“Come on, it’ll be fun!” You pulled on Dean’s hand and dragged him out the bunker’s front door, the icy wind of a December morning biting at the exposed skin on your face.

     “Really, Y/N? Do we have to do this?”

     You rolled your eyes and stopped walking, your feet sinking into the wonderfully deep snow. It had already taken your best puppy dog eyes and promises of what you would do when you got back inside to get him to agree to this in the first place, there was no way he was backing out now.

     “Yes, really, and if you don’t cooperate I’m gonna start singing the song.

     His eyes narrowed. “You wouldn’t.”

     You took a few steps back and said, “Oh, I would,” a smile creeping onto your features. Then you turned and ran, narrowly avoiding Dean’s hand that shot out for you, and sang, “DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SNOWMAN??” loud enough to shake the snow off the bare tree branches.

     You ducked behind the trunk of the nearest pine and watched as Dean lumbered after you, his big feet sinking into the deep snow as he ran – or tried to – towards your spot behind the tree. It didn’t take long before he changed tactics and bent down to dig his fingers into the freshly-fallen white powder. You shrieked when a tightly-packed snowball flew past your head.

     “Dean!” you cried, running out from your hiding spot in an attempt to get further away - but you didn’t make it more than two steps before Dean darted forward and caught you around the waist, your feet flying off the ground with the force of the stop and the speed you’d been going before his arm had gotten in your way.

     You shook your head and blinked from the shock, then looked up at Dean to find him smiling despite himself. “Can we build a snowman now?” you asked innocently.

     Dean laughed and released you, his snow-covered hands leaving wet marks on your jacket. “Fine.” You squealed and threw your arms around his neck. “But only because you’re so cute.”

Day Two

Note: I will be posting these stories for the next 12 days, if you don’t want to be tagged 12 days in a row please tell me, I don’t want to annoy anyone!

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hp ship aesthetics

ron and hermione~ silly hats. random road-trips. freedom. singing along to your favorite song when it comes on the radio. warm tea in cups clasped in mittens. scarves. sheer curtains. big, shaggy dogs. perfectly wrapped presents with bows. holiday wreaths. saving the box from fancy chocolates your s/o got you. pressed roses in shakespearean plays. pumpkins. laughing so hard your stomach hurts. fallen leaves that haven’t turned brown yet. what home feels like.

dean and seamus~ warm crackling fires. when you’re so happy you feel like you’re going to explode. fireworks. charcoal. sketchbooks with rough paper. bruises on fists from fights and necks from nights with no sleep. that moment when you finally get what you’ve waited for and wanted forever. strawberries. inside jokes. being a shoulder to cry on, and having one when you need it. cheering on your favorite team. low, intimate chuckles. anticipating something so much that you’re worried you’ll be let down, but then it’s even better than you thought it would be.

ginny and lunameadows. flowers in your hair. that bubbly feeling that fills you up when you can’t stop laughing. dancing in the rain with no shoes on. sunlight after the rain clears. skirts. orange cats playing with string. spinning in a new sun-dress. babbling brooks. patterned designs. exploring in the woods. sunlight streaming through treetops, making the ground look speckled. crying without knowing quite why. scrapbooks. the feeling right before the fall. 

ginny and hermione~ notepads. black notebooks and matching fountain pens. the smell of fresh broomstick wood. sweaters. holding hands and watching the red-orange sunset. the smell of freshly-mown grass. when a prank fails but you had fun with it anyways. movie ticket stubs. old books with yellowing paper, books that have stories of their own that have nothing to do with the words on the pages and that get thicker each time you read them. a new day after a bad week.

lavender and parvati~ secrets. giggling. knowing something no one else does. old clocks and pocketwatches. constellations that you see reflected in your best friend’s eyes as you star-gaze. chapped lips. cinnamon. honey in your tea. glitter and sparkles. hour-glasses. when you apply eyeliner just a little crookedly. diaries with locks, the keys to which have been lost. origami fortune-tellers. freshly-sharpened pencils. gems on manicured nails. those nights when you feel limitless.

harry and ginny~ going to a candy shop for the first time. ordering a scotch and downing it in one. bouncy balls. driving in a convertible with the top down and your hair flying out behind you. game nights with your friends, posting silly photos and videos of all your antics the day after and smiling to yourself. the exhilaration of a long-sought victory. sun bringing out natural highlights in your hair. ripped jeans. the rush right before a first kiss.

luna and cho~ blue flowers. blank sheet music with treble clefs. ravens. sunflowers. hairs standing up on your arms and the back of your neck. flowers kept in necklaces. soft drizzles. lying in the grass, naming shapes you see in the clouds. that feeling you get after cleaning your room. duct tape dresses. ribbons. making the heart shape with your hands. tree houses. communicating through a string with a cup at either end. collecting coins. fully-stamped passports. finding a way to be okay after everything.

neville and luna~ sun-showers. stained-glass windows with the light streaming through at just the right time of day. warm milk before bed. botanical gardens at night. the smell of pure vanilla extract. random compliments to strangers. giving your friends hand-made cards and home-made gifts that are actually good. daisies. holding hands on swings. polka-dots. the giddiness of first love.

james and lily~  whiskey that burns your throat. feathers. all-nighters, working down to the wire, with only coffee keeping you going. a windswept look. binge-watching a whole season in one night. getting sunburn at the beach. classic rock. strings of mini-lanterns. snow dulling rainbow christmas lights. leather jackets. winning a teddy bear at a theme park. dusty boxes holding mysteries. going to a midnight opening of the first film of your favorite book series.

remus and sirius~ adventures. black licorice. long, complicated words you only learned the meanings of so as to impress people at parties. firecrackers. the feeling you get when your friend tells a bad joke and you laugh at how bad it is. quills. gas-lights, new orleans style, with stands and everything. plaid. the smell of oak. oxford commas. that moment when you realize it’s all about to go to shit anyways so you stop caring and just laugh.

bill and fleur~ seashells. butterflies. windchimes. swans. a sense of belonging. cobblestones. piano. light illuminating dust dancing by the window. getting paint on your clothes. shiny golden plates. plastic forks. mugs from every place you’ve been. a lot of mugs. chestnut. laughing at yourself. love songs at three in the morning. jumping in puddles. when it’s not perfect, and it doesn’t need to be in order for it to be just what you need.

Help me pick what to write next! One of each idea would be nice.

Wincest ideas

Story #1

Sam, a demon, gets pregnant by an angel named Dean, who was in a rut at that time. Being angel of the lord, Dean can’t abandon Sam and must be there for him through his pregnancy much to his disgust. Sam is a low rank demon and doesn’t like causing chaos like the others, making him a disgrace to his kind. Therefore, getting to know Dean and getting pregnant was a blessing for Sam.

