signs as a time of day in summer
  • aries:early morning when the sun is just beginning to peek through the clouds and there's yellow and white light coming in through the windows onto your pillow
  • taurus:late evening when the first star comes out and the sky is dark purple streaked with pink-- the perfect time of day to sit and think about life
  • gemini:the middle of the day, like right at noon when the sun is brightest and hottest and directly overhead, when everyone is either wide awake and busy or lazily calm
  • cancer:late afternoon, when the sun is halfway behind the trees, but the warmth of the day isn't gone yet, and everyone is sitting around together and listening to the cicadas
  • leo:early afternoon, the hottest part of the day, when the heat from the sun makes steam rise off the pavement and thunderstorms often roll in
  • virgo:late morning, around breakfast time for those who sleep in, when the sun seems blindingly bright and the day seems like the greatest adventure you'll have
  • libra:mid afternoon when the day is just beginning to cool down in the shade, and it's the perfect time to explore and have adventures in the late sunlight
  • scorpio:the beginning of the night when there are just a few stars out and there are mosquitos everywhere (gross) but you can hear owls hooting and bats coming out
  • sagittarius:about eleven o'clock when everything on tv starts seeming extremely funny or extremely dumb, and the sky is dark bluey black and the moon has risen
  • capricorn:when you've been awake all night and the clock strikes four in the morning, and you're giddy and the sky looks orange with the darkness and the streetlights
  • aquarius:late afternoon to early evening when everyone feels like they all belong together and the sky is peaceful and between light and dark
  • pisces:when you're overtired and it's one in the morning and you haven't even looked at the sky to see what time it might be and you're surprised to find it's this late
Gemini | Let’s Be Honest

A Gemini tongue and attitude can be a little too harsh for anyone to handle sometimes, but their kindness towards the hatred or hostility they can receive from one is even worst, honestly speaking. Crossing a Gemini will be like crossing a grill after the charcoal has been heated. We’ll give you a slap on the wrist at first, maybe, but when you continue to constantly follow that negative trend, the flames will rise, and will gradually make its way toward and through you, burning and torturing you. You can try to, but please do so with caution.

Let’s begin here - at the skin. Pay attention to the story. A tale of lovers leaving port without words, with ships full of cargo, migrating from body to body, from flesh to flesh. This is a documentation of the human form: how we discover it, how we allow it to be discovered, how we love contours and knuckles and consume selfishly and sinfully - trying in vain to map out our primitive cartography without knowing what names to give the things that we love the most. This is how we discover language when we sail through it without a compass. Skin: two oceans colliding. My salt dunes. Your dimples like sand dollars. Our bodies tangled like seaweed. This is what you would find if you ran your hands over these bones in the dark and tried to turn me into braille. These are the distress signals that our bodies know before we do. Morse code. Heat rising. Our skin, flushed. This is driftwood, and this our drifting. These are my hands on your hands. These are my poems on your poems.
—  Shinji Moon, The Anatomy of Being

Satellites Spy Nearly Quarter-Century of Sea Level Rise

These globes show a visualization of global sea level rise. The data used here, accurate to around 1.6 inches, comes from 23 years of direct NASA satellite measurement of changing ocean surface topography.

Josh Willis, the project scientist for JASON-3, NASA’s next mission to measure sea level rise from space, says what we see here is explainable by a simple fact. “As water heats up it takes up more room. This drives sea level rise,” he says in a recent video. “In addition, as glaciers and ice sheets are melted, extra water is added to the ocean–just like when you turn on your faucet in the bath tub.”

As the data shows, though, the simplicity of the drivers doesn’t mean the results around the planet are simple. Some parts of the ocean are rising faster than other areas, and a few regions are even seeing falling sea level heights. In the Eastern Pacific, for example, sea height dropped over the observation period due to a recurring phenomenon called the Pacific Decadal Oscillation. See the video below.

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Weather on Mars

Mars, like Earth, has weather systems. Martian weather is uniquely Martian however.

