when zayn says CAN I HAVE A LIFT UP it's so cute

You Guys Fight But Try To Hide It From Your Friends (pt. III)

don’t worry, i’m nice this time. i wrote it exactly how you deserved it. if you’re reading this i love and appreciate you more than anything and everything. 

pt. 1 ,, pt. 2

Your phone rings in the middle of the night. You don’t get up to answer it.

It rings again, later. You weren’t sure how ‘later’ it was, but this time you were more irritable. “Who the hell is calling me right now?” You groan. You lift your head up from the comfortable dip that you had created on your pillow and reach blindly for your cellphone on your bedside table. 

Your eyes were shut until the very last second, so when you see his face and his name flashing blindingly, you let out a yelp. And just before it can click off and go to your voicemail, your thumb presses Answer

“Hello?” You sit up in your bed suddenly alert and very much aware of the lateness of the day–or the early of tomorrow.

His voice comes fast and sort. “I made a mistake.” The room is silent except for the sound of your heart thudding rapidly in your chest. “I shouldn’t have…I shouldn’t have went off on you like that, or stormed out, or left without saying goodbye, or hesitated to call you until now.”

You swallow a lump in your throat before stating, “That’s a lot of mistakes.” 

He lets out a long breath, and you can hear people moving and talking over the line. You wonder where he is, and what he’s doing. A sharp pain hits your chest when you realize you have no idea what he’s been up to. “Yeah,” Harry sighs. “I’ve been a jackass.”

“I’ve been a petty bitch,” you blurt out. There’s a stunned silence. “It’s true. I should’ve supported you more. Unconditionally,” you say, “that’s what I promised you. And I do. I support you.”

“But I love you!” Harry’s words tumble over yours messily. “And I love Darcy! I can’t believe I’m so selfish. I just need you both for the rest of my life!”

You’re smiling, and you don’t know why. “Harry!” You exclaim, a tad bit frustrated. “You have to finish this movie so Darcy and I can go see you on the big screen! You have to do this, this is huge!”

Harry hesitates, and you hear him whisper Give me a second before shuffling and confessing, “But I already miss you and Darcy so much.”

“That might just be because of our stubbornness, though,” you try. “Trust me, it’s going to get a lot better once we start organising daily calls and such.”

“It sounds like you really want me to stay in France.”

You sigh, “I want you to become the best person you can possibly be. I want you to do what you want and not be limited by anyone, not even Darcy or me. I know it would absolutely kill you to turn down this movie, so don’t! This is your big break, Harry. And I believe you will absolutely smash it.”

A long silence. Then his sharp and clear reply, “I love you so fucking much.” 

Tears pool in the small oval crest of your eyes and you smile silently to yourself. “I love you too. So much. Now, it sounds like you have to get going.”

“I do,” Harry says honestly. “Promise you’ll call me tomorrow when you wake up?”

“Of course.”


Months later. 

You and Harry stand side by side on the red carpet at the Dunkirk premiere. 

Cameras flashing back and forth, your names being shouted from the mouths of the paparazzi, you couldn’t be happier. And it seems as if Harry could sense it radiating off of your skin. 

He turns to you with a cheeky smile, whispering into your ear, “You look happier than you did on our wedding day.”

You flush, and you turn to face him, his arms still wrapped tightly around your waist. “I’m so proud of you,” you murmur. “I’m so, so proud.”

“You sound like my mum,” Harry teases. You look off to the side to see a patient and beaming Anne. “You look absolutely gorgeous today, do you know that? Absolutely gorgeous.”

You press your lips into a thin line. “I bet the tabloids would beg to differ.” 

Harry surprises you by tightening his grip around you and leaning in closer. His voice is deep and soft as he says, “Don’t. You are the most beautiful person I have ever had the pleasure of laying eyes on.”

You smile and wink. “Right back at you World’s-Most-Handsome-Eyes-And-Chin.” 

He laughs, “Oh shut up.” 

fem!larry fic rec masterpost

Because fem!larry is a blessing.

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Love love LOOOOOVVEEE the update! It's my favorite fic atm and I'm so so happy! <3 Can I request for a scene? Of course you don't have to do it if it won't fit the story line but I hope you could make a drabble of some sort :p I want to see Harry's reaction the first time he heard Dex called Louis 'Ma' which is really really cute by the way I love the 3 of them so much! Hope you'll update soon! (but i dont mind waiting take your time :D) THANKS FOR THE WONDERFUL STORY!!!

Oh look! I was supposed to do a drabble and ended up writing a mini-chapter on it…oops? 🙈 Sorry for the long wait, love. I hope this was what you were after! 

You Smell Like- Extra Scene!

Note: This scene takes place somewhere between Chapters 6 and 7 :)

Harry was usually good with babies. He had this way of knowing what they were crying about and how to soothe them. This knowledge had served him well when it came to his own son. At least, it had until today.

“Mac!” Dex had been sobbing out the word all morning and neither Harry nor any of his Betas had the faintest idea what his child meant.

“Maybe he wants a bath?” Liam suggested, discretely covering his ears as the toddler continued his piercing cry.

“How the f-fudge does the word ‘mac’ sound like ‘bath’ to you?” Zayn growled, hands clapped over his own ears.

Harry sighed. When Zayn and Liam started snapping at each other…well, that just showed how on edge Dex’s tantrum was making them all.

Perrie had walked into the room twenty minutes ago, taken one look at the frantic werewolves surrounding Dex, and disappeared out the door with a vague murmur of needing to call someone.

“Here!” Niall shoved his laptop in front of Dex and the toddler paused mid-cry to study it, face mildly confused.

“Uh…Niall?” Cara blinked at the disgruntled-looking blonde, “What are you doing?”

“He said he wanted a Mac!” Niall defended, looking at Harry for back-up.

Harry had to physically restrain himself from face-planting.

“Niall,” Liam groaned, echoing the words everyone was thinking, “The kid isn’t talking about Mac computers. He doesn’t even know how to work a computer!”

As if to reaffirm Liam’s point, Dex started crying again, even louder than before.

“I need more caffeine to deal with this shit,” Zayn muttered under his breath, slinking off into the kitchen.

“Dada! MAC!” Dex wailed again, kicking the laptop away with one small foot.

“What do you want, babe?” Harry asked despairingly, picking his son up from the sofa and rocking him in the hopes that it would get the boy to quieten down, “Are you tired?”

“Or bored?” Nick asked.

“Do you want a toy?” Liam offered.

“Or my computer?” Niall chimed in.

“Seriously, Niall! Just drop the idea of-” Liam was cut off by a familiar voice saying, “He’s hungry.”

Harry didn’t hold back his sigh of relief as the welcoming scent of Louis flooded through the Manor, wrapping around him like a caress. Behind Louis, stood Perrie, a phone in her hand and a smug look on her face.

It took Harry a second to notice that Dex had stopped his wailing the moment he had spotted Louis and was now staring at him with something akin to relief.

“We tried to feed him!”

“He didn’t want bananas!”

“Are you sure he doesn’t want my computer?”

How Louis managed to understand anything from the sudden clamour of voices directed his way, was a miracle.

“No, Niall. He doesn’t want your computer,” Louis answered the blonde first, petting his hair to stop him from pouting, “And you may have fed him but he’s got something specific in mind, don’t you love?”

“Ma!” Dex shouted, happily, “Mac!”

The boy’s face was still damp with tears but apart from that, there was no sign of his earlier grief. He kicked his legs out until Harry took the hint and lowered him to the floor, watching with a pounding heart as Dex crawled up to Louis and lifted his arms. He snuggled  into Louis’ arms when the man picked him up.

“Nothing beats a good mac and cheese,” Louis agreed, approvingly, tilting his head to the side in an obliging manner so Dex could rub his cheek against his neck.

Harry watched them with an overwhelming fondness in his heart. Then, his mind finally registered what Dex had called Louis.

“Ma?” Nick beat him to the question, raising an eyebrow at Louis and…smirking, for some reason.

Louis scowled at Nick but he still blushed, sending Harry a quick, half-embarrassed shrug.

“It’s his way of trying to say ‘Tommo,” he explained but there was something about the way he avoided Harry’s gaze that suggested it ran deeper than that.

Before Harry could ask, Louis was turning away to survey the rest of the Betas.

Harry could tell the exact second Louis picked up on their restlessness (an entire morning with a crying toddler resulted in a lot of agitated werewolves!) from the way he narrowed his eyes.

“Alright, you lot. Go for a group run. You look like you could use one,” Louis told them.

Most of the Betas seemed delighted with the suggestion, Zayn actually dragging Liam out the door by the arm without so much as a backwards glance. Niall though, lingered a little, wanting to play with the other wolves but also wanting to stick close to his Alphas.

Or, more specifically, Louis. All of them adored Louis and Harry couldn’t fault them one bit.

Dex didn’t seem too happy with Niall’s decision because he started to gently gnaw on Louis’ skin while staring pointedly at the blonde. Harry’s breath caught in his throat as his son marked Louis, his teeth leaving behind tiny red blemishes on his best friend’s neck.

Louis didn’t seem to mind, if the way he held the boy even closer was any indication.

It was natural for Dex to feel so possessive, Harry thought to himself. After all, Dex had bonded with Louis more than he had with any other pack member and the boy was still just a child. Too young to know how to control his instincts.

Then again, when it came to Louis, Harry often found it difficult to control his own instincts. Even now, Louis’ scent was drawing him closer, his wolf responding to something in the pleasant smell.

“Niall, go for a run, please?” Louis phrased it as a suggestion but Harry noted the subtle changes in his body language-the way he straightened his back and pushed back his shoulders as he looked the Beta directly in the eye- that made it clear that it was a command.

