when exo

exo the type to

suho : stare out a window dramatically when a sad song comes on

chen : zoom into the pixels when a sim is showering

lay : close his eyes when watching a steamy scene with his parents when its actually frm his own movie

baekhyun :  cut open a bag of chips with scissors

chanyeol :  swear in club penguin and risk getting banned because yolo

kyungsoo : faint during a wedding frm happiness

xiumin : make it thru a yellow light

kai : press a toy at the mall and when it wont stop making noises,he walks away like nothing happened 

sehun :  point at the menu instead of saying the food’s name

Ya know, I wish I knew Korean not because I wanna watch idols without subtitles but so I can freaking scream the songs I love in my car rather than just hum along to the beat and wait for the one English word.