whenever i see sister

DEH Treebros Hanahaki Disease

“You’re kidding right?” Jared stared at Evan who was trying to use the sink to wash the blood off from his shirt. “Connor Murphy, potential school shooter and asshole extraordinare?”

“I can’t help it…I just woke a few days ago with petals and blood all over my pillow…”

“And you’re sure it’s Connor Murphy? Not like his sister or something?”

“No it’s Connor…whenever I see him I get butterflies in my stomach and then I start coughing and I know it’s him Jared.”

“Ho-lee shit, are you gonna tell him?”

“No way.”

“So you’re just going to wait till it gets so bad they take you to the hospital to remove it? You do know that means you’re going to forget him.”

“I know but what’s my other option? Say hey, I know I’ve never talked to you before but I kind of like you enough to start coughing up flowers?”


“No way-dang it, the blood’s not coming out.” As Evan said this the bell rang.

“And we’re late to Government.”


Jared did not like Connor Murphy. Not a lot of people actually liked him, he was an asshole. Yet here Evan was coughing up flowers for the bastard. For as much shit Jared gives him, Evan’s his only friend and he wants to help. Right now the two options currently being; tell Mrs.Hansen about the disease and get him the surgery right now or get him to talk to Connor.

Given Evan had begged Jared not to tell his mom about it so that only left the latter option. Today the two had been walking in the hallway when Connor had shoved Evan out of the way, calling him a freak. Already a great start to the relationship. Now Jared sat in his car waiting for Evan to finish printing his weird sex letter to himself.

A few more minutes passed by when the door quickly opened and slammed shut. “Took you long enough, what were y-Jesus Christ, what happened?” Evan was hyperventilating with tears running down his face, everytime he hiccuped more flowers spilling out of his mouth. “Fuck do you need the hospital or-”

“N-no, I just-Connor was, was in the computer lab and then I panicked and he saw my letter, and-and-” Evan stopped mid-sentence as he made a chocking noise before reaching his have back in good mouth and pulling something out. It was a single acacia blossom covered in blood making Jared gag.

“Oh dear God, what the fuck is that?”

“An acacia blossom…” At that moment Jared made up his mind as he began driving. Evan sat there trying to calm himself down when he noticed they passed his house. “Hey where are we going?”

“We’re talking to Connor Murphy.”


whenever i see this gif

i think of this one time my sister was riding in the car and she was doodling

and she finished drawing this shark right at a stop light so she turns to the guy in the car next to her and holds up her drawing and shows it to him

and he looks over at it and he makes like that exact expression

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So I'm a pansexual and I've identified as one for almost a year now. I really like someone who identifies as non-binary and is also pansexual, but they only see me as a sister :') Whenever I see one of your posts that they can relate to, a get really happy because I love finding things that remind me of them, so thank you for that :)

awww that’s sweet. thank you so much for sending this in 💞


turn your investment portfolio into a modeling portfolio

Thoughts about Okja

Browsing on Netflix, I stumbled upon this movie. I never bothered watching the trailer, but I have an idea that this was a Korean movie, so I just hit the play button. I was surprised to be welcomed by an english-speaking character, because all I know was, this was Korean. This ain’t a damn long ass review but you guys, why didn’t I notice Steve Yeun before? I don’t watch The Walking Dead but I can sometimes see a glimpse of him whenever my sister watch it. He’s so damn cool in this movie! I didn’t know he can talk Korean (yes, I know he’s Korean but ugh yeah, I know you get the point? Lol). Plus not to mention, Choi Woo Shik. Damn, that guy, always in good Korean movies. Remember him in Train to Busan? :)

(Lol this post was about me fan girling over Korean men)

((Told you, this ain’t a review because I suck at making one in the first place))

So when I’m done with the movie, of course, some withdrawals and stuff so I headed to Youtube and watched some of the creators I’m subscribed to, and stumbled upon Wil Dasovich (I’m subscribed to this guy ever since) video with Erwan Heussaff until reaching to his video which happened to be a premier of Okja in Korea. (Imagine my remorse of not watching Wil’s videos that much lately, I blame work! Lol). He interviewed Steve Yeun and the little girl in the movie, he said that Netflix will release it, so yes, Netflix, I’m waiting!

That’s it, yall! I’m supposed to be out today but… rain. I just stayed at home to finish this.

And yes, you guys, always grateful for sticking with me. Thank you. Much love.

