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A Lesson in Love (Confessions)

Summary: (College!AU) In which you’re assigned to write a story about romance, a subject you know nothing about, and Bucky, a hopeless romantic, offers you his assistance.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 3,178

A/N: The tag list for this story is officially CLOSED. Also, this is not the end of story.

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@avengerstories - The messages you sent me after editing this part let me know that I had successfully tugged on all of the right heartstrings, so thank you for that.

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Whenever an uncomplicated task arises, people say it’s as easy to accomplish as breathing. The adage always made perfect sense to you whenever you heard it. Breathing is second nature. It can be done without having to think twice and, sometimes, it feels like certain tasks are the same way.

Today, that’s not the case. Standing here across from Bucky for the first time in weeks, you find that breathing is anything but easy. The air was knocked out of your lungs as soon as you stumbled upon the note he wrote on the canvas and you haven’t yet recovered. You have to keep reminding yourself to breathe, just breathe. But it’s hard. How are you supposed to remember to inhale and exhale in a moment like this?

“Are you going to say something?” You press, once the silence of the room becomes too unbearable. Your fingers curl tightly around the canvas as you wait for Bucky to speak. “Anything?”

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batsnotbutterflies  asked:

write your fav a phic for her 16th bday on the 24th? -w- (dont hate me for the phic suggestion bc its full of memories and i wanna see how you recreate it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) dan and phil are out and dan keeps using cheesy pickup lines to tease phil and phil ends up taking dan into the nearest public restroom and smut ensues. oh, i KNOW you remember this ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


also u made it sound like we fucked in a public restroom just sayin’

anyways happy birthday pall ily also i’m sorry if i completely butchered our rp i tried ( & i changed stuff a lil clearly ) here we go

“Kiss me.”

Phil laughed, glancing over at his husband and raising his eyebrows. 


Dan whined, swinging their intertwined hands between them, his feet making light noises on the pavement. “Yes, again. I need a kiss.” He stuck out his bottom lip, pouting. Phil rolled his eyes. 

“Fine, fine, I’ll kiss you. Don’t cry.”

He stopped walking, pulling Dan closer by his hand and letting their lips brush. Dan grinned against his mouth, touching his face with one hand to hold him steady and pull him as close as possible. 

“Thank you,” he said finally, pulling back and squeezing Phil’s hand. Phil nodded, starting to walk again. He flashed Dan a crooked smile, poking his cheek. “You taste good.”

Phil’s eyes lit up, and he grinned widely. “Y’know, that’s actually a science thing, when two people taste good to each other-”

“You’ve said.”

Phil laughed, searching Dan’s face. 

“You’re blushing.”  

Dan blushed harder, his hand shooting to his face, his eyes widening slightly. “Oh, am I?” He laughed, his eyes flashing happily. “I guess I still kinda can’t get used to kissing you.” 

“Really?” Phil smirked. “How long have you been doing it, what, seven years?”

“Shut up.”

They were quiet for a bit, and Dan focused on the feeling of Phil’s hand on his and the slight breeze brushing against his face and through his hair. It still felt incredible that he was here, after ages of wishing for it. 

They had gone out for a lunch date and to stop by the gardens, so Phil could ask for shit and Dan could whine about it. They hadn’t done anything like this in a bit, other than their honeymoon. It was mostly hours and hours of staying inside, sleeping and talking and having sex. Lots of sex. And planning for the rest of their lives together. It was kind of heaven. 

Dan glanced over at Phil again; something he could seem to stop doing. His husband. His. It sent a warm jolt of happiness through him every time he thought about it. After all this time- finally his. 

“Hey, Phil?” Dan’s face slowly melted into a grin as something came to mind, and Phil looked at him. 


Dan squeezed his hand, shifting their fingers so they more easily slid together. He hummed, watching his feet as he walked. 

“Roses are red, my face is too, that only happens when I’m with you,” he said lightly, giggling and licking his lips. 

Phil paused for a moment, sucking in a sharp intake of breath, and laughed almost nervously. 

“Are you kidding? Was that a pick up line?”

Dan shrugged. “Maybe.”

“Whenever I use those you call me an idiot.”

Dan shrugged again, a smile tugging at his lips. “I should call you google, because you have everything I’m looking for,” he muttered under his breath, his eyes flashing. 

Phil puffed air into his cheeks, blowing it out with a huff. God. That cocky bastard, he knew how he was messing with Phil’s head. You could tell just by looking at him, the way he was searching his face, looking for a reaction. 

“Would you like another? I could do this all day.” Dan’s smile widened, and you could see his dimples popping from his cheeks. 

“Fine.” Phil ran his fingers through his hair, pushing it back, and raised his eyebrows at his husband. “Hit me.”

Dan grinned, having gotten the answer he had wanted. “Are you a magician? Because when I look at you, everyone else disappears.” 

Phil groaned, shaking his head. “That’s a good one. You probably stole it from me.”

Dan held a hand to his heart, pretending to be offended. “I did not!” He stepped out in front of Phil, taking both of his hands in his, swinging them gently and walking backwards in front of him. “More?”

Phil sighed. “I’m gonna be honest, Dan, you’re really turning me on right now.”

Dan’s eyes went wide, and his face immediately flushed red. “W-What?” Phil laughed. 

“Seven years of sex, and you still get blushy when I even mention it.” He leaned forward, kissing Dan on the lips briefly. “You’re adorable.” 

Dan glared at him, but it was clear he didn’t mean it. “Whatever.” He let go of Phil’s hands, only to clasp them together in front of him. “One more.”

Phil grumbled something under his breath, but nodded. “It better be one more.” He smirked. “Or we might have to find a bathroom.”

Dan’s eyes went even wider, and he swallowed. He ran his fingers through his hair, mussing up his curls. 

“Your lips look so lonely…” He paused for effect, licking his lips and grinning. “Would they like to meet mine?’

Phil stared at him, his mouth opened slightly, and his eyes flickered over his face. Finally he grabbed Dan’s hand, walking ahead briskly. 

“That’s it,” he said breathlessly. “We’re finding somewhere where I can kiss you senseless.”

Dan stumbled slightly, taken by surprise by Phil’s sudden firm manner. “W-Wait, you were serious…?”

“Of course.” Phil glanced around, at the nearby buildings, looking for a bathroom, preferably with stalls. “You know that drives me crazy.”

Dan hummed, walking quicker to keep up with Phil. “I mean, I hadn’t tried it. I guess now I do.”

Phil nodded, grunting softly and pulling Dan by the hand into a restroom connected to an art gallery. They didn’t even make it to the stall before their mouths were pressed together heatedly, with Dan against the wall, Phil’s hands exploring his body. 

Dan wrapped his arms around Phil’s neck, pulling him as close as possible and tugging his lower lip between his teeth. 

Phil led him with hands on his waist, stumbling blindly until they made it to a stall, closing the door behind them and pinning him against the door. 

“Jesus,” Dan breathed, breaking away to get control of himself, his eyes wide. “You were serious.”

Phil nodded, picking Dan up in a swift movement that they had done a thousand times before, and Dan wrapped his legs around his waist, clinging to him. And then Phil was kissing him again, and his mind was fuzzy. 

They both got increasingly desperate, as they always did, and soon Phil was grinding on him, holding him up by the hips and kissing him deeply. Dan moaned, making the loudest of noises from the smallest of actions. But Phil didn’t even flinch, because he was always like this. 

“You’re gorgeous,” Phil muttered against his husband’s lips, and Dan’s face went hot. 

“Thank you,” he said quietly, scratching down Phil’s back slightly, tightening his legs around his waist. 

Phil hummed against his lips, groaning quietly and resting their foreheads together. 


Dan met his eyes, raising his eyebrows in question. “Yeah?”

“I know it’s gross, but… do you want to have a… quickie…?” 

“It’s not gross,” Dan said quickly, and then blushed even darker. “I mean… yeah. I w-want you now.”

Phil licked his lips, nodding and moving his mouth to Dan’s neck, sucking at the spot he knew was Dan’s favorite. He reached up with one hand, circling his thumb over the hickeys from the night before, and other times as well. 

“Let’s darken these up, shall we?”

Dan whimpered, nodding and letting his head fall back against the stall door, giving Phil room to work. 

Phil immediately sucked at the darkest of them, right above Dan’s collarbone, pushing his sweater out of the way. 

