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More Than You Think

Beastsilver is real in these here parts of town~ \(-_-)/
Basically- Hank starts noticing Peter a lot more when the speedster begins showing up around him.


Hank knew that Peter was still unable to forgive himself for what had happened to Alex- he could clearly see the deep dread that was buried deep in his dark eyes, no matter how much Peter easily covered it up. He inwardly frowned when he thought about it too long- how whenever the ghostly mentioning of Alex’s name came up every now and then, Peter’s smile would all too easily slip a bit. How his eyes flickered a certain way. How his head hung low sometimes, and how Hank would surface from the lab at two in the morning to find the boy walking mindlessly through the halls- slow and drenched a melancholy that he miserably lied about.
Hank wanted to talk about it; wanted to just ask if his worries were true, and if Peter needed help that he just wasn’t used to. But the words always stuck and hesitated a second too long- you had to be quick with Peter- and before the doctor could ever just stop him a moment and lay a hand on his shoulder, Peter smirked and took off; gone for the day with a sure smile not quite as wide as it usually was.
Hank easily saw how upset Peter still was; even if no one else did. He was a doctor- that sort of thing was his job, in a way.

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Hey folks, Paul here for MOTION MONDAY!

Today’s topic is anticipation, another one of Disney’s 12 Principles. Whenever a character takes an action, believability goes up if there’s a slight movement in the opposite direction beforehand.

These GIFs are adapted from previous Motion Mondays. Here they are with and without anticipation…

Brunhilde and Baby Thundercluck:
(Originally part of this post on timing)

Big Ol’ Thundercluck Hop:
(Originally part of this post for the Fourth of July)

It’s a simple touch that adds a lot of life, but I see a lot of animators leave it out. If you work on animation of your own, be sure to keep anticipation in mind!

Thanks for watching, and be sure to join us again… for the next MOTION MONDAY!

anonymous asked:

I love you zen fanart so much! Do you have any tips on how to draw his hair?? whenever i draw it it doesn't look like him at all 😅😅😅😅

Ahhh, thank you so much! <3 Ahah, I know exactly what you mean; Zen’s hair was a nightmare the first time I tried drawing him. You’ll have to bear with me; I’m not that good at explaining things, but here’s how I usually go about drawing Zen’s hair.

We start off with our bald model. (’:

I lower the opacity so that it’s easier to see where I’m drawing. I start off with the bangs. Zen’s hair parts to his right side of his face. You have a large block of bangs in the middle of his face, a smaller collection to his left side of his face, and a much smaller collection to his right. His side bangs(? is that what they’re called?) sort of have a flare to them, and though most of his ears are covered, they should still be somewhat visible.

I draw the rest of the hair. He has smaller strands that sort of jut out where his hair parts.

He has layers, so I choose a “focal point” where his hair parts and draw several strands that spread out from that point.

More of a personal preference, but I love the sight of Zen’s hair over his shoulders. Makes me weak every time.

Erase the parts that are covered by the hair, and there you go. I hope I was able to be of help. Share that Zen fan art anon! <3

Highlights of my snl experience!!

• the friends I made in line

• met two hardcore Kristen Wiig fans they’re amazing omg I want to be the one girl she’s so outgoing

• waiting to get in Olivia Wilde totally just walked right by me so so close and then I got excited knowing Jason was probably here!!!

• watching Alec Baldwin rehearse his trump was hilarious

• Jason was there and I died!!!!!!

• Steve Martin was there!!!

• Kate McKinnon did this gay ass face/wink towards my part of the audience and we died

• Kristen Wiig waved to the audience in between her introducing the musical guests

• Kristen Wiig’s outfits! Full view. Amazing.

• Kristen breaking and spitting out the bit of pillow in her mouth

• Kate breaking 20 ft away from me. So cute

• Whenever Kristen opened her eyes you could see how big a blue and beautiful they were ever from across the room. She’s stunning

• Kristen breaking. Fucking cutie!!!

• Kristen waved to everyone after the show but I don’t think she saw me

• Leslie picked Kristen up when they hugged

• Kate and Kristen hugged when everyone else left. Just the two of them. One big long hug and we all awwwwed

After the show

• saw the target lady costume!

• stared directly into Chris Kelly’s eyes cause I’m a creep!

• walked right by Lorne Michaels and Martin short (apparently) and never even noticed haha

• saw Leslie and Kate very briefly

• Colin jost hung out with everyone and took pics and talked I just stood in front of him and I feel like he was trying to tell me something but idk. He’s a cute baby.