Story #2

Dean was pissed and annoyed with what had been going on between him and Sam for the passed few weeks. During a solo hunt Dean got turned into a little Yorkie due to a damn witch’s curse. When Sam found him, not knowing it was Dean, he bonded with the dog. Dean never realized that his brother was hurting just as much as he was, and that Sam was in love with him.

J2 AU ideas

Story #3

Priest Jared had everything he could possibly want: a home, people who cared about him, and a wonderful job. But everything was ruined when he met a seductive teenager, Jensen. Jared couldn’t deny him and committed a great sin, in the process he lost everything and was kicked out of the community. Ten years later, Jared now working in a bookstore encountered a man who was strangely familiar. His name was Ross. As they both got to know one another, Jared finally figured out why Ross looked so familiar. It was the same boy who ruined Jared’s life. Jensen.

Story #4

Jared joined the mascot tryouts because it would be easier to watch Jensen without him noticing. Too bad it didn’t work. Jensen went up to him one day and demanded to know why Jared was spying on him. Without thinking, Jared blurted out he wanted to join the football team and wanted to get pointers from Jensen. And that lie worked. Now, Jensen offered Jared to teach him football at his house. Jared should have been happy… except he hated football.


Sam: “Dean, I’m sorry alright? Y/N kept begging that we pick up the poor                      guy.”

Dean: *turns to you* “Seriously Y/N? You know the rules!”

Y/N: “Yeah, but he was so cute! Oh, and what’s a joint?”

Dean rolled his eyes and turned to his brother, who was now giving him the     biggest bitch face. 

Dean: *sighs* “I’ll tell you when you’re older.”

Puppy Love

Originally posted by alwaysspeakkyourmind

Puppy Love 

•A/N: this is for the anon who requested apn with a character of my choice. Here you go sweetie, sorry if it’s shit, but hope you enjoy it anyway! Thank you for the request! X 

•Warnings: None?

•Words: 807

•Pairing: Dean x Reader, Dean x puppy!reader 

“So, the spell lasts for twenty four hours?”

Sam nods “Yeah, that’s what the lore says. It’s a good thing, Dean, it isn’t permanent. Be happy.”

Dean scoffs “Y/N is a god damn dog! How am I supposed to be happy?! Well, I’m not being responsible for her when she poops and pee’s and throws up everywhere. Nope. You love dogs so much, you can take care of her.”

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Say My Name

Destiel goodness

A short soulmate drabble where you can’t say anyone’s first name, other than your soulmates.

Saw this prompt on pinterest, and it just got me interested in the concept.

“This is ridiculous, Bradbury,” Dean whispered harshly, glaring at the white and gold chandeliers hanging deftly above them. He was so out of his element

He wasn’t used to wearing tuxedos and suits, he would much rather be at home, sitting in jeans and a t-shirt than be forced into…eugh…a tie.

He turned to his long time friend and huffed when Charlie gave him that puppy-dog look, jutting her lips out into a pout.

Dean felt his steely resolve waver. “There is no way I’m going to find my match here!” For full emphasis, Dean raised his arms to the elegance of the ballroom.

“Please, Winchester,” Charlie pleaded, holding onto his arm and pulling him into the large ball room where people were twirling and dancing about to the soft music playing the the background. “You are my last single friend. Everyone else found their soul mate. I need you here, I couldn’t go alone.”

“Charming, Bradbury,” Dean rolled his eyes but nodded. He couldn’t let his friend down.

He reluctantly followed his friend down the grand staircase, tie tugging at his collar in an almost painful way. They stopped at the bottom of the staircase and were met by a man in a dark suit, holding a clipboard.

Dean stopped, breath caught in his throat.

Fuck, the guy was hot. He had such amazing dark blue eyes, full, pouting lips, a tall muscular frame hidden under a dark suit. His gaze rose up from the writing on the clipboard and he smiled at the two, making him look even more gorgeous than before, if it was possible.

Dean felt his heart skip a beat. Fuck, dimples…

“Bradbury and Winchester,” Charlie said, peering at the list.

The man nodded and ticked Charlie’s name. “Good evening, Miss. Bradbury, Mr…” He looked down at the clipboard in his hands. “W…” He mouthed out Dean’s last name, trying to say it.

Dean rolled his eyes. God, the gorgeous man just had to annoy him, didn’t he. Dean’s last name wasn’t that hard to pronounce was it? No one else ever had a problem before, it sounded just as it was spelt.

“Win-ches-ter,” Dean frowned, a little bit insulted. “It’s not that hard to say.”

“I’m sorry…” He said flustered, still trying to mouth his last name. It was terribly rude of him.

Dean watched as he clenched his eyes closed, trying once again before giving up. His cheeks turning an adorable shade of pink.

Dean glared at him, sarcastically saying. “Just call me Dean,”

He narrowed his gaze at Dean, taking on his challenge. “Of course, Dean.”

Their eyes widened in shock.

“Oh…oh hell!”

Beauty or a Beast (Part 4)

Dean X Reader 

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3


Dean is sitting at the library table playing on his laptop, most likely not working. I approached Sam, who is standing near the door playing on his phone. He looks up and smiles as he notices me, then his smile turns to a deep frown when he sees my bags.

“What’s up (Y/N)? Why do you have your bags?” Tilting his head to the side like a perplexed dog, he catches Dean’s attention.

“I want to thank you two for everything you did for me; Housing me, feeding me, the whole ten yards. But I think its time for me to move on, and stand on my own two feet.” I don’t look at Dean, but I hear him aggressively stand up, and make his way to us.

“(Y/N) I know things have been kind of rough around here for the last few days, but we want you here. Please stay.” Sam’s face is sad, making me feel worse about this. I really like Sam. He was one of my best friends, but him and Dean are a packaged deal and I can’t live with someone I love, and face them every day knowing they don’t feel the same.

“Its not about the last few days.” I lie. “I’ve been thinking about this for awhile now, and it just feels like the time to be independent.” Another lie. I hoist my bag further over my shoulder. Determined to leave. Dean says nothing as I hug Sam goodbye and grab the keys to my shitty car off the table. Without turning back I open the door, and walk away from the only family and friends I have in this world.

I don’t let myself cry as I place my bags in the back seat and start my car. Pulling away from the bunker has been one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, but I know this pain will fade and staying there would be constant agony.

Driving for what felt like years, the sleepless nights finally catch up to me. Pulling over I use my fake credit card to check into a motel. After a brisk shower, I put on my pajamas and grab my phone. Plugging it into the outlet next to my pillow, I see I missed a call from Sam. He left a voicemail. I consider deleting it and never looking back, but I know years from know I will want to know what he said. So with a deep breath I push through my fears and apprehensions and hit play.

“What the hell Sammy, why did you let her leave?” That was Dean’s voice. Sam must have butt dialed me.

“ What did you want me to do Dean? Tackle her and tie her to a chair.” Dean’s voice rises.