The first set of images shows Mars amidst a global dust storm in which the entire planet shrouds itself in a red blanket and almost all the features on the surface are hidden. This happens because the dust on Mars becomes a feedback loop.

When heat from sunlight generates an air current that carries dust into the atmosphere, the dust begins trapping heat which results in more air currents carrying more dust into the air until the entire planet is covered.

On the right you can see Mars during more peaceful times. There are water clouds teasing their way over the cold, desert surface. Because the atmosphere is so sparse, the pressure at the surface isn’t high enough to melt water ice into liquid so it often sublimates into gas form and rises into the atmosphere.

When humanity started exploring Mars, we became intimately more acquainted with the Martian nature.

The Mars Exploration Rovers depend largely upon solar energy to remain alive and on a planet in which global dust storms persist, this can be problematic.

The left image of the Mars Spirit Rover shows the rover after a dust storm. It was in desperate straits where the dust covering its solar array threatened to shut the rover down. Luckily a stray dust devil flew across the panels essentially dusting it off.

NASA’s Viking 2 lander took images of water-frost (included on the bottom left) on the Martian soil. The Phoenix lander saw it snow on Mars.

There are images (shown on the bottom right) taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter which show what appears to be flowing water on the slopes of Newton Crater.

The images were taken at such a time that the melting point of ice was suspiciously close (and for salty/briny water was apparently attained). Those sets of images may be of liquid water flowing on the surface of Mars right now.

(Image credit: NASA)


When you’re talking about almonds, “raw” may not mean what you think.

All California almonds — which would be virtually all the almonds in the country — are either heat-pasteurized or treated with a fumigant. The processes, which have been required by law since 2007, are intended to prevent foodborne illness. But almond aficionados say the treatments taint the flavor and mislead consumers.

In a warehouse near Newman, Calif., run by the Cosmed Group, millions of almonds are heated in huge metal containers. The temperature inside the chambers gradually rises to 165 degrees Fahrenheit. The goal is to ensure through steam pasteurization that the almonds don’t carry bacteria from the fields to consumers.

What Does ‘Raw’ Mean? When It Comes To Almonds, You Might Be Surprised

Photo credit: Lesley McClurg/Capital Public Radio

Imagine getting stuck in a room with Damon, whom you share a mutual feeling of hate with

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“No no no no no!” you exclaim, banging on the door as it slams shut. “You have got to be kidding me.” 

“Back up, Y/N, let the man handle the situation.” Damon says, pushing you aside. You feel heat rise to your face as you cross your arms and glare at him. He yanks on the handle, and frowns when it doesn’t budge.

“Oh, what’s the mater, manly man?” you ask sarcastically. “Is the door too heavy for your big muscles?”

“You know what, I’d be extra nice to me right now.” he replies, rolling his eyes. “Just stay away from me, okay?”

“Fine by me.” you mutter, roaming around the large room. Your phone buzzes in your pocket, and your scramble to answer it. “Y/B/F/N?”

“Y/N, where are you?” she replies. “I’ve been waiting at the library for fifteen minutes, and I really need help with my essay.”

“I’m so sorry, I’m actually a little busy right now.” you reply. “I was looking for this old book with Damon, and now we’re trapped.”

“What? That’s horrible!” she exclaims. “I know how much you hate him…”

“Yeah, I know.” you say, sliding down the wall and sitting on the floor. “He is the most irritating person on the planet.”

“Hey, Y/N, do you think you could talk a little louder?” Damon calls. “I don’t think they heard you over in China.”

“I really think I might kill someone tonight.”


“Damon, I swear to God if you don’t shut up I am going to kill you.” you say, flipping through the pages of your magazine.

He walks over and snatches the magazine away. “Ooh, I’m Y/N.” Damon mocks in a high pitched voice. “I read magazines and take quizzes to see what actor is my soulmate.”

You roll your eyes, and get to your feet. “I know you think you’re making fun of me, but you’re acting like an idiot.” you say, grabbing the magazine back. “And besides, I already know Chris Evans is my soulmate.”

