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You're biracial?

Yes, ik I look white af believe me; I’m half mexican/white. It honestly sucks, and I don’t blame people, for constantly being labled as “white girl” when, yes I am, but I do have more culture to my family than that.

It’s annoying having one side of my family completely ignored just bc I look like one race/ethnicity more than another

I am one of the 20 beautiful people big-nosed-elf tagged (idk where you see it but thanks Meg c:) And as for the twenty people I managed to dig up (because all my followers are beautiful okay): littleprincessdanah, conquestof-spaces, dancingsilver-elf, becauseimsostupid, leni-phantomhiveamaryllis-ostrov, blxckgoldxx, signofwish, clickthepj, adriellyay, paopufruitsandicecream, gabbipaulo, teatimewithyourlocalsassmaster, mintee-fresh, ackermans-assemble, sora7373, aaand piixelate.

I think one of the guys on IMS was flirting with me the other morning towards the end of our shift

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Yellow: 7 facts about my childhood

i had that house all the neighborhood kids would flock to bc we had a cool attic, I knew a kid named Kevin who played pokemon with me everyday despite being 16 when i was like 8 lMFAO, I broke my wrist when i was 11 bc one of my friends pushed me off a shed, took said cast off my wrist to climb up a treehouse ladder, I know all my childhood friends to this day, i was the youngest kid to get into an art contest and win it at my local library holla, my old art teacher used to be our mayor

Green: 8 facts about appearance

I have beauty marks on my wrist that look like a snake bite haha, my wrist is bent weirdly because I broke it and it healed wrong, i have a big forehead lol, i hae a lot of scars on my arms and my legs, i have a scar on my head from when i got a concussion (?? idk what else to put here haha)

Black: 1 fact about the person I like

shes a girl (:

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"I wish you were mine"

Send me “I wish you were mine” for my muses reaction.

S H O C K E D. That’s what it  was,   Jon   was   shocked.
To even hear such words to come out of  a  woman’s  mouth,
much less a QUEEN. Then again the boy didn’t have much
experience when it came to love. Jon only had Ygritte & look
where she ended up. Her Grace’s words echoed in his mind.

          She wished he was her’s ,
          but he was already taken.

Taken by his VOWS to the Night’s Watch. Besides, how can
Queen of the Seven Kingdoms ever love  a   B A S T A R D?
Was he terrified? Most definitely. He could be Lord Commander,
a bastard, King Crow as some of the wildlings referred to him.
But the title of a lover seemed to be out of reach. Perhaps it 
was because he still hasn’t gotten over Ygritte’s death. His
face fell lower than usual, almost as if he was disappointed
in himself to break a woman’s heart. A soft sigh left his lips,

         “FORGIVE me your Grace — I’m very honoured.
          To be your’s, by such a BEAUTY like yourself is
          not WORTHY for a man like I. After all I am only
          a bastard. If circumstances were different then
          perhaps we would be together. But we are from
          two different WORLDS, you live in King’s Landing
          whereas I’m stuck guarding the realms in the North.”

tbh i’m having such a crisis like i spent so much time and effort coming out and coming to terms with the way my extended family has treated me and i’m so proud of my queerness and i am still very much queer like having a boyfriend doesn’t change that. and i know they’re gonna tell me it was a phase and they’re glad i’ve snapped out of it or whatever… it’s so frustrating.

Lay me Gently in the Cold Dark Earth

No grave can Hold my body down, I’ll crawl home to her. 

Who: Wade, HYDRA and Death. 
What: Wade getting ambushed and getting his healing back
When: June 19
Where: New York
Why: idk because I hate myself.

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Snapping dogs. Bad night.

The boy was always left on the outskirts.
He was unlike any of them, a misfit.
They laughed at him and treated him like dirt.
At any change they got, they would him hit.

The boy greeted everyone with a smile.
He tried to talk to them, was always kind.
He learnt though, being along was better by a mile.
So he kept all his thoughts in his own mind.

Everyday, it would be the same nightmare.
He’d kiss his sister as she lay battered in bed.
His father with bottle in hand would him stare.
“It’s all fine, I’m fine.” When asked, he said.

But none of them ever knew the truth.

—  urthoughtslove

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if youre not on my threadlist, ive either dropped you or have lost our rp/forgotten to add to my tracker lol, feel free to come by and ask for rps or if you wanna continue one i dont have tracked currently!

ALSO im accepting m!a suggestions but i wont be starting an m!a til july since im going on a 4-5 day vacation starting saturday. please send in m!as, ill ask for more when i get back from nyc if none of them appealed to me lol

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things that are on my mind.

I know you’ll never see this, so here I go, I’m sorry I can’t say what I want to say when you’re around, what just comes out is me still mad about it, its been soo long since it happened but it feels like it was months ago, it hurt that you say that she’s none of my concern when i ask about her, I got her named tattooed for a reason. I was a dick to you today, the old me came out and i apologize for that brief moment of the old me. This will probably get back to you somehow, just don’t tear me apart again, im still recovering from this whole thing and it’s only been a year. It also bugs me that you get mad that i don’t care about some of the things you do or tell me, why do you? I don’t expect you to care about what i do but you still do, I’m guessing. Well i hope the best for you and that one day I’ll still be in her life. I miss her.

Okay guys i’m so confused. I’m getting ask notifications, but when i go to my ask box there are none there and when i try to answer them through the notification it says that it doesn’t exist ????

I want to leave
I want to leave now
I’m tired of living in a house where no one respects me and I CANT EVEN CURSE WHEN IM ANGRY CUS ILL GET IN TROUBLE