Summarizing the rollercoaster that was the previous session.

Me: Wait… this sounds familiar.

DM: What do you mean?

Me: Well… We’re in the arctic… Our communication is cut off… The research station has an unnatural monster inside, which is suspected to be one of us, and so in a mass panic we try to find out who’s the monster… and end up destroying the entire station in the process by blowing it up….

DM: And?

Me: I think we just reenacted The Thing…

Headcanon: For Naruto and Sasuke’s first actual date, Naruto tried his hardest to impress Sasuke, taking him out to a fancy restaurant and almost blowing what he had left of his savings. He hated the place and the food but tried to enjoy himself nonetheless. 

The next day, Sasuke showed up at his apartment with ramen (supplied by the very supportive staff at Ichiraku) and told him that if he ever made himself miserable for him again, he’d kick him to Suna and back. 

That was when Naruto knew without a doubt that he’d one day marry this guy.

Has anyone else noticed this in Night Witch? When Nightingale’s running over his escape plan? He’s got a book he’s reading in his cell, and he carries it with him as he disables the Russians, blows a hole in wall, collapses some stairs, and generally makes his escape. The book? The Metaphysical Poets.

Now, somehow I doubt his Russian captors picked out a book of poetry to keep him entertained during his captivity. So he probably had it on him when they picked him up. Which means Nightingale was just wandering around with a slim book of metaphysical poetry in his pocket.

Jontron betrayed my boyfriend and I

My boyfriend introduced me to Jontron and Game Grumps in 2014. We adored him and referenced him constantly. But his true attitude and colors thoroughly disgust me and learning all the bad stuff he did before does too. I was stupid to not just unsub when he agreed to do a interview on Breitbart. Maybe he didn’t know it was a neo nazi news site? My dad and my bf didn’t know about it. That was me giving the benefit of the doubt. (Stupid of me because Breitbart was blowing up in the news at the time how could you not know)
But his comments on women and him brown nosing Trump has gone too far. I am betrayed and so is my boyfriend. It got to him the most because he’s watched him for ages, and to hear him say “Be a obedient citizen and Trump won’t get you” and this whole blaze’ attitude about white supremacy must be especially nerve wrecking. Goodbye and fuck off Jon

Friendship is Magic

Context: I’m DMing for a party of 3 against an evil cleric, with a sorcerer, war cleric, and rouge.

Sorcerer: I’m going to write an explosive rune on this pillar

Me: Ok then, go ahead

Sorcerer: Now I’m going to use “Charm person” on the enemy

Me: (Rolls for Cleric and loses) He reluctantly becomes your friend

Me: (Actively trying to roll for the enemy to resist and failing)

Sorcerer: Hey Buddy! Check this out! *Points to explosive rune*

Villain: *Reads the explosive rune*

The rune blows up and knocks back everyone, knocking out the war cleric and severely injuring everyone else.

Sometimes I think about the “just some snarky comment about me being gay” “I will destroy her” exchange and just wanna rip my hair out because of how much good spemily we were given. 

Spencer has 0 chill when it comes to Emily.

Emily is still newly out in this scene. And obviously all of them would be unhappy with anyone mistreating Emily in any way, but Hanna would probably just confront Paige, maybe call her a bitch or make a snarky comment (lol irony) and not blow it up. Aria would comfort Emily. 

Spencer doesn’t insult Paige. She doesn’t just get offended on Emily’s behalf. She says, IN COMPLETE SERIOUSNESS with NO HINT OF JOKING that she’s going to destroy her. Like Aria chimes in and I have no doubt she’d tried to tear into Paige given the chance but she doesn’t have the same conviction Spencer has. 

For Spencer it’s essentially “someone has hurt Emily, ergo it must be vanquished”

No wiggle room, no pass, no warning shot. This is why Spencer has such a hard time with them dating. Because Emily, who was the victim of this, can move on (Emily’s a pretty forgiving and compassionate person by nature) but Spencer can’t. Spencer cannot let this, or anything else Paige does later, go. 

Spencer, your Gay is showing.