Dan let out a shuddery breath, trying as hard as he could not to moan so loud everyone outside could hear. Phil’s mouth had such an affect on him. 

“You’re strong,” Dan said softly, trying to focus on something other than the immense pleasure shooting through his nerves and making him shiver. 

“Mhm. It’s from holding you up all the time.” Phil pushed him up slightly on the door to get a better grip, as if proving his point. 

Dan pushed his hands beneath Phil’s shirt, feeling his stomach and shoving the fabric up. Soon enough Phil had to set him down so Dan could get his shirt off, and then pick him back up. 

Dan explored his chest slowly; although he had seen and felt the pale skin a thousand times, it still felt new. 

Phil got his jeans down and then helped him shove them off, and Dan pushed Phil’s down his hips. It was messy and shaky and kind of disorganized, but neither of them cared. 

Phil pushed his hands into Dan’s boxers, squeezing his ass and grinning widely. 

“I love your ass.”

“You’ve told me.” Dan giggled despite himself- Phil was almost obsessed with his ass, it was kind of amazing. “Now fuck me.”

Phil tutted, but shoved Dan’s boxers down never the less. “Someone’s being bossy.”

Dan whined as he felt Phil line up, scratching down his back. “Shut up.”

“Tell me to shut up again and I’ll make sure you can’t walk away from this bathroom.” 

That made Dan stay quiet, because as much as he wanted that, he would rather save it for after they got home. 

Phil pushed in and Dan whimpered, burying his face in Phil’s neck and biting down on the soft skin. He pulled back right away, blushing. “Sorry.” He was always nervous he would bite too hard, or would be doing something that Phil didn’t like. 

“Shush,” Phil muttered, his voice slightly tense as he tried to keep himself from pounding into Dan until he screamed. “You can bite me, baby.”

That was all it took to have Dan pressing his mouth against Phil’s shoulder, biting him to muffle his own noises. “You feel so good,” he said breathlessly, moving again so his nose was against Phil’s neck. 

Phil made a soft noise of acknowledgement, thrusting up into him, still holding him up against the door. Dan tightened his grip, making sure he wouldn’t fall. 

“Harder,” Dan moaned, his hair falling over Phil’s shoulder and his toes curling. 

“You sure?” Phil asked, breathing heavily. “I don’t want you to be hurting-”

“Please,” Dan gasped, fucking himself down to meet Phil’s hips. 

Phil licked his lips, nodding and speeding up, listening to Dan’s loud moans and focusing on finding the angles that made him scream. 

“I love your - noises,” he growled, tugging at Dan’s hair gently. Dan just whined in response. 

Dan clung tighter with one arm, using the other to reach between his legs, getting himself off while Phil fucked him. That made him even louder, his thighs shaking from the effort of holding himself up. 

“C-Close,” he choked out, and Phil nodded. 

“Good. C’mon baby…” he nudged his nose against Dan’s, moving Dan’s face so he could kiss him deeply. “Cum for me.” 

Dan whimpered against his mouth, his eyes fluttering shut. He always got at least a little self conscious at this point, no matter how many times they did it.

“Fuck,” he gasped, moving his hand faster and bouncing a bit more to meet Phil’s thrusts. “Fuck, you’re so good, jesus fuck.” 

Phil replaced Dan’s hand with his own, jerking him off and kissing around his mouth gently. 

“C’mon Dan,” he whispered, moving his mouth to Dan’s neck instead. “Cum for me. Mmh, fuck- I’m close.”

Dan came with a loud whine, spilling over Phil’s hand and on both of their stomachs. Phil groaned, thrusting harder and faster than before, pushed to the edge by Dan’s noises and the clenching around him. It only took a matter of seconds for him to let go. 

Dan hopped to his feet, immediately stumbling and practically falling over. Phil caught him, helping him stay on his feet. 

Phil helped him to the bathroom counter, letting him sit there and cleaning them both up quickly with a paper towel. He helped Dan get dressed as well, pulling his boxers and jeans up carefully. 

“Alright,” he said softly, smiling at him. “We should go.” 

Dan bit his lip. 

“I would,” he said slowly, his voice raspy and broken. “But…”

Phil grinned. 

“Yes, Dan, I’ll carry you.” 

Langst Fic Idea Part 3!

A part 3? Why yes indeed it’s the part 3. You guys have finally satiated my thirst for validation, thus I give to you this… thing. 

Part 1 & Part 2

Enjoy! (not edited whatsoever. Sorry :) )

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Dean was pissed.

God dammit if you weren’t the most stubborn, strong-willed, unruly wildcat of a woman he’d ever met. Normally Dean considered that a good thing. You were a kick ass hunter, and had literally and figuratively knocked him off his feet the first time the two of you met. He’d been a love-struck fool, pulling out all the stops to try and win you over, using his best lines, turning up the charm - the whole nine yards. And you’d laughed in his face, giggling at his attempts to hit on you, which had been quite a shock. But somehow the chase was even better, and boy had you given him one. It had taken months of friendship, getting to know you slowly, working through all the walls, all the emotional barriers you had. You were a challenge, a conundrum, but Dean loved every moment of figuring you out.

And when you’d finally opened up to him and everything had fallen into place, he suddenly found that you might just be his saving grace. Your spirit hadn’t changed and you were still feisty as all hell, but you were caring. You had an enormous heart, and you were fiercely loyal. Dean found that you calmed him down, had a settling presence whenever you were around. You were home.

But good god you could be such a pain in the frickin ass.

You were currently mad at him for shamelessly flirting with a witness, and Dean, feeling rather insolent about the whole thing, had defended himself when you brought it up. He’d done it to get information, was just working the case to figure out what was going on.

That apparently hadn’t been a good answer.

After some yelling followed by a slammed door and an evening of sullen silence and angry glares, you, Sam and Dean went out for dinner. Unfortunately for Dean, the local sheriff’s deputy was sitting at the bar, and after he gave you a wide smile, you’d joined him. The two of you were well into your third round of drinks, and you were laughing at something he said, leaning in to rest your hand on his shoulder.

“Oh boy,” Sam muttered around his beer, making Dean’s head snap around.


“Oh, nothing,” his brother said quickly, “It’s just he was checking her ass out this morning at the station.”

“She’s just doing this because of that witness,” Dean grumbled, glaring back over at you. He was sure you could feel his gaze burning into the back of your head, but you didn’t turn.

“Dean I’m sure she’s just trying to get under your skin,” Sam offered.

“Yeah that’s not really helpful, Sammy,” Dean growled, sparing him a glare before turning back to glower at you.

“I’m just saying that you know she isn’t serious. She’s crazy about you, man.”

“That doesn’t look serious to you?” Dean demanded as that goddamn deputy put his hand on your thigh.

“Dean, calm down. She’s trying to get a rise out of you.”

“Well she’s succeeding,” he snarled, tossing back the rest of his whiskey and pushing out of his chair.

“Dean!” Sam called, but Dean wasn’t listening. All he could see was that guy’s hand on your leg, and the rest of his vision had become a blurred red.

“Y/N,” he barked, making you jump slightly and look up, eyes wide and surprisingly guilty. Deputy Douchebag just raised an eyebrow, seemingly unconcerned about the intrusion. “We’re leaving,” Dean informed you. Those words seemed to change something, though, and your gaze hardened.

“I’m having a nice time, Dean,” you said dismissively, beginning to turn back towards the bar.

“Don’t think you understood me, sweetheart,” Dean snapped, grabbing your upper arm, “that wasn’t a suggestion.” He yanked you off the bar stool, making the deputy shoot to his feet.

“Hey, take it easy now,” he said, holding his hands out.

“Don’t start with me, moron,” Dean muttered, pulling you along easily across the bar despite your vehement protests and struggling. Dean was grateful to hear Sam’s voice behind him, calming down the concerned officer, assuring him that he would never hurt you, that everything was just fine. You started yelling as soon as the two of you stepped out into the cool evening air.

“You caveman,” you snarled, “let go of me!”

“Nope,” Dean said calmly, still leading you along through the parking lot.

“I swear to god, Winchester, let go!” You shouted, but Dean ignored you, heading straight for the impala.

“Get in the car,” he commanded.

“Screw you,” you spat, finally yanking your arm free of his hold.

