legit the 18th century is when shit went down you got fucking pirates i the beginning like wow and not the fucking disney kind either like actual real pirates (did you know blackbeard didnt even like killing he exaggerated this persona of being a bad bitch with no muzzle so people would automatically crap themselves and maybe surrender) and then you had the british, Spanish and Dutch sticking their tongues out at each other and fighting over the seas like possessive boyfriends and then on top of that you had like a high school rivalry with France and Britain holy shot and the fucking aMERICAN REVOLUTION followed by tHE FRENCH REVOLUTION aND THEN THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION POPPED ITS HEAD UP LIKE FUCK SO MANY REVOLUTIONS and also you have really fucking sassy military uniforms like holy shit goddamn people sat down and were like ‘will this protect us against muskets and shit’ ‘no sir but you can’t deny it will make your ass look so good’ ‘fuck youre right i commission these designs straight away’ also fashion was so cool back then in general like fuck man the dRESSES i mean even when people rebelled against extravagance they still looked fly as hell fuck i want to live through the entire 18th century it was just one big party and by party i mean full of blood and pain and hot naval uniforms and that’s the kind of party you wanna go to AM I RIGHT LADIES

Aang and Zuko being friends once he is firelord would be the most unconventional and best thing ever. I can imagine the council trying to micromanage the firelord.
“A firelord does not walk sire, use the palanquin”
“A firelord does not serve tea in ba sing se, let the servants take care of that sire”
“A firelord does not disappear into the night for a field trip, your country needs you”
Then Aang flies in on his glider and swoops Zuko away “Zuko! I need to take you to this hot spring on a mountaintop right away! Pleaaaaase Zuko!”
And Zuko gets given this look by his advisors, all arms crossed and cranky and Zuko just side eyes at Aang. “Oh. You mean - that - mountaintop. For the important… spirit bridge… avatar mission you told me about?” and full steps on Aang’s foot all “subtle” like.
And Aang goes “OW! I mean hahah yes! Top secret spirity hotspring business. Needs the firelords immediate attention. Hahahah. Top secret. I’m the Avatar.”
And the advisors facepalm as Aang grins and tugs Zuko out of the palace by the hand like he was 12 years old all over again. The advisors make a note that when the Avatar makes doe eyes at the firelord and says please any resistance crumbles, and to schedule their meetings on days when the Avatar is far far away from the firenation.
(which becomes exceedingly difficult for them when Zuko invites Aang, Katara and the old gaang to stay in the royal wing of the palace for the summer. The advisors can tell the firelord til they’re blue in the face that it’s not appropriate for the firelord to share chambers with his old war buddies even if those buddies are the Avatar and his wife, but somehow Zuko never listens and no one ever peices together that with the fact that somehow Zuko can’t say no to the Avatar when he makes those doe eyes and says please hahaha)

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what did you use to draw the boxing piece? pencils, markers, brands etc? I wanna start drawing again but have totally fallen out of knowledge of what tools to use!

none of those, my dude, I’m almost entirely digital! what I used was KRITA! 

i got my first ever 4.0 this summer 🤗

i know it’s not a normal semester, but i did take 14 total credits over a 15 week period (no breaks!!) so it’s kinda the same, right??

and i kicked honors anatomy & physio ass so that makes me feel better about both applying to and surviving accelerated nursing programs

yay me ?????

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I really admire your extensive knowledge of the books and world. This may be a kind of pedantic question, but what are your methods of note-taking in the books, eg, underlining, symbols, how you mark pages, characters, themes etc ?

Thanks so much! And I… don’t. Um. Highlight or underline or mark pages or anything. The most I do, when, say, reading a new TWOW preview chapter or TWOIAF or one of the novellas, is take notes on a piece of paper or in a notepad file, but that’s only if I’m sharing with other people. Maybe I’ll stick a torn-tissue bookmark in a book to mark a particularly favorite quote, or dog-ear a page, but usually I only use bookmarks to remember where I’ve left off. Otherwise I just work with my memory.

(I was a terrible student. Well, no, actually I was an excellent student – I test extremely well – but my study skills were godawful and I just depended on my memory and lecture notes 95% of the time. Which was fine in high school, but led to a spectacular implosion in college, as many gifted kids do. But really, I’d buy highlighters and post-it flags and never ever use them. (Pre-owned textbooks with highlighted passages were usually just distracting.) And people use highlighters for fiction? I mean, they must, Kindle wouldn’t have the option if they didn’t, but to me that’s just like… wow, why, no.)

I plan on doing another major reread of ASOIAF when TWOW’s release date is announced, and I’ll probably take notes to share (since people seem to like it when I do that), but I still don’t expect to use any highlighters or anything.(Highlighting? a book? one of my books? a fiction book? ugh ugh ugh.) Even the combo AFFC/ADWD I’m putting together (I bought two used paperbacks, I’m going to cut them apart and put them back together in the combination reading order, because I am a great big nerd), I still can’t imagine doing anything else to. And TWOW itself will be read as fast as I can (which is pretty darn fast), and any notes there will be from memory, most likely…

Hold me like you never lost your patience
Tell me that you love me more than hate me
All the time
And you’re still mine …

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I don't want to pressure you to sing but I'm very curious on what your lovely voice sounds like? ( can you post a video if you can?)

“If you didn’t catch me in a good mood, I would probably be denying myself to do that…so you are lucky.~”

“My voice tends to sound more high pitched when I sing…so I hope that is not a problem…”

also… i’m highkey changing my fc, i think. c/avill works for the most part — specifically in very certain eras of his career — but i always felt like he was “““too pretty””” to properly fit sam to an extent. because sam was never meant to be the handsomer brother. so i’m gonna go with someone a little less perfect

Exciting News From My Life!!

Remember how my inspiration for starting Petty Encounters was that I was angry with the world, but that weekend I also found out that my sister-in-law was pregnant with my second nephew/niece?

That nephew was born today!!! I’m so freaking giddy and happy right now!!

Also, remember how in the Needs series Sam and the Reader named their kid Alexander Lawrence? Well… I think I might be psychic because my nephew has a mouthful of a name as well with a bit of a similarity to my fictional kid. 

Welcome to the world, Alexander William!!