Attitudes and Mindsets that can Change your Life

1. Knowing deep inside that you are good enough.
2. Believing you can do it, and believing you can make it.
3. Choosing to be grateful when you feel like complaining.
4. Choosing to hang in there when you feel you’ve had enough.
5. Knowing each new day is a true gift and fresh beginning.
6. Valuing others, and treating others well.
7. Investing in people instead of chasing things.


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Doyoung’s message to his vocal teacher: 
Doyoung: Jinyoung teacher, we reached first place on MCountdown yesterday hehehehe. You worked so hard teaching us and I promised myself to thank you once we got first place. Now that it has become reality, it just seems like a dream. I’m always thankful to you, and will continue to express my gratitude in the future!!! I will continue to be disciple DongYoung that expresses my thankfulness.

Jang Jinyoung: Aigo, DongYong ㅜㅜ thank you so much and my sincere congratulations to you all!! ^^ I hope you continue to be someone who doesn’t forget his roots, and I’ll always support you. When you need me, feel free to contact me^^

Translation: Hazel @ FY! NCT (NCTINFO) | Source: Jang Jinyoung (Vocal Teacher)

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I don’t know what you’re going though, but I want you to know that everything will be okay. Friends and family will have their ups and downs, and technology may not always bend to your will, but that’s all okay. Everything will end up alright. I’ve come to earn and live by something my um says a lot when there’s something bothering me; If it will matter four or five years down the road. And I know it’s hard to think ahead when you’re feeling down, but it’s a good question to ask. It’s also okay to think about what happened or why you’re sad. It’s better to think about and accept things rather than push them away. And, you have us here to help and talk things through, so you are definitely not alone.

Stay determined ✨♥✨ Because there are people out there that really care about you. ~M

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OMg- Moosen whyy ;;;;w;;;;…. Why r u always doing this to me- u want me to create a pool of my tears- because this seriously touched me…. now I don’t even know how exactly I can thank u… since u r always doing this to me and u r always here hhhhhhv- this really makes me happy qwq I didn’t expect u sending me this right after I just said I was feeling down- gosh u r really fast.. I was very happy to see this ;w;… I needed to- thank you ♥

And permission to hug? qwq

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Publicly post 5 facts about yourself, and send this message to your 10 favorite followers

1 - I have 2 scars running from my lips to either side of my face upto my ears from when my abusive, alcoholic father came home one night and was killing my mother and saw me crying and wanted to make me smile

2 - Me and my brother stole from 5 small banks in west Texas in a week to stop the bank foreclosing our mom’s farm

3 - I beat cancer by making methamphetamine to pay for bills and then faked my own death to escape the cops

4 - I won the medal of honor for running into enemy fire during the vietnam war even though my Lieutenant ordered me to stay. I just had to save my friend Buford (he died sadly)

5 - When visiting my girlfriend’s family, we were attacked by 3 killers wearing animal masks. I killed all of them single-handedly because I took survival training in the Australian outback

It’s not about the person you’re thinking of late at night in bed.
It’s about the person you think of first thing in the morning. Wanting to spend the rest of the day with them.
It isn’t about the person you’re thinking of on those late night drives.
It’s about the person you’re thinking of when you’re running an afternoon errand, the radio is on and you’re singing along at the top of your lungs in the middle of traffic wishing they were right there beside you.

It’s about the one you want to spend the little moments with, the moments that will flash before your eyes one day and there’s no one else you’d rather see yourself with in those moments because you know that that’s when you feel like your life is worth living the most.

—  S.A // Conversations About Love #8

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Ima be real with my feelings. Why do you act like you're better than everyone ?

How can you be real with your feelings when you’re asking foolish questions on anon?

I don’t think I’m better than anyone. My entire blog is dedicated to uplifting people, so what exactly are you referring to? 😂😩


Contains : drabble, strong language, bestfriend!yugyeom, i guess enemy!jaebum, SMUT !  

Group : GOT7 (mention of red velvet’s yeri.)

Member : Jaebum/Im Jaebum

Words : + 2,2k

Summary : Where you have to deal with the person you hate on a daily because he’s the best friend of your best friend, who’s also your roommate, but hate isn’t a word strong enough to describe how you feel when Im Jaebum starts gaining interest on your girl friend.

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A/N : May have a part two ? I don’t know, depends on what you guys think ! Lmao I’m working on so many things at the same time but-

“Yugyeom, nooo.”, you cried out, rubbing your eyes in frustration. A groan left your lips as you tried to stay calm, white dots forming on your eyelids.