Niall whined softly until Louis rolled his eyes and scratched behind the Beta’s ears.

“I’ll save you a plate of mac and cheese,” Louis promised.

That seemed to be what Niall was waiting for as he grinned before bounding out the door to catch up with the other Betas.

Louis turned to face Harry, the fond smile he had worn when speaking to Niall, softening into something even fonder.

“You alright there, Hazza?”

Harry nodded, his feet walking towards the younger boy before he could stop himself.

“Yeah,” he murmured against Louis’ neck, nuzzling against the marks Dex had left on his skin, “Thank you.”

Louis made a soft noise in his throat, a sound Harry felt compelled to hear more of, before pulling away and fixing the Alpha with a cheeky grin.

“So…would you like to cook or shall I?”

It was in the interest of preventing his kitchen from catching on fire, that Harry cooked. And if he made a bit extra so Louis would have a plate to eat…well.

Louis may have murmured, “You shouldn’t have, Hazza”, but he still ate every bite as Harry’s inner wolf preened with satisfaction.

That night, when Harry was tucked into Louis’ bed with Dex in between them, the toddler murmured, “Ma,” in his sleep, unconsciously reaching out for Louis.

Even in the near dark, Harry could detect Louis’ flushed face and the way his heartbeat climbed. There were a few seconds of silence before Harry managed to clear his throat, fighting past the onslaught of emotions that clawed at him to murmur, “Do you mind him calling you that?”

Louis shook his head, biting his lip as he replied, “No. I..I kind of like it.”

His voice was a trace more hesitant when he added, “Do you mind?”

Harry felt his wolf calm, a low rumble similar to a purr building up in his throat and he couldn’t explain just how right it felt when he murmured back, “No, it’s…nice.”

Louis huffed out a laugh, murmuring something that sounded like, “nice”, under his breath but he didn’t protest when Harry pulled him closer.

Dex sighed happily between them, curling his hands possessively against Louis’ shirt.

Harry’s wolf watched over the pair until both Louis and Dex were asleep. As he drifted off to sleep, he couldn’t help but notice that his wolf was content in a way it hadn’t been for years. 

Thank you for giving me this idea, anon! I thoroughly enjoyed writing it 😘 xx

Stand Up (Ashton Irwin Imagine)

Imagine Masterlist

Back Story

High school wasn’t what I had expected. At least not what I expected for myself. I was that unimportant little freshman that walked through the hallways all alone with her head buried in a book. Kids would bump into me in the halls and I would just put my head down and walk away…but I got sick of that fast. I wanted to make a name for myself.  By my sophomore year, I had gathered up the courage to try out for the one sport I was decent at…basketball. To my, and everyone else’s surprise, I actually made the JV team as the starting forward. The varsity jocks still didn’t give me a second look, but I was slowly climbing in the ranks. When I finally got to my senior year, I was like the queen bee. Not the snotty, pink skirt, lip gloss kind, but the letterman jacket and skinny jeans kind. I finally made first string on the varsity team and everyone knew who I was after we won the state championship last year. I was finally a cool kid.


I was walking down the hallway with the rest of the girls’ basketball team and about half of the boys. Zayn Malik, captain and starting point guard for the boys’ team, was on my right. He was cool and everything, but he wasn’t exactly the nicest guy. Everyone knew who he was, but only because they all feared him. Anyone who wasn’t in his clique was always put down either verbally or physically. I always felt bad for the poor kids because I remember what its like to be them, but I couldn’t do anything about it. I had worked so hard to become what I am and I couldn’t jeopardize it.

I started walking faster because my favorite class was next. I absolutely despised Spanish , but i had this massive crush on the boy I sat next to. His name was Ashton and we hadn’t really talked much, but he always seemed to say the right things when we did talk. He wasn’t exactly the cutest guy out there…he wore glasses and his hair was straightened into kind of a fringe thing, but honestly, he was still the cutest thing in the world. He had this stutter that made him that much more adorable to me, but I could never let any of the others know for my sake and his. I sat down at my chair next to the window and Zayn walked in after me and sat down 3 seats back. I glanced up and say Ash with his cute red bandana around his head. I quietly looked down and blushed. What am I doing? Get it together.

“H-hey y/n.” he said softly taking his seat next to me. OH MY GOD.

“Hey Ashton.” I smiled. I could feel Zayn’s eyes burning in to the back of my head as I talked to Ashton. I couldn’t figure out what his deal was lately. He was so clingy. I mean I knew he liked me, but I don’t date jerks.

“Hey Ash, can I ask you something?” I questioned.

“Y-yeah?” He wondered.

“I’m not too good at this past tense stuff, could you maybe help me out like after school or something?” I can’t believe I just did that.

“Um a-are you s-sure you want m-me to help?” he stuttered.

“Of course! You’re like the smartest person in this class!” I assured him.  Did he not want to hang out with me? I was so insecure now. Why would he want to hang out with me anyway, I’m nothing special. I looked up to see that he was blushing at the comment I had just made. God he was so cute when he did that. He quickly nodded his head yes and I was freaking out on the inside.

“Cool,” I said swiftly, “let’s meet at the library after school.” I smiled and walked out as the bell rang.

 I couldn’t contain myself during last period. I just wanted to get out of there to go see Ashton.  Mr. Horan, my English teacher, saw my restlessness and decided to let me go early because I had finished all my work. I quickly thanked him and ran down the hall to my locker. I was consumed with thoughts of Ashton. I mean how cute would he look trying to teach me with his cute brow all furrowed and what not. Oh my gosh he is so cu-. My thoughts were interrupted by the sounds of something slamming against lockers. I turned the corner slowly and came face to face with the back of Zayn’s letterman jacket. Harry and Liam were next to him and they were hitting something…or someone. I was just going to slowly back away until I heard a small cry.

“Please?” It was almost a whisper, but I could make out that it was a boy’s voice and not just any boy.  Ashton. I turned back around praying that I wasn’t right. I had to be hearing things. I walked up behind Zayn and I could see the familiar bandana on the floor next to a pair of broken glasses and I knew I was right. I didn’t care about my reputation anymore. They only thing I cared about was Ashton.

“What the fuck is going on here?!” I screamed not realizing I had even spoken. All the boys turned to look at me, including Ashton. He was beaten pretty badly and I could see that his left eye was beginning to swell shut.

“Ah y/n, just the girl we’ve been looking for.” Zayn said and I wanted to smack the smirk of his god damn face. “This little shit claims that you two have a study date this afternoon,” Zayn continues, “and I was just reminding him that he should stay within his social ranks.” Zayn and his goons began laughing hysterically while Ashton just lied there. I had to help him.

“Are you fucking dense or something?! I can hang out with whoever I want and that is none of your business!” I was hysterical by this point and I think I was actually scaring them. “Ashton happens to be the sweetest, smartest, most amazing boy I ever met and if you three want your balls intact for the big game tomorrow then I suggest you make yourself scarce!” They looked at me with fearful eyes because they knew I don’t fuck around when I’m pissed. They quickly removed themselves from the scene and I bent down by Ashton. He was slumped over in the ground in pain and I had to lift him up and get him to my car before the bell rang.

“Ashton I am so sorry, this is all my fault.” I didn’t even realize I was crying until I felt the all too familiar sting of water running down my face. “If I hadn’t asked you to hang out then you would be fine.” We made it to my car just before the bell rang. I was pulling him into the passenger seat when he finally spoke.

“Its n-not your fault those g-guys are d-dicks.” He chuckled weakly. I smiled at him and grabbed his hand. He was bleeding pretty badly out of his nose and I decided that I would take him to my house since it was closer. We pulled into the empty driveway and I realized that my mom wouldn’t be home for a few hours yet. Thank God. I didn’t want her asking why the first boy I brought home looked like he just got hit by a car. I sat Ashton down on the couch and went to the kitchen to grab some frozen peas for his eye and the first aid kit for some of the cuts.

“You’re a g-good nurse.” He laughed softly. “You didn’t h-have to help me b-back there.” He looked up at me with one hazel eye. I could tell he was trying to make me feel better about the fact that he got beat up because of me.

“So you would rather me have left you there and you could die from internal bleeding?” I remarked sarcastically.

“Well no,” he chuckled, “Someone w-would have c-come along eventually.” He hissed when I dabbed the alcohol on the cut on his eyebrow. “But I am glad that you are the one who is helping me.” He added.

“And why is that?” I was gaining confidence as was he. His stutter began to disappear as he got more comfortable.

“That means I get to spend more time with you.” Oh my god. He did not just say that. He was blushing almost as hard as I was at this point. Its now or never.

“Ash, can I ask you something?” I was still putting rubbing alcohol on his other cuts and he would wince in pain every so often.

“Shoot.” He said. He has this new found assurance in himself that was making me go weak at the knees.

“Would it be weird if I kissed you?” Here we go. No turning back now. With that he leaned in slowly. I was trying to be careful not to hurt the cut he had on his lower lip, but  he didn’t seem to care. I started to take off his shirt when he stopped me.

“Woah there,” he smiled, “a little eager are we?” He was a completely new Ashton. Confident and sexy and I didn’t know what to do with it. I decided to play it cool.

“Actually, I was going to look at the bruises on your chest and stomach,” I retorted. He looked a little embarrassed at his assumption so I quickly pulled his lips back to mine and slid my hands down his torso. “But whatever floats your boat baby.” Wow, that sounded a lot cooler in my head. I laughed at my dorkiness and he chuckled softly. I pulled away from his lips and he groaned at the loss of contact and tried to pull me back. “I have to fix your face!” I giggled and he leaned back with a look of disappointment on his face. “Just think, the faster I clean you up, the faster we can get back to this.” I said as I placed a small peck on his lips. He surrendered and I continued to clean him up, and I know we were both looking forward to when I was done. 

