february 8th 2016

i was scrolling through instagram this morning when i saw a picture captioned “happy monday! i’m not sure why people don’t like monday’s, they’re a start to a beautiful week!” and as much as i think that’s a wonderful outlook and i’d love to be able to think like that some day… i’m tired as hell LOL

this is going to be a long week. and to top it off it’s been so boring just chilling for 3 hours between classes and idk i miss hanging out with people 

i don’t want to complain though, im lucky to have the life i do. x

hope you’re all doing well! <3 feel free to message me if you need anything!

My first thought when I saw the picture was that his eyes look red rimmed and combined with the facial expression that could equal he’s upset and then combine it with the upside down emoji for his life just turned upside down

Sidenote: the episode itself was really great, Chris and Noel had such a nice groove going, and we got to learn a bunch of new stuff about the process both for Noel’s solo stuff and The Boosh. When he described him and Ju coming up with Old Gregg, it was just amazing.

So I was on Wikipedia looking up about “Hymn For The Weekend” and I started busting out laughing when I saw this picture of them back in 2006. Because she is wearing the same dress in this picture as she was in those pictures of her passed out drunk in the limo.

I been Drankin…

I been Drankin…

Boy I’m Drinkin…

So looking at that pic, I can tell how turnt up she was lmao.

My mother said that she got extremely sad when she saw this picture. I suppose you are never prepared to see a loved one in handcuffs. Maybe it was the same feeling I got when my father once got pulled over on his way to pick me up from work and I saw how a bunch of cops had him handcuffed on the side of the road. The difference here is that this time around I had the privelege of being in control. I decided to take the risk of sitting in the middle of the street and getting arrested. My dad didn’t have that privelege. Migrants and refugees don’t have that privelege. After talking to my mother, we both reflected on those moments of fear. She told me she loved me and was proud of me. I told her I loved her and that this so-called fearlessness on my part is a direct product of her resilience as a mother and the love she’s given to this queer man. Photo by @reyyvolucionaria #ICEoutOfCalifornia #FuckYourBorders

One of Twelve

It is a harsh beauty.  That fleeting moment in time when the sun’s radiance first breaks through the dreary morning haze, dancing off of the dew drops clinging so desperately to the rooftops.  Every day, as part of the Earth’s circadian rhythm, the heavens split open; rays of gold and red hemorrhaging across the onyx sky.  As if Heaven and Hell were waging war right before our very eyes.  In the 8,278 days that I have inhabited this plane, I have yet to see a sight that compares to its allure.  To its captivating horror.  But this sunrise, with it’s the jagged lines of blazing color, will serve only as a reminder.  A reminder that today, today will be the day in which I die.

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So here’s me and Michelle Gomez for those of you who haven’t seen me freaking out about it on facebook yet. The story:

I was standing nervous in the line waiting for the picture when I saw she was making these INCREDIBLE poses with everyone, but that everyone was having the same idea every time. I started kind of freaking out thinking I NEED TO MAKE THIS SPECIAL UGGGGGGHHHHHHhHhHh, but by the time she was standing in front of me I had 0 english words in my mind. We said hello and all of that, but when they were about to take the picture, she turned her back to me to take one of the standard pictures and I just said something like “can you look at me instead?’’ - not because I had something specific in mind but because I was blurting words out of my mouth and oMG IT WAS MICHELLE COME CLOSER YES THANKYOU. So she raised her eyebrows to me as if it was a challenge???? omg ???? and stood like that. Let me remind you that I’m really really really small, so smal people still think I’m about 12 and not 19, and she was wearing heels, so she did that JUST so I could look DOWN at her !!!?????? there were pretty eyes looking at me I was 100% lost, and to kill me even more she said

“wait, does it mean you’re my master now?”

everyone close to us laughed the guy taking the picture found it awesome but we were just REALLY STARING AT EACH OTHER 10/10 SERIOUS BUSINESS

After this very picture was taken, she literally started laughing with little jumps of excitement saying ‘’oh, that was great, this is perfect’’ because I was the only one taking a picture like that with her. Yes, I’m dead now and writing from the universe above, thank you for asking.

“Error Level Analysis”

So I’ve seen this referred to as a sort of “smoking gun” for people who believe the photo of Louis and Freddie is photoshopped.

A little back story: Most people who think the baby doesn’t exist believe that the baby in Louis’ pics is one of two twins who belong to a woman who runs PR for Simon and Syco. The photos we see of Briana and Louis are manipulated and “Freddie” is placed into the pictures with photoshop.

ELA is mentioned in these two write-ups about the pregnancy:

When I first saw the ELA of Louis’ picture I thought hm that does look like a lot of editing. It was strange. From what I read in one of the above sources, the white in a picture basically shows you what’s been edited. I googled it and yes, that was correct. The more white, the more it’s been edited. What I was lead to believe is that a photo that is run through an ELA will only show up that white if it’s been extensively edited/doctored. We’re not talking about adding a simple filter here, but something like taking a child from one photo and placing him into another.

Warning: Image Heavy

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