whenever i read it in fic i die a little inside too

Why John Laurens Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Own a Turtle

Or, Alternatively Titled, Just How Wrong You Could Be

pairing: john laurens x reader fluff!

word count: 1400

warnings: some sassiness (i hope its not… too mean), i don’t think there’s any swears, but i could be wrong

prompt/request: “Can you do a fic of laurens x Reader and the reader is head strong and sassy and they get a pet chocolate lab and a turtle? Thank you if you get to this!” from @bluu-lane

a/n: this is such a cute request, i thought it would be really good to start off the week with! lil’ fluffy, and a lil’ silly <3 also, ‘Y/G/N’ stands for ‘your grandpas name’! just a helpful tidbit for you as you read along :) enjoy! <3

John,” you told him sternly. “We are not getting a turtle.”

John stuck his bottom lip out in a pout. “But have you seen them?” he asked, turning his phone towards you. “Look how cute they are, with their little faces and-”

“They look like my grandpa,” you told him. “Every. Single. One.”

A laugh escaped his mouth and he shook his head, running a hand through his hair. “You don’t want a turtle, do you?”

“I don’t want our pet to die because you neglect it,” you answered.

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Don’t Mess With My Roses

Bucky x Reader one-shot


First of all, I’m sorry for not posting earlier but this was a really hard week for me so I decided to take some time to get myself together. This is a little gift for @wingtaken @wordsturnintostories @creideamhgradochas @imhereforbvcky @mitra-k-w  @ginamsmith and @buckygolucky Thank you for all of your kind words, for taking the time to send those messages and for being there for me. I couldn’t have made it through this week without you!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Requested by: @buckygolucky

Request a fluff love story with angsty passion Bucky and a bookworm like Belle from Beauty and the Beast 😊?

Summary: A little prank war between you and Bucky might have a different ending than you thought when you decide to steal his favourite flowers. 

Warnings: None

Word count: 1017

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Everyone knows not to mess with Bucky’s things. That is, everyone except for you.

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Feels So Right

Characters: Dean x Vampire!Reader, Sam

Word Count: 2,263

Warnings: Maybe a little angst but mostly fluff

Request:  Hi love, can u do a dean X reader where in a hunt the boys get save by a vampire (girl) and as the time went by dean falls in love her even do everything in his nature is telling him not to? and cloud you tag me please, thank u!

@true-love-pink Thank you for requesting this!

Author’s Note: Please, send in requests because I love reading them and I love writing them! If you would like to be tagged in my future fics and my Series Rewrite that is coming soon, let me know and I’ll add you!

Feedback is always appreciated

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Motor Oil.


You’ve been trailing him for weeks. You’d know that scent anywhere. You were pulled in when he questioned you at a bar. You couldn’t focus on anything other than that scent and his candy green apple eyes. He made you forget who you were.

You only drank animal blood. Killing humans wasn’t who you were and wasn’t who you ever wanted to be. You were turned into a vampire by accident. These group of men thought you were someone else and turned you but when they found out who you really were, they tossed you outside like trash. They left you to die or to feed all on your own.

That first taste of human blood made your cold, dead heart feel alive again but you hated hurting people. Before this, you had a life. You had a family. You were a nurse, practicing to become a doctor one day. You found joy in making others happier.

But your life was ripped away from you and you’ve never been the same again. You can’t step foot in a hospital without growing your canines.

You weren’t a normal vampire. You were a special kind that didn’t have a full set of sharp teeth that extended from your gums. Your canines were the only ones that grew. You didn’t know why you were like this but only a handful of people get them once turned.

Maybe that is why you were tossed out like trash. Those vampires didn’t know what to do with you. It was said that your type of vampire was very dangerous but they resided in other countries. You were the first of your kind in the United States. You figured that a vampire migrated here, bit you and then left after it was done.

You tried to control your thirst by drinking the blood of animals when they were harmed or dying. You hated killing animals too but it was better than humans.