“Excuse me?” Dean asked, his voice dangerously low. You were standing by the passenger door, Dean in front of you with his arms crossed.

“You heard me. Can’t take what you dish out, huh?” You asked with a bitter laugh, turning like you were going to head back towards the building, “Fucking figures-” Dean grabbed you, pushing you up against the car so fast you let out a little squeak of surprise.

“I did not have my hands on that woman, and I certainly didn’t let her feel me up,” he growled right in your ear. He didn’t miss your shaky breath as he pressed his body against yours, pinning you against the impala. “You. Are. Mine,” he breathed, smiling smugly when you shivered. Despite your anger and general dominant attitude, you absolutely fell apart whenever Dean got all authoritative like this, showing a surprising amount of submission.

Dean took advantage of that knowledge, running one hand up into your hair.

“Now you’re going to get in the car and we’re going back to the motel,” he said quietly, lips brushing against your neck as he tugged gently on your hair. Your eyes fluttered shut and you let out a small noise that sounded suspiciously like a moan. “What was that?” Dean demanded sharply, making you drop your head forward onto his chest.

“Yes, god yes, Dean…” you moaned, making Dean’s pulse race.

“Good girl,” he said quietly, planting a kiss on top of your head before opening the door behind you. Surprisingly, you hesitated for a moment, the dangerous glint in your eyes suggesting you might just disobey him. But with one last look, you ducked into the car.

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The Pickett Ring (Newt Scamander X Reader)

Requested: Yes

Anon: Omgosh can you write an imagine where newt proposes to the reader??

Word Count: 1 263

A/N: I wrote this at two in the morning cause I couldn’t sleep :P Enjoy!


“Newt, we’ve been here for an hour, just choose a ring.” Jacob mumbles, totally bummed out. But he had reason to be this unenthusiastic, Newt had dragged him all the way to the centre of New York to find the best jewelry store in town, at five in the morning. They could’ve just went to the closest one but Newt was afraid of the chandelier after the last incident…

Jacob yawned and leaned against one of the glass displays being careful not to accidentally smash anything. He looked to Newt who’s eyes flash, shaking his head furiously, making his soft curls bounce like crazy.

“No, this is (Y/N) we’re talking about, she doesn’t deserve just any ring. She deserves the perfect ring, and I’m going to find it.” his eye suddenly widen as he sees a gleam out of the corner of his eye and he quickly runs to it, gasping when he sees what produced the beautiful glow.

“This is the one! It’s perfect!” Newt cries happily, clapping his hands together like an excited child on their birthday.

Jacob strolls over and takes a peek over Newt’s shoulder, straining as he tried to look over the tall man’s figure.

“Gee, it is perfect! It’s gorgeous, yet simple. I bet she’ll love it!”

“But she has to accept it for it to mean anything…” Newt trails off, trying to picture the look on your face when he goes down on one knee…

“Hey man, stop it. She loves you, why would she decline?” Jacob lightly punches his shoulder and Newt topples a bit closer towards the perfect ring they had been eyeing. “If it makes you feel any better, I would totally marry you if I were her - but don’t tell Queenie I said that.”

“I’m afraid I can’t make any promises.” Newt says, chuckling.

Jacob laughs too, before saying, “Well, what are you waiting for? Go get it!”

Newt nods happily and calls a clerk over, pointing to the ring.

“I’d like this one please.”

The clerk names an outrageous price and Newt feels himself getting weak in the knees.

“That is preposterous!” he exclaims, nervous sweat starting to trickle down his forehead.

“That’s the price mister, you take it or leave it.” the clerk replied, walking away and leaving Newt standing there in shock.

“Jacob, what am I going to do? I will never be able to afford this, never in a life time!”

“Hey, it’s alright, we can find a solution.” Jacob murmurs, gently trying to comfort the now shaking man.

“But it was perfect…”

“I know man, but there has to be another way, we’ll make something work. I promise.”



Jacob jumps, turning around to find the source of the noise, only to find Newt with his head on his desk, muttering in emotional and physical pain.

“Come on man, lighten up. We’ll find a cheaper ring that’s even better than the one you originally found.” Jacob says, desperately trying to lift the spirits of a usually optimistic Newt.

Newt raises his head, his face covered with a mask of despair. He shakes his head sadly, his green eyes sparkling sadly before his head went crashing back on to the desk.

“You don’t understand, I can’t afford even the cheapest ring and besides, you can’t find one just as nice as the first one for such a low price.” his voice is muffled and depressing. Pickett, who was in Newt’s front pocket for the entire time, crawls out and moves with Bowtruckle grace across his arms to his hand, gently giving one of his fingers a hug. Newt wasn’t sure if this was a sign of affection and pity or him just having attachment issues again. Maybe both.

“Oh,” Jacob mumbles, his spirits also lowering. “Couldn’t you just magic a ring? Transform something into one!”

“How meaningful.” Newt says dully. “"Hey (Y/N), you know that ring that’s on your finger? Well I didn’t tell you this, but it’s actually a cup, sorry.”“

“Okay, point proven. But you can’t just postpone the proposal! Knowing (Y/N), I know she will agree to marry you without a ring, she loves you no matter what Newt.”

“Exactly, what have I ever done to deserve her? She perfect and I need a ring that has meaning, something perfect…” Newt trails off as he raises his head, only to see Pickett entwining himself with Newt’s finger, looking majestic as he did so.

Newt blinked and smiled suddenly, an idea starting to form.


“Newt? Jacob said you needed me?” you called, skipping down into the case, landing gracefully into his shed. You smile, remembering the first time you were in there. Let’s just say that you didn’t land as gracefully as you had now.

He wasn’t in the shack so you decide to walk out to the beautiful world that was filled with creatures.
Sure enough, you see Newt, standing in the mist of it all, anxiously fidgeting with his bow tie. Your face bursts into a smile and you run towards him, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“(Y/N),” he breaths, holding your hands. You look at him quizzically, tilting your head slightly to the side.

“I love you, I have loved you ever since I laid my eyes on you. You keep me sane when work piles up, you make me happy, you make me laugh. You radiate confidence, so much that you’ve transferred some of that to me. But most of all, you make my heart flutter like a Billywig whenever I’m near you. You’re perfect and I want this relationship to be something more…” he takes a deep breath and kneels on one knee, pulling out a rather large, velvet box. Your eyes widen.

“(Y/N), love. Will you marry me?”

“Yes!” you say happily without hesitation, before he even got to open the box.

You pull him to his feet and hug him tightly, then kiss him on the lips, your lips fitting together like two pieces of a puzzle.

“Thank Merlin, I was afraid you were going to say no.” Newt says, smiling and pulling you even closer.

“Now why would I do that? You’re the most amazing person I’ve ever met and I love you.”

He smiles and lifts up the box that was now shaking.

“You were so excited that I didn’t even have time to present you this,” he says, smiling nervously. He opens the box and inside was Pickett. He crawled on to your hand and intertwined himself with your fingers and Newt’s, bringing them close together.

You start to say something but he cuts you off before you even get a word out.

“Please let me explain. (Y/N), I have attachment issues, to you. You are the key, the only key, to unlocking my heart and I love you as much, no, more than all of the creatures in the world and this is why I present to you a Bowtruckle. You are worth more than just a precious metal for you, are priceless just like the lives of these creatures and I would never trade you to some goblin or anything for the world.”

He closes his eyes, expecting a back lash but when he hesitantly opened them, all he saw was a beaming smile.

“Newt, I was about to say thank you earlier. This means so much more than a tiny ring. It’s the perfect ring.” you smile, gently moving your fingers against his.

“Don’t you mean it’s the Pickett ring?” he says with a smile.

Dominantly Gentle

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Warnings: Alpha Bucky, smut talk, one or two swear words,hot shit

Summary: Bucky is frustrated during the rut season and he has a thing for hi bestie. A possible part 2. Feedabck is good.

The Stark tower was a huge tower full of alphas and nearly no omegas with you as the exception. Sure, going into heat was hard even though you could choose one or more of the alphas to help you out , but the real challenge was always the rut season of the alphas. Usually when the season came, you would lock yourself in your room with snacks and only get out while there were betas or other omegas around.

