Even though I’m moving on, I will never forget you. All because you were my first true love. And there will come a time in my life when I will thank you for that because by you breaking my heart, it made me a little bit stronger and you made me a little bit closer to finding the one that I’m meant to spend the rest of my life with. The scary thing is; all the pain you put me through, with the snap of your fingers I’d run back so fast. So I bet you love to know you can have me at any moment you want

So we’re just never gonna see the full version of the Stay choreography, huh? 👀

TLDR my emotionally abusive tulane ex basically shut me off from all my school friends by going out of his way to make me feel unwelcome and uncomfortable at group functions but one of his housemates arranged a group hangout at a specific time when my ex wouldn’t be able to come and made sure to let me know that I was welcome and people wanted to see me there and I literally was so touched I cried

“To lose one’s life is no great matter; when the time comes I’ll have the courage to lose mine. But what’s intolerable is to see one’s life being drained of meaning, to be told there’s no reason for existing. A man can’t live without some reason for living.” 
Albert Camus, Caligula 

Kurokura week Day 04: Present

I got to go to a Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert tonight and it was amazing!!! I have loved their music since I was a teenager and first heard Beethoven’s Last Night, so it was incredible to get to see them live, especially because they put on such a fantastic show

Batfam and finals

Well when this dreaded time comes up it all goes to hell.

Dick is the type to be the one who is the good snark know it all student who everyone thinks doesn’t need to study because of how smart he is. But when it comes down to it Dick stresses super bad and studies nonstop.

Jason well Jason would probably be the one where he thinks oh I gotta study a few weeks before and never does when finals weeks comes he regrets not studying and results to cramming.

Tim. Ah my good nerdy cute lil timmy. Well he is the one that studies only for a bit of review weeks before. don’t get me wrong when Finals week hits he’s studying nonstop worrying over if hell pass or not.

Damian. Although he gives off the I don’t care I’m to good for this vibe he to does worry about Studying. Of course he studies complaining how he knows all this already.

Stephanie. This girl is smart. Yes despite her blond hair she does study. Every other night. She not to worried she’s more laid back but the worry is still there.

Barbra. Ah yes. Our favorite little Brainiac. She of course studies using flash cards quizzlets ect. She is confident in herself because she studied.

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Expecting OUAT to be all things to all people is an exercise in futility. They've done a lot of things right and they've handled others in unfortunate ways. This show will never be (and shouldn't be) counted on to solve the world's social ills. My opinion is that Killian comes from a time when asking a father for his blessing is what was done, it's what he knows. He's being respectful to a man that he had a rocky start with & they have become friends. Emma still has the final say in the matter.

Exactly. Context matters. The same goes for watching something like Lord of the Rings - of course there are sexist elements. All the main characters are male. It’s based on a book that was written in 1937. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad book or that the movie adaptation should’ve made Frodo female, it means that you should keep a few things in mind when you watch it.

And if people watching these things can’t be aware of the context or explain it to the children that they allow to watch it - that’s not the show’s fault. The people who make the show are creating a story that they offer us. It’s up to us how we interpret it and engage with it. People are not mindless receptacles for TV’s messages and opinions, and if they do unquestioningly accept everything TV tells them, then it’s not TV that’s the fundamental problem there. There’s an underlying social problem there.

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If Harley ever had twins I think Joker would be kinda freaked out and happy at the same time but when the babies come I think their gonna have to make a list of who gets which baby and what responsible they get. And I can just see Joker chase one baby from somewhere and chasing the other baby somewhere else so the baby won't grab stuff or their gonna go "BOOM" ya know and Harley cleaning or maybe helping him idk I think it's kinda funny and cute if they had twins

I’ve always liked the idea too honestly (ever since that panel of Mad Love I always thought it would be cute lol)

Twins would definitely be tougher to keep up with, but I think they’d manage if they did end up with more than one baby :)

I’ve been thinking a lot this days about YoI and what am I - 28-years old straight (well, mostly straight) girl found so remarkable about this anime. And when I say a lot, I mean A LOT.

Its bugging me, why am I so amazed, why my heart beats so fast, why am I almost crying with tears of joy and laughing aloud at the same time, and overall why am I so emotional when it comes to victuuri relationships. And when I’m confused I usually need to analyze what is going on for the sake of my sanity.

