about things he has done, people he has sinned against, so he often wanders the bunker at night, reading in the library or creeping around near Dean’s room (because he can’t help but want to watch the hunter, though he knows it wouldn’t be appreciated).

Which means that during the day, he often just curls into a little ball, like a cat, and falls asleep wherever. Sure, if he is simply taking his nap on the couch or the kitchen table or in the library, it is simply a bit annoying for everyone else, if he falls asleep in the garden while tending to the weeds growing behind the bunker (which he claims to be flowers) or in the storage rooms of the bunker while taking in the inventory, it is mostly bad for him, but once he falls asleep in the bathtub that one time and only wakes up because Dean is banging on the door and telling him that dinner is ready which saves him from drowning, his behavior is declared dangerous.

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