But that all changed when you met him. Dean Winchester. You already knew who he was even before meeting him. Every monster alive was to fear the Winchesters. You tried not to give anything away as he questioned you and it seemed to work. He got the job done and was out of town the next week.

And so were you.

You followed him all across the country, always staying a few steps behind. You couldn’t give yourself away to him because he would kill you without a second thought. But his scent was what kept the hunger down. He was your medicine and he didn’t even know you.

You tried your best to get a motel room that was a few doors down and drive a stolen car that was a few yards behind. You tried your best to keep yourself hidden from him and it worked until one slip up. He caught you at a bar when he was hanging with Sam.

He didn’t recognize you but if he did, he made no move to let you know that. He flirted with you all night long and you so badly wanted to take him home but you didn’t know what you would do if that happened. Sex for a vampire was always great but it was so much more than that.

It would be more like you marking him as yours so that other vampires would know he belonged to you. If he were to turn, that bond would get stronger. But you couldn’t do that to him since you didn’t want to take his life away like how you got yours taken.

So, you told him you were a lesbian.

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Fandom: Kuroko no Basket

General Warnings: AU, Arranged Marriage AU, Fem!Kuroko, Imayoshi Shouichi/Kuroko Tetsumi

Summary: Imayoshi Shouichi is a name Tetsumi has known since she could understand what it entails, but she doesn’t actually meet the person that the name is attached to until her sixteenth birthday when a boy and a bouquet of flowers show up at her door.

The dawn of Tetsumi’s sixteenth birthday is nothing special. She hasn’t really celebrated anything in years aside from presents from her teammates, and that stopped after second year.  She especially doesn’t feel like celebrating this year.  The Teikou-Meikou match from barely a month and a half ago is still fresh in her mind, and she hasn’t even seen Kise or Momoi since she turned in her resignation.

Then again, Tetsumi excels at being invisible, at hiding, at being forgotten.

She’s rummaging through the meagre contents of her fridge for something to eat when the bell at the front gates rings.

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why can’t we be like that?

extract: I used to steal his cereal partly to make him laugh, and also because I was hungry during the night. I still am. But he doesn’t laugh anymore, and I don’t want to eat.

word count: 8.4k

trigger warnings: swearing, drinking, depression, suicide attempt, HORRIBLE ANGST AHHH IM SORRY

a/n: so this is a songfic based on 2012!phan from phil’s perspective. the song i used is secret love song pt 2 by little mix, and holy shit it’s emotional. i’d recommend listening to it as you read this. also, i haven’t used the whole song for the fic, so you can decide how it goes on from where i left it.

We’re dwindling. Teetering on the edge of a cliff, fingers slipping from the rope we cling to desperately. I can feel myself drowning, and I know he is too. And we don’t know how to fix it.

We don’t say good morning to each other anymore. We barely speak. Words are thrown back and forth, but they’re empty and meaningless. The lounge sits gathering dust. Our bedrooms doors are always closed. I used to steal his cereal partly to make him laugh, and also because I was hungry during the night. I still am. But he doesn’t laugh anymore, and I don’t want to eat.

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anonymous asked:

what are nsfw things that you really like with jikook? cuz I know whenever jimin says "it's okay, I like it when it hurts a little" I die a little inside. do you have anything like that?

hmmmmmmmmmm tbh I’ve never stopped to think about it…. I do know which kind of things I don’t like to read but there isn’t nothing specific that gets me all giddy while reading smut……

maybe…when they bite each other playfully or say stuff like “you are mine” as in “oh boy i got the best boy ever on my hands all for me”. body worship or praises are nice to read in smut too I guess….? Also when its mentioned how big is one of them and the stretch is “delicious” hahahhah
ugh I don’t really know what to say despite the countless of smut fics I’ve read hahaahah

The Girl on the Stoop

Originally posted by spnfangirl53

Written for @totallysupernaturaloneshots 1400 Follower Celebration Challenge

Summary: In all the days of your life, you had never known anyone to care about you. Certainly not someone who would love you. At least until Dean Winchester came into your life and changed everything. 

