whenever i see people interacting in general it makes me happy its so weird

Five Stages of Falling In Love With Leonard McCoy

1.First Meeting

You met the Enterprise’s famous (or infamous) CMO the day you reported to him for your first physical on board the rebuilt Enterprise A as it prepared to leave on the last two years of the five year mission. You’d heard wild and crazy tales about his bad temper and gruff bedside manner and sat on the exam table hands clasped together very nervously when the nurse went to get the doctor. Expecting him to be seriously unpleasant, you were very surprised when he turned out to be anything but.

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anonymous asked:

Hi. I usually dont comment on fics bc as you said it is extremely difficult to find the right words (especially when its not your first language and have severe social anxiety) but after seeing the shit you have to deal with im gonna leave a lil review fic. Tbh your fics are the best fucking fics i ever read, for real, like infinity/10. I love how you give importance to how the event that happen have their psychological consecuences bc THATS WHAT FUCKING HAPPENS and most people ignore that (1/?)

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so this time last year i was really lonely. i don’t have anything even closely resembling a social life irl, i go to work, i visit my parents and grandparents, and i go to church when i can manage. i don’t have any online friends that live on this side of the planet so i never met up with people, and i’ve only got one irl friend that i manage to see every few months. the only socialisation i got was online, but it was sporadic and unorganised. i didn’t speak to many people on here, even though its where i spent all my time, so i felt like i was in a bit of a vacuum, like i just didn’t really have any other humans to communicate with? it was so isolating, i used to write about it in my night journal to try and vent, but it didn’t make anything feel better really.

one year on and my real life is pretty much exactly the same, but i feel like everything is different. my online communication and tumblr relationships have developed so much in the last year and i feel so much more connected to people. i can’t even explain how much of a difference its made, even just how much happier i am. i still feel geographically isolated but i don’t feel alone, and i wanna say how much i really appreciate everyone that i talk to on here, and those of you i’m mutuals with. you all have no idea how big an impact you’ve had in my life over the last 12 months. i just wanted to say thankyou to all of you for making me feel less lonely.

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