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Jon when I first saw your picture on my dash I literally said "When did Harry Potter get so hot." class A nerd tho :/

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So for our first real post over here at Duchesses, to celebrate the Monegasque royal wedding, here’s a top ten list of my favorite royal wedding dresses with commentary and tidbits.

10. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

April 29, 2011

Kate Middleton has long been one of my favorites in the world of royalty and almost royalty (obviously!), but her wedding outfit is surprisingly… lacking. While I like it more than other royal wedding dresses, enough to obviously get it on the top ten, I must admit that I was left wanting more when I first saw the pictures.

Designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, the dress is ivory and white satin gazar, and Kate topped it with a translucent, nearly transparent veil and the Halo Scroll tiara, not seen since Princess Anne was younger. It features a corset closed in the back with 58 buttons, something I find rather endearing in a wedding dress, if a little impractical. The bride wore a new pair of earrings featuring acorns (a nod to the Middleton family coat of arms), satin shoes, and her hair in a demi-chignon style that, frankly, left me very bored. Kate has beautiful hair. I’m sure she wanted to show it off for her wedding day and I do not fault her for that. But as a spectator, I was hoping for a soft updo. What makes me love this gown is all the LACE.

9. Princess Sophia

June 13, 2015

I couldn’t not include my other favorite royal gal, now could I?

Prince Carl Philip has been, along with Prince Harry, one of Europe’s most eligible bachelor for quite some time now. His reign has come to an end with his marriage to Sofia Hellqvist, a former reality TV star and model. Swedish designer Ida Sjöstedt crafted a beautiful silk crepe gown featuring a strapless base, flowing train, and a long-sleeved Italian silk organza overlay with applied lace made by José María Ruiz. She was adorned with a new tiara commissioned by the King and Queen, a diamond and emerald tiara with honeysuckle motifs. Emerald is my birthstone and I’m rather fond of it, and it surprised me to see color on an occasion usually reserved for clear diamonds, but I quite enjoyed it.

Unlike Kate’s dress, however, I dislike the lace on Sofia’s gown. I feel it’s too large and loud, and in some respects very much like her sister-in-law Madeleine’s wedding gown (which I disliked) around the neckline. I love, love, LOVE the the strapless base, however - I feel that if she hadn’t been marrying a prince, Sofia would’ve stuck to just that. Her hair is beautifully pulled back the way I’d have liked Kate’s to be, but my other little quibble is that it exposed her neck tattoo. Now, I like tattoos - I have four of them myself, as well as a heavily tattooed family - but there are some events where they seem out of place. A wedding, especially a royal one, is one of those events.

8. Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden

June 19, 2010

Much like with Kate’s gown, Victoria’s gown initially disappointed me. It seemed so heavy and plain. The woman is the crown princess of a nation! Her choice of tiara baffled me as well; I remember telling my (now ex-) boyfriend about “this princess I love who wore the Burger King crown at her own wedding.” However, the more I look at it, the more I really enjoy it.

Swedish designer Pär Engsheden was commissioned to fabricate a cream-colored duchess silk satin gown with a rounded collar, deep V in the back, and silk-covered buttons leading down to a cumberbund-esque waist. The train was reasonably short and manageable, appearing to be two to three feet long. She wore the traditional Swedish veil and her hair in an elegant chignon. Continuing with tradition, she also sported the tiara and bracelet belonging to the Swedish Cameo parure, which her mother Queen Silvia wore at her own wedding in 1976. With such detail in the cameos themselves, it’s easy to understand why the dress itself lacks big details like Kate’s lace overlay. 

My only real complaint with Victoria’s look is: I really, really wish she had worn her hair down. The opposite of the Duchess of Cambridge, Victoria attends most events with her hair in a simple updo, and she looks just beautiful with her gorgeous hair loose. But again, with so much going on up top (the veil, the tiara), loose locks probably would’ve distracted the viewer.

7. Beatrice Borromeo

July 25, 2015 (civil wedding)

A lot of people did not like the dress Beatrice wore for her civil wedding to Pierre Casiraghi, and I can understand why. The lace cape-type thing is very distracting, and certainly looked better in designer Valentino’s sketch than in real life. However, there’s a certain charm in the pale pink and gold lace silk chiffon gown, evoking a real “fairy princess” vibe that I find just beautiful. I do love the flowers in the lace, but my chief complaint is Beatrice’s hairpiece, which I initially thought was a tiara and quite odd for a civil wedding. Following now sister-in-law Tatiana Santo Domingo’s cue, it seems, Beatrice wore a crown of flowers atop her head, perhaps taking the fairy princess theme a teeny bit too far.

6. Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie

October 19, 2012 (civil wedding)

Following the civil wedding trend, I think I am one of the few who preferred Countess Stéphanie de Lannoy’s civil wedding outfit to her religious one. There’s just something about a crisp dress suit I enjoy, so when the new Hereditary Grand Duchess stepped out in this Chanel number to marry Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume, I fell in love. The silver shoes perfectly match the silver strap on her purse and the silver accents on her ivory suit, and I even like her hair (though I still think it’s pinned oddly) - Stéphanie has beautiful hair.

5. Princess Sophie of Prussia

August 27, 2011

I was actually unaware of Princess Sophie of Isenburg’s very existence until her wedding to Prince Georg Friedrich was featured on one of my favorite blogs. Since then, she’s become a welcome face at events, though they are few and far inbetween seeing as how I don’t speak German (and the majority of her events are covered in German) and she does not attend major events of the more well-known royals. :(

That being said, the first thing I thought when I saw Sophie’s Wolfgang Joop dress, was “Oh my GOD.” And not in the good way. But after Googling several pictures and reading terrible Google translations of German articles, I really think I like this. I don’t think I would ever wear it for my own wedding, but it’s really very sweet in its own way, and perfect for Sophie. 60 meters of multiple different silks were used to create the unique asymmetrical pleats that feature quite prominently on the skirt of the dress, and the whole thing has a kind of floaty feeling similar to the one that attracts me to Beatrice’s civil wedding dress. Over the dress she wore a translucent silk jacket - many royal families have certain protocols prohibiting uncovered shoulders in churches. (She removed the jacket for the reception.) Taking a leaf out of Victoria’s book, Sophie wore two heirlooms on her wedding day: the Isenburg family veil and the Isenburg tiara, which easily became one of my favorites for its delicate features. (At the reception, she switched to Princess Cecile’s kokoshnik tiara.)

4. Crown Princess Mette-Marit

August 25, 2001

For someone who has been very vocal about her love of lace and embellishments, it astounds even me that I like the dress Mette-Marit wore the day she married Crown Prince Haakon. Ove Harder Finseth was asked to design the dress for the unlikely royal bride (Mette-Marit was a single mother with a questionable past), and he came up with a beautiful-in-its-simplicity number that evokes running water. Look at that skirt! Look at that veil! The draping is just gorgeous. The entire thing was made out of ecru silk tulle, with a veil much longer than the train. To top everything off, she wore very natural makeup, her hair in a simple bun, and her new Diamond Daisy Tiara, which has since become my favorite small tiara. While I still love lace and embroidery and embellishments, this simple dress is just divine.

3. Zara Phillips

July 30, 2011

Oh look, another non-lacy gown! 

Zara Phillips is the daughter of Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips. Unlike her cousins William, Harry, Beatrice, and Eugenie, Zara and her brother Peter are not titled and live rather quiet lives. I think her 2011 wedding to rugby player Mike Tindall constitutes the most amount of public attention Zara has received in her entire life, and with good reason - have you SEEN her dress?

As expected, the bride wore a tradition, unfussy Stewart Parvin gown. It was created in ivory silk faille and silk duchess satin and featured timeless silk tulle cap sleeves, full skirt, and corset bodice. Like her cousin-in-law Kate, Zara also had silk-covered buttons down the back of her dress, extended all the way to the hemline. Her dress had nearly no train, which I felt was perfect given the style of the skirt. She wore a cathedral-length silk tulle veil and, for the first time (publicly), a tiara(!) Borrowed from her mother, atop her beautiful blonde head sat the Meander tiara. I’m not a fan of this tiara, but I’ve only seen it on Princess Anne. On Zara, especially with her elegant chignon, it fits. Her earrings are reminiscent of Kate’s, though the center drops are just diamonds, not acorns. A beautiful, girly look from such a sporty gal.

2. Princess Claire

April 12, 2003

Claire is the wife of Prince Laurent of Belgium and is a member of the extended Belgian royal family. I’m not very familiar with her, if you want me to be honest, but I am familiar with this dress, which was the inspiration behind Princess Mia’s wedding dress in the (kind of awful) Princess Diaries sequel.