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: TW: Abandonment, Loneliness 

Content: Angst and Fluff

Word Count: 1.7K

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Summary: Sam is stuck in the bunker listening to his brother and Y/N getting it on. He does his best to ignore it but everyone has a breaking point right?

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Reader

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Implied sexy time, language nothing much!

Word Count: 835

Prompt:  Congrats sweetie!! 8, 9 or 20. Those are super nsfw prompts but I want you to make something that’s totally sfw from them ;) with Dean or Sam! Take your pick! And oh, I love you :*- @percywinchester27

A/N: You challenged me on this babe! But I think it was kinda funny! I hope you enjoy, and I love you too my sweet cinnamon roll!

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Barbecue Confession

Upon having seen someone comment on how the ShikaTema tags were dying - here we go! A ShikaTema fic. THIS TAG SHALL NEVER DIE!!!
Ahem… *cough cough*
I apologize for any sloppiness, in relation to the characters, but I’m not particularly familiar with these characters (in regards to writing them, I mean.) So hopefully this was alright and I did OK to match the ShikaTema fans’ standards. Please enjoy a little Shikamaru and Temari! Thanks so much ^.^


His head turned, facing the voice that had addressed him. The voice had become remarkably familiar to him and so, upon hearing it, he knew exactly who to expect; Temari. Releasing a gentle sigh, he returned his eyes to the gravestone in front of him. 

“I was just paying my respects. Filling Asuma Sensei in on Kurenai and Mirai and everyone else.” The young man smiled gently. The names always brought a smile to his face. It was an endearing trait, one that Temari had fallen in love with.

“It’s alright. Take all the time you need.” The blonde woman stood beside him. She looked over the small slab of rock, reading the name quietly. She knew how much this man had meant to Shikamaru and as such, she was always remarkably patient whenever he reminisced of him. She was always his shoulder to cry on when the pain would resurface. 

“Well, I think that’s enough talking for today.” He said suddenly, putting a hand on the back of his neck. “Did you want to grab something to eat?” His gaze cast upon her, sending a short moment of paralysis rushing through her. Turning her eyes away from him, she replied smoothly, “Sure.”

Shikamaru turned at the reply and exited the cemetery quietly; his thoughts elsewhere. Temari followed. She steadied her pace, matching Shikamaru’s, and took a moment to examine the cemetery as a whole. It was remarkable how many more lives had been lost, but after such a thing as war, it was to be expected. Still, it never washed away the sadness that those deaths brought.

They continued walking for several more minutes in silence before stepping onto the main road. The walk continued through the village. 
Just as they passed a dumpling stand, Shikamaru spoke. “How have you been lately? I haven’t seen you around as much.”

“Hm?” She tore her eyes away from one of the ramen shops. “I’ve been well. Gaara has his hands full and I’ve been helping him as best as I can. But things have been well. Remarkably well.” She scanned his face slowly. “…How about yourself?”

He smiled and looked towards her. “I’ve been alright too. I’ll be teaching Mirai soon, so that’s something to look forward to.” His gaze moved up, towards the sky, and then, slowly, back down to Temari. She smiled and chuckled gently, shaking her head. “You’re such a strange man.”

“Oh hey, that reminds me. Are you staying long in the village?” 

The sudden change in topic surprised her. Lifting a brow in confusion, the blonde woman replied, “Well, I planned to stay for a few days, yes. Why?”

“Well, I know how much you like the hot springs. Maybe we can head over there later tonight.” His eyes had moved to the dirt beneath his feet. If she hadn’t known any better, she would have labeled the expression as bashful. However, she knew Shikamaru and she knew that the man wasn’t the type to grow bashful over a simple hot spring invitation. 

“I certainly wouldn’t mind that.” Despite answering the question, she had her suspicions about his sudden change in behavior. Although she did very little to try and pursue that suspicion. Eventually, Shikamaru would speak and in doing so, he would reveal his true intentions. 

“Let’s stop here.” He said suddenly, stopping in front of a small restaurant. 

