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[text] Why is there a life size cardboard cut out of Harry Styles in my bedroom??????

[ text: ] because you were drunk or something when we went to walmart and you cried until i got it for you


Arya finally had a night off so naturally she wanted to have a night out with her best friend. There was no way the two of them were going to hang out at the bar she worked at, so she’d decided the two of them would go to a bar closer to his place than hers. The two had always been close, joking and flirting – even being each other’s wingman when needed. Arya adored Harvey and there was no one who could tell her it was something more than friendship. She was close to him, that’s all she thought it was. 

Downing her third shot for the night, she grinned over at him, “You drunk enough to dance with me?” she asked playfully. 

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Bechloe 11.

11. things you said when you were drunk

“Beca,” Chloe said, sitting beside her tiny friend, a bottle of something bright green and alcoholic in her hand, “on a scale of one to ten, how drunk are you?”

“Like a two… two and a half maybe,” Beca said. “Is that for me?” She took the bottle from Chloe’s hand and drank a good portion. “Maybe a three. Or like, a twelve. What was the question again?”

“Never mind,” Chloe said, smiling. “Are you having fun?”

Beca shrugged. “I am now.”

“Yeah, me too,” Chloe said.

There was a small, comfortable silence, while Beca and Chloe passed the bottle back and forth, each taking drinks.

“Bec,” Chloe said, breaking the silence, “what’s the deal with you and Jesse?”

“What do you mean?” Beca asked, scrunching her face slightly.

“You know what I mean,” Chloe said, her voice a little softer.

Beca sighed and took a long drink of the green liquid that was starting to burn her throat. “He thinks we’re soul mates. Or… I dunno, destined to be together. And he just won’t leave it alone.”

“And how do you feel?”

“I mean, he’s sweet I guess? But I don’t really feel that way towards him,” she said. “I don’t like him. Not in that way.” She let out a relieved puff of air. “That actually feels good to say.”

“You should tell him,” Chloe said, passing the bottle back.

“I’ve tried,” Beca said, draining the last few drops. “He doesn’t seem to take the hint.”

“We should fix that,” Chloe said, sitting closer to Beca.

“How would we do that?”

“Get him to stop talking about it.”

“And how would we-”

Chloe pressed her lips to Beca’s.

“Like that.”

A non-Avengers AU where Steve is still Captain America and has been defrosted and working for SHIELD but is even more of a maladjusted shut-in than he already is and his team runs into Loki or the Enchantress or someone and Steve gets whammied with a curse and is turned into a frog or something. And the magic-user is all “good luck getting out of this one when your true love died in the forties! BWAHAHAHAHA.” SHIELD’s just like, “we have no protocol for this, what have our lives become, do you remember when we were a normal agency, Nick, remember those days?”

So Natasha and Clint pack up Steve and start taking him out to bars and parties and Natasha tricks something like a hundred and fifty drunk girls into kissing Steve but none of it works. “You’re too picky,” Clint says irritiably when a pretty young woman in a little black dress laughingly kisses Steve on the head before dancing off with her friends. “She was gorgeous and she has her own business. Smart and hot, Steve. Work with us here.”

And they’re just about to leave when the girl comes back, dragging a handsome and vaguely familiar guy with her and she’s like “Can my friend kiss your frog? He needs to find his true love.” And the guy is all, “Jan, you are drunk, I am not kissing a frog.” And she’s like “I spent ten minutes trapped in a room with that asshole you brought as a date, the frog is better, just kiss him already.” 

And frankly, Clint thinks this is hilarious, so he holds out Steve (if the frog is glaring at him a little, Clint’s gotten good at ignoring it. Steve’s going to have words with them if he ever gets fixed). Jan scoops the frog up and pats Steve gently on the head. “This is Tony,” she says. “He’s dumb, but cute and he deserves a prince in his life. Or princess. Or whatever you turn out to be, he’s flexible.”

Tony rolls his eyes because Jan is explaining his sexual orientation to a frog, this is why they both need to stop drinking, really. But she hold out the frog and Tony just wants to go home and put this double date to an end so he leans in and very carefully (it’s not the frog’s fault everyone is a lunatic, after all) presses a kiss to the top of Steve’s head.

