My part of a Art trade i’m doing with Honey bee @kveikjum!! Holy glob we hadn’t done any art for each other in so long its super nice to do a AT with her ;v; She asked for Anders from Dragon Age♡

I had so much fun drawing him >v< ///plus its fun drawing new things too! I hope you like it big bro♡

There was some wank on twitter last night (8/26) because some people got Empire of Storms early, did not like certain things in the books, and started flooding certain tags with spoilers and SJM’s mentions with some really ugly tweets. Long story short there were tweets that said Sarah should stop writing, that she ruined the whole series because of a ship, that she’s ugly, and that someone should set all copies of EoS on fire.

All I have to say is this:

You can hate a book all you want, you’re welcome to criticise (constructively) and point out it’s flaws, talk about things you dislike and why. You can do all of that on your blog, reviews, conversation threads, wherever. But you absolutely do not tag or send those messages to the author. Plus, the second you cross the line into personal attacks on the author, especially when you actually tag your hate and send tweets directly to them, you become a bully. There is a huge difference in saying “I don’t like how the writer handles a certain character’s plot arc” and “The writer ruined the books and someone needs to set the series on fire.”

First you need to remember that authors are people. They are doing a specific job. And while you may hate where the story is going and complain about it all you want, the author is not there to cater to your whims. While an author may listen to feedback, even crit, they even expect a certain amount of people to dislike their books– they don’t have to do anything you tell them or beg them to do. Again: they have a job they are paid to do and they do it.  And before you tell me you have freedom of speech to say whatever you want, remember that freedom of speech protects your rights from the government, it doesn’t give you the right to be an asshole.

Hmm, I don’t get how people can say “Mob doesn’t feel anything most of the time.” Like, setting aside the emotion he experiences when he reaches 100%, he is very clearly shown expressing anxiety and fear (ex. mogami arc, claw arc), happiness (ex. talking with Ritsu, seeing Tsubomi), being uncomfortable (ex. having to wear the girl’s uniform, being pressured into exorcising that ghost family), embarrassment (ex. being outrun by an old lady), ect.
Sure he doesn’t express his emotions on the same level as everyone else, but he’s not an emotionless robot either

my mother is on her period and is being a Supreme Sensitive Bitch right now, out hotel room is cramped, she made me switch beds - from the one i could charge my phone and laptop next to it + store my 3 bad out of the way on the chair, to the other, which has no outlets anywhere near it and now my shit is on the other side of the room - because she ‘needs the nightstand on the right’ and absoltely cannot accomodate. neither she nor my father charge their phones overnight. and yet. they still take the bed with the outlets next to it. top tht off w the fact that she feels the need to HEAT the room in this 30°C weather, the radiator smells and is constantly ringing and you have one v unhappy daughter

sometimes i look at my cats while they’re just laying on the table – or batting at bugs on the windowsill – or sleeping on top of the couch – and i can just FEEL my heart going

SO MUCH PAIN. BUT IT’S PAIN MIXED WITH LOVE. IT’S A HURTY PAINY LOVE, and one of these days i’m just gonna go into cardiac arrest and drop down on the carpet but it’ll be worth it

When I was Little, Part I

The funny thing is, my brother also got in trouble for speaking “french” too. And in High School, I found out that my friend’s father said the “speaking French” was bad, and so when my friend met a woman who was French he screamed and cried and told her she was a bad person.

I was not the only child to take the phrase literally, we might want to ease up it now days ;)




Morgan & Reid »  [4.09] 52 Pickup

See, there you go. That’s what I’m talking about. That’s called game.

When I was younger...


Oh, I don’t know why I suddenly remembered this, but here’s a story you’ll enjoy btw!

When I was about 2 or 3 my parents were remodelling the guest bathroom and there was a hole in the floor to work between the floor and under the house.

And when they were finished each night they’d always put a cover over it.

Well one night they forgot and a large possum got in.

It came up to me the next morning while I was playing and apparently I pet it and picked it up and ran around the house with it saying “kitty!”

Like Boo from Monsters inc.

And obviously this terrified my parents, who wanted me no where near it, and ofc the possum was horrified bc it was wild and here I was holding it and snuggling it, but basically they got me to let it go and it hissed a bunch and I started chasing it yelling

“Kitty! C’mere kitty kitty!”

And like apparently I managed to catch it again and I don’t remember a lot but I believe it played dead so my parents told me to put it outside and it ran off.

But yeah, that’s probably why I have no fear of opossums.

I probably still associate them with very large cats.

(Opossums have cuter noses tho)