“Yes, anything! Not just let her walk out of here, away from us!” Sam Scoffs.

“Well you did not do anything to stop her!” Dean is full blown yelling at Sam now.

“Yeah well she loves you, she would have listened to you! If I spoke it would have just made it worse, she hates me!” I can almost hear Deans pacing in the background. Sam is silent for a moment. “She does not hate you Dean. She’s in love with you.” The phone goes silent, and I think the recording is over.

Hitting the phone on the pillow, I try to make it play. I’m about to give up and hit end, when I hear Dean.

“She… She loves me?” The anger is completely gone from his voice.

“Well she did. I don’t know about anymore.” Sam still has a little venom in his voice. “I would you think you wouldn’t care. I mean you just said you don’t like her like that.” I can hear the bitch face Sam is making at Dean right now, making me smile. I hear a long sigh.

“I lied earlier. I have been in love with (Y/N) since the day I saw her behead that vamp. I was just mad, because she wouldn’t talk to me. Then I went to that bar and I got drunk and decided I was done trying. It was killing me, everyday; being so close to her but unable to touch her or tell her I loved her. Now I lost her Sammy.” The voice on the phone told me “End of messages.” And all I can do is sit on the edge of my mattress, staring at my phone.

I was driving faster then I have ever driven in my life. Before I know it was standing back at the bunker door, trying to calm my nerves. Telling myself to be brave, I knock. The door flies open, and Sam stands there looking befuddled at my sudden appearance.

“Hi Sammy.” I try to keep my voice from shaking. Sam says nothing but envelopes me in a giant bear like hug. After a minute I pat him on the back, informing him I cant breath and he drops me, half-heartedly saying he is sorry.

“Let me grab your bags.” Sam walks to my car, opening the door, while I descend the stairs back home.

“Who was there Sammy?” Dean sits right where I left, only with a tumbler of scotch in his hand. Clearing my throat, he looks up, dropping his scotch on the table in shock. Neither of us says anything as he slowly comes over to me. Before I know what’s happening, his hands are buried in my hair hand his soft, but strong lips are on mine. We kissed with such ferocity; I thought our lips might actually start bleeding from the friction.

“I’m just going to take your bags to your room (Y/N), then stay in mine for the rest of my night.” Sam awkwardly walks past us. Dean breaks our kiss to look at his brother.

“Don’t bother putting them in her room Sam, just put them in mine.” He turns back to me and presses his forehead to mine. “I love you. Please don’t leave me again.” His eyes shut as if releasing some painful part of him.

“Never.” Is all I say as I bring my lips up to meet his again. He picks me up and I wrap my legs around his waist. With our lips still attached to each other’s, he blindly steers us to his room.

He throws me on his bed, causing me to giggle. Turning off the lights he takes off his shirt and tackles me, so he is caging me on my back, hovering over me. He caresses my cheek, and then plants a very soft kiss on my lips.

“I love you Dean Winchester.” His grin lights up the dark.

“I love you too, (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N).” Warmth fills my chest, feeling beautiful for the first time in my life; wrapped in the arms of the love of my life.

The Request

Dean/Castiel - Modern AU - AO3

@deanandhiscas, @marymotherofhunters, @cains-mane

It was only a kiss, how did it end up like this, it was only a kiss-” Dean was singing from the top of his lungs. The house was empty, there was no one but himself and the dog to hear him make a fool of himself. It was a perfect evening already.

Jealousy, turning saints in-into the sea,” Dean called, spinning in his room and narrowly avoiding a tumble when the rug beneath him twisted. “But it’s just the price I pay-” he continued, grinning ear to ear as Chief barked along with him. “I’m Mr. Brightside-

He probably looked like an idiot, but Dean couldn’t bring himself to care. He wasn’t much of a singer, no matter what his friends said. He also wasn’t a dancer by any means, acting like a dying robot more than an accomplished entertainer.

But Dean loved these moments to himself, kicking it in his room and pretending he was on that stage of his dreams, rocking harder than the classics, proving he was more than anything anybody had ever thought him capable of.

Yeah, that was the dream.

I’m coming out of my cage, and I’ve been doing just fine-” Dean spun again, this time spinning a little too far and catching the rug around his ankle. “Agh!” He shrieked just before his chin collided with the wooden floor.

Splitting pain erupted through his head, heart pounding in his ears as he blearily opened his eyes. Chief was wagging his tail, sniffing around Dean’s face with concern. A good lick to his nose had him sitting upright in no time, and Dean groaned as his body fought back in protest.

“Doing just fine,” Dean muttered, glowering as he rubbed his chin. His fingers came away with red liquid, and Dean cursed. Just his luck.

He stumbled out of his room and down the stairs to the kitchen, Chief trotting close behind him. Dean soon found the cupboards holding the band-aid’s and ointment. He was quick to put it on, frowning at how ridiculous he was going to look going in to school tomorrow with a band-aid over his chin. He could only hope it would be better by then.

Dean was just putting the box of ointment back on the top shelf when he heard a knock at the door. Casting a glance at Chief, to which the dog only tilted his head, Dean made his way to the front door.

“Hello-?” Dean stared.

It was his next door neighbor, or rather, their neighbor’s son. The Novaks had moved in next door only a week ago. Dean remembered the other boy from when his mother delivered a homemade welcome casserole.

His name was Castiel Novak. At least, Dean was pretty sure that was it. He didn’t plan on saying the other boy’s name until he heard it spoken by somebody else again. Making a fool of himself in private was one thing. He wasn’t prepared to do it in front of somebody else. Especially not a cute somebody else.

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Terrible Things Part 4

Imagine Dean taking you out on a date.

Author: hogwartsismyhometoo

Word Count: 3,538

Read Part (1) (2) (3)


“Do not leave this motel room, you hear me?” Dean shook his finger vigorously at his younger brother, shooting him a look stern enough to make anyone else freeze in their tracks. Sam just laughed.

“Don’t worry, Dean. I’m not gonna go looking for trouble, all right? You just enjoy your date.”

When Sam smiled a little too widely, Dean crossed his arms over his chest and scowled. “Stop it.”

Sam pressed his lips together to stop from grinning and blinked up at him with huge, puppy-dog eyes. “Stop what?”

“That. That—look. You’ve got that ‘isn’t-Dean-adorable-and-so-easy-to-tease’ look.”

“Well. You are an easy target.”


“Okay, okay.” Sam held up his hands in surrender and busied himself with turning on his laptop. “I’ll shut up now. Have fun.”

But Dean wasn’t satisfied. Sam’s cheeks were still twitching with barely suppressed glee. Dean frowned at him from the doorway.

“I don’t have a crush on her,” he said defensively.

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Dean’s been used to having a bed to himself since he was 12 and told Sammy he was too old to share anymore. Except maybe for Lisa, he’s never really been with anybody long enough to think it’s normal to share a space so intimate. 

