hey sorry if i’ve ever hurt anyone or done something someone didn’t like. i’m sorry if i’ve ever said something i shouldn’t have. i’m sorry if i wasn’t there for you when you needed me. i’m sorry if my words have made people feel bad. i’m sorry for not checking up on you. i’m sorry for my selfishness and my attitude. i hope that you aren’t mad at me anymore. i hope you’ll stay with me. 

i’m sorry

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Although a spanking paddle with bazinga on it isn't the worst possible legacy I've heard of 😂 I've been following you a long time now and I just wanted to tell you I feel like your legacy is bright colored hair and free love and being who you are even if it hurts sometimes and kind words when you don't have to say anything, and hard skin and a sweet and soft heart in a world that doesn't deserve you, not at all. Wishing you the best as I always do — an awkward turtle 🐢

this is so???? fucking wonderful?????? what the fuck???


(…) And Theron does that here in such a powerful, heartbreaking way that I found myself in awe of how she was able to communicate so much in a glance.

There’s this moment when she re-enters the rig after Max drives it away from an attacking motorcycle gang, and she looks him up and down as he scoots over, and she has this tiny – not smile, but almost approving or knowing glance that lets us know: she knows she’s won him over. And he’ll be on their side now.

There are tons of moments like this throughout, where all we get is Theron’s eyes to tell us everything. (x)


I was watching this scene in take shelter and it really got to me because it’s just a simple display of someone who knows their partner is unraveling but instead of fearing them or giving them up as damaged goods, they decide “this is my person, they need help and I’m going to do this with them” and idk it reminded me of hange’s temper and “weirdness”, and how levi kind of just accepts it and can focus and calm that storm. 

so this comic happened ಠ_ಠ

  • jensen: *sees misha collins*
  • jensen's brain: flirt mercilessly and look hopelessly in love
  • jensen: why
  • jensen's brain: u gotta
How To Start Conversation with MBTI Types

ESTP: ask them where to get the best offer for something

ESFP: ask them if they’re going to *insert a popular band’s next concert*

ISTP: watch a gory movie, guess how they do the effects

ISFP: ask for song recs, ask their fav band and said band’s best song(s)

ENTP: scroll through 9gag/other meme page/mutual fandom tumblr tag together, then compare your headcanons

ENFP: ask, “Which movie(s) you’re definitely going to watch in cinema this year?”

INTP: ask them to explain one of the logical fallacy

INFP: self-inserts yourselves into a serial you both love

ESTJ: ask their help to assemble IKEA products

ESFJ: ask about work, their last holiday, anything, and/or tell them about your (crappy) day

ISFJ: invite them out to your gang’s get-together

ISTJ: ask tips to stay organized. Avoid too many small talks

ENTJ: discuss about your state’s/country’s/world politics. And politicians

ENFJ: talk about what you aim for in 5 or 10 years later.

INFJ: talk about whether euthanasia is morally right

INTJ: discuss ideologies. If you don’t know much, ask them to explain what Communism is and isn’t

  • my brain: i see youve been pretty stable lately
  • me: yeah ive been good its been pretty nice for a change
  • my brain: hmm...yes...how nice...
  • my brain: :)
  • me: what...what does that mean??
  • my brain: :)
  • me: please dont
  • my brain: :)