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Tim Knol (Dutch Indie Rocker), When I Am King

#7 - Edinburgh

If there is one thing I learnt in Edinburgh is that we are all made of stars. The trillion chemical elements I am made of took my heart on a rollercoaster during the two days I spent in the capital. I had never been in Scotland before, my very first steps out of Waverley train station literary made my whole body shiver. Nothing to do with the weather, which was surprisingly warm (I was soaked a couple of hours after that though); the contrast between the modern, touristic city and the hilly landscapes is just breath-taking!

I was lucky enough to visit Edinburgh on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of August, aka the last three days of the greatest international art festival: Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I went to see The RH Experience improvisation show, they were absolutely brilliant, my jaws were hurting! I just couldn’t resist, I went back the day after! I got to meet them and they are the sweetest guys. I also bumped into Jamie Paul (Jamiesface) and Hannah Witton, which made me incredibly happy :D

I went and supported Yacine Belhousse, a hilarious French comedian! I have been following his work for a few years now, but never got the chance to see him live in France, that was a special night for me then! Plus, I have to mention that he is the very first French comedian to be listed on the Fringe Festival, how amazing is that!

I had breakfast at the Elephant House, yep that famous coffee JK Rowling used to go to when she started writing the Harry Potter series; and climbed up Calton Hill around 7-ish one night to witness one of the most beautiful sunset, seagulls singing in the background. The train journey itself from Manchester was a display of amazing landscapes. 

Edinburgh is a vibrant city you need to visit as soon as you get the chance. The Fringe Festival takes place in August every year, so now hopefully you have your next summer holidays plan sorted! 


I bought Great Big Sea- XX the other day, and this is one of the songs on the album, and despite the whole thing being epic, this is the ONE SONG I’ve had stuck in my head all week.

Love them, love this song.


asoiaf house sorter~  dexter (antagonists) 

#5 - Step Away, Step Away, Step Numb

More things happened to me in the last three weeks than in the last three months. How sad is that the thing I’ve been missing the most is rambling on tumblr? Here I am, snuggling in my fresh sheets with a cuppa, and latest Warpaint album in the background. 

In three weeks, I moved 983km away from home, I lost a best friend, another one came back in my life, I found myself alone at a Dutch Uncles DJ Set, I got to see Chelsea Wolfe live for free, I booked tickets for five gigs, and of course, I lost myself a trillion times. 

How can one be so bad at reading maps? A mystery. Manchester is basically everything I’ve always dreamt about. I came here blindfolded, driven by my sweet and tender love for music (see what I did there?), and it immediately felt like home. I already have a little list of my favourite places! Cornerhouse, The Deaf Institute, the Central Library… and I surely need to do a Smiths/Morrissey tour! 

Manchester and I are definitely slowly getting into a never-ending love relationship. To be continued.

Bombay Bicycle Club - It’s Alright Now


Check out my ukulele cover of “When I Am King” by Great Big Sea!

“She walks right in she don’t even knock. It’s the girl you lost to the high school jock
She shuts the door and turns the lock, and takes your hand.
She says she always felt a fool, for picking the Captain over you
She wonders if you miss her, says she always told her sister
That you’re the best damn kisser
That she’s ever had”

Well I Can Dream!

#6 - New Town, Same Story

It feels like the whole world is upon my shoulders’ sings Paul Banks in that new album who’s just made me an emotional wreck on this peaceful tuesday night. I was talking to my beautiful friend Marina, whilst chilling on Princes Garden in Edinburgh, about how the most passionate you are, the most likely you are to be deeply broken.

I feel like I’m being stepped over by a thousand feet. My eating disorders hit me back in the face with no warnings, and every night, I’m scared to death to go to bed. I may leave to the other side of the planet, burning all the bridges behind me, I’ll never escape my own self. I am not okay.

I am so self-conscious about how pretentious, self-centered or whinging I may sound sometimes. Because I am grateful, and I have always been. I have always been grateful even through the hardest times. I believe in fate and think that everything happens for a reason. I love my new adventure in the UK, I am lucky to have amazing friends at home that I love more than anything. I just happen to be broken, and apparently, nothing can change that - for the moment at least.

The other day, I was wondering whether it was possible to feel homesick when we have no home. I have absolutely nothing to cling on in my hometown. I don’t have parents to miss, I didn’t quit a job, I didn’t have any project. It’s like my hometown was waiting for me to leave anytime. 

That doesn’t make much sense, and that’s not even close to what’s inside my head.  But I’m hurting, and somehow I have accepted that it won’t change for now, wherever I am.

I am all the days that you choose to ignore.