pleakley’s doubled in weight over the past couple weeks and is officially a FatBaby™ ❤️

I made a post recently about doing well with my ED but lol what was I thinking. I’ve been struggling with food again for ~2 months. Restricting has gotten worse over the past three weeks. I was able to still function quite normally and ignore it because I thought I would snap out of it by now but I’m really starting to feel like shit especially last night/today. I’m afraid to mention it to my therapist and I’m afraid to consider that I might be relapsing.

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Any tips for coping with nausea? I'm on a very strong antibiotic for a really bad infection I have and it's making me not able to eat anything. I'm supposed to eat when I take it but if I do I feel as if I'm going to throw up. I'm miserable and idk what to do.

I get nauseous a lot from POTS. Usually ginger ale and crackers helps. There is also ginger tea and ginger gum. Ginger is really your best bet. Also, eat something then take your medicine(take it a few minutes after your meal). That way you get some food and your stomach before taking it which helps combat nausea. Anyone else have tips to combat antibiotic nausea?

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Knocked over vase. Eated flowers. Vase is broke. If Mummah ask, not was me. Is just like that. Okay? Also, flowers is yum and crunch but now tummy is hurt? Flowers might not be eats.

Be careful when eats the flowers! Some flowers very bad for kitty. Ones human call lily are very bad! Could get kitty really sick.

Does anyone else get really sad when you eat a really good snack,and suddenly it’s gone? Like, you ate it all without knowing it, and now it’s all gone

Dear C,

I know we stopped dating two years ago when I was battling my eating disorder and almost died. I thought I couldn’t carry on any longer with my life and therefore told you it was over. But it never was for me.
I missed you the whole time in hospital and even when I moved to my dad. I’m missing you when I walk through my new school, almost as much as I miss H. You never only were the person I was in love with, but also my best friend.
I got into this relationship I never really wanted in the first place, but I just couldn’t reject the boy when he asked me out, but I couldn’t carry on for very long.
When we started texting again, long texts about our future, feelings and everything that is happening in our lives at the moment, I couldn’t stop smiling. I felt the excitement I felt when you took my hand the first time. When you kissed me so careful because you’re such a shy person. When you put your head in my lap on the flight from Chicago. When I fell asleep in your arms.
I’m keeping all these memories I made with you like a treasure because looking back now, this time truly was magical and I cannot stop wondering what would have happened when I wasn’t admitted to the hospital and turned our lives upside down. Sometimes I still cry myself to sleep when I think about all this, with the stuffed toy in my hand you gave me in Chicago.

I wish I could tell you all these things and I think I would, if there would be the chance of starting all over again. But I’m so scared there isn’t any hope left and I’m so nervous about seeing you tomorrow. Seeing you for the first time since a year.
I know I shouldn’t hope for anything but I just can’t help myself. You’ll always be the one for me.


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does anyone else sometimes eat something a little risky and get super shaky and cold for hours and have an upset stomach?? i dont have ibs or anything as far as i know, maybe rheumatoid athritis (definitely some kind of chronic pain, but the only doctor i could see was.. unhelpful) and ive been really sick lately when eating slightly risky things.. is it normal to be that sick and cold and shivery and shaky?? thank you this blog is helpful and if anyone could help/give advice id appreciate it!

IMO what you’re describing sounds like Posprandial/Reactive Hypoglycemia, which is where you get low blood sugar after eating (especially when it’s. I would bring up the possibility with your doctor!

If you have RH doctors recommend to eat several small meals throughout the day, cutting down on sugar, eating a low carb diet, exercising, etc. If you’re unable to see a doctor atm you could try these things to see if they help your symptoms at all.

BTS as things I've seen dogs do
  • Rap Mon:throws up under the dinner table and runs away
  • V:puts paw on your arm to get you to pet him
  • J-Hope:sits on your lap and licks your face whenever you take a seat
  • Jin:sits under the table when you're eating and places his paw on your leg
  • Jimin:dashes out the front door when you open it then sits on the drive way and waits for you to come get him
  • Suga:closes his eyes and prepares to nap when you pet him but glares at you when you stop
  • Jungkook:poops in your shoes and pretends nothing happened

Cream-Colored Giant Squirrel (Ratufa affinis)-

One of the largest giant squirrels, the cream-colored giant squirrel can grow up to just over 30 inches, including its ~17 inch tail. It is found in Southern Burma, Sumatra, Thailand and Malaysia, and is the only giant squirrel in Borneo.

There are 9 subspecies of this squirrel with a range of color variation, all of which branched from an almost entirely pale cream-colored giant squirrel (R. a.affinis, top left) that was first discovered in Singapore, but can no longer be found there.  The 9 subspecies can vary from pale grey to red to black with red cheeks (R.a pyrsonota, bottom right), depending on the region.

Like most squirrels, they are diurnal and eat mainly seeds, but will also feed on fruit, bark, leaves, nuts, insects, and eggs. It lives in the lower forests, staying high in the canopy, using its heavy tail to balance its heavier body when eating and climbing. They are typically solitary, but have been recorded in pairs.

Photos: (top left) (top right) (bottom left) (bottom right)



What do you mean this isn’t canon? Anti-Fraternization law? What are you talking about? Basically, Al and Mei are back from Xing, and Ed volunteered to take them to Roy’s office for some Xing-related business.

AHH, finally finished this! Wanted to post this last July 7 as a gift for myself but nope. Many thanks to @pahndah who’s been so patient with me on the anatomy ;u; as well as my FMA trash bbs @swordbreaker and @thecoolandspicyotaku for helping me with the ranking of Riza and Roy! (who’s already a Colonel and a General, respectively. I also hope you notice the uniform exchange) I know nothing, as in nothing, about the Military, so v many thanks to you two! (all uniform mistakes are mine!)

“You left me some dinner in the fridge? awwh sweet

 (Kuroo in a suit? kuroo in a suit)