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She chose the name Rain when she first entered, and indeed could be often seen standing in the rain, droplets decorating her many tiny braids like gems, looking like stars in the night sky on her skin.
She wore silver and iron and gold as beads in her hair, and was free enough with them, giving her gold beads as sacrifice for small matters. She had a voice that was warm and pleasant, but her song sounded more like the crackling of flames. She worked in sculpture and metal, but studied justice. She studied humanity and their patterns and by her junior year could accurately predict which students would get taken next.
In her senior year, with iron chains wrapped around her arms, and two self forged iron knives warming themselves against her flesh, hidden from view, she approached a Noble. She exchanges a new student, with a voice like water flowing over a diamond, for the ability to see guilt in humans, and when she walks away with a smile like a knife slash she glows red, red, red.


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How does it feel to be a crumbling empire Karl?? I mean all I can do is hope that I live on when you die. But nothing is guaranteed in this world, is it.

[1785 HRE takeover]

[Roderich gets to deal with the mess.]