• Vanessa came out but then left

• will forte did the same thing as Colin. He’s so cute and down to earth. The girl made a recording of him saying how much he wanted her hair and how she’s beautiful. Ughhh he’s amazing.

• sasheer was out and took pics as well but left soon after

• I have videos containing Alex, Colin, beck, Kyle, Vanessa and sasheer.

(didn’t get a good one of Kate so I’m not going to post it)

Sutures and Stitches [m] Pt. 2

→ Genre: Angst, action, fluff, mature (mentions of blood, wounds, medical jargon) (smut in future chapters)

→ Jeongguk/Reader

→ 3.2k words

Summary: hitman!jeongguk and medstudent!Y/N bestfriends!au; Jeongguk always shows up to your place or hospital whenever he gets hurt because you guys are best friends and you patch him up, but he has no idea that every time you stitch up his wounds, it tears open new wounds in your own heart. 

part 1 | part 2

→A/N: Basically part 1 got so many notes, I got so many new followers, and I love Jeongguk and I’ve been so encouraged by your encouraging comments! Thank you so much for all the feedback! Here is a long-ass continuation of their backstory, please bare with it its a bit long, but crucial to see how Jeongguk and y/n met! FYI more feedback = faster updates ;) 

Part 3 coming soon! 

“You’re seriously sitting here scared of a tiny needle when you have a goddamn 9mm bullet embedded in your proximal deltoid muscle?!” He grinned, “Old habits die hard. And damn, I could get used to how hot you are with med words.”

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Romeo, oh Romeo
You are a drunk fool with honeyed lips,
and you taste of wine.
Why do I love you so?

You are a Montague,
and loving you is climbing a steep mountain,
whose peak I can never find,
whose horizon fills my visions,
and blocks all else out.

I will fall onto you, from heavens high tops.
I will fall onto you, and by my grace all else stops.

No wonder I cannot see Paris from here,
your devotion stabs into my bloodied heart.
You are a man too big for your part,
and I am endlessly drowning in your infatuation.

You are a summit,
that I am happy to never descend.

      - YOUR LOVER IN ARMS, Juliet


Juliet, oh Juliet,
You are a wisp of a youth,
lily tongued, Lilith.
Why do you enchant me so?

You are a Capulet,
and interpreting you is like learning every language  of man
whenever I get close,
I lack the words to decode
and I am left clutching at a ghost.

You are the soft peal of the bell.
I  fall under your spell.

I taste you, and it is pure unadulterated heaven.
You are the church steeple,
rising to the horizon, hair-breadth from the clouds,
You draw the eyes of the people.

You are a pathless woods,
that I am content to spend eternity wandering.

       - YOUR LOVER UNARMED, Romeo

two lovers met the end

Remember The Basic Tools of Story Telling

This is a guide I made and often reference whenever I am working on a new story and so I felt like sharing it. Most of you probably know all of this already as it is pretty basic, but I myself have still found it to be surprisingly helpful whenever I am struggling on parts of a plot I am working on. Looking back on these tools can often provide answers or fill in blanks, by forcing you to see ‘the whole picture’ of your story. They can give you direction and sometimes you’ll find that’s all you really need to get back into the writing groove once more.

So now that, that is out of the way, here we go!

Let’s start with a visual to get the ball rolling, because pictures help your brain comprehend things in a different way than words can!

Down below here we have the…

Plot Pyramid

Look familiar? Well it should! Think back to the days of Junior High and what your English teacher was telling you, because I can assure you probably saw this at least once in a classroom. (if you were paying attention that is)

This is the infamous plot pyramid and it is basically a visual structure of your basic everyday story, sequenced out in order, to aid your brain.

Now not every story looks exactly like this one, as many often have subplots and such, which can make the pyramid have more than one peak, but this here is the basic outline of what one looks like and it can be amazingly helpful when trying to create a good story!

(Of course as a kid you probably had no idea this would ever be helpful)

Now let’s go over each part of the plot pyramid that I labeled in order of how they should be in your story and define what they are and what they mean. I am going to do them in stages to hopefully make it easy.

This list, is the order of go.