“Y/N, I forgot, I’m sorry.”, the boy breathed, biting his lower lip, standing awkwardly in the middle of the living room as you were sitting on the couch.

“Can you just…cancel ?”, you asked, already knowing the answer. “How can you even forget to tell me that he is going to be living in our house for a fucking week.”

Yugyeom sat down next to you, the matress of the couch sinking, his head dropping in his hand, his elbow resting on his knee.
“Y/N, no I can’t cancel. I really forgot to tell you, but I’m just helping my best friend. What if it happened to you ? Wouldn’t you want someone to help you too ?”, he asked, looking at you.

You avoided eye contact, looking at oh so interesting furnitures in your shared apartment. You sighed once again, letting him know that you heard the question without giving him an answer.

“Listen, he got kicked out of his house, he is going to stay here for, what, a few days, and he will go to Jackson’s if he doesn’t find an apartment. If I kicked you out, you would probably want Yeri to help you, right ?”, he asked again, dragging your other best friend in the conversation.

“You wouldn’t kick me out.”, you mumble, avoiding the question again.

“Oh my god, Y/N, don’t be like this, please.”, begged Yugyeom. He was genuine, and you really didn’t want to make him feel like this, but out of all his friends, it had to be the one and only Im Jaebum who got kicked out. It didn’t even surprise you, he probably did some dumb shit, like always.

“You know we don’t have a good relationship.”

“I know, but it’s just for a week. Maybe you can invite Yeri tonight so you won’t be alone ? I promise he won’t annoy you.”

You looked up at Yugyeom, his eyes still on you, mounthing a quiet “please”.

“I can’t believe you…I don’t have a choice anyway.”, you sighed, before getting up in order to grab your phone and text Yeri.
You heard the sigh of relief of Yugyeom, before he also got up, getting ready to pick Jaebum up.

This was going to be a long week.

“A week ?”, asked Yeri, her eyes widen as she chewed of the brownie. You hummed, just giving up at this point, your eyes on your computer screen, but you both weren’t paying attention to the movie.

“It’s not going to be that bad.”, tried your best friend, but you dryly chuckled, turning your attention to her, her back was on your headboard, the lack of light making you slightly close your eyes before adjusting.

Yeri never met Jaebum, for a simple reason, you thought that your friends were too good, and didn’t deserve to meet the monstrosity that was Jaebum.
Thus, she never met him, and never had to deal with his annoying jokes and fuckboy attitude.

Adjusting your jean and turning towards her, leaving the movie long forgoten, you were about to answer before you heard the faint noise of a door opening. Yeri looked at you, wiping away some crumbs of brownie before putting the plate on your nightstand.

A smile streched your lips, even if she never admitted it, Yeri had a thing for Yugyeom. The way she looked at him when he wasn’t paying attention gave it away but Yugyeom was totally oblivious, and you knew that he wasn’t really looking for a relationship.
But it didn’t keep the girl from trying to get noticed, as she brushed her newly dyed, red hair with her hand, before getting up and fixing her blue top and white skirt.

“Yeri, do you really want to-”

“Yes, I’m sure he isn’t as bad as you say he is.”, and before you knew, she opened the door of your room, the light from the hallway and living room hitting your eyes. You groaned, before getting up, fixing your button up and following the girl.

Voices were heard as you walked, hearing the distinct sound of your roommate laughed.

“That’s Yeri, Y/N’s best friend, she’s staying here for the night.”, introduced Yugyeom as he hang Jaebum’s and his coat, while you leaded against the wall behind Yeri, watching the scene from a distance.

“Oh, nice to meet you Yeri. Why haven’t we seen each other before ?”, asked Jaebum, and

“Hell no.”, you thought, your eyesbrows rasing as Jaebum smiled at your best friend, reaching for her hand.

God, you knew this look, the one he uses on every girl, every time he’s at the club. See, sometimes, Yugyeom just dragged you with him, stating that you needed to go out more, and when he did, he always had Jackson, Youngjae, Jinyoung, Bambam, Mark and Jaebum with him.
His other friends were truly amazing, but Jaebum, from the begining, he had something against you, and with his attitude, you sometimes asked yourself how he was friends with the six others.

“Oh there she is to ruin everything.”, noticed Jeabum, his voice immediatly less welcoming, making you snap out.

“Fuck you.”, you just said, grabbing Yeri’s arm in order to bring her back to your sweet and safe bedroom, but she wasn’t having it.