So it was weird when he started sharing a bed with Cas. He hardly slept at all the first few nights, and Cas kept asking him over and over if he was all right and if he was sure this was OK.

But then on the fourth night Dean fell asleep within minutes, Cas’ arm wrapped tightly around his waist and his face pressed into his hair. When he woke up in the morning, he was in the same position. Like magic.

It takes Dean a few weeks to realize it, but it turns out he loves sharing his bed.

So when Sam brings a mutt home from the dog shelter, Dean has no qualms about making a spot for her at the foot of his and Cas’ bed.

She tangles in their feet and wakes them up in the middle of the night and sometimes crawls up to rest her head on Dean’s belly or occupies the space directly between them so they don’t get to touch all night or relentlessly licks their ankles and whines until they pet her–

Dean should be annoyed. He thinks maybe a few years ago he would’ve been. He liked his own space too much.

But now, as he’s scratching the dog’s head and staring up at the ceiling while Cas reads next to him, he finds himself saying, “We should get another dog.”

femamerica13  asked:

For Harry Potter AU, Spock is Herimone, Jim is Ron, and Bones is Harry.

Instead of Aragog it’s a giant tribble and Jim is terrified. 

Uhura is Ginny and she is just so, so unimpressed by everything these three idiots do.

Khan is Voldy and most of his show downs with Bones are predominantly Bones yelling at him

Harry Mudd is Lockhart and Spock has a huge crush on him and Jim and Bones never let him forget it

Pike is Dumbledore and Bones spends a lot of their solo time trying to improve the school’s safety standards

Scotty is Hagrid. His dog is a robot. He turned to muggle engineering when he was kicked out of Hogwarts

Chapel is McGonagall and she just has no time for Jim and Bones’ bullshit. She’s fond of Spock, though

The Gorn is Draco and he just keeps trying to fight Bones, it’s surreal

Cragge and Goyle are both Tellarites

Sulu and Chekov are Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnigan and Chekov has a curse on him that when he says “Russia” something nearby get set on fire and that’s why he keeps burning things

Rand is Luna, M’Benga is Neville. The Weasley twins are both Kevin Riley. 

The giant snake of Slytherin is actually the Horta and they don’t kill her, they save her and her children

Fluffy is another of Scotty’s terrifying robots

Quirrel is that dude from the Jack the Ripper ep, the little bald guy who was possessed by Jack the Ripper, but in this he’s possessed by Khan instead.

Spock drinks polyjuice potion in second year and turns into half a unicorn dog

The Durmstrang students are Klingons and the Beauxbaton students are Orion. This means Spock is hot for a Klingon, sorry, I don’t make the rules.

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Dog Gone Dean

Supernatural One Shot


Warnings: None (I Think), Jealous Dog Dean

Word Count: 4,845

Summary: What happens when you hate dogs? Well, you get turned into one naturally.

A/N: A cute, fluffy, hopefully funny one shot that I really needed to write because of everything that is happening right now in my life.

If there was only one thing that you and Dean agreed on it would be that you both hate witches. They think that they’re better than everyone else because they are on the PTA and drive a mini-van. And so they sit upon their high horse and curse anyone that they don’t like.

This particular witch was particularly annoying. And she took a liking to Dean.

But witches weren’t a match for you and the Winchesters. They never seemed to be. After a short battle and a spell that she didn’t get to finish, the upstanding member of the community was now a witch kabob.

“God, I hate witches,” Dean groaned as he rubbed his shoulder that was thrown against a wall.

“You and me both,” you agreed and ducked into the backseat of the Impala.

The plan was that the three of you were to spend the night in town and then set out towards the Bunker in the morning. It was always best to get some sleep and to come down off the adrenaline high that you always had when you fought monsters before you set out on the road.

Dean was the first one to take a shower, him being high maintenance and all. Next it was Sam and then finally it was your turn to take your shower. And you didn’t mind taking your shower last because it meant that you could take as long of one as you wanted because there was no one waiting to take one after you. The warm water felt nice against your tired skin. And that was the one good thing about these motel rooms. They never ran out of hot water.

When you got out of the shower Dean was already in bed and Sam was catching up on his reading. You smiled at the sight of that. Sam rarely ever got the chance to read for the enjoyment of it and whenever he did, for some reason it made you happy.

You crawled into bed next to Dean and he wrapped his arm around your body pulling you closer to him. He kissed you on top of your head before you drifted off to sleep.

You woke the next morning to someone licking your face. You squeezed your eyes shut even tighter trying to push Dean away from you. You expected to come in contact with his bare chest but not fur. Your eyes popped open and instead of Dean you were greeted with a German Sheppard that was looking at you.

You glanced around the room to look for Dean but he was nowhere to be seen. Sam was still asleep on his bed. There had to be a reasonable explanation for why there was a dog on your bed next to you instead of your boyfriend.

You scanned the room again hoping that the keys of the Impala would not be seen but they were sitting on the nightstand next to the bed. Your stomach sank.

Last night you fell asleep next to Dean and you woke up next to a dog.

“Dean?” You asked your voice unsure. Dean couldn’t be a…dog.

And much to your dismay, he barked back in reply.

You popped up out of bed, staring at the dog…well Dean.

“Sam,” You called out trying to wake the sleeping giant but he didn’t move. “Sam!”

Still no movement. You looked back at Dean, your heart started to beat faster. Dean looked at you and then over at his sleeping brother and you could have sworn that he was smiling. Could dogs smile? Then Dean jumped from your bed onto Sam’s bed and started licking Sam in the face.

“Dean,” you hissed. “Dean, get back over here.”

He glanced over his shoulder at you and then back at the sleeping man underneath him but Sam still hadn’t woken up.

If a dog could sigh you knew that Dean would. Dean walked around the bed to Sam’s back and started nudging him with his head. Slowly Sam started to wake.

“What the hell, Dean?” Sam asked trying to push his brother away but he froze when his fingers came in contact with fur, much like you did. He popped up in bed and pointed a gun at the dog that was now frozen, recognizing the object. Dean whined and jumped off the bed to hide behind you. You glanced down at Dean and noticed that his hackles were standing up on end. Man or beast, Dean didn’t like having a gun pointed at him.

“Y/N, why the hell is there a dog in here?” Sam glanced over at empty bed where his sleeping brother should be but wasn’t. “And where’s Dean?”

“Um,” you chuckled and stepped out of the way to unblock Dean. “This is Dean.”

Sam stared at the dog that was his brother who was wagging his tail.

“My brother…is a dog?” There was apprehension in his voice.

“Listen, I’m just as confused as you are but he answered to Dean and the keys to the Impala are right there so he didn’t go out anywhere,” you pointed to the keys that Dean wasn’t going to be able to use in his current state.

