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The Nijimura Brothers (DiU AU)

On their way home from school, Satomi and Masato pass by the rock that she made. “Hey there, Terror.” She says, saluting said rock. 

“Oh, um…hey, Satomi? Was that rock always there?” Masato asked, pointing at the rock. 

“Yeah, it was, just…it didn’t look like that.”

“Well…whatever. Hey there, Terror!” Masato follows Satomi’s lead.

“So…what were you studying so furiously in there?”

“I-It was the town disappearances here in Morioh…did you know that it’s 7 times greater than Japan’s national average?”

“Woah, really?”

“Yeah…I don’t know how, but…something’s definitely going on in this town…”

Masato Hirose’s Echoes (DiU AU)

Masato is biking to school, grinning like an idiot. “This mountain bike was a gift to celebrate me getting into high school! I love that rush of excitement that you get when you get something new-I don’t think I’m gonna take the bus again for a long while!” He says to no one in particular. He then makes a sharp turn to the left.


Not Very Often

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eli whenever i talk about you at school i just say you're my friend because idk how im supposed to explain that i watch you on the internet without sounding weird so i hope that's okay xx

Every person on the Internet is referred to as “there was this one time my friend” because its at lot easier than saying “so this kid I follow” the context outside of tumblr that is alarming