It takes a few minutes for the commotion to die down, but after the lights fade away and the wind dies down, and Tony is sprawled on his back on the floor with a very naked Steve straddling his chest while they blink at each other, Natasha strolls back in (she said she had to go to the ladies room, but Clint knows she’s just been playing games on her phone in the alley for thirty minutes) and surveys the scene. “Hey, Stark.”

Tony is still staring at Steve (so is Jan, much to her fiance’s dismay) but he spares a moment to roll his eyes at Natasha. “Romanoff.”

Natasha grins at Steve - he glares, which is significantly less impressive when he’s blushing - and says to Clint, “Fury’s going to kill you and I don’t want to break in a new partner. We were never here?”

And they totally ditch their naked teammate with his new True Love. 

4th of july is this weekend and i just remembered something that happened when i was like 16 or 17

i was at the beach staying in a hotel for independence day and i was sitting on the balcony lookin at the ocean and shit

anyways there were a bunch of drunk guys i could see partying a couple balconies over like 2 or 3 doors down and so one of them??? like whips a banana out the 4th story window and flies down to the parking lot and IT HITS THIS WOMAN IN THE EYE

SHE GOES DOWN. LIKE, KO’D. just laying there on the ground

15 minutes later like the ambulance is showing up an they’re putting a cervical collar on her and taking her to the hospital and i hear this loud ass BOOM BOOM BOOM on the door

and it’s the fucking cops and they’re like WHO THREW THE BANANA?!?! and i was like uhhhhhh go ask like 2 or 3 doors down, it’s those drunk guys and you could like hear like from down the hall BOOM BOOM BOOM WHO THREW THE BANANA


so then like 10 minutes later all these drunk guys are getting escorted out of the hotel in cuffs and that’s the story of how i saw a group of fuckboys arrested for throwing a banana on the 4th of july i guess

“You’re not so bad after all, Potter” by Isinuyasha

“You’re not so bad after all, Potter.” There was a slur to Malfoy’s voice. He blinked twice, clearly having problems focusing on where they were going. He leant more heavily on Harry. “And you smell good. It’s quite dissecting.”
“What’d y'say?” Harry said, his mouth feeling oddly numb. “I think y'meant distra- distrac- something else.”
“Yeah, that. No but serissly, whas that smell?” He moved in to sniff Harry’s neck. “It’s intoxicatering.”
Harry had to stifle a very unmanly giggle. “Y'shouldn’t try to use such big words when you’re drunk, M'foy.”
“A Malfoy always has class, Potter, even when intoxica- when drunk.” Malfoy shook his head as if to clear it, which made more blond hair fall into his eyes. “Did I mention y'smell good, Potter, b'cause you do.”
Harry couldn’t tell if his own face was hot because of Malfoy’s words or the alcohol. “Err, thanks- Y'have very, eh, pretty eyes?” It was meant to sound flirty but Malfoy’s expression told him he’d failed. So Harry winked. That’s what people do when they flirt, right?
Malfoy only shook his head, laughing. “Potter, you’re hopeless.”

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2 and Michael please

You were laying in bed, trying to relax after a stressful week of school when you heard the sound of thumping against your window. At first you ignored it, and turned up your music trying to block out the sound, but the annoying tapping kept happening. Frustrated, you stood up to see what was causing the noise, thinking it must be a bird or something, but instead you found your boyfriend Michael standing there with a drunk smile on his face holding pebbles in his hands. “Have you lost your damn mind? My parents could have heard you, what the hell are you doing here?” you questioned as you stared down at him as he stood in your backyard. “I missed you and you weren’t at the party tonight so I wanted to come and see you” he shouted causing you to cringe, if your parents found him they would definitely be pissed, “Can I come up to your room? I’m cold and I feel like I might throw up” he said as he wrapped his arms around himself and tried, in his drunken state, to give you an innocent look to guilt you into letting him inside. 