  1. Exposition
  2. Rising Action
  3. Climax
  4. Falling Action
  5. Resolution
  6. Denouement

Stage 1: Exposition

  • - This contains your setting. The time and place of your overall story should be revealed here in order to give your reader understanding.
  • - Describe the environment some and set a scene to give your reader a visual, so that they may place the characters in the appropriate world.
  • - Is your story taking place in the modern day? Is it in the past? Are the characters in a rural area? Are they in the city? The artic, the jungle? Space?
  • - Often times a large part of the genre is revealed here as it should be. Will this be a sci-fi story? Western? Mystery?
  • - Groundwork for the world and its history should be established early on and should be straight forward. Keeping the reader in the dark too long can be frustrating and make them not want to continue as they are too confused.
  • - Crucial Character introduction. Your protagonists should be introduced here, and there could be more than one. Too many main characters could be confusing though, so be sure to really highlight on only a select few more than the rest, in order to give your story a focused direction and give these characters the proper attention and development they rightly deserve. You don’t want your main protagonist to be unlikable or overly mysterious. You want them to interesting though, so some mystery is still okay and it is important that the readers like them to some degree as the story will be largely following them. It can be difficult for a reader to stay behind and want to keep reading about a character they just can’t stand.
  • - Develop the protagonist some, lead into their backstory a little, their personality. You don’t have to reveal it all this early on, but you definitely want touch on it at least a little so that your reader may form an attachment and understanding of them. It makes the character relatable. Being able to identify with a character or understanding why they do certain things can help make future plot points make sense and feel more whole. It leaves the reader feeling more comfortable and helps them embrace the story better.
  • - It will also further enforce whether your protagonist(s) is a dynamic or static character. A dynamic character is a character who goes through a significant inner change throughout the plot of your story, whereas a static character more of less stays the same. It is important for the reader to know the main characters initially, before they can notice whether they are changing or not throughout your story.

Stage 2: Rising Action

  • - The conflict comes into play here.
  • - There can be more than one problem to solve, so long as there is one main conflict for each major protagonist. Any other conflicts are supposed to be subplot devices and should still ultimately end up being relevant to the overall plot in order to achieve a proper weaving storyline.
  • - Here are the different types of Conflicts listed below,

Man vs Man

Man vs Nature

Man vs Society

Man vs Self

Now lets go over each one.

Man Vs Man

  • o A villain or antagonist for your protagonist, in the form of a person or a being that is man like.

Man Vs Nature

  • o Surviving the environment or a natural disaster. Weather, wild animals, destruction of a structure, etc.

Man Vs Society

  • o Protagonist is up against a group of people who have opposing views from their own ideals. Race, Religion, war & peace. Social change if often a result. The protagonist is often out casted, shunned and/or ridiculed.

Man Vs Self

  • o Protagonist is dealing with inner turmoil, psychologically. It could be that they are just at war with their own feelings. It could be that they are dealing with mental trauma from a horrific past event. It could also be that they are just a self-loathing character. They could have a mental condition, or they could be trying to get over their inner fears.

There should be at least one or more of these conflicts in a decent plot, because no conflict would mean no tension and no tension is boring! Your rising action phase is normally where the majority of your story’s events are going to be taking place as it consists of the characters dealing and/or beginning to prepare for the oncoming problem, up until the highest point of action. Any other problems they may run into on the way to the highest point of action shouldn’t be the main conflict, as that should be saved for the climax, but they should somehow relate to the main conflict. These subplot devices are meant to keep the story interesting on its way to the peak.

Stage 3: Climax

  • - This is the highest point of action in the story, the turning point. The conflict is at its most apparent and the characters now have to deal with it front and center.
  • - There can be several points of conflict as previously mentioned, but one will stand supreme above all of the rest as the central problem for the main protagonists to deal with.

Stage 4: Falling Action

  • - The conflict has almost all, but played out and reached its climatic ending and now the characters must deal with the aftermath one step at a time, up until the conclusion of the story.
  • - It could be that they are somehow still falling away from the highest point of action, still trying to escape it, while feeling its affects.
  • - The effects of the climax could end up being positive, negative or both depending on the genre of story you are going for. Tragedy, romance, horror, etc. Normally this will aid in the author’s deciding factor.
  • - This phase is normally much shorter than the rising action phase, but it doesn’t have to be. The reason it normally is, is because your story, in theory, has already had its most exciting moment. So, the story shouldn’t seem unnecessarily drawn out, because that could lead to the reader losing interest.