PS. Go watch Okja, it’s lit.


more modern ttGoT stuff Arthur is such a babe he totally would fit as a bike gang leader who’s overly protective of his older sister. also whenever I see Elaena i’d totally picture Lorde (tell me i’m not the only one ;-;) so yeah I guess she’s a famous pop star who got no chill

I promise

I promise to remember Percy

whenever I´m at sea

I promise to remember Annabeth

whenever a spider comes at me

I promise to protect nature

for Grover´s sake, of course

I promise to remember Luke

when my heart is at remorse

I promise to remember Chiron

whenever I see a sign that says “free pony ride”

I promise to remember Tyson

whenever a friend says he´ll stick by my side

I´ll remember Thalia

whenever a friend is scared of heights

I promisse to remember Clarisse

whenever I see someone that gives me a fright

I promise to remember Bianca

whenever I see a sister scalding a younger brother

I promise to remember Nico

whenever I see someone who loves deeply and unconditionally

I promise to remember Zoe and Bob

when I watch the stars

I´ll remember Rachel

whenever I paint my dreams

I promise to remember Jason

whenever a friend says that its okay be me

I promise to remember Piper

every day I see how beautiful I am

I´ll remember Frank

every time I show what I´m capable to do

I promise to remember Hazel

in the colors of the sunset after the rain

I promise to remember Leo

whenever I do something impossible

I´ll remember Reyna

whenever someone says that I fight like a girl

I´ll remember Ella

when the books whispers in my ears

I promise to remember Sally

every day when I see my mom

I promise to remember Calypso

every time I have to sacrifice something

I promise to remember Connor and Travis

whenever I do a mischief

I´ll remember Silena

every time I know I can be brave

I promise to remember Beckendorf

every day I see someone protect his friends

I´ll remember Chris

whenever I see someone change

I´ll remember Will

when in a tragedy appears help

I promise to remember Michael, Lee, Castor and Ethan

when I see friend who is lost

I´ll remember Octavian 

when I forcing someone to listen

I´ll remember Polux and Dakota

in the dew of grapes

I promise to remember Hylla

whenever I see a friend become a warrior

I promise to remember Gleeson Hedge


I´ll remember Echo

because she has never given up

I promise to remember Mrs. O´Leary

in every loyal friend I found

I´ll remember Blackjack

whenever I hear the word “boss”

I´ll remember the gods

when I see irresponsible parents

I promise remember Rick Riordan

in the face of my teachers; when I open a book who teach me a new world

And I promise to remember Camp Half-Blood and New Rome

wherever I may go.

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What I love about Apink Members ?

Okay so I’ve realized a while back that many pandas have not been liking Apink members equally.. I love seeing Pink Pandas that have their favorite bias but still love the other members, of course not as much but at least not to the point where you’d hate them. I’ve always thought that if you like a group, you should like all members (or at least accept them) because a group comes as one whole, it’s not just one or two members, it’s each and every member that makes up the group, even if they can’t sing or can’t act, or aren’t pretty, they all have their special place in the group. Liking one member and giving them more attention but still liking the others is perfectly fine, but liking ONLY one and hating the others, does not make you seem like a true and loyal panda..:/ think about it, wouldn’t your bias be upset to know that you hate, or dislike one of their fellow members in which they worked hard with to achieve their current place? And I think of a group as one person, So if you love Apink then you love that “one person”. Kind of like when you fall in love with someone, won’t you love everything about them despite their possible flaws? Apink is like that..it’s a whole..For example, if you like all but dislike the leader, it’s like you like that person, but don’t love their brain (or way of thinking, thoughts etc..) One member may stand as the brain of the group, while another may be the heart or the face, the personality, and so on. Apink is like that, it’s one, and we should like it as a whole.

In any case, I decided to make this post to point out and emphasize what I like about each member, dividing my attention equally amongst them in this post.

