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how to talk to crush?????!!!!!!

ah. heck if I know, friend.
maybe send them several multi-paragraph texts in a day. have mini flailing breaks after everything they say, both over the phone and in person. talk at length about things that are interesting, relevant, or introspective, such as autumnal candles or those penny press machines at zoos and theme parks. grin manically whenever you see them or have conversations with them. tell them how much you like their face and stuff and things. like. damn. what a top notch face. also, make sure to spill things like drinks/food and trip constantly when with them as well cuz I’m pretty sure most people find that super attractive.

thanks for tuning in these have been my Pro Tips™. now go out there and woo your crush, my friend :v)

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▸ PAIRING: Phone Sex Operator!Taehyung x Jimin

SUMMARY: Jimin should’ve known that mixing alcohol with his feelings was never a good idea. Because he sure as hell didn’t need to accidentally call a guy (whose voice was incredibly hot) offering sex to him. Over the phone.

or the one where Jimin drunk dialed phone sex operator!Taehyung and ended up with the best orgasm of his life.

▸ RATING & GENRE: NC-17 / Explicit ; Fluff, Crack, Smut

WORD COUNT: 23,292 words



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Secret Idol Relationship With Chani

-my gooooddddddddness having a secret relationship with you has got to be one of the biggest decisions this kid’s done in his life but because he likes you so much he took a huge risk to walk to your dorm at 4am and confessed to you in a dark sketchy nearby alley like ‘be my girlfriend, we been friends for a while and I never once thought of you as just a friend.so..would you please be my girl.’ and your just like 'kay I will chani but like its 4am im sleepy you gotta go home you live another station away did you really make your manager drive you all the way over here to confess to me?’ and he’s there smiling from ear to ear like an idiot like ‘yes. tomorrows our first day got it’

-would be so happy dating you, fans swear that chani would always be now smiling and super hyper all the time and everyone’s wondering how he changed so much. His attitude really did help him get more fans, resulting in a bigger fanbase for sf9 but all his members know it’s because of you. Would be the happiest boy when your group was promoting during the same time as him so he would often see you every day at music shows even if the prerecording started early in the morning, he’s be the members who’s the most awake. During music show lives, he’d try to not make it obvious he’s searching for you on stage glancing over a few times or watching you from his peripheral vision (basic side eye move) or make short eye contact with you with a shy smile before quickly looking away after but whenever he’s in the waiting room, he doesn’t hesitate to watch your performance on the tv screen and smiling brightly. “She’s really good at dancing don’t you think so hyungs..” Once you two are both off stage and meeting each-other as you two pass by in the hallways, you both would look at each-other and he would wink and give you a thumbs up for today’s performance but instead of doing the same, since noone was there- you were brave enough to go up and give him a quick kiss on the cheeks before walking past him- causing him to blush like crazy. “You worked hard too baby boy” God you basically ended him right there, now he’s going to think about you all night, kicking his bedsheets like a little girl unlike the manly man he tried to be or think he is but that’s not a bad thing is it because he was now in love, and being in love he can no longer keep up with his chic image.

-would call you often at night when everyone’s sleeping and he’d be whispering on the phone like ‘are you awake’ ‘duh i wouldn’t be calling you if i was’ ‘ oh right, did you eat today. i wanted to see you..lets go on a date now” Would ask managernim to drive him to your place to pick you up and you guys would go to the han river and sit with some snacks. Him wrapping his arm around you nervously and you resting your head on his shoulder. It would be awkward but butterflies would fill the both of your stomachs and you two would have no problems talking and joking about everything and anything-and the more often you guys see each other the more brave he gets and starts to initiate these moves, even with kissing you whenever he wants -while managernim watches from afar parked somewhere nearby to make sure you two are safe (rip his sleeping schedule..)

-Ends up on running man with you, and he can’t stop smiling to himself, even in the show everyone’s asking why he’s such in a good mood and he just replies ‘im really happy and honored to be here.’ If you guys had to pick a partner of the opposite sex, he wouldn’t hesitate to pick you and the mc’s are laughing and shooked cuz ‘you picked the prettiest girl out of this show huh’. and everyone’s just teasing him and he’s there smiling shamelessly like ‘yeah i did.’ doesn’t hesitate to be romantic or a gentlemen because this is a rare chance and even if he get teased, at least he gets to be with his girlfriend so he gets super duper competitive to win and there was this game where all the guys have to fight in mud and wrestle till the last person in the mud pool is still alive and he’s there looking like he’s about to die and you yelled over and over again for him to stop and quit cuz it isn’t worth it but he wanted to win the prize of a trip to hawaii for you so he endured it until he actually really did win and you’d get so emotional crying, you would forget your on camera and run into the mud yourself to give him a hug shooking everyone, and because of Running Man, everyone now ships yall super hard.