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{Reaction} Monsta X Finding Out Their s/o has Breathing Problems

Do you Monsta X react to those who have breathing problems and suddenly start to feel pain in the lungs and can not breathe (without the help of handsets for the next few hours), please? I have this and I really would like to know ^^ Thank

Lee Minhyuk

Originally posted by shownhyuk

Minhyuk: “Are you taking all of the right medicine Jagiya? Are you sure you’re okay?” *Would be very worried about you a lot and will take care of you whenever he can*

Yoo Kihyun

Originally posted by monstax-kingdom

Kihyun: “I went on a first aid course Jagi, so if you have any problems, I can help you until the professionals arrive.” *Hugs you*

Shin Hoseok/ Wonho

Originally posted by wonho-be-mine

Wonho: “And you’re sure you’re okay?” *Worries about you relentlessly*

Son Hyunwoo/ Shownu

Originally posted by trainingpanda

Shownu: “I know you have breathing problems Jagi but do you want to come to the gym? I think it would be fun to train together.” *Would try to live life normally as possible with you*

Lim Changkyun/ I.M.

Originally posted by wonhontology

Changkyun: “Jagi I tidied the house to make sure it’s safe. I don’t want you to fall and hurt your head.”

Chae Hyungwon

Originally posted by bangtan-monsta

Hyungwon: “I love you, Jagi.” *holds you closely*

Lee Jooheon

Originally posted by jooheonbebe

*Would do everything he can to make sure that he’s there for you.* “The most important thing is that you’re safe and happy.”

A Gem in a Wolf’s Heart: Pt 4

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Robb Stark and Lady Stark survive the Red Wedding. Talisa/Jeyne died and Robb gets his sisters back, there is a new and better King in Kings landing. The North is independent and the Starks killed everyone that betrayed them. Now you are the gem of the North, your father a great general that promised Catelyn Stark to marry you to Robb Stark so he is to remain King in the North.

Part Two Part Three 

(Y/N)= Your Name

(Y/L/N)= Your Last Name

Warning: None

You looked at yourself one last time before turning around to look at Sansa. “So, what do you think?” you said, sighing. 

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Not So Shy

Hey love :) I hope I can give you an idea for an imagine cause my life has been really shitty for the past days.. You and Buck are a couple and all the other Avengers ship you a lot. Then one time at another one of Tony’s party the guys tease Bucky a bit that he barely has sexual experience and he gets all flustered. Then you take him back to your shared apartment to get him in safety. You cuddle on the couch but then things start to get heated and Bucky isn’t that shy boy anymore? <3

Originally posted by fireeyess

You and Bucky have been dating for 6 months now and you couldn’t be happier; in every aspect of the relationship. You were content with moving slow, not wanting to jeopardize such a great connection with an amazing man.

Everyone in the tower had tried to set you and Bucky up together so many times, you started hoping you’d end up together anyways. You fell for Bucky after the teams 8th attempt.

They paired you two up on an overnight mission but you and Bucky had finished early. Deciding you wanted a tiny break from the teams antics and set ups, you and Bucky relaxed and talked to each other until you passed out on his shoulder at the crack of dawn.

Since then, it’s been smooth sailing. With the exception of the men on the team teasing Bucky about not moving fast enough in the sex life. To be honest, you were okay with not doing anything like that just yet.

When the opportunity presents itself, it’ll happen. You weren’t in any rush and you guessed Bucky wasn’t either.

Tony had decided to throw another party. The team was excited but Bucky knew he was in for another roasting session about how he hasn’t had sex with you yet.

You told Bucky countless times that it was okay and if he wasn’t ready, you can wait. You could tell he was a little reluctant to tell you the entire reason why, but you knew in the end that he was just shy.

You were sitting at a table with the girls, not really up for drinking. You decided to get lemon water and you listened to Wanda and Nat talk about Thor’s muscles.

You sighed, something about the party seeming too exhausting. You turned in your seat, looking around for Bucky. You spotted him near the food table, talking to Sam, Clint, and Tony. Steve walked up and you saw his face turn as red as Bucky’s.

The other men laughed and Bucky looked ashamed and a bit flustered. Your furrowed your eyebrows and made your way over to the men, your heels clicking as you went.

You slid your arm around Bucky’s waist and smiled. “Hey guys.” You said, looking up at Bucky. He smiled tightly at you. “What’s the joke? You guys are laughing pretty hard.” You questioned, hoping it wasn’t something aimed at your precious Bucky.

“Oh, nothing.” Sam said, taking a sip of his drink. Tony and Clint snorted. You sighed. “Bucky, what’d they say to you?” You asked, raising an eyebrow.

The men laughed harder and Steve started to look uncomfortable. “They were just poking fun, Doll. It’s nothing.” Bucky said, sporting a fake smile. “Steve?” You asked, knowing Steve wouldn’t be able to hold it in.

Bucky wasn’t for telling the story the first try. You always had to wiggle it out of him. Steve was a different story. “Uh, they uh, they said Bucky didn’t have any sexual experience and Sam offered to show you a good time.” Steve said lowly.

You gasped and looked at the men, your eyes landing on Sam last. “Our sex life is none of your damn business!” You said, anger boiling up in your stomach.

They all quit laughing and cleared their throats. “After everything Bucky has been through, I do not expect him to be anything more or less than how he is doing in our relationship right now.” You said, breathing heavily.

“Y/N, it’s alright.” Bucky said quietly. He’d never admit it to you, but he felt hurt. You could always tell. His flesh hand was gripping onto your waist with a tight hold. It’s only skin bruising tight when he’s feeling bad and needs you more than anything.

You turned back to the men after giving Bucky a slight glance. “If I hear anything else about our sex life or hear of you guys pestering him, we’ll see if you don’t have your own phallus to use.” You sneered, pulling Bucky away.

Steve snorted and covered his mouth, the others feeling guilty and scared.

You were too riled up to enjoy the party anymore, so you and Bucky walked to the elevator. You sighed, leaning into Bucky. “I’m sorry, Bucky.” You whispered. “It’s fine.” He murmured.

“That’s the thing, it isn’t. I mean, I have no problem with our sex life or lack thereof. I know you’re still new to everything; to life. I want you to feel safe with me.” You said, looking up at him with watery eyes.

Bucky looked down at you and brushed his flesh hand against your cheek. “I do feel safe with you. I just, I didn’t think you were ready for that yet. I wouldn’t mind, I just-I don’t know much.” Bucky said in a mumble.

You saw Bucky start blushing again and you smiled. “I can show you if you’d like when you’re ready for that next step.” You said, blush creeping into your own cheeks.

Bucky was always reluctant to get too heated. You two had make out sessions, but anytime he’d start to get one up, he’d stop and get really flustered. You thought it was cute but you also wanted to help.

He’d say it was fine but when you heard his faint grunts in the restroom not too long after, you knew he wanted to rip your clothes off more than he lead on. Bucky was just too shy.

“Are you sure you want to?” Bucky asked just as the elevator stopped on his floor. You simply laced your hand with Bucky’s and pulled him along to his bedroom.

You were hovering over Bucky, his shirt and your dress and heels lying on the floor. You were kissing along Bucky’s neck, every inch of skin covered in affection. You made sure Bucky wanted this plenty of times and told him he could back out whenever he felt overwhelmed.

Bucky’s pulse quickened when your hand began to travel to his dress pants. “Are you okay?” You asked softly, hearing his breathing speed up. “Y-yes.” Bucky breathed out.

You smirked and unbuckled his pants, looking up at him. Bucky’s eyes were already on your face and he shyly looked away. “We can stop anytime.” You offered, your fingers pulling down the zipper.

Bucky shook his head. “I want to. I want to so bad. I’m just nervous.” Bucky said, looking down at your hand. You could see and feel his hard cock through his pants.

“Just relax, I’ll stop when you want me to.” You said, slipping down his pants. “Don’t stop.” Bucky gently pleaded. You bit your lip and reached your hand to Bucky’s cock, gently rubbing along his long and thick shaft.

Bucky inhaled deeply, his hips rising up in a jolt, causing the pressure from your hand to increase. “You like that?” You whispered, pulling his boxers down. Bucky’s cock sprang free and he growled low in his chest.

“Doll, you don’t have to, uh,” Bucky started and trailed off. You smiled and looked up at him. “Do you want to get straight into fucking my brains out?” You asked, sitting up on your knees. “Mhm.” Bucky said, taking his bottom lip in between his teeth.