“Y/N, can we hang out here for a bit ?”, asked Yeri, using her puppy eyes. And you cursed under your breath, she wanted to stay here because of Jaebum ?
You groaned, slightly letting your head fall to the side.

“See, she wants to hand out with us, why do you have to ruin it for her and keep her to yourself.”, purred Jaebum, smiling at Yeri. Fuck, he was doing it again.

Your best friend nodded at you, and all you could do was accept as she sat between your roommate and Jaebum after putting a movie on.

You hated him, so much. He was ruining your night with your bestfriend, and he was making you look like the crazy girl who doesn’t like him for no reason.
Sitting across from them, you were paying no attention to the horror movie playing on the tv, flashing quick glares towards Jaebum, before halfway to the movie, you froze.

His arm was wrapped around her shoulders as his fingers cale to grab a lock of hair, probably saying something about the color as she smiled and nodded before getting more comfortable.

“There’s no fucking way.”, you thought, remembering how Jaebum used to play with girls, tricking them into thinking that they’re the one before throwing them like some kind of old object.
And it made you sick, just to think that he was trying to do the exact same thing with your best friend.
Yeri was such a pure person but sometimes she was as oblivious as Yugyeom, and it was just in your personnality to kind of protect her.

Jaebum’s attention turned from the tv, just to be directly looking at you.

Yeah, he knew what he was doing, his infamous smirk streching his lips before they made contact with the top of Yeri’s head, and you snapped.
Jumping out of your couch, the boy just smiled, his eyes not leaving you as you walked towards your room.

“Where are you going ?”, asked Yugyeom, his attention finally tearing away.

“Bedroom.”, you simply answered, and he knew this tone, he knew he shouldn’t ask more questions, and he didn’t, rather giving a questioning look at Yeri before she moved her shoulders.

Entering your room, you took a deep breath, this wasn’t going to happen, he wasn’t going to fuck your best friend and leave her heart broken like he does with everyone else.
God, you just needed to keep her away from him, but how, now that she was all laying against him.

Your thoughts got cut out buy the door beeing open, your body immediatly turning to face the person.

“Awn, are you sick ?”, and you didn’t even have to look to know who was standing in front of you.

“Jaebum.”, you warned between gritted teeth, taking a step forward, and he didn’t move. You noticed how his baggy shirt revealed a little more towards the end of his neck, his collarbones sticking out, his hair were a bit messier, his eyes looked sleepy, probably because of the lack of light in the living room.

“Yes, love ?”, he asked, a smile glued on his face, and you furrowed your eyebrows at the nickname.

“I swear to God.”, you started, taking a another step, the boy crossed his arms, leaning his shoulder on the wall of your room.
Your bedroom was too far to hear the sounds of the tv, and your roommate and best friend wouldn’t hear you, but you still whispered through your teeth. “Don’t fucking touch Yeri again, or I swear I’ll kill.”

Jaebum just chuckled, looking down at you, and your faces were only inches away.

“As if.”, he laughed, “Look, I’ll fuck your best friend if she wants me to, and clearly, she wants it.”

Anger was taking over you as you looked straight in his eyes, and the way his lips were tugging upwards, his eyes sparkling with amusement wasn’t helping any of it.

“Do it, and I’ll fucking destroy you.”

And his expression immediatly changed, the tension growing faster alongside. You saw his tongue lick the inside of his cheek as he uncrossed his arms, this time, he was the one to take a step, but you refused to move.

“Destroy me huh ?”, he repeated, his voice lower, jaw clenching. You breathed through your nose, keeping eye contact as an attempt to look less affected, but the way you swallowed the built of saliva gave it.

“We’ll see who destroys the other first.”, and before you could process everything, his hand was grabbing your jaw, lips crashing against yours.

You gasped, what the fuck was he doing ? Was that his way of trying to destroy you ? Because two could play at that game.

Moving your lips against his, both of you were trying to be the dominant one. Your hand flew to his hair, slightly tugging at it, making him groan, your heartbeat quicken, fuck that wasn’t what was supposed to happen.

Jaebum’s other hand gripping on your waist, before catching your lower lip in his teeth and slightly tugging at it. You managed to keep the moan threatening to come out, but he wasn’t having it, his lips leaving kisses down your neck before nipping at your collarbones.

A sigh left your lips, but the feeling of his soft lips were soon gone, before ghosting over your ear.

“You’re so fucking annoying.”, he growled, as he pushed your body against your desk, thankfully not making enough noise to alarm anyone in the living room. His hands grabbed the back your thighs, helping you sit on the furniture.