“Fine, but you have to promise to be quiet and you have to leave in the morning because if my parents find you in my bed they’ll kill me and you” you said as you moved to grab a sweater and your sandals before creeping downstairs to get him from the backyard. As you opened the back door, Michael stumbled to you, and almost tripped over a soccer ball that was on the ground, before hugging you tightly trying to warm himself up and give you affection. “Now you have to promise not to be loud, even when we get into my room okay?” you said as you stared up at him with a serious expression on your face, trying to make sure that he understood that you weren’t messing around. “aye aye captain” Michael saluted as he grabbed your hand, mostly for support, as you led him upstairs with him giggling to himself and mumbling how he felt like a spy doing this. 

He smiled at you as he sat on the bed watching you search around your room searching for some of his clothes that you have stolen throughout the months that you have been dating to give to him to wear. “You look so pretty with your hair up, it like defies gravity when it’s up like it doesn’t fall down” he stated as he played with the comforter on your bed. “Here’s some clothes, do you need help getting changed?” you asked as you moved to shut your window and close your curtains that you have opened earlier. “Babe, if you were trying to get me to sleep with you all you had to do was ask” he giggled as he moved to untie his shoes, which proved to be a struggle for him in his drunken state. You moved over to help him as he laid back on your bed, resting his arms under his head as he shut his eyes. Eventually, after you removed his clothes and replaced them with pajamas he moved up your bed and rested his head on the pillows as he stared at you from across the room. “Aren’t you going to join me? I’m still really cold and in need of cuddles” he whispered as he moved over to make room for you, he was always a clingy and affectionate drunk. You gave him a small smile as you went to shut off the lights before you laid down in bed with him, “Can you be the big spoon tonight?” he asked as he turned around waiting for your arms to wrap around him as he curled himself into the smallest ball he could manage. You laughed quietly as you moved to put your chest against his back as you wrapped your arms around his waist, holding him close to you. He sighed in contentment as his breathing slowed down, signifying that he was asleep. You kissed the top of his head as you shut your eyes, loving the little bit of craziness that your boyfriend always seemed to bring whenever he was around. 

When I was 15 my girl dumped me and I got legitamitely wasted for the first time. I couldn’t hide it and my parents yelled at me and told me I was a bad kid because I was too drunk to go on the boat (we were away on vacation).
I stayed at this hotel by myself all day and it was honestly the worst day of my little life. I remember thinking that if I died it would be for the best so I walked up to the top of this cliff by the ocean. But something strange happened: by the time I got up there, I legit felt like 90% better. Looking back…what a goddamn joke. It was definitely a shit day, but what if I had ended it over a little babe I barely knew and one argument with my parents? My point is this: don’t give the momentary sadness of inevitable circumstances the power to navigate your storyline. Write that shit out in longhand and bend your life into the shape you want it.

Since that day, I have spent so many sad days alone at the beach or hiking, listening to the same music that I’ve listened to since I was a teenager. I think today will be one of those days, but there is no real pain in my melancholy. Maybe that comes with age, or maybe it’s just my personality idk. But I hope you guys are all able to cope with your issues. Find something that puts pain into perspective. Sometimes I see things on this website that downright scare me…because it’s so real. We all feel that way, ok? Some feel it more often or more intensely…but that’s what makes you YOU. And that shit is rad. You are rad. You are the most sincere form of art. Own it.

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Is Dylan religous?

It’s a long story. He was religious. At one time he was actually a preacher. Unfortunately one night his wife was out running and a drunk man hit her with his car. Her last words were “keep on swinging” or something. Years later he and his family still lived on their farm, and he was still devoid of his faith. Eventually weird stuff started happening. Crop circles started popping up in his fields and he thought he saw intruders in the night. Turns out, aliens were planning an invasion. He found out that the aliens were allergic to water when he went to visit the guy who ran his wife over, who expressed his remorse before leaving. In the end some seriously divine shit happened when his daughter’s strange habit of keeping glasses of water everywhere ended up saving all of their lives, and his wife’s last words were a “sign” to hit the aliens with a baseball bat. Aliens defeated=faith in Jesus restored. What a good twist!

Drunk BTS

Jin: Hmmm it’s hard to imagine Princess Jin drunk, being the most responsible and mother like of the guys. I think he would be both giggly but also panicky, constantly running after the guys and making sure they are okay if they do something potentially dangerous, but also he would have quite a bit of a giggle fit if you complimented him or said something funny to him. If you were dating him I think he would get cuddly and needy, demanding your hugs and attention all night, stealing kisses when he thought no one was looking.