You quickly slipped off your panties and hovered above Bucky again, wetting your lips with your tongue. Getting Bucky horny caused your own arousal and you were more than ready for him.

Bucky’s hands rested on your hips and you bent down to capture his lips with yours. You moaned into the kiss and Bucky’s grip tightened. You gently sank your hips down onto Bucky’s, hearing his breathing pick up.

You started to lightly rub your pussy along Bucky’s shaft, letting your wetness coat his thick cock. “O-oh, Y/N, that feels good.” Bucky rasped. “Does it, Sergeant?” You asked, looking into Bucky’s eyes. You thought you had offended him at first, but his eyes looked you up and down. A smirk took place on his lips.

A growl fell from Bucky’s mouth and you gasped as he flipped the two of you over. Bucky was breathing heavily as he stared down at you. “Call me that again.” Bucky rasped, his voice laced with so much lust, it sent a shiver down your spine.

Something in Bucky suddenly changed. Bucky gripped your wrists in his hands and held them above your head on the pillow. “Sergeant.” You moaned out, feeling Bucky’s hard cock rest against your inner thigh.

Bucky growled again and gripped his large cock in his flesh hand, looking down at your soaked pussy. “Is this all for me, kitten?” Bucky asked, a smirk on his face. “Yes, Sergeant”, you whimpered, raising your hips to meet Bucky’s, only to have him hold you down.

“Ah ah ah, you obey me now. Don’t move.” Bucky ordered, leaning down to kiss along your neck. You felt Bucky’s cock start to slide into you, dangerously slow. You controlled your breathing, trying not to raise your hips from anticipation.

Bucky licked down to your breasts, capturing one in his mouth. You moaned as Bucky finally filled you up. “You like that?” Bucky asked as he leaned up to look into your eyes. You whined and nodded your head. “Please, move.” You begged, your pussy throbbing from his cock sitting inside; thick and hard.

Bucky gently pulled his hips back and you closed your eyes, gasping for air. “You look so good, Doll.” Bucky moaned lowly, gaining a little more speed in his thrusts. “Faster, Sergeant.” You pleaded, opening your eyes to watch Bucky’s cock slide in and out of you.

You couldn’t help but let your eyes roll into the back of your head as Bucky slid all the way out just to slam his cock back inside of you. “I want you to be loud, kitten.” Bucky said, letting go of your wrists to hold onto your legs.

Bucky sat up on his knees, pulling your hips along with him. You moaned loudly, feeling his cock twitch inside of you at the new angle. Bucky didn’t hold back now. He was thrusting into you hard and fast, gripping your legs tightly around his waist. “You feel amazing, holy fuck.” Bucky growled, his hips stuttering just a tad.

The sound of skin slapping skin, the feel of Bucky’s thick cock slamming into you at an unbelievable pace, and the sounds coming from Bucky’s mouth had your head spinning. “Sergeant your cock is so big.” You squealed, feeling Bucky hit that spot that raised goosebumps across your body.

Bucky dropped your legs and gripped the back of your head, grabbing a fist full of your hair. You moaned at the slight sting and sudden dominance. He pulled you onto his lap and you swear you could feel him in your stomach. You lazily draped your arms around Bucky’s neck.

You thought Bucky planned to let you ride him, but he had another idea. He carefully brought you both off the bed and slammed you into the wall. He grunted as you moaned, tightening your arms around him. He continued to thrust into you now, digging his fingers into your thighs as he fucked you.

Bucky slowed just a tad as you moaned out, bringing his hand down to your lower abdomen. He thrust in again, gasping when he felt the tip of is cock slide along inside of your pussy. “Do you feel that, Y/N? Mm, I’m so deep.” Bucky rasped, adding a little bit of pressure with his hand.

Your eyes momentarily rolled into the back of your head as Bucky sped up, keeping his hand there to reach his thumb out. Bucky circled your clit fast, bringing you closer to your orgasm. You screamed out, tugging on Bucky’s hair. He groaned and pushed you further into the wall, putting more force into his thrusts.

Bucky sped up and bit down on your neck, sucking on it. “Cum for me, kitten. Cum.” Bucky whispered, his ears filled with your sweet moans. All you needed was one more strong thrust and you were coming undone in Bucky’s hold. Your hips jerked and your moans got higher and more desperate.

You felt Bucky cum inside of you, hot strings of his cum quickly filling you up. Bucky was breathing heavily in your ear, his sweat covered chest rising and falling against yours. “That was so good.” You said with a giggle as you both calmed. “What happened to shy Bucky?” You asked, letting Bucky carry you back to the bed.

Bucky chuckled and looked down at you. “You turned me on and I wanted the whole tower to hear you.” Bucky said with a shrug. You smirked and watched him leave the get a cloth to clean you both up with.

A few minutes passed and you heard commotion outside of your door. Bucky slipped on his boxers and stood by the door, listening closely. You slipped on Bucky’s shirt, walking over to join him. Your pussy throbbed and your thighs shook, reminding you just how good Bucky fucked you.

“Are they done?” “Do you hear them, you dumbass?” “Guys, shut up or so help me God, I wi-” Bucky pulled open the door. Sam, Clint, and Tony all fell onto the floor by his feet. “Get off of me, Big Bird!” Clint yelled. Sam grumbled under his breath. “Enjoy that, fellas?” Bucky asked, a small smirk on his face.

The men all looked up with terrified looks on their faces. Tony was the first to run away, leaving Clint and Sam to explain why they were listening to Bucky fuck you senseless. “Uh, he, we, uh. IT WAS CLINT’S IDEA!” Sam yelled before taking off in a sprint.

Bucky sneered at Clint. Clint’s eyes widened and he bolted down the hallway. Bucky shut the door and you shook your head, a little embarrassed that they all heard you. “Idiots.” You muttered with a giggle.

Bucky smile down at you. “Ready for round 2?” Bucky questioned, gently gripping your neck in his hand. You gasped, feeling him add pressure.

“Yes, Sergeant.”

Note: feel free to talk to me if you need someone! hopefully this lifted your spirits, sweetie! i’m still new to smut, so don’t judge too harshly! thanks for the request! feedback is always welcome. .c

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“To really love a woman, to understand her, you’ve got to know her deep inside. Hear every thought, see every dream, and give her wings when she wants to fly. Then when you find yourself lying helpless in her arms, you know you really love a woman.

To really love a woman, let her hold you until you know how she needs to be touched. You’ve got to breathe her, really taste her, until you can feel her in your blood. And when you can see your unborn children in her eyes, you know you really love a woman.”

Bryan Adams, “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?”

Rick LOVES Michonne, as evidenced by the way his eyes seek her out in a crowded room. Whenever I hear this song I think of Rick proclaiming his love for her by saying that TF will go to Washington–“hear every thought, see every dream.”

Rick lays in the arms of his queen. Every time we see them kiss, he TASTES her and breathes her in, ebbing in the delicious magnificence of her.

Got7 breaking up with you...

A/N: How Got7 would break up with their significant other in mini-scenarios

He bites down on his lower lip to conceal the emotion he claimed he doesn’t have as he tries to sort out his words. 
“I never intended for us to end this way, Y/N.” he speaks up, his voice cracking. He looks up at you through tears and rain, a smile tugging on the edge of his lip. “But I can’t stand you pretending to be happy anymore when I know it’s killling you inside.” 

He’s staring out into the night lights of Seoul, trying to focus on his breathing as he listens to your silent sobs on the phone he’s holding to his ear. He wipes the wetness of his skin with the sleeve of the sweater he borrowed you whenever you missed him and took a deep breath before speaking up. 
“I guess deep down you knew that loving me wouldn’t be easy but I really hoped I loved you enough to make you see otherwise.” 
The phone drops to the ground next to him and he let’s the tears flow, all his emotions escaping at once.

You’re sitting on a bench across from the calm sea, staring out into the distance. You hear his quickend breathing next to you and feel your heart starting to beat faster as your mind quickly realizes what he’s going to say.
Let’s end things before I end up hurt you.” he whispers, not daring to look at your face, not daring to look at the tears he caused.
We don’t have to end this way.” you answer, placing your hand on his thigh, making him look at you. Jackson chuckles at your words and shakes his head.
Things happened Y/N. Things that I can’t take back. I never intended to hurt you the way I did and I’ll never be able to look at you again without thinking about the things I’ve done.”