“Whatever.” he goes and flings himself on the couch. There’s a moment of peaceful silence, until he begins talking again. “So tell me, Y/N-”

“Lord help me….” you say, looking up.

“You’re familiar with how women think, right?” he asks, sounding so serious you actually look over at him. 

“Well I should hope so, as I am a woman.” you reply. “Why the sudden interest, Mr. Salvatore?”

“There’s just this girl that I like, and I’m not sure if she likes me back-”

“Doubtful.” you mutter.

“And I was hoping you could provide me with some insight.” he finishes, unfazed. “Could you?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“So, whenever we’re near each other, she acts like she hates me, but I can’t help but feel like it’s all just a facade, you know?” he says, rolling onto his back. “I mean, I really like her. She’s beautiful, and smart, and funny, and incredibly kind, and I don’t know what to do.”

“It sounds to me like you should talk to her.” you reply, shrugging. “A lot of times when girls are uncertain of their feelings for someone, they act rude and mean until they figure out how they feel.”

“Ah.” Damon nods. “So Y/N, why do you hate me?”

"Wh-what?” you ask, a bit flustered

He gets to his feet, and walks over to where you’re standing. “I asked why you hate me?” he repeats. “Is it because you’re unsure about your feelings for me? That you’re afraid of what might happen if you let yourself get feelings for me?”

“I- I don’t….” you look at the ground, a blush on your cheeks. 

“Y/N.” Damon cups your face with his hands. "You can stop pretending, I like you too. I like you a lot.”

“Damon, I-” you start, but he cuts you off with a kiss. You freeze, but let yourself melt into it, and curl your fingers in his hair, pulling him closer. Too soon, he pulls away, leaving you swaying in place for a moment before reopening your eyes. “Maybe this won’t be so bad.”

5 Summer Fitness Style Essentials for Men

Don’t let the summer heat and sun intimated you from doing your daily runs and workouts. Push through the heat and look good doing it! It’s time to switch your workout gear to summer mode with pieces that help keep you cool and wick sweat away. Check out these 5 summer fitness style essentials to help you stay on track with your fitness goals:

1) Nike AW84 Adjustable Running Hat: Avoid a messy hairdo and block the sun with this sweat-wicking cap.

2) Nike Tailwind Running ShirtBlack might be a workout color favorite, but it just gets too hot during summer. Repel the summer heat with white running shirts instead…

…or go for this style when you need something warmer and has more visibility for those early morning sessions when you actually beat the sun rising! Nike Dri-FIT Knit Knit Long Sleeve

3) Nike Distance Running Shorts: Cut at 9 inches, the Distance Running Shorts let you move freely without showing too much above the knee (we know guys, we know). 

4) Nike Dri-FIT Cushioned Low Cut SocksThese cool cushioned Dri-FIT socks help wick sweat away from your feet when you’re doing your jog.

5) Nike Free 4.0 Men’s Running Shoes: For a little pop of color and added visibility.

Keeping it clean with black, white and neon here, guys; but what colors do you usually pick for your workout gear? Tell us!

The heat and the death toll are rising in India. Is this a glimpse of Earth’s future?

India is struggling to cope with one of the deadliest heatwaves to hit the subcontinent. And its attempt to do so is raising a question for the whole planet – how can humans cope with the kinds of temperatures that scientists fear may become ever more common?

In very dry conditions, people can work outside in temperatures of up to 40C. But the safety cutoff drops below 30C when you have very high humidity. To calculate the limits in which it is safe for people to work in extreme heat, scientists rely on a measure of temperature that takes into account both the heat and the humidity.

This is known as the wet-bulb globe temperature. At wet-bulb temperatures higher than 35C, human skin can no longer itself cool down through evaporation. The US military suspends training and physical exercise when this temperature exceeds 32C. Peak wet-bulb temperatures measured in the heatwave in India are around 30-31C.

