My first commission! this one done by a pretty cool dude that goes by the name of austarusiv.

While the joke may be obvious, this is actually a continuation from an earlier gag i made from way back on the early year. mostly involving this picture.

The joke being that one day when i was browsing the smash boards i saw this photoshoped picture of the beauty and the beast where robin was belle and charizard was the beast, and i couldn’t resist the idea of drawing it.

And then, as it turns out, it was austarusIV who made the photoshop, and taking a little joke i made on the original post (”No one gives no sympathy like Ike-ston!”), he took that idea, made the commission and this is where we are at now.

Since this is my first commission, i tried to go all out, i hope you like it.

I might have the commissions open from now on, i just need to tune some details since this was honestly kind of nerve-wrecking because first time but hey, that’s neither here nor there, so stay tuned for more info on that!

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my school is having a make a meme contest where they have like different pictures and you to put a caption on them to show the rules in the lunchroom (i almost started crying when i heard this in class) but then it got worse: some picture options were doge, FUCKING CHUCK NORRIS and grUMPY CAT. my teacher's caption for the doge picture was "when i saw you didn't clean up your table, i was like, what?" aND EVERYONE IN MY CLASS FOUND IT FUNNY NO ONE GOT WHY I WAS DYING AND CRINGING SO BAD i cri

why would anyone disrespect doge like that, i’m hurt

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Road to Tenten

Looking at the screenshots of the preview, I can’t help but feel so disappointed. I didn’t even have high hopes for these two Tenten-centric episodes except maybe for some Team Gai moments here and there. Yet, the disappointment in me is so real.

First of all, are you saying that Tenten’s “perfect world” consists of all her friends acting their opposite selves? What, she was never happy with how her friends were in reality? I can sort of understand that she wants Gai and Lee to act like adults, given that in most of her manga panels she’s always berating these two. But the others? Why would she want the others to behave like their mirror selves? I need a good explanation for this please.

Second, that picture of Tenten with pigtails. She’s cute, I can say that. Very cute. But what struck me the most when I saw that picture was that even Tenten wasn’t happy about herself. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with dressing up once in a while and have fun, but that one screenshot had me shaking my head. What happened to that young girl back in the Chuunin exams who was so comfortable in her own skin?

Third, and probably the most disappointing of all disappointments. Her friends bowing at her. For Christ’s sake, what is up with this thirst for recognition present in almost Naruto character out there?! Yes, she wants to be legendary and receive adulation for her job well done. But to expect her friends to treat her as some deity in need of constant praises whenever she’s in their vicinity like that? They’re her friends, not her servants.

To summarize, I don’t understand why SP made her so selfish like that. Are all girls in Naruto so self-absorbed then, is that what you people are saying? You just fucked up one of my favorite characters in my very little list of favorites, damn it. Then again, I am only seeing the preview, so perhaps there might be something good I can scrape off from these two coming episodes. Just some Team Gai moments maybe, or Tenten showing off her “Girls can kick ass like boys too” nindo. Please. That’s all I’m asking for.

When I saw pictures of new students arriving on my alma mater’s campus this morning, I felt a tiny bit of nostalgia for college, the first in over a year.

Then tonight while I am trying to get to sleep for my early day tomorrow, my neighbors are throwing an extremely loud rager at 1 am and I’m like ah right this is what I absolutely do not miss.

Hey Donnie. I have some bad news. I didn’t make the team. 😔 Anyway on a different subject, you really are liking tumblr huh? 😏 oh and I when I came here I saw your picture. I shouldn’t have looked, but I did…..now I need help, I am seriously hyperventilating.


Oh no, I am sorry that you didn’t make the team…their loss, right?

I am really starting to love Tumblr have already made quite a lot of friends on here.

Oh no…not another one…quick breath into a paper bag! Don’t faint!

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Quick question because I haven't played the BMP series yet! What is Theo the Butler like? Because I just audibly gasped when I saw a picture of him because he's so cute and that's literally my favorite name. Does he have a route? Whose Butler is he?

Hmmmm well, I think that he comes in Zain’s route, and I didn’t play his route yet so I’m not sure but I think he might have something to do with Noble Michel.

Can anyone who played Zain’s route help?

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So I might have woken my dad up at 2 a.m. crying when I saw the picture of Grace and Taylor... #InToDeep



when u and the bros see a pretty girl passing by then ur little brother just suddenly appears out of nowhere like where tHE HECK did he come from but ur too busy to care:


when ur taking some absolutely class selfies but then spot a tosser behind u :/

If you ever go to lush Oxford street you should buy one of these, they’re called Shark Infested Custard and I s2g for £2 not only does your bath smell AMAZING but your skin feels like that of an ethereal goddess!!!! Like I’m on a new level of existence right now