Jimin: I think it is fair to say most of us think of our cutie pie here to be the touchy and cuddly. He would probably dance around a lot, holding onto your waist and keeping you close. If you were in a relationship with him, he would probably get slightly pervy, kissing your neck and biting down on your shoulders, leaving hickeys for the other guys to see. I think at the end of the night he would probably grab your wrist and attempt to drag you back home for some private time, if you know what I mean…

J Hope: oh man, I get the impression Hobi here would be the giggly drunk, his vision slightly blurry, his body just slightly out of balance, but his laughter would fill the room. Everything would just be one big joke to him, he just tripped over and landed flat on his face? Hilarious. You just spilled your drink all over Namjoon’s shirt? Also hilarious. You told him the world’s worst knock knock joke? He would laugh for 15 minutes straight. If you were dating him he probably wouldn’t stop smiling at you and laughing at everything you say, and telling you jokes all night long, and since you’d probably be buzzed too, you’d laugh along, having one of the best nights of your life.

Jungkook: He’s not even legal yet for drinking! If he got drunk at this age I am pretty sure Jin would have a massive go at him… However, I think he would be a relaxed drunk, enjoying the music and dancing around with his friends. I don’t think he would be reckless, he might be young but he still seems quite mature and responsible to me. If you were in a relationship with him, I think he would probably be a little bolder with you, less shy than his usual self, dragging you out to dance with him, and kissing you passionately in the middle of the dancefloor even if his friends were looking, but he wouldn’t dare take it further, his mind would just be in the fun aspect of this.

Rap Monster: I think Namjoon would be the philosofical drunk, poetic, sitting with you and talking about the meaning of life, and the power of music, and all the things his sexy brain can come up with. He would start thinking of lyrics he would write down quickly, sometimes they’d be great, other times he would read them in the morning and laugh to himself, because he wouldn’t understand what the hell he meant. One thing was constant though, all his lyrics would be about you. About his love for you, his fears with you, how beautiful you look, and how you make him feel special, and you’d watch patiently over his shoulder, biting your lip as you read those love words meant for you.

Suga: I had to fight myself to write this one, sorry if you guys disagree. Suga would be the sleepy drunk, sometimes he would get strikes of inspiration just like Namjoon, but generally I think he would be the kind of person to just want to sleep after he’s had one too many drinks. He would lean on you, and cuddle you, asking for permission to put his head on your lap or take him home. He would be needy but more silent about it, staying close, holding hands, giving you hungry kisses after long stares into your eyes, but never vocally telling you. He would be more honest with his feelings once you were alone, his walls breaking down, finally being able to tell you all the things about you he struggles to say when sober, like how much he loves you, how you are his source of happiness, his inspiration, and how life has gotten meaning now that you are beside him, all whispered into your hair as he holds you close. Also, and excuse me for this, I think he could get a little aggressive? You know, getting angry and wanting to start fights if a guy looked at you the wrong way, or flirted with you, instantly bringing out his protective self. He would however pull back and stop once he felt your tug on his arm, and he would head home with you, ready for some sleepy cuddles.

V: Oh Lord, Taehyung would probably triple his weirdness, he would be all over the place, running around, jumping, skipping, dancing, handing you drink after drink trying to get you in the same state of mind as him. He’d drag you along the dance floor, twisting you and twirling you, making you laugh until you had tears in your eyes. You’d love it most of the time, he would look so so happy, although you’d have to keep a constant eye on him to avoid him doing something reckless and getting hurt. He’d also get really cuddly and lovey dovey, and you’d love that, until you have to literally peel him off you so you can go to the bathroom.

A/N: i’m writing this from my phone cause I don'r have a pc right now, so please excuse the jumble. I will edit this and link it to my scenarios and reactions page as soon as I can :3 please enjoy!

