Dean x Reader One Shot

Title: Dog Dean Days

Summary: Imagine having to deal with a puppy!Dean after a witch jinxed him.

Requested by the faaaaantabulous coastalqueen96 <3

Word Count: 2,292

You’d hated dogs since you realized you were allergic to them at the ripe age of 12, and since then have avoided them like the plague.  It wasn’t even until a hunt brought you and your mom to an animal shelter that you actually had full-on contact with the beasts, but it didn’t take long before your eyes were itchy and swollen, before your throat got scratchy and your skin patchy.

So naturally when Dean was turned into a dog–of all things–you weren’t certain whether the witch was trying to get back at him or you.  Sure, Dean wasn’t entirely a fan of the four-legged-mongrels but he didn’t have to deal with them; he didn’t have to feed the damned things, he didn’t have to damn-near overdose on antihistamines to keep from dying of allergies. He just had to… be. Wag his tail and shit on things and let his tongue hang out of his mouth while slobber went everywhere.

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