I’m going too address the ban on prong and choke collars in Toronto, since I keep seeing it on my dash (mostly by Americans).

Having lived in Toronto for 5 years, I really doubt the by-law will have much practical impact. Animal by-laws are almost never enforced. People walk their dogs off leash and on full flexis all the time when the law says dogs must be on a leash 1 m or shorter at all times in public spaces. I used to live near a police station, and this dog walker would walk his dogs right past the police station and full on beat them with his hands using his full strength.* Clearly inhumane and illegal treatment, but no one ever interfered. Even the BSL is only applied to rescues and shelters. It’s super easy to buy a “pit bull” off the streets despite the ban. As far as I can tell, animal by-laws only apply to people who follow them voluntarily or who are sued by other citizens.

What I think will happen is: Most people will go on using their collar of choice and complain loudly about the law being unfair. Some people will switch to another tool (hopefully a harness!). If they pick the right management tool, they’ll see equal or better results than with the prong or choke collar. Some people who switch to flat collars or martingales will improve their leash popping skills and might get improved training results; most will not. Other people who switch to a flat collar will become frustrated with trying to train their dogs and revert to hitting or kicking out of frustration.** A very tiny minority will invest in a trainer, and will hopefully get a good R+ trainer and see better walking and a better relationship with their dogs. Overall, I don’t think the change will be noticeable.

What I think they should do instead (or in addition to) an aversive collar ban is: 1. Enforce the laws they already have on the books, and 2. Implement a pet ownership license that requires a basic knowledge assessment (+ an education program to ensure these skills are easily accessible to people who want to learn them). The city would turn a profit, increase animal welfare, and decrease dog bites all at once.

ETA: People are acting like this by-law was created by people brainwashed by PITA. The truth is that the GTA has three (or four now?) registered veterinary behaviourists. (I’ve worked with one of them personally!) When news articles refer to “expert testimony” these are probably the experts they’re talking about. Not exactly your average pet owner.

*If anything, this is an under exaggeration. He would put his full body into it and beat them for 30 seconds or more at times. It was very terrifying. He’d also hang the small dogs for barking.

**These are probably mostly the same people who helicopter their dogs on their chokes and prongs when they pull, so I don’t think it will be a big impact on animal welfare overall.

NaruSaku headcanon: For their first actual date, Naruto tried his hardest to impress Sakura, taking her out to a fancy restaurant and almost blowing what he had left of his savings. He hated the place and the food but tried to enjoy himself anyway.

The next day Sakura showed up at his apartment with ramen (supplied by the very supportive staff at ichiraku) and told him that if he ever made himself miserable for her again she’d kick him to suna and back.

That was when he knew without a doubt that he’d one day marry this woman.

Gave Me You

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Author’s Note: This is a Happy Lowman imagine based on God Gave Me You by Blake Shelton as requested by a wonderful Nonny, and it is imagine #7 for week #5. I have to admit, I struggled with this one, so I’m sorry if it’s complete crap and too cheesy.

Gave Me You


I’ve been a walking heartache
I’ve made a mess of me
The person that I’ve been lately
Ain’t who I wanna be

But you stay here right beside me
And watch as the storm blows through
And I need you

Cause God gave me you for the ups and downs
God gave me you for the days of doubt
And for when I think I lost my way
There are no words here left to say, it’s true
God gave me you
Gave me you


He searches his memory as he paces the waiting room. He goes over the whole day, step by step, trying to remember if he told her he loved her this morning before he left, but he’s coming up blank. He curses, kicking the trash can so violently he cracks the plastic.

“Happy,” Tig’s voice calls from behind him and turning he stares at one of his closest friends. “What the hell happened brother?” He shakes his head, his legs buckling but thankfully Tig stands close enough to catch him and get him into a chair.

“They said it was an accident,” Happy murmurs dropping his head into his hands, “I don’t remember the last time I told her I loved her, Tig. She was alone, and scared, and I don’t think I told her I love her this morning.”


