hi, everyone! I’m super close to my next goal so i figured i’d do some awards to celebrate, since they were the next choice on the poll i did when i hit 1k 


  • must be following me
  • reblog this post (likes will only count as bookmarks)
  • ends march 18th (in time for daredevil!!!!)
  • maybe check out my studyblr (optional)
  • one winner for each category and 2-3 runners up (depending on entries)
  • despite what everything in this post would indicate i’m not just a star wars blog so everyone of any fandom can enter <3


  • best url
  • best theme
  • best nav
  • best posts
  • best mobile theme
  • best overall 
  • best creations
  • best multi-fandom  
  • best star wars
  • best marvel
  • best dctv
  • best the 100
  • best shadowhunters
  • up-and-coming blog (if y’all got less than 500 followers submit a pic and you’ll be considered)
  • nicest blogger
  • personal favourite


  • +follow
  • spot in my updates tab/hall of fame
  • 5 promos for each runner-up upon request
  • winners get unlimited promos whenever you want for the next 3 months
  • friendship <33

Originally I wasn’t planning on doing a follow forever considering I already did one when I hit 1k followers but I’ve made so many new friends since the last one I thought I’d do another one. No one is bolded and everyone is italicized because I’m an indecisive fuck and I can’t pick favorites. In alphabetical order 


4thalbum aharrylittlechristmas arie-172 aubrihanna babygoatsaf backpacknarry bizarriall blesskimye breauxjobs buttx5 champzagne clivecalderofficial coconutcafe colormenarry cookiebutterporn craicdeal craicthatniall drunkysanta elounarry exoticharry fragmentedsummer haikunarry harryorniall harrysburberrycoat hasnochill haveadreamwilltravel haveaniall helen-prior hellathicc henrystuyles hidebehindachristmastree kryptonarry leprechauncupcakes liam1payne little-cather malikthat mandanarry memesgrl merry-kisspers missing-headache nakskov navyofficial nekedniall nialledwards niallharold niallharryzaynsquad nialllhoran niallsgifts niallslaugh nollymurs obrienschristmascheer problematicassharry sakabelle scroogezouis stagegaynarry stockhlmsyndrome styaller stylanstan sweaterhoran thejandshirt theluckynine versatilenarry visionarrys vvhitehouse xylxn yzarry zapzaynn zarriallau zarriallurl zaynonym zharriall zouislayn zzouiam


bumblingniall costcosanta floralprintharry fuckyeahzarry gagmeniall halfsleeper harryniips hoemoji lilcraiic narreyh narryster niallar niallatorrr parrotiny stockhlmniall