Watch out – those beautiful orange strands pack a punch! 

Some nudibranchs eat hydroids and anemones, which have stinging cells in their tentacles. When they eat the stinging cells, these nudibranchs can transfer some of them to their cerata, reusing their prey’s defense mechanism as their own. This nudibranch was spotted in Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary. 

(Photo: Geoff Ehlers)

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Terraqua :333

  • Gives nose/forehead kisses

Terra, definitely. I think he seems like the guy who loves to do this. He will just randomly give her gentle kisses on the forehead. When their eating, while watching tv and things like that.

  • Gets jealous the most

Terra, too. Even though he tries to hide it. He would give others angry looks while he lays his arm around Aquas shoulders.

  • Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive

Aqua. I mean, sorry but Terra seems like that kind of person who get’s drunk to easily and never learns how much he is able to drink without getting to drunk. So Aqua always has to take care of him.

  • Takes care of on sick days

Also Aqua. There her mother instincs would get alarmes, curl Terra up into three blankets and bring him alot of tea so he’ll get well soon.

  • Drags the other person out into the water on beach day

Both will do that everytime they get the chance to.

  • Gives unprompted massages

Terra. And I think he is quit good at it, too

  • Drives/rides shotgun

I actually had to google what it means and I’m still not exactly sure because I found about three definition so I just say Aqua XD

  • Brings the other lunch at work

Both will do that, but Aqua does it more often because Terra forgets to bring his lunch at work more often

  • Has the better parental relationship

I think it would be pretty equal I guess?

  • Tries to start role-playing in bed

Terra :D I think he could get pretty kinky but is also very shy about it and therefore he needs a lot of time until he is ready to talk about it. Aqua is fine with it though.

  • Embarrassingly drunk dancer

Terra. And he actually know what a bad dancer he is but doesn’t care when he is drunk.

  • Still cries watching Titanic

Terra, too :D
I don’t know why but I think he is more sensitive

  • Firmly believes in couples costumes

Terra :D

  • Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas

Both :D And than they always say “Okay, next time we stick to the rule” only to end up not doing it again

  • Makes the other eat breakfast

Terra. Even though he always forgets to take his lunch to work he never forgetts his breakfast but Aqua is in a hurry because often in the morning, so…

  • Remembers anniversaries

Both :3 They have everything marked in a calander so they don’t forget it

  • Brings up having kids

Terra. Aqua would really love to have children but isn’t sure if Terra does. So she isn’t sure if she should bring it up and therefore Terra is the one who does it.

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“I don’t understand this-.” You glanced back over to the demonic clown, who was rummaging through the many boxes of Christmas decorations in the hallway of your home. You were just so happening to be putting up the decorations since your parents were absent for the weekend, meaning you had to put them up all by yourself.

But that was what you had in thought initially, when the familiar child-eating entity came along to see how you were doing, you could finally breath out in relief.

In the space of a few minutes, you had already forced him to help you with putting up the decorations, some that acquired the help of a tall person. Lucky for you, Pennywise was the perfect helper- even though he questioned everything you put up or the reasons for the traditions.

“You put these decorations up because you’re celebrating the birth of a person who isn’t even alive?” That was probably the twentieth question he had asked you, and by now all you wanted was to work in peace, without having to be bombarded with the curiosity that made up Penny’s mind.

You shrugged for the umpteenth time, “Something like that, sure.” You held out the gold and silver tinsel, instructing him to wrap it around the banisters.

You turned your back to him once again, not seeing that he gave the strange item a sniff and an experimental nibble, spitting it out when he realized it didn’t taste so good, letting out an unsatisfied growl and throwing it on the stairs in a childish manner.

You continued working, hearing occasional mumbling like “Humans are so weird” or “I could be doing better things than this” and “I’ve probably missed many opportunities for a snack outside” and so on.

There was a few more minutes of silence, meaning you had a lot of peace from not being continued to be questioned. Only until you heard more shuffling and something being knocked to the wooden floor, was when you turned to him in frustration.

He wasn’t even aware that he had knocked a box of things, items spewed and surrounding his red pom pom shoes. He was more interested in the item he had picked up and raised for Y/N to see.

“What is this?” He questioned, holding it up like it was infected, sniffing it once again. Even though Y/N felt the exasperation to his antics, you couldn’t help the quickening of your heartbeat, a sudden amount of dread filling your mind.

You dared not want to tell him, but knew if you didn’t, he would be angry, and you knew you wouldn’t want to see him like that. “It’s er… erm what we call… mistletoe.”

There was a brief moment of silence, neither speaking, only until Penny’s face scrunched up, his eyes narrowed as he inspected it, “…Mistletoe?” He took another sniff of it, “What is its purpose?”

Here we go. You thought, as you moved closer to him until you were standing inches from him. You took his hand (surprisingly, he allowed you to touch him) and raised it until it was put in place right above the both of you.

“It’s er… tradition that if two people are underneath it… they have to…”

“Do what little one?”

You gulped involuntarily, hoping he couldn’t smell the nerves you were feeling, “They have to… kiss.”