This dress is everything that I love. Designed by Natan (heavily favored by Belgian Queen Mathilde and Dutch Queen Máxima), this simple yet unsimple dress features a lace overlay culminating in long, off the shoulder sleeves and a simple train. She wore an antique veil covered with a layer of chantilly lace and a tiara gifted to her by her new family.

1. Autumn Phillips

May 17, 2008

Yes, folks, this right here is my favorite wedding dress of all time. A slimmer silhouette of this exact thing is actually what I desire for my own dress. Autumn Phillips, born Autumn Kelly, is the wife of Peter Phillips, sister to Zara, and daughter-in-law to Princess Anne. Born in Canada, Autumn and Peter keep to themselves but manage to attend many royal events, such as Ascot, Trooping the Color, and many, many polo matches with their two adorable girls. 

Back in 2008, Autumn had Sassi Holford create this bespoke gem for her wedding day.  It was made of Italian duchesse satin and Chantilly lace with an A-line skirt and a three-tiered sash at the waist. A beaded bolero (my only niggle - I much preferred when I thought it was sleeves) of ivory Chantilly lace covered the bride’s shoulders. She had a two yard cathedral-length train adorned with Chantilly lace and handmade bows, and wore a Swiss tulle veil. Autumn also borrowed mother-in-law Anne’s Festoon tiara for her big day, which fit in nicely with all the lace. I think what I love most about this look is that, unlike many royal wedding dresses, this one could actually be found in a shop and cost a reasonable amount.

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I have seen the shirtless Liam pictures and videos.

And tbh I am not sure if I want to reblog them.

I think it’s important that I say this first; I was happy, very happy when I saw one of the pictures (I only saw two that my friend sent me via text message because I wasn’t on tumblr when that happened) because, well to be honest I don’t know why I was so happy but that is my reaction to any Liam Payne :) picture really, be it one showing his longer hair or one showing him working on music making or just Liam in any picture really.
Just keep that in mind so I can move to my next points and explain why I liked the picture but disliked everything that resulted from it and why I probably won’t reblog them.

So fast forward to today… I think I have seen and watched almost all pictures and video of the occurrence mostly on Twitter (biggest fucking mistake, I know, but sometimes I like to see what stupid thing is tending) and after watching the first video (it was the video that shows the moment when louis tries and then does pull the shirt open. that one was here and the source of video is liamotra I’m not gonna link cause I’m on mobile and it’s like four am but you’ll find them in gif sets that link to a Twitter account where the video was taken from and I think the tweet reads “louis broke liams shirt” or something along those lines and on that blog mentioned you probably will find video from all angles so you can see that I am not lying) I don’t know if this is just me seeing things, I really don’t know but to me it seemed like Liam was rather uncomfortable. Louis just goes and rips his shirt open and Liam wants to button it up again but because the buttons were thorn off he couldn’t, I clearly see him trying to cover up more than once. Which takes me to my next point; the one post going around talking about how confident and comfortable Liam looks now… To me this doesn’t hold much truth. Like mentioned previously Liam seemed uncomfortable in more than one stance. The reason why I think he just kept going was because the show was going to be over soon and I also think he did it to please those present.

