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how did you even get on that topic? is all that Cora sends back.

He honestly has no idea. There he was, innocently buying his groceries for the week, when he ran into Stiles. Four hours and a third of a bottle of tequila later, they’re here.

“Okay, no. You say you understand, but you really don’t.” Stiles grabs Derek’s face in both hands and forces him to make eye contact.

Derek goes easily, blindly tossing his phone onto his coffee table. It’s not like Cora was much help anyway.

“You don’t understand because you’re not laughing,” Stiles explains like that means anything at all. Who knows? Maybe it does. Stiles is kind of stroking his fore fingers across the top of Derek’s beard and it’s making it a little hard to concentrate.

“I don’t laugh,” Derek deadpans. His timing’s off, but Stiles doubles over with laughter anyway. He moves the bottle out of Stiles’ reach and says, “I think that’s enough for tonight.”

“No! What?” Derek braces his forearm against Stiles’ chest as he reaches ineffectually for the bottle. “No, I’m fine. I’m not even drunk.”

Derek rolls his eyes. “Why are drunk? It’s a Tuesday.”

Because, Derek. I’ve been thinking about Scott’s dick.”

“That would drive me to drink, too,” Derek mutters. He has no idea what Stiles’ sudden fascination with Scott’s penis is, but he really wishes Stiles would talk to someone who actually wants to talk about it. Or hear about it.

“It’s just,” Stiles says, completely ignoring Derek, “I think it’s hilarious that I’ve seen Scott’s dick 500 times.“

“It was 180 earlier.”

“I bet I’ve seen his junk more than Kira and Lydia combined have.”

Derek steels himself for the conversation he always at least 60% figured he’d have to have with Stiles and asks as gently as he knows how, “Do you have feelings for Scott?”

No.” Stiles grabs Derek’s shoulders and squeezes. “That’s my point.”

Derek wasn’t aware there was a point.

“You don’t understand. We don’t want to see each other’s dicks. He gets to see Lydia’s and I want to see yours, but we have this Mount Everest of remembered penises we need to overcome.”

What is he even supposed to say to that? That is probably the weirdest logic he’s ever heard – and he’s known Stiles and Scott for five years – and it is positively the weirdest way he’s ever been hit on.

And a woman once stuck her thumb in his mouth.

He’s so caught up in trying to figure out what the hell is happening that he almost misses Stiles reaching for the tequila again.

“No,” Derek says, walking the bottle over to his refrigerator. He hides it behind the milk. Hopefully Stiles won’t go looking too hard for it.

When he gets back, Stiles is spread out over the entire couch, snoring softly. It’s hard to believe that there was a time where everything Stiles did was annoying to Derek; now, drunkenly passing out on his couch is apparently endearing to him.

He’s so screwed.

This realization is kind of anti-climactic, if he’s being honest. It’s a quiet oh, that makes sense. And it suits Derek just fine. He could do with fewer surprises in his life.


When he wakes up the next morning, Stiles is filling a glass of water from the tap.

“Morning,” Derek says, getting a childish sense of satisfaction from the dull thud the glass makes when Stiles drops it into the sink.

“Uh, hey man.” Stiles turns to face him slowly, sheepishly. “Any chance we can forget, you know…”

“You talking about dicks all night before passing out on my couch?”

Stiles closes his eyes slowly. “I’m never living this down, am I?”


Stiles nods as if he expected nothing less.

Finally taking pity on him, Derek says, “Come on, let’s go get some breakfast.”

Stiles opens his eyes incredulously. “Why would I want to spend more time with you? Why would you want to spend more time with me?”

“Because you made some compelling arguments last night.” At Stiles’ dubious look, Derek continues, “Granted, most of it I’m pretty sure even you don’t understand right now, but I think what you were trying to say was that you’re interested in me.”

Stiles rubs the back of his neck awkwardly, but eventually nods. “Yeah, I was. Am. Is that- is that okay?”

“Yes,” Derek says, taking a slow step closer. “Me too. Is that okay?”

Stiles looks confused for a moment before a hopeful grin spreads across his face.

“Really?” he asks, taking a tentative step towards Derek.

At the rate they’re going, they’ll reach each other in four days. Not that it really matters. They’ve been inching towards each other for years. What’s a little while longer?

Heh.  A lot of people were curious about Vaati.

(Also, thank you!  I answered a question about how well Red and Shadow get along here.  I also have a few other things with them interacting here and here :3 )

Okay, so Vaati’s timeline kind of confuses me.  If we’re going by both manga (as opposed to mixing in the games) then I really wanna know what happened between the two.  I mean, he basically goes from being a supposedly-reformed minish to being a evil flying eyeball.  Also, in the version of Four Swords I have on hand, he mentions something about having sold his soul.  Not sure if it says the same in all translations, or when that is supposed to have happened if so.  Anyway, here’s a timeline:

I’ve got two theories about how this might work, but I’m not really sold on either of them.

1). My simpler theory (Occam’s Razor and all that) is that Vaati was either faking his remorse at the end of the Minish Cap manga, or that he had another change of heart after the end of the manga and went back to being evil, at which point he was sealed in the Four Sword by the first Four Sword hero.

2).  Theory two is a lot more… out-there, a lot further from canon, but it does allow for a more sympathetic interpretation of Vaati, which I know some people like.  Basically this theory is that when Link defeated Vaati in Minish Cap and he was stripped of his ill-gotten power, some of his negative emotions - resentment, anger, etc. - went with it.  This bundle of power and negative emotion festered and grew until it became its own being: Gufuu, to refer to him by Vaati’s Japanese name.  In this theory, it’s Gufuu, not Vaati, that we see in Four Swords.

