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Can you tell us more about your "Austrian" grandpa? When did your family figure out that he was a Russian Jew? Was he fleeing the tsarist draft?

I’m not sure if he was fleeing the Tsarists specifically, or Russia in general.  

GG had suspected he wasn’t actually Austrian, mostly from the heavy Russian accent and the fact that he barely knew anything about Austria.  He had some kind of crisis of faith prior to meeting her and was always uncomfortable discussing matters of faith.  Which kind of worked out fine for GG, because being a third generation agnostic was hard in the nineteen teens.

But, when a guy never eats pork “out of habit” you get an idea.

As he got on in years, he started developing dementia. He gradually lost his ability to speak English,   So he started speaking German, then he started to lose that and spoke only Russian at the very end.  Mom still knows a smattering of both languages form communicating 

He also lost the ability distinguish what happened on TV from what happened IRL and started doing things like thinking he had lunch with the Queen of England because she was on TV while he was eating.

This sounds really tragic but Grandpa Adam quickly realized that he was losing it, and decided that it meant he didn’t have to deal with anyone else’s nonsense anymore.  Also, since he was retired and could stay at home, there wasn’t much issue in indulging him.

So mom would come home from school and ask grandpa what he did that day, and would listen to how he had a political discussion with Mr. Gorbachev.  Grandpa Adam had trouble with reality but DAMN if he didn’t have some great diplomatic ideas about how to end the cold war.

This is crazy

I thought once I was done with my fast I would be excited to eat, but this morning I don’t even feel like eating!! I am continuing my fast today and I will decide if I want to eat after school. Also when I eat I am not afraid of binging because I don’t feel hungry at all. I feel amazing!!! I am so excited to be back on track!! (and even better than before!)

hello everybody! i’m back here with one of my awful guides about how to survive university. i’m back because i struggled a lot last semester (aka my first academic semester, yay) but i guess i’ve finally found my balance!

What was hard to get is that the fact that i’m very busy with academic life doesn’t allow me to let myself rot. You heard that: you gotta take care of yourself, buddy. It was hard to learn, at least to me, because i get totally absorbed by work and everything but i’m trying to think about myself as well. Here’s what i wish i knew when i first move out:

  • eat yummy food: i spend four months dying to go back home just to eat something which wasn’t almost uncooked meat or terrible veggie burgers but this semester i’ve somehow decided i wanna treat myself. I trying to cook myself food (a+ food) and sometimes i make extra food so that i can freeze it and eat it whenever i don’t feel like cooking. I’ve discovered nice recipes just browsing the internet! (unfortunately, i’m italian and i can’t link you my cook blog references but i’d be happy to translate it for you so just text me if you wanna know more!)
  • body lotions: fucking use it! they make you skins softer and scented and i swear they make me feel like i’m truly taking care of myself!
  • clean your room: sometimes you are just overwhelmed by work and everything but you’ve gotta remember that a nice and tidy environment is truly helpful! (i can’t tell you more because i’m still working on it lmao)
  • allow yourself to relax: sometimes i feel guilty when i’m not studying so i force myself to keep my eyes on books but sometimes i feel like it’s  counter-prodictive.  The more you study the more tired you are and it’s tolerable when exams are on because you know you’re gonna relax as they’re over but how about when they’re still far? Just chill: you’ll be refreshed and stronger for your exams!

SDS/Wednesday picture thing

@cajunkate tagged me for a SDS. Thank you! That made me happy today Kate.

I took one earlier. Then got busy and didn’t post. So I took another just now. Not gonna waste a half decent selfie.

Yesterday was my first day back after surgery. I really thought I would bounce back quicker.

Spring break is coming up. Still far away though.

Would someone like to come play with my dog. She’s a holy terror. The kids come home and take her for walks and play with her. But when they go to bed she’s still ready to go!

So congested right now. I’m at the point that when I eat I have to take breaths while chewing because I can’t keep my mouth closed long enough. And forget about tasting what I’m eating. Good thing it was leftovers and I tasted them yesterday.

My girl watched the end of The Breakfast Club and all of Sixteen Candles with me this weekend. It was so much fun. I loved seeing her reactions to some of my favorite scenes. She absolutely thought Sam should have gone for Jake even though he was a senior. And the sappy kissing part on the dining room table— she didn’t even make fun of me when I awwwww'ed.

Almost typed “Good Talk” like @daddynobucks does. I never know how to end these things.

Here’s some of my favorite Seokjin looks cuz....why not?

Kim Seokjin is a prince that should be loved and appreciated, he is my bias for many reasons some of them being his love for his members, his motherly nature but childlike antics, and that narcissism that he somehow makes charming. Of course his dad jokes are also a big influence and the way his cheeks fill up when he’s eating, or the way he blows kisses. I appreciate him for his determination to get better at dancing and the way he always promises his fans that he will do his best. He deserves the world and so so so so so much more.

Pictures aren’t mine, all credit goes to owners!

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simon you reblog some of my stuff occasionally, how much of my stff do you see im worried

All of it?

I scroll when I am between meals. Also when eating, also when in the bath.

I’m a very bored creature.

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I hate the way my body looks but i cant stop fucking eating. I get stressed over gaining weight so i eat more. I hate myself so much for this.