Rain and tears mingle your face, salty tracks blending into the fresh sky-fallen trickles. Only the pinkness of your eyes gives any clue to your sadness. You shiver as the wind wraps around your body, locks blowing in the spring breeze.
“You deserve so much more than what I can give you Y/N.” he cries out, his hand caressing your reddened cheek as a stray tear rolls down his cheek. 
I hope that one day you’ll find someone who’s worthy of the love you give him and is able to appreciate it so much more than I can~”

A smile tugs on the edge of his lip as he circles the back of your hand with his thumb, remembering your good times. 
Every night I go to bed, missing you to death and know that you feel the same. It’s at a point where I don’t think we should stay like this anymore.” 
“You’ll find someone who can give you the affection you deserve, who can hold you close during nightmares. I’m leaving you because I love you too much to see you hurt.”

He’s holding you tight, sobbing violently as all his emotions spur out all at once. When he pulls away from you, he smiles at you gently, wiping a lonely tear off your cheek. “Maybe one day I’ll regret leaving you.” he says, his voice cracking. “Maybe one day I’ll realize how much I miss you and how much I need you.”

“I’m done,” he says as you stare blankly at the dark sky, “I am tired of trying to get your attention. I can’t continue forcing this relationship anymore. Because that’s what it is, isn’t it? Forced. Forced on my part because you don’t love me anymore and you feel too bad to tell me so instead you write it all over your face until I finally, finally get the message. But the sad thing is I tried so hard to get you to love me because you are everything I ever wanted. But I am done. You win, I officially have nothing else to offer you.”
Deep down he wishes you could play pretend and trick your minds into thinking that your love for him hasn’t died. He places a gentle kiss on your soaked hair and caresses your cheek gently as he says, “I hope you never have someone enter your life who is both the best and worst at once: so good you can never forget them, so bad you wish you could.”

Love, Youngmi~

Starry Eyed {NCT Mark Scenario}


Anon: Mark scenario when your best friends and you are both sitting on the roof watching the stars. But then you confess to him your feelings and its SO FLUFFY AND AWKWARD. 😅😅 THANK YOU! - 🐢 anon 

Thank you for the request Turtle Anon! I’m so sorry it took such a long time; I suffered writer’s block unfournately :-( Hopefully you will enjoy this…

(I’ve used female pronouns in this imagine; I can publish a male one if someone would like it)

Word count: 1,476

Originally posted by ryuu

They were the typical childhood friends. Joint together at the hip since the very first day of nursery. The closest of friends. Grew up together. Went to school together. Went round each other’s houses every Friday for food. 

And also, like any other story like theirs, fell in love with each other. But, unlike any other story like theirs, it didn’t go as smoothly like expected… 

“Y/N!” A voice cried from behind you, their footsteps speeding up until eventually, they were walking at the same pace as Y/N. 

“Mark!” They teased back. They often teased each other like this. Their relationship was one more of fun and jokes, than deep, late-night conversations and seriousness. Although they had never spoken to one another in a “serious” way, the fact that knew each other since a young age, they were capable of reading each other’s face and knowing exactly what to do to make them feel better. Everyone knows it’s difficult to find such a friend and have such a relationship. 

“I can’t come tonight. I’m really-”, Mark began. 

“-Sorry?”, Y/N cut him off. She sighed heavily, stopping in her tracks. “Again? Again, Mark? Really? Who do you think I am?” She was beginning to get irritated now. This wasn’t the first time Mark had missed their Friday tradition. In fact this was this 8th time in 3 months. And it was always the same reason-

“I have practice! You know its important that I go”, Mark uttered, Y/N mouthing the same words. He always said exactly those words.

“Okay, whatever Mark”, she shifted in her place, bag over her shoulder. Mark avoided her gaze, staring at the floor and occasional looking up. It wasn’t like he wanted to miss this. but it was important that he had to. With a debut in the near future, any spare time practicing could make the whole difference in the end.  

Y/N’s eyes softened once she looked at Mark again. She could see the bags under his eyes, his hair was dry and ragged from the different hairstyle SM had tried on him. His clothes were rarely washed, he often wore the same thing day after day. despite being physically and mentally drained from all that practice, he was so determined to do well. And Y/N sympathized for him. At least, he apologized I guessed, she thought. He could've easily dumped me ages ago… She sighed internally.

“Just go, Mark. Eat and practice well!” She grinned at him, a smile also spreading across his face, as he sighed in relief. He reached forward, giving her a quick squeeze and kissing her forehead in a friendly manner. 

“Yes, yes I will. Thank you! Next time I promise!” And with that, Mark turned round and sped off in the opposite direction towards the SM building. It would be hours until Mark could sleep again; he’d be working way into the early hours of the next day.

Y/N sighed again, continuing to walk home. Her heart ached for Mark. It ached because he was working so hard and was so humble about his debut. It ached because he was working so hard, to the point he was over working himself. It ached because she just wanted things to be like before, where he could come over every week. It ached because she liked Mark in a way that Mark would never like her in too. It ached because she wanted Mark that much, but he didn’t want her.

Of course, she was happy for him. He was achieving all his greatest dreams, ones that most people could only dream of- he was one of the few where that dream would become a reality. But, she couldn’t help but feel jealous of him. He was going up in the world, and she was still in the same place as she was years ago. She knew that eventually he would have to leave her for good.

She lay on her house roof, staring up at the stars above. It was late and dark, only the sound of the traffic near by and crickets. She never really believed it when people said that nature calmed you; but it was seeming to work right now. Her mind was blank. For once, she wasn’t thinking about Mark or about her how life is boring compared to his or how she wasn’t really going to do much with her life in the future. 

Her phone rang suddenly, the screen lighting up brightly. Hand reaching out to grab it, she held the phone to her ear, not bothering to look at the caller ID. 

“Y/N?” The voice questioned.

“Mark!” She sat up abruptly, brushing her hair out of her eyes and patting it down as if he was right there before her. 

“Where are you? Can I meet you?”, Mark casually asked. “I’m not that tired right now”.

“Uh-uh sure. y-yeah, you can come over. I’m on my roof”, she said.

“I’m coming over. Don’t move”.

She lay on her house roof, staring up at the stars above. It was late and dark, only the sound of the traffic near by and crickets. But this time, her crush, Mark, was lying with her.

“Practice alright?” She asked, after an awkward silence. This was the first time ever that there had been an awkward silence between the two.

“Yeah, it was ok, thanks…” They slipped back into the awkward silence again.

Unlike before, where you could hear the traffic and crickets, Y/N’s heart was pumping now, from being so close to him. She was breathing raggedly, awkwardly playing with her fingers. The world had decided that it had too be now that Y/N started acting p because of her pointless crush.

“Are you okay, Y/N?” Mark softly said, sitting up. “You’ve been actin weird around me lately- have I done something?”

You’ve made me develop feelings for you, you idiot, she thought. And you make me worried sick whenever you practice non-stop. Of course, she never said that to him.

“I dunno… I just, I’ve just been having these feelings I can’t really control anymore”, she breathed out. Her confidence had suddenly been drained from her. Was she really now going to confess to him?

“Come on, tell me about it. It’s good to get these things int the open”. Typical Mark. The happy virus. Always so caring.

After what seemed years, it slipped out: “I think I like you Mark”. It was soft and quit, but loud enough for Mark to hear.

“What?!” His eyes widened in shock.

“I-I, yeah I like you”, her eyes watered slightly.

“Why-why, why would you do that? Why now? Are you actually serious?” His voice was confused. Her heart dropped. no. No, no, no. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. This wasn’t the way she had planned it to be. Now she had lost him for good. They’d never be able to get over this, would they?

Another awkward silence overcame them again. This time, it was more tense and thicker. Mark sat upright, staring in shock forwards, still recovering from Y/N’s confession. Y/N was now sitting up too, the tears in here eyes threatening to spill. 

“I’ll just go”, Y/N started to get up, her voice breaking slightly as she cursed herself over her mistake.

A hand held her back down, stopping her from getting up and going. “No, Y/N”, Mark softly whispered. “Please stay”.

“I’m sorry what I said came out harshly. It wasn’t meant to sound like that”, Mark attempted to reassure her. He attempted to save her from her embarrassment.