“Barbecue, huh?” She inquired, laughing slightly. “Seems like you’ve been spending too much time with Choji.”

“Nah, that’s not it.” He replied, stepping inside with Temari behind him. “The food’s pretty good and the tea’s not bad, so I like to stop in here when I can.” He sat down at one of the booths, releasing a sigh as he did so.

Temari smiled calmly. She settled into the booth and turned towards the window. She watched as several children raced past the restaurant, screaming and yelling as they played with one another. She looked back at Shikamaru - he was smiling as well, watching the children. It was a part of him that the woman found both soothing and peaceful. It was as though the man had finally found his calling in life and had come to terms with it. 


“So listen,” his eyes locked onto hers. “I get that you’re staying here for a while, but have you found anywhere to stay yet?”

She furrowed her brows, sitting up where she sat. “No, not yet. I wasn’t planning on getting a room until a little later.”

“Right…” His eyes moved down to the menu, leaving the conversation at that. It was incredibly suspicious and irritating. If the man wanted to say something, she wished he would just say it. Beating around the bush and asking useless questions wasn’t going to get the conversation anywhere. 

Sighing, she demanded, “What is it, Shikamaru?”

He looked at her with surprise. He must have truly believed that he was concealing himself well.

“Well, I–!”

“Hi there. What can I get for you two today?” The waitress spoke over him, her pen resting against her notepad. Both of the ninja sighed, ordered their food, and waited for her to leave.
Silence returned to the table.

Honestly, what is he thinking? She watched him - quietly. Something was off about him, but it wasn’t terribly strange. It was merely…confusing. Irritating? Upsetting! She didn’t know how to feel. And the more she circled through these emotions, the stronger than they became, and the quieter he remained. 

“Temari,” he spoke, breaking her free from the never-ending cycle. “While you’re here, in the village…I’d like to take you on more dates like this.” His eyes lifted to hers and once again, silence fell.

She stared at him, feeling suddenly overwhelmed by his words. Had she heard him right? Had she somehow missed the fact that this, right now, was a date? Or was this his strange way of eluding to something more. 

Her mouth opened, but for a few seconds, no words escaped. She closed her mouth, swallowed, and tried again.
“So this…this is a date?”

“Look, I know it isn’t exactly…the best of confessions, but it was all I could think of.” He crossed his arms, a faint blush gracing his cheeks. The sight was enough to make a large grin spread across her lips. A laugh bubbled free from her chest and exited her body. Shikamaru could only watch as his confession was, supposedly, rejected. Her laugh was humiliating and it made him feel like an idiot for having planned such a thing.

“You don’t have to laugh about it. Just say no if you’re rejecting me.” He muttered. 

“No, no…that’s…that’s not it.” Temari breathed, taking a moment to steady herself. Sitting up and clearing her throat, the young woman smiled. She held back yet another laugh and replied softly, “I’d love to, Shikamaru. Take me on as many dates as you see fit.” 

The black haired man gasped softly. He stared at the woman; wide eyed and mouth agape. While he had hoped for a good response, he was ill prepared for the delivery of it. Smiling nervously, he looked down at the table and murmured, “Geez…you really are something, you know that?”

In response, the blonde woman could only laugh and watch as Shikamaru experienced a whole new level of humiliation.

Believe (Part Two/Final) (Part One) - Dean/Cas, 3k. (ao3)

Cas gets to the bunker first. He’s there when Sam and Dean pull up to the garage, the Continental pulled right up next to the closed door, just waiting. Instantly Dean’s heart speeds up in anticipation, fluttering like a hummingbird’s wings, a million flaps a minute. He can’t fucking do this. Dean pulls up to the door, almost crashing into it, before realizing - oh, right he has to push the button if he wants to get into the garage.

“Dean?” Sam asks, looking over at him, eyebrows scrunched together.


“You okay?”

Dean nods, slamming his fingers into the button attached to the sun visor. “Yeah, I’m peachy.”

