Cast from Eden

A twitch, 

all was undone. 
I snagged a string on a passing tremor,
I listen.
And contemplate what is brute force,
to buckle chain,
submit to theft,

He stole from me.
A trembling knight from time a time,
a gloater,
what fiend am I to their shadow, 
a laughter sick with teeth he folds,
he manifests,
Am I Sin,
when bent before a king to be
A shimmer.

A twitch. 


Check out this animation! (Five hours of work per second shown.)

Tim Knol (Dutch Indie Rocker), When I Am King

It has been decided… I’m going to my mom’s for Thanksgiving.

But I’ll be cooking Thanksgiving dinner at my place either the day before or the day after, because if you think I’m missing out on days of Thanksgiving leftovers, you don’t know me at all.

I am Saphael trash at the moment..
  • Izzy :Every girl wants to date a prince charming/ princess.
  • Clary :Why should I want a prince charming when I have a King that treats me like the Queen I am?
  • Clace :*high fives*
  • Simon :Why can't we be like that?
  • Raphael :Because you are a peasant.

I bought Great Big Sea- XX the other day, and this is one of the songs on the album, and despite the whole thing being epic, this is the ONE SONG I’ve had stuck in my head all week.

Love them, love this song.

so i said that when i caught up on king falls am i’d post an Official Review (by which i mean a random compilation of my thoughts) and hey i’m caught up so let’s do this. tl;dr: it’s good, i like it, i’m pumped for more. long version under the cut

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uhh the cheat police amv

when i was more into pjo and stuff i looooved viria and she was my #role model honestly. and she did this amv of “come on” and its since been my lifetime goal to make an amv of “come on”

so like. sjins farm -> dqo -> cheat police arc.

forgive me if i fuck up on the lyrics its been a long time since i actually listened to the song

- i am a man of many hats although i never mastered anything
sjin. just sjin in general. spaceman builder architect businessman farmer mage policeman king

- when i am ten feet tall, i’ve never felt much smaller
no idear

- since the fall, nobody seems to know my name
sjin watching sips n xeph jus walk away from him…. in the rain…….. honestly just feeling totally forgotten from SipsCo History and feeling like he just. doesnt matter to anyone

- don’t leave me to sleep in the stone
uh. statue sips. this is perfect

- may we stay lost on our way home
the Way Home to sipsco i bet… basically just sjin Stalling on going back to sipsco because he feels like a Massive Fucking Failure and is one too

- come on, come on, with everything falling down around me
the sipsco compound is literally falling down around sjin lmao there’s no poetic figurative language there i’m afraid

- i’d like to believe in all the possibilities
sips and sjin just Hoping that the other will come back to them one day and then they’ll be 2gether 4ever again

- try not to mistake what you have for what you hate
flashback to sips and sjin getting frustrated at Everything in tekkit because pipes wouldn’t work, everything was a disaster, the roof’s covered in grime, there’s a fire, and also a flood, sjin’s covered in blood

- it could leave, it could leave, come the morning
waking up to discover that the tekkit world was absolutely Fucked Over with sand

- celebrate the night, it’s the fall before the climb
sjindig from ftw? maybe. if the flashbacks are going chronologically here.

- shall we sing, shall we sing, till the morning
more sjindig

- if you fall forward, i fall flat
okay this is the actual nitty gritty. basically (present time) on top of that mountain where the first ep of cheat police began

- and if the sun should rise up
sun rising over the farm. sjin’s farm v 2.0

- would you come back?
flashback to sjin’s farm ep 44 where sips!!! is there!!!! some non-verbal illustration of how they got back together. like in hit the diamond when ruby yells “come to me!!!” and then sapphire jumps into her arms. yeah

- come on! [instrumental]
flashforward to the present where they’re standing on the cliff/mountain and then sjin is so happy he just runs into sips but then they fall off the cliff because sips lost his balance trying to catch sjin in his arms. they’re falling through the sky and screaming and then a cloud whips past the camera and when the cloud is off we see them flying in midair in some magical girl transformation of their minecon capes and flight.
iirc the instrumental part of the song is super long so this is plausible to be fit in to the song timing

yeah that’s all i got!!!! okay gn

Hi my name is Noctis Lucis Sephiroth Ren Caelum and I have spiky ebony black hair with an emo fringe that reaches my eyes and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Sasuke Uchiha (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Kylo Ren but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a warrior but I like my meals fast and greasy. I have pale white skin. I’m also a crown prince, and I’m heir to a kingdom called Lucis where I will become king when my dad dies (I am 20) . I’m a goth (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly black. I love Hot Topic and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a black leather short sleeved jacket over a black t-shirt, skinny black cargo shorts and black combat boots. I was wearing a bitchy expression, white foundation, black eyeliner and blue rings of exhaustion around my eyes. I was walking outside Insomnia. It was cloudy and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. A lot of Niflheim soldiers stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.