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Cat very gud huntur, so I catch chipmownk 😻 but when I tries to eat it mean hoomain take it away! Then hoomain keep me inside ALL DAY 😾


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Since you said Mamoru gets fat easily like Yuuri, does he ever have an off season tummy too? Does he look chubby as a child or ever had a chubby phase during his life?

He was a chubby little child once! But he got into skate pretty early so it didn’t last much. He’s usually under very strict regime by victor so he rarely gains that much weight but sometimes it happens that he gains a lil bit of fat belly during off season, when he can eat donuts and katsudon ahah 

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What kind of sandwich does each sithhead like and how do they prepare them (I headcannon sidious just dumps mustard on untoasted white bread)

sidious’s sandwich sounds like the exact opposite of anything i eat, ever

vader: bug sandwich shrimp po’ boy sandwich—the crispier the shrimp the better (well…back when he could still eat solid food). lettuce, tomatoes, and remoulade sauce. mmm

sidious: white bread with a generous pile of mustard, perhaps with some bacon

maul: sloppy joes, the more meat than bun the better. he actually doesn’t like how messy it is, but it’s just sO GOOD

savage: a thick n juicy hamburger with two hamburger patties. he likes his on a pretzel bun with jalapeños and a tangy sauce.

asajj: french dip sandwich with broth, beef roasted and sliced instead of deli style. it’s the only non-poisonous thing she knows how to make besides coffee.

dooku: falafel made with only the finest ingredients. he adjusts the sauce so that it isn’t spicy, though he’ll never tell anyone that. it would make him look weak

kylo: grilled fucking cheese. none of that processed shit though, it’s gotta be real provolone on sourdough bread, complete with tomato soup.

nihilus: an elvis sandwich without the bacon, and only slightly grilled. creamy peanut butter and bananas, sometimes with strawberry jelly.

grievous: asumming he could still eat, grievous prefers gyros with rare slices of lamb. makes it so spicy it makes your mouth start to burn just by looking at it

inquisitor: a classic reuben sandwich, though the beef will be raw instead of corned (and no sauerkraut either, ick). pau’ans are a carnivorous species like the zabraks, after all. 

lana: a good banh mi is hard to make, but lana does her best. she loves hers with eggs, tofu, carrots, and peppers—a sandwich with flavor, but not a spicy one. she can’t do spicy foods.

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Is alex one of those babies that hums really happily when she eats?

Yeah she makes funny noises when she’s happy and eating lmao. She also talks and sings and hums to herself. She also talks nonsense to herself when she’s younger. Clexa are fucking captivated by her lol they think she’s amazing


serizawa is always subtle about it like when theyre eating together and reigen offers some of his food but serizawa goes “oh, no thanks, i dont eat pork”

reigen just doesnt question it until he notices serizawa not eating and he starts getting worried and serizawa is just like “oh lol im fasting its chill” 

now reigen makes effort to find like. a halal grocery for serizawa but he’s lowkey about it he’s just kinda like “oh lets check out this grocer out” and serizawa is pleasantly surprised 2 find halal meat for once

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I've had a lot of troubles with school when I was younger. I wasn't able to keep friends because of my impulsivity, and I wasn't very good with cleaning or hygiene. I learned how to suppress most of my impulses around others but my grades have fallen a lot now that I'm in high school. I don't know why but I can't get myself to do my school work, to finish the entirety of a show, to stick with personal projects. I'm not eating when I'm hungry because my brain is completely empty always. Help me

Are you diagnosed? If not, you might want to look into getting assessed. You might have ADHD but you might also have depression or something. Please talk to your parents and/or your doctor about how you’re feeling and what’s happening to you.


For scared pagans

I am part of the scared pagans who need to practice their faith in silence. Surrounded by other faith full of prejudice. I need to learn how to worship them in my mind.

I really wanted to have a beautiful altar, stunning offerings and a sacred space.

Instead of that i was able to do meditation, and do offers when i am going to eat. Just invoke the God and do a praise of offering and then eat.

Some tips?

Is texture eating a thing?

since ive been online for over 15 years i learned that everything is a thing, but i need validation

is this a thing when you wanna eat something but it doesnt have to be a certain flavour it has to be a certain texture? like when i have soup for dinner but icant stand it because that day I need something i can chew? or how sometimes icant stand the idea of eating anything more texturized than porridge?

Not to mention some foods that I might never try because of how gross they seem to be in the texture more than the taste.

Validate me.

Tell me it’s a thing.

i wanna work on not losing my mind when i eat food…i guess the first step is to take my time, chew thoroughly for a while and actually put down my utensils. it’s not about the quantity of the food i consume, it’s about the experience and how it makes me feel. maybe i’ll eat individual components of my meal first, and then taste all of them together so i understand how the different flavors work?i think this undertaking will be good not only for my body but also for my soul?????

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I Think Maeve eats a lot and values food very much. I mean, she was homeless and has been stealing for surviving. She probably already stayed days without eating. She probably doesn't throw any food away, and asks before eating, also feeling a little bit guilty when she eats more than she can.

Headcanon accepted!  Growing up poor, she had to do what she could and never waste food.

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When i eat at my fave Mexican restaurants/taquerias/taco trucks I often think to myself "Man, memos would prolly dig this" Especially if it's something like carne asada fries/nachos or one of those magical complete taco experiences with all the fixins and a jarritos/mexican coke/good agua fresca/cerveza.

I hate this, I want all of these things.

I just really really want to be thin and feel thin and feel good. If I could get over this stupid binging problem, I’d be tempted to restrict again. It was so much easier in high school when I wouldn’t eat all day until after school and ate low calorie. It felt good too. But I don’t want to get sucked into it or have it backfire by gaining weight back again. So even though I’m so impatient, I really need to gain control over food and get off my butt a little each day but not go overboard. But I just really need to see myself fucking shrink