This is Aivi and Surasshu performing live at AOD in Santa Clara. As far as a I know, the majority of this song has not been aired ore released anywhere else yet. I missed the beginning! Sorry!

Surasshu is on the left of the frame while Aivi is sitting at the piano on the right. Between them is Aivi’s younger sister (I think she said her name was Thu? If someone knows her name, lemme know). I believe the guitarist is Edwin Rhodes, who also plays the guitar in the original recording.


If I could begin to be
Half of what you think of me
I could do about anything
I could even learn how to love

When I see the way you act
Wondering if I’m coming back
I could do about anything
I could even learn how to love like you

Love like you
Love like you

I always thought I might be bad
Now I’m sure that it’s true
‘Cause I think you’re so good
And I’m nothing like you

Look at you go
I just adore you
I wish that I knew
What makes you think I’m so special

If I could begin to do
Something that does right by you
I would do about anything
I would even learn how to love

When I see the way you look
Shaken by how long it took
I could do about anything
I could even learn how to love like you

Love me like you

another concept: stop bashing idols for being in relationships?? you don’t know them?? they probably don’t even know you exist?? what gives you the right to bash them for being in romantic relationships??? what, you think that your precious “oppa” can only love and think of you?? that’s not the way it works and frankly that’s just incredibly selfish and ignorant?? what are the odds that they would actually fall in love with you?? and who are you to demand how someone else who you don’t even know lives their life??? you are allowed to love your bias, but loving your bias means supporting them no matter what, not crazily following them around and sending them death threats when suddenly a dating rumor surfaces?? news flash honey, more than likely they’ve already had relationships?? they could actually be in a relationship now (and are keeping it from the public because of crazy fans like you who actually think they have a say in their romantic relationships and go ape-shit with death threats and violence when rumors come out) or will be in a relationship in the future with a person who is not you?? get over it and be happy for them instead??? 

Valentines Day Sucks for Singles

Although valentines day does suck for single people (like me), and it especially hurts if you’ve recently been hurt by someone else, it can be an opportunity to recognize those in your life who love you and who you love even if it’s platonic. So I’m going to tag many people on here just to let them all know they mean a great deal to me, I love them to death, and I’ll be thinking about them if nobody else is on this Valentines day.

@mydude you are so amazing and brave. I want to thank you for being there for me when nobody else is and I love you so much!

@lizlovesglitter I want to thank you for being the person who gives me advice on girls and always reminds me that life gets better. I love you to pieces!

@iwanttopunchgodintheface thank you for always listening to my boring banter about my day. Thank you for being my consult on all important decisions. Thank you for making ne laugh when nobody else can. I love you more than you even know (and you arent allowed to make fun of me for being cheesy)

@tyandsuch thank you for telling me I’m worth something when I’m in doubt. You are a beautiful soul. I love you!

@fullmetalpipboy thank you for helping me through the toughest part of my life so far. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you! Thank you for unserstanding (or at least trying to) even when I’m being a mega bitch. I love you so much!

@jet-black-hes thank you for being there for me even though we hardly talk to one another. Yoh are a beautiful woman and thank you for telling me exactly what I need to hear. I love you gorgeous!

@tu-bruh thank you for being my long distance buddy! Even though we get busy and rarely talk it still comes so easily when we do! You are a wonderful person and your heart is pure. I love you!

@abendrot-red thank you for being there with me through thick and thin since we were like 8. Thank you for giving me such wonderful memories and experiences of a lifetime. I love you!

@varsity-orchestra thank you for always taking care of me when I cant take care of myself (not only physically but emotionally) thank you for always supporting me! I love you girlie!

@native-mouse you’re like a brother to me and thank you for helping me through such a rough time in our lives. I wouldn’t have made it through that without you by my side. Where did I put my brown sugar? Love you bae.

These are just a few of the people that makes each of my days brighter and I love each amd every one of them so very much. It goes to show that even though you may be sitting alone tomorrow night you still have a plethora of people in your life who can give you love that is just as satisfying.