Like I said though, I am really not 100% on either of those, and if anyone else would like to share their interpretation, I’m all ears.

Hm… okay, here’s one: I think that Shadow’s speech pattern would be an odd mixture of complex sentence structure and vocabulary, while also being frequently casual and slangy.  This is because he mostly learned to talk from Vaati, who is very pretentious and verbose.  On the other hand, Shadow thinks it’s funny to tick Vaati off, and an easy way to do this is to mangle grammar or use slang terms like “y’all.”

Guys I love all of you in this fandom, even if you don’t ship what I do.But come on.

Stop saying this is platonic. Because really.

Some of their relationship IS friend behaviors, because they ARE friends. But literally so much of this relationship isn’t platonic.

It’s fine if you don’t ship it, really. I mean, I don’t really ship Wincest, but I can admit to subtext and visual evidence when I see it. There’s just so much of this that goes past being best friends, and even if you don’t ship Destiel, it’s okay to admit that.

I’m not trying to convert anyone. All I’m saying is that there’s evidence here beyond gifs of eye contact, and it’s clearly romantic, not platonic. Not every interaction between Dean and Cas is going to be romantic, or should be forced to look that way.

But the ones that are shouldn’t be ignored.

I wasn’t going to say anything but eh, here goes.

So, Naruto fandom. We got some issues among us and that’s really painful when Naruto is ending and we should all just be united in this time of pain.

I’ll address each of the parties or you know the ones I see the most in conflict.

Dear SasuNaru/Narusasu fans,

I feel you. It is also my main ship and if it’s canon or not I’ll always love it. The thing is (and I can be harsh for saying this) but I never had hope it’d actually be canon. Why? That would be a gay ship. It’s awful and as someone that is pansexual I wish lgbt relationships would be okay to portray in a manga like Naruto but apparently we’re still far away from it. But hey keep making fanart, fanfictions, this isn’t the end of us. We’ll live. We know what it means to us and I do get why some are affected, thinking that this could be a chance for a queer couple to appear but as I said, think of all those moments they had and keep them alive in our fandom.

Dear NaruSaku fans,

I will be honest and say it was never a ship I truly rooted for but I do understand why you would ship it. Both Sakura and Naruto had such an evolution in their relationship and specially Sakura seemed to grow and mature thanks to seeing Naruto’s effort. It indeed would make sense to happen. We don’t know for sure if those pictures are real or not for the 700 chapter but if they are, I’ll say what I said to the SasuNaru/Narusasu fans, keep it alive in your fanart, fanfictions, any form of a fan to keep it alive. I have anime I love in which there are canon ships and I’ll always pair those characters with someone else. Don’t be sad because of it and if it bothers you that much to see things about other ships, blacklist/block them here. I’ll try to tag all my ships so doesn’t hurt any of you.

Dear SasuSaku and Naruhina fans,

Congrats! You’re all very happy and the news are exciting. Just remember not everything is for sure (I’m just saying this because I know how bad it is to get super excited and then be disappointed, it sucks!). Now all I ask is that you tag your ships, maybe pro naruhina and pro sasusaku? I ask the same of those that don’t agree with these ships to not post hate on the sasusaku and naruhina ships. Respect each other’s tags.

To all of you:


You guys are a family to me and I hope you all get that I’m saying all this to see you guys getting along…hopefully.

ALSO: Do NOT hate Kishimoto no matter what he decides. Respect him and be grateful he shared this story with all of us.

And please don’t use this for more conflict.


Okay, in the original story of the Little Mermaid, it’s super tragic and like she doesn’t get the guy and ends up dissolving into sea foam instead?

ALSO in the story, when she dies, she goes from being a mermaid to a “daughter of the air.”


In regard to the Joker Game novel translations

Ah well…it’s kind of upsetting to find the novel translations posted somewhere else huh… here…just because the “Visit the translator’s website” link is on the homepage does not mean you have my permission to repost them.

In all honesty, i just want to say it’s disappointing, really, even more so when it’s been clearly stated that i do not wish for the translations to be posted anywhere else without permission in every part i finish…

I’ve been putting a lot of time and effort into translating all the parts i have so far, which includes hours of research to make them as historically accurate as possible. In short, the amount of work and dedication that goes into each part is…huge, and it hurts to see them being posted somewhere else without permission.

However, it’s okay if the translations are linked DIRECTLY back to my blog, like this.

I really am upset about this, especially when i found this out after reading @lookslikerainydays ‘s post regarding the D No Maou manga being posted elsewhere without permission as well…

I’m just tired…and could use a little help in reporting and removing of the translations from here… thanks…

Stitchers Rant

Okay, so I really need to just get this out there. These may just be my own personal feelings, but I hope you read it. To all the people who say “Well, put yourself in Nina’s shoes”, can you just take a minute and put yourself into Kirsten’s shoes? I mean honestly, here’s a girl whose mother died when she was young, and her father left. If that isn’t enough, she was a test subject and suffered from lack of emotions until this season. Now, onto Nina. Sure, Nina is a really nice girl who shouldn’t be hated on just because she likes Cameron too. However, what about Kirsten? She didn’t really reject Cameron, she just said she wanted to have some time to sort her emotions out. What does he do? Goes and dates Nina. Now, since she has her emotions all revved and ready to go, she’s ready for Cameron. But then there’s Nina, a girl who doesn’t even know the truth about Cameron’s profession. That leaves Kirsten basically alone. Now, if you’ve made it this far, you may be thinking “What does this have to do with anything?” Well, right now I want you to think of a time that you had a crush on someone who was in a relationship. How did that make you feel? In my own personal experiences, I checked their relationship status everyday but it never changed. All you want it to do is change to single, so you can make your move. And you know what? That’s exactly how Kirsten feels right now.