-Super loyal to you, doesn’t even look at any other girl idol. Is super dedicated and loyal to you and you guys end up dating for 2 years until one day fans find out this ship is actually real.

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so im going to my dads house for christmas for a week. absol would be a little more than 4 and a half months old. im trying to decide what to do with him. if i leave him here, i would have to pay hundreds for a pet sitter, or beg my breeder to take him (dont think she can cuz shed have a litter to deal with). if i bring him, id have to buy a crate for him to sleep in and leave him in the backyard whenever i hang out with my friends, which he is not ready for (up to 8 hours a day, but i assume my stepmom would play with him a bit, he would have her puppy to play with, and would get a walk).

ALSO im not sure he would be ready to be on a plane for 2 hours. i think he would be fine waiting for the plane, but i doubt he can hold a downstay under the seat. I NEED HELP! if i bring him, should i give him something like benedryl to basically knock him out? is there something else i can give him to make him calm/sleep? i will for sure exercise him a lot before the plane ride but i think even if he is exhausted, he will still freak out and be antsy.

also he has two tasks trained and is decently behaved in public so it would be legal.


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Gaster Blaster Dragon me: *smile and hugs v with my head purring* heh .....I thought you would be afraid from me....but now I see your not heh cuz why you should be afraid *sigh* but see I can to transform to a Dragon gaster blaster.... but I can control it...... I can transform whenever I want and im 17 but if you want I can help you with your powers ... but anyways......wanna fly a lil? Idk if ya fly in the sky but wanna make it? ... my we two? Friends?

V: my situation is a bit different…. it’s a little harder to control… I’d rather not talk about it… but sure, we can be friends. 

bpd lance tho

  • splitting on keith (considering him a rival even tho they never even talked, apparently, and the way he bounces back and forth between treating keith nicely or mocking him)
  • this may be Reaching but dramatic mood shifts (when he went from happy to depressed at the party)
  • impulsive (i know keith is impulsive too and thats a part of his character/lion but like. remember when lance lost the blue lion? remember when lance initiated keith and him crashing into the ground when nose diving their lions? remember when lance ran towards a guarded military base with no plan? remember when lance snuck out of his dorm just cuz? remember when lance did p much anything?)
  • identity rooted in how others percieve him (”maybe i dont have a thing”)
  • related: needing Validation + thinking the others dont like him or think he’s annoying/doesnt contribute
  • also the Jealousy (when shiro took keith w/him instead of lance, whenever anyone goes off alone with allura, when lance thought keith was eyeing blue lion)
  • this one is prolly Def reaching but shiro “that guy’s my hero” being his fp

im sure i can think of more but this im Tired and this is what i got for now

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but also? fake witches who buy themselves cards like... im not sure if everyone cares but ive always heard they have to be a gift? and fakes who let everyone handle their cards?

oh wow, that’s interesting, i didn’t know that actually. im gonna look into that more. 

but yeah seriously. i dont show anyone any of my materials unless we are really close, and after i do that i will cleanse them. i dont even wanna talk about what i own cuz its nobodys business. its really true though. people are so naive and think its some cute ~queer~ thing they can drop whenever. but they dont realize what kind of vulnerabilities they are opening up to themselves. its just so disrespectful and belittles the practice. i feel like a lot of this typically comes from ex christian atheists lol just from what ive noticed, but im sure thats not mutually exclusive. 

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i need an enlightened dude opinion, so my bf of 2+ years has been getting really bummed because i dont do certain stuff in bed and am very limited w positions cuz i have constant body aches that hold me back from doing a lot. I dont know what to do because he feels like hes steppin on eggshells whenever we have sex and i feel so useless and boring and Im not sure what's more important, my comfort or our sexual compatibility

Your comfort is ALWAYS Number 1.


If he cant respect that then kick him to the curb.