So I’ve been getting some messages since deValier’s most recent page update asking where someone can find a certain fic, what another fic was supposed to be about, or if that fic was finished or not. To answer these questions I’ve decided to make a post about each of them (with links to them if they exist) for your convenience.



We’ll Meet Again (Us x Uk; 13 chapters) 

Keep Smiling Through (short sequel to We’ll Meet Again; 1 chapter)

Auf Wiedersehen, Sweetheart (Germany x Italy; 18 chapters)


La Patisserie de la Rose (France x Canada; 6 chapters) 

Libelle Hall (Prussia x Austria; 3 chapters)

Of Ponies and Edelweiss (short sequel to Libelle Hall; 1 chapter) 


Blue, White, Red (Us x Uk; 3 chapters) note: character death/tragedy  

Sleep, Little Bird (Sweden x Finland with Sealand; 1 chapter) note: character death/tragedy  

Gallipoli (Australia; 1 chapter)

Stay With You (Germany x Italy; 1 chapter)



Bésame Mucho (Spain x Romano; 6 chapters so far)

Something To Remember You By (Turkey x Egypt; 1 chapter so far)  note: said to be tragedy

Lily of the Lamplight (Prussia x Austria; 4 chapters so far)  note: trigger warning for attempted sexual assault

Jealousy (Russia x China; 1 chapter so far)  note: trigger warning for violence and assault. also has a big age difference

My Echo (Switzerland x Austria; 1 chapter so far) 


Catch Perfect (Sweden x Finland; 8 chapters so far)

The Tiger and the Dragon (Russia x China; 4 chapters so far)

Meanwhile, Across Town (Us x Uk; not found - summary, quote)

PLANNED FICS: (all Veraverse; no chapters available for any of these; summaries

Autumn Leaves (Rome x Ancient Greece)

Faraway Places (Bad Touch Trio) 

It’s a Lovely Day Tomorrow (Lithuania x Poland)

Room 504 (Greece x Japan)

Somewhere In France With You (France x Canada) 

When I Grow Too Old To Dream (Sweden x Finland - excerpt)

When The Lights Go On Again (Estonia x Latvia) 

You’ll Never Know (Hungary x Liechtenstein)

I hope this was helpful for anyone wondering. I’m still looking for his fic Meanwhile, Across Town, so if anyone has it will you please let me know? 

And while I still have your attention may I make a brief shout out to anyone new or still in the deValier fandom not to harass George deValier for not finishing these fics please. He’s already written so many beautiful fics, and that takes time and motivation and an insane amount of effort that is done WITHOUT BEING PAID. The last thing he needs is people whining at him about not writing what they want him to write and why he hasn’t updated yet. Now what you can do is compliment him on his beautiful stories and say how much you loved them. 

thank you for your time~   


An Anniversary for You ~Night Party~

Following from the ‘Day Party’ part of the story, Ryoichi is still carrying you in his arms, princess-style and he announces to Shields that he’s come to take you away. Yamato and Yuzuki step forward ready to stop him when the lights go off again! Ryoichi then escapes with you to the back staircase and up to the roof where a helicopter is waiting! Yamato and Yuzuki give chase but are too late… 

Inside the helicopter, Will is waiting for you and you’re taken to the Tres Spades Hotel. Will takes you to one of the rooms where Eisuke is waiting with a team of beauticians and a red ballgown. They give you a makeover and your makeup is more elegant and sexier than the pure and innocent look Akito gave you earlier. Will then comes back to escort you to the ballroom where the other Noir members are waiting. You think that the atmosphere of the Noir’s party is more grown-up than the Shields’ party. 

Noir reminisce about the past year during which Ryoichi steps closer to you as if to kiss you. You close your eyes but nothing happens. When you open your eyes again, Ryoichi just laughs and remarks that your face is now as red as your dress, and adds that you’re fun to tease~ You’re then asked if you’ve been to the Tres Spade Hotel before. You say you have and it was the first time you’d witnessed a Black Market Auction which really scared you. Eisuke smirks and says you shook like a frightened puppy then.

After that, you hear a familiar voice call out to you. Ryoichi says he has a surprise for you. Everything goes dark then you find yourself in some sort of time and space warp with Leon. Leon says Noir had asked for his help. 

The next thing you know, you’re on Shin’s pirate ship. The entire crew greet you and wish you happy anniversary. Then you’re whisked off to another place - in front of a restaurant where Takuto is waiting for you. You have a meal with him. Then it’s off to the next place - a live concert! Haru is performing on stage. He sees you and dedicates his next song to you~! The next place is a bar where you have drinks with Nomura, then to a shrine where Miyabi gives you some sushi he’s made just for you. The last place you’re sent to is the ‘demon house’ where Kakeru and Haruhito are waiting along with a few of the other demons. Then Kakeru and Haruhito each take one of your hands and take you for ‘a walk in the sky’. You soon find yourself high in the sky with an amazing night view of the city and you spot the Tres Spade Hotel. Then the demon duo say it’s time for you to go back. They fly you above the hotel and suddenly let go of your hands!!

