nameless crossroads demon, true form + humanoid glamour. i love this awful mouth man.

❤️OP met Jongin at a restaurant in Japan❤️

(It’s too long to be ‘a summary’ but it’s so cute not to translate)

The Tokyo Dome concert, 2nd day night, I met Kai kun when I went out to eat with my friends. He had such a great body and was so handsome. Also he was really nice. I shook his hand and got an autopgaph too. he even had such pretty hans too. He was so kind to me who couldn’t speak either English or Korean. He was such a good person.
It was a Sushi restaurant.
When OP came out of the bathroom, she heard Korean. And she saw sneakers in front of this room and transparency tape was stuck on it she saw Korean letters on the tape and it was 카이 (Kai) and she says she could recognize it because she saw the letters before from like Uchiwa and etc.
OP and her friends saw EXO’s bodyguard at the corner of the restaurant too and that’s when they were convinced that Jongin was really there.
When they were ordering some more food, Jongin came out of their room with two guys. OP say she and her friends were slightly panicking.
They said “Sumimasen” to Jongin but he didn’t realize that they were talking to him. Her friend tapped Jongin on the shoulder and her looked at them.
OP’s friend: fahn-desu
Jongin: fahn?
OP’s firend: 팬 (pen/how Koreans pronouce fan)
Jongin: Ah! 팬!
and Jongin bowed to then with a smile OP’s friend asked for a handshake and he shook her hand and because of the body uard, Jongin was just leaving. OP’s friend (a Lay fan) was feeling sorry to OP that only she got to shake Jongin’s hand.
It seened that Jongin was talking to his friends in front of the restuarant at that time so her friends told OP that she still has time and even if she would be rejected it’s still fine so they told her to go and ask for an autograph or she will regret it later and OP went up to Jongin holding a pen and her cellphone.
There was no bodyguard next to Jongin and OP said “Excuse me, sign please” to Jongin.
But Jongin waved both his hands so OP thought that he says no and she said “eh? sorry..”
But this time he was waving one hand as if he says “No that’s not it” so she said “OK?” and then Jongin was pointing at the restuarant that made OP think that he says he can’t do it and has to ask the bodyguard before doing it so she was just going back in to the reastuarant after saying “Sign, no? I see” but Jongin was stopping her with troubled face, and he was poiting at the restaurant again. So she thought that “Ah he’s going back in there again?” so she said “Back?” as pointing at the restuarant.
And Jongin was smiling finally and pointing at the restuarant and pretending to write something.
OP understood that he was telling her that he will go back in there and will give her autograph too.
When OP came back, her friends said, “so you didn’t get it”. But she told her what he said and they were pretty amaed but was getting ready to receive his autographs when Jongi came back, he walked up to OP’s table and made a hand gesture like he was signing.
OP and one of her friends got it at the back of their cellphones and another friend got it on the light stick. But it was pretty hard to sign on the light stick so Jongin made a sound like “Ah~” when he made a mistake and he was rubbing it with his fingers too. Her friend who can speak some Korean asked him “Is yoor leg fine now?” and Jongin said yes.
When Jongin was leaving the restuarant later, he was bowing to them with a smile. 😊
trans: kimjoninis


Atsushi Sukumozuka:

  • Birthday: Oct 15, Age: 22
  • Blood type: B
  • Height: 171cm, Weight: 60kg
  • Likes: weekly shounen manga magazines, reptiles
  • Hates: Rakkyo onions, Seigen’s training

Shinnosuke Kuzaki:

  • Birthday: July 3, Age: 21
  • Blood type: A
  • Height: 167cm, Weight: 55kg
  • Likes: mystery novels, cooking
  • Hates: the smell of ginkgo, Seigen’s training

Zenkichi Otomi:

  • Birthday: Sept 20, Age: 70
  • Blood type: AB
  • Height: 172cm, Weight: 57kg
  • Likes: family (including Seigen), sushi, video games
  • Hates: Yuuto, flashy/gaudy music

Kinu Furusato:

  • Birthday: Jan 26, Age: 69
  • Blood type: O
  • Height: ???, Weight: ???
  • Likes: Benio-sama, ohagi, video games
  • Hates: Rokuro, caterpillars

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(1/2) I feel like by the conversations Noora has had with Vilde about eating (in the cabin where she knows a lot of nutritional info about food/ in season 1 where she spots Vilde's tactics of trying to move food around the plate to seem as if she's eating/ when she brings Vilde lunch to make sure she's eating/ when she gets sad at the en of season 2 and her first reaction is to stop eating and how Vilde quotes her nutritional info as if they are going through the same thing)

(2/2) the show has tried to implicitly tell us that Noora previously had an eating disorder and that’s why she’s so experienced dealing with it/falls back into old habits, is this something that has been discussed before? Am I reaching?

I don’t think you’re reaching and I think Noora sort of confirmed it in the last episode in season 2 (that she had struggled with it before), when she talks to William about when she had sex for the first time and what happened after. 

“Look, look! Izaya-san! Munakata is practicing! He’s throwing the ball!”

“You say some rather normal things as if they are special, don’t you, Haruto-kun.”

“But it’s Munakata! I bet he’s really awesome even when he is eating meals or reading manga! This is so exciting!”

“Thank you for such dynamic speculations. You say some really interesting things sometimes.”

-From A Standing Ovation with Izaya Orihara, Epilogue

Haruto is so cute.

wow info about vinces digestive system that you didnt ask for

the way vinces digestive system works is just, weird
he cant properly digest food because, you guessed it, hes undead.
when he eats something and swallows it, he vomits it out, his body rejects it

but as you know, necromancy, black magic, was used to revive him.
Thatmeans theres some dark shit going on, the magics effect gave him bloodlust and hunger for flesh. Like a Classic Zombie !

he STILL cant digest flesh, he craves for the taste of it but cant process it down in his stomach. sometimes he eats bugs bc those r tiny and he cant go w/o chewing anything for a long time

as for anything he can drink, he doesnt uh Pee.. the liquid dissolves inside him , or vomits it and it sucks a lot for him
On long trips, he brings a bottle full of blood

Halloween 2016



What do you mean this isn’t canon? Anti-Fraternization law? What are you talking about? Basically, Al and Mei are back from Xing, and Ed volunteered to take them to Roy’s office for some Xing-related business.

AHH, finally finished this! Wanted to post this last July 7 as a gift for myself but nope. Many thanks to @pahndah who’s been so patient with me on the anatomy ;u; as well as my FMA trash bbs @swordbreaker and @thecoolandspicyotaku for helping me with the ranking of Riza and Roy! (who’s already a Colonel and a General, respectively. I also hope you notice the uniform exchange) I know nothing, as in nothing, about the Military, so v many thanks to you two! (all uniform mistakes are mine!)

“You left me some dinner in the fridge? awwh sweet

 (Kuroo in a suit? kuroo in a suit)


“so dogs do have breakfast.” -cas probably

(inspired by cas taking crowley’s words relating to a dog’s breakfast quite literally like the precious cinnamon bun that he is)