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comfort: worth it

summary: your family past has left you insecure, and when you meet bucky barnes, you can’t get close to him because you think that you don’t deserve him

pairing: bucky x reader

word count: 1748 words

warnings: insecurity, slight angst, fluff

notes: a request, I’ll be answering your ask privately, I’m not sure if I interpreted it correctly, but I hope it’s okay! 

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Your life has been, frankly, a whirlwind, and some parts of it have been great. Others, however, have left you wanting to shrink away into the background. Mainly, you were never close to your family, and you never really got along with them. To some, that may seem normal, but unfortunately, they’ve messed you up. Maybe not on the outside, but definitely your mind has become much more insecure from your upbringing. You don’t live with them anymore, thank goodness, and that’s where your story takes an unexpected turn.

You began working for Pepper Potts, a woman who you looked up to greatly, and your close friendship with her linked you to the Avengers. They made great friends, and you trusted them with telling them all your problems, they were a sanctuary. That is, until, James Barnes walked into your life.

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Love Poem

A/N: Hope you enjoy :)

Your best friend, Harry, calls you one afternoon, “‘Lo Y/N, can we do our movie night t'morrow night instead of t'night?”

“I guess so, why?”

“’Ve got a date t'night, and ’M gonna spend the night over there.”

Your heart drops. All you wanted was to spend time with Harry, and he’s going off with another girl. “Okay, that’s alright,” you finally answer.

“Thank yeh, I’ll call yeh t'morrow.”

You’re the first to hang up, and you spend the next few hours feeling down about Harry being on yet another date with someone other than you.

You’ve had feelings for Harry for years now, always hiding them in fear of ruining your friendship, but now you’ve hit your breaking point. You know Harry doesn’t feel the same about you, but you can’t keep having your heart broken, so you write a poem, a love letter of sorts, telling Harry how you feel and saying goodbye.


Early the next morning, you take the poem to Harry’s house, slipping in with the key he gave you. You’re about to leave the poem on his kitchen counter when you freeze. This was Harry, your best friend in the entire world. You couldn’t just walk away because at the end of the day you’d rather have Harry as just a friend than not at all.

You throw the poem in your bag, not bothering to close it in your haste to get out of his house. If you had looked back, you would’ve seen the poem fall to the floor in Harry’s entryway.

From there you decide to just drive. You have no idea where you are going or if there’s even a destination at all. You just know that you need to be away for a while to be alone with your thoughts. You had to be okay with the fact that Harry wouldn’t love you, that you two were just best friends, and after a while you accept that.


Harry pulled out his phone to call you as soon as he left the girl’s house, but you didn’t answer. At this, he began to worry. You always answered his calls or if you couldn’t talk, you texted him to let him know you were okay, but maybe you were just busy.

He passes your house on his way home, but your car isn’t there. He tries to think of where you could be, but he can’t remember you telling him that you had anything to do today.

Maybe you had gone to his house early, he hopes as he pulls onto his street, but he comes up to an empty driveway.

When he enters, he spots a note on the floor. He picks it up and reads,

Dear Harry,

We’ve always been the best of friends, even when we were young

You and Harry, just nine years old at the time, are running through his yard, not a care in the world. You play tag, follow the leader, and all the other fun children’s games.

“Y/N! Harry! Time for lunch!” You hear Anne yell from inside the house.

You sit down at the table with a smirk, stealing Harry’s chair.

“Hey, that’s my seat,” Harry tries to pull you from the chair, but you grip on tightly.

“Not anymore,” you tease.

Harry playfully glares at you before he pounces, tickling you. You wiggle in the chair in an attempt to escape the tickles, but you lean too far, and both you and fall onto the ground in a heap of giggles.

And I’ve always picked up the phone, whenever you’ve rung

You wake up to your phone ringing. Glancing at the clock, you realize it’s 4 AM. You dig your phone out from the mess of sheets on your bed and see Harry’s face lighting up the screen. “Hello?,” you have no idea why he’s calling you at 4 in the morning since he was supposed to be halfway across the world writing songs in some secluded studio.

“Hey, Y/N! I just finished a new song, you wanna hear part of it?”

“Harry, you realize it’s four in the morning here right,” you yawn.

Harry pauses and you can almost hear him doing the math in his head, “Oh yeah, ’M sorry f’ waking yeh up. ’Ll let yeh go back t’ sleep now.”



“I’m up now. Can I hear the song?”

He it for you while you fall back to sleep, “G'night Y/N.”

I’ve always been there for you, and you’ve been there for me

Harry comes over to your house after a date, his face telling you something went wrong.

“What happened?” You ask, pulling him into a hug.

“She broke up with me. Said m’ life was too much f’ her, and that I didn’t make her happy anymore,” Harry tells you.

“I’m sorry, Harry,” you try to comfort him as you lead him to your couch.

You lie there with him for a few minutes, and just when you thought he was falling asleep he says, “I really thought she was the one,” his tears finally falling.

You don’t know what to say to that, so you hold him and let him cry into your shoulder just as he had done for you when your grandmother died.

But you’ve fallen in love with them instead, so together we can’t be

“I met someone today,” Harry tells you on the phone one day.

“That’s great,” you try to sound happy for him.

“Yeah, she’s really nice, and she’s pretty, and I really like her,” Harry gushes.

This isn’t the first time Harry has told you about  another girl, and you’ve learned to deal with it as best you could.

I’ve tried to distract myself from you, with dates that were pure torture

You’re on another date tonight. It’s your third date this month, each time with a different man. You reach the table to find today’s man already sitting there with an annoyed look on his face.

“Took you long enough,” he says as you sit down.

“It’s only five minutes after seven,” you say, checking the time on your phone. You were in for a long night.

The waitress comes and you both order your food, waiting in almost silence for your entrees to arrive.

“Finally,” the man complains when the food arrives. He inspects his food, “This was supposed to be cooked well done,” he practically yells at the waitress, “How could you mess up something so simple?”

“Sir, I’m sorry, I gave them your order correctly, but they must have made a mistake. I can take it back and have them remake it if you want,” the waitress reasons.

“Well couldn’t you have used your eyes to see that it wasn’t cooked correctly and gotten it fixed before you brought me the wrong dish?!” The man shouts. “The idiots they hire these days,” he adds to himself, shaking his head.

At this you’ve had enough, you stand, reaching into your wallet. You hand the waitress money for your food as well as a generous tip. “I’m so sorry,” you apologize before leaving the restaurant.