Stage 5: Resolution

  • - The conflict has reached its conclusion and is solved. The falling action phase has now ended as the characters have been dealing with its affects.
  • - This part of the story is basically your ending, but there might still be some loose ends for your characters to deal with.

Stage 6: Denouement

  • - This is the very end, where everything is wrapped up in a neat little bow. All questions that the author intended to answer, should be revealed.
  • - The epilogue, the story should end here in a way that gives the reader closure for all of the events that transpired during the plot.
  • - However, it can be somewhat open ended to hint at more to come, like a sequel, or just to allow the reader to make their own assumptions in some regards.

That about does it for the 6 different stages of the pyramid which should greatly aid you when formulating a plot for your overall story. 

Reincarnation AU Part Two: AKA, whenever people encourage me to Write A Thing by telling me they liked it, you are exponentially more likely to see more of it.

The first bit’s here.

Have more now, under the cut. 

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PART 1 [SCENARIO] Boyfriend!Jun...

Ello friends! X’mas just ended here in SG and I did nothing the entire day but watched Goblin HAHAHA. (I hope you had a more productive day heh.) If you’re still in the mood, do check out the ChristmasTeen series

Anyways (as promised), here’s a lil “gift” for you who can’t get enough of Jun hehe. I’ll release Part 2 [DRABBLE] soon! 
Merry Christmas! 🎄✨

junnie :>

Jun on the first date…

  • Jun is extremely shy on the first date - which is so unlike him

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Off Limits (Skam - Chris x OC) Part 12

Pairing: Chris x OC

Synopsis: Mara Magnusson has always had everything she ever wanted in her life, except for one thing. The boyish charm of her brother’s childhood friend had wrecked her poor heart and ruined her for any other guy – you can trust her, she has tried. She could see the way he looked at her, though she knew there were rules about not hitting on your best friend’s little sister. Luckily for her, there were no restrictions when it was the other way around.

Word count: 2.3k

A/N: This took a lot less time than I expected, so here you go, you have part 12 two days earlier than I planned!


Part 11 <<< >>> Part 13

That night, Chris didn’t get much sleep. He remembered closing his eyes several times but whenever he opened them again to check his phone, he saw that barely ten minutes had passed. The clock on his wall above his desk ticked away every goddamn second, and in the middle of the silent night, it made ten times the noise it did during daylight. Somewhere between two and three in the morning, he thought he would lose his wits if he had to suffer one more minute of this infernal tic tac tic tac, and he got up and opened the window to throw the damn thing out.

“Chris?” Mara’s sleepy voice called his name.

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Bookish Love II

**Part 1 can be found here. I hope you all enjoy part 2, as I loved writing it! Part 3 will be underway soon, but feel free to request in the mean time!

Since the Niffler situation, you had yet to see Newt Scamander. No matter how many times you told yourself he would not be walking back through your door again, your head still shot up whenever the bell would ring, hoping it was him. It never was, and you slowly begin to lose hope when three weeks have past and not a whisper of his breath met you as you worked.

Rubbing at your eyes, you yawn and place a new book upon the shelf in front of the store, the rain outside pattering against the sidewalk. It was cold and dreary, and had been cold and dreary for nearly two days now. You yawn again, stretching your arms high above your head as you think about how nice it would be to just take a little cat nap. Just a short one, to replenish your energy. The bell above the door rings, but you don’t turn to see who’s walked in.

“Afternoon, please feel free to ask any questions. Otherwise, the place is yours to peruse,” you quip, oddly put off by the weather.

You used to adore rainy days, which left you indoors and curled up with a good book and cup of tea, but now you despised them. The cold made you ache and every pair of boots ended up clogged with water. The love you once had for this weather, reminding you dearly of England, was gone, blown away by the winds that smacked you with sheets of rain. Trailing your fingers over the spines of the worn books, you barely notice the stranger who wandered in. He’s staring at you intently, almost like he’s trying to memorize your features, and you quickly turn your head to glower at him.


His name rolls off your tongue as if it were a prayer, and he feels heat rush to his chest at the way you say it. Licking his lips, his hand flexes around the handle of his briefcase before he sets it down and shakes out his coat. Neither of you speak after that, just staring at the other in awe. Newt had missed this place, with its many shelves, cats and you. Especially you. He couldn’t imagine a place he would rather be than right here with you. Even his briefcase and beasts seemed slightly dimmer without you there. Not that he would ever say as much to anyone who asked.