“Jaebum, they may hear us.”, you breathed as he unzipped your pants.

“Then you better be fucking quiet.”, he growled, looking up before his hand sneaked in your jeans, his finger tracing your folds through your panties.
Your mouth fell open, your hand wrapping around his wrist, but not stopping him as he pushed the fabric to the side.

“Who knew you would be so wet.”, he noticed, dark eyes looking up at you as his finger drew patterns on your clit, a silent moan coming from your lips.

You hated him, you really hated him, but you couldn’t deny how good his fingers were making you feel. Sweat was starting to form on your forehead, your tight shirt around your body making you feel like you couldn’t breathe properly.

Jaebum was watching and feeding his ego with your overwhelmed expression, your rosy lips parted, head lightly thrown back as you didn’t want to close your eyes.
Finally, Jaebum’s fingers entered your pussy, immediatly moving in and out in a rapid rhythm.

A broken moan slipped out of your mount, and the boy’s lips crashed against your to prevent any other sound to come out. “You’re so fucking loud.”, he purred against your lips, and he sounded breathless.

You whined against his lips, now craving for your climax as your hips bucked against his hand, your hands gripping the edge of the desk. It was moving with Jaebum’s movements, licking his lips as he watched the movements of his hand underneath the fabric.

Your breath grew uneven as your high approached, the familiar feeling in the pit of your stomach growing more and more. Jaebum’s thrusts were deeper, and soon his thumb circled on your clit to help you release quicker.

It was there, you could feel it, the delicious promise at han-

“Is everything ok in there ?”, and you both recognised the voice of Yugyeom behind the door, freezing.

Before you knew, the feeling of Jaebum’s fingers and the heat in your stomach were both gone, making you mouth a “What the fuck ?”, as the boy licked his fingers clean, wiking before shouting. “Yeah, everything is alright.”

You had to quicky recollect yourself, zipping your jeans as you saw Jaebum walk towards the door, opening it before your heard him say.

“I was just cheking on her, I think she catched a cold.”, before leaving you in the empty room, the promise of your release now long gone with him.

You're not....

You’re not a ‘fat fuck’ because the scale went up ½/3 pounds overnight/from morning to night. It’s water weight hun.

You’re not 'losing super fast’ because the scale went down after you drank/ate and then used the bathroom.

You are making progress when you wake up on an empty stomach to see that you lost one pound, or even half a pound. It is mostly water weight if you see a three pound decrease overnight.

You are making progress when running a mile goes from taking 11 minutes to taking 9.

You are making progress when your weight stays the same yet you can see your abs and your thighs are obviously smaller. You just lost fat and gained muscle.

You are making progress when you feel a binge coming on and drink a cup of water, take a shot of apple cider vinegar, and chew a stick of gum while you scroll through the thinspo tag.

Non-scale victories are super important so please find ways to achieve them because they just feel so good :)♡

Let’s face it: I’m scared, scared and frozen. First, I guess I’m afraid for myself… the old primitive urge for survival. It’s getting so I live every moment with terrible intensity. It all flowed over me with a screaming ache of pain… remember, remember, this is now, and now, and now. Live it, feel it, cling to it. I want to become acutely aware of all I’ve taken for granted. When you feel that this may be good-bye, the last time, it hits you harder.
—  Sylvia Plath, The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath

Secret #14 to happiness:

Let things happen.

When it rains, let the water douse you until your clothes are wet and you can’t stop laughing.

When you feel the tears coming, let them flow hot and fast down your cheeks. And when you feel the sudden urge to smile in a public place, by all means let your grin light up the room.

When everything seems to be falling apart, just let it fall apart. Let it fall apart and pick the bits of beauty from the rubble.

If something is happening without you, let it happen. If you are missing out, let yourself miss out. There will be better, more exciting things in the future.

When you feel like you can’t hold yourself together any longer, let yourself fall apart in the arms of someone you love. 

Let things happen. Let life move without your permission. It is a scary concept, but it helps.

Clumsy (Sneak Peek)

Do you know that feeling when you wake up at a friend’s house before them and don’t know what to do? 

That was exactly the way Josephine felt when she woke up. The condo was quiet; the sun was up and she didn’t know what to do with herself.

She tiptoed along the hall, stopping in front of Shawn’s bedroom door, hesitating at first, but then gently pushing the door open.

The only thing she saw was a tuft of brown hair on the pillow and she couldn’t help but smile at his adorable little snoring noises.