But it’s you I always run back to, when I think about our future

Harry cuddles with you on his couch with his arms around you. You’re watching a movie while you recount your bad date to Harry, “He was awful.”

“Awe come on, he couldn’t ’ve been that bad.”

“He couldn’t have been worse. He was even rude to the waitress,” you scrunch your nose in disgust.

Harry laughs at your face and pulls you closer. It’s not long when you drift off to sleep in each other’s arms.

I couldn’t help but fall in love with you, now more than ever before

It all hits Harry at once. You loved him. Looking back, he can see it now. Every hug, every phone call, every look, was filled with love that he mistook for friendliness.  

So how can I still be your friend, when all I want is more

Another realization hits him. He wants more too.

I’m sorry I have to say goodbye, since you mean more to me than you know

Now, just when Harry understands how much you mean to him, you’re saying goodbye.

I never meant to hurt you, but I’m sorry, I have to go

- Y/N

Harry doesn’t know how he’s overlooked his feelings for you for so long, and now that he’s finally figured it out, you’re gone. He has to find you and tell you how he feels.


Harry checks all of your favorite spots around town, but you’re nowhere to be found. He tries your house one more time and is relieved to see that you’re home. He rushes out of his car and to your door.

You jump when you hear a knock, finding Harry on your doorstep.

“I read your poem, Y/N,” Harry steps inside.

“What? How?” Your face goes pale, your eyes widen in shock, and your entire being is sent into a panic, “You were never supposed to read that.”

“It was on m’ floor. I don’t know how I wouldn’t ’ve read it,” Harry says matter-of-factly, “Y/N,
I —”

“No,” you interrupt, “I’m sorry, I must have dropped it on the way out, but I never meant for you to see that poem. I mean, I did when I first wrote it, but when I got to your house, I just froze. I couldn’t give you the letter, and I couldn’t say goodbye because that’s selfish. I know you can’t control who you fall in love with, and I understand that you don’t love me, and I’ve accepted that because I need you in my life, Harry, even if we’re just friends —”

“Y/N,” he grabs your hands to stop your rambling, “’M not going anywhere. I love yeh. I always have, I just didn’t know it.”

“What?” You stop in shock.

“Reading that poem made me think back t’ all our time together, and I realized that ’s you. ’S always been you, Y/N, and ’M sorry it took me so long to realize it, but please just give me a chance,” Harry pleads.

You’re not sure what to think at first. You should be happy, after all, this is what you wanted, but you can’t help but wonder if he’s really sincere.

Harry, sensing your worries, cups a hand to your cheek, “’M serious, I love yeh.”

The look in his eyes tells you he means it, and he leans down to kiss you. It only lasts a few seconds, but it feels like an eternity, both of you pouring out pent up emotions and love.

Harry pulls back for a second. His forehead still resting against yours. “I love yeh,” he repeats with a smile.

“I love you too, Harry.”

“Be mine,” it wasn’t so much of a question as a statement.

“I’ve always been yours,” you reply.

Harry kisses you again, even more passionately than the first time, as if you were making up time for all the years you both ran from your feelings, and you’re suddenly thankful that you dropped the love poem.


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Characters: Choi Seunghyun (T.O.P) x You (OC, Reader) x Joongki (You son, Reader’s son) x BIGBANG members (cameo)

Genre: Fluff, Angst

Length:   1,946 words

Plot: You and your son haven’t seen Seunghyun for a very long time since he started their promotions and world tour. You have decided to visit him at one of their concerts and your heart fluttered with how your husband reacted.

A/N Sorry it this is lame ugh


“Have you eaten yet, honey?”  Your husband asked over the phone as you sit beside your son who’s currently watching some cartoons on TV.

“We just did; hon.  How about you?  Are you done with the rehearsals?”  You asked him and he sighed deeply.

“It just finished.  I am so tired… I badly need a hug and a cuddle…”  He whined with his deep voice and you cannot help but snort out a laugh. He is a like a huge baby.

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Insecurity | Part Four

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Genre: Angst

Pairing: still complicated

Word Count: 1.676

A/N: ARE YOU TEAM YOONGI OR TEAM JUNGKOOK? let me know, I’m actually very curious ^^

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven | Part Eight | Part Nine (The End) | Epilogue

“Who the hell gave you permission to fuck my girlfriend?!”, you heard Jungkook scream at Yoongi, making you slap your hand in front of your mouth in shock.

Yoongi stayed silent and you heard glass break. Your hands started trembling and your shaky breath made your throat go dry. What was happening?

“Answer me!”, Jungkook screamed and slammed a fist against a hard object, you couldn’t really tell what it was. It was probably the studio door.

Yoongi still stayed silent and you knew this didn’t mean that he was scared nor speechless. He probably had a lot to say right now but Yoongi never was that kind of a person to just go up to someone and yell into their face. 

“None of you even thought it was important enough to tell me?! I have to find out myself, seeing her laying naked in YOUR bed?”, Jungkook’s voice had turned into a dangerous growl and he seemed to be closer to Yoongi now. His voice sounded clearer through the speaker.

“IU was laying naked in my bed? Well, I guess I missed out on something then. I don’t remember inviting her over”, Yoongi answered coldly and you heard his chair squeak, as he turned his back to Jungkook.

“What the fuck Yoongi, you know I’m not talking about IU”, Jungkook grabbed Yoongi by his shirt and you heard him huff slightly. “I’m talking about (Y/N). What is she doing in your bed?”

“Oh so NOW she’s your girlfriend? After all she’s been through? After all you made her go through?”, Yonngi’s voice could have killed. “Are you already bored of IU? Is she not as interesting as you thought she was? That’s why you want to come back to (Y/N)?”

Yoongi’s voice was dripping with sarcasm and you couldn’t help but feel slightly proud of his words. He was defending you and leaving Jungkook dumbfounded. Your heart started beating faster and you wished you could just lay your arms around Yoongi’s body and pull him close, smell his comforting scent and just stay like that forever.

“She’s been my girlfriend this whole time, don’t play dumb hyung. Taking a break doesn’t mean that we’re done and that she can fuck around with whoever she wants”, Jungkook didn’t even bother to answer the other questions. It was all about you at this moment.

“Right, taking a break doesn’t mean that she’s single and can finally be happy but for you it does. You can go fuck around with random girls, you literally just met. That’s obviously a whole different thing”, Yoongi’s voice was getting louder and he had completely forgotten that you were still listening to their argument. He had placed the phone down onto his desk.

“What are you implying Yoongi? If you have to say something, say it”, Jungkook growled and your heart dropped when you heard the chair squeak again, signaling that Yoongi had stood up.