He rolls the impala to a stop, not saying another word. Before Sam can ask him anymore pestering questions and look at him with his sad, worried eyes, he lumbers out of the car and out of the garage to see Cas.Dean rounds the corner just as Cas is getting out of his car. He looks the same - trenchcoat still too big on him, flapping around him like a wayward sail, tie askew around his neck, and black pants too dressy. He looks normal. Huh. Dean figured that maybe admitting he was in love with his best friend would change something when he saw Cas again. But no, nothing changed. Except now that deep thrumming of want within him sings through him, a joyous melody that Dean can no longer tune out.

“Hey,” Dean says. He stuffs his hands into his pockets, walking over to Cas.

“Hello, Dean. Are you alright?” Cas asks, pushing the door shut and looking up at Dean with worried eyes.

“Yeah, I’m good. How are you?” Dean asks. He’s fumbling, killing for time, putting off the inevitable.

“I’m well. Is there something you needed, is the Mark bothering you?” Cas asks, taking a step closer, eyes crinkling at the edges in that ridiculously adorable way they always have, which does nothing for the erratic beating of Dean’s heart.

“Uhhhh,” Dean flounders, tugging his hands out of his pockets, darting his eyes away from Cas’s. “I’m managing. Could - could we go for a drive? Just for a bit. I… I have something I need to tell you.”

Cas nods. “Of course. Where are we going?”

Dean shrugs.  “I dunno, you can choose.”

The tiniest hint of a smile tips up Cas’s lips. “I’ll drive.”

Yeah, that’s good. Dean isn’t so sure he could manage to drive right now anyway, he might end up crashing into a telephone pole or something. That wouldn’t be very conducive for his whole, “Let’s Tell Cas I’m In love With Him” plan.


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I Am But Mad, North-Northwest - crisscolfer drabble

Pairing: Chris/Darren
Length/Rating: ~1,770 / PG
Summary: A late night rooftop conversation.
Warnings: light recreational drug use


Chris wakes up to a cold and empty bed, which is decidedly different from how he fell asleep.  The covers on the other side are pulled up to the unused pillow as though someone attempted to make the bed and there’s no sound coming from the bathroom, no light on in the hallway.  But Darren’s glasses are still on the nightstand where he folded them up and his pants are still on the floor, so he hasn’t gone far.

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Alright, here's my first and oddly short chapter to that long fic I teased about months ago (sorry)

This is just a build up, and please take it easy on me I’m still new. 

She Faded Like The Sunshine from His Life

Chapter One

She’s been dead a year, three months, six days, nine hours, forty seven minutes and thirty nine seconds.

Oliver knows the moment she took her last breathe down to the second because in a lot of ways (or at least all the ones that mattered) that was when he drew his last as well.

The thing was, the terrible, awful, tragic and stupid truth was that he hadn’t realized it until she was bleeding out in his arms. When his gaze met hers, as the life seeped out of those vivacious bright blue eyes and he found himself looking into a mirror to the person he wanted to be, at the life he desperately craved. He remembers the devastation, the numbing inundation of emotions that burst through all of his emotional barriers sweeping away every remnant of the restraint he had in keeping her out of his heart. In that moment he realized that this girl, this beautiful, shining beacon of hope, was the light of his life and she was dying in his arms.

She’d looked up at him through her teary eyelashes, and he could see how she saw him. He could see that she’d always seen him. The true man beneath the mask and he could see that she was in love with him for some crazy reason. Felicity Smoak loved him.

And in that moment of heart wrenching clarity he realized that he loved her too. Irrevocably, completely, entirely. He didn’t know when he had fallen in love with her and he didn’t how, but he had.

“Don’t,” he’d said.

Don’t give up. Don’t die. Don’t leave me alone. Just don’t. What he should have said was I love you, don’t leave me I don’t know how to live without you. But the only word that had left his mouth that he could formulate on his sandpaper tongue was Don’t.

Her lips had parted, as she sucked in a shaky breath, her green polka dotted nails flexing around his large callused one where he gripped her like a life line, or like his grip was the line tying her to life. She’d blinked rapidly as though clearing her vision and with her last breath she’d whispered one thing “Don’t run.” And he’d watched as that bright light faded from her eyes stealing the sunshine as it went.