In recent years, several groups have used this measure to make predictions about what rising temperatures will mean for workers worldwide, and to paint a picture of what global productivity will look like as average temperatures creep up. A recent study published in Nature Climate Change estimates that heat stress has already reduced global labour to 90% of capacity during the hottest months of the year. Under the most dire climate change projections, this could fall as low as 40% by 2200. The regions predicted to be worst affected include India, northern Australia and the south-east of the US.

It’s the same old story these days,
Tracing circles round mouths
Of empty coke cans, chewing until
Everything tastes like rust.
You know you’re worth more than this
Longing, heat rising from your skin like
You’re an august evening, simmering
Uneasy and too close to sunset. You’re lying
Outstretched on open roads, thinking
Maybe it’s not your fault you want
To call him home, thinking maybe
This is how love reduces us:
When we’re lonely and burning,
With everything we ever wanted.

- “The August Love”, Hafsa Atique

Trial by Fire #29

Chapter 29: Fire Devil

  • A small, burning cyclone that results when heated gases from a fire rise and cooler air rushes into the resulting areas of low pressure; usually occurs during forest and brush fires but also in free-burning structural fires.

summary: When a series of fires unsettles the city of Magnolia, Detective Lucy Heartfilia unwittingly reignites a war between old rivals. But when she finds herself drawn to one of her suspects, the lines between right and wrong begin to blur.

A/N: ….ahem. So, watching you all scream was basically the best part of my day. snogfairy let it slip there will be a sequel. All three of us will be writing it soon. Hahahaha

Rating: M No NSFW in this chapter

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It was like a lead weight was buried in his chest, choking all the air from his lungs.  Nausea unrelated to Gray’s frantic driving rolled around in his gut and tugged at his nerves. How could he be so stupid?  

Jackal had known about Lucy.  He had known about her connection to Natsu and he had practically given him a detailed explanation on how he felt about her. If something happened to her…

If she was hurt in any way.

Natsu would never be able to forgive himself.

“Come on, Lucy,” Gray growled into the phone glued to his ear, twisting the wheel of the car through the blaring of the sirens, “Pick up the damn phone!”

Natsu had his ear pressed against the receiver of his terrible phone, grateful he had plugged Lucy’s number into the directory the moment he realize she was going to be sticking around. His hand was tight around his archaic phone, the hard plastic biting into his palm and shaking against his white knuckled grip.

Lucy picked up and his heart almost soared in relief.

“Hello?” Her voice buzzed through the ancient speakers.

Natsu laughed, his voice shaky and trembling at the sound of her okay. Oblivious. But fine.

“Thank god,” Gray’s knuckles were white around his steering wheel, “Tell her to get out of there! Now.”

Natsu nodded, his mouth opening to do just that, when a sudden thought flashed in his head.

“Natsu?” Lucy asked, “What’s the matter?”

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This is for my girlfriend.The woman I fell in love with during tenth grade in Ms. Seymour’s English class. Now, it’s almost eight years later and we’ve been dating for over two years. Remember when we would instant message all night? I would look for any sort of excuse to talk to you. Now, I see you every day. I go to sleep and I wake up next to you. That’s incredible because I used to write long winded poems about “the sun rising over the flowers as I wake up by your side and kiss your face.” All those metaphors and women were you. And now it’s happening. I think that sometimes I forget to show you how much I love you. We are going through the motions because we are always together. I can’t idealize the “Sun shining through the window,” because we keep the curtains down to sleep in. I can’t say, “you’re opening up like a lily to the heat” when I accidentally fart during sex or when you knee me in the face as I’m trying to go down on you. You can’t take me seriously when I wake up in the middle of the night and start speaking Spanish in my sleep. But we’re past all of the cliches. I want the agonizing misery of life to be by your side. We are both cynical and jaded; that’s why we fit so well. I can’t romanticize this terrible world because it’s filled with sadness. I don’t know if the bomb is going off tomorrow or next week or in thirty-years; I just live through it. I read the news and see people being killed by crazy delusional-assholes or kids being diagnosed with a rare illness that has no cure. And I’ve come to accept that it is a miserable world sometimes. And it’s happening whether you like it or not. It’s coming for you at some point because it’s all about the odds. And I’m betting on you.