“No, no! It’s okay. It was stupid of me to say that. I shouldn’t have that. It was wrong and I see that now. We’re best friends, aren’t we? It should stay like that. I mean, you probably see me more as a sister than a girlfriend. It’s okay, I’ll get over it. At least, I really ho-” She began to ramble, the words never seeming to stop. The tears in her eyes were now overflowing and falling down her face. She attempted to mop them up with her sleeve at the same time. But she was cut off by Mark.

“I like you Y/N”.



He reached forward, wrapping his arms tightly around her and nestling his face into her neck.

he said it again. “I like you”.

Her eyes widened in shock, a smile slowly spreading across his face.

“I’m sorry I had to tell you like this, but I really do. I’ll make it up to you. Please forgive me” He nestled his face more into her neck, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her closer.

“…But honestly? You’re crying? What a joke man!” He teased her. This was the Mark she knew and loved. But now he was her best friend and boyfriend. 

Fridays are for Facetimes (Tom Holland Drabble)

for all those college students who dream of having Tom Holland as a boyfriend….a.k.a i wrote this because i want tom holland to call me lovebug???

Surrounded by open books, your laptop, and disheveled notecards; you laid on your stomach on the floor by your bed. It was only a few days into the semester but your course load had grown quite large since you were finishing up your general education classes before moving on to ones for your specialized major. Even though it was a Friday night, you found that your apartment was quietest at this hour. Your three other roommates were out on the town, leaving you alone in the small apartment. You debated going out with them but a text from your boyfriend alerted you to the possibility of a facetime, so you decided to spend the night with your books.

Your clock read 12:34 when his picture flashed up on your laptop and phone, both chorusing your ringtone. Moving your mouse from your chemistry homework over to the answer button, you could feel yourself smile. 

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anonymous asked:

what would it belike first time shawn said i love you? i love your blog so much

Thank you so much, hon<3

I think Shawn’s first I love you would be a complete surprise. To both him and you. Like it wouldn’t be planned or anything. It would be something you did or said or something that would suddenly just make him realize or make him ready to admit, he loved you. 

Like if he had been texting you throughout the day, about how stressed he was and how all he really wanted was cuddles. And he’d come home to find you in his IHeartRaido hoodie, smelling your homemade muffins (his fave of course) while you were carrying pillows and blankets to the sofa. “What is all this?” he’d asked you, smiling confused at you. You’d walk over to him, plant a tender kiss on his burning cheek before stroking and it and “I know it’s been a rough day, babe. So I made your fave muffins and got everything set up for a Harry Potter marathon with loads of pillows and blankets and some nice hot tea” and Shawn’s jaw would just drop and he’d look at you so tenderly and go “I think you might be the girl of my dreams, I love you” because he knew, you did this for him. Because you - apparently - knew him so well. Knew him well enough to know, this was all he needed in the exact moment. And you were willing to drop everything to make him feel okay again. 

Or when Aaliyah had her first heartbreak. She would be crying her eyes out to Shawn and he would ask her what he could do for her and she’d say, please call y/n. And you would rush over there with ice cream and movies, kick Shawn out of Aaliyah’s room and you’d just be there for her. Watching movies, eating away her sorrows, talk to her, comfort her and after hours of crying, you’d let her read rest in your lap while stroking her hair until she fell asleep. Shawn would have been standing outside the door, looking in on you, worried sick about his little sister. And watching you take such good care of his precious sister, would literally melt his heart. To see how you took care of Aaliyah as if she was your sister, it would be the thing that made him realize. He would stand out there and suddenly just whisper to himself “I think love this girl” 

Or it would be just before going to bed, your make-up all washed off, in some oversized t-shirt, tired and sore eyes and your messy hair in a bun. You’d crawled up in bed and Shawn would just stand next to the bed looking at you. Looking at you, as if you’d never looked more beautiful in your entire life, because seeing you so stripped down, natural and pure, and still finding you to be the most stunning girl in the world, would make him sure that this was it. That his heart would always - somehow - only beat for you. That you could be so comfortable and peaceful and look so at home in his bed with his t-shirt on, you would assure him that you belonged there. He’d just gaze down at you, completely out of breath, mouth gaping wide open, starring at you and go God, I love you. I love everything about you” completely out of breath, taken back by your natural beauty and how you made him feel like home whenever you were there. 

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prompt: sick fic where Danny is super sick (like gross embarrassing sick not just floofy sick?) and arin is super super gentle and kind and patient (but a little worried)

well shit? i’m trash for taking care of our favorite floof and motherly selfless arin. how’d you know?

also i hope this met your definition of embarrassing sick? like he’s got a fever and nausea and a migraine so he’s really sick

hope you like it!


The only thing on Danny’s mind is that Arin must not know.

He woke up that morning feeling a little gross, but it was just a headache and a scratchy throat. He could deal with that, right? Besides, he had a busy day planned. Voice lessons, a bit of shopping, an impromptu writing session with Brian during lunch, and then to the Gru//mp Space at one o’clock to record with Arin for a few hours.

He certainly didn’t have time to feel sick, especially when it was one of the rare days where he and Arin didn’t have to film for their YouTube Red show and they could actually get a substantial amount of recording done.

Danny’s not 100% sure why he’s so desperate to keep the fact that he’s sick from Arin. He knew he was getting sick; he’s not an idiot. But perhaps he can keep it toned down enough that his friend won’t notice. Really, when it came down to it, he just really doesn’t want to let Arin down.

So he goes through his day, although a bit different than normal. Voice lessons are a nightmare. His throat is already red and swollen, and although he does his best, he can tell his instructor notices the pain building because he ends the session early. Danny doesn’t outright tell him that he’s sick because he’s too stubborn, but the instructor knows anyway and makes a remark to him about taking care of himself.

Shopping is easier since he goes by himself, but he has to meet Brian in an hour to eat lunch. If Brian suspects anything, he’ll immediately text Arin because he knows Danny won’t. Danny knows he does it out of love, but the last thing he wanted was Arin knowing his condition before he even got there.

Carrying a few bags, he plopped down in a family restaurant and arranged his face into a careful smile as Brian arrived. Brian sat and starts chattering about something his daughter did earlier, and Danny tried to give him full attention. But now his stomach is curling from the smells of food all around them, and he’s fighting the urge to cough every two seconds.

He didn’t trust himself to speak very much, but he managed to present a pretty good image. Brian is suspicious, but Danny managed to pass off his hoarse tone from lessons and his demeanor from a lack of sleep. After promising Brian he’d get more sleep that night, Danny leaves him, congratulating himself for keeping Brian from texting Arin.

Danny arrived at the office on time, ducking into the bathroom as a wave of nausea hits him. He can feel his arms shaking as he gripped the sink, willing himself not to puke. He’d hardly touched his lunch, but now he had a migraine and his coughing fits were more noticeable.

He wasn’t sure how long he stands in the bathroom, but a rap on the door startled him. “Dan? Is that you?”

It’s Arin’s voice.

Danny panicked slightly, biting his lip and taking a deep breath. “Yeah, dude, I just needed to take a shit,” he called out, keeping his voice as level and normal as possible.

A pause.

“Okay, man. I’ll be in the recording room whenever you’re ready to get started. We’ve got some funny ones today.” Arin snorted as he left, and Danny can hear his footsteps as he walked away.

After a few minutes of deep breaths, Danny left the bathroom, skirting around the office to keep contact with the others to a minimum. His stomach is getting worse every minute, and he hoped sitting down and relaxing on the couch would ease the pain.

Arin smiled at him as he entered. “Hey, Dan. Which one looks like a winner?” he gestured to the three games he’s got splayed across the table. “To be fair, they’re all shit, but I wanted a second opinion.”

Danny sat carefully, not looking directly at Arin, and gripped the pillows a bit harder than necessary to stop his arms from shaking. “I think that one’s a winner,” he replied, forcing a grin as he waves his hand.

Arin didn’t respond right away, and Danny swallowed thickly. “What?”

“Are you okay, Dan? You’re kinda pale.” Arin reached forward, presumably to check Danny’s temperature, but Danny pulled back.

“Yeah, dude. I just didn’t get much sleep last night. It’s nothing.” He tried to brush it off, even offering a shrug and smile.

“D’you wanna take a nap? We can postpone for a couple hours,” Arin offered, his eyebrows creased. “You don’t look so hot, man.”