Part 2? message me i you want one :)

ariana grande & danielle peazer {dirty imagine}

“ariana this is danielle!” my friend perrie shouts to me over the loud music of the small club. i lock eyes with this beauty shaking her hand as she takes the seat next to me. “any good bands here?” she whsipers into my ear sending a chill down my body. i nod looking to her. she smiles crossing her legs getting comfy in her stool. perrie takes up conversation with a few people behind her leaving me and danielle in a awkward silence, to be honest if felt more like sexual frustration more than awkwardness. “come here often?” she asks. “yeah, i like to come and see the local bands.” i say practically yelling at her. “need a drink.” she comments pointing to the bar down on the lower area. “want me to get you anything?” she asks getting up. i shake my head finally getting a full view of her outfit. its dark in the place but i can tell shes wearing no udies or bra. “fuck.” i mutter not paying attention to see shes looking right at me as i check her out. “are you sure?” she repeats with a smile knowing she caught me. “what? uh yeah iam sure.” i say awkwardly. she bends over the table to ask perrie if she wants anything and bringing my suspicion to be correct, no udies. her bare ass just being right next to me gets me soaked. she glances to me as she stands back up. “enjoy the show?” she whsipers in my ear with a grin playing with my hair. i look up to her as she walks down the stairs to the bar. a band begins to get arranged on stage. not a mintue later a loud screech hollers through the club making everyone flinch. “sorry! ” the lead singer shouts as he untangles himself from the wire snaking around his ankles. i put my attention back on danielle as she rejoins us with two drinks in her hands. “here you go perrie.” she says handing the fruit colored drink to her. “thanks!” she smiles turning back around to the stage. “hes cute.” she smiles. “which one?” i ask scanning down at the five guys. danielle stares at me as i talk to perrie, i let my dress ride up my thigh. “the lead singer” she says shooting me a thumbs up. i laugh. looking back to danielle shes playing with her drink as she mouths “your such a tease.” “says the one without undies.” i mouth back. she smiles taking a sip of her drink. “want a taste?” she whispers as the band begins to play. “not of the drink.” i flirt. she grins, “wasnt talking about the drink.” her hand slips between her legs moving nice and slow. she moans loud enough for me to hear her. she leans towards me “please touch me.” she whispers almost begging. i let my hand drop pushing hers aside and touching her dripping clit. she moans pushing my hand deeper. i smile grabbing her thigh with my free hand pulling her legs apart. thank the lord we were the only people up here. i slip two fingers into her, she straightens up not expecting it letting go of a loud moan. perrie is too hypnotized by the tattooed, dark haired babe on stage to hear or see anything or anyone else. “fuck ariana.” she moans grabbing a grip of the table. i ram my fingers into her pussy, making her mouth curse words. i suck down on her neck whispering dirty things into her ear. shes a mess as she builds up to her climax, but i dont let her cum. when i feel her walls clench aroud my fingers i pull away. she sighs, pouting. her hand slithers down rubbing her clit. “no no no.” i say slapping her hand away. “ill make that pussy cum.” i whisper. “do it please.” she begs. perrie turns around making both of us act normal or as normal as possible. “ werent they great!” she smiles. we both nod not even realizing the song was over. “yeah.” i agree watching danielle rub her legs together. “i need to cum.” she whispers knowing ill hear her. i smirk. the band who just played on stage comes to sit at the next table to us. the lead singer eyes perrie, as she tries not to freak out. the dark haired boy sits at the chair closest to her. i glance at danielle she just sips her drink pissed off. i giggle watching her. “your gunna get it bitch.” she mutters. “hi iam zayn.” the boy introduces himself. “hi.” perrie smiles blushing a little. they hit it off right away. danielle pushes my hand to her core, rubbing her slowly i smile watching the other boys making sure no one catches us. “please.” she cries softly gripping my arm. i glance to perrie as she tells him how much she loved the performance. i grap dani hand dragging her towards the darken hall by the bar. she slaps my ass once we reach the entrance to the hall. “shit.” i hiss looking back at her. “what?” she smiles innocently. the first door to our right is open, so i pull her in not really caring if its a bathroom or supply closet. once the door is shut and locked she slams me against the wall kissing me roughly. i could taste the alcohol on her lips as she slips her tongue fighting with mine, dani moans into my mouth running her hand along the side of my body feeling every curve i have. she pulls me to this table lined along the wall. “sit.” she mutters. she pulls up my dress until its at the top of my stomach then she focuses on my undies. her lips press against the thin fabric kissing my pussy. “ahhh.” i moan lifting my legs. she smiles slipping my panties off. she kisses my thighs softly then sticks her tongue inside me. “danielle fuck yes baby right there.” i gasp as she grips my hips pulling me off the table a bit. she hums rubbing my clit causing me to scream out. “ahhhh fuckkk.” i moan loudly grabbing her head pushing her head more into my pussy. “you love it when i eat this pussy huh?” she purrs looking up to me. i nod leaning against the wall not capable of moaning. a knock from the door causes her to pull away. “occupied!” she shouts standing up. “but …” the guy starts but dani cuts him off by saying,“ i said occupied!” “lay down ari.” she whispers peeling her clothes off and climbing on the table with me. i smile obeying knowing exactly what shes thinking. her pussy hovers over my face, i grip her hips pushing down. “mmm.” she hums playing with my clit. i shiver feeling her soft lips give a gentle kiss on my inner thigh. “such a pretty little pussy.” she mumbles licking me. i take a deep breath rocking my hips as she starts picking up her speed. i push my tongue into her making her moan into my pussy causing me to moan. i ram two fingers in her, she screams my name. i wrap my lips around her clit sucking down roughly as my fingers move around finding her spot she loves. “yes baby there.” she whimpers arching her back. she starts eating me out once more humming and rubbing down hard on my clit. i feel my body starts getting lost in my high, she cums shortly after i do being louder than ever. “thats exactly what i needed.” she pants sitting next to me. i smile wrapping my legs around her waist. danielle wraps her arms around me pushes us together. we kiss a few more times before we return to perrie and her new friend… 

💙💙💙hope you liked it sorry if it was that good. tell me what you think ! thanks for reading! xx💙💙

One Direction Preferences #17 - He's Over Protective (DARKISH?)

A/N: Okay so an Anon requested that I do one where you’re sick and he’s over protective for you. I can only do so much with that one idea so not each boy will be the whole ‘you sick’ kind of thing. Also not all the boys are really dark but I tried to make a few dark. I feel like they aren’t that good but whatever..Enjoy! Feedback is loved and request are open xoxo

Harry: He hums softly to himself as he fills the mug up with tea peering under his eyelashes to see your curled up figure on the couch. Smiling to himself he places the kettle back on the turned off stove before mixing your green tea. Bring the mug up to his lips he blew on the hot liquid not wanting his baby to get burned. Finally deciding that it isn’t that hot Harry walks over to your body grinning widely as he takes you in. You nose is red, you hair is pulled into a sloppy messy bun, you have on his large sweater with a pair of leggings, and you had wrapped yourself in many blankets. Are dark and twisted it may sound Harry loved having you sick. You where a very independent girl but when you where sick, Harry was your life line. And Harry lived for these moment. “Get up pretty girl.” Harry cooed at you. He bite his lip watching as you whimpered but slowly sat up adjusting the sheets around you. “C'mon baby girl.” Harry says as he easily lifts you wrapping a strong arm around your waist and keeping his grip on the mug. He places you on his lap helping you adjust your blanket. “Here we go beautiful.” Harry mummers lifting the mug up to your lips holding it for you. You take a sip and hum taking small sips. After finishing half of the tea you press your face into Harry’s warm neck as he rubs your back slowly lulling you to sleep. Watching your face Harry picks up your abandon phone and unlocks it quickly. Skimming the messages you got from friends Harry doesn’t hesitate to delete them all and clearing your voice mails. “No one’s going to bother my baby.” Harry whispers kissing your clammy check.  "Today you’re all mine.“ 

Liam: "Don’t leave my sight.” Liam whispered in your ear before pressing a kiss to the skin under your ear. “Yes sir.” You say rolling your eyes. “I’m serious baby girl.” Liam said tugging you in front of him where you both where standing in the VIP area in the club. “You’re lucky I let you out in a dress like this.” He mummers trailing his hand down your waist as his eyes skimmed over your tight black dress. “You look so good though I couldn’t say no to that face.” Liam grinned cupping your check. “This just means though your not leaving my sight. You want a drink? I’m coming. You have to go to the bathroom? I’m going. Understand?” You wanted to roll your eyes at Liam but you heard the seriousness in his voice. “Hm baby girl? Do you understand?” Liam mummers pressing kisses to your neck. “Yes, I understand.” You breath tugging at Liam’s hair so his lips would meet yours. You moan softly at the gentle kiss before Liam pulls back. C'mon baby.“ He says tugging at your hands leading you to the rest of the boys. "You look hot!” Niall yells clearly already drunk. His checks are flushed and his lips and red and wet from the beer. “Thanks Niall.” You say with a playful smile. You feel a hand grip your waist and frown looking over at Liam. “It was just a complaint.” You giggle cupping Liam’s face and rubbing at the frown on his lips. “Don’t care.” Liam growled shooting Niall daggers. “I should be giving you complaints. That's my job.”