Felicity Smoak died, on a roof top, May 21 2014 after taking Slade Wilson’s sword through the chest to save Sara Lance. For all intents and purposes Oliver Queen died with her.

He looked down at the half empty whiskey in his hand and closed his eyes, shaking off the images of her blond halo of hair streaked with blood, or the way her eyes had looked glassy and sightless as they truly looked through him for the first time. God, she’d stopped seeing him when she was dead.

How fucking messed up was that?

She’d always been there, always loved him and always accepted him until the day that she had died.

And he hadn’t even told her he loved her back, all he’d been able to choke out was “Don’t” .

“Want another?” a voice said breaking through his haze of misery.

Oliver looked up at the bartender. He thought his name might be Rich, not that he’d bothered to actually look at his nametag. He’d been in this bar so much for the last few months that he’d picked it up second hand.

He spent a lot of his time drinking these days, just not at Verdant. There his sister could monitor is alcohol intake and cut him off before he had “too much”. It pissed him off considering whenever he drank he wanted to get drunk. Mind numbing, reality blurring wasted because that was the only time he could stop thinking about her and the only time he didn’t feel like he was being ripped apart from the inside. The only time he could breath, even if they were only shallow breaths.

Oliver shook his head at the man, and threw a wad of bills down on the table. His watch read three o’clock and he figured he’d waited long enough for his mother and sister to give up on waiting up for him, and go to fucking sleep.

He was really tired of coming home to the cavalry at night, there worried eyes and pursed lips making him feel even shittier than he already felt. He knew his drinking bothered his family, just like he knew it had bothered them how far he had receded into himself the past year. They were worried about him. He understood that, and maybe deep down somewhere in the smoking carnage of his broken heart he appreciated that, but usually all he could muster up was annoyance.

It was his life, he could waste it if he wanted to.

Oliver stumbled from the bar stool, ignoring the side eye he was getting from Ryan or Rich or whatever his name was. He was too intoxicated to think straight let alone drive, but Rich/Ryan the bartender never said anything and that was why he kept coming back.

He really didn’t care if he crashed his car anyway. He didn’t care period anymore. What was the point in living life, when she was gone? 

Oliver staggered through the bar and too the door, cutting through the small throng of dancers who occupied the tiny dance floor. This bar was not that big, nor that popular but it did seem to bring in the same little crowd most nights, so it was moderately packed on this Friday night.

Oliver almost snarled when someone bumped into him from the side. The person used enough force to send him stumbling backward a few yards, enough force for him to feel it was intentional in his alcohol soaked brain. He turned around ready to fight, but when he turned the person whoever had bumped into him was gone.

He swallowed his anger, and kept staggering to the door. It wasn’t until he got to the parking lot that he realized his keys were missing. 

Looked like he’d be calling a cab. 


And there’s chapter one, like I said it’s short, but there is more to come. Any questions? Feel free to ask. 

matsuorka  asked:

1 rinharu (just fuck me up)

LMAO IKI. i’ll do my best.

  1. things you said at 1am

(i’ll just do a potential LD scene bc why not try to torture you as best as i can)

They’re up late; the lights are on in Haru’s bedroom. Rin doesn’t really know how they pass the time when they’re together anymore; it just seems to go on by, four in the afternoon, then seven, then eleven, and somewhere along the line the next day begins except what have they done in all this time apart from eating, and lying around, and maybe saying a few words to each other? It’s kind of surreal how time seems to lose relevance. Just him and Haru together, perfectly happy doing nothing, his feet in Haru’s lap as he tries to get through the book he needs to read for the start of the next term.

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What Do I Do Now?

Hey, guys! I’m the author from Hit and Run and I was thinking for a while now how I wanted to write a Volkevens fic, so I took a shot at it. Thank you for taking the time to read my story and actually like it, too. Let me know if you want this story to continue. :) Bon appétit! 

Summary: How do you act when it isn’t acting anymore?

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