whenever, wherever

me: reads thru everyone’s intros b4 posting my own lmao !!! but ay i’m ur trash mom™ kelsea, i’m 21, and i’m in the est timezone. honestly so wILD that i got accepted but on the real u guys all seem to b SHOOK af n i am right there with you. so honestly hmu whenever wherever n i’ll come running bc ya’ll got me turnt already and i’m a certified plot hoe™. if ur shy i’ll come to u just like this okay kisses pce

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ENFP, INTP: shower habits
  • ENFP: (doing terrible shakira impressions while taking a shower)
  • INTP: (kneeling with ear against the bathroom door, silently recording ENFP on INTP's phone while holding back laughter)

Cassian & Bodhi Modern AU | Whenever, Wherever 

We’re meant to be together
I’ll be there, and you’ll be here
And that’s the deal, my dear

I had to find a way to express my ideas and my feelings, my day-to-day stories, in English. Although I never thought people would talk so much about that line about shaving my legs every morning for my lover, or my small and humble breasts! That’s just the colloquial language I like to use. Also, they are small and humble! Don’t be fooled by the pictures.

Dating Poe

• I swear, this boy is a huge cuddle bug
• Like for real, he’d always wanna cuddle
• He’d also always sneak kisses in whenever and wherever he could
• Before he went on missions, you’d give him
your necklace so he had to come back to give it to you
• He’d also bring you little gifts, like flowers when he came home from missions
• BB-8 would be your new best friend and he would absolutely love you
• Poe would love, adore more like it, like you and BB-8 hit it off, cause BB-8 is his best friend too
• He’d always let you wear his clothes, especially his jacket and his x-wing helmet
• He would never, ever, push anything with you
• You would be able to be your complete self around him, and he would do the same with you
• There would probably be a lot of prank wars and tickle fights
• And little kids fights where you basically just kiss each other back and forth
• Finn and Rey would totally tease the hell outta the two of you, but also ship you guys to the max
• You would also be best friends with Rey and Finn, always going to Rey to tell her about something cute Poe did
• You and Poe would also ship Rey and Finn, trying to find ways to get them alone together more
• Don’t fight me on this, Poe is such a jealous type
• He would just fucking smash his lips against yours in front of the guy to let him know you’re taken
• Or he’d just come up to you and whine until he got you away from the guy
• He’d also do anything to make you laugh, like believe me, he’d love to make you laugh
• He’d also be the type to tell you stupid little pick up lines or something of the other
• “Poe I’m already yours, you don’t need to tell me pick up lines”
• “I don’t care, I like telling them, so be quiet and let me say them”
• He’d also live to see you blush and do anything he can to make you blush because then he can kiss your little cheeks

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