You could literally feel Yoongi’s eye roll at the younger one and you prayed to God that this argument wouldn’t escalate.

“I am implying”, he especially emphasized that word. “that you leave your girlfriend of two years behind as soon as she opens up about her insecurities, go fool around with the girl that caused all those insecurities on national television and then get mad at her for finally being happy again.”

Jungkook was silent and you clenched your hand around your phone, getting more and more anxious by every passing second. This would not end well.

“This still doesn’t give you the right to fuck with (Y/N)”, you heard Jungkook hiss. He didn’t even deny fooling around with IU. You knew that it had been happening but deep down you had hoped that he would have only acted that way to make you jealous. You had hoped that he actually wasn’t interested in IU but wanted to proof a point to you, to make you suffer and then come back. That he was just being his stubborn self and needed to win that argument.

“Oh and why not?”, Yoongi asked full of sarcasm. “It didn’t seem to bother you the past few months.”

You heard a fist collide with something hard and you heard Yoongi hiss, a push being dragged out and glass clash. Jungkook had punched Yoongi in the face making the older one push him against the nearest shelf. You let out a cry but none of them seemed to hear you as your sobs started erupting through your body. This was all your fault, you kept telling yourself.

“How long has this been going? Huh? How long have you two been playing this game? Answer me!”, Jungkook yelled and you heard another punch hitting Yoongi.

“Are you sure you want to know?”, Yoongi answered cockily, chuckling in the end. Jungkook was going to kill him if he kept being this careless, you knew it.

“Yoongi stop!”, you yelled into the phone, tears streaming down your face and your whole body shaking. 

Silence answered you and then you heard shuffling. “Is that (Y/N) on your phone? Has she been listening this whole time?”, Jungkook’s voice was dangerously close.

“Well you interrupted our private time, so I didn’t even have time to say my goodbye’s to her”, Yoongi answered, using the phrase “private time” on purpose just to make Jungkook get even madder. It seemed to work because you heard him taking in a sharp breath and from knowing Jungkook too well, you knew he was clenching his hands into fists and his neck vein was probably about to pop out.

“Yoongi shut up! You’re only making this worse”, you screamed out in frustration, not believing how dumb he was to say those words. Jungkook could be thinking the worst things right now while you two were completely innocent in reality.

“Private time?”, Jungkook asked through gritted teeth, picking up the phone. “(Y/N) what the hell were you doing with Yoongi?”

As he said your name his voice broke and you felt your heart drop at the sound of his vulnerability. He surely wasn’t the tough guy he currently tried to picture in front of Yoongi.

“We were only talking, Jungkook”, you whispered. “Not that it’s any of your business anyway.”

 “You’re my girlfriend, of course it’s my business”, Jungkook answered angrily when Yoongi ripped his phone out of Jungkook’s hands. “What the hell?”, he exclaimed at the loss of the phone.

“No she’s not. (Y/N) is my girlfriend”, Yoongi stated cooly, making goosebumps run down your spine.

Jungkook let out a half-hearted laugh. “Your girlfriend? Does she even have feelings for you, hyung? Because if I remember correctly, she still seemed pretty flustered when I visited her this morning.”

Yoongi let out a shaky breath. This was his hurting point. Jungkook had found it without even knowing about it. Yoongi knew you were very grateful for what he had done for you and how he had made you smile again. He knew you accepted to date him not out of pity but because you had feelings for him as well. He just wasn’t sure if you were ever capable of loving him like you loved Jungkook. So hearing how confident Jungkook was about making you feel flustered only by his presence made his blood boil and heart clench. He was supposed to be the one making you feel flustered, not Jungkook.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about”, was all Yoongi could answer.

Jungkook face turned into a grin. “Of course not. She might have told you that I visited but she surely didn’t tell you how flushed her face got when I kneeled down next to her and how she pressed her thighs together almost immediately. It might have been unconscious but that move says more about her feelings than her mouth could ever say”, he shrugged and was visibly satisfied with how the situation had turned.

Your mouth had dropped during Jungkook’s words but soon you had regained your strength. “He’s lying Yoongi, that’s not true. Yes, I got a little bit flustered but I wanted him to leave. Don’t believe his words babe, you know he’s not right.”

Your soothing voice urged through the phone and Yoongi wished he could believe you. He wished that his heart would let him believe the words you were telling him. That he didn’t need to worry about Jungkook taking you away from him, even though he had hurt you so bad. But he knew how much you still loved him. He knew from the way you would still get nightmares even with him by your side. He knew from the way you would daze off sometimes and get a little melancholic, not saying what was bothering you. He knew from the way you always avoided coming over whenever he was around. He knew from the way that you would always say how much he meant to you but never say that you loved him.

“He doesn’t believe you (Y/N). You should see his face right now”, Jungkook spoke as he heard you say those words and Yoongi didn’t answer. “He looks like you just broke his heart into million pieces.”

There was no satisfaction nor hatred or anything similar swinging in Jungkook’s voice. He even sounded a little bit sorry which made your stomach twist as your vision went blurry.

“Yoongi…”, you whispered. You knew this was the perfect moment to tell him those three words he needed to hear so badly but you couldn’t. Whenever you opened your mouth to say them, so he’d believe you, nothing came out.

“(Y/N)”, Yoongi answered and you were never so happy to hear him finally speak again. “Stay where you are, I’m coming home. I can’t work with this kid disturbing my peace.”

Jungkook huffed. “So you don’t even care that she still loves me? Are you that desperate, hyung?”

“You can call me desperate if you want, Jungkook”, Yoongi glared at Jungkook and you could hear his deep breath. “But that’s what I call love.”


The Story of Vampire Michaela, Vol 1 - Chapter 1 - Part 1

Disclaimer: This light novel is written by Kagami Takaya and illustrated by Yamamoto Yamato. I do not profit from this.

I just wanted to help bring some translation of the new novel so I teamed up with the anonymous translator, Fang. Please note that while this is being translated from the original Japanese text, the translator is not a professional so there may be mistakes. Any illustrations included are self provided.

Viewer discretion is advised.
Prologue » here

« Owari no Seraph: The Story of Vampire Michaela »
Volume 1, Chapter 1 - Yuu and Mika (Part 1)

Just another day for us livestock at the vampire city. Our daily lives is having our blood sucked away.

