The Short Life - II

Pairing: Bucky x short!reader

Summary: Being short can make life difficult sometimes, but it’s alright when you have Bucky around.

Word Count: 680

A/N: Hello, my lovelies! I haven’t written in almost 6 months and I’m slowly getting back into writing, so hopefully this isn’t too rusty. Also, thank you to @tinyisles for this idea! If you enjoyed this and would like me to continue this series, please let me know and drop me some ideas, thank you! <3

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You rolled your neck as you walked towards Tony’s lab. Steve had stopped you on the way to discuss some last-minute details for next week’s mission. The super soldier was a specimen to look at, but definitely not for thirty minutes at a time. Your neck was strained from looking up at him while you two talked and you regretted not asking to sit down to continue the discussion after the ten-minute mark. Damn Steve and his perfect height.

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My #1 Language Learning Tip: Learn to talk around words you don’t know

Honestly, the most important thing in your target language isn’t to memorize all the vocabulary or grammar bits.

It’s the ability to describe and talk your way around words you don’t know because 95% of the time you can’t pull out a dictionary mid-conversation.

I literally use this in nearly every conversation I have in my non-native languages, but particularly in French. It was totally indispensable when I first moved to France 5.5 months ago, but it’s still something I do nearly every day.

Sometimes it’s just rephrasing slightly when you don’t have the right word and sometimes it’s launching into a longish, semi-convoluted explanation of a concept or object.

It seems really hard at first because sometimes you don’t feel as if you don’t even have the words for THAT, but remember that the most important thing isn’t always using the perfect words or perfect grammar—the most important thing is getting your meaning across. And sometimes you’ll have to create odd sentences to explain what you’d normally be able to say in a single word in your native language, and that’s totally okay and it’s honestly a super important skill to work on.

For me, even when I don’t have the right word, if I can still get my meaning across without a real problem (and sometimes learn the word I was aiming for!), then I still feel more confident in my language skills and speaking doesn’t feel so scary.

Even if you’re alone and you don’t have anyone to converse with, you can start by just describing random things around you without using the actual word. Definitely my #1 most used language skill.

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“twenty one pilots is getting so much recognition now (which is so WEIRD but anyway) which means it’s at the point where people are complaining about “ugh now all these fourteen year old girls are obsessed with them and it’s ruining everything :(((” but like……….

the older people in the clique are always talking about how important the music is and how it changed/saved their lives and how when things are really really awful, listening to TOP reminds them to keep going and not give up - all of which is AMAZING and so so true, but doesn’t it make sense then that 14yo girls would like them?


being at the height of your uncertainty and awkwardness and having society/people coming at you from all sides telling you what you have to be and what you have to look like and how you have to act…all while you’re too young to really know how to deal with it and ignore it and cast it aside as the bullshit it is. THE MOST HORRIBLE I EVER FELT ABOUT MYSELF WAS AT FOURTEEN. eleven years later i’m still not at a point where i like myself, but at least i’m old enough now to have worked through it…it’s fine it’s cool it doesn’t matter, i exist and i’m gonna try my darndest to keep existing.

and we all know that TOP attracts a lot of mentally ill people - tyler literally refers to “his people” as being the ones whose brains are a battlefield - and i know from personal experience that being mentally ill as a kid SUCKS. it SUCKS SO MUCH because you keep doing and thinking these things that you know don’t make any sense and yet you CANT MAKE IT STOP, and when you’re young, you don’t have the words yet to express what you’re feeling. what’s even worse is when you’re a kid (and especially when you’re a girl) people so often try to write off your mental illness as a plea for attention or you “trying to be cool/different” or “you’re just pretending to be like this because you read about it in a book somewhere.”

i think we can all agree that that’s completely HEINOUS. that’s disgusting and horrible and isolating. but isn’t that what the clique is doing when they say “what could fourteen year old girls possibly get out of their music”? short answer: it is. and it’s so invalidating of people’s experiences it should make us - the ones who know what it’s like to have messed up brains and no support from those around us - feel sick.

so i guess what i’m saying is this: being young sucks. being a young girl sucks even more. being a young mentally ill girl sucks the most. and if these fourteen year old girls find meaning or comfort from TOP’s music they should be welcomed in with open arms. because life is HARD dude, we all know that…so don’t begrudge people what gets them through the day, no matter how old they are.”

hey i totally agree with this. i’m so sick of the idea that once the music becomes renowned within the teenage girl demographic, it’s ruined. it perpetuates the idea that once a teenage girl likes something, it’s meaningless and silly and that’s extremely sexist, ageist and just all-round invalidating. who and what teen girls are passionate about is not of any less importance than what men are passionate about. young female fans are usually compounded with the idea of irrational excitement and being a “shallow” fan - not having a critical perspective of the music, which is absolute bullshit. 