Park Chorong

Chorong, which is the leader, what keeps Apink strong and on their feet. Chorong is seriously something different..I just love hee nature, I certainly love everything about her, from her harmonizing soft voice, to her adorable face (kyaa! ~ (●♡∀♡) <3) Although she’s the leader and the oldest, she’s simply one of the most adorable things ever, whenever she tries to act mature with that baby face I just wanna hug her! And not to mention, one of the best girl group leaders out there, she never considered herself as a higher level than the rest of the members, she’s constantly putting her members’ priorities before herself, she’s always with them in everything, helping them out and loving them all, and I realized she’s always the first to compliment other members (esp. Namjoo & Hayoung) that don’t get the love they deserve, she compliments them in such a beautiful and delightful manner, she wants all members to shine equally and get love from everyone, she is definitely an awesome and perfect leader for Apink, her existence is very important, I repeat, VERY, important.She never tries to get the lights on her, she’s always praising the others so that they get attention as well (a true and caring leader!!<3) I hope to see more of her acting soon so she can get her spotlight as well. She’s one of the first to cry whenever the members are thankful or happy..it shows how much she must have been through to achieve it all..I’m pretty sure she stresses a lot, it’s not easy being a leader, and not to mention she’s at a young age so it’s bound to be hard for her, yet she still smiles and takes care of the other girls like her own sisters..My heart drops whenever I see her crying..it’s like, “noo chorongie show me that adorable smile :’{ ” Please stay strong and healthy and no matter what others say, you’re the best leader to me, I Love you Park Chorong ❤

Yoon Bomi

Bomi, the life of the party..a party called Apink! cx Bomi’s existence is one of the most important, seriously, I don’t understand when people hate fer for getting lots of variety or attention, guys, she deserves it, that girl is freaking hilarious. To be honest she never fails to make me laugh, just everything she does is simply adorable and entertaining. It’s so refreshing to watch her do aegyo with no shame, not to mention sexy dances and hilariously ridiculous derps xD She’s indeed ‘Sparkling Bomi’. Did I mention her hair? It’s beautiful!! I’m just mesmerized whenever I see her hair long and untied, I’m like “No bomi, you’re beautiful enoug-” and I end up dying. Haha but there’s more to Bomi than just the funny entertainer of apink. Bomi really adores her fellow members, all of them from Chorong to Hayoung, one by one, she loves them all and it’s not that hard to see it! <3 She just gives off this pure nature, and this may or may not seem weird but ..I’m in love with her talking voice..that deep tone is just so comfortable to listen to all day..it feels so comforting (Okay I probably sound like a creep now otl) it gives off the “Don’t worry everything will be fine” feel to it! Forever I will support and love you Yoon Bomi ❤

Jung Eunji 

Wahh Eunji, the main vocal of apink.. she seriously has one of the most powerful voices I’ve heard, very powerful, and her personality is no different, it’s also very powerful and ambitious. I fell in love with Eunji because of her casual, tom boyish like and cool nature..well she isn’t the Busan princess for no reason! She’s not your ordinary kpop female idol, Eunji is freaking cool, I swear there was a time where I fell in love with her for real..like no kidding..she’s indeed captivating. She can look extremely feminine yet still maintain her cool image. Her voice, her walk and just everything she does gives off the cool feel to it and I THINK I"M IN LOVE!!!! Haha.. Eunji is also known for caring for apink members as if she’s their mother..which reminds me of Apink Showtime episode 8, where she got gifts for all members even though she only had to get for one…And the time where Chorong and Jiyoung did a hidden camera prank on the fellow members yet Eunji handled it pretty well and somethings she said during that time really surprised me (in a good way!) Another thing about Eunji is that she never shows her feelings openly to others, especially when it comes to tears, like Bomi said, It’s so hard to make Eunji cry. She seems to maintain her smile to not appear weak when she cries, but the time she cried when she recalled a past event in school seriously made me burst into tears..it’s hard seeing her cry, I hops she’d always smile, I love you Jung Eunji ❤

Son Naeun

Naeun, or Son Yeoshin..Because let’s face it, that girl is a true goddess, and there’s no doubt about that. First of all, I don’t understand why anyone would hate such a sweet and caring girl like Naeun. You have to understand that a group is made up of different people with different personalities, And Naeun just happens to be the silent angel. She’s one of the most beautiful female idols I’ve seen, it’s not just her appearance, something about Naeun and her personality just give off the goddess-like feel and it’s absolutely charming..<3 Regardless of what anyone else says, Naeun’s acting was freaking awesome, no it wasn’t bad like others said, It was awesome! I loved her bubbly and outgoing character in her role, it’s interesting that she can pull off such role even though she’s the quiet type, so that alone makes her a good actress ^~^ Her smile is flawless, her voice compliments her looks and can’t forget her Disney princess hair..I didn’t know the right word to describe Naeun then I saw a post where it said “Naeun Has Disney princess hair” and I was like “Yeah!” That’s the word for it! She’s like a Disney princess..so pretty and flawless, her quiet and calm nature are very captivating and I can’t help but fall in love <3 I love how she’s always so quiet and laughing at the other girls while they’re being absolutely crazy, it’s like she’s just as entertained as we Pandas are! cx I know people say she’s not good at singing, but seriously? I love her voice, and I mean it! She has a nice melody to her voice that really drags me into it..<3
I love Naeun, and no matter what anyone says, she’s a goddess, she’s got the capabilities of being the visual and will always be Apink’s Son Yeoshin, I love you Naeun-ah! ❤