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16 & 23


No i think love is something that you build, you fall in love with someone’s flaws their insecurities, their emotion, you fall in love with everything that makes someone themselves, love is when you can be comfortable to be around someone, when you can tell them everything, when you ache and just feel like pure shit when they are not there, you cant get that from making eye contact across the room, you cant see that in the first glance, the first look can go towards making love, but it is something that appears with time.

the only occasion in which i believe in it, is when parents see their child for the first time, whether that is from giving birth, adopting, fostering, that is love at first sight because you are bringing/raising them in this world, you are their role models and they are your entire world.


None in a very long time, im scared, i dont know if i have sexual attraction, man i dont even know which gender i like romantically

Sometimes we don’t want to lose this feeling we feel for our loved ones. We always forgive them, sometimes even when we do know that it’s not right. But if you once loved someone, you’ll always do. Maybe not how you did it before, but you’ll always feel something whenever they come across your life. That’s it. I think sometimes it would be great if things weren’t like this, but unfortunately we can’t change it.
—  I miss you, but you don’t deserve my forgiveness
14 Most Romantic Moments in Bleach

Moment #11

Ichigo Loses His Shinigami Powers

This has a lot of bittersweet elements to it, but it is also very sweet at the same time.

UGH LOOK AT THOSE FACES. First of all, I love the implication by Rukia that she will still be keeping an eye on him. Honestly, I think she knew all along she would find some way to get him to see her again. 

Regardless, those last two panels of their faces hit me right in the heart. They are emitting 1,000 emotions in those looks of there. I’m sorry, but when they look at each other like that, you’ll never convince me there’s not a lot of love there. Can you imagine what it’s like to watch someone you love fading away, not knowing if you’ll ever see them again? Man, I want to see their stupid faces get reunited in the current story too. 

Fun Fact: Life is Like a Boat came on while I was typing this, and it made everything that much worse. “I want you to know who I really am, I never thought I’d feel this way towards you. And if you ever need someone to come along, I will follow you and keep you strong.” SOMEONE KILL ME NOW.

I think the truth is, love can be easy if you just let it. We like to over complicate love when the answer is simple: you love someone until you don’t, or until the end of the world. You try your hardest and if it doesn’t work out, it’s okay to walk away. Trust that another door will open. Remember that love is the most important thing you can do. Choose them even when it gets difficult — even when they are difficult. Steal kisses in theaters. Smile. Be there for the big moments, and the small ones too, because sometimes love is two people giggling in bed sharing a chocolate bar. Sometimes love is two people just listening to each other breathe. Love is two people making the same choices, over and over, even if the rest of the world falls apart. It’s them. It will always be them, no matter what. Just what is so hard about that?
—  the truth about love, by ironedout

>You’re out for lunch, alone. You figured it’s not a bad idea to treat yourself sometimes. It’s a little sandwich and tea place in front, with a yoga studio in the back. You don’t care too much about the yoga studio, you just want your avocado and turkey melt and vanilla white tea.

>You’ve got the front for yourself for now. You think Aminah’s trying to track down that supposed third headmate… Your thoughts are wandering.

>Your love life… it’s good! You have… what… two partners? Both of them love you and want you to be happy, so why aren’t you really, when you get down to it, all that happy?

>Do you even want to be polyamorous? It’s kind of late to stop now, but you never asked yourself that question in the first place. Your ex… he was seeing someone else for perigees and never told you. It had never occoured to you that maybe, just maybe, the concept wasn’t actually comfortable to you for that reason… you try to brush the thought off, but it makes too much sense.

>It might be better if you had someone you could honestly call your own without needing to share, but you know now that that is apparently posessive and weird. You never really had a chance at keeping Zolite to yourself, so to speak, because Aminah was the one who persued that to begin with, even though she apparently continues to be devoid of emotional attachments to him (in favor of some gross assassin that you just really don’t like.)