Niall: He watches you as he sits on the love seat in the corner of your shared room. He’s leaned back his legs spread his arms dangling off the arms of the seat. He watches as you add the last bit of hairspray into your curled hair before unplugging the curling iron and putting your make up away. He lets his eyes scan over you as you only wear a tight dark blue dress hugging the tight body he loves so much. “Dressing up for me?” Niall asked with a small grin. You roll your eyes but smile as you turn around and walk towards him. “You know i’m going out with the girls tonight.” Niall hums and pats his lap for you to sit on. Even in the tight dress you let your knees rest on either end of his hips as you sit down in his lap. “Don’t you think the dress is to short love?” Niall asked tracing the end of it with a finger. You bite you lip but shake your head. “No. I think it’s fine.” Niall hums and nods before tugging the dress up revealing your lacy black panties. “Now who are you wearing these for?” Niall asked raising an eyebrow. He cups your heat making you gasp and then whimper as he slowly starts to rub you. “Y-You I thought you would like it w-when I got home.” You whimper grinding yourself into Niall’s hand. Niall smiled before pressing a kiss to your neck. “Good answer baby. I was about to bend you over my knee and make that pretty ass a nice red. Now you can go out in this dress, but you better get home soon so I can rip it off." 

Louis: You lay in bed your fingers trying to put you hair up in a bun whimpering when you where unsuccessful. You had come down with a cold and your whole body was aching. Putting your arms down you let your hair fly over the pillow as you hear talking in the flat. Frowning you get up and wrap your blanket around yourself before waddling down the stairs. You peer over at the door too see a pouting Harry at the door facing an angry Louis. "No Harry.” Louis hissed his fist tightening on the door. “But me and (Y/N) are supposed to hang out.” Harry whinnied peering over Louis shoulder trying to see you. “She’s sick.” Louis barked out pushing Harry back when he tried stepping in. Harry’s eyes light up. “Lemme take care of her! She’s always so cute when she’s sick.” You let out a small smile from that. All the boys said that to you when where sick on the Take me Home tour one time. “No.” Louis said sternly. “I’m taking care of her.” He said trying to close the door. “Lou lemme help.” Harry whined as he made eye contact with you standing there with a red nose and a large blanket wrapped around you. “Aww.” Harry cooed making Louis snap his head around to see you standing there. “Leave Styles!” Louis yelled pushing Harry out and slamming the door. “Oh baby you shouldn’t have gotten out of bed.” Louis cooed coming towards you. “Why didn’t you let Harry in?” You question as Louis takes your hair tie and easily pulls your hair into a neat bun. “Because he’s right.” Louis said pressing a kiss to your checks. “You’re cute when your sick, and I don’t want anyone else seeing you like this or taking care of you, if its not me." 

Zayn: He watches you laugh with your girlfriends at the restaurant you’re at. You sip at your champagne while a friend tells you a joke making you laugh and cover your mouth making sure the drink doesn’t spill out. He grins watching you face turn red where he sits in his car. Yes, it may be creepy, Zayn sitting outside of the restaurant in his car watching you threw the glass of the restaurant. But Zayn needed you to be in sight all the time. So he sat in his car out of your sight but you are in his. He smiled when you did something cute and frowned when the waiter got a bit to close to you. At the end of the night he watch you say goodbye to your friends and walk out of the restaurant. Getting his phone out Zayn dialed your number. He watched you take out your phone and smile seeing his number. "Hey baby girl.” Zayn spoke as you answered. “Hey love, where are you?” You asked getting into your own car. Zayn leaned back against his seat and kept his eyes on you a smile on his face. “Oh just came back from visiting the boys. I’m pulling into a store right now to pick up some food. Need anything baby?” He hears you hum and watch you shake his head. “No I don’t. Did you have a good night?” Zayn hummed a yes and asked you the same. “How about you baby? You have a nice time with your friends?” He watches you smile and nod. “Yeah I did.” Zayn grinned hearing that replay and chuckles softly to himself. “I’m sure you did baby." 

Harry Styles' Body: A Christmas Miracle

also known as: the masterpost shamelessly objectifying harry’s body and mixing in cute lil imagines and a couple of really intense thirsty moments.

this is my secret s4nta gift for tumblr user gabbasaurus-rex. :) now everyone buckle up and let’s get started!!!

okay i guess we should ease into the thirsty part a lil bit. let’s start with his feet.

they’re HUGE!!!! and like. pretty clean!! considering that they’re feet!!!!

i wish there was some point of reference in this photo like a standard no. 2 pencil or something because i’m pretty sure his feet are literally twice the size of mine

sometimes he manages to wedge his big flippers into some shoes!!! and those shoes are ALSO huge!!! u know what they say about guys w/ big shoes…

…they’re dumb enough that they can’t remember which is which!!!! it ok harry. 

just casually posing in some squeaky clean new shoes while the size of  his feet ruin my life. it’s fine.

now. harry’s feet happen to connect, via his ankles (as often happens), to a very impressive set of legs.

mmmmmmmm. boy legs. i like boy legs when they’re not too skinny and harry’s got some meat on ‘em ;)

does he shave them? this is a Question. sometimes they look very smooth. but sometimes they look like regular hairy Boy Legs

look at his THIGHS i wanna BITE them


sometimes he clothes his legs, which, although it’s not my preferred state for his legs to be in, the pants (trousers) he wears always make ‘em look pretty damn good.

is there a harry styles’ legs calendar because i would buy 1000 copies and wallpaper my room with them

LIKE. OK. his legs are slim but they still have substance like they’re not SKINNY they’re just SLIM and he has these cute little calves that gently curve out and ok yes maybe his ankles are a bit skinny but he makes up for that by wearing heeled boots ayy lmao

he KNOWS he’s got good legs too he shows them off whenever he can

continuing our tour of harry’s body…

although i’m regretful to leave his magnificent thighs…

we have harry’s cute lil BUTT!!!!!!!

some of my friends (not the ones on tumblr, they get me) have trouble understanding why i am so into boy butts

WHY IS THIS DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND???? look at its gentle curve. it’s just enough to grab onto when he’s lowered himself just like that on top of you ;)

imagine if you were dating him and he was about to go out golfing with the bros and you gave his bum a cheeky pinch on the way out the door :(

or if you were going to give him a sexy massage with some flavored massage oil you just got from victoria’s secret. HIS BUM WOULD BE THE PERFECT PLACE TO PERCH!!!!!

i think the only reason harry’s so happy all the time is because his butt’s so comfortable to sit on. like maybe sometimes zayn and liam will be like “how do you stand sitting on that stage for so long” but they will never understand because they have negative asses. harry’s ass is an ass of SUBSTANCE

moving around to the front of this delectable region of harry’s body, we have…. drumroll please……




oh, you’re proud of the way your jeans bulge out in front, aren’t you. you piece of shit.

there is a PENIS hanging HEAVY between his thighs AT ALL TIMES this is NOT A DRILL


does singing make him half-hard because i mean



jesus harry how much are you packing to bulge out the front of a SUIT like i’m pretty sure suits are cut for the explicit purpose of making your body into a clean uninterrupted line, not for being SULLIED by your HUGE GODDAMN PACKAGE.


does golfing turn him on or is his soft dick really that big now i want to know but at the same time i’m afraid of what the information would do to me

ok last one sorry sorry just like. LOOK at it. the line of his dick. ok. everyone take a deep breath in, then out. in, then out.

ok, we’re ready to move on to his torso. at least, i think i’m ready.

so harry used to have a lot of baby fat. we all did. we were all fat, ugly babies. 16yo harry was fucking adorable look at his little exhibitionist streak and his soft belly (✿◠‿◠)

then harry went through a superhuman-accelerated form of puberty and NONE OF US WERE PREPARED







ok ok sorry. back to the Thing. you know how harry knows his legs are aweomse? well he also knows his chest and abs and general everything is awesome, so sometimes he wears sheer shirts because he’s satan and wants to torture us all.

instead of using scissors to cut up my all of my inevitable med school rejection letters maybe i should just use harry’s v line instead because THAT’S WHAT DERAILED ME FROM HAVING A LIFE

also real talk harry has the perkiest nipples of any guy i’ve ever seen

they poke through his fucking shirts (and so does his SIX PACK)

they are always hard and always dark and i always want to bite them

look it’s like he WANTS you to play with them he’s fucking oFFERING THEM

his nipples yearn for the spotlight. i want to give them everything they want and more.

no like they poke through his shirts so MUCH you can’t convince me he doesn’t pinch them and play with them when he jacks off

speaking of jacking off look at his ARMS. more importantly,

look at his HANDS.

they’re HUGE.

you know what they say about guys with huge hands…


he heard me and he wants to prove me right ;)

while we’re looking at his face let’s talk about what a fine specimen he is

harry is confusing. he can be so CUTE DARLING SWEET CUPCAKE 

and then the next second be really intense jealous possessive. does his shirt say not safe for work. because i’m pretty sure that’s true.


his lips are sooooo so kissable too like look at them i bet he’d be a very focused kisser like very concentrated trying to please you etc :(((

he has his red carpet smirk perfected and it makes me want to punch his mouth and then kiss it better

i don’t know what this facial expression is but it’s making me want some alone time

look at what a sweetheart he is though like above all else :)))))


harry styles’ body is UNREAL and i want to lick every inch of it.