Instead of associating food with gaining weight, try thinking of it as just fueling yourself. When you eat, tell yourself that all youre doing is giving yourself energy because that is technically what youre doing. repeat it in your head if you have to. It is totally okay to eat, just make sure that youre eating enough and not too much for your body.
Try to learn to love yourself even if your body may not be exactly how you want it to be. Regardless of how it looks, it is still a part of you and you are beautiful no matter what x

I told my boyfriend that I was starting to feel insecure and that I hated my body and my fat and that I wanted to eat less and he got all mad and said he didn’t want me to stop eating the way I do. Cause I really do eat a lot. Like a lot. And for some reason he loves it when I eat? I don’t know. “It makes you happy” he says. He literally says “I love when you eat cause you’re happy when you’re eating”. And i don’t know, that’s just the cutest thing. Hahaha sorry

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Mostly everyday, I have been losing my appetite once dinner starts. I would feel like eating, then at dinner, I would sometimes just randomly lose my appetite and barely eat. Almost everyday this happens, and afterwards, my stomach is growling, but I have no desire to eat.

Dinner times is one of those things that is both good and bad. It’s good for the social aspect of it all. You get to be with family, talk, socialize with friends and all over food. The bad part is that if you aren’t hungry then you are forced to eat anyway-usually by another family member.

This forced eating when you are not hungry has strong ties to obesity. People grow up thinking that they have to eat at certain times, even if they are not hungry, but then when they are hungry they snack. 

The cure to this is..simply eat dinner when you are actually hungry. I don’t think you should have to wait until a certain time when everyone else says you should eat to eat. Your internal clock may be set differently. You may have a different schedule. You just may not be hungry at exactly 5pm.

Our famly food time is usually breakfast. That is because it is a time we are all in the same place and we are all hungry. Otherwise we don’t really have set times to eat. We go, “Hey, is anyone else hungry?” and that’s how we choose when we are having dinner. No one really eats when they are not hungry.

As for your stomach growling, that doesn’t actually mean you are hungry, and it’s not actually your stomach. The noise you hear is actually the rumbling sound of small particles being pushed through your intestines by muscle contractions. Because it happens hours after you’ve already digested your food, people associate it with an empty stomach and therefore being hungry. 

Sometimes I forget that the main inspiration for Huuxi was actually my roommate who sits there and threatens to fight you in a parking lot when you eat the last cookie, often sleeps on the floor with her cats, but then says the most beautiful things when you least expect it.

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hi mo! hope u r doing well, drinking loads of water (not much tho, it can affect your health when consumed excessively) and eating well at least three times every day. i started writing the other day, although my english sucks, and as i have a really confusing mind (many things happening at the same time) i have to focus a lot before writing, so i usually look something "soothing" (is this the word?) to listen to and your cover really did the job, love ur voice, it's soo calming, all the love <3

ah anon you’re the sweetest person ever !! thank you so much :) i’m glad it helped you :))) ahh this makes me feel good! i hope you do the same and i bet your writing is so good !

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Can I get some cute, friendly imagines of Pink and Derek?

  • Derek is the one who gave Pink Guy his first pair of shades, he stole it off someone and presented it to Pink Guy. Pink loves those shades.
  • Once, Pink Stealth broke down in the middle of the night between locations and Derek guarded the car all night will Pink slept.
  • Pink will let Derek steal pieces off his plate when he’s eating.
  • Derek likes to steal in general but he really likes stealing things he knows Pink Guy will like.
  • Pink Guy took Derek to the vet for a vaccine once and had to hold Derek’s paw all through the visit.
  • Derek understands all languages and tells Pink Guy he’s a good boy too.
  • They’re both afraid of cats and usually Pink Guy will pick up Derek and run if one comes too close.
  • Derek will bark at it non stop though because he’s brave and it usually keeps the cat far enough away to let them escape. 

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Can you help me please please please I was doing so well, exercising and Not eating much I felt really good but then I binged on Sunday and it's gone down hill from there, I have no self belief and I have binged everyday since. I feel like shit and hate myself so much please help me I don't know what to do

Hey babe, I’ve been we’re you are so many times, we all have! The most important thing to change is when your fasting or eating very little, you’re looking forward to binge-days. This is sort of a punishing mindset and since you’re waiting for a reward you
WILL eventually binge, since you have no reward.

Think of food as fuel - not something that controls your life.

Especially if your exercising. My advice is that you up your calories a bit (only eat veggies and/or fruit) or that you cut down on exercise. Stay safe baby // Bella

So i made myself a body love/ body positivity thing to look at when i get all ‘i hate every part of my body" when getting dressed. Because this cast is a whole mish mash of different body types, like jazzy, who is beautiful and not like the typical skin and bones kind of girl you see, who aint scared to show what the lord and her mamma gave her, her thighs touch, she has a belly, and is just so beautiful. To pippa, who is tall and doesn’t have that 'tall curves’ thing most tall people in the media have, she has a normal waist and is just amazing. To renee who is ripped and has the mom strength to kick the asses of anyone who hurts you, and or lift a flaming bus off of you. And the men, Lin has class A dad bod, the bod thats “look I eat when i can, i have a 2 and a half year old, i was on a broadway play 7 days a week, your lucky i remembered to brush my hair this morning’ type bod. To oak and daveed who are ripped kings but still show love for every body type and sexuality and person. Daveed and his #freethetampon video just made me love him so much. Cause he is the type of guy who will go to the drug store buy 7 boxes of tampons and like 6 things of chocolate when you have your period. And anthony with the 'i work out…if you count running to be sort of on time to rehearsal and shooting…..and chasing jazzy around the house cause she stole my god damn cinnamon toast crunch’ type bod. I just its a reminder that….its okay…to have the body i do….