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Hii, so this is a little idea that I had for a while now. There’s plenty more to come ,at least I hope so. Let me know what you think about it and if you want me to keep going with this? Thanks xxx

Chapter one

“Can you come here for a moment?”
Harry rushed into the kitchen of the apartment he quite grew to like over the last eight weeks. His band was finally taking a break after five years of nonstop working and traveling from one continent to the other. If he was honest he still didn’t feel like they were on a break. He still felt the constant jetlag and tired eyes but he enjoyed his time off. He was staying with his sister Gemma in London right now. Gemma all but begged him to stay in her apartment for a while because she missed him so much over the past few years. Harry agreed immediately, he was planning on staying with his family anyway.
“What’s up, Gem?” he asked his sister who looked like she would have a meltdown in a few seconds.
“My co-worker is coming over in half a hour. She’s really amazing and I’m so excited that I can work with her because she’s so talented. I really want her to like me and feel comfortable here because she will probably spend quite some time here during the next few weeks. I’d really appreciate it if you wouldn’t walk around half naked or do something stupid, yeah?”
Harry chuckled at her nervous rambling and leaned against the doorway of the kitchen. He met her last co-worker on a party a friend was hosting. If he was quite honest he doesn’t like people from the journalism industry all that much. It wasn’t even because of all the things those journalists and press people wrote about him or what rumours they spreat about him. It was the way they acted. Every journalist he met yet who wasn’t interviewing him and his bandmates was a bit strange. They were arrogant and cocky and he thought that some of them thought they were better than other people with different jobs. He really did bot like journalists.
His sister of course was different. He loved the way she wrote and how passionate she was about her job. And she wasn’t arrogant and cocky.
“Don’t worry. I’ll say hello to your new, ‘amazing’ co-worker and then I’ll leave you alone. You know I don’t like those people anyway.”
Gemma shook her head at him and walked over to the fridge to get herself a water bottle. She opened the bottle and took a sip from the cold liquid.
“She’s not like them.” she said when she turned around again to look at her brother.
“She started in this industry about three years ago. We have this big project going on. We’ll be working on stories together.”
“Sounds nice. I really she isn’t like the others I met.” Harry rolled his eyes at the thought.
“No, she’s really sweet.” Gemma smiled.
“Oh, did you say sweet?” Harry asked as if he didn’t hear her correctly.
“Yes, she is sweet. But don’t you dare make a move on her.” she threaded and pointed a accussing finger at Harry.
“Don’t worry, I won’t do anything embarrassing. Unless-”
“Harry, no! She won’t be interested in you anyway.”
“Oi! What’s that supposed to mean?!”
“Nothing. Just go and do some work or something.” she rolled her eyes with a cheeky smile on her lips.
Harry shook his head at her and turned around to leave before he remembered something.
“I’m going to go out with Niall tonight. I won’t be long though because he is going to fly to LA tomorrow.”
“Alright. Please, don’t get drunk. Don’t want you to be sick.”
“I won’t.” Harry said and rolled his eyes at her.
He went upstairs into Gemma’s bathroom where he took a shower and shaved the little stubble that grew over the last two day he didn’t shave. He was quite looking forward to this little night out even though he didn’t enjoy those type of things as much as others did his age. Tonight he’s going to be alone with Niall which was good because that meant nobody would end up drunk. They both weren’t that into alcohol, a beer or two were okay but they both knew their limits.
He got out of the bathroom with a white towel around his hips and made his way to the guestroom. The room wasn’t big but more than enough for him to stay for a few weeks. He went over to the little drawer on the opposite side of the room where the bed stood. He decided he would wear a black see-through button down with black ripped skinny jeans and some boots.
When he was dressed and was finished with drying his hair and spritzing on some cologne it was almost seven o'clock. In ten minutes he had to leave in order to be on time.
He made his way downstairs when he heard something that made him stop dead in his tracks.
A giggle.
A very cute and pretty giggle.
And it was definetaly not his sister giggling.

He walked down the last few stairs and over to the living room. He stopped right in front of it though, he didn’t want to be seen yet.
“So I thought that maybe we could separate our stories, you know? I don’t think it’s a good idea when we write everything together because that will probably get a bit too much. What do you think?”
That was his sister talking. There was a little pause before he heard the other girl speaking.
“I think that’s a very good idea. What I’ve seen from your previous writings is that you quite enjoy to write about nature and food and stuff like that, right? I love to write about girly stuff like makeup, fashion. But also about love and sex.”
Hell, Harry thought. He needed to know what that girl looked like. Her giggle was pretty, her voice was pretty. And somehow the fact that she enjoyed to write about sex awoke something in him.
No, it wasn’t because he was a horny teenager who started to blush and giggle whenever someone said the word ‘sex’ but the way she said it was somehow… sexy? And the fact that she wrote about it was kind of hot.
Harry rounded the corner and when he saw her it seemed like everything around him stopped.
God, she was pretty.
She smiled at him when she saw him and he didn’t think he ever saw such a breathtaking sight before. Her plump lips were stretched in the most beautiful way and her teeth were the brightest shade of white teeth could ever be. Her eyes were literally shining and looking so beautiful and perfect he almost cried. Her hair was just the right length and suited her beautiful face perfectly. She was dressed in a white shirt and blue ripped jeans and she looked so cute how she sat there he almost wanted to pinch her rosy cheeks.
“Hi! You must be Harry. I’m Y/N, Gemma’s new co-worker.” Y/N stood up from the couch and reached her right hand out with a bright smile.
“Nice to meet you, Y/N.” Harry mumbled and smiled softly at her.
He shook her soft hand and he was sure that he felt tiny electric shocks on his skin when he touched her.
She really was amazing, Gemma didn’t lie.
And incredibly sweet.
She was one of those people Harry’s mum Anne always called sunshine. Anne always said that Harry was a little sunshine because when he walked into a room the whole atmosphere changed and when he smiled he world looked like a better place.
Y/N was a sunshine too. Her smile left him breathless and he almost didn’t find any words to reply to her.
“Nice to meet you too, Harry. I hope I don’t disturb your evening or something.” she said and her eyes widened and her smile fell a bit.
“No, no.” Harry was quick to answer.
He wanted her to smile again.
“I had plans anyway, don’t worry. I think Gemma is quite happy when she gets rid of me.” he grinned over at Gemma.
“True.” Gemma laughed.
Y/N smiled again and Harry felt his heartbeat racing when she looked into his eyes again. He never felt like that before when he looked at a girl. Of course, he met pretty girls before but never did he meet someone like Y/N. Something about her felt different from the very first glimpse he caught of her. He wouldn’t call it love on first sight, though. He didn’t believe in that. But maybe it was a massive crush.
“Well, I’m going to leave now. I’m already a bit late.” Harry chuckled and waved at the two girls.
“Bye.” Y/N smiled at him.
Harry left the livingroom and when he was sure that they couldn’t see him he leaned against a wall and took a deep breath. That was… intense. He wondered if Y/N felt the same way but…
Let’s just say that Harry is a hopeless romantic. He loved the idea of finding the significant other and loving them forever.
She won’t be interested in you anyway
The words his sister said earlier were replaying in his head. It was true. He was almost certain that she had a boyfriend because well, look at her. Someone who does not see her beauty must be blind. And even if she was single he wouldn’t have a chance. She was perfect and he was… Harry.
And she worked together with his sister.
She was taboo.