Preference #29: Innocence

request: Pref idea where you’re “innocent"

Harry: “So you’re telling me that you’ve never been kissed before?” Harry whispers, petting at your hair. You were laying together on Harry’s bed after having left to his place after a date. Being that you were still in the early dating phase of your relationship, you were still learning about one another, so this new information came as a shock to Harry. To answer his question, you shyly nodded your head, scooting closer to him to hide your face in his neck. “Why’re you hidin’, princess? Didn’t mean to embarrass you, just surprised s'all. You’re jus’ so pretty, s'weird that nobody has gotten ‘round to kissing you,” Harry explained, running his fingers through you hair and cuddling you close to him. You continued to hide in his neck and playing with his curls for a bit before he pulled back from you, making you look at him. “Is that why you haven’t kissed me yet?” Harry questioned, a serious look on his face, no more flirting evident in his voice. You nodded your head, shyly, looking anywhere but his eyes. “Do you not want to kiss me, or are you just nervous?” Harry continued. “Jus’ nervous, I don’t want you to think I’m bad at it and not like it, or jus’ hate kissin’ me all together,” you confessed, mumbling. “I don’t think I could hate kissing you, I like you too much. Even if you bit my face off, I’d probably still think you’re the greatest kisser in the whole world, just cause I like you so much, princess,” Harry joked, sprinkling kisses all around your face making you giggle. You reciprocated his words, telling him you liked him just as much, then letting your laughs come to a stop, “Harry, will you kiss me?” Harry’s face lit up with a bright smile, stars coming alive in his eyes. Harry gave you your first kiss, and the stars came alive all around you, making you feel special; it also didn’t hurt that he was a really good kisser.

Louis: Louis woke up to you roughly shaking him with a terrified look on your face. He immediately sat up, urgently asking you what was wrong over and over, quieting down when you started to speak. “Nothing’s wrong with me, but are you okay? You were making scary noises and moving all funny while you were asleep and I got worried that something was wrong with you,” you explained, cuddling closer to him to find comfort. Louis’ face blushed when he realized what noises you were referring to. Before you had woken him up, Louis was having quite the dream about you and him, but he didn’t think he was going to be moaning and grinding all over the place like a twelve year old having a wet dream; he thought he was passed that. “I’m just fine, darling, don’t worry about me,” Louis reassured you, petting at your hair, “I was just dreaming.” “Was it a bad dream?” You continued, pulling him closer to lay down with you. Louis cheeks pinked, but he answered honestly, “No, it was a really good dream actually.” You nodded your head but still a bit confused, “What was your dream about?” Louis decided to continue with his honesty streak although he got a bit nervous to tell you, “It was about you and me, darling. We were doing things that made one another feel really good, and I guess I just couldn’t contain it in my dream and I just wanted you to know how good I was feeling. Do you know what I mean?” You ended up connecting the dots to what Louis meant, blushing as soon as you came to the realization. “You had a dream about me like that? I didn’t know you thought about me like that,” you confessed. “Course I’ve thought about you like that, darling. You’re really very pretty, you’re my girlfriend, and you do things that make me feel good without even realizing it, darling, so of course I think about you like that,” Louis explained, surprised when you began kissing his neck and asking about what happened in the dream and if he wanted to try it in real life.

Liam: “What does that mean?” You whispered to Liam. The two of you were out at a friends house for a get together, and a member of the group was telling a story that involved a few words and phrases that you weren’t quite familiar with. You were currently asking Liam to explain to you what “blow-job” meant, and he could feel his cheeks going red as you looked at him expectantly. Something Liam often forgets is that you have lived quite a sheltered life, and some of the dirtier things that kids start joking about in middle school, is not something you ever got to hear about or experience because you were sheltered, but Liam also didn’t think you would be asking him to explain something like this. Liam continued with the whispering as he tried to explain it to you without embarrassing you in front of your friends. “Babygirl, do you remember when I did that thing for you? You know, with my mouth?” Liam whispered in your ear, playing with your hair. You nodded your head, recalling the time. “It’s like that, but if you were to do that for me,” Liam finished. Your eyes widened in realization, now getting why everyone thought that the story being told was so funny. You turned back to Liam, kissing him on the cheek before speaking to him, “I’m sorry I don’t always know what that stuff is, I know it’s kinda embarrassing when you have to explain stuff like that to your girlfriend.” “Don’t worry about that, babygirl, I don’t mind. It makes me happy that you trust me enough to teach you these things,” he reassured you, kissing your temple, and petting at your hair. Liam could tell you did feel bad but he didn’t want you to, he didn’t mind telling you these things, and it was also kind of cute to him, that he got to teach you all the things and that you trusted him enough to do these things for you. He didn’t want you to ever feel bad about trusting him.

Zayn: Zayn was kissing up and down your neck, his hands gripping your hips. Zayn had been missing you quite terribly since you had gone home to celebrate the holidays with your family, and now that you had finally returned home to him, he wanted to show you how much he missed you. Tonight was the first time that you would be doing this with one another, but what Zayn didn’t know was that this was the first time you would have been doing this with anyone. As he was kissing at your neck, you played with the ends of his now blonde hair, waiting for the right time to tell him what had been bothering you since he had laid you stride him on the couch. “Babe, are you okay? You seem nervous,” Zayn breathed out against your neck, kissing at a newly formed lovebite. “Do you promise not to laugh when I tell you?” you asked, continuing to play with his hair to distract you. “I won’t laugh at you, babydoll, you have my word,” Zayn sealed his promise with a kiss to your cheek. You hid your face in his neck anyway, in case he wasn’t able to keep his promise. “I’m a virgin,” you confessed, tensing up, awaiting his response. Instead of any laughs, you felt Zayn breathe out a sigh, and lift your head from its hiding spot in his neck so he could really look at you. “That’s all you needed to tell me, babydoll? It’s okay if you’re a virgin, you know. It’s cute to know that you’re my innocent girl, and it makes me feel special to know that you’re letting me be your first… Wait you’re letting me be your first right?” You laughed at Zayn question, nodding your head to say “yes”. Zayn joined in with your giggles, happy to see that he can make you feel more comfortable even when you stress yourself out sometimes.

Niall: “Petal, come sit on my lap, I wanna cuddle,” Niall coos to you from the other end of the couch. Niall had missed you very, very much throughout the day and was incredibly happy when you agreed to come to his place that night to spend time together. After you settled in on his lap, opting for straddling him so you speak to him and actually see his face, Niall began to brush his hands up and down your sides occasionally playing with the ends of your hair. He then told a joke that made you giggle and lean forward towards him, wrapping your arms around his neck and laughing into his shoulder. This move caused you to brush up against a part of Niall you’ve only really explored a couple of times with him. The movement cause Niall to perk up a bit and with the oncoming giggles that shook your body, you caused Niall to get a bit more excited than he expected. A slight moan escaped his mouth, abruptly stopping your giggles. “Did I hurt you? I’m sorry, I can get off you,” you suggested, already climbing off of him. Niall placed his hands on your waist stilling your movements, settling you back in your original position. “No, no, petal, you’re okay, jus’ got me a bit excited s'all,” Niall breathed out, laughing a bit. “What do you mean?” you questioned, cocking your head to the side in confusion. Niall does sometimes forget that you had a sheltered childhood and you don’t always get the dirty jokes or implications that he makes. “Jus’ means that you’re making me feel real good, petal, do you know what I mean? Like those times when we go upstairs and we make each other feel good?” Niall breathes, mouthing at your neck. Niall could tell you figured it out when you sighed out a small “oh” and pulled his face up to kiss you for real. Niall knew tonight was going to be a night of exploring.

these are long and idk why wtf is nialls btw. the way that zayns ended was trash lmao. this just isn’t my best work tbh but I mean the last time I posted a pref was in November like the day before my birthday so I mean I needed to post something. Sorry for mistakes it’s 3:30 in the morning on a school night oops. anyway thanks for reading and please request.

Imagine... he gets self-conscious about his looks

I shuffle in my slippers across the kitchen floor. nearly falling and dropping the hot coffee all over the kitchen floor. I shriek and then catch my balance, grabbing a mug from the cabinet and putting both the coffee pot and the mug on the island. 

I hear a yell from the other room. “Y/N!”

I gasp, spilling a little coffee in a puddle on the table. I didn’t know he was even awake. “Yeah, babe?” I yell back.

“Can I ask you a question?” He yells and I pour my coffee quickly and run in, seeing my boyfriend of almost a year sitting on the couch with his phone in his hand.

“What’s up?” I ask as I pad over to him.

He looks up at me.

“Do you want some coffee?” I ask, handing it to him and he takes a small sip and makes a horribly disgusted face and hands it back to me.

“What did you do to that?” his face shrivels up and I giggle.

“You’re just not used to black coffee.”

“You’re going to kill your taste buds while you’re at it, then,” he says and I place my mug down on the coffee table and cross my legs beneath me, sitting next to him on the couch. He locks his phone and drops it in his lap, clothed in sweats when I’m used to seeing them in just boxers in the morning. I’m also used to him walking around shirtless until I have to force a shirt on him, but not this morning. There’s something up.

“Why are you clothed?” I ask and he smiles shyly. “And what was your question?”

“Oh, right,” he clears his throat and then says, “Do you think I’m unattractive?”

I stare at him and then start cracking up. When I notice that his expression hasn’t changed, I stop laughing. “Wait, you’re serious?” I ask but phrase it as more of a question.

He doesn’t respond.

“What are you talking about? Why would you ever think that?”

He looks away, “Some people are—have been tweeting me… I never really look at my mentions but I did this morning.”

“Yeah?” I frown at him, “And?”

He picks up his phone again and opens it, handing it to me. I give him a skeptical look before taking it. I look down at the screen, absolutely horrified at what people have been saying about him.