“What?” Sam looked just as dumbfound as you felt.

“I don’t know but your brother is a dog and now we have to figure out how to change him back.

Sam groaned as he climbed out of bed. “And to think that I was looking forward to be back in my own bed by tonight. Do you think that the witch did this?” He asked putting on a shirt and opening his laptop to start researching on how we could change Dean back to his human form.

“That’s my guess. The witch did start saying a spell but she never finished it. Could spells still work even though it wasn’t completed?”

Dean barked and you looked down at him. He was probably trying to say something that could help you find a cure but he was barking not speaking.

“Sorry, Dean, I don’t speak dog.”

Dean barked again.

“Well,” Sam looked back at Dean like he still couldn’t believe that his brother was a dog but honestly it really didn’t surprise you. With half the crap that the three of you dealt with, it’s a miracle that something like this hasn’t happened before. “I’ve never seen it done before but I suppose so. Maybe the reason why he changed into a dog now instead of when she cast the spell was because there was some delay because it wasn’t finished. God, Dean, what have you gotten yourself into this time?”

Dean barked again almost like he was trying to defend himself.

It’s not my fault that I’m a damn dog. It could have very easily been one of your two.

You reached down and scratched between Dean’s ears absent-mindly. You had a dog when you were a child and you remembered that you use to pet your dog all the time behind the ears and he loved it. It was almost like second nature to you. You looked down at Dean to see that his tail was wagging. He seemed to like the fact that you were petting him. He liked the attention.

Then something caught his attention. He ran from your side and jumped up on the chair that was next to the window and pushed the blinds aside. And then he started barking at whatever was outside. You sighed as you marched across the room and grabbed Dean by the scruff of his neck and pulled him away from the window. Of course he wouldn’t come without a fight. Sam peeked outside and looked back at Dean.

“Really Dean, it’s just a squirrel.” He sighed.

You looked down at Dean and he looked back up at you. “You could at least try to act like a like a human being.”

He whined.

Of course I can’t act like a human. I’m a damn dog!

“Well, what are we going to do about this, Sam? As much as I want a dog, I kind of want my boyfriend back,” you sighed.

“I don’t know,” he closed his laptop and stood up. “I’m going to go to the library and see if I can find anything about witches turning people into dogs. You…” he glanced at Dean. “You stay here with Dean.”

“Great,” you sighed. “Yeah, I’ll babysit Dean.” You plopped back down on the bed and Dean jumped up next to you, his cold, wet nose brushed against your cheek. You pushed him away from your face. “Dean, some rules. You aren’t allowed anywhere near my face with your wet nose and wet tongue, you understand me?”

If he did, he didn’t let you know. A moment later, Sam had taken the keys to the Impala and he left to go to the library. You grabbed your laptop and leaned against the headboard of the bed. Dean crawled next to you. And then it was off to research.

After searching endless websites, you still came up with nothing. But there was still that was dog sitting next to you, covered in fur that smelled awful.

You look down at Dean and you scrunched your nose up at him. He smelled. He smelled really bad. And he was sitting on your bed.

“How do you already stink?” You asked. “You’ve only been a dog for a few hours,” Dean cocked his head at you, one ear sticking up and the other flopping over itself. He really was a cute dog. “Oh don’t give me that look. You know you stink and I know you won’t let me give you a bath either.” You stopped talking, a thought crossed your mind. “But you probably don’t care. In the dog world you probably smell wonderful.”

Dean barked at that.

“Oh, shut up. You’re not in the dog world right now. You’re with humans like you should also be.”

He barked again.

If you and Sam could hurry up and figure out a spell to turn me back to a human then I won’t stink anymore. You imagined him saying.

“Yeah, yeah, I know. Sam is finding a way to fix you.”

Dean whined at that and you realized your poor choice of words although it did make you wonder if you got him fixed as a dog if it would make his flirtatious attitude disappear.

You returned your gaze to you laptop. A few minutes later Dean jumped off the bed and ran to the door. You looked over at him as he sat down.

“What do you want, Dean?”

He glanced at the door and then back at you.

“I don’t speak in head gestures either, Dean,” you sighed.

Dean looked at the door again. Then he stood up and walked over to the bathroom where he stood for a few seconds before walking back to the front door. Finally, you realized what he needed. You groaned as you slid off the bed and walked over to the dog. Before you opened the door, you slid on his hunting boots that were sitting next to the door.

When you did open the door, Dean ran to the patch of grass that was under the motel sign. You turned and rested against the doorframe to give Dean a little bit of privacy. Although he was currently a dog, he still had the mind of a human.

He came trotting back to you and licked your hand. You stepped back inside the room and closed the door behind you. Dean jumped back up on your bed and curled into a ball. You kicked off Dean’s boots by your bed and woke your laptop back up. The room was too quiet. You were so use to hearing at least the breathing of Dean (as a human) or him humming under his breath as he researched. Now that it was silent. You didn’t know what to do. Turning to your phone, you decided to turn on some music. Dean’s ears perked up when he heard classic rock float around the room. You couldn’t help but chuckle. Even as a dog, he liked to listen to music. A few moments later, he started to howl. You stared at him confused for a second before you realized that he was trying to sing along to the music that was coming from your phone.

“Really Dean? You’re a dog. You can’t sing.”

But he ignored you, and continued to howl.

You shut your laptop. “Okay, we’re going for a walk,” you sighed and this time you grabbed your shoes to put on. Then you turned to the eager dog. “Now, I don’t have a leash so that means your going to have to stay by me and if you run away from me, I am going to grab the keys to the Impala and leave your ass here and you’ll stay a dog forever. Okay?”

Dean barked and you took that as a yes.

“Okay, good, then let’s go.”

There was a park that wasn’t too far from the hotel and that seemed to be the perfect place for Dean to get some of his energy out and for you to take a break. The fresh air always seemed to do you good.

Dean actually stayed by your side the entire way to the park, which surprised you.

There was an empty park bench that was just screaming your name. You made a beeline to it and sat down with a huff. Dean looked at you for a moment and then started to survey the people that were there. Several people were out jogging. Some had their dogs and were playing fetch with them. Dean looked at one couple and back at you, his head was slightly cocked to the side. Then he ran off. You sighed again not wanting to get up but it turned out that you didn’t have too.

Dean came trotting back to you with a stick in his mouth. He dropped it at your feet and looked up at you patiently. He wanted to play fetch.

You bent over and picked up the stick.

“You want to play fetch, Dean?”

He wagged his tail.

“Okay,” and you threw it with all your might. Dean took off from where he stood and chased after the stick that had landed several yards away.

He came back moments later and dropped the stick in your lap, his tail was wagging so hard that it was nearly shaking his whole body.

You were about the throw the stick again when a scream tore your attention away from Dean.