Clearing your throat and brushing aside a strand of hair, you smile softly at him. “What brings you back here, Mr. Scamander?”

He follows you with his eyes as you make your way around him and to the register. Turning sharply, he almost trips, hands slamming down on the counter top and making you jump in surprise. Both of you stand there, shocked and slightly concerned before laughter brims from between your lips. Newt feels his face heat up at the sound, but it quickly disappears when he sees how beautiful you look, head tipped back and eyes squeezed tightly shut.

“A-are yo-u all r-i-ght?” You manage to get the question out between giggles, shaking with the force of them.

“Y-yes, quite…quite all ri-ght. I actually came to…to speak with…you. I-I wanted t-to tha-ank you fo-for he-lping with the N-n-niffler,” he stutters out, straightening up some and fixing his hair.

You hum, watching his long fingers weave through the caramel locks before your eyes dart down to meet his. They’re a bright green, reminding you of sea glass that you find on the oceans in the summer. Another moment and you’re staring around his nose, seeing the small freckles. “Angel kisses.”

Newt blinks, looking at you in utter confusion before turning his head about to see what you meant. “I-what?”

You flush, shaking your head and swallowing thickly. Oh, how foolish you were, thinking such things and stating them without a filter. Newt is still staring at you in question, though he doesn’t speak a word. Finally letting out a huff of air, consequently making some ringlets of hair flutter about your face, you respond.

“Freckles. My mother used to call them angel kisses. Ev-every freckle is a kiss from an angel. Ya know, the closer to heaven you are, the more that you’ve got?”

A blush rises on Newt’s cheeks, tinting not only his face, but his ears as well. They’re dusted a light pink, making you smile softly. Without thinking much of it, you reach forward and drag your finger across his nose. “All these angel kisses. You must be one very holy man.”

That elicits a snort from him, his hand slapping over his mouth as you both stare at one another. You laugh softly before sitting back on your heels and raising a brow at him.

“You never did tell me what you were here for, Newt.” The teasing tone of your voice makes his knees weak, but Newt manages to compose himself before speaking.

“I wa-wante-d t-to ask you i-if you were p-p-p-erhaps free l-later on th-this evening,” he manages to get out, face even darker now that he’s got out the thing he’s been dying to get out for weeks.

You tilt your head, looking at him for a long moment before a grin splits across your face, all but blinding him. “I’d love that very much! Shop closes at five, if you’d like to come by then.”

Rather than opening his mouth again to let some stupid noise come out, Newt just nods, grabbing his briefcase and heading towards the door. You stifle a giggle as he goes to wrench it open and flies back, the wind kicking it in with enough force to soak him from head to toe.

“Better watch out there, Mr. Scamander. This weather might kill you.”

When you finally close up and lock the door, you find yourself turning right into Newt, who holds an umbrella above his head, covering you both. “Oh! Hello, Mr. Scamander.”

“It’s Newt, Ms. Y/L/N, you know this,” he teases, making you smile.

He seems rather different now, something gleaming in his green eyes and sparking your interest. “Have you been drinking? Or is there a different side of you I wasn’t privy to?”

Newt hooks his arm with yours, shrugging his shoulders as he clutches at his briefcase. “I suppose you’ll never know unless you come with me. I found a rather quaint place just up the street a ways. Very warm, despite this chilly day.”

You let him lead you along, curious as to where this new man had suddenly come from. Either way, you liked Newt, but something about the bashful and awkward man made you more comfortable. Right now, he seemed…off putting. As if he was trying harder than he needed to.

Once at the pub, which you knew quite well, thank you very much, Newt and you manage to find a booth and slide in together, laughing at the squeaking of wet shoes. He shakes out his umbrella, hanging it on the coat rack beside his seat and then turning his attention to you.

“Does this weather remind you of England?”

His question catches you off guard, but you find yourself answering truthfully. “Quite. I wasn’t there very long, but I can remember the rainy days. Of course, the weather here can be fairly similar. I used to love it.” Frowning at the water droplets sliding down the window, you sigh. “’M not sure what happened.”

Newt is quiet for a bit of time before speaking again, slipping back into his soft spoken nature. “I always p-p-preferred the sunny days, m-myself.”

Laughing, you look at him and beam. “Sunny days in England? I don’t recall many of those, but they were nice. Warm and breezy. Lots of birds in the trees.”

He nods, picking up on your attitude and smiling as well. “Yes! And the grassy hills that you could sit on and watch the clouds roll by were nice. I enjoy bringing myself up there on good days and writing. It’s very relaxing.”