She quietly walked up to the bed, admiring him, feeling like a total creep or some crazy teenage fangirl.

She noticed his rosy lips, slightly parted. He was lying on his stomach and his long eyelashes were casting shadows on his pale skin that seemed to glisten in the soft sunlight.

She was about to turn around as she heard him mumbling something in his sleep and she froze in place as she heard her name.

“Jo… uh… yes… yes, right there, babe, mhm, so good,” he moaned quietly, slowly grinding onto the mattress and Jo pressed her lips together, her eyes widening. “P-please, Jo,” he mumbled, fisting the bedsheets, eyes closed, brows furrowed and Jo turned around, quickly shutting the door, cheeks red, feeling very uncomfortable.


Member: Jungkook

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1733

Description: Limerence (n): the state of being infatuated with another person.


That was the color you saw before you met him. The dull and murky color clouded everything that once shone brightly.

Flipping through your sketchbook, you heaved a sigh and abruptly closed it. Your artwork once was lustrous with watercolors, colors that reflected the rainbow perfectly. Only to be replaced with lack of inspiration and meaning; only drawing to get the classwork done.

The day was dragging on slowly, just like the other days. Nothing inspired you. Nothing screamed, “Draw me!” And you just didn’t know what to do. 

Today, you were at a new cafe that opened up just a few weeks ago. It was conveniently located just right between your college and the library, so you occasionally stop by when you’re feeling particularly stressed or ambivalent.

Taking a sip of the iced caramel macchiato placed in front of you, you turned on your phone and started aimlessly scrolling through Tumblr.

New picture of Eunwoo! Liked. Aesthetic coffee shop photo? Reblogged. Pen-pineapple-apple-pen? Laughed.

This went on a bit longer, until a voice broke you out of your preoccupied state. “Is this seat taken?” 

Who said that?

You looked up, only to be faced with one of the most striking person you have ever seen. He couldn’t have been much older than you, and yet he looks so refined. HIs jawline was sharp-sharper than most. His brown eyes were alluring, eyes that could be gentle as a feather or stern as a rock. His hair was a chocolate brown, perfectly swept across his forehead and framing his face so well. 

He was beautiful.

“N-No…You can sit there I don’t mind. Here, let me move some of my stuff out of the way,” you stuttered, still in shock at the beautiful stranger out in front of you.

Quickly, you stuffed your phone back into your pocket and shuffled all of your stuff into a pile of paper and watercolors in front of you-not wanting to burden the man even more.

Chuckling, he sat down and introduced himself. “Thank you. I’m Jungkook by the way. Is the cafe always this full?”

Jungkook. What a nice name. “A-Ah it’s no problem. I’m Y/N. And to answer your question, yes,” you laughed.

He smiled. “That’s a pretty name, Y/N. I’m assuming you’re an art major?” Jungkook asked, pointing to the pile of papers.

Blushing, you nodded. “Kind of…I am an art major, yes, but I feel like I’m losing that spark. I don’t know, things are kind of complicated right now.”

Concerned, Jungkook opened his mouth to speak, until a boy rushed into the café and grabbed Jungkook.

“Ah Jungkookie!~ I finally found you! Come on, we’ll be late for Hoseok’s dance competition!” The boy spoke. He was tall, just a little bit taller than Jungkook. Also, he looked older, but not by much. His hair was an almond color, with wispy bangs just barely reaching his eyebrows. He was breathtakingly beautiful also, with his adorable rectangular smile; but he didn’t have that same spark Jungkook has.

“Oh, right,” Jungkook spoke as he got up and pushed the chair in, “Y/N, please excuse my friend Taehyung here.” Jungkook then pointed to the assumed stranger, “Taehyung”, as to which this “Taehyung” flashed his million dollar smile. “I hope I can see more of you.”

“My college isn’t too far away from here, a 5-10 minute walk at most. I’ll be here most of the time after my classes,” you began to speak in a hushed tone. “Maybe we can meet up sometime…”

Jungkook, looking at you with admiration in his eyes, smiled. “Sure.” 

Jungkook then proceeded to get up out of his seat and pushed the chair in. Walking over to Taehyung, he flashed you one quick look and whispered, “By the way, I know. You’re in my art class.” Then left, leaving a trail of his musky cologne.

Walking to school on that crisp Monday morning, you noticed the vivid colors that swirled around you. The fall foliage was breathtakingly beautiful; colors of mahogany and shades of orange danced around that clear morning.

You hated it.

