tw: suicide

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he’s involved with it? shit. well shitting on dan savage would probably be a good idea. but if you need to please please check the yellow pages for a hotline/crisis center

yeah, the trevor project is his baby

plus, like, idk. i’m mentally ill; it’s not really gonna get better. i just am gonna learn how to cope with it better in the future. so “it gets better” tends to just be more depressing to me, and it’s just really ineffective unless your sole source of misery is being a straight white cis gay teen, idk

im gonna shower and hope it helps

and talk to people. talking to people helps a lot. when i feel invisible i feel like everyone hates me and when people respond and are nice it does help a whole fuck of a lot.

my mom actually texted me earlier to tell me she isn’t mad which made me cry but then helped a little

fghkjsfdf i need medication

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wow all those bizarre asks over one picture of a cat? good thing theres people out there defending pictures of cats on the internet since racism isnt a thing anymore... you're slaying tho

i seriously don’t understand why they so pressed over one picture


accept that it’s racist


learn from it

and move on

it is not the end of the world, to stop being racist