You agree, slipping into conversation easily. Newt Scamander was a man of many mysteries, but you rather liked it.



“I don’t see it.”

03•09•17, Thursday

My supposed to have post for yesterday didn’t upload!!! :( apparently I was having connectivity issues. I was super busy yesterday so I couldnt check to see if it was actually working

So here’s my post, some drama notes! Oh and I guess I’ll have to add in day 2 and 3 of my March study challenge ♡

2) Favorite time of day to study?

Midday to afternoon, or whenever part of day the sun’s at its peak. I don’t like the morning because I’ll still be drained if energy by then and I wouldn’t be able to study. I don’t like the night either because I’d be petrified (I have nyctophobia, like I legit can’t control it I’m just breathless when in pitch darkness). Also I think it’s super energizing!

3) Favorite book/book series?

My favorite book of all time is Ready Player One by Ernest Cline! It’s just so geeky and so dystopian and so retro (and I like these themes, even better when combined!) Unfortunately the copy that I have has been mercilessly mauled by my dog, so even if I wanted to I can’t show it to you


A Min Yoongi/Suga Fanfiction

Summary:  Exposure determines how light or dark an image will appear when it’s been captured by a camera…So why can you only see rainbows when you look at him.

Part 1 Part 2

Part 1


‘So this is the studio space, there are 4 separate recording studios at the moment, however I think Shi Hyuk has planned to add more-’

'And are there rules about when I can use them, or…’

'Well at the moment its just the boys using them, so as long as you book on the sign in here-’ he says indicating the mounted tablet on the wall which held a schedule looking timetable with quite a few squares already filled, 'then you can use it whenever you want! But I will warn you that if you think you’ll be alone at night, these boys tend to stay in pretty late- especially Yoongi.’

'Which one is Yoongi?’ you ask intrigued, moving over to the giant mural on the wall beside the tablet, decorated with the charming faces of seven young guys who were all smiling and happy.

'Ah, he’s this one.’ Seojun, your guide- and executive director of the company, indicates.

The one he’d pointed out had platinum blonde/pretty much white hair in the picture. His face was pale and his features curved softly, his eyes looking like they resembled the sleepy slope of a sloth’s, and his nose resembling a button. You couldn’t particularly imagine him to be into producing or composing so much, but then you thought, 'each to their own’; you weren’t bothered as long as he didn’t get in your way.

'Anyway, onto the actual sound equipment…’

As soon as you’d been shown around the entire building and had had the rules regarding working practise repeated to you a few times, you left Seojun with a polite goodbye and an over the shoulder comment that he’d be able to find you in one of the studio’s that you’d already booked out on your tour earlier.

However, as you found out pretty quickly, there was only downside to the whole 'move to Seoul and help produce music for the bigwigs’ plan that you’d set up, and that was that when it came to working and composing- the thing you loved most- you tended to become a little bit of a hermit. So you shouldn’t have been surprised when you looked up at the clock a little while after getting started with playing and experimenting with the equipment in the studio that evening and you realised the time was 3am.


Your stomach lets out a loud agreement with your exclamation, making you shake your head in disapproval at your own obsessive nature before getting to your feet for the first time in what must have been hours and stretching till you heard your entire back crack.

You knew you were nowhere near finished despite your realisation of the time, however. It was only the knowledge that you had a packed schedule for the rest of the week that urged you to begin to pack up, trying to save all of your progress and becoming confused when the computer wouldn’t respond.

'Trust me to forget this part.’ you murmur to yourself, referring to the detailed explanation that Seojun had given you earlier about how you make sure not to lose your work, before remembering that he’d also pointed out the small office that held all the computer and programme manuals that you could refer to if you forgot.

You down the last of your coffee that was now cold from hours of neglect, before heading for the door, seeing that the small corridor space was abandoned, and shuffling over to the main office. Although you’d been told that you were able to go into the space of your own free will- as long as you didn’t mess it up- you still felt like you should hurry in grabbing the manual and getting out, hating the feeling of being the new girl even more when you browse through the files and cant find the one you’re looking for.

'Who are you?’

You jump half a mile when the guy suddenly appears in the doorway, having to throw your arm out to steady yourself on the wall behind you as you gasp in air to keep your heart going.

