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im in high school and when my manager found out i was looking for a second job, she asked why. i told her straight up: i don't get enough hours here to sustain myself, even when im still living under my parents roof. she responded by cutting my hours even more. thanks to her being a petty asshole and making things even harder, im now stuck with two jobs. idk how im gonna make it through school okay. wish me luck. at least my second job treats me way better.

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Hello Daddy! I feel so unloved. My classmates hate on me/ignore me when im asking for smth. My parents cant remember my name (which is really easy). Nobod suport my passions. My parents yell at me because "im wasting my time drawing and learning languages". And i feel that the only one person that cares about me is my best friend. (Only one friend. But everybody loves her, and i feel even more unloved. (I know ts not her fault). And i have already send smth about it. Love you!

Try to find people who accept you and show you love. It’s really all I can say to it. It’s hard with your family, but you can change the situation with other people around you. Try to find people who share your wonderful hobbies and maybe befriend them. It’s important that there are people around you, who make you feel loved. You are important and even though you might feel alone right now, remember you’re not. We’re with you. You already had the courage to send me this question, use the same courage to contact and befriend other people who understand and love you. I wish you all the Best

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What's in the Leblanc curry? How hot is it? How would you describe the taste?

I can’t tell you all the ingredients; it’s kind of a family secret - but I will tell you, it has a few ingredients you don’t really expect out of curry. Most of the secret is in the blending of the spices and the cooking of the food; as far as preparation goes, it’s not that different from a lot of recipes you can find online, but there’s a method to it that makes it special.

You can ask for it hotter or milder than usual, but if you just order a plate of the regular curry, it’s…hotter than most food you’ll get around here, but not enough that most people will find it unpleasant. It’s kind of sweet, and a little nutty; it’s a pretty warm flavor overall. That’s why it complements the coffee so well; it doesn’t taste like coffee - not even close - but it has enough notes in common that you can tell they were blended to go together.

I’m glad Sojiro trusted me with the recipe, because it would be miserable to go without it while I’m with my parents. 

I feel like meeting michael’s parents would be a really big deal, not that meeting the parents isn’t always a big deal but I feel like with Michael it would hold so much more weight because he’s an only child and he’s super close to his parents like remember that one time when he tweeted im closer to my parents than anyone else in the world or something like that? So I feel like he’d wait until later in the relationship when you guys were super serious but you would still be freaking out about it, because you knew how close they were and you knew if they didn’t like you it could be the end of your relationship. And even though michael tried to comfort you be telling you “they’ll love you because you make me happy and they want me to be happy” you still felt nervous as he led you into their home. And the whole night you were on your best behavior, making polite conversation, offering to help Karen with dinner and about halfway through the night you were getting the vibe that they liked you and you were feeling a lot better. Michael was off with his dad talking, leaving you alone with his mom. She’d been peppering you with questions all evening, about your family, school and work but you didn’t really mind. Finally she said “he really loves you you know? You don’t see the way he looks at you when you’re not paying attention. I’ve never seen him look at any of his past girlfriends like that. And I like knowing that he’s with someone he loves that much" And you later on you leave feeling like you were walking on clouds, knowing that you had the family’s stamp of approval.

there was a post i saw a while ago that was like talking about the difference between racism and xenophobia and honestly i wish everyone saw that post and read it with their own two eyes bc i think ppl honestly don’t know the difference. like i still experience xenophobia, esp when im with my parents bc their accents r way more noticeable and it’s more obvious that they’re foreign, but i don’t get hate bc im white, i get hate bc im a foreigner. xenophobia =/= racism