“I don’t understand why people find @harry_styles attractive”
“@harry_styles, his nose looks like a penis, wonder if its the same size..!”
“hadn’t seen a recent photo of @harry_styles until this morning. he looked so much better in 2013… #whathappened”
“@harry_styles could drop a couple pounds…”
“@harry_styles forgot to work out for the past year”
“Nice person, but not as attractive as people make him out to be @harry_styles”
“Crazy fandom with poor, poor taste.. @harry_styles, really?”

“Oh my god,” I mutter under my breath, frowning at the awful things people said about him. “Harry, these people have no idea what they’re talking about.”

He shakes his head, “No… they’re right.”

“No,” I grab his hand, “No, Harry they’re not. You’re absolutely one of the most stunningly handsome people I’ve ever met.”

“You don’t have to feed me compliments…” he says. Just the hurt look on his face makes my heart drop.

“You’re right,” I shrug and he looks back at me, “You’re right, I don’t… and I wouldn’t if I agreed with these idiots… but, of course, I know that what they said is absolutely appalling and totally false.”

He smiles sadly and shakes his head, looking down at his phone again and wincing.

“Harry,” I groan, “Really, you can’t let this get to you.”

“How can I not?” He puffs out a breath.

“There are always going to be people who are critical and try to bash you for everything they know about you, but they obviously don’t know much… let alone who you really are.”

“Yeah,” He nods, “Kind, romantic, compassionate, ugly…”

I move over to him closer on the couch, throwing my arms around his shoulders. His shoulders are still tense. “Harry,” I nuzzle my face in his neck, leaving little kisses sprinkled over his skin, “You are every good adjective in the english dictionary.”

I hear him chuckle, “Only the english one?”

“You know what I mean,” I laugh, pushing him and messing up his hair. “And that means that every part of you, every inch of your body and soul is absolute perfection.” I sit up and straddle his waist. He places his hands on my upper thighs and we stare at each other for a second. “That means that this part of you is perfect…” I point at his forehead, placing a soft kiss on it. “And this part,” I whisper, kissing both his cheeks.

“My nose doesn’t look like a penis?”

“Your nose looks like a nose,” I tell him and then kiss the tip of it and move down to his lips, pressing mine against his for a brief second. “And your penis is definitely not the size of your nose. You can’t argue with that.”

“I can’t,” He giggles, making my heart absolutely melt.

“I love this part of you,” I continue, kissing his neck and then moving back and lifting his shirt up, admiring his tattoos and his muscular figure. “And this part.” I trace his v-line teasingly and then press my palm flat against his crotch. “…And especially this part.” It forces a quiet moan out of him and I giggle at him, leaning down and pressing my lips against his. He places his hands on my waist and pulls me in closer to him. He swipes his tongue against my bottom lip as a request for entry and I let him in happily, allowing our tongues to battle for dominance, every once in a while smiling into the kiss.

I pull away and look at him straight in the eye. “Please know that you are absolutely stunningly gorgeous,” I laugh, “But I would still be in love with you even if you looked like a gnome.”

“Really? If I looked like a gnome?”

I lean in, kissing his lips softly again, “Okay, maybe not a gnome,” I whisper, “But that’s not my point. My point is… you’re perfect just the way you are… Everyone’s insecure about some things,” I tell him, “But the right people won’t care… and they might even find it cute… like me.”

“So does that mean you’re going to stop feeling self conscious about your figure?” He asks, hands roaming my body lightly.

“It means I can try…” I smile, “As long as you do too.”

“I will.”



Sexy Twitcam moment (accidental)

A/N: Hello lovely followers. Hope you like this one!! Let me know what you think and don’t forget to send in your prompts.

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“Liam where are you?” you called, after unlocking the door to your hotel room. “I’m in the lounge Y/N” he replied. “Babe you looked so sexy in that leather jacket on stage tonight!” you exclaimed, crossing the room to where Liam sat and dropping yourself into his lap, so you were straddling him. “Y/N” Liam tried to say but you cut him off by pressing a kiss to his slightly parted lips. You were surprised when Liam quickly broke the kiss off, looking at you in slight horror. “What’s up with you Li” you asked. “Umm Y/N I was kind of in the middle of a twitcam,” Liam told you. “Oh sorry,” you started, not registering what he meant at first. “Wait….” you said, watching as Liam pointed to the laptop screen beside him where you saw the image of you sitting on Liam’s lap and underneath, the word viewers, followed by a very large number. Your cheeks immediately flushed red, “Oh my god” you screeched, jumping off Liam’s lap and covering your face with your hands, “I can’t believe I just said and did that on live twitcam,” you moaned in embarrassment. You looked to Liam in horror, but quickly realized that he was holding back laughter, “it’s not funny” you protested with a pout. “Oh come on Y/N, it is a little funny, besides the fans loved it” he said with a smirk, gesturing to the screen. You cautiously shuffled forward and looked at the computer screen to see that #Y/Nisoneofus and #don’tworryY/Nwefeelthesame were both trending already. You squealed when Liam’s hands on your hips quickly pulled you back onto his lap. “Now how about my girl joins me for the rest of the show, though maybe we’ll keep the pda to a minimum” Liam said laughing at the blush that darkened your cheeks again.  


The boys were all sat around the bus, Zayn and Louis on the xbox, Liam on the phone, Niall doing a twitcam and you and Harry curled up together on the lounge. While the other boys were all distracted you took the opportunity to move closer to Harry, “I really did miss you, while I was back home” you told him in a quiet voice. “I missed you to” he told you honestly, smiling as he watched you slide a little closer till you were almost on top of his lap. “Babe, the boys are around” Harry told you, though his crooked smile was still in place. “Oh calm down, I just want a kiss” you said with a giggle. “Well that I can do” Harry said, lifting your chin with his long fingers and leaning in for a gentle kiss. The gentleness didn’t last long though and soon you had your fingers tangled in his curls and his grasp on you tightened as you deepened the kiss. Lost in the moment you didn’t hear Niall behind you. “@harryscurls asks, what does Harry’s hair feel like.” Niall read the fans question, “well why don’t we ask his lovely girlfriend Y/N,” Niall continued, spinning his laptop around to face the two of you.  Only then did he realise the two of you were…….preoccupied. Immediately his loud chortle rung through the bus, the sudden noise jolting you out of your moment. You spun to look at Niall, seeing him laughing, while his laptop balanced on his knees, reflecting back the image of you and Harry. Your mouth hung open, “Niall, please tell me you did not just show your twitcam, me and Harry snogging!” you exclaimed. “Sorry Y/N,” Niall managed to get out through his laughter, turning the laptop back around. “Sorry about that guys, I guess Y/N was just checking on that answer for you” Niall said before bursting into new bouts of laughter. “Fuck off Niall” Harry said, though he smirked while flipping Niall the bird.


“Ok bye everyone, hopefully we will see you at our shows next week, we are going to get crazy! Thanks again for everything you guys do for us. I love you crazy mofos,” Niall said concluding the twitcam with a huge grin and wave. Niall then made his way over to where you were laying on your stomach on the bed, scrolling through twitter on your phone. “Hey babe” you greeted Niall as he slid onto the bed beside you. “Hello beautiful” Niall said making you blush. “How were the fans?” you asked about the twitcam, “crazy like always,” Niall grinned, “I really don’t know how they come up with half the things they ask,” he finished with a chuckle. You smiled at how much he loved talking to the fans, “so what’s the plan for the rest of the night?” Niall smirked at you, “well I thought I would spend some time with my favourite girl.” “Is that right, sorry I’m a little busy” you said with a grin. Niall frowned, before he spun you onto your back, leaning over the top of you, “still busy?” he asked. Just as you were about to respond, you looked over at Niall’s still open laptop to see the green light on the webcam still on. Immediately you pushed Niall off you, “Niall is the twitcam still on!” you exclaimed. “No of course n….” Niall started before looking over and noticing the same light. “Shit!” Niall said jumping of the bed, pressing a few buttons before slamming the screen closed, “I am so sorry Y/N” Niall said in concern, “That is so embarrassing, that’s going to be all over the internet within minutes” you moaned. “I’m sorry sweetheart” Niall repeated sitting beside you. “It’s ok, just get the boys to do something stupid in the interview tomorrow, maybe then this will blow over in a year instead of 10,” you said in exasperation.  


“Does anyone have any more questions they want me to answer?” Zayn asked, scrolling through the twitcam feed, looking for interesting questions.  “Happy birthday Katy” Zayn said, reading a tweet. “Where’s Y/N?” he read out from a twitter user whose name was your ship name. “Y/N is sleeping at the moment, maybe we should go wake her up,” Zayn answered with a grin. Quickly unhooking the laptop from its charger, Zayn started making his way through the hotel room. Quietly he opened the door to the bedroom and started walking towards where you were curled up in a cocoon of blankets, “isn’t she cute,” Zayn whispered to the laptop as he showed them your sleeping face, slightly covered by loose strands of hair. “Ready for this” Zayn said to the camera, reaching forward to brush your hair off your face, “Y/N wake up, come on Y/N” Zayn spoke softly. Slowly you started to wake, shifting restlessly. Turning towards where Zayn’s voice was coming from, you spoke without opening your eyes. “Is it morning already?” you mumbled, “can we have a shower together, I’ve missed those” you continued. Though your voice was still thick with sleep, it was definitely loud enough that everyone would have heard what you said. You opened your mouth to speak again, but concerned about what else you might say, Zayn cut you off, “ok, well that’s all for that twitcam, bye guys, see you at the show tonight” Zayn said quickly, a slight blush colouring his cheeks as he quickly shut down the twitcam. As soon as his words registered in your tired mind, your eyes shot open to look at Zayn in horror, “did I really just suggest we have a shower together on live twitcam?” you asked. Zayn just nodded apologetically, “agghghg” you groaned covering your face, “this is why I hate mornings.”  