'Jesus, don’t scare me like that!’ you snap weakly, your eyes finally adapting to the sudden light that had been flicked on in the corridor, revealing the familiar face at the door- although you couldn’t quite put your finger on who he was.

'Well…who are you?’ he repeats, his eyebrows hanging low over his eyes as he crosses his arms and stands intimidatingly as he watches you, the whole bravado making you feel affronted and immediately bringing out your defensive side.

'I’m Melody. Who are you-’

'What are you doing here?’ he asks, cutting you off in your own question, and his demanding tone makes you stand up properly and cross your own arms over your chest, mirroring his stance almost perfectly as you glare at him.

'I’m working.’ you say shortly, expecting him to quickly question you again, but instead watching him as his eyes graze around the room, seeing the books that you’d been looking at and smirking slightly as he looks back at you momentarily before stepping forward and pulling one of the giant paperbacks from the shelf.

'Page 903.’ is all he says as he hands it to you, trying to suppress a smile before giving you one last look over and turning around to walk out of the room.

'Wait, who are you?’ you ask again, the whole interaction making you beyond confused, before you see him look back over his shoulder with a smirk as he stands in the corridor, the single light above him making him look like God was shining his light down on his head, and the whole image made you want to scoff at the grandeur.

That was until he gave you an answer.

'Yoongi. My name is Yoongi.’

And then he was gone.


anonymous asked:

please stop making otp reaction posts in the tag. it's really annoying.

The funny part is, anonymous person who cowardly feels the need to hide their identity to send a message, this is tumblr: where I can post and upload whatever I like, whenever I see fit. It’s not here to please other people when they see fit.

So if I feel like making otp reaction posts in a tag, whichever tag you happen to be talking about– I will. Just like dozens of other tumblr users do everyday.

So…….. thanks for the ‘complaint’? If you want to call it that.

I’m going to continue making posts I like, on my tumblr, so if you don’t appreciate such acts– block my posts. It’s really quite simple.

Thank you for changing nothing, buh-bye~

Now you see me. Part 2

AN: A lot of you asked for part two i hope you like it.

Word count: 1583

Requested: a stiles imagine where you are lydias twin sister but there are a few differences (your hair is shorter, you have blue eyes, you wear glasses) and you’re best friends with scott and stiles but have a huge crush on stiles and get really annoyed whenever he talks about Lydia & scott notices so he talks to stiles and it gets really fluffy at the end WITH  A LITTLE TWIST


Part 1

Theo took you deep into the woods, passing the Hale house, further than the look out. You started to feel your body burning up, you could feel someone following you, you whispered to Theo, “T-theo, there’s someon-” “I know its ok Y/n I have you nothing is going to happen” he said kissing your forehead.

Theo ran faster and faster to keep them off your trail, he reached the spot, he stopped and put you down “Theo, grab the rocks” Theo already knew what you meant you guys came out here to try and see if you can actually do things, you could see the sky darken above you. You were laying on the ground; feeling the earth around you. How the soil feels between your fingers, the rush of the wind, the sound of the trees.

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Chibi Rome who is your mommy?!

(Chibi Rome MA, ask no. 10/10) 

Byzantine: we don’t have any. We don’t even have a father… I think… I don’t know, I’m the youngest child here. 

Britannia: did it work?

Dacia: we have to wait until the cloud of smoke disperse. 

Scandia: why is there always a random, thick-ass smoke whenever we cast a spell??

Dacia: don’t question magic logic- oh, I think I see a figure!

Rome: *cough* *cough* What the, what happened??

China: Rome, you’re back- AIYAAH!! WHY ARE YOU NAKED???

Germania: … is this part of magic logic too?

Dacia: … I think it’s part of fanservice… 

Rome: oh, yeah… weird, huh? Anyways, what did you guys do when I was out? Well, I think that I was out… I don’t remember much- wait! Did anyone draw on my beautiful face??

Gaul: he’s back… *cries* 

Britannia: yo, you turned into a cute child and then we turned you back into your hideous, hairy ass-self. 

Rome: geez, thanks for the wonderful explanation… oh, and Zanty is here!! *hugs Byzantine* 

Byzantine: ew, don’t hug me with your naked body. 

Rome: hehe, why can’t an older brother hug his cute, younger brother~? 

Byzantine: *sighs* whatever. 

Ancient Greece: hmmm… well, at least it’s nice to have the old Rome back. 

Rome: Greece??? You miss me?? 

Ancient Greece: I spoke too soon…