When a wolf falls in love with a sheep

“This heart-warming romantic comedy takes place at Nanyang Street, the most famous "cram school” street in Taipei City. A young man works at a copy shop where his life is a boring routine of copying test papers for students. One day he finds a drawing of a sheep mixed in on the test papers, which leads him to an unexpected journey.“

My lesson in Nanyang Street is over. I didn’t become a smart guy. I’m still the student who studied the wrong textbook. But I’ve learned one thing.

The answer does fall from the sky. But on the condition that you have to shoot the answer up to the sky in the first place.

- When a Wolf falls in love with a Sheep

My recent fav movie ^___^

The Bechdel, Russo, and Race Test: When a Wolf Falls in Love With a Sheep

In the Taiwanese film When A Wolf Falls in Love With a Sheep, a young man’s (Tung’s) girlfriend mysteriously disappears. The only thing she leaves behind? A note that says that she is going to cram school.  

Tung waits for his girlfriend hoping that one day she will return, but when she never shows up, he winds up getting kicked out of their shared apartment. Luckily, Tung is saved from living on the streets and in destitution from a random man who offers him a job and a home at a copying business. It is from here onward that Tung comes to meet a whole random assortment of people, and through them (and one woman in particular) he learns not only new things about people and their relationships with others but about himself as well.

The Bechdel, Russo, and Race Test

When a Wolf Falls in Love With a Sheep passes the Bechdel and race test but does not pass the Russo test.

There are a couple of named women in When a Wolf Falls in Love With a Sheep who speak to each other on occasion and because there is one instance where named women not only talk to each other, but talk to each other without mentioning men (e.g., Pao-Pao begs Yang to stay at the cram school), the film passes the Bechdel test. The film also passes the race test, and When a Wolf Falls in Love With a Sheep easily passes this test because every conversation that occurs in the film passes all of the requirements of the race test since the entire cast is Asian and White people are never mentioned by any of the characters.

In regards to the Russo test, When a Wolf Falls in Love With a Sheep does not pass this test, and the film does not pass this test because none of the characters in the film are identifiably LGBTI…