whenever i see sister

@lesterdreams nooo it’s not weird haha I’m the one who started it anyways 😂 but honestly like?? ur hair is so pretty I wanna put it in a braid crown and then put little pink flowers in it. or like a french fishtail with glitter


turn your investment portfolio into a modeling portfolio


more modern ttGoT stuff Arthur is such a babe he totally would fit as a bike gang leader who’s overly protective of his older sister. also whenever I see Elaena i’d totally picture Lorde (tell me i’m not the only one ;-;) so yeah I guess she’s a famous pop star who got no chill


The Song Remains The Same.

It’s such a nice little brother/big brother moment. Sam looks at him and pretty much says ‘yes, you’re my big brother, you’re supposed to know everything’ And Dean takes a second and then replies with the best reassuring answer he can provide: ’He’ll wake up. He’s, you know, tough for a little nerdy dude with wings’

1st generation Chinese girl living in Australia. I’m an aspiring illustrator and animator and it makes me so happy whenever I see Asian girls getting things done! Love all my Asian sisters and I hope you all get what u want from life 💕💕


My sister has insomnia
and I can hear her at night
walking around,
a glass in hand,
contemplating taking a pill
to make the night fade to dreams.
My sister is very private
and if you say her name
she can hear you.
if you breathe a word
she’ll find out,
I promise.
My sister is self conscious
and whenever I see her
with dark under her eyes
applying makeup in the morning,
I want to tell her
My sister is beautiful