I don’t really care about marriage (although I understand the importance of right to legally marry for the same-sex couples, it doesn’t really apply to my life), I’m glad to see healthy represented gay-couple relationships in anime but this defenetly not something I will cry about (again it doesn’t really affect my life).

I’ve been thinking and thinking and finally I understood. I never seen something like this in anime before.

Its all about PARTNERSHIP.

Never in my life I was in relationships based on partnership like Yuuri and Victor share.
Never in my life a had someone who belived in me and my abilities like they do. Never in my life there was someone who will stand by my side in my worst and darkest times.
None of my dates ever inspired me to step forward, to embrace my potential, to envolve and live my life to the fullest.
No one ever met me on the half-way.
No one ever surprised me and loved me like they love each other.
And never I was able to open up for someone like they did.

All this can seem sad but that’s not what I mean. Otherwise.
This anime reminded me - life is not about regrets you have and pain you feel.
Relationships you dream about are not something unrealizable. Of cousre Yuuri and Victor are fictional characters, but there is nothing fictional in deep love and partnership people can share. You have to live on and fight your insecurities and depression. You must get your shit together. You must be stronger to achive your dreams. And one day you will meet someone who will cherish and motivate you because you deserve it. And you too will support this special person with all your power and passion.
That’s how life works.

And that is what I, adult 28-years old girl, found in this anime.

That’s why I feel warmth in my heart, that’s why I feel much stronger than I felt in long time.
Never, never underestimate the power of animated colored pictures combined with nice story.

Sorry for ramble&broken english but I needed to vent this out.

And maybe I’m not the only one who feels that way.
Be determined and continue watching Yuuri on Ice 😘

Hello friends! I have an announcement to make!

I’ve told you all about my little sister (she’s 8!), right? Well, she’s expressed interest in doing giveaways too, so once I do SuMo giveaways, she might be joining me and helping out with my giveaways! She’s even said that she’d maybe want to do a giveaway blog too one day! (She said she wants ditto as her mascot! It’s her favorite Pokémon.)

She might even help with some of my Christmas giveaways, as my other sister has offered to let her use one of her X/Y games!

So, with this announcement, I have a small favor to ask of you guys. When the time comes, I’ll tell you when she helps on my giveaways, and would you guys be willing to send in extra thanks for her? I know it would mean so much to her! I want her to have a good experience with the giveaway community here!

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The only time I could imagine him missing this tour is when baby Chmerkovskiy is born..

Excerpt from Entertainment Tonight Interview which aired tonight

Cameron Mathison: When the times comes are you going to take alittle time off the tour?
Val: The tour has been kind enough to let me go. I’m going to see my new nephew

Video will be posted soon as it’s uploaded

No more assuming

A Tale of Two Hopes (#wtsdevo hope)

“But when the fullness of time had come, God sent forth his Son, born of woman, born under the law, to redeem those who were under the law, so that we might receive adoption as sons.” -Galatians 4:4-5

Christmas is right around the corner. And to us as believers, it’s much more than just a holiday. Our hope is not that a large, white-haired man dressed up in a red suit will make it down a chimney to deliver our wishes. No. Our hope is that Christ’s virgin birth was prophecy fulfilled.

The Old Testament saints only had God’s company. Genesis to Malachi is full of prophesies foretelling a child King coming to save the world (Isaiah 7:14, Micah 5:2). There would finally be a mediator between God and man and one final sacrifice to end all other sacrifices. Those men and women hoped in that promise.

And even though those generations of saints from the B.C. era never got to see the prophesy fulfilled, that hope didn’t die with them. Jesus was born of a virgin’s womb, walked among us as a sinless example, then died taking the payment of our sins (Matthew 1:21) and raised from the dead three days later.

Then He was witnessed by many before ascending to the right hand of the Father—where He intercedes for us now (Acts 1:3, Mark 16:19, Romans 8:34). And now expectantly we wait for Him to come again soon (Revelation 22:7). The difference from the former hope is that we now have the Holy Spirit to guide and comfort us while we wait.


Devotional Series: Hope (#wtsdevo hope)

By: Julian // Personal // Walk the Same