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Void Fissure Simple Guide (Updated for SoTR 13)

So with Specters of the Rail, the void system has been completely reworked to a new fissure system. At first glance, it seems difficult but it is actually fairly easy to understand, so I’ll lay it down quick and simple.

On this screen in the starmap are the current Fissures. These are what actually let you use your Relics (keys) to gather rewards. Each little flame icon represents a tier(1, 2, 3, 4)

When you click on a Fissure mission, you are given the selection of your relics. You may choose any one you wish. The tables for each Relic are displayed upon selecting them, and you do not need to sync with your allies. You can also queue up in public matches for a full party if you’re a solo player. Relics are also shown on the squad menu as so:

When you get into the mission, you will notice this:

You must kill Corrupted enemies while in the mission in order to open your relic. Fissures will periodically spawn and corrupt enemies nearby, like so:

Reactants are no longer a % chance drop, and will be picked up similar to resources (which means no more grabbing them and jumping into the fissure.) Reactants now drop based on enemy density and is a set amount, so simply kill any Corrupted you see and you will gradually obtain reactant.

Once you obtain 10 Reactants, your relic will open and you will get a buff called Corrupted. This will randomly give any aspect of your arsenal a massive buff based on the relic’s era. I got infinite ammo on my secondary in this run.

Once you finish the mission, you are given a choice between all the drops from everybody’s relics. (Since I’m in solo it isn’t shown but whatever) When choosing another party member’s reward, they will gain extra void traces. If you end up getting dupes or just trash items, be sure to select another member’s item so that they get traces too.

Void traces are granted at the end of missions now, and in large bundles.

Void traces are used to alter the drop tables for a relic so that Rare/Uncommon items will drop more often, using the Relic Segment on your ship.

In order to use the Relic Segment, you must complete the Mars Junction on Earth. You must complete all the tasks required in order to complete the junction, so do that first.

Once you have the relic segment, you can now use your void traces to skew the drop tables for that relic. Void Traces are capped based on your Mastery Rank. Since I am MR22, my cap is 1200. Refinements works in a very simple way.

Here is a relic with no refinements added to it. This is the base drop table and is standard for this type of relic. Exceptional, Flawless, and Radiant will alter the drop tables with more effect.

Mousing over Radiant shows how much it affects the tables, bumping up the Vectis Prime Receiver by a considerable amount while reducing the common drop chances.

On a side note, Ducat prices are now determined by base rarity. Common items are worth 15 Ducats, Uncommon 45, Rare 100.

And that’s about it! Have fun farming, Tenno.