“Doggy!” A girl that was about five ran up to Dean and started to pet him. Dean turned his attention to the little girl and much to your surprise Dean rolled over and the girl started rubbing his belly.

“Ashley!” Another scream redirected your attention. “Ashley!” A young man came running up to you and the little girl that you assumed was named Ashley. He seemed slightly out of breath. “Ashley, you can’t just run from me like that. And…” He looked down at Dean who Ashley was still petting,” You can’t just run up to dogs and just pet them without their owner’s permission. Did you ask the pretty lady if you could pet the dog?” He asked looking up at you.

You could feel blush creep up on your face.

Ashley looked up at you. “Can I pet your doggy?”

“Sure,” you smiled. She was adorable.

The young man stuck out his hand for you to shake. “My name’s Steve and this…”He gestured to the small girl. “Is Ashley although I assume that you already figured that out. And you are…”

“Y/N,” you replied. “And that’s Dean.”

Steve looked down at Dean. “Well, Y/N, you have a very pretty dog. Seems fitting. A pretty dog for a pretty girl.”

This time you did blush.

“Well…thank you. Now is this your daughter or…”

“Oh no. Ashley is my niece. My brother is out of town and wanted me to take care of her. She’s a handful, though. Sometimes I feel like I am her father.”

You chuckled. “I know what you mean. Dean is a handful himself,” Dean whined as he looked over his little dog shoulder to look at you. You smirked at him.

Then his back leg started to shake and the girl scratched at the spot even harder.

“Looks like you found Dean’s doggy spot, didn’t you Ashley?” Steve looked down at the little girl who looked up at his uncle beaming.

Ashley scratched Dean for just a little longer before Steve cleared his throat.

“Come on Ashley, we have to go. Now, thank the pretty lady for letting you pet her dog?” Steve said.

Ashley stood up and Dean rolled back to all fours.

“Thank you ma’am for letting me pet your doggy,” she thanked.

“Why your welcome.”

Steve grabbed Ashley’s hand. “It was nice meeting you Y/N. Maybe I’ll see you around sometime,” he said and left with a wink.

That didn’t go unnoticed by Dean. You heard the growl in the back of his throat as Steve turned and led Ashley away from you.

“A little jealous there, Dean?” You chuckled.

Of course he would be jealous of you and Steve. I mean he was a dog. It wasn’t like he could show his affections towards you as a dog.

After another throw of the stick you finally decided that it was time to go back to the motel room. You tried to make Dean drop the stick and leave it there in the park but he seemed too proud to let go of it.

You sat back down on the bed and Dean dropped the stick on the floor before he jumped up next to you.

“Um, no. Dean get down. Your feet are all muddy. You’re going to get the bed dirty,” you said as you pushed him off the bed.

He whined as he jumped off the bed.

“Aw, don’t be so sad, Dean. Hopefully Sam can find a way to reverse the spell and you’ll be human again and then you’ll be able to sleep in the same bed as me.”

You turned on the TV and you were finally in control of the remote. Usually Dean was the one that picked what y’all were going to watch and for once you were glad that you weren’t watching any of that Dr. Sexy M.D. crap. Now, don’t get me wrong, you loved a good cowboy-boot wearing doctor but whenever there were reruns of that show, that was the only thing that he watched. And if you even thought about changing the channel he would kill you.

Your stomach growled alerting you that you were, in fact, hungry. You realized that in your discovery of Dean turning into a dog, you never got anything to eat. You slid off the bed and walked over to the small fridge that had peanut butter and crackers sitting on top of it. You felt something cold and wet brush against the back of your leg and you looked down to see that Dean was sitting by your feet, his eyes followed your hands to the food.

“Are you hungry, Dean?” You asked holding out the peanut butter in your hand.

Dean barked as too answer you.

“Okay,” you grabbed one of the plastic spoons and dipped it into the peanut butter and then held it down by Dean’s mouth. He sniffed at it before licking it off the spoon.

You couldn’t help but laugh at Dean as he continued to lick his lips even though the peanut butter was off the spoon. You threw away the spoon and grabbed another one and sat back down on the bed. Dean followed you, his head low, as he was still licking trying to swallow all of the peanut butter. You knew that you were going to have to pay for that when he turned human again but it was too funny to watch him as a dog try to eat peanut butter.

The door opened and Sam walked into the room just as he pocketed his phone.

“Okay, that was…”He stopped and looked at his brother who was still licking. “What did you give him?”

You held up the jar of peanut butter and smiled. “This.”

“Y/N…that’s just mean,” Sam replied looking at his brother who was still struggling with the peanut butter but you could see the small trace of a smile on his face. “How was Dean? Hopefully he hasn’t caused too much trouble yet.”

You looked down at Dean. “No, he’s been a good boy. I took him to the park earlier today because he was being annoying and I learned two things about him. One…he has a dog spot and two…he gets jealous of people who are out with their niece that flirt with me.” Sam laughed. “Now, did you find out how to turn him back or are am I now going to have a dog as a boyfriend?”

“Well, I just got off the phone with an old contact and they said that, luckily, the spell isn’t permanent. Since the spell wasn’t completed, he’s only going to be a dog for a little while. Which is also why he didn’t turn into a dog yesterday. The bad news is, we’re not sure how long the spell is going to last. Could be a couple of hours, could be a couple of days.”

You groaned. A couple of days. You weren’t sure if you could put up with this dog for a couple of days. The few hours had been enough.

“Well, knowing that, I say that we can head back to the Bunker. I don’t know about you but I am ready to sleep in my own bed.”

Sam nodded and started packing up his stuff. You were glad that Dean had decided to pack last night before he went to bed because you most certainly didn’t feel like packing his stuff. As you and Sam were packing up the Impala, Dean passed you with his shoes in his mouth. He set them in the back seat before running back inside the room to grab his bag. That seemed to be a little more difficult to put in the Impala. He couldn’t keep the whole bag off the ground so he was half dragging, half carrying the bag. Then there was the whole problem of actually getting it into the car. You stood in the doorway watching Dean struggle for a couple of moments before you finally decided to help you.

You and Sam made a quick sweep of the room to make sure that you had collected everything and then you grabbed the keys to his car.

Dean was sitting by the driver’s door of the Impala like he thought he was going to drive. You got down on his level and held his face with your hands.

“Dean, honey, you’re a dog, you can’t drive us home,” you said before kissing him on the top of the head.

Then you straightened up and opened the back door and gestured for Dean to get into the backseat. But he didn’t move. He still didn’t want dogs in the Impala even though he was the dog.

“I don’t know how you’re going to get home if you don’t get into the car, Dean,” you sighed as you put your hands on your hips.

He looked at you and then the open back door but he made no move to get in the car.

“And I promise I won’t scratch her, Dean.”

But he still didn’t move.

“What?” You whined. “What do you want? Do you need to go pee before we go?”