There’s more here than what we’re seeing
A divine conspiracy
That you, an angel lovely
Could somehow fall for me
You’ll always be love’s great martyr
And I’ll be the flattered fool
And I need you

God gave me you for the ups and downs
God gave me you for the days of doubt
And for when I think I lost my way
There are no words here left to say, it’s true
God gave me you


“Your wife survived a significant car accident Mr. Lowman, but preliminary tests show normal brain function, she sustained a few lacerations, a bruised kidney, and a cracked rib, to be honest, Brandie is incredibly lucky. Most people don’t survive an accident like hers. She’ll come around when she’s ready Mr. Lowman. Now comes the hard part; the long wait,” the doctor say sand with a nod Happy turns his attention back to Brandie.

He brushes the hair from her forehead, careful to avoid the bandage over her left eye. She’s breathing on her own, which according to the doctors is a good sign, despite the fact that she hasn’t woken up yet, and when the doctor leaves him alone with her he lowers the rail on the side of the bed. Picking up her hand he presses his lips to her hand.

“It’s time to wake up now baby,” he murmurs against her skin. “You didn’t survive a wreck like that to die now.” He watches her and when nothing changes he just shakes his head. “Always were stubborn. That’s okay, I can wait you out.”


On my own I’m only
Half of what I could be
I can’t do without you
We are stitched together
And what love has tethered
I pray we never undo

Cause God gave me you for the ups and downs
God gave me you for the days of doubt
God gave me you for the ups and downs
God gave me you for the days of doubt
And for when I think I lost my way
There are no words here left to say, it’s true


Six days have passed and with each passing day he worries more and more that she isn’t going to come back to him, and part of him is furious that no one else seems to be sharing in his panic. He paces her hospital room, chewing at his toothpick.

“Happy,” Gemma’s voice pulls him from his thoughts, “you should go home. Get some rest.”

“I’m not leaving this hospital without her Gem,” he says shaking his head.

“At least get something to eat. You’ll be no good to her if you make yourself sick,” she says and he knows she’s right, but he’s afraid to leave. “Come one, Tiggy will take you down to the cafeteria, buy you lunch.”

He goes reluctantly but before his foot so much as steps outside of his room he looks back at where his wife lays, and tells her he loves her.


He splashes water on his face, hoping it will help him catch another wind, but the exhausting is bone deep. He’s caught a glimpse in the last six days what his life would be like without her, and he can’t comprehend a life without her.

He feels like he’s half alive. Living and breathing, sure, but not really alive. He pulls the beeping cellphone from his pocket and swears his heart stops.

He runs as fast as his legs will carry him ignoring the nurses and doctors who tell him to slow down, coming to a halt only when he’s in her room.

He finds her sitting up, a smile on her lips, and with a sob locked in his throat he goes to her, burying his face into her neck.


Later, with Happy sound asleep in the bed beside her, she searches her memory. She doesn’t remember much, but she knows, even without being told that it was Happy’s voice that called to her, coaxed her back.

She drops a kiss to his head and with her eyes turned towards the ceiling she smiles softly.

“Thank you for giving him to me,” she whispers, and closing her eyes she drifts to sleep.


God gave me you, gave me you
He gave me you


Context: A group of runners who had a policy of never leaving a man behind, alive or dead, just witnessed one of their members fail a grenade throw spectacularly, managing to kill the bad guys but blowing himself up in the process.

Runner looks around at what’s left of his teammate: “We’re going to need a sponge and an empty mayonnaise jar… Definitely going to need a sponge.”

