Y’all if i can recommend a really good book series right now, please read When Women Were Warriors by Catherine M Wilson, its about women warriors who love women and they fight and lead armies and strive for peace and save their people and guess what THEY DON’T DIE. Its well written, there’s multiple love stories, 90% of the characters are women and of all character types. 

Its really an amazing story, i love it a lot i’ve read it many times (its a 3 part series, i only linked to the first part) and i don’t think its spoilery to say it has a genuinely happy ending. We deserve to have happy endings. 


When Women Were Warriors by Catherine M. Wilson

“Before I loved Maara, life seemed filled with endless possibility, yet I knew even then what I was waiting for. Love was only an idea to me then, something to hope for, a promise of happiness, insubstantial and immortal, until it found the one to settle on. Now love and Maara were one and the same, and love had become as mortal as she was.”

In the world of literature, it is rare to see the various relationships between women explored as fully as those between men or those between man and woman. The Warrior’s Path, Catherine Wilson’s debut novel, does a fantastic job with this – featuring the female mentor and her student, the mother and child, a female ruler and her vassals, romance between two women, and even (and especially) that rarest scenario in fantasy fiction showing war, the bonds and loyalties between sisters-in-arms. Tamras, who knows little of life beyond her mother’s farmstead but dreams of being a warrior, is sent to live among warriors and apprentices in the house of a great Lady. Too small to fight, she becomes the companion and caretaker of the mysterious, stoic warrior Maara; underneath her foreign habits, Tamras finds a wise if unconventional mentor. But where do her loyalties really lie? Can Tamras someday become a warrior? And what is in store for the Lady’s kingdom when people from Maara’s homeland threaten to attack?

This book is a wonderful choice for those who look to fantasy fiction for rich emotions, endearing characters, and interesting world-building. Wilson’s emotionally fluent writing draws the reader deeply into the characters’ lives, leaving them eager to see how the story unfolds, but where she truly excels is moments of pride, tenderness, and triumph – in spite of bleak events and tragedies, you will cheer and feel your heart rise whenever the characters succeed or grow. 
It should be noted that although there is some suspense/ action, this story is driven more by its characters and world than battles and bloodshed – I presume there will be more action in the later novels, though, which I will definitely be picking up!

The Warrior’s Path, the first volume in the When Women Were Warriors trilogy, is free for eBook download at Amazon.com.


children, sit down and let grandpa tell you about the When Women Were Warriors trilogy

short version: it’s about lady knights/warriors in a matriarchical society, beautifully written and everyone is gay

long version: it’s in 1st person and, being a medieval-type story, its a ye-olde type of storytelling, but you get used to that in a while and like i said, it’s fucking wonderful and there are countless lines/passages that will make you pause and go “hOLY FUCK THAT WAS DEEP” or “oh no my poor heart”. and when i said everyone is gay i mean more like, 90% of people are gay, but the story focuses on loads of different relationships between women (mother/daughter, siblings, mentor/student, sisters-in-arms, friendship, etc.) i mean, there are dudes too, but there are maybe 3 named male characters (which is very refreshing) at least up until the third book when the protagonist travels to other places where society is different and all. what else? oh yeah, it has “warrior” in the title and its about warriors, but theres barely any fighting in it, cuz a) our hero prefers to solve situations by being smart and cunning instead of using force and b) even when the fighting does happen its usually not described in detail. rest assured, its a great read even if youre more into actiony stuff (the plot gets wonderfully complex towards the end seriously youre in for a ride)

the first book (A Warrior’s Path) you can find online for free (and tbh if you take some time you can find the other two for free online too) so you have no excuse to not go check it out pls go give this serioes all your love

okay now that that’s done, imma go on a reblog spree. expect fanart/passages from the book. also im working on my own fanart too. armor is fun to draw.


Okay guys you need to read this:

There’s this trilogy called When Women Were Warriors by Catherine M. Wilson, set in a Bronze Age British Isles, cenetred around the main character, Tamras, who is sent to become an apprentice warrior.

It’s chock full of strong female characters, it’s easy to read and beautifully written, and each of the books are a good length. I was so enraptured by them that each book took me approximately a night and a half to finish, and I’ve since read them each three times.

Now I’m not good at reviewing stuff, but you can pick up the first book FOR FREE on Amazon so why not? It won’t cost anything but a bit of your time.

Also there are lesbians.

All I can tell you is this. Some hearts break from grief and some from joy. Some even break from love. But hearts break because they are too small to contain the gifts life gives us. Your task will be to let your heart grow large enough not to break.
—  When Women Were Warriors by Catherine M Wilson
Whatever you took with you,” said Finn, “whatever you may call it — purity of heart, strength of spirit, greatness of soul — you took that and nothing more into the house of wickedness, and you came out of it again, bringing fortune to your friends and ruin to your enemies. If that’s not a hero’s tale, I’ve never told one nor heard one told.
—  When Women Were Warriors: Book III (Catherine M. Wilson)
Sometimes even now I entertain the hope that Love lives in the world independently of us, but when I am most courageous, I believe that Love was born within the human heart, and that the survival of love in the world, as well as its ultimate triumph, is entirely our responsibility.
—  When Women Were Warriors, Catherine M Wilson