I really have a thing for storylines where villains try to turn Dean into their obedient attack dog, but Dean fights back and successfully reclaims his own identity. Seeing him rebel against being made into a tool intrigues me so much.

Just One Kiss

A/N: Requested by the lovely @emily-jane-girl-next-door-rp  I hope you enjoy it. I struggled a bit with writing this, for reasons unknown, so I hope that doesn’t shine through the story to much.

Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean (barely)

Warnings: Fluff and angst maybe.. Probably language.  

Wordcount: 1812

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Sam Winchester was never going to be a hunter, he made that choice a long time ago. This life all started for him when his brother, Dean, unexpectedly showed up at his doorstep eleven years ago. What should have been a weekend trip to find their father turned into eleven years of fighting evil. How he ended up here, both him and Dean alive, finally finding a sense of home in the bunker, he will never understand. He always wanted the apple pie life, a nice house, white picket fence, a beautiful wife and maybe some kids, definitely a dog or two. He’s not really sure when he gave up on that hope, but somewhere along the line he had just accepted the fact that it wasn’t in the cards for him. Lately those thoughts had lured their way back into his head, after meeting you, the beautiful waitress with the warm smile. He felt stupid for even thinking about you that way, the only interaction he had with you was when he came into the diner you worked at to get some food, which he had done a lot lately. He wanted to talk to you, get to know you, maybe even ask you out, but he knew that a relationship in this life hardly ever worked out. For the time being he was happy just getting to see you, maybe exchange a few words before retreating to the bunker, falling asleep with you on his mind.

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Slay of the Century (Part 9)

Title: Slay of the Century 

Request: Request: Could you make a multi-chapter story with Dean x my personalized OC hunter 

Summary: Dean and Sam’s world gets turned upside down when they find a new friend and ally in a hunter, Jayme Sipher.   

Warnings:  Adult Themes (phone sex).  Language. 

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 Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8


Jayme’s Point-of-view 

I was a little sad to see no more of Dog Dean, but that’s life.  Neither of us had really talked about putting a label on what we were, and really hadn’t gotten the chance, as he was now gone to some little town in the state over to see his friend Cas.  I offered to go with him, but he got really weird about it and took off on his own.  

So, to take my mind off of trying to decode the mystery that is Dean Winchester, I decided to spend some time with Sam and Kevin, get to know them a little more.  

That was a bit easier said than done, with Kevin at least.  The poor kid was so closed off to me and Sam it seemed.  He came out of his room for a little bit, showing me the tablet, which was apparently the word of God he was trying to decode…nothing weird about that.  

After about twenty minutes of him showing me random symbols and telling me what they meant, I signaled for an evac to Sam.  Lucky me he is quick to pick up on those types of cues.  Which is why now I was driving down the road with Sam, on the way to the store.  He had me laughing over a story about how he and Dean used to do prank wars on each other. So was the first couple days, just relaxing at the bunker, doing miscellaneous things to pass the time.

It wasn’t until the third day, that I heard from Dean.  It was around two in the morning when my phone went off, rousing me from my sleep.  I swung my arm up, randomly feeling around my nightstand for my phone as I heard the ringtone play.  Eventually, the stupide device made it to my hands and I flipped it open, seeing Dean’s name flash across the screen.

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