He left the apartment after he put his boots and a jacket on.

When Y/N heard the front door of the apartment fall shut she turned to Gemma.
“So I’m not some weird fangirl or something but I have to admit that I was quite nervous about meeting you’re brother.
"Oh, there’s no reason to be nervous around him. Sometimes he’s a pain in the arse but most of the time he’s a absolute sweetheart.” Gemma smiled at her.
“So you actually enjoy having him here?” Y/N asked curiously.
“Yeah, I do. I didn’t quite get to see him that often during the last few weeks is it’s nice to finally spend some time with him again.”
“That’s nice.” Y/N hummed.
“So where were we?”
“Yeah, right. So…”

Harry got home around midnight, absolutely sober. His thoughts were still consumed by the girl he met a few hours ago. He knew that he was probably overthinking everything and he only felt that way because he hadn’t met a girl in a very long time and he was pretty lonely. But he also knew that something happened when she touched his hand. It was somehow magical.
He was still sitting in his black Range Rover even though he was already in the driveway of his sisters apartment. Y/N’s car was still parked as well. His heart raced at the thought of seeing her again and a smile spread on his cheeks.
He got out of his car and made his way to the front door. He unlocked the door with his key and closed the door quietly behind him. He took off his boots and coat before he walked to the kitchen. When he walked inside he saw her placing down two wine glasses.
“Hey.” Harry spoke quietly so he wouldn’t scare her.
“Oh, hi.” Y/N turned around with a soft smile playing on her lips.
“I’m sorry that I’m still here but we wrote a lot and now Gemma fell asleep. She had a bit of wine so…”
“Always falls asleep after she had some wine.” Harry chuckled and leaned against the doorway.
“She’s on the couch. Did not want to wake her.”
Harry nodded and smiled at the way she took care of his sister. She was sweet. Inside and out.
“Alright so I’ll leave now.” Y/N said.
Harry’s smile fell and a frown took over his features. He knew he couldn’t ask her to stay a bit more because well he didn’t know her and she probably did not want to spend any time with him. And it was late.
“You came here by car, right?” he asked and she gave him a nod as answer.
“Oh, you’re not annoying at all. It’s sweet that you worry about me but I only had a little sip and I’m a big girl.” she gave him a little wink and a cheeky smile.
Harry chuckled and nodded.
“I know you are. Just don’t want anything happening to you.”
Y/N’s smile fell a bit at his words and he almost thought he said something wrong but she caught herself pretty quickly again.
“Don’t worry. I’ll give Gemma a text when I’m at home, alright?”
“Okay.” Harry nodded.
Y/N wanted to make her way over to the living room but right when she reached the doorway of the kitchen she stumbled over her own feet and almost fell on the floor but Harry caught her. One arm was around her waist and the other hand was holding onto her arm.
“Careful, love.”
Y/N looked up at Harry with wide eyes and a blush on her cheeks. Harry really did not have a dirty mind but the way her eyes were so big right now and her cheeks had that flush made him wonder what she would look like on her knees for him, about to take his-
“I’m so sorry. I’m really the clumsiest person ever.”
She moved away from his hold and looked at the ground a big embarrassed.
“Don’t worry. I’m clumsy too. I stumble over everything. And most of the time I can’t control my limbs.”
Y/N looked up at him again and a quiet giggle left her lips.
Yes, her giggle was really cute.
“I should really leave now.” she said after a while of just looking at him.
Harry nodded and moved aside so she could get her stuff from the living room. She returned a few seconds later, smiling softly.
“Thank you for saving me from hitting the floor.” she blushed.
“Anytime, clumsy.” Harry grinned cheekily at her and poked her nose with his finger.
Another giggle left her lips and now Harry was sure that he never heard something more beautiful.
“Good night.” she whispered and got up on the tips of her toes to press a soft kiss against Harry’s cheek.
Harry felt his cheeks heating up immediately. He didn’t think she would do that.
“Good night.” he whispered back.
She sent him another smile and left the apartment. He didn’t know how he could stay so calm while talking to her because on the inside he was freaking out. Harry still felt the ghost of her lips on his cheeks and he still smelled the whiff of vanilla that hit his nose when she leaned up for the little kiss. He was sure he could die happy now.

The next morning he woke up with a smile on his face. Y/N got home safely, he saw Gemma’s phone lighting up with her message half a hour after she left.
He made his way downstairs into the kitchen were Gemma was already sitting at the table with a croissant on her plate and a cup of tea in her hand.
“Good morning.” Harry smiled at her and went over to the counter were Gemma already prepared a cup of tea for himself.
“Good morning.” she replied irritated.
“What got you all smiley this morning, hm?”
Harry had to admit that he was quite grumpy in the morning. There was never a reason to his bad mood though and after twenty minutes he’d be a little sunshine again.
“Oh, come on now.” Gemma eyed him suspiciously.
“I know that smile. It has something to do with a girl am I right?”
Harry stopped dead in his tracks and turned around to look at his sister. The problem was that he always told her everything and vice versa, but he couldn’t tell her that.
T/N was taboo.
“No. There’s no girl. I’m just in a good mood.” he sent her another soft smile and sat down across from her at the table.
“Alright. Anyway, Y/N is so amazing. We already wrote on our first piece last evening and it’s so great. I love her ideas and she’s so inspiring. It’s going to be so good, we really are going to write about everything. I’ll write about lifestyle, nature and cooking and stuff and she’ll do girly stuff and some juicy stuff like love and sex. I can’t wait to finally start writing on it.”
Gemma sounded so exited Harry couldn’t help but smile at her. He was proud of her and everything she achieved lately. And the fact that she now worked with someone like Y/N who she admired was amazing.
“Sounds great. I’m excited to read some of it.”
“Oh, yes. We’ll upload the first one in like two days. And the beginning we wrote is already so good. Y/N will finish it up at home and then it will be up.” she grinned.
“Nice.” Harry nodded and took a sip from his tea.
Oh how he wished he could make a move on Y/N. But he didn’t want to ruin that experience for Gemma. If he asked Y/N out on a date or they actually really started dating it would be quite awkward if they would end. So that was probably not that great of an idea.
“Y/N told me she was pretty nervous about meeting you because of who you were. She was cute about it.”
“She knows me?”
“Of course she does! Who in our age doesn’t know who that weirdo from that strange band is? And when she found out that she was working with the sister of Harry Styles she probably had a little fangirl moment.
Harry chuckled at the thought of that sweet girl fangirling over him.
"Anyway, what do you think about her?”
Gemma’s question made him suck in a breath and he closed his eyes briefly. Goodness how he hated to answer that question. What should he say? That he was in love with her from the second he caught a glimpse of her perfect face? That he didn’t stop thinking about her since she kissed his cheek?
No that probably wouldn’t be that smart.
He hated lying to his sister.
But well, here goes nothing.
“Umm, well…”