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Can the 104ths play truth or dare or spin the bottle? (so dumb, I know. but with them it would be fun) either in cadet days or part of some drinking game in college au

It was tempting to do it canon haha but I did go with a college au cause I can’t resist them. I wish I had a little bottle to spin to get a more random choice for some of these but I had to go with my own sense of even random for the spinning. This is also for sarauwcdreamer who asked me for something fluffy to help with the kiss scene in the live action movie. I picked this one out as the fluffy choice!

Mikasa was actually surprised how well this particular night in the boy’s dorm was going. Everyone was drinking and no one had broken anything or threw up on anything. It was always a success when that happened. Granted that very well could’ve been because both Connie and Sasha were already passed out and they tended to be the troublemaker drunks. Reiner and Bertholdt had to carry them into Connie’s room just to keep them out of the way; it’s not like the area was that big.

The common room of the boy’s room already had Bertholt, Jean, and Marco taking up one couch, Ymir with Historia nestled on her lap in one armchair, Eren sitting in the other armchair where Mikasa was sitting on the floor by his legs. Annie was sitting up on the counter of the kitchen in front of Reiner who was cleaning something in the sink and Armin leaning up against one of the other counters facing the room. Even so it was a little roomier now that Connie and Sasha weren’t spread out in the middle of the common room.

Eren nudged Mikasa with his leg causing her to roll her head back against the chair. “Hey,” he said, leaning forward so he was more at her level and his half drank bottle of beer dangling from his hand towards her. “Wanna trade?”

She snorted, swirling her plastic cup of something a bit harder than beer Reiner made her. Though to be honest she wasn’t even really drinking it. “Not unless I want a call in the morning from Mexico wondering where anything you own is and asking for me to come pick you and your new wife up.”

“C’mon,” he groaned, but it was very halfhearted. “I’m not that bad.”

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since the last 5 were so lovely... 5 more headcanons maybe? :-)

i like these doing these

1) dean can’t get off without something in his ass, preferably his little brother’s dick

2) sam loves holding dean’s hand, especially in public

3) dean enjoys dancing with sam, even if he tells sam he doesn’t remember slowdancing with him, drunk, in a hotel room at 2am

4) when dean first seen sam’s dick, he had a meltdown and told him not to come near him with “that monster in your fucking pants, jesus christ, sam”

5) dean is scared of thunder, but surprisingly, sam doesn’t make fun of him for it. instead, he cuddles dean and sometimes sucks his dick :-)

Deja-vous (Pietro x Reader)

Request: Are you taking request??? If you are could you do a Pietro/reader one (Power over the four natural elements ) …Were the reader (who is drunk) and Pietro (also drunk) sleep together and when the reader wakes up and see what happened; She freaks out because of something that happened to her when she was younger or something like that. So when Pietro wakes up and tries to love all on her in front of the Avengers (you can choose who) she freaks out on him and starts to avoid him. And so Wanda starts to worry about her brother and confronts the reader about it. And when Wanda starts to talk to her; Wanda looks in the readers mind and find/sees what happened. Wanda doesn’t tell the reader that she knows. And then Wanda tells her Pietro about what she sees. Then Pietro talks to the reader and tells her that he would never make her do something that she didn’t what to do.
Sorry if this is a little dark. But at the end I would like fluffy please.

Request by: pegacorn24

Warnings: Mentions of smut but no actual smut in this fic. 

A/N: I didn’t know if you wanted it to be all of the Avengers or just one so I just made it be Clint for the part where Pietro tries to love on her.

You woke up that morning after one of Tony’s infamous parties, and felt like something was different. You were naked, and in someone else’s room. You looked over your shoulder and saw Pietro sleeping next to you. Your back was up against his chest and he was naked too. Images of the night before came flooding back into your mind as you remembered the events of last night. You and Pietro were both drunk and then you both made out which led to him rushing you into his room and giving you the most passionate night you had ever had. He shifted slightly and you noticed that his arm was around you in a seemingly loving way and his face was buried in the crook of your neck. It was slightly comforting until you remembered that this had happened before and how badly it haunted you. Your body went cold and you jumped out of his bed and slipped on your dress from last night and ran back to your room before anyone could see that you had slept with him. 