 “Are you guys even interested in asking me anything, all I seem to be reading is, ‘where’s Y/N’ ‘is Y/N enjoying tour’ ‘what’s Y/N’s favourite song for me to perform” Louis said with a chuckle. “Well how bout we get Y/N in here and ask her some of your questions, I’m feeling a bit lonely anyway” Louis addressed the twitcam, “hang on a moment.” “Y/N!” Louis called obnoxiously through the hotel room, loud enough that you would probably get a complaint soon. “Hang on Louis,” you called wrapping a towel around yourself and walking into the Lounge where Louis was. You strode over to where he was and stood just behind him. “You called, babe” you said sarcastically, leaning down to kiss the side of his cheek. Louis turned around to face you, but when he saw what you were wearing he cracked up laughing. “Love, as sexy as you look and as much as I don’t want you to change, I feel obligated to tell you, that you in a towel is now being broadcasted on live twitcam,” Louis said, a huge grin on his face. You straightened up immediately, “Oh my god, Louis are you kidding!” you screeched quickly moving out of the vision of the laptop you now noticed in front of Louis, “I can’t believe you didn’t warn me!” “Sorry Love I didn’t know you were going to come out in just a towel, the fans just wanted to talk to you,” Louis shrugged. “I can’t believe you are so calm about this, pictures of me are going to be all over the internet…..IN MY TOWEL,” you said in exasperation. “It’s alright, now everyone will know what they are missing out on.” Louis said with a smirk. You picked up the closest thing to you and threw it at Louis’ head, “I’ll be back when I’m descent” you said before stalking out of the room. 

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New Coreographer

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A/N= Haarry’s One Shot where you are their new coreographer and Harry gets really cheeky with you.

Harry’s P.O.V.

“So guys, as I told you before, the new coreographer will arrive in a few minutes. I don’t really know if she is a female or if he is a male, but it doesn’t matter” Paul said for the millionth time.

I didn’t like the idea of having a new coreographer.
I liked the one we had for the whole two tours but, fortunately, she or he will be here just one or two weeks.

When Paul said that the new one could be a female for the first time I thought ‘It could be funny have a girl coreographer, they all are pretty and hot’.
But then my manager wasted my dreams telling me that, if it was female, it won’t be hot because tour manager told him so.

“And please, please, don’t flirt with her if she wiil be a girl, lads. Thank you” Paul added walking away.

“You know, Paul, Harry can’t promise that” Niall screamed at him and we all laughed.

It’s true that, but I don’t usually flirt with a girl which I’m not interst at.

“Oh Niall, I know you want to be like me” I laughed out.

“Bro, the one who has a model girlfriend is him” Liam said.

“I know mate, she has a really nice body” I replied smirking thinking about Barbara.

“Hey, hey, don’t do that! Don’t smirk thinking of her! She’s mine, dude. I’m sorry” Niall called out laughing, knowing that I will NEVER take his hot girlfriend.

“She’s really hot and stuff but she’s not the type of girl I like, unfortunately” I said and all the boys laughed.

After a few minutes we heard some voices from the backstage and we supposed that the new coreographer arrived.

One of those voices seemed to be a female voice but who knew, we had
to wait a couple of minutes before she came out.

I was completely splellbound, I mean Paul told me that she won’t be hot and now this.

She has blond hair and green eyes, so similar to mine.
Her face is so cute and gorgeous.
And no one can tell she hasn’t got a hot body.
Her ass is round and firm, just like her boobs I guess.

She is one of the most gorgeous girl I’ve never meet, including Barbara and Kendall.

“Harry, stop staring at her! Do you remember what I told you fifteen minutes ago?” Paul said and she laughed and blushed a little bit.

God her smile can make me hard by then. I really really want her pimp lips around my cock.

Your P.O.V.

“Harry, stop staring at her! Do you remember what I told you fifteen minutes ago?” Paul said and I laughed and blushed a little bit.

“First of all you didn’t tell me hoe hot she could be, second I can’t control my eyes” he called out and allthe boys and I laughed.

I didn’t know I was that hot, I mean Harry Styles is the sexiest guy in the whole world and he thinks I’m hot.

“Niall, I think she beats your girlfriend” Zayn said and I blushed even more.

“C’mon guys. She’s here just as coreographer, not flirting while I’m gone. Alright?” the manager asked and they nodded smiling.

“Hi guys, I’m Y/N, I’m eighteen years old and, as you all know, I will be here for the next week as your new coreographer” I intruduced myself.

“Can we call you beautiful, baby?” Niall asked winking at me.

I smiled and turned around to turn on the music.

“Harry, look at her bum! Look at it” I heard Zayn saying.

“I’m looking, mate. Oh.My.God.” Harry replied and I smiled proud of my ass.

“Guys, I can hear you!” I screamed and they laughed apologising.

“Alright, let’s start with Midnight Memories” I said turning on the music.

I walked towards them and they all smirked.

“Louis and Zayn, you two will begin running on the stairs, staying ‘upstairs’ until the chorus” I started.

“Liam, you will be right where you are right now” I continued.

“Niall and Harry, you two will start right here” I finished pulling they in their places.

We ended at five o’clock, being interrupt by their commets about my boobs, my legs and my ass.

Not that this bothered me.


While I was in my dressing room in my lingerie Harry came in.

“Harry, what the hell are you doing here?” I asked trying to find something to wear.

“Baby, baby, baby. You don’t need to look for some clothes” he said getting closer to me and wrapped his arm around my waist.

I could feel his hard cock against my ass and this made me moan.

“Baby Girl, you know that you made me that hard so you should take care of me and my huge leght now” he continued starting to kiss and lick my neck.

Once he found my sweetspot he started biting and sucking on it, sure to leave a mark.
I couldn’t help but moan.

Usually I’m not that easy to get but Harry Styles is Harry Styles.
I mean no one has his body, his rapsy voice, those lips and eyes of his.

I quickly pushed him against the dressing room’s wall, tip toeing to reach up to kiss him.

His lips were as plump as I imagined.
Harry quickly began kissing me back, his hands landing gently on my hips as mine clung onto his hair, so soft.

His tongue found its way to mine, massaging it gently.
Harry quickly took control, lifting me up slightly and placing me on the couch.

I wrapped my legs around him, drawing his body closer to mine.
We never broke our kiss.
I ran my hand down his torso, lifting his shirt above his head to reveal his toned abs.
I ran a finger down his v-line and tugged on his jeans.

Harry pulled them down, revealing his large cock.
He was clearly proud of it and he had every right to be.
I wrapped my hand around his length and began to massage the shaft. Harry let out a throaty groan before pulling away from me.

“Ladies first, I’m such a gentleman” he said and he tugged down my shorts and panties.

He got down on his knees.

I breathed in a sharp breath as his big hands roamed up my bare thighs, leaving an icy cold trail.
Harry hooked his arms underneath my thighs, lifting my legs up to rest across his shoulders.

Before I had time to think he began massaging my clit, using his other hand to penetrate me with two fingers.
I let out a moan of pleasure.

As my breathing got heavier and my moans more frequent Harry began licking my clit slowly while thrusting his fingers deep inside me, curving them to hit my g spot instantly.
I arched my back, gripping my hands onto his curls tightly.
Within an instant I felt my orgasm coming closer.

“Oh god, I’m gonna cum” I said between every moan.

“Cum for me Baby Girl” he said looking up at me.

And these few words made my orgasm hit me hard.

As I climaxed, Harry kept circling my clit with his tongue, slowing gently as I came down from my high.

“Was that good babe?” he asked and nodded.

Harry’s P.O.V.

She hopped off of the couch, her legs weak from the pleasure I had just given her.

“Your turn” she said and winked, already hard for her.

With that she pushed me back onto the couch, as I did with her before.

She dropped down to her bare knees and grabbed my semi hard dick in her hands.
She wasted no time before she took it all in her mouth.

“Mmm fuck” I moaned, gripping hold of the back of her hair.

I always need to have some control.

As my dick grew harder she struggled to take it all in.

“Look at me while you’re sucking it” I demanded.

I stared deep into her green eyes as pleasure rippled through my body.

Her eyes dropped as her hand squeezed my balls.
I felt the tip hit the back of her throat and she gagged, her throat tightening around my length.
I knew I was about to cum.

“Faster Baby Girl, I’m so close” I panted, pushing roughly down on her head forcing her to take the whole of my dick.

As my orgasm crashed down on me I thrust up once more, emptying myself into mouth.

She swallowed without hesitation.

As I leant against the couch trying to catch my breath I watched her sat on my lap.

Your P.O.V.

I slowly moved up his body so I was sat on his dick.

My bare pussy rubbed against his hardness.

“I want you to ride me, baby” he said and I smiled cheekily, raising up on my knees and using my right hand to position him at my entrance.

With one quick motion I pushed down on his hardness, moaning loudly as his large size hit my g spot.

I didn’t waste any time as I quickly began bouncing up and down on him.

Harry moaned loudly every time I pushed down.

“Mmm baby your so tight” he groaned, sliding his hand to my front and began rubbing my clit causing me to moan loudly.

“I’m gonna make you cum again daddy, do that with me” I replied, breathlessly through moans.

“Call me daddy once more and I will cum” he moaned loudly as I tighted around him.

I rapidly began rocking my hips, the pleasure out weighing the pain his size caused.
It wasn’t long before I felt light headed and I knew I was close to the edge.