You hated how the vibrant hues mocked your barren canvas; how the tints of the trees produced greater works of art than your sketchbooks.

Quietly approaching your art class, you found a spot at the back of the classroom; reserved and isolated from the distractions that lurked the classroom. Shuffling ever so quietly, you sat down at the corner and begin unpacking your art supplies.

Since nobody else was sitting near you, you assumed it would be okay for your bag to be placed on the chair. However, right when you placed your bag down, you felt a sudden presence around you; someone has tapped your shoulder.

“May I sit here?” 

You froze. You knew that voice; that voice that enticed you under a spell, that voice whom you’ve heard on Saturday, at the coffee shop. It was Jungkook.

Scrambling, you hastily cleared the seat with your bag and set the item beside you. Looking down, you motioned the now empty seat to Jungkook, flustered and embarrassed.

Chuckling, Jungkook sat down on the empty chair. “You know, you don’t have to be so nervous around me. Relax. When you talk to me, imagine as if we were back at that coffee shop,” he beamed. “Speaking of coffee, do you want to grab some during the lunch break?” 

You smiled. “Sure.”

Those days that were once filled with gloom and agony were then gone. Your calendar was filled with outings with the boy from the coffee shop. Day by day, month by month, you began to feel this incredulous feeling you have never felt before.

Often times, you would bring your sketchbook along with you. The papers that were once empty and lifeless became filled and glowed with the presence of Jungkook that was painted onto them.

The shading of the darkness and the bright hues of the sunlight gave you a perfect opportunity to capture the beauty of the latter onto the sketchbook.

The dullness that once ruled over your life was gone, and you began to see the true beauty of the world.

You fell into a state of infatuation, limerence, they call it. But you didn’t know what to do. Everyday, you fell more in love with the man with the charismatic personality. 

You began to live and breathe Jungkook.

This feeling of infatuation was a strange and foreign feeling for you, since no one has ever sparked such a burning interest inside of you. It was like a sudden switch that went off inside of you; a light switch some might say. However, there is one key difference between a light switch and the switch inside of you: there is no end.

Light switches often burn out after an abundant amount of uses. It can get turned off and on, depending on how the person may want to adjust the lighting. But, your switch, the switch for Jungkook, it never goes out. The passion and love goes on, like a candle that never burns out. A lamp that never runs out of oil. 

No, your love for the ethereal boy will never burn out. You were sure of that.

It wasn’t until that fateful Friday in December, a day that would forever change your world and your view of it.

3 days before…

Current Date: Monday, December 11, 2017

It started as a day like any other, you were sleepy and quite groggy in your English class. Hastily taking notes, you barely retrieved any important information due to the fact that you spent all night rewatching “Friends”, which was a big mistake.

Finally, the bell rung and you sighed and gathered all your belongings. Although you were feeling quite dull and tiresome, you walked with a little pep in your steps due to the fact that your next class was art, a class that you shared with Jungkook.

You always sat next to him and thus you created a tendency to peer over his shoulder and examine what art works he was creating. It was exhilarating to see the vibrant colors beautifully blend into a majestic painting. On other days, you would be making pottery and it was always a pleasure to see Jungkook’s toned arms work on the clay and create a vase or bowl as if it was magic. 

Thinking about the male, you continued your way to your class happily.

However, something was off. Jungkook never came.

He didn’t walk through the classroom doors like he usually would. There was no Jeon Jungkook shuffling his way next to you. There was no Jeon Jungkook smiling and laughing with you. There was no Jeon Jungkook whining about how boring the class is.

“Maybe he’s just sick,” you thought. “Yeah, maybe he’ll come in the next day.”

He never did.

He didn’t come in that day, or the next day, or the following day. He never came at all.

Current Date: Friday, December 15, 2017

Exasperated, you tried thinking about everybody he hangs out with. Ah! He’s friends with Taehyung, right? And you could’ve sworn he was with Jimin before.

And thus, that’s what brings you here, standing in front of Jimin. You wandered aimlessly, looking for Taehyung but you failed to find the male. However, as you were moping around, you were able to find Jimin due to his prominent orange hair.

“Jimin, may I speak with you?” You softly spoke out.

Turning around, Jimin faced you. “Hm? Oh yeah, sure. What’s up Y/N?” He responded while walking to a more secluded area for the two of you to speak.

Following his lead, you reached out and said, “Have you seen Jungkook by any chance? Or maybe Taehyung?”

Furrowing his brows, Jimin looked at you in a confused manner. “You mean Jeon Jungkook? and Kim Taehyung?”