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I just saw a statement on Twitter saying ‘don’t put yourself in situations that could lead to sexual assault’ and I don’t think I’ve ever been so mad in my entire life.
Why, when sexual assault happened are the victims actions constantly questioned?! So what if they were drunk? So what if they were wearing something which revealed a bit of skin? That isn’t 'putting yourself in a situation that could lead to sexual assault’.

1) it shouldn’t fucking happen so you shouldn’t have to take caution
2) it can happen anywhere at any time, what you are doing or wearing or saying are completely irrelevant to whether or not it will happen
3) why don’t the police take sexual assault more seriously? And why are the victims often made to look bad?
4) it’s never ever under any circumstance ok. No matter whether someone is drunk, lying naked in the street - THEY STILL ARENT ASKING FOR IT AND IT STILL DOESNT GIVE A PERSON THE RIGHT TO TOUCH THEM.

Anyways this topic sets me off so I’m going to box for a little while.

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Can you do #11 things you said when you were drunk for got7 Mark! -Samantha xD

I can, I can!
11. Things you said when you were drunk; Mark

Mark hated you, as far as you could tell. He was always mean and took your stuff and played keep away because he was just barely tall enough to do so. It drove you mad. Your mother had always told you when you were young that it was just what boys did when they liked you, but you knew that wasn’t the case with Mark. There were too many times when he’d slap your books out of your hands and laugh at you, or take something of yours that was really special to you.

Every single time, though, you forgave him. Why? You weren’t quite sure. It was probably also because your mother instilled in you the notion that you can’t hold onto hate, that the easiest way to get over something is to forgive. But that didn’t stop you from sending nasty glares across the room at him every time he looked at you, especially tonight while you attended a friend’s party who promised you that Mark would not be there.

He was despicable. You hated that sexy smirk on his face. You hated the way his gorgeous eyes glimmered in the light, you hated how perfect he was, you hated that you were so attracted to him because you swore, if you could, you’d hate him so much. But you couldn’t; there was something about him that wouldn’t let you. Though, you weren’t about to sit there and let him stare at you all night so much against your better judgement, you stood and approached him, only to tell him what an asshole he was and then dumped your drink all over his shirt.

It was something a quiet one like you would never do; but Mark drove you absolutely nuts in more ways than one and you weren’t about to sit there and be tormented by his existence. The moment after you had dumped your drink on him, you were out the door and walking home. You grumbled to yourself about how he could live with being such an asshole to you, but it really didn’t matter, especially not as you heard messy footsteps behind you.

“What the hell was that all about?” he said, gripping your wrist. He wasn’t quite drunk, but you could smell the alcohol on his breath and he could hardly keep himself upright.

“I’m sick and tired of you fucking around with me, Mark. I’ve had enough; I lost my cool tonight, but I think you deserved it,” you spat icily back at him and tried to jerk your hand from his grip.

“Maybe it’s because I’m not good around girls. Maybe it’s because that’s the only way I can make sure you have my attention without being completely shy and stuttering like a fool. Maybe because that’s the only way I can feel like I have your attention only on me…” he rattled off and you were in shock. If being a jerk is what it took to get your attention without being an idiot, then he had to have been more than mildly buzzed while saying this to you.

“Maybe you should have just tried being a stuttering fool. Girls seem to like that a lot better,” you replied to him, but it wasn’t in any type of a nicer tone. You were already mad, you’d been mad at him for as long as you can remember.

But none of that seemed to matter when you felt his warm lips against yours, his strong soft hand cupping your cheek. You thought you wanted to stop him, but when your hand reacted enough to get it up to where you wanted it, it rested gently on the back of Mark’s neck. His arms were around your waist, pulling you into him and you weren’t sure if it was for his own stability or not. It didn’t seem to matter, your other hand rose to rest on his shoulder as you melted into him and just like that it was over, much too soon for your liking.

“Give me another chance,” he said. “Give me another chance to win you over.”

“I don’t think you need another chance as long as you’re not a jerk,” you told him. He smirked, that sexy smirk you hated, before his lips covered yours again.

