I’ve long had a theory that The Dreamboys were approximately as punk rock as – I don’t know – tiny baby hedgehogs and frankly, this recently unearthed poster (Thank you kitt66 and also the guardian!) 

hasn’t changed my mind one little bit.  Because I’m pretty sure the definition of punk rock is not OMG SO ADORABLE!

(Although to be fair, the action photos where he is playing (”playing”) are very slightly more plausible.) 

wow i cant believe clexa got married what a good episode

VS嵐 report

When the camera wasn’t rolling, a part of the microphone fell from Matsumoto’s back pocket. Sakurai who noticed helped putting it back in. Then, while patting Sakurai’s head, Matsumoto said, “Your head is fluffy.” Sakurai then patted his own head while laughing.

Source: https://mobile.twitter.com/mtmt_skri_bot/status/681785182743953408


redesigned apocryn’s branches to make them more clearly horns in origin, then just redesigned him entirely 

the little plates on his scalp flip up to point out when he’s angry or scared, much like a scared cat, which he is, he’s a cat (and this guy’s podtwin)

he entertains the thought because of them

of normalcy. of pulling on his disguise for good, slipping into this role permanently and watch the world crumble to ruin at his feet if only to spend a lifetime with them.

these are idle thoughts, ones that linger like snowflakes before letting the blanket of sleep and dreams wash over him to keep him sane. but in those moments of the in between, with heavy limbs and still feeling weak and not like himself, he thinks how easy this role of ‘solas the apostate’ is. how easy it can be because he’s with them and it is that ease that makes this difficult.

he could play a wolf in sheep’s clothing. settle down. kiss their forehead. hold them close. watch them grow older though it is still a horrid thought how quickened these poor souls are but…

to feel their aged skin in his hands. to feel silken grey hairs between his fingers. to watch the weight of the world turn to creases in the corner of their eyes, the corners of their mouth, turning age up into a smile with bright gleaming eyes…knowing that they smile because of him and for him and with him…

these are the thoughts that sit heavy against his eyes as he lays down each night. and these are the thoughts that have him know how big of a mistake he has made in all this.

a wolf in sheep’s clothing is useless when he grows hungry for something more than the abundant grass at his feet. he will crave more. and it will be a ravenous hunger. and his heart shall burn for what he was set out to do from the very beginning of his awakening.

besides. they never were normal. it was a disaster from the very beginning to even think it could have been, no matter how brief.

idk. full picture he had heels on but they weren’t looking right so i edited it a little. i think it was a combo of the ankle direction and the size of the feet/heels being out of proportion. but this looks okay… also cap colors!