This is For My Girlfriend - Julian Budani

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Just Sorry? A Mini Series (Chapter 1/??)

Author’s Note: Since you all were curious about the ending to Just Sorry smut, I decided to continue! Hope you like it. Just think of this chapter as a calm before the storm.

Warning: Following chapters will contain Smut, Angst, Explicit Language, Daddy Kink, Rough Sex

Background: Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 

Word Count: 3,111

The heat of the early morning sun rise danced across the back of your exposed thighs. Humming in pure bliss from a very good night’s rest, your hands reached out to stretch as it welcomed the sun’s bright rays warming your skin. That was one thing you always liked about Jaebum’s bedroom, he had the best room in the house for the sun rise to hit perfectly in the center of his bed. It was ‘an essential’ he had told the interior decorator when the mansion was being built.

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@fuffafun17 requested #2 ladynoir: Imagine person A of your OTP relentlessly flirting with B in public, just to see B blush.

ohh man this is perfect let’s go
words: 533

She wasn’t sure whet it started. But one day when they were fighting an akuma, he had said a particularly corny line about how miraculous she looked while fighting, and the next thing she knew heat was rising to her cheeks. Luckily Chat hadn’t noticed, which she was grateful for, because she would never hear the end of it if he had seen.

However her luck ran out a few days later on patrol when he had complimented her again, and despite her best efforts she didn’t turn away from him on time, the street lights illuminating her face well enough that he could see the blush on her face.

“My lady,” he exclaimed in surprise, not believing what he had seen. “Are you blushing?”

“No of course not,” she said as casually as possible, trying to force her blush down by force of will alone.

“You are!” he shouted in delight, bouncing on his toes. “I knew you would fall for me eventually, buginette.”

“I haven’t fallen for you, you silly cat!” she protesting, resorting to covering her face with her hands.

“Yes you have! Oh this is the best day of my life.”

“Can we just… forget about this?” she asked weakly.

“Oh no,” he said with a cheshire grin. “I’ve waited too long for this. I’m gonna milk it for all it’s worth.” And with that he ran off, leaving Ladybug to accept her fate.

True to his word, Chat took every opportunity to make her blush, especially during interviews. He loved to make her all flustered, and it never failed to give the reporters something to talk about. Ladybug was always annoyed by his actions, but he figured it was worth it.

He should’ve known she would get her revenge. After all, his lady was smart and could hold a grudge like no other.

They had just defeated another akuma and Ladybug had fixed everything so it looked as good as before the fight.

“My lady,” he said, waltzing up to her and grabbing her had, pressing a soft kiss to the back of it. “You never cease to amaze me with your miraculous resourcefulness. You’ve outdone yourself this time.”

Chat looked up and saw the blush, as expected. But there was a small smirk on her lips, which caused a jolt of fear to go down his spine, causing his tail to stand straight up.

“You were pretty miraculous too, my kitty,” she said, deliberately slow. “I have to say, it took me a lot to focus on the akuma, since my eyes kept being drawn to you today. It was like I couldn’t help but admire the way the sun shined on your hair.”

Chat stood there, frozen. He couldn’t speak, he couldn’t breathe.

Ladybug pressed a kiss to his cheek, then leaned up to say softly in his ear, “Who’s blushing now, kitty?” She pulled back, her smirk in full force, and strutted away, throwing her yo-yo after a moment and swinging away down the street.

Chat collapsed to the ground, his legs no longer capable of supporting his weight, hands coming up to hide the heat radiating from his cheeks.

He was not prepared.

Dean looked up from the lore he was reading through with Sam when his phone buzzed on the table. He smiled as Y/N’s name appeared on the screen and he read the message,

“There’s a surprise for you in the garage.”

Buzz.. Buzz

“Make sure you come alone ;) xx”

Dean cleared his throat and got to his feet, the heat rising to his cheeks a little in anticipation.