So I’m staying at my dad’s house right now, and he’s a 56 year old divorcee bachelor, and he threw a singles party tonight at his place for people ages 40-60ish. I got out of the house well before festivities began because he had a solid 40-50 people planning on attending, so it seemed like a good time to get the hell outta dodge for a bit and go see Pitch Perfect 2. I came back home a few hours later, and the party was still in the full swing. I was surrounded by drunken 50 year olds who were very confused when a 24 year old came in around midnight (butch lesbian bff in tow). Lots of confused stares. I had to shout out, “It’s fine, I live here!” at a bunch of drunk strangers. One particularly intoxicated 50-something woman pointed at me and yelled, “I KNOW YOU LIVE HERE. I SAW YOUR PICTURE IN THE KITCHEN. YOU LOOK JUST LIKE HER.” And I shook her hand and said, “Well spotted.” Then I stole a bunch of wine and beer that the drunk-asses left in the kitchen.

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11. Taegi because I'm trash bye

#11 Things you said when you were drunk…

Taehyung looked around the messy dorm and sighed. Their first win was definitely something to celebrate, but it’s possible they had gone a little overboard. Seokjin and Namjoon were passed out on the couch. They had literally drunk Hoseok under the table, where he’d made a small nest of the tablecloth and his jacket. Taehyung could hear him humming softly to himself under there, punctuated by the occasional giggle, and knew it wouldn’t be long before he drifted off, too. 

Taehyung had stopped after his first beer. He’d never really liked the feeling of being out of control and cheap beer wasn’t his drink of choice. So he sat off to the side, watching Yoongi and Jimin become increasingly impaired and marveling at how much alcohol they’d managed to get into the dorm without their manager noticing. Jungkook had gone to bed hours ago, exhausted from alternating between pouting at not being allowed to drink and being sanctimonious about how sober he was in the face of his ridiculous hyungs. 

Jimin stood abruptly with a groan and had to grab the table to keep himself upright. “I’m out,” he said. He stumbled away without another word and Taehyung heard a small crash somewhere in the direction of their bedroom. He sighed and hoped it wasn’t anything of his. 

“But I’m not donnnneeee,” Yoongi whined. He riffled through the bottles on the table looking for a full one, scattering a few empties that went rolling away.

“I think you are, hyung,” Taehyung said gently. He stood and tugged Yoongi to his feet. “Let’s get you into bed.”

“But I want…” But whatever he wanted was forgotten as he stared up into Taehyung’s face. Tae couldn’t make out his expression for a long moment, until Yoongi scowled. “Sometimes I hate you.” His tone stopped Taehyung in his tracks.

“Fine, stay here if you want,” Taehyung retorted, letting go of his arm and taking a step away. Yoongi swayed and latched back onto him.

“No, I mean, sometimes I hate your face,” Yoongi said. He shook his head in confusion. “No. The stupid way you talk.” Taehyung didn’t know what to do with this version of Yoongi. On the rare occasions they imbibed, Yoongi was hyper and full of stupid ideas, not angry and surly. Yoongi reached up and stroked Taahyung’s face roughly. “You make me homesick for Daegu.”

“Oh,” Taehyung replied. He vividly remembered their trainee days when he himself would alternate between avoiding Yoongi and seeking him out just to hear the familiar dialect. But he still didn’t really know what to say.

“God, I’m sorry, that was mean,” Yoongi said, frowning thoughtfully. He pulled at his lips with his fingers, distorting his face in a way that might normally have made Tae laugh. “That’s not. I didn’t mean– Ugh, it’s just. You get me better than the others. Sometimes I don’t like that.”

“I do?” Taehyung asked. This was news to him.

“Your song was so good,” Yoongi slurred, stumbling backwards and pulling them unceremoniously back into their chairs. Tae felt a warmth spread through his chest at the older boy’s words. “It reminded me of me. I think. Now I don’t remember.” Yoongi scrunched his nose and pouted with frustration. Then he waved his hand idly as if none of it mattered.

“Thanks, hyung,” Taehyung said. “I didn’t think you were all that impressed.”

“You maknaes,” Yoongi muttered, rolling his eyes. “You always think we don’t see your talent. I let it be on the album, didn’t I? I fucking killed myself for that album. You think I’d put a shitty song on there? I don’t care if goddamned G Dragon himself wrote it, if it sucked, there’s no way.”