Your face immediately lit up and your cheeks began tinting to a dusty peach as the name “Jungkook” rolled off of Jimin’s tongue. “Yeah!” You exclaimed. “Jungkook’s in my art class and we’re friends…I think? Anyways, he never showed up since Monday and he’s not responding to my texts or calls either. I’m just really worried about him…”

“Y/N…” Jimin began. “Jungkook and Taehyung have been dead for 3 years.”

And your whole world shattered and began as grey once again.

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I Can Be Affectionate {Oswald X Nice}

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Ideas were imagined and Choices were made

Third Person Pov


~When you’re feeling low

~And you just don’t know where to run to~


~If your heart’s been broke

~And you feel like you’re all alone

~If you need something to believe in

~If you’re looking for a light to guide you home

~Just look inside

~You’re a light shining brighter than you kno-

“Heeellllooo in there? Are you still here?” A voice spoke in her ear, interrupting her song.

Nice looked at her friend Hailey in surprise, then sent a small glare her way, as she realized Hailey had pulled her earbud from her ear. It dangled sadly in the air, still emitting the sound of the song that was being played.

“What was that for, Hailey?” Nice questioned her friend in slight annoyance.

Hailey playfully smirked, “You kinda left our conversation there bud, wasn’t sure if the wall enjoyed listening to me for 10 minutes.” She jokingly remarked. “Just making sure that class was still in session.” She added, shrugging her shoulders and using a metaphor to compare Nice being absent from the conversation.

Nice quickly came to realization of what she did as was almost as quick to apologize, “Oh jeez, sorry Hailey!”

Hailey grinned and brushed it off, “No big deal, Nicey. You’ve had a lot on your plate anyways, so it’s excusable.” Hailey stated happily and leaned against the pale white wall of the hallway.

Shrugging her shoulders and taking out the remaining ear phone, Nice sat on the edge of a wooden table. “Yeah, I guess it’s just been Ozzy, he hasn’t been acting like himself lately.”! Nice explained with a sigh and wrapped her earbud cord around her hand.

For those who don’t know what’s happening, Nice and Oswald have started a budding romance a few weeks ago. How that happened, Oswald claims that Hailey promised to push them together if he wouldn’t, metaphorically and literally.

“Acting different? What kind of different? Gloomy Oz or Emo Oz, ‘cause trust me, neither of them are good for everyone.” Hailey inquired, somewhat concerned.

“Different as in, he’s been more ‘huggy’ and ‘winky’ lately.” Nice tried to explain, only resulting in Hailey deadpanning and glaring at the brunette.

“You better not be censoring this because I’m younger than you.” Hailey retorted.

Nice nervously laughed, “No, no no! That’s all in is! I mean I get it, we’ve only been dating for a few weeks, but it’s weird, he isn’t really like this.”

Hailey then pondered for a moment, rest her chin between her thumb and pointer finger on his right fist. Then again, Nice was quick to realize something, grabbed Hailey’s shoulders.

“What about you?! All we’ve been doing lately is talk about me and Ozzy’s relationship, but you need some romance in your life too!” Nice explained with sincere enthusiasm.

Hailey had a pokerface as an expression, “How is this relevant to the issue at han-” Nice cut Hailey off.

“Shush! We can do this now! Now what are you looking for in a guy?” Nice asked hopefully.

Hailey awkwardly smirked, “Jeez Nicey, don’t ya think Cupid’s a bit late on this one?” Hailey remarked, trying to ease off the topic.

Nice glared at the young ginger, “Just answer the damn question.” She stated, getting slightly annoyed with Hailey’s reluctant attitude.

Hailey sighed and looked down at her thumbs, as she twiddled them, “O-okay, I guess he’d have to have a sense of humour, have respect for others and himself, be loyal, have s-some sort of passion, be able to cuddle and hug, willing to give p-piggy back rides and give small romantic gestures every now and a-again.” Hailey explained, her face flushing more as she said the qualities she wanted.

Nice gushed at the flustered state her friend was in, “That is too cute!” She exclaimed, “And romantic gestures! That’s just adorable!”

Feeling even more embarrassed, Hailey stretched down her hat to cover her face, “Stooppppp!” She whined in dismay.

Giggling and patting the ginger’s head, Nice smiled, “If it makes you feel better, I’ve never had someone sing to me in a relationship and would instantly look like you if it happened.” She remarked.