anonymous asked:

ughhh I love this blog a little too much <3 anyways, I was wondering if I could get a companions react to discovering that Sole self-harms or is suicidal If you'd rather not that's obviously completely fine thank you!! -Anon

Triggering content below the cut. If you are feeling suicidal or depressed talk to someone, anyone. Seriously. A teacher, a friend, call a hotline, anything. Confiding in people means they can help you. Talk to literally anybody. They’ll help, people care about you including the mods here

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Infinity Part 5



Characters:  Mark Tuan (GOT7), You (Reader/OC), GOT7 members (mentions and cameo)

Genre:  AU, Angst, Fluff

Warning/s:  Strong language, Trigger Warning (Anxiety attack, sickness, etc.)

A/N:  (Y/C/O) means – Your country of origin or whatever the desired country of the reader maybe :)

Length:    4,303 words

Plot:  You have always believed the line from your favorite book that some infinities are larger or smaller than other infinities. You always wonder if you even have an infinity that you get to spend with someone or you will be forever alone?

After leaving Mark, more secrets and revelations are bound to be disclosed and you are not sure if you can handle everything.

You felt extremely tired, both physically and emotionally, as soon as you stepped in to the cab that you hailed after walking a few meters from where you left Mark.  You instructed the driver to take you to your house before you rested your head on the headrest of the cab chair.  You do not exactly know what to feel about what happened in the last 12 hours - this has been the fastest intimate relationship that you ever had with anyone and you blame yourself for that because of confessing about your sickness. However, you do not regret doing it because you’ve already learned from the past that it is better to be straightforward and honest even before the relationship goes deeper.

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Cold (4) - End

Here are parts 1, 2, and 3!

Pairing: Ten/ Y/N

Originally posted by nctech

Your late night meetings with Ten did not happen just once. Every night since then, Ten would always be waiting down below your balcony, wanting to take you on another adventure, whether just for a late night walk in the park or for a gaze at the infinite stars or for a chat at a local coffee shop that was opened 24/7.

It was becoming a habit.

The idea of sneaking out gave you thrill even though it was a disaster waiting to happen. You remembered how the curtains in your parents’ bedroom shifted that first night. But you tried hard to convince yourself it was nothing.

There was a tap on your balcony door and you already knew who it was. 

You went out of your balcony and looked down. Sure enough, there was Ten, a ready smile on his face.

“What’s up?” you asked, returning his smile.

“You,” Ten replied.

You rolled your eyes. “Where’s it this time?”

Ten chuckled. “Just a late night walk.”

You nodded. The night was cold anyway with a promise of rain. So, a walk in the park where you guys just take it slow was something perfect.

“Be right down in a sec,” you said and Ten nodded.

The climb down terrified you. Your balcony was pretty far up from the ground and it was going to be nasty should you ever fall. 

A cold wind blew and you held on to your brother’s window, your fingers making sound.

‘Shoot.’ You stayed still, precariously hanging off the side of your house. You silently prayed he wouldn’t hear your movements.

When you were sure everything was fine, you continued your climb down. There was assurance that Ten would catch you.

He always did.

You landed a bit unstable in his arms.

“Ready?” Ten asked as you were on your feet.

“As I’ll be.”

Ten held your hands. The pain as your and his powers reacted was still there. But you two had gotten used to it.

Now, you thought it was merely a sting. The feeling of his skin against yours was worth it compared to the pain.

The two of you were out in the streets now. However, you felt uneasy.

“What’s wrong, Y/N?” Ten asked. His face was contorted into one of worry.

“Huh?” You looked at him, distracted. “Nothing.” You expelled the breath you’ve been holding.

“I know just the thing to cheer you up,” Ten said.

You raised your eyebrow. “I’m prepared to be surprised.”

Indeed, you were.

In one of the park tables, Ten laid out a picnic: sandwiches (ham and cheese, your favorite), soda (his favorite kind), fruits (he knew these were what you liked), and chips (to munch on afterwards.)

“Wow. You really did outdo yourself this time.”

“Pfft. It was nothing. Shall we?”

The night deepened as you two ate. Your conversation with Ten ranged from your classes to the universe to finally the feud between your families.

“How did it even get so bad?” Ten asked as he sipped his soda.

You shrugged. “My mom barely knows the reason why. It was like the hatred was just passed on from generation to generation, you know?” You bit on your sandwich. It was your second one.

“Oh. Same with mine.”

You sighed. “It doesn’t really make sense, does it?”

“Yeah, why do we have to suffer?”


You asked yourself the question a thousand times over. 



The sound of the male voice made you freeze. So did Ten.

You turned your head and sure enough, there was your brother. His eyes were seething with pure hatred.

“How could you betray us, your family, Y/N? How?!” he spat out the words. “And our enemy, no less!”

You stood up. Ten, too. 

It scared you of what your brother could do to Ten, now that you were both caught in the act.


He was not listening as he charged at Ten, both hands held out. Ten readied himself to receive the blast but you stood in front of him to protect him from the assault.


“Tell me one good reason why.” Your brother’s ready spell was a few inches from your face. The intense cold could freeze your expressions permanently. Fortunately, it didn’t affect you as much. Your affinity with ice helped.

“i can’t.” Your eyes were misty now. “But I’ll go with you.”

You looked back at Ten. It hurt to think that the happiness you felt whenever you were with him couldn’t last.

“I’m sorry.”