“You alright?” Sam furrowed his eyebrows.

“Y-yeah, just remembered I left something in the Impala,” he stammered before quickly heading out to the garage before Sam could ask anymore questions.

“Y/N?” he called out as he walked through the garage, with Y/N nowhere in sight.

He frowned, confused as he saw something lying on the hood of his car. Walking closer, he saw that it was an envelope with his name on the front, picking it up he carefully opened the slightly bulky package.

His eyes widened and his heart jumped in his chest as he pulled the pregnancy test from the envelope, two small pink lines showing positive. He felt happy tears well in his eyes as the reality set in, “I’m- I’m going to be a Dad.”

You walked over to him from where you’d been waiting at the end of the garage, a loving smile across your face at his reaction. He placed the test and envelope back down before pulling you into his arms and pressing a sweet kiss to your lips.

Hunger Games: How the brain ‘browns’ fat to aid weight loss

Researchers at Yale School of Medicine have uncovered a molecular process in the brain known to control eating that transforms white fat into brown fat. This process impacts how much energy we burn and how much weight we can lose. The results are published in the Oct. 9 issue of the journal Cell.

Obesity is a rising global epidemic. Excess fatty tissue is a major risk factor for type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, neurological disorders, and cancer. People become overweight and obese when energy intake exceeds energy expenditure, and excess calories are stored in the adipose tissues. The adipose organ is made up of both white and brown fat. While white fat primarily stores energy as triglycerides, brown fat dissipates chemical energy as heat. The more brown fat you have, the more weight you can lose.

It has previously been shown that energy-storing white fat has the capacity to transform into energy-burning “brown-like” fat. In this new study, researchers from the Yale Program in Integrative Cell Signaling and Neurobiology of Metabolism, demonstrate that neurons controlling hunger and appetite in the brain control the “browning” of white fat.

Lead author Xiaoyong Yang, associate professor of comparative medicine and physiology at Yale School of Medicine, conducted the study with Tamas Horvath, professor and chair of comparative medicine, and professor of neurobiology and Obstetrics/gynecology at Yale School of Medicine, and their co-authors.

The team stimulated this browning process from the brain in mice and found that it protected the animals from becoming obese on a high-fat diet. The team then studied the molecular changes in hunger-promoting neurons in the hypothalamus and found that the attachment of a unique sugar called “O-GlcNAc” to potassium ion channels acts as a switch to control brain activity to burn fat.

“Our studies reveal white fat “browning” as a highly dynamic physiological process that the brain controls,” said Yang. “This work indicates that behavioral modifications promoted by the brain could influence how the amount of food we eat and store in fat is burned.”

Yang said hunger and cold exposure are two life-history variables during the development and evolution of mammals. “We observed that food deprivation dominates over cold exposure in neural control of white fat browning. This regulatory system may be evolutionarily important as it can reduce heat production to maintain energy balance when we are hungry. Modulating this brain-to-fat connection represents a potential novel strategy to combat obesity and associated illnesses.”

Gravity Waves

In the last 2 hours, you may have heard about an important discovery involving “Gravitational waves”; ripples in space-time produced when 2 black holes collided. Fluid dynamics uses a disturbingly similar, easily confused term; gravity waves. Those type of waves are featured here in Earth’s atmosphere, represented by the undulating clouds.

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Those three words

When you stirred it was still dark and cold outside but you were under covers next to person who radiated heat so it was nice and warm. You were leaning your back against steadily rising chest behind. Harry tightened his grip on your waist and pulled you closer fully asleep. You smiled and wriggled so you could face him.

He looked so peaceful and beautiful. Actually a lot younger and more innocent than normally. His hair were all around his pillow and few curly stress were on his face too. Lips partnered he sighed when you reached out to put the wandering stress behind his ear. You pecked his lips and buried your face into his neck. His skin smelled so good; his own personal scent mixing with hint of fine cologne.