As the two girls continued with their conversation, little did they know that Oswald was about to turn the corner of the hallway, when he heard the two talking. He and his brother Mickey heard the entire conversation, and Oswald had an idea for his girlfriend Nice!


We are now found in Nice’s bedroom of Mickey’s mansion (what? you really think that I wouldn’t use Mick’s place for a setting? Jeez)

Hailey sat on the floor at the end of Nice’s bed, while Nice sat on the edge of the bed, brushing Hailey’s red hair.

“My mom used to do this, only ya know, no warning or anything.” Hailey giggled, “Even like when I’m in the middle of a conversation or out in public, she’ll just run her fingers through my hair.”

Nice chuckled, “Sounds like she really liked your hair.”

“Frick! She says that why she had a girl!” Hailey added and the two laughed. “God she had her moments.”

Suddenly, Nice heard her name being called from the balcony. She turned her attention to the opened glass doors that led to the balcony. “Oswald?” Nice ask out loud, then shuffled toward the balcony.

Looking at the garden down below, Nice saw her boyfriend, Oswald standing there and looking up at her, with a guitar strapped in front of his torso.

He calmly waved and spoke loud enough that Nice could hear him, “Good even m'lady.” Oswald greeted.

“FLIRT!” Hailey yelled from inside Nice’s room, nobody paid much attention to her.

“Ozzy?! What are you doing out here at 9:40 at night?!” Nice quickly questioned.

Oswald only gently smiled, “I have something for you.” He cooed, then positioned his hands hands on the guitar. He took in a breath of air for for confidence, then quickly glanced up at Nice, who was in a state of awe about what he was about to do. Oswald felt his confidence rise and began to strum his guitar.

“I’m not bulletproof when it comes to you”

“Don’t know what to say when you make me the enemy”

“After the war is won”

“There’s always the next one”

“I’m not bulletproof when it comes to you”

“Maybe I’ll crash into you”

“Maybe we would open up these wounds”

“We’re only alive if we bruise”

“So I lay down this armour”

“I will surrender tonight”

“Before we both lose this fight”

“Take my defences”

“All my defences”

As Oswald continued the song, Nice felt her heart melt at the affectionate gesture Oswald was willing to do. If she turned around to see Hailey holding up her phone with the flashlight and swaying with the beat of the song she loves, Nicey would have to contain her laughter or annoyance just to hear the damn song. But her eyes were more focused on Oswald, as the two never lost eye contact, the world had faded away and they were the only two things that mattered at that moment.

“I’ll be your escape”

“I’ll be your safe place”

“I’ll be your shelter”

“Your shelter, yeah”

“I’ll be your escape”

“I’ll be your safe place”

“I’ll be your shelter”

“Your shelter, yeah”

“Maybe I’ll crash into you”

“Maybe we would open up these wounds”

“We’re only alive if we bruise”

“So I lay down this armour”

“I will surrender tonight”

“Before we both lose this fight”

“Take my defences”

“All my defences”

“I lay down this armour”

“I lay down this armour”

“I lay down this armour”

Oswald finished the song, and Nice’s red face was just as bad as Hailey’s was earlier. She came out of her daze, as Oswald asked how it was.

“W-wow, th-that was, am-amazing- no, that was, phew I’m speechless!” Nice tried say her words, but fumbled and blushed even more. Oswald chuckled at this.

“You look so cute when you get embarrassed.” He complimented sweetly.

“O-Ozzy.” Nice then remembered something, “Wh-what’s with all the affection lately?” She questioned.

“You don’t like it?” Oswald asked back.

Nice shrieked in surprised, “No, no, no no! I love it, especially the song was fantastic! But, why? You aren’t usually the one for affection.” She tried to explain.

Oswald smirked, “Let’s just say that I heard your conversations with Hailey about what you’ve always looked forward into a relationship and all, so I though that I’d be a good boyfriend. I don’t want to lose you for me not showing how much I care for you.” He confessed with sincerity.

Nice felt as if her heart was going to explode in her chest, from the speed it was beating. The cuteness was too much!

Hailey walked to the balcony and leaned against the railing, “YO MICK! YOU BETTER SEND THAT TO ME!” She shouted at the bushes.

Mickey then shot up from the bushes with his phone in his hand, clearly videotaping the whole thing.

“HOW DID YOU KNOW I WAS DOWN HERE?!” Mickey shouted back at her.


“I’m all the way until Felix and Oswald become a thing.” Hailey said quickly and walked back in the room.

“Wait what?!”


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Never Gonna Let You Down by Colbie Caillat

Armour by Landon Austin