>You sigh into your tea. How did this happen to you? You’ve got two boyfriends and you’re upset because they don’t love only you. That’s so silly. You’re being ridiculous, and you’ll snap out of it when you go home to loving arms.

For: when you’re doubting Larry

hi guys,

right now, you may be doubting Larry, and not remembering the past 5 years. So, here’s a few things to remember when you think this shit show is actually NOT real (RBB CONFIRMED).

1) Video Diaries - nothing is more extra and raw than those

2) Tattoos - those things are permanent and you don’t just get them with your laddy bro-pal.

3) Songs - Made In The AM is basically their “we’re gonna made it” album. Home is essentially about finding your home & not being afraid to recognized that person as someone you love. Four was the most exclusive of Larry love songs. Literally the entire album was about Larry, so listen to that entire thing. Where Do Broken Hearts Go, was literally about the entire Haylor period. Listen to the words and weep. Ready To Run, talks about being totally in it for the person you love, and willing to give up everything to be with them. 18 speaks for itself, if you don’t believe in Larry after the entire band crooning out “I have loved you since we were 18″, I don’t know what to tell you. No Control, by Louis & its sister song Stockholm Syndrome, by Harry is about you know what ;))). Midnight Memories was essentially the sad Larry period, and gave us hits like You & I, Half A Heart [cuz come on, he’s half a heart without Lou], and Happily, while Take Me Home gave us the lowkey Larry hits. Over Again was the song where they started to realize that they had to be more careful with their relationship :(. Back For You is the song everyone thought was for Eleanor, however, if you listen to the words, it maybe have a Larry connotation [”so tell me nothing’s gonna change”, “every night you’ll know what i’ll say - goodbye”, “right back for you”]. However, we all know the true savior of that album was They Don’t Know About Us. I’ll forgive the UAN album, as that was their freshman album, and Larry were still completely in the puppy love period and didn’t need low-key songs to profess their love.

Bonus: ;))))) Cuz yes, this is the ULTIMATE

4) Hi yes, just watch this :))))

5) Also, Wellington definitely happened

6) the whisper in the UAN tour, [you already know what i’m talking about]

This is all I can think of right now, but if you look up Larry Proof on Youtube, i guarantee you’ll never doubt their love again.

Best Wishes.

When you push dieting onto your loved ones you are hurting them.

Dieting is harmful. 

Being stigmatized by your loved ones is harmful.

Mental health is health. 

Stigmatizing someone, sending the message that you think there’s something wrong and shameful about them, ignoring their boundaries- these are not acts of love.


“It hurts when you have someone in your heart, but you can’t have them in your arms”

“Tell me it’s not really over
Tell me we didn’t just say goodbye
Tell me we can begin again
Tell me we’re worth one last try

Tell that you miss me, too
Tell me you think of me when you awake
Tell me I fill your dreams at night
Tell me this is all a mistake

Tell me you need me
Tell me you love me
Tell me I have a place in your life
Just tell me something”

I think the moment you realize you’re watching out for someone’s needs and wants is when you know you really love them, because you’re willing to put them before you- and that’s saying something.

marianthehawke asked:

ok can we talk about the opening song because: "Is this a lasting treasure/Or just a moment's pleasure?/Can I believe the magic of your sighs/Will you still love me tomorrow?/Tonight with words unspoken/And you say that I'm the only one/But will my heart be broken/When the night meets the morning star? I'd like to know that your love/Is love I can be sure of/So tell me now, cause I won't ask again/Will you still love me tomorrow

We most certainly can!  And I think it’s Destiel-related (and Amara versus Lucifer) all the way!  The song is about someone wondering if their lover is lying to them. There’s doubt, whether what is happening is true, or whether it’ll be gone once daylight comes.  

“When night meets the morning star

The easy reading here is talking about Amara versus Lucifer.  The song is framed around what happens AFTER that.  “Will you still love me tomorrow?”  It’s also talking about Amara meeting Cas, who is frequently symbolized by the sun, which is what the morning star is. It’s a beautifully selected song because Lucifer is currently wearing Cas so the two meanings become ONE.  