You felt his grip tightening even more.
”Baby?” Oh shit, you didn’t mean to wake him but he looked so irresistible and you jus couldn’t let him, could you?
”Sorry, i didn’t mean to wake you” you said feeling even more guilty.
”No worries, baby, I was already half awake” he claimed his voice raspy and thick. ”No you weren’t. Don’t try fool me, Harold. I watched you when you slept and you were almost in coma deep sleep” blurted out immediately flushing because that kind of confession wasn’t you. You hated cheesiness and sappy romance.

You saw how he started grinning sleepily because you accidentally slipped something that proved your affection towards him.
”You freak!” he blamed you with smile ear to ear as he leaned to kiss your burning cheeks.
”I’m not a freak. It’s completely normal and you do it to!” you argued trying to keep your poker face up but soon a smirk creeped on your face and revealed that you weren’t as serious that you meant to be.

”Babe, you are and it isn’t normal but i take that tho.. only because you’re so cute when you snore” he teased you as he left trail of sloppy kisses in your neck.
”For your information: I do not snore” you said confidently.
”And stop drooling on my neck. You ain’t dog”. Immedieately as you said that you felt his tongue on your skin and he started licking your neck all way up to chin and then to cheeks.
”Yhyy! Gross get of me!” you yelled laughing.
”No, I would never do that, love” he stated starting to tickle your sides with one hand and taking your hands above your head with another. He climbed over you so he could control your movements better and you were perfectly trapped.

”Harry, HARRYYYH STOPHH I CAN’T BREATHE” you screamed trying to free your wrist but he was too strong so you could only squirm.
”Yeah baby say my name, scream it” he mocked you with the cockiest smirk ever
”I SWEAR IF YOU DONT STOP NOW I WONT HAVE SEX WITH YOU TONIGHT OR WHOLE NEXT WEEK” you threatened still wriggling underneath him trying to get free.
”You won’t believe that even yourself, but fine I will stop if you want” he said slightly too quickly to be so sure that you wouldn’t fulfill your threat.

After saying that he collapsed over you with all his weight and because you weren’t exactly giant you crushed between him and a mattress so thightly that you could barely breathe.
”You are currently suffocating your girl, H, did you know that?” you spluttered out. ”No I’m not” he said as he rolled on his back  gripping his hands around you so you ended on top of him. Both of you were still under covers and you stopped thinking how an earth that could be possible. He stared you and stroked your back lightly with his huge hands.

You stared back to sparkling green eyes and daydreamed about something awfully corn even though he just had tortured you. You were so madly in love with him that you wanted to puke to your thoughts. It was so not you to be in love like this. You were that person who joked about death, threw knife sharp comments to everyone,  was done with the world and had most pessimistic attitude. You weren’t really nice towards any and no-one could refer to you as ’lovable’. Except him. You would never believe you would fall in love with anyone, least with world famous boyband singer who had completely opposite personality than yours. What did he see in you?

You thoughts were interrupted by that very boy pushing you down to mattress and snuggling his face to your neck.
”Pet me?” he asked sleepily while tugging your t-shirt.
”Well, H, I think you don’t deserve that because of your earlier actions.”
”Please, Y/n please, love. I’m so sorry that I tickled you, kitten. And I swear I never do that again. Would you please pet me now babe?” He looked you with those big lost puppy dog eyes straight to your soul.

His mode has went from mischievous to clingy in matter of seconds and you  couldn’t resist this big amount of cuteness.
”Fine” you agreed pretending to be annoyed. But your act didn’t work cause he saw right trough it.
”Y/n don’t act like you don’t want to do that i know you do” he said cheekily and took your hand and placed it to his cheek. His mood swings were particularly fast today.  You sighed smiling and stroked his cheek as his eyes closed slowly and started fluttering.