Instead he stood up and still faced the driver’s door.

“You want to sit in the front with me and Sam?”

He barked.


You sighed again and shut the back door. “Fine. But you better slobber all over Sam because if you slobber over me, then I will crash the car.”

“I heard that Y/N,” Sam said shutting the motel door behind him. “And Dean, if you do slobber all over me, you’re going to be walking back to the Bunker.”

“Hey, that’s a little mean. I say that we would get him fixed? What do you think about that Dean?” You joked remembering Dean’s reaction when you accidently picked the wrong choice of words. Sam laughed on the other side of the Impala.

Dean barked loudly trying to tell you and his brother that he did not approve of that idea.

“I wouldn’t mind that,” Sam said ducking into the Impala.

You opened the door and Dean jumped into the front seat and sat between you and Sam.

Somewhere during the drive, you started petting Dean. And somewhere during the drive, Dean rolled over onto his back and you rubbed his belly. You found the doggy spot that the little girl had found earlier today and scratched it. Dean couldn’t help but kick his foot. And the person that was on the other end of his foot just happened to be his brother. Sam grabbed Dean’s foot and held it to stop him from kicking him.

“Y/N, quit,” Sam growled as he pushed Dean off of him.

You looked down at Dean who whined as he tried to sit back up so he wouldn’t be kicking his brother any more.

“You hurt his feelings, Sammy,” you said looking down at the sad little face that was staring up at you.

“Yeah well, even as a dog, he’s annoying,” Sam grumbled.

Dean barked as if to argue that he wasn’t annoying.

“Well, he’s my annoying little dog/ human boyfriend.”

Sam kept casting his brother sideways glances as Dean laid his head down on your leg. He fell asleep to you scratching the top of his head.

The trip home wasn’t that eventful. Around lunch, you stopped at a little diner that allowed dogs to come inside. Sam sat on one side of the booth while you and Dean shared the other seat on the other side. You told him that you weren’t going to by him anything to eat because a dog didn’t need to eat hamburgers but after several puppy dog looks and him whining at every burger that passes your table, you finally caved in and ordered him a cheeseburger. His tail wagged the whole time while he ate. And you still couldn’t believe that you bought a damn dog a hamburger to eat. You were most definitely spoiling him.

Life as a dog was good for Dean.

You pulled into the garage of the Bunker north of midnight. Sam didn’t really say anything other than a quick goodnight to you and Dean as he made his way to his room. Everyone seemed to be tired. Even Dean, in his energetic dog form seemed to lag in his steps.

The two of you fell asleep curled tight around each other. He licked your face once as a good night kiss and you gave him a sleepy smile. Driving all day was tiring.

You just hoped that your boyfriend would turn back into a human soon.

You weren’t sure what time it was when you woke up but it felt like you were being crushed by something and it was unbelievably hot. Groaning, you tried to roll over, but the weight that was on top of you didn’t move. It took your tired brain a moment to realize that there was no longer a dog sleeping next to you.

Instead, it was a very naked Winchester.

With all of your might, you pushed Dean off of you. What you didn’t know was that you were sleeping on the edge of the bed so instead of Dean landing on the bed, he landed on the floor. A hurt whine greeted your ears as you peeked over the bed.

Dean stared back up at you, his green eyes shining bright in the dark room, rubbing his head.

You smiled down at him.

Then out of nowhere, he popped to his feet, jumping on top of you, his whole body was wiggling as if he was still wagging a tail that he no longer had. You squealed out in protest when he actually started licking you.

“Dean!” You exclaimed through a laugh. “Dammit Dean, stop. You’re a human now. You don’t lick people.”

“But you didn’t have a problem with it when I was a dog.”

“Right because you were a dog. Humans don’t lick other humans. Now get off of me before I push your ass off this bed again.”

He whined as he rolled off of you.

“You treated me nicer when I was a dog,” he complained as he pulled your close to his naked chest.

“Yeah, well, I like you better as a human.”


I swear to Chuck that this is a daddy!Destiel moment. 

Like, it’s perfect.


“Cas!” Dean calls from his office. “Cas! Come here!”

Cas leaves his sandwich half finished and sticks it above the fridge, because last time he left it on the counter, Rumsfeld stole it. Damned dog.

“What is it, Dean?” Cas walked in the room to see their daughter, Jude, in her Elsa dress. Their three year old practically lived in Disney princess dresses, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Watch.” Dean says with a huge smile.

Jude correctly names all the Led Zeppelin riffs Dean plays, then requests “Rock and Roll” as she dances about the room. The pride in Dean’s face is palpable when he turns to his husband. Cas can’t help but to grin back.


Dean x Reader One Shot

Title: Dog Dean Days

Summary: Imagine having to deal with a puppy!Dean after a witch jinxed him.

Requested by the faaaaantabulous coastalqueen96 <3

Word Count: 2,292

You’d hated dogs since you realized you were allergic to them at the ripe age of 12, and since then have avoided them like the plague.  It wasn’t even until a hunt brought you and your mom to an animal shelter that you actually had full-on contact with the beasts, but it didn’t take long before your eyes were itchy and swollen, before your throat got scratchy and your skin patchy.

So naturally when Dean was turned into a dog–of all things–you weren’t certain whether the witch was trying to get back at him or you.  Sure, Dean wasn’t entirely a fan of the four-legged-mongrels but he didn’t have to deal with them; he didn’t have to feed the damned things, he didn’t have to damn-near overdose on antihistamines to keep from dying of allergies. He just had to… be. Wag his tail and shit on things and let his tongue hang out of his mouth while slobber went everywhere.

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Imagine you are a hunter who was turned into a dog by a witch, and you go to Sam for help.

And he gets really nervous when you turn back and he realizes you are insanely hot.

“Do you… Like her?”


“… You got problems man.”

“Shut up Dean!!”

(Full Fic)

“Puppy Love”

You scratched at the door awkwardly, making a high pitched noise with your throat. Sam Winchester. He was here. He was the only one who could help, or so you hoped. You scratched with your nails again, making the noise louder. You hoped his brother wouldn’t be here. Rumor was, he wouldn’t help. Not in your, condition.

The door opened to reveal a man, about six foot four, towering above you.

“Hey… What are you doin here huh?” He spoke in a small voice kneeling down to check the leather band on your throat.

“No tags huh… Where did you come from? Is someone missing you?” He scratched behind your ears and smiled. You sighed. Time was running out. You couldn’t stand to mess around any more (even though the ear scratching felt really good). You ran past the man and jumped onto a bed, sniffing around. The bed smelled different from Sam, so you figured it belonged to the older brother.

“Hey! Oh no… Look you have to go. Dean’s gonna be back soon, and he doesn’t like dogs…” You tried to speak, but a sharp bark was the only thing you could pronounce. You jumped off the bed and ran in a circle, jumping and trying to get Sam to understand. He only laughed.