Fortunately, Saizo is there to catch you! Yukimura and Subaru then rush up to make sure you’re alright. You’re then led back down to the ballroom where the all the Shields and Noir members are now assembled. Yamato hurries over to check that you’re unharmed. Then you and Shields find out that it was Ryoichi’s plan all along to get Shields and Noir together to celebrate your anniversary… (Couldn’t you just have called Yamato or something and planned this like a normal person, Ryoichi…?)

Anyway, now that all that is out of the way, the joint Noir-Shield’s party starts and everyone is soon enjoying themselves. Ryoichi again pretends to try to kiss you just to make Yamato jealous~ :3c Yamato stops Ryoichi but refuses to admits he’s jealous. Then Edward suggests it’s time for a group photo! Kota gets the camera ready. Everyone starts the countdown but just as the camera is about to snap the photo, Rabi flies in front of the camera and completely ruins the shot…! Yuzuki gets really angry at Rabi but you just laugh and think this is the best anniversary ever. End!

Here are the summaries of the Veraverse fics that could have been

Bear in mind, these descriptions ARE NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE IN ENGLISH. This is a translation from the Spanish summaries from the deValier in Spanish profile in ff.net. Which means this is a translation I’ve made with my knowledge of the inverse translation classes as a student. So please, do not copy or anything without asking me first. Yes, these are George’s fics, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t spent time wrecking my brain to try and come up with a version of what these paragraphs must have orginally been in English so that you guys can have access to them. Here they go: 

Somewhere In France With You (Franis Bonnefoy/Matthew Williams)

Sweetheart, what a better place is there to meet again than the most beautiful city in the world? 

It’s a Lovely Day Tomorrow (Toris Laurinitis/Feliks Łukasiewicz)

Art. Music. Passion. Destruction. Wild and young love on the eve of war in the streets of Berlin. 

When I Grow Too Old to Dream (Berwald Oxenstierna/Tino Väinämöinen)

I’ve taken this from the excerpt linked in georgedevalierheadcanons

“What would you do if I just… took this tree? Claimed it for Finland?”
“I’d let ye take it.”
“This Lake?”
“Ye can have it.”
“This entire forest?”
“t’s yours.”
“Would you let me take your whole country, Berwald?”
“Yes. And you? What'f I just… took this rock?”
“You can’t have that rock. That’s a Finnish rock.”

You’ll Never Know  (Elizaveta Héderváry/Lili Zwingli)

“Who knows? Maybe you’ll meet a lovely Swiss girl with plaits and a basket who likes to yodel from the top of the mountains.”

Elizaveta hated it when Gilbert was right.

When the Lights go on Again (Eduard Von Bock/Raivis Galante)

“I’ll stay with him through this darkness. I’d give up my soul to protect him from it. And I swear, no matter what I have to do, that Raivis Galante will live to see the lights go on again.”

Room Five-Hundred-and-Four (Herakles Karpusi/Kiku Honda)

“The most important conversations in life you have in bars. Maybe in places not unlike this one  – maybe between people not so different from us. It’s in bars, after all, where people meet each other and where they come to be happy, where they forget and they say goodbye. This is the crossroads of life.”

“You sound like a philosopher. Although your name suggests a hero.”

Faraway Places (Bad Friends Trio)

“Ah, those were the days, huh, Gil? Remember when you tried to confront the entire parisian police?”

“Or that time when you knocked yourself out while trying to escape from that bull in Pamplona?”

“Or the time when Francis tried to flirt with your grandfather?” 

“Francis did what?”

“Oh, look, I’ve already finished my drink.”

Autumn Leaves (Augustus Roma Vargas)

“But I miss you most of all my darling, when autumn leaves start to fall.” 

So, this is what we could’ve had. I’ll sure miss George’s stories, but I just hope he’s alright. He’s given us a tremendous gift just by writing his fics and has been one of the biggest writers in the Hetalia fandom, so all we have left is to appreciate him :)

Thanks for reading!

george devalier headcanons

Gilbert lives.
Vash accepts Roderich and Gilbert’s relationship.
Tino and Berwald find each other.
Mathias and Lukas make it out okay.
Sadik moves on for the better.
Yao realizes he deserves better, and Ivan learns to accept it.
Feliks and Toris are reunited.
Eduard is there for Raivis when the lights go on again.
Lili and Elizaveta live a long and happy life together.
Kiku and Heracles are doing well wherever they are.
Francis and Matthew are able to bond without a war in the way.
Roma lets his grandsons be themselves, and is proud of who they’ve become.
Lovino finally tells Antonio he loves him.

George deValier is happy. 


“When the Lights Go On Again”

Vera Lynn

c. 1943