Kim Namjoo

Namjoo…. /breathes in and out/ is it okay to be a bit biased here?? haha xD Namjoo was the first to ever capture my attention in Apink, something about her just drags me more and more into her little world, making me have no choice but to fall in love. Where do I start with Namjoo? She’s perfect..her voice, I feel like it’s filled with emotion and you can immediately tell how she feels through her singing, its’ just simply mesmerizing and I can’t get enough of it..! Bomi described it best when she said Namjoo is a hidden gem..very true, Namjoo is a gem, and a hidden one at that, since not many people notice her charm and capabilities as an idol, and as a person as well. Along with Bomi, she’s hilarious and can ( I warned you) can get a bit too crazy at times and I absolutely love it. And her close friendship with Naeun is adorable and awesome combination that I’d love to see often <3 I love the way Namjoo treats Hayoung, you can sense that older sister feel in the way she says her name or wraps her arm around her shoulder making Hayoung look so safe and adorable! I’m in love with Namjoo in all aspects..be it her appearance, voice, abilities, personality and all! Her bright wide eyes and puffy bottom lids when she smiles are what makes me go through the day! <3 Not to mention her adorable deep dimples.. she’s a  complete cutie and everything about her compliments the other. Her imitations are probably one of her most favored things to show xD I’d love to see her acting soon..I’d really really love to see that, I hope she’d get that time to shine, and if possible I’d wanna see her acting as a main lead along side any apink member cause that’d be freaking awesome. I loved Namjoo’s adorable short hair when she impersonated Lady Gaga on Apink news along with Naeun which pull off a perfect Marilyn Monroe look, it was hilarious! xD I heard that Namjoo secretly cries at night because she knows she’s the least loved apink..when I heard that my heart sank…I can’t imagine my baby joo crying and me not being able to hug and tell her that there are in fact many that love her and notice her hidden charm :’( .. I will forever support namjoo..the adorable shiksin and of course, queen of outrageous facial expressions.. Please always smile and be happy, i will always love you Namjoo ❤

Oh Hayoung

Hayoung, the adorable maknae.. Hayoung is seriously the most innocent, pure hearted girl I’ve ever seen.. I know people say she doesn’t look like the maknae, but she certainly acts like one! And by that, I don’t mean she acts all cute, I mean she’s so gullible and innocent and over all just totally nice making her absolutely adorable..I admit I was late to notice Hayoung’s charms, but once I’ve noticed them, my eyes are basically fixed on her whenever she’s on.. I don’t think anyone, anyone at all could ever hate Hayoung..she’s way too sweet and I just couldn’t help but look at her as an adorable younger sister, even though she is in fact older, but she just gives off that vibe where you just want to take care of her like a little baby, and that’s exactly how her unnies feel, they’re constantly teasing her knowing she’s so gullible but always caring for her like their own little sister, and I love it, they way they treat her is awesome! <3 Hayoung is a born model hands down. She has long beautiful legs, her hair looks so smooth and her skin just speaks for itself, that girl is a natural and no one can say otherwise. Her innocent smile is that of young innocent children and she has no sense of fakeness in her, she always goes with the flow, getting all crazy and hilarious with her fellow Apink members and the bond she shares with each and every one of them is truly admirable. I love her husky voice, it feels so soothing and comfortable, it’s unexplainable, buts he’s perfect. I love how she looks up to her unnies as her sisters and role models that wants to learn from..Hayoung is another one that I’d love to see acting,i ’m pretty sure she’d rock an innocent, young, farm girl role that cares about her family but gradually starts to find her one and only, that will love and care for her! cx Hayoung is  freaking awesome, no one would dare say anything else about that, I love you Oh Hayoung ❤


I will always and forever love apink as a whole, they’re like my family that always keep me smiling and cheered up, going through the days.. insult any one of them and I’ll literally haunt you..no kidding, but seriously, if you give them a chance, they’d enter your heart and remain there forever as beautiful gems that shine in your heart, lighting up your days. I promise they’ll be the best you’ve ever known and you’ll never regret knowing them, Fighting to you Apink! I love you all!! Park Chorong,Yoon Bomi, Jung Eunji, Son Naeun, Kim Namjoo, Oh Hayoung ❤ I love each and every one of them, and will do so forever ❤

-From a forever Pink Panda.