let me just reiterate what anonymous is saying…. being a 14 yr old girl with a mental illness is not easy dude. heck, being a 14 yr old girl without a mental illness is hard enough. 14 is a very vulnerable age where you constantly feel like everything’s out to get you. from around 12 - 15 i felt like i was constantly under pressure to act a certain way and music has always been something i’ve turned to for comfort. i started getting into top and /alternative/ music when i was 14 and the misogyny which seemed to be particularly strong amongst alt music fans was something that really confused me and i found myself having to prove that i was different from the “other teen girls” (whatever that meant at the time???) as if being a teenage girl was something that was embarrassing?

tyler and josh always describe the clique as being an inclusive group of people who support each other through thick and thin and yeah ideally the clique would be like that, and it is like that within certain /subsections/ (for lack of better word?) but unfortunately in reality, the clique as a whole is probably just as judgmental when it comes to accepting young teen girls into the fanbase which really really sucks. when i was 14 i wasn’t in the clique yet but i’d listened to their spotify discography probably about 100 times and it helped me, and continues to help me through so much and sadly in a sense, i’m kind of glad that i didn’t join the clique until later because looking back, i know that my experiences would be invalidated because of my age and gender. 

so in conclusion, teenage girls are fucking hardcore for staying so beautifully passionate about what they love despite having to deal with everybody’s shit, and anybody who invalidates and looks down on young female fans for no other reason than because they’re young and female, needs to get their head out of their ass. 

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Man, one of the reasons that one anti-sex positive anon bothers me is that they believe we sex positive aces are treated "normally" when in fact I've had SO MANY AWFUL EXPERIENCES with allo partners, because it turns out that telling someone that you don't feel any attraction to them, even if you are having sex with them, is something that a lot of people will be actively insulted by, especially when you don't have the words to explain WHY you aren't feeling it. (1/2)

(2/2) Basically, I am so grateful to the ace community for finally giving me the language to talk about how I feel about sex, instead of just thinking I was broken somehow when I wasn’t attracted to my sexual partners. It has really done wonders for my relationships and self esteem to be part of this community, to be able to talk to people like me, and to be able to more accurately express how I feel to my partners. And the idea of being excluded because I enjoy the act of sex is awful.


Thank you for this message. This is exactly the kind of reason why we worked so hard to expand the boundaries of the community and provide resources for every ace. I’m so happy that the ace community has been such a positive place for you–that’s exactly what we’re trying to do, and it’s always so rewarding to hear that it’s working. Even as someone who fluctuates between sex-neutral and sex-repulsed, I’ve been in the position you describe and which I mentioned in my response to that ask, where even when I did pursue sexual activity I did so in a way that was completely different to an allo experience, largely as a result of aphobia and certainly garnering even more aphobia because I was Doing Sex Wrong, which was blatantly obvious to my allo partners. 


I started a General Danvers fic some stupidly long time ago, and have decided I would really like to finish it. There’s just this one little thing…

I want a time machine just so I can go back and kick past me in the stomach until she explains what the fuck story I was planning to tell with this WIP and why the fuck she didn’t leave like an outline, or even just a prompt line for when her future self (me) could finally get back to it.

Because I checked the date I originally started it, and I know that I knew I had iminent stuff to do and wouldn’t be able to write it in a sitting, or finish within the same month I started it. So naturally I should have left a note about what sparked the idea, as I have with almost every other fucking thing I’ve ever written. But here we fucking are.

What idea was so obviously perfect and wonderful that past me assumed it would get stored in my brain in a way that would be easily accessible later on?

Because I just reread what was there, and edited it a little because it was so fucking old that I have in fact improved my writing since then -which I can’t even bring myself to appreciate because WHAT WAS THE FUCKING PLAN HERE?!- and I clearly had some sense of where I was gonna take it? And while some rewording/sentence pacing had to be done, the overall foundation seems good???

Like this might be the first time I’ve had a far enough away perspective to notice my work isn’t complete trash, that it’s just a little unrefined, and yet I have NOTHING to tell me where the fuck I was going, and it just ruins the moment.

It’s all character exposition and build up, and I know somewhere down the line it was gonna result in Astra and Alex meeting differently to how they met in canon, and make it feel that moment/the life they had after that was something momentous, but, ??? I have no fucking idea what that moment was gonna be or how I was gonna get there from where I stopped.

Reading it makes me want to read more and then I get to where it stops and realise I have to write it. Which is common enough for a writer except it’s not the usual (for me) version where realising I have to write it myself comes with an “ugh i have to do a thing“ feeling when I just wanna read more.

Well it kinda is. But worse. It’s that on crack. It’s more “Ok fine I have to do a thing, but first, WHAT IS THE THING I HAVE TO DO?!

There is a moral to this mess of my frustrated rambling folks…

Always leave a note WITH your story saying what inspired you, or what your basic idea was before you leave said story alone for ANY length of time.

Long Story (Bucky x Reader)

Request: Hi there. I would like to request a Bucky Barnes x reader fanfic. Reader is a shy and reserved college student who has moved in with her aunt’s (Pepper Potts) boyfriend due to family and financial issues. While she is there there, the ex-Winter Soldier who is also staying at the Avenger’s Tower starts to take an interest her and attempts to get to know her despite her quiet personality.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader


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You’re an observer.