You didn’t know how long you have been laying there and you were pretty sure that he had fallen asleep again when his voice barely louder than whisper woke you from your deep thoughts.
”Y/n do you love me? ’Cause I surely do love you and if you don’t then… ” he was interrupted by your lips. He had said those words that you were holding few days know in your dark and twisted mind. You just were too afraid of losing him to say them out loud.
Kiss grew so deep that when you partened you both were breathless and smiling ear to ear.  ”Look, H, I don’t say these kind of things a lot but… here it comes…beware! I love you so much it aches my chest, how could you even doubt that?” you managed to say between deep breaths.

You were shamed because you couldn’t look him in the eyes while saying that but it was already hart for you. You decided to look him now to see his reaction to your words. For a second you thought that you saw his eye wetting but you didn’t have too much time to process that or take a closer look cause he crushed his lips to yours and rolled to hover over you. Your hands tangled into his hair and his were running on your body. This kiss grew even stronger than the earlier one and both of you started to get really turned on.  

He pulled away and cupped your cheeks to his hands like your face would be the most fragile thing in the world.
”You are so beautiful Y/n” you flushed slightly.  
”So are you” for a moment you just stared each other and then he buried his face to your neck and started sucking and nipping your skin lightly. You gasped as he hit your sweet spot and wrapped your arms around him.

You pulled him up so you could kiss. It felt like whole world could be collapsing around and you wouldn’t even notice. Both of your hands were roaming around each others body. His were under your t-shirt and yours under his. Your movements were slow but steamy. Both of you took the time to feel each others. He lifted himself a bit so you could strip out of your clothes. He was kneeling between your thighs as he took his shirt off first and then helped with yours.

He hovered over you and pecked kisses to your neck and chest. Slowly he pulled bra straps down to your upper arm and kissed your collarbones. You felt shiver go down your spine when he went down to your sternum leaving trail of kisses behind him. You closed your eyes when he unclasped your bras and threw them somewhere.
”Baby, are you okay?” oh his voice was so deep and it went straight down with another shiver.
”Why wouldn’t I be okay?” you asked whispering almost forgotten how to speak. ”’Cause you are shaking at the moment” he said looking curious but more than anything lustful.

You haven’t noticed before but, yeah, your whole body was shaking.
”Oh, well I guess you did that” you whispered not sure what to say. He looked stunned
”But I- I just kissed you nothing more…how..how..I don’t underst..?”. You were quiet for moment:
”Well I think it is not about that how you kiss me it’s more about that it’s you who is kissing me” you explained. He looked you love in his eyes  
”If that’s the case..i wouldn’t mind to..” he leaned down and continued kissing your sternum his lips barely touching your skin.


After when you were lying on his chest you wondered how you felt so loved and peaceful and safe with him right now. You have had sex million times but this felt different. Usually both of you like it rough and fast-paced but this time there was no rush or harsh moves. Just you and him loving each others. You hated term ”make love” in all it cheesiness but now you understood the point of it.

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Bleach porn movie titles

As requested by anon. :)

Let’s say that Bleach characters decided to act in some cheesy porn movies. What would be the titles?

1. Hot, Hot, Heat

See just how hot the spring can get.

2. Squad SEX

Making your captain fall on his knees has never been so literal.

3. Nobles Gone Wild

You can’t be stuffy when you’re not wearing any clothes.

4. 69/69

They aren’t tattoos. They’re instruction manuals.

5. Rise of the SEXta Espada

He always gets his prey.

6. Sen-BONE-zakura

He’s got a body. Now he’s gonna use it.

7. The Power of Three(some)

The tres espada knows that three is always better than two.

8. Death Sexes The Strawberry

Only being stabbed can restore his powers.

9. Berry in the Box

This is one invitation he won’t refuse.

10. Lucky Men

Squad 11 is full…of lucky men.

11. Quincy Archer Hates (How Much He Wants To Bone) You

But when he touches your sword, he can’t deny how it makes him feel.

12. The Blade and Me

One is the king. One is the horse.

13. Shaking Throne

When Aizen’s giant stone throne is a-rocking, don’t come a-knocking….unless you want to join in.

14. Menos Grande

They are big all over!

Sex Gods

In Sex Society, the 13-Court Sex Squads are the best….at boning.