All throughout 11x11 we see the setup for Amara vs Lucifer.  The victims are all variations of what happened to Cas, with Amara being the banshee (that Lucifer will use against Dean).

  • Eileen’s dad is suffering from depression (his wife comments it’s good to see him smile and he says that he’s trying
  • Harold is hated by most of his fellow kind at a hotel (which is how Heaven is compartmentalized)
  • Arthur is suffering from heartbreak as the result of non verbal communication, sending poop is his response (it’s funny because the Darkness is referred to by Dean as ‘a giant smelly fart’ and in not so many words, basically, a ‘shit storm’ earlier this season).  Harold is also staying away from “home”.

The banshee being Amara:

  • A long dark low cut dress
  • Dark hair
  • Ability to compel, get into one’s head
  • Consumes the victims
  • Only functions at night, can not work against the sun

So… there’s definitely a Casifer/Amara showdown coming.  That much I can say for sure.  It’s right in the song and it’s right in all the mirrors.  I think it’s important to note that Cas (symbolized by the golden sun by Robbie in 9x18, specifically, but by other parts of the narrative throughout), not Lucifer, is the focus of the mirrors.  Well, more specifically, the reasons Cas said “yes” are what are the focus.  This makes the Amara/Lucifer fight about Cas in some way.  It is also about Dean, who was framed as the last victim and who Lucifer figured out how to exploit to get to Amara in 11x11.  Mildred, following her heart and clad in GOLD (a Dean mirror), and Eileen, being unable to be affected by the banshee’s compelling power (a Sam mirror), used teamwork and GOLD (very unique, as mostly the weapons are silver, but it seems Robbie wanted to drive home the sun symbolism here) to finally slay the banshee.  

Based on the song, all the mirrors, visual cues, and motifs this is what I’m guessing is coming.  Lucifer will use Dean’s bond with Amara to lure her out and then it’ll be up to Sam (unaffected by Amara) and Dean (being true to his heart), to save Cas from the fallout.  So far, this is just one set of arc mirrors, we need to see variations before making more educated guesses off this. Robbie is normally very, very good with structure and foreshadowing tho. Hopefully Cas will still be there for Dean, when daylight comes.

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Do you really think she will forgive him at the end of the season? I saw complete hatred for him in the limo. I think they're done. Even if he is supportive when she wants to not even look at him, will she forgive him when she finds out the whole truth? Can she?

Never underestimate the power of love. It sounds cliche but it’s true. When you love someone - deeply, intensely, can’t see your life without them, they are the air you breathe, love… there’s almost nothing you can’t forgive. Felicity is a forgiving person by nature so I would imagine once her anger passes that she will absolutely forgive Oliver - as long as he’s shown real and permanent change (NO MORE LYING). It wasn’t hatred you saw in the limo. It was pain. Just keep this dialogue from Friends in mind okay? Because it’s going to sum up Olicity’s entire journey in the back half of Season 4.

Ross; You’re the one who ended it! Remember?

Rachel:  Yeah, because I was mad at you, not because I stopped loving you!

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How to know if you've fallen in love with someone?

You literally think about them all the time. You don’t have to be scrolling through pictures of them 24/7 or replaying your memories with them all the time, but you just can’t stop thinking about them. You could be grabbing lunch and see someone grab pizza and you’ll s think “Oh, my SO likes pizza a lot!” or anything. You just want them all the time and although it’s so easy to say “I love you”, you will never find the right words to ever express how you actually feel not because there’s not enough time, but because love can’t really described with words. That’s when you know.

Dear Students:

When you do get out into the “real world” you so vehemently claim my classes are unlike, I am afraid you will find showing up the absolute minimum requirement.

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How do you think the main 4 + Link would react to someone telling them they are in love with them??