And your brother whisked you away from Ten, from your happiness. 

“Y/N, is something wrong?” your Mother asked.

You were at the dining table after the incident last night. It was a Sunday, supposedly a family day. But you didn’t really feel like being with your family. You knew you should feel thankful, but you didn’t.

“N-nothing,” you replied, pasting a pleasant smile. You were in deep thought and in deep worry. 

You looked around the dining table. It seemed like your mother and father didn’t know what had happened. Yet. 

You were sure they will soon if the glare your older brother was sending you from across the table was any indication. Your younger sister didn’t seem to notice the tension as she continued to share some story animatedly.

Only you were left to eat in silence.

“Is something wrong?” your mother asked again but this time, it was directed at your brother.

You held your breath. Will he tell?

Your brother smirked at your terrified expression. 

“Nothing,” he replied. “Actually, I was strolling around last night.”

“Oh, this I want to hear,” your younger sister said, finally shutting up.

“I’m sure you’ll find this entertaining,” he said, smiling at your younger sister before returning to glare at you.

You gripped your spoon tighter.

“What happened?” your father asked. He leaned closer in eagerness to hear about the story.

“It was a fairly pleasant night,” your brother began. “I was about to go to bed when I heard something outside my window. Turns out, it was a little mouse sneaking out at night.”

You now felt all eyes on you.

“So, I decided to follow this little mouse. I would have also admired the stars in the sky if it weren’t for a curious little thing that I happened upon.” 

You could feel the tension intensify.

“Y/N, our little mouse, was dating the enemy!”

That was when you could no longer take it. Your spoon banged on your plate as you left the dining table and went directly to your room to retire.

 The dining room was wrapped in a commotion but you didn’t stay to witness. The secret was already out. You were branded a traitor by your own family.

Your bedroom door open. There was no need to ask who it was.

It could only be your mother.

You took a deep breath, readying yourself.

“Y/N.” Her voice was the same as always. Prim and proper with a hint of haughtiness. And when it came to her children, reprimand. Stern. Cold.

You faced your mother. She was dressed in her elegant long white gown.

“Don’t go near him. Ever. Again.” Your mother had always been a no-nonsense person and that had always terrifies you, even now that you’re grown up.


“I’m not going to repeat myself, Y/N.” Your mother paced around your room. She looked positively regal. 

Everything about her always radiated authority. It was something that you weren’t able to disobey.

Stopping right in front of you, her blue eyes were pierced your soul, asking for your loyalty.

You bit your lip.

When you didn’t answer, your mother asked again. “Do you understand, Y/N?”

“But why?”

Her eyes widened. It was the first time you showed rebellion. All your life, your mom was accustomed with you just nodding your head, following her orders no matter how you didn’t want to.

“Am I hearing you correctly, Y/N?” She raised a perfect brow. “‘Why?’ you ask?”

She again paced your room with her arms crossed on her chest. “I don’t like them. Our family never had since time immemorial. Your ancestors had always hated them. Why shouldn’t you?”

She stopped for a moment again. Her brow raised, questioning you.

“But, Mom, they’re very nice people!” You were treading on a very sensitive subject. “Ten, especially,” you added in a small voice.

She hurried to your side and cupped your face.

Your light blue eyes met with her icy ones. Her stare intense. When you could no longer take it, you looked away.

“No. No daughter of mine is ever going to be associated with the likes of them!”

You snapped your head to her. “But mom–”

“Your never ever going near him again, Y/N, do you understand?!”

“But I love him, Mom!”

“No! You don’t and that’s the end! Tomorrow, you’re not going to school. We’re finding you a new one.” She spun on her heels to leave.

“Mom!” You ran to her, clutched her hands, and went down your knees. “Please don’t!”

Tears were now streaming down your face.

“Please, Mom. Please.” Your voice was cracking.

Your mother bent down to cup your face.“Then leave him.”

“But I can’t–”

“Then you’re not my daughter.” Her expression turned icy.   

With that, your mom left, slamming your door.

You didn’t know for how long you had been crying until you heard a soft tapping on your balcony door.

It was like your soul sighed in relief as you knew who it was.


There was Ten down below. The scene seemed fitting. It was raining complimenting with your mood.

“Ten?” You wiped the tears from your face. You must look terrible from all your crying.

Still, Ten smiled at the sound of your voice and he gazed at you as if you were the most beautiful lady on earth.

“What are you doing out?” Your voice sounded a little thick.

Then you noticed he was carrying bags, probably filled with his clothes.

“Oh my God. Where are you going?” Tears spilled out of your eyes again. “Are you leaving me?”

“What? No!” Ten shook his head, a smile on his lips. “Y/N, you know I could never leave you. But, uh, first, can I climb your balcony?”

You had to laugh at that. Even when everything seemed bleak, Ten never failed to make you laugh.

“You are more than welcome, my kind sir.”

Ten dropped his bags on their grassy lawn and went over the wall separating the two houses.

He landed with a thud on your family’s side of the wall.

Ten looked up to smile at you, reassuring you.

It took him only a few minutes to climb to your balcony and into your bedroom.

However, Ten stayed sat on your balcony, his feet hovering an inch above the carpeted floor.

“I heard you and your Mom.”

“I’m sorry you had to hear–”

“Y/N, no. You don’t have to.” Ten shook his head. “My parents said the same thing, too.”

You smiled bitterly at him.

“What are we going to do now?”

Instead of a reply, Ten only held out his right palm to you.

“You know, I had this childhood dream of travelling the world,” he shared. “Only, I didn’t really have the courage to go through with it.”

He chuckled at himself then cleared his throat. “Actually, I didn’t have anyone to go with me.”

You titled your head a bit to the side.

“What I’m saying is,” Ten scratched the back of his head with his left hand, “Y/N, will you go on an adventure with me?”

Realization dawned on you. You smiled at him and his outstretched hand.

“Will we go to where they won’t find us?”

“Anywhere you want,” Ten promised.

You took his offer and clasped your hand in his.

As the skin of your palm met with his, you could hear the sizzle as your power reacted with his.

The two of you were still pretty opposite.

Pain erupted and you were sure Ten felt it, too. The wince you saw was enough indication.

But it was a small price to pay for the freedom you were about to taste.

In your wake, you left a small note for your family to find in the morning.

By then, you would have been long gone with Ten.

