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Very Important Question: do Chalo and Priya like to cuddle?

True facts:

  • Every evening, if I am on the couch, I am also the center of a dog sandwich. It is law.
  • I was late for work this morning because Priya wanted to be a little spoon. I just lost track of time.

Me- *takes a bite of food and it tastes weird* 

Rational side of me- “Oh okay it’s probably nothing, I’ll be fine”

My brain- “Nope it’s poisoned you’re going to die so you better stay up all night and stress about it so you don’t die in your sleep”

When unkind and hateful rulers come into power, overthrow them.

Do not be silent. Do not be malleable. 

Burn this shit to the ground and then rebuild it better than before.

People can complain about Cursed Child all they want (I agree it wasn’t the best written or most original of the HP stories) but it doesn’t change the fact that my little 8-year old sister adores it and considers it one of her favorite books and is always talking about it and is constantly rereading it and just looks so happy about it all the time.

And I will always be so, so grateful to J.K. Rowling for returning to the wonderful wizarding world my little sister and I love so much, and thought would never come back.

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i saw ur ap/honors kid post and like does my shook have an outlier of honors kids bc like yea we have our rich white kids but like one time this kids final AP history project was literally about the impact of Will Smith on society and his visual was a picture of Will Smith he made up of smaller pictures of Will Smith

oh man like…idk the demographics of ur school but u gotta understand my school is Overwhelmingly white there are classes where i’m the only person of color…holy shit yeah i just looked it up we have 92 percent white students like?? it’s Only rich white kids in the advanced classes and they’re stale…that’s so funny though wanna trade schools lmao 


little bubby fondly talking about his hyungs ♡

or maybe not

When I was Little, Part I

The funny thing is, my brother also got in trouble for speaking “french” too. And in High School, I found out that my friend’s father said the “speaking French” was bad, and so when my friend met a woman who was French he screamed and cried and told her she was a bad person.

I was not the only child to take the phrase literally, we might want to ease up it now days ;)