南方小羊牧場 | When a Wolf Falls in Love with a Sheep | 2012 | Directed by Hou Chi-jan

really just looks like your everyday romance comedy film with the boy-meets-girl-falls-in-love scenario. However, in a world we might consider quite the opposite of romantic — stressful, suffocating cram schools–at Nanyang Street.

The love story is subtle, simple, and sweet.

 The film is likely to resonate with a Taiwanese audience; one that is moved by the deeper discussion of diminished love and abandoned lovers. Which is why this film was a super hit and very success. And the chemistry between the two leads is really matched and natural–enough to explains why people are crying and loving this film so much.


When a wolf falls in love with a sheep

“This heart-warming romantic comedy takes place at Nanyang Street, the most famous "cram school” street in Taipei City. A young man works at a copy shop where his life is a boring routine of copying test papers for students. One day he finds a drawing of a sheep mixed in on the test papers, which leads him to an unexpected journey.“

My lesson in Nanyang Street is over. I didn’t become a smart guy. I’m still the student who studied the wrong textbook. But I’ve learned one thing.

The answer does fall from the sky. But on the condition that you have to shoot the answer up to the sky in the first place.

- When a Wolf falls in love with a Sheep

My recent fav movie ^___^