You’re the type of person who would rather watch the world, than participate in it. You’d rather listen to a classmate’s speech, then to present one yourself. You would rather watch a romance develop on the screen of your TV, then to develop your own.

Since the age of fourteen, you’ve known that you’ve wanted to be an author. When you talk to people, your words come out as a stuttered, quiet, mess. When you write, your word have a perfect, continuous flow to them. They hold an elegance, that your actual voice could never have.

That’s just who you are. You don’t seek attention or help from others. You seek refugee in your, shy introverted, self; and that’s why today is especially difficult for you.

Your family has never been the most wealthy. With your dad working as the elementary school janitor, and your mom as a grocery store clerk, you’ve always just scraped on by. When the time came for you to attend University, your parents insisted on paying. They never gave you much growing, and you never expected them to, but they wanted to give you an education. They wanted you to live your dream.

And that’s why you’re now standing outside the extravagant Avengers Tower.

Trying to save money on your tuition to New York University, your parents were able to get you to stay with your mother’s sister Pepper Potts, CEO of Stark industries, and girlfriend of Tony Stark himself.

Tony walks up to you, and places his hand on your shoulder. You jump a little at the sudden contact. “Welcome to your new home, kid.” You look down to your shoes, and avoid eye contact. What are you supposed to say? Thanks? There’s no way that could suffice with The Tony Stark. “Whats wrong, starstruck? Or do you have a celebrity crush on your aunts boyfriend?” You whip your head up as a burning blush starts spreading across your face, and see a massive grin on his lips.

“No, no, no.” You wave your hands in a frantic motion. “You’re not my type. Not that you aren’t great and all, but you’re not for me. You’re good looking, but you’re too old for me. Plus you’re dating my aunt, so that’s really weird. I just didn’t know what to say. Do I say thanks? Do I shake your hand? Do you-”

“Whoa there,” Tony’s voice interrupts your crazed rambling.

Rambling, It’s what you did best. 

“Take a breath. I was only kidding.” He lets out an amused laugh, and begins to walk inside the tower. “You’re going to be fun to have around.”

*  *  *

“Your room is just down that hall.” Tony points you to the general area of the hallway, and walks towards the bar. “You should have a couple of days to explore. Most of the team’s on a mission, and Pepper’s in Japan for business.” He raises his glass of whiskey to you. “Looks like if will just be me, you, and Metal Arm for the next little while.”

“Metal Arm?” You raise an eyebrow, and quietly question.

“Yeah,” Taking a large swig of his drink he looks towards you. “He’s just some relic that Cap found.”

Still not sure as to what he’s talking about, you nod your head, and walk towards your bedroom; completely unaware of the set of blue eyes watching.

*  *  *

You decided to stay in your new bedroom for the rest of the night. Just thinking about another sarcastic conversation with Tony made your skin crawl. You hate meeting new people, and the fact that you will have to meet all of the very famous Avengers, that’s petrifying.

You creep out of your room at around 1:00 AM to get something into your rumbling stomach. After about ten minutes, you found the kitchen, and the beautiful fridge in it. Taking the last couple pieces of leftover pizza, you begin to head back to your room.


A quiet voice comes from behind you, making you drop your pizza in shock. Looking around yourself, you try to find the source of the mysterious voice. “Who- who’s there?”

You catch a glimmer of light on a long, lustrous object. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” The object comes out of the darkness, and is surprisingly connected to a man.

A very good looking man.

A very good looking man with a metal arm.

A very good looking man with a metal arm who is watching you check him out.

Is this Metal Arm?

You have to say something. You can’t just stand here an look back and forth between his arm and face. ‘Say something’ your brain scolds you.

“You have a Metal Arm.” You mentally slap yourself at your awkward observation.

The man releases an amused chuckle. “Yeah, that’s a long story.” He pulls a hand through his hair, and sends you a small smile. “The name’s Bucky.”

Taking a few steps back, you slowly begin to retreat to your room. “My name’s (Y/N), and I should really, um, go and do my homework.”


A low whistle interrupts Bucky, bringing your attention to the extremely smug looking Tony Stark. “You got Gramps 2.0 to talk? I’m impressed.”

You look take your attention away from the self-satisfied Stark. You look towards Bucky with a look of confusion. “Gramps 2.0?”

“Long story.” Shaking his head, he pushes the nickname aside.

Feeling a wave of confidence, you take a step towards the man who’s temporarily wiped away your shyness. “I’m willing to listen.”

*  *  *

I hope you liked it! It’s currently 1:40 AM, and I’m sorry if this isn’t very good, living that writers block life. Feel free to send in requests! xx

It can be a little disheartening when you spend months/years mulling over the term “best friend” not being enough and “romantic partner” being too much and you finally find a term that feels just right and people mock you for it and tell you that you mean “friend”, when you have already determined that that word just isn’t right for what you want