Ninjago Ask Meme
  • Kai: Do you ever feel insignificant?
  • Cole: Are you afraid of failing and disappointing the one's you love?
  • Jay: Are you afraid of what people really think of you?
  • Zane: Do you ever feel ostracized by those closest to you?
  • Nya: When a task is seemingly impossible, do you blow or up or do you stay calm enough to think through it?
  • Lloyd: When something doesn't go your way how angry do you get?
  • Garmadon: Would you sacrifice yourself for others?
  • Wu: How many secrets are you keeping from your friends and family?
  • Skylor: Family or friends?
  • Chen: Would you steal from others to benefit yourself?
  • Clouse: Are you loyal to a fault or do you have your doubts?
  • Ronin: How willing are you to do something that would yield no reward?
  • Misako: Would you leave someone you loved behind to keep them safe?
  • Cyrus Borg: How heavily do you rely on technology?
  • Dareth: Do people ever make you feel useless?

ok but joe toye and george luz at hogwarts

  • george and peeves are constantly in a prank war
  • joe being the best damn beater gryffindor has had to date
  • george being freakin amazing at charms
  • joe nearly killing everyone when he accidentally tips over a mandrake in a pot
  • george winning gryffindor the house cup when he saves muck and penkala after they blow up their potion 
  • joe entering the triwizard tournament and losing a leg
  • george realizing they can sneak into hogsmeade through some secret tunnel or other 
  • joe sneaking in firewhiskey sixth year so he has an excuse to finally kiss george
  • george knowing exactly what joe was planning so he kisses him first
  • joe and george at hogwarts
  • george and joe at hogwarts
  • toyeluz hogwarts au
  • give it to me

abusive households are a lot less “straightforward” than a lot of people are led to believe like it can be so subtle and insidious that sometimes u doubt ur own perception - until something blows out of proportion. i’ve made the mistake to confess like maybe 10% of what was going on in my life to the wrong people that were so used to the public image of my family that they doubted me and almost called me a liar to my face and tried to make me think that i was overreacting and that i was making things up, because they couldn’t connect what they thought they knew about my background and what i was telling them. it’s so ugly and cruel and despairing when u try to reach out but nobody takes ur hand because they think abuse is a violent 24/7 thing, which it can be, but sometimes it’s a lot less obvious than that and the biggest disservice u can do to a victim of parental abuse is to belittle/doubt them and their experience 

Why I think there won't be a reveal in season 1

I know, I know… there are plenty of fanart, fancomic, fanfiction that proof how we wish for nothing more but our two dumb, beloved children revealing their identities to each other - one way or the other.

Still, I HIGHLY doubt that we will have a identity reveal in season one.


My most prominent reason is Hawkdaddy’s statement that there is no specific order to the episodes (only that there are some more plot relevant). So - if there would actually be an identiy reveal - wouldn’t in blow up the whole concept of ‘no specific order’?

Furthermore there is the fact that the broadcasters plan the 'Origin Episodes’ to be the series finale…and putting the big explanatory jumbo mumbo at the end of the season when we had a reveal what gotta be episode 18 then? I juuuust don’t know.

This is also why I think there won’t be much of 'endgame’ in this season. I really wish we would get one, but I just can’t bring myself to believe yet. Especially from a producer’s perspective. When you hope to create multiple seasons of a show you can’t blow up all covers in the first one, you gotta keep some of the suspense.

And regarding the reveal itself… I wish I could find the tweet, but I think to recall that Hawkdaddy once indicated one of our heroes is going to find out the other one’s identity. (Although I’ve my bets on season 2, still.)

This is actually the only way a reveal in season one could work for me - if Adrien is the one to find out without her knowing. If Marinette was the one to find out, the emotional shock she would most likely receive would change the Lucky Duo’s as well as Adrien’s and Marinette’s dynamic completely.

As for Adrien - Marinette and Ladybug are already pretty similar, and the reveal doesn’t change the fact that she’s still His Lady, the one person he loves more than his life. For him, it’s far easier to re-adjust his feelings. He could decide to keep it low-key, to not confront her about it, to let her reveal herself when SHE is ready. If one’s a pro in putting up masks, it’s him.  And in some episodes you just CAN’T shake the feeling that he knows/suspects something.

Otherwise I honestly see now way how to go on with the 'no specific order’-concept if a reveal happens in one of the episodes. Although it still seems so utterly strange to me to put the Origins episodes at the end of the seasons when episodes 18 turns out to be endgame/reveal/something.

Of course I’m always up to discussion, but that’s how I feel about the whole thing.