He once again didn’t speak, but instead of him reacting negatively, you were quite surprised that It did the opposite.

It grinned from ear to ear, the red outline of its lips curved from its wide smile, the jingles of his bells on his ruffles echoed in the hall as he almost got so excited about it, which confused you that he knew what an odd concept of kissing was.

You were alarmed with his next moves, moving incredibly close to you, towering over you making you feel small. His usual calm blue eyes glowing an amber colour for a second, but his smile never faltering, a giggle leaving his red lips.

“Want to show me kitten?”

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Hi, I went cold turkey vegetarian for three months and sadly I fell off once my four month hit. Is there any tips you can give me to get back to being a vegetarian in a more stable way? Thank and these recipes are delicious 😋

Plan ahead when eating out. Look up menus. Bring your own dish to the dinner party. Always have snacks with you just in case there’s nothing you can eat.Try cooking new things but also keep eating (vegetarian versions of) your favorite foods. Buy some vegetarian ready-made meals as back up when you don’t feel like cooking. And don’t be too hard on yourself when you slip-up–being mostly vegetarian is still pretty great!

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pass the happy ! 💛 when you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy and send this to the last 10 people in your notifications ! 😊

THANKS @onecodewolf you’re fantastic!

5 things that makes me happy? …okay but I’m going to tell you the 5 weird things that makes me happy :

1) When I get new stationary (I know it’s weird but it’s true! To use a cool pen for the first time or to use colourful sticky notes just makes me smile) 2) When it’s dark outside and it’s really quiet (cause everyone’s asleep) and I am all cosy in my bed, looking at the stars…. AND THEN ONE PERSON FARTS AHH THAT JUST CRACKS ME UP 😂 3) When I walk past pine trees and the Smell™ hits me ahh AND WHEN IT RAINS AND THE ROAD’S REALLY DRY AHH YEAH 4) What makes me happy is when I eat sushi/burgers/pizza/any comfort food (it might not be weird but the taste of the food just increases my happy'o meter) 5) Bubble wrap. You need no further explanation. Bubble wrap makes everything thing better from the ‘pop’ sound to the feeling… Yeah bubble wrap. People?

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“Do you give thanks for this? – or that?”
No, God be thanked
I am not grateful
In that cold, calculating way, with blessing ranked
As one, two, three, and four, – that would be hateful.

I only know that every day brings good above"
My poor deserving;
I only feel that, in the road of Life, true Love
Is leading me along and never swerving.

Whatever gifts and mercies in my lot may fall,
I would not measure
As worth a certain price in praise, or great or small;
But take and use them all with simple pleasure.

For when we gladly eat our daily bread, we bless
The Hand that feeds us;
And when we tread the road of Life in cheerfulness,
Our very heart-beats praise the Love that leads us. 

– Henry Van Dyke

lmao my oral allergy syndrome started like 2 years ago with watermelon and a little discomfort when i ate a lot of cucumber

and now it’s spread to avocado & pears… and a little bit with apples & broccoli when I eat a lot (like a full head of raw broccoli).

anyway, it sucks because I loved watermelon and fruit and avocado and now I’ve been staying away from them because it’s not worth this swollen lip or the itchiness. 

lol apparently my boss gave a sermon on Sunday and he talked about me and attributed saving his oldest dogs life to me because I told him to to take her to the vet when she had maggots eating her alive but I’m like… pretty sure that wasn’t me so

man i was at walmart and I heard the lady beside me bitching to her daughter about how, when she goes out to eat, she has to bring home some for the sick lady she takes care of 

Like yeah honey you do thats proper etiquette

if you live with someone and they depend on you

and you go out to eat

you bring some home for them

thats basic manners 

she then went on to say that the lady she’s caring for “isn’t even grateful” 

Oh no, the sick lady you take care of isn’t grateful that you begrudgingly bring her home your table scraps when you go out to eat without her? You poor thing. Bless your heart. 

Why is it when I eat over my allowed calories I panic and my first urge is to binge?? Where’s the logic there? Thankfully I haven’t binged I just feel really anxious about my intake today. My net calories are okay but I’m always scared to trust net calories. I’m telling myself I can only binge if i need to convince my parents that I haven’t relapsed. Has been working so far.

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3. Globalisation! Which is what introduces me to amazing stuff like K-drama and Korean music and basically allows me to consume global media. 4. Endings. I know people usually tend to see endings as a horrible, horrible thing. But endings are a blessing too! Like exams ending. Or once you're done with your periods. Or when a bad day ends. Or when you completely eating what you don't like so that you can proceed to eating what you love. This idea is so beautiful! Happy thanksgiving ❤❤❤

Your whole list is awesome! Endings are something to be thankful for, though often I have a hard time seeing it till some time has passed. Thank you for sending me what you’re thankful for, I’m glad you like the idea! ❤

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WWND if English is not your first language and when he is eating you out for the first time it is so good that you can’t help yourself and start screaming and cursing in your native language and you don’t even realize it until he says something after?

I’m he thinks it’s fucking awesome and immediately asks for a translation. Then afterwards he constantly teases you.

“Gonna make you feel so good neither of us will know what yer sayin’”