Note: And thus ends “Cold”! I wanted to write my own take at “Romeo and Juliet” so this was born. Also, I’m not really acquainted with writing “fantasy” type of stories (or stories that deal with powers in general) since I mainly stick with romance. Yeah, I’m a hopeless romantic. XD.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Genre: Fluff with a bit of angst
Word Count: 968

“Why don’t you just tell him you like him already,” your friend said, taking you back to reality. You looked back at her with an eyebrow cocked. “You’ve been staring at him for the past five minutes, and he’s been staring at you back twice as long.”

You shook your head. “We’re just friends. You know, intellectual communication,” you said, making up excuses for you and her to believe it’s just nothing.

You heard her sigh in defeat and watched her as she leaned back into her chair. “Whatever,” she mumbled. “As an outsider, I am forced to watch you hopeless romantics flirt with each other and then crumble in defeat as there is no outcome, and there never will be an outcome if you don’t go for it.”

“We don’t flirt with each other.”

“Uh huh, sure you don’t,” she said sarcastically. “Look, he’s coming over right now. If you can’t tell that he’s flirting with you, I don’t know what I’m going to do with you.”

You whip your head to see Seungcheol walking over to you and your friend. Even though you’ve been friends with him for almost three years now, you still couldn’t stop your heart from beating faster against your chest.


“Hey,” you responded.

“I was wondering when you were going to come over but you never got up, so I came to you instead,” he said. Seungcheol pulled up a chair and placed it in front of you and your friend, and sat in it. “How’s your day been?”

You nod. “Pretty good, nothing bad as happened yet.”

“I’ve been having a pretty bad day, just to let you know,” your friend joined. You both looked at her for an explanation, but being completely honest, you weren’t feeling so good about her explanation. “You see, I have these friends that really like each other but they won’t do anything about it.

Your eyes widened at her response.

“You shouldn’t worry so much. If they both like each other, they’ll start dating, surely,” Seungcheol said.

“Is that so?” She clicked her tongue. “I wouldn’t be too sure. They don’t seem to be progressing in their relationship much.”

“I think you should just let them take as much time as they want,” you added, subtly glaring at her.

She raised her hands up as if feigning innocence. “Whatever you say.”

You hadn’t realized you were rubbing your arms until Seungcheol asked you if you were cold. “I guess so,” you answered. He stood up and took of his jacket, handing it to you right after. You took it and as you were putting it on, your friend started coughing. However, when you looked at her, you knew it was because she was trying to tell you something.

This is not flirting, you told her in your head.

She shrugged. “I have to go, my friends need my help. You know, the ones who like each other but aren’t going anywhere.” She stood up after she said that and left the two of you sitting there together alone.


“It’s getting pretty late,” you said, noticing that the sun was no longer in the sky. “We’ve been here for like hours,” you chuckled.

You stood up and started taking off his jacket, but he pulled the collar up to your neck again. “You don’t have to take it off now, I’ll take you home,” he announced.

“Seungcheol, I’m not a kid. I can go home by myself,” you said to him, the sentence coming out more sassy than you intended it to be.

He raised an eyebrow at you. “Am I not allowed to take you home now?” His question came out just as sassy as your sentence.

“No, that’s not what I meant-”

“Well that’s what it sounds like to me. And I thought we were friends.” You flinched when you heard that word, friends.

You scoffed. “All I did was say I can go home by myself and you think we aren’t friends anymore? And what’s up with that? I used to always go home by myself whenever I met up with you. Why change your mind now, huh? Why did you suddenly start to become so generous enough as to offer to take me home?” you fought back.

“Maybe because when we met up, it would be in broad daylight where everyone can see us. I’m an idol, remember that?”

“Oh yes, I know very well. It’s because you’re an idol that we can’t be friends, right? Because people might mistaken something and spread rumors about us, or maybe they’ll start talking trash about you or me? Well why don’t we make it easy then and end our friendship now?” You were surprised at the words that spilled out of your mouth. How did a perfectly good day turn to this?

“You want to end our friendship just because I offered to take you home?” Seungcheol questioned.

“You were the one that started it when you said ‘I thought we were friends’.”

“Well if you had just said yes in the first place-”

“But I didn’t, so what are we going to do?”

“You’re making this so hard,” he sighed.

“Why is everything my fault? What am I making so hard?”

“Yes, everything is your fault. It’s your fault that I fell in love with you and you’re making it so hard to tell you that I love you,” he blurted out. You blinked at him, not sure if you heard correctly.

“Ok, time out. You said you what now?”

“I said ‘I love you’”, he repeated.

You stared at him to find truth in his eyes. You let out a sigh and said, “It’s frustrating to say this because you got me a little pissed, but… I love you too.”

-Admin Nhi

YouLove #2

Summary= How many chances there were that your famous crush would like you back? The chance of a click -and a video, it seemed. [YouTubers AU].

Pairing= Nalu.

Rate= T.

Chapters= Multichaptered.

Word Count= 1590.

Hi guys :3 I know this is earlier than I said I’d update, but since it got so many notes and lovely comments, I thought that I’d post chapter 2 now! Thank you so much for all the pretty things you said! It really motivated me and made me so happy! >.< So here you go!

I don’t own Hunter x Hunter nor Noragami Aragoto. They belong to their respective authors.

Chapter two: but baby, I’m still waiting for you

“Okay, so,” Lucy started, smiling at the recording camera placed in front of her. “YukiStellar on Tumblr requested my opinion on the anime Hunter x Hunter, thanks!”

Lucy cleared her throat, pushing down her anxiety, as she always did whenever she recorded a new video. She thanked that so far, the thumbs down were almost inexistent in her account. She hoped it stayed that way.

500.000 subscribers were a really big number. For her, at least.

“I really loved the anime!” Lucy grinned, sighing contently as she remembered. “Its plot is quite interesting, and don’t even let me start about character development. Truly amazing and well done. I could give you a list of my favorite moments, but I don’t want to spoil anything to you guys,”

“So, this anime gives you so many feels! I laughed, and cried, and got to be an emotional wreck. Specially on the final arc. I totally suggest you watch it! My favorite character? Killua, of course! Adorable, dork, smart, fast, strong, dark, and too well-looking for a 12 to 14 years old.”

Lucy wiggled her eyebrows at the camera, chuckling to herself.

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I want it to be you

(AO3 mirror)
Rating: Gen
Pairing:  Sourin
Word Count:   1484
Summary: Sousuke’s soulmate mark appears first and Rin’s not sure how to react.

Middle school sourin soulmate AU!!  Written to heal the pain I caused myself and others with Kaidan lmao.  Quick note: Rin never went to AUS and came back to Sano for jr high.


“Hey, Rin, come here for a sec.”

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