Landed a new job~ gotta have a first day of work shoot :D ( thanks for draggin’ yourself out of bed, Carlisle *heart*)

Thanks all for hanging in there while I blow off posting this past month or so! The roomie and I have moved into a new apartment (if you could tell by the new living room..I doubt it) and it’s been a while bunch of stuffs going on. Really nice place; I’m sure the super cute backyard will show up soon!

I’m really geeked that this job is fine with me wearing whatever makes me happy to the office. I think most of us transfolk get pretty worried about that when searching for work… but I was upfront with it and they cleared me for dresses, skirts, etc. right away!! I’m lucky that it’s a rather liberal company, and that I’m not scared to be open about my needs as a transperson. I think if you have to hide your identity at work, it’s probably not somewhere you really want to stay for long. /-/ I am aware though that it’s often a trade-off between mental health and paying the bills. Messed up world. Messed up world. /-/ In 2015 any organization that isn’t with it is simply childish. No, no, children are usually pretty down with trans stuff (unless they’ve been taught to hate by their folks), so insert a different, embarrassing adjective above.

Anyway! Much love to my new and old followers; I’m not going to promise to post more often, because I usually fail too- but I do promise that I’ll answer any and all asks as usual, so write in, ya know, if you want to :3 Any tips on how to dress cute femme business casual when pencil skirts, erm, don’t work?

Never going to stop ranting about A.Z ever

You see, this is the reason I am not okay with Asseylum becoming the leader of Vers. Unlike Asseylum, Slaine started out with absolutely nothing. He EARNED what he has. Before, the only people that cared about him were Harklight, Lemrina, and Eddie. He was constantly looked down by all the other Martians. He had to earn their respect. And he did. 

Does Asseylum have the respect of her people? I doubt it. The counts listened to her merely because she can control Aldnoah. If she takes that away, they are screwed, their people are screwed. Remember how she just ran into Saazbaum’s castle and stopped Aldnoah? The impact was devastating. Even though Saazbaum is obviously more wise and capable than Asseylum, he still couldn’t win against her. This is how messed up the system is. Her power comes from her activation factors. Without that, no one would listen to her. 

On the other hand, when Slaine gave up his power (ordering surrender, blowing up the moonbase) his people still went back for him. They followed him out of their own will.

That is why I not okay with the ending. Asseylum doesn’t know the needs and concerns of her people, she doesn’t even have their respect. I really don’t think she can successfully bring happiness to the Versians. 

For some reason I keep not wanting to blame Jill… I keep thinking about how she coached us through the World Cup blah blah blah. Then I start comparing the World Cup roster to the Olympic roster and there isn’t a doubt in my mind that the World Cup roster coached them selves through it… But with New/Young players on this Olympic team you can’t expect them to do that… Abby Wambach and Christie Rampone did a hell of a job carrying this team but now they need someone else to do it and Jill should’ve stepped up and did something. This teams midfield took a blow when Lauren left (but thank god for Morgan Brian)… And I’m not saying that we only won because of Wambach and Rampone but they pulled the team together and gave their teammates confidence because their coach can’t. I don’t expect any of the other older players to be able to step up either and take on that role in under a year especially when that role has been filled for the entire time they have been on the team.

Confession: The lengths people go to in order to defend the characters they like, no matter what they do is worrying. Isabela lies, betrays and steals which results in deaths…”but she’s a pirate!” people say…oh, yes I guess that makes it better >_>. Her choice of career doesn’t give her immunity, I doubt any real life pirate was spared the gallows because ‘you can’t hang me for my crimes, i’m a pirate what did you expect duh’.

Anders blows up the chantry (which in DA:I is described as having killed over a hundred) but it’s fine see and it’s totally justifed because…Anders. He’s a terrorist and one who is largly doesn’t care much about the loss of innocent life. I could list everyone from ach game but that’d take forever. The point is, can we all just be rational when talking about characters instead of wrapping them up in cotton wool. You can like a character as much as you want, but pretending they have no faults, or that their actions all equal good because they’re the ones doing it…too far.