whenever i draw characters drawing they always have to be on the ground kicking up their feet

// Howdy, y’all  ☆ 

This post isn’t much, but I really want to start off the new year by giving thanks to everyone (300+ of you?! wowie) that’s still here with me. 

So without further ado, here’s a shoutout (aside from the 3 sections, they’re in no particular order) to some RPers that really deserve it and that I absolutely recommend following.

First off: these are the favs, the senpais, the people I’ve interacted with for a little while now! <3

@royalsciencedeptofficial ; What a gem. Easily one of (if not the most) talented Alphyses (Alphii?) I’ve had the pleasure of writing with. The admin is incredibly sweet and funny, too, and is really nice just to talk to about IC or OOC things. I feel like I’ve learned a lot from them as far as improving my own writing (in the short amount of time that I’ve been here), and quite frankly I’m still surprised that they even wanted to write with me in the first place! (Not to mention that the depth they go in explaining Underground science is mindblowing! So cool!)

@drwingdings ; Another fantastic writer as well as the creator of the Empty Hands AU , where it’s Gaster’s son, Sans, who falls into the CORE rather than Gaster himself. Obviously, much heartache ensues. but despite that the admin is very funny and witty and creates a very lovable, dynamic, and gentlemanly Gaster. It’s like I can feel my own writing improving by just looking at their work! Thanks for the motivation. :-) 

@reset-time-2 ; THIS MEME. I feel like I don’t give them enough credit for their writing skills sometimes just because of all the funny OOC shenanigans that ensue, but they really are a nice writer (and juggle their Frisk and Chara muses really well). Basically a big sweetheart, I haven’t actually known them that long either, but they’ve been super inclusive anyway! (As well as super tolerant with the nonsense I throw at them a lot haha)

@journal-from-the-void ; You know, I feel really lucky to be in a fandom with so much room for OCs? This is one of them! Their muse (a child of the yellow and green SOULs) is just… neat! So much drama and mystery. – The admin’s really kind too (and a sucker for angst like me), and, like everyone else on this list, a pretty great writer. 

@nerodawg / @orange-mercyfighter ; I LOVE… THIS ORANGE SOUL. So much. The muse is adorable (shounen anime much??? but also pretty fleshed out!). Also, the admin’s drawing skills are A+ and honestly? Their kindness matches their quality. I love all the interactions we’ve had so far, and they really inspire me to work on my own art and writing skills too. 

@ukhaantai / @panheating ; In a word: iconic. Their art style is very distinct and I like it a lot! It makes me want to experiment with my own works – that, and their writing is superb and their muse, the green SOUL, is quite lively. It’s always great whenever I get to work with writers who do not have (super, at least) talkative muses, but still give you plenty of material to work with. Keep doing you!

@hottestbarkeep ; This admin is fantastic. We’ve had more OOC conversations than IC, but don’t let that sway you – their writing and threads are excellent! They come at me with AU ideas and character questions and honestly help me develop my characters without me even realizing it sometimes! A really good person to know.

Next up: these are the stars that I’ve been admiring for a while, but haven’t had the chance to really get to know like the people above. <3

@askthetockclan ; we started threading not long ago, but wow! Good good good writing as well as a variety of interesting characters to interact with. The admin is chill and funny and I hope to see more of them! 

@faithfulfrisk ; this started purely based on angst, but their RPing skills are nice! I think they can tackle a wide variety of genres, and I look forward to when we don’t have a thread with deep underlying horror! (Even though those are great too)

@asksixsouls ; they compliment me a lot but honestly their blog is very, very cute and I think I’d like them to have a little more traffic! Just so they have a chance to thread more and flesh out their characters. They’re great! 

@reset-those-souls ; this was the first “other” six(seven/eight) SOULs blog that I ever saw and I felt a little inferior for a while because they just seemed so cool and established? But really they’re super sweet and funny and friendly and I look forward to character interaction <3 The flaws they give their characters remind me to work on flaws for my own muses too – humans are… human, after all.

@winkingwaterfallian ; It’s been a while, but as one of the first RP blogs to interact with me I just wanted to give an extra thank you! Their writing is also reaaaally good and they draw all of their own icons and I love seeing them improve! They gave me the confidence to kick my feet off the ground and really start using my muses.

And finally, under the cut, just a little thanks to all the other RPers following, sending asks, reblogging, and whatnot. I look forward to when we get a chance to talk more and improve as writers <3 ! 

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