“What’s gotten into you huh?” He tried to reach down to grab you, but you slipped away, running to the other side of the room.

“Come on girl. Come here.” Sam patted his leg and whistled. You stared at him and sat down, folding your ears back in annoyance. Sam walked towards you, and you darted in between his legs. You ran under the table and began to sniff around a duffel bag underneath.

“Hey! Get out of there!” Sam crouched down and tried to grab you. Frustrated, you nipped at his fingers.

“Ow!” He recoiled and you turned back to the bag, searching for a book of spells. Sam crawled under the table, catching your collar. You grabbed the book between your teeth and whimpered at the sharp tugging on your throat. Sam immediately retracted his hand apologetically. You took the chance to run out from under the table with the book. Sam grunted, stuck in between the chair and table legs. You giggled mentally as your tail wagged.

As if on cue, the door opened to reveal another man, a couple inches shorter than Sam, and wearing a leather jacket. He was whistling a Metallica song and twirling his keys. He looked up at the scene before him and his whistling faltered. The motel room was in a wreck and you sat in the middle of the room with the book, wagging your tail.

“Sammy? Why is there a dog in here?” Sam grunted as he pushed the table over.

“She uh… She kinda just ran in…” Dean sighed and rubbed the back of his neck.

“You know she can’t stay right?”

“She doesn’t have any tags Dean. I figured, maybe she could stay with us until we find her family. Put up some signs?”

“No. Not happening. Just leave her outside. She’s slobbering all over the books Sam! We need that for the witch!” You set down the book at the mention of the witch and barked, jumping on Dean. He growled and attempted to push you off. You ran in a circle around Sam, whining, before going and fetching him the book. Sam looked at Dean.

“Um… Why is she dancing around like she understands us?” Sam just shook his head and you barked at Dean. “Stop that!” You growled and walked to sit next to Sam.

“Hey,” Sam kneeled next to you. “Can you… Understand us?” You tried your best to nod. Dean shook his head.

“What the hell is going on…?” Sam flipped through several pages of the book before he stood, looking at Dean.

“A spell. The witch must have turned her into a dog or something.” Dean rolled his eyes, obviously not convinced.

“Well then how the hell would she have known to come to you?”

You jumped up, barking. You tried your best to speak in different tones and pronounce the name Bobby.

“Bob… Bobby!? You’re telling me Bobby told you we were here?” You nodded again.

“Then she must be a hunter. Maybe she was on our same case.”

“This is insane…” You barked at Dean and he shot you a look. “Well let’s just say this is some cursed hunter asking for our help. How the hell do we turn her back?” Sam studied the words for a couple moments.

“We have to perform a spell-breaking ritual with the blood of the witch who cursed her.”

“… Awesome. We already know where she’s hiding out so we’ll go tomorrow. You,” Dean pointed at you. “You’re sleeping on the floor.” You whined and folded back your ears.

You rolled over on the rug uncomfortably. Sighing you looked at the boys, both fast asleep. Sam had fallen asleep doing research on the spell, book still open on his chest. You jumped up as carefully as possible (the body you were occupying was not particularly small, but at least you weren’t huge). You curled up next to him, closing your eyes, and praying he wouldn’t mind.

“Hey…” A finger poked at your ears. “Psst.” You opened your eyes groggily and your gaze met Sam’s.

“You’re uh… You’re on my chest… I can’t get up…” You stared at him for another moment, blinking. Then you remembered. You had climbed into Sam’s bed. Blushing furiously under your fur, you jumped down and walked away awkwardly. Sam just chuckled and got up to make breakfast.

“Eggs?” You looked up, nodding your head, thankful the fur covered your blushing skin.

“Let’s go.” Dean cocked his gun and got out of the car. He hadn’t been particularly happy about you tagging along, but you were stubborn.

Sam let you out of the car and cocked his gun as well. You sniffed the air, picking up the scent of the bitch who cursed you. Growling, you ran ahead, causing cries of protest from the brothers.

“God damnit!!” Dean cursed as he ran after you, Sam following close behind.

You ran into a dark room, looking around aimlessly as your eyes adjusted. A force suddenly threw you against a wall and a pained bark escaped you. Sam burst in just as the lights came up to reveal the witch.

“Aw little puppy brought a friend!” Sam raised his gun.

“Let her go.” The witch giggled.

“No! You’re going to have to kill me first sweethear-” Sam cut her off with a shot to the head. Dean peeked in from behind his brother.

“Well… You didn’t waste any time with that one did you?” Sam ignored him and knelt down to your level as you walked over.

“You okay?” You nodded.

“Good. Let’s do this then.”

You sighed. Sam said it was going to take a couple hours for the spell to wear off. For now, you sat in the apartment, waiting for the boys to return with food.

Your back itched uncomfortably, and you looked over, praying to god you weren’t getting fleas. You noticed several small bald spots. You cried out suddenly when pain tore through your body. Your bones crunched as they readjusted, resizing and shaping.

Suddenly, it was over. You opened your eyes and looked at your body.

Back to normal! You got up and studied your hands and feet, feeling you hair and face. You smiled and laughed. Thank god! You stopped short when you realized.

You weren’t wearing any clothes. Panic gripped you as you looked around. They were going to be back soon! You dug through the nearest duffel as you searched for something to wear.

Sam and Dean walked through the door, arguing about something, when you peeked out from the restroom. The boys fell silent and Sam’s face went red.

You were wearing one of his flannels and a pair of his boxers.

“Um… Hi…”

Just a little story idea I had. Hope you enjoyed it!


“Come on, tell me Sam! Is Cas gonna propose or not?”

Rolling his eyes, Sam was laughing internally. He knew that Dean had already purchased a ring for Cas, and vice versa, but they weren’t succeeding at being subtle around each other, and neither wanted to propose if the other already had it in mind.

Sam had to share this with Charlie. Reaching in his pocket Sam cursed. “I left my phone at the diner. Wait here.”

Turning on his heel, Sam made to go back across the road, just as a lorry swerved to avoid a dog. It all happened so fast. The beep of a horn, Dean yelling his name, and a rather hard body colliding with his own.

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AU where Sam and Cas volunteer at a pet shelter

•Sam leans towards the dogs, and Castiel to the cats
•Castiel makes fun of Sam for always have to walk like 10 dogs at once, but Sam messes with him because he has to clean out the litter boxes
•Sam starts screaming, and this makes Castiel run into the room, but it turns out that he’s just being attacked by the puppies
•Sam takes a selfie with a sleeping Cas and sleeping kittens
•If any of the animals are going to be euthanized soon, Sam and Cas adopt it, so they end up having about 25 animals in the bunker (driving Dean crazy)
•When Sam and Castiel fall asleep together, the dogs and cats form a “dog pile” on and around them