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I once thought I loved a guy who was 7 years older than me.
That scar isn’t actually from a bike wreck.
I cut all of my hair off because one boy wrapped it around his fingers so often that it left ringlets and knots.
I used to think about dying way more than anybody should.
Whenever I look in a mirror I see things that my sister says aren’t there.
I’m not comfortable in my own skin; I feel like I’m trapped, suffocating.
I cried whenever I found out that Patrick Swayze died, even though I found out 3 years later.
No matter how hard you love me, I will never feel good enough for you.
—  List of secrets I will probably never tell you

My sister has insomnia
and I can hear her at night
walking around,
a glass in hand,
contemplating taking a pill
to make the night fade to dreams.
My sister is very private
and if you say her name
she can hear you.
if you breathe a word
she’ll find out,
I promise.
My sister is self conscious
and whenever I see her
with dark under her eyes
applying makeup in the morning,
I want to tell her
My sister is beautiful

I promise to remember PJO

I promise to remember Percy

Whenever I’m at sea

I promise to remember Annabeth

Whenever a spider comes at me

I promise to protect nature

For Grover’s sake of course

I promise to remember Luke

When my heart fills with remorse

I promise to remember Chiron

Whenever I see a sign that says “Free Pony Ride”

I promise to remember Tyson

Whenever a friend says they’ll stick by my side

I promise to remember Leo

Whenever I see fire

I promise to remember Piper

When I see a supermodel

I promise to remember Calypso

Whenever I see an island

I promise to remember Jason

Whenever lightning’s strik’n

I promise to remember Thalia

Whenever a friend is scared of heights

I promise to remember Clarisse

Whenever I see someone pick a fight

I promise to remember Hazel

Whenever I see gold

I promise to remember Frank

When I see an antelope

I promise to remember Bianca

Whenever I watch sisters with their brothers

I promise to remember Nico

Whenever I see someone who doesn’t get along with others

I promise to remember Mrs. Jackson

Whenever I see blue

I promise to remember Octavian and Ella

When I want the truth

I promise to remember Blackjack

Whenever I see donuts

I promise to Remember Reyna

Whenever I see Togas

I promise to remember Bob and Zoe

Whenever I see the stars

I promise to remember Rachel

Whenever a limo passes my car

I promise to remember the gods n’ others

And remember what they do

I do this for my love for them

And it will ALWAYS be renewed

Yes, I promise to remember PJO&HOO

Wherever I may be

From over there in Venice to Thalia’s tree

Now swear it on the River Styx!


The Song Remains The Same.

It’s such a nice little brother/big brother moment. Sam looks at him and pretty much says ‘yes, you’re my big brother, you’re supposed to know everything’ And Dean takes a second and then replies with the best reassuring answer he can provide: ’He’ll wake up. He’s, you know, tough for a little nerdy dude with wings’

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I notice a lot of pop culture references in your work. Whenever you hop onto a new thing, I see it crop up in Sister Claire. The twins younger designs are clearly Frozen inspired. I'm not slighting this in anyway, just wondered if this was intentional either because you've taken inspiration or more of a shout out to something you love? Or Both!

You’re not the first to ask! Most of the time, it’s definitely an homage/parody of something else. In the case of the twins, I had actually designed their hairstyles and color schemes years before Frozen came out.  

In the really early concepts, I tried giving one of the twins shorter hair, but they ended up looking too much like Claire:

I did more concepts giving both twins long hair, but then it became hard to tell them apart even with the different eyes and bangs:

I finally decided to give Rosalie one braid and more of a blue theme, and Marie with two braids and a more pink theme. (Although they both love the color pink and wear that most of the time.)

The reveal of their new designs coincided with the release of Frozen, and I think it’s really funny how that turned out! One of the many reasons I really loved Frozen was because the girls’ designs and outfits with the braids and cloaks and conservative clothes looked like something I would draw. I think the creators and I were on similar wavelengths!

Personality-wise, Rosalie and Marie are very different from Anna and Elsa, but if people want to see their designs as a reference to Frozen, I don’t mind at all! As a Frozen fan myself, noting the eerie similarities makes me enjoy drawing the twins even more.