(aaa my first ask!! >v< - Mod Aoi)

Allen: Allen would be a stuttering mess. He won’t even be able to answer properly because all of the “love advice” that Cross gave him in the past, was flushed out of his head (THANK THE LORD) when he heard that confession. His face would be flushed and he would fidget a lot.

Kanda: Kanda would have the most confused face on ever. He would furrow his eyebrows and ask you to repeat what you said again. He would ask you to explain and elaborate. This guy is so clueless he doesn’t even know where babies come from. 

Lavi: Lavi would take advantage of the situation. The little ass hole would ask you to repeat what you said only to make you blush and see you embarrassed. He would tease you and flirt with you just to see you turn into a blushing mess as entertainment. Even so, he would still be very flattered and honored to know that you have eyes only for him. 

Lenalee: She would be way worse than Allen. He face would be so red. She wouldn’t be able to speak coherent words anymore. You’d catch sight of smoke escaping her ears every minute or so. She would cover her face with her hands as she tries to reply and before you know it Komui would jump out with a new huge robot ready to tear you into shreds because one thing that’s stronger than love is Komui’s sister complex.

Link: He would look calm and composed on the outside, but on the inside the guy is melting. He would have a faint tint of pink on his cheeks but not so noticeable. He would offer one of his baked goods as a thank you and also to calm himself down before he passes out.  


Yesterday before going to bed I was just curious about how much followers did I gain and I WAS SO SHOCKED! CUZ LIKE WHAT ON EARTH?! I mean, I still remember the day when I got 3000 of you but now it’s more than 4000 and I was like I SWEAR TO THE ONION SOMETHING IS WRONG!  

But it’s true and I wanna give you all, everyone of you, the pieces of my heart for loving this awkwardly adorable couple! ^^ Because if there was no namjin, then there was no me either and there was no namjin stan who pray to The Onion for them to be together and get married ♥

I didn’t expect anyone to be interested in me along with namjin but thank you to those people who care about me, support me, and ask me anything because I love question and it still a bit flattering when someone suddenly thinks about the admin of the slash blog :D ♥ I love you and I tried to draw some namjin doodle, but someone stole my black felt pen so I had to use black pencil instead ;_; /I miss you my felt pen, please comeback/

I don’t know how to edit pictures so sorry for that 

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i feel so unloved lately. people keep telling me that there is someone out there for me but noone seems to be interested in me. some people even seem to hate the idea so much that they stop talking with me altogether when i ask them out on a date. i know i dont deserv love and i shouldnt expect people to be interested in me but i fell so bad because of it. idon't know what to do.

i’m not sure why you think you don’t deserve love. it sounds like you’re having a tough time navigating dating. dating is hard. you put yourself out there, and sometimes it’s successful, and sometimes it’s not. but just because people don’t see how great you are doesn’t mean you’re not great. and just because you’re not receiving romantic love, doesn’t mean you’re not worthy of love.

i always tell people who feel like they aren’t loved because they aren’t in a relationship to take a step back and ask themselves, “am i really not loved?” think about the family and friends that you have. even the people who are trying to encourage you by saying that there is someone out there for you are showing you love by wanting to protect your heart and wanting to keep yourself hopeful.

there is no magic formula for having a relationship. sometimes it just takes patience. but while you’re being patient, take some time to cultivate the love you have with friends and family around you. and know that you are loved, even in those moments when it doesn’t feel like it.

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I think spaleb is cute but what everyone is forgetting is that caleb broke hannas virginity i dnt think she will ever get over him its different to be with someone nd being so in love tht yu give up your virginity to them then they date your bff

Yeah, they were in a long lasting relationship but they’ve also been broken up for years but i think that it comes a time when you have to move on. She’s engaged to someone else now and if she’s not over him…she shouldn’t lead Jordan on and you shouldn’t wait until your ex has moved on to tell them that you still have feelings for them. Nothing wrong with having love FOR your ex, Haleb will always love each other, but maybe not in the way they used to, people change.