Taehyung was silent for a long moment. Yoongi blinked and looked away as if he hadn’t said anything at all. He unearthed a not-that-empty bottle triumphantly. He took a swig and his eyes brightened, the sullenness of a moment ago wiped away but his grin. 

“Tae, I have the BEST idea,” he said, suddenly glowing with mischief. “Let’s go up to the roof!” Yoongi bounced in his chair a little and took another drink. “Seriously, why aren’t we on the roof right now?”

Taehyung sighed but smiled. This was more like it. “Hyung, it’s after three in the morning. We don’t need to go on the roof. We need to go to bed.”

“But Tae,” he whined, drawing out the vowel of his name. He stood up and tugged at Taehyung’s arm. “It’s gonna be fun! Let’s wake up Namjoonie. He’ll come with us. But shhhhhh….” He dropped his voice to a conspiratorial whisper. “Don’t tell Jin-hyung. He’ll just tell us no.” 

Taehyung chuckled. He wasn’t a stranger to the stupid sober idea, so it amused him to no end to be the voice of reason this night. “Okay, I have a better plan,” he whispered back. Yoongi leaned in close with an anticipatory giggle. Tae infused his voice with all the excitement he could muster. “Let’s lay down for…ten minutes…and then we’ll go up to the roof. It’s good, right?”

Yoongi nodded solemnly, his wide, unfocused eyes more gullible than usual. Taehyung stood and helped him toward his bedroom. Yoongi giggled quietly the whole way there as if they were pulling off the prank of the century. Taehyung lowered him onto the mattress and gently tugged the nearly empty bottle out of his clutches. Yoongi whimpered a little and reached for it, but Tae just set it aside and cuddled in next to him.

“Okay, but only for ten minutes,” Yoongi murmured. Taehyung smiled, watching his eyes stay closed longer with each blink. “Sorry I said I hate you. I’m really glad you’re my dongsaeng.”

“Me, too, hyung,” Tae said softly, patting Yoongi’s back. “Me, too.”

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Stefan's heart was definitely ahead of his head. He spooned her in his sleep for crying out loud! If Damon hadn't 'died' I think Stefan would have tried to push his feelings away even more because they didn't fit in any of the boxes of love he knew. But I think maybe one night he would have gotten a bit drunk and just made a move or something! I agree, finding out about Caroline's feelings changed everything. 'Tell me how, tell me why,how did it miss it?' why would he care abt missing a chance

pt. 2 if the feelings weren’t mutual? Why want to talk about it in the first place? P.s he jumped out of that chair when he saw her it was like his behind was on fire!

I always thought the drunken hook-up was the way they were going to go with SC because I was convinced these two were never going to be up front about their obvious feelings for one another until they couldn’t run away from it. Essentially that’s basically what happened and “no humanity sex” is similar to “drunk sex” in its lower inhibitions and an OMG WHAT DID WE DO sort of moment. What I don’t understand is SC has been pretty perfect linear storytelling and yet people ignore the things that make them uncomfortable and then act like OMG IT’S SO FORCED. I wish people would take off their shipper goggles and put themselves in Stefan’s shoes as say, if I didn’t have feelings for this girl who’s my best friend and I want her friendship back would I really be asking her to tell me WHY and HOW she had a thing for me if I don’t feel the same way, and especially don’t want her to feel this way because it makes everything awkward? How do you look at that and say yeah no he WANTED TO MAKE THINGS WORSE by pressuring her to tell him why she liked him even though he didn’t reciprocate… I fucking can’t with people.

People make a big stink about Caroline “never being the one” but Stefan is in the same boat, in fact it’s even worse. Katherine chose herself, Elena chose Damon and then there’s Caroline who’s milkshake brings all the boys to the yard since she’s had Tyler, Klaus, Enzo and Jesse all “picking her” and in Stefan’s eyes Caroline is pretty much perfect. No wonder the guy was scared about his feelings for her, and add onto the fact she’s his best friend and his sober sponsor who helped him become a reformed ripper the last thing he would ever want to do is jeopardize that relationship if he wasn’t 100% certain he was in love with her.