Now there’s another part to that one post mentioned earlier that says how “healthy he looks” and this to me is what just made me have a moment of honest sadness, anger and just really made me think of how people really see and react to Liam’s appearance. I especially thought of this because I remember making several posts related to this about a year ago. One of these posts was pointing out something he said about the only two things he ate when on tour and how unhealthy I thought it was that he was doing that and that he was being allowed to do that, then there was the open letter (I guess), that I wrote after people started calling him fat and making him feel about it and then the bmi post he did on Instagram, then there was also if I correctly remember, I think it was either an audio or a written piece where he talks about having dreams of eating certain food and waking up and being grateful that it was only a dream so that the calorie intake wouldn’t be real once he was awake. Really though there have been other times when I’ve talked about that specifically and about how people see him physically, I’ve also talked about other things that are important and matter a lot to me when it comes to Liam; like how generous he is, how sweet and caring he is, how he is so clever yet people usually dismiss it, how he is so business smart, how he is just a warm lovely person. There’s plenty to love and appreciate when Liam is involved but it usually only seems to matters to people when we talk about how skinny he looks. How he looks so healthy now. How confident he was on stage. Etc,etc, And I’m like nah. Those post I mention before all together probably add up to maybe 800 notes combined and you might wonder why the fuck that matters? Well it matters because there is also a certain post I made long ago about how beautiful I thought Liam looked during August 2013, let me clarify though that the intent of that post was not to point out that he was only beautiful because of his weight, anyway that post alone got more notes in one day than the others did in months, but then when he gained weight and the band was at a “break” and he was seen for the treckstock dinner and then for the filming of /you and I/ I clearly remember people being so nasty talking about how he looked “ugly and fat” then I made another post with mostly pictures because I thought he looked so so beautiful, still to this day I think that was one of the times when he looked happy and beautiful and healthy and rested… but a year later and that post has so little notes and I got a bunch of messages at the time about how he didn’t looked good and how he gained so much weight. Anyway, my point is that people will happily reblog and praise Liam being skinny and perceived as beautiful only when his weight is low and his abs are noticeable from outer space. And if I am being completely honest I think it is bullshit and it is so fucking infuriating to see so many people who would have not cared about him because of his weight/appearance just days before the shirt thing happened, but now they reblog all these videos and pictures and trends about the show for the only reason that Liam was shirtless and according to many “looked so much healthy and confident and better now.” when in reality I feel like he doesn’t feel as comfortable with himself as he once did, reason to why I think he has tried for so long to hide his body in not so subtle ways… because having people harass you online by telling you how fat you are does in fact affect the way you see yourself. Now I don’t know Liam personally, obviously and I can be wrong about what I just said, but because I have seen how much a word fucks people up, I do think that he is not as confident and as comfortable as he was and I definitely do not like the way people run back to him when they think he has dropped some pounds and looks so healthy and no longer has a soft belly.

So I guess this probably makes not much sense but I wanted to let it be known why I haven’t reblogged anything from that day.

Taron Egerton is a chicken nugget. Pass it on. (insp/ref)


HOLY SHIT, I just relised Sardonyx might have been hiding in PLAIN SIGHT. So recently I posted a picture from the Steven Universe comic’s and was staring at it for not good reason when I opened my eyes a little and saw it.

Here is the picture again. now look at the Funland  ride. Which looks like a four armed ballerina. But wait, don’t fusions have 4 arms wait a second why don’t we look closer

Yes maybe we need  closer look, but what is that on her forehead, it looks like a gem, IT LOOKS LIKE PEARL’S GEM. Maybe that is pearl’s gem, it might not be pearl (since she obviously dosen’t have four arms) yet maybe she’d look like that if she FUSED.

(Look sorry I’m going crazy over this one thing, yet this is the closest I can come to a Sardonyx theory)

Not the fact that this ride (or character) has red clothes on and hint’s or orange yellows and what seems to be white which seems to be very close to what a Sardonyx gem looks like

Maybe I am way off, yet I am willing for someone to come correct me so feel free to come give me your theories or your analaysis on who/what sardonyx maybe me - Stevens Stars

Sadly I have to add this, but the reason I said she’s been hiding in “Plain sight” was because my theory shows the gem as hiding in Plain sight, not because of SU Facts

I think she understands the world the most. These girls have been sheltered and taken care of. I think she understands it’s a kill-or-be-killed world, and she’s ready for that. I think she would leave the girls if she had to. She chopped her hair off. She is a true member of the Wasteland….

Interviewer: Did you have to do the hair chop, or were you already there?

It was not already there. I had quite long hair, actually, at the time, and I had had short hair when I was like 17 or something. And George saw some picture [from that time] — it was a really punky haircut, and he was like, “I really like this! Could you do it again?” And I was kind of like, “Oh, man. I’d just grown my hair out.”

But once we actually talked about the character a little bit more, and we kind of built it into her backstory, the idea that she cut her hair off to try and look less feminine, so that she wouldn’t be desirable to Immortan Joe. And once we had that concept, I was all in. I loved that about her. And I like the haircut. And then it was easy to take care of because there’s sand everywhere. I didn’t have to like deal with that.

Recent journal entry inspired by elena-ote’s pictures of her sister

(This isn’t finished yet, I have to work on the skin tone and I’m going to do the design on her face but not her actual facial features bc I suck at painting faces aha)