“Rude,” Danny joked, but Arin’s serious expression didn’t waver, and he bit the inside of his cheek as a fresh wave of nausea hit him. “I, uh. I’m fine. I swear. Just–” in that moment, Danny interrupted himself with a coughing fit after suppressing it for so long. When he finished, Arin’s eyes were full of worry.

“Really, Arin, I’m–”

“You’re not okay,” Arin cut him off, his mouth pressed into a thin line. “We’ve talked about this, Dan. You need to tell us when you’re sick. It’s fine if we don’t record today. You need rest.”

Danny began to protest. “But–”

“No.” Arin wasn’t this serious often, but Danny always gave in when he was. “I’m taking you home. You’re in no shape to be working.”

Danny opened his mouth to protest again, but his stomach suddenly flipped and he groaned in pain. His head pounded and a wave of dizziness overtook him. He struggled to stay upright.

Before he had the chance to even say anything, Arin picked him off the couch like he weighed nothing and carried him out the door. The others looked at them curiously as he walked past.

“Dan’s a little under the weather,” Arin announced. “I’m driving him home.”

Danny could hear the faint well-wishes of his friends, but he felt so tired and weak, and it felt so good to be carried by strong arms, that he just went limp against Arin’s chest. Faintly, he thought about the talking-to Brian would give him later for not telling him, but he was too sick to care.


When they pulled up to Danny’s house, Arin looked over at him in pity. Danny was curled up in the passenger seat, and he could feel his stomach beginning to churn at the prospect of moving.

“C’mon, buddy. Let’s get you inside. Have you eaten?”

Danny feebly shook his head, keeping his eyes closed. He heard Arin’s door open and close, and the next thing he knew he was enveloped by strong arms once again as the younger man gently lifted him off his seat.

He didn’t resist, bringing his hands up to clutch at Arin’s shirt. He buried his face into Arin’s chest, breathing in the familiar scent of the artist’s soap and a hint of sweat. It didn’t take long for them to enter the house.

Arin set Danny on the couch, pulling a blanket around him. He went to pull away, but Danny reached out and made a noise of protest.

“Sorry, buddy, but I need to get some food and medicine in your system. Just wait here, okay? I’ll be right back. I promise.”

Danny reluctantly allowed the artist to retreat into the kitchen, but didn’t relax until he returned a few minutes later, juggling a plate of pills, some toast, and a glass of water.

“Here, Danny. Think you can try and swallow these?” Arin asked gently, setting the things down and sitting next to the older man. “And try to eat something. Are you nauseous?”

Danny took a moment to examine himself, but it was okay to sit up, so to please Arin he meekly accepted the pills and swallowed them one at a time. He’d always hated swallowing pills, but the reassuring rubs on his shoulder and Arin’s smile of approval made him see it through to the end.

Arin tried to get him to eat, but Danny shoved it away after only a couple bites. His insides were crawling and his head was feverish. He only wanted two things at that moment: sleep and Arin.

He couldn’t quite comprehend what was going on anymore, since his head was so muddled from exhaustion and fever, but when Arin got up, saying something about changing Danny’s sheets, he started to cry when Arin left the room. Huddled on the couch, tears trailed down his cheeks until the artist reentered the room, looking pained.

“Arin!” he cried, shuffling around and reaching out to his best friend. “Don’ go again…please.”

His words were slurred, but Arin understood and accepted Danny’s clinging hands as he sat next to him. “I won’t go, Danny. C’mon, I’m gonna take you to bed so you can sleep, okay?”

Danny relaxed again as Arin picked him up, taking him to his bed. Arin carefully tucked him under the covers, placing a bucket next to the bed just in case. “There we go. Get some sleep, alright? We’ll try to get you to eat something when you wake up.”

Arin stood, and Danny panicked. His mind was fighting for sleep, but the echo of Arin Arin Arin Arin was too much to ignore. He flailed, reaching out to grab Arin’s sleeve. 

“Don’…go!” he pleaded. “Stay.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” Arin assured him. “I’ll be in the living room if you need anything, okay? I’ll stay until you’re better.”

That just upset Danny more, and he shook his head violently. “No! Here.” he patted the bed. “Stay here.”

Danny felt his body settle down as Arin climbed to the other side, gently tucking the covers back over Danny’s shivering body. “See? I’m right here. I won’t go anywhere. Now please, Danny, try to get some sleep.”

However, the musician wasn’t satisfied until his head was buried in Arin’s chest, snuggled up close and his hand clutching Arin’s. Feeling the soft rise and fall of the younger man’s breathing, he finally closed his eyes.

Danny’s mind was still foggy, and as sleep overtook him, he didn’t hear himself mumble out: “Luh you, Ar.”

When he woke up several hours later, Arin, true to his word, was still tangled up next to him. He hadn’t left his side.

Snippet Pt. 3

Goes with this

and this 

The guys hug him goodbye in the morning.

They have a plane to catch and Lardo has to peel Shitty off of him so everyone else can get a turn.

Bittle goes last.

He stands on his toes and Jack bends his knees and Bittle wraps his arms around his neck and Jack wraps his around his waist.

Jack closes his eyes and takes a deep breath and then Bittle’s starts to fall away.

It’s like he’s saying goodbye to him after graduation all over again.

“Well.” Bittle breathes the word and slowly removes his hands from where they’ve slid down his arms. “Thank you for inviting me up.”

“Anytime. You can come up anytime.”

Bittle laughs. “Oh yeah? Come crash at your parents place whenever I want?”

“I’m sure they’d love it.”

“Something to think about,” Bitty says and then Holster is calling him to the cab, hanging halfway out of the van’s passenger side window. Lardo’s threatening to take the seat for herself if he doesn’t buckle up. “I gotta go or they’ll leave me.”

There are worse things, Jack thinks but he takes a step back so his mother and father can swoop in.

Bittle hugs them both, for shorter amounts of time, and then waves as he turns to the cab.

He closes the door behind him and the cab pulls off.

They’re halfway down the driveway when Holster’s torso leans out the window so he can wave goodbye.

Someone drags him back in.

Bob laughs and Alicia puts her hand on her sons back and Jack watches Bittle go for a second time.

Melee | Clifford

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Rating: Mature

Summary: Y/n is always in combat with herself and people around her. Her life isn’t easy and as time goes by, it seems to get worse. 

“Are you holding up better this time, Y/n?”

The clock on the wall ticked with every passing second. Birds and humans and cars can be heard through the slightly open window of the therapist’s office. The small sofa Y/n lay on got more comforting by the minute. 

Her restless eyes were on the verge of closing for a much needed nap, but the sound of Marie, the therapist, clearing her throat had her eyes snap open and her head shoot up to face her.

“I’m sorry, what was it?”

Marie sighed and subtly looked down to her notepad before looking back up at Y/n. “Are you holding up better?”

Y/n sighed and looked out at the window. The city was bustling as usual. People always on the run, a smile on everyone’s face that passed had just brought a pang of sadness to Y/n’s chest. She wondered why she couldn’t ever be happy for a certain amount of time.

Just that thought had brought tears the brim of her eyes. She shook her head and stared at her therapist.

“Look, it’s difficult. All that you go through, what you’ve been through, I get it. I relate to some degree,” Y/n internally scoffed but was attentive anyways.

“I just need you to find a happy place everytime you feel this sadness seep through you. Whenever you struggle, stay calm, take a deep breath and try to find a solution. Find yourself somewhere else, somewhere you enjoy.”

“Yeah, well even that makes me upset knowing I won’t actually be there.”

Marie let out a breath. Just as she was about to speak, the timer that kept Y/n in the depressing confinements of the building, had rang out. Y/n jumped up and rushed out of the room, not bothering with replying to the farewell of her therapist.

As she rushed out, Y/n kept her head down in attempts to avoid everyone. This only caused her to bump into someone. 

She stumbled back a bit and looked up with wide eyes. A man with the same expression looked back at her. He stepped forward a bit with his arm stretched out. 

“Are you alright?”

Y/n was never one that was well with interaction so she did what she always does when a spur of the moment thing occurs. She gives a small nod, proceeds to look down and rush off.

The strange man stood confused, dazing off to the girl who had just left. He shook his head and cursed. 

“Nice going, Michael.” He told himself before shaking his head once more and stepping into his therapist’s office.

A/n: NEW SERIES!! This is going to be good, trust me. Make sure to tell me what you think of this first one. I’d appreciate feed back.