“Mmm fuck daddy you’re so big” I said as reached my climax.

“Uh-huh.I’m gonna–“

Without even finishing his sentence he filled my pussy with his hot load.

I lead my head to kiss him while we both were reaching down our climaxes.

We kissed for a few minutes before I pulled out from his cock.

We put our clothes on and left the dressing room.

He put his arm around me, leaning me closer as we walked towards the other guys.


We all laughed at his madness.

“Oh c’mon it won’t change anything” Harry called out, sitting on the couch and putting me on his lap.

“You two did it!” Niall said and I could feel his look on my boobs.

“Yeah, we all heard you both” Louis said laughing.

Harry and I blushed and looked at each other eyes smirking.

“Please and I mean please, if you ever will do it again, could you two don’t be that loud!” Zayn said causing everbody to laugh.

“I’m sure it will be another time baby” Harry whispered in my ear.

Squad Goals Season 3 Episode 7


“This is so gorgeous! Sel great job!” Selena chases Esther and Phillip around our floor of the loft building and when she catches Phillip she smiles at Justin and I.

“I know right! It’s fucking great, and I’m hype because we’re all practically neighbors!” Jack catches Esther and then proceeds to collapse onto the floor as she attacks his face with puppy kisses.

“We can have slumber parties, like, all the time” she says and I’m about to answer when Jack clears his throat and shoots her a pointed look. Selena rolls her eyes and walks over to Jack,

“Not those kind of slumber parties cuteheart” and with that she places Phillip next to his head and he’s being attacked by two dogs. Justin finishes his tour of the loft with a satisfied grin,

“There’s not a studio here but Zayn and Harry told me about one that they always hit up. Apparently it’s legendary” Selena and I exchange impressed looks and Justin sits on the floor next to Jack in an attempt to ward off the dogs.

“Speaking of Zayn and Harry, I have a surprise for them” I raise my eyebrow at the dreaded word surprise and she notices this before grabbing my hand and pulling me to the elevator.

“We’ll be right back boys” Selena calls, but they pay us no mind because Phillip, who’s now quite big, pounces on poor Jack.

“What’s the surprise?” My nerves are buzzing with curiosity and when the elevator doors open a blonde boy stands at the entrance. Selena turns to me with a huge smile and gestures at the boy who has on a huge hat, sunglasses and a suspicious coat.

“Not what more like who!”

“Well who’s this? Inspector gadget?” I joke and the boy quickly takes off the disguise to reveal a slightly flustered Niall Horan.

“It’s bloody hot in here Selena, haven’t you got any AC? Or at least a fuckin’ fan?”

“I have tons of fans Niall” she jokes. He remains pretty unamused, but then he perks up when he notices me.

“Sorry lass, I lost my manners. I’m Niall” I reach out to shake his hand and am shocked when he pulls me in for a big hug.

“I’m Rhi-” he steps away from the hug and places both hands on my shoulders.

“I know who you are love, you dated Louis for a tick yeah?” I nod and he smiles,

“bastard always said he’d introduce us, but I guess he never got around to it” I automatically like Niall, with his boyish smile and his genuine antics I could tell that we’d be friends soon enough.

“Can we go surprise your favorite idiot now?” Selena nearly whines and Niall gives a confused look,

“Dunno which one is my favorite. Idiots? Yeah. Favorite idiot? Not too bloody sure on that one” Selena huffs and ignores his playful banter before shoving the both of us onto the elevator once more and to the fifth floor in which our common room was set up.

“You’re so full of shite!” Is the first thing we hear Harry yell once off the elevator. His deep baritone along with the laughs and giggles of Gigi, Cara, and Kendall echo throughout the furniture-less room.

“I’m not kidding you arse! That’s really how we met! She grabbed my todger onstage!” Gigi snorts and cackles, growing red in the face as she waves her hands and shakes her head.

“That’s not what happened at all!” She protests and Zayn puts her into a headlock,

“No need to lie love we’re all friends here!” She escapes the headlock and focuses on fixing her hair before pointing at the three of us.

“Blonde boy bander!” Kendall shouts Kylie snorts with laughter  and Niall is quick to answer with,

“Not quite Kardashians!” Though their eyes are narrowed its obvious that they're  impressed with his comeback.

“Oi! If this isn’t the moment I’ve all been waiting for”

“You mean ’ we’ve’? Have you even cracked open the dictionary we gave you for the holiday?” Cara whispers but Harry shushes her with a hand atop her mouth and shakes his head.

“No one besides me has been waiting for this moment” we’re all confused when suddenly Niall barrels towards Zayn and tackles him.

“What the fu-”

“A bet is a bet mate! I’ve won it!” He messes up Zayn’s perfect hair and a Caprisun sipping Harry takes out his phone to record the entire ordeal.

“What was the bet?” Cara wonders and Harry slurps on his Caprisun some more so only the two struggling boys can answer.“

"Wanker bet that I couldn’t hook up with this one girl from Bath!” He starts to kick at Zayn.

“Boys” Selena mutters before taking a seat on the floor with the rest of us.

“I did hook up with her though! After a few schoops yesterday she even agreed to be my girlfriend!” Zayn maneuvers the tackle so that Niall is completely immobile.

“A few schoops? Stop with your bloody slang! This is England!” Zayn jokes as Niall tries to punch at his friend’s face but fails and soon he’s surrendered.

“I hate you Malik. Always doin’ me a fuckin’ nut in”

“What the fuck is this guy saying?” Harry jokes and before long he’s the one being tackled. His phone and, now empty, Caprisun flung across the room. The elevator dings and Jack walks in with my two dogs trailing loyally behind him. It’s then that I realize that everyone is in this room and Justin is all alone on our level.

“I have to go get some Vicodin. I’ll be right back” the lie is super convincing and I even get a few sympathetic looks on my way back to the elevator.

“Take your time Rhi!” Selena calls and only once the elevator doors close do I allow a small smirk to curl on my lips. Justin is leaning on the counter studying his phone, probably getting scooter to link him up with voice therapist in London too.

“Alright bye Scoot, I’ll call you when the rest of our stuff shows up. Fly you out when we’re all settled too okay?” Once the call is over I walk over to him and rest my arms around his shoulders from behind. I stand on my tip toes to suckle on his earlobe and he nearly drops his phone.

“Hi,” I whisper and he turns around to place a kiss on my lips.

“Hi,” Justin says in return before bending to kiss all over my face. I run my fingers through his hair. When I make a grab at his ass he hesitates and pulls away from my lips. The rejection I feel is instantaneous, but my determination outweighs it.

“The furniture delivery guys are going to show up soon Nonnie and-” I take off my top, and I take off my bra, and I kiss him again, slipping my tongue between his surprised lips.

“Then we should be quick then yeah?” He nods in slight reluctance before pulling me into our new bedroom, the only thing there is a huge area rug. I lie him on it and straddle his waist, my booty shorts allowing me to feel the outline of his dick as I gyrate slowly above him.

“If you keep doing that I’ll come in my fucking boxers babe” I giggle and kiss along the contour of his jaw and the column of his slightly bruised throat. He winces a bit and I reach between us and grab his hard on as some sorts of an apology.

“You’re not in pain right? You’re feeling okay because I can wait, I c-” I start to grind on him, hoping that he can feel the serious heat that’s radiating from between my legs. He gets the hint and suddenly, and very gently, I’m being laid on my back.

“They don’t freak you out right?” I ask him this when he starts to let his hands wander over the slight scars that trace my shoulders and my belly.

“These are from surgery right?” I nod and lift the hem of his shirt. He understands my meaning and pulls it off.

“So why would I be freaked out at something that saved your life? You’re beautiful Rhiannon. Don’t ever doubt that shit.”

“I want to cry but I also want to moan, because I’m horny as fuck right now” I admit and he laughs at my candor.

“Do both. I told all the guys that you happy cry during sex anyway. Don’t make a liar out of me!” I push against his shoulder and fake pout,

“don’t be a jerk!” He laughs before kissing me again and his hand trailing down my thigh is a welcome way to get me to shut up.


Rhiannon’s hair is fanned out on the floor and I pause for a moment just to fucking look at her. 

“What are you staring at you weirdo?” She asks it’s then that I kiss her cute little nose, her piercing twinkling in the sliver of sun coming from the window. 

“I could’ve lost everything” I whisper and she places her perfect little hands on my cheeks before wiping away the mist that’s taking over my eyes. 

She kisses me this time and I kiss her again, and the atmosphere changes drastically, gone is the teasing, laughing demeanor. My lips are on her mouth, then I go lower, peppering soft kisses down her neck, and the soft swell of her breasts.

“Justin,” she whispers as I run my tongue over a pert, pink nipple. I start to suck on it and her body shudders under me. She’s making these soft mewling noises which are making my dick even harder, but I want her to say my name louder.I sit up and start to unbutton my pants.

“Please” she begs and so I peel off her shorts, and her panties in one swift swoop before I put my fingers inside of her. Her voice is like music and I know that later on at the studio I’d have a song written about this moment.

I pop my fingers into my mouth when I pull them out of her, she tastes delicious everywhere.

“Stop teasing me Jay, I’m serious”

“How serious?” I tease and she arches her lower half as close to me as she possible can, the heat that radiates from her is insane.

“I’ll beg. I’ll do it right now I’ll get on my knees and- oh fuck” she moans when I pull her legs apart and put my face where my fingers had just played.

“You shouldn’t have to beg baby, but as for the getting on you knees part…” Her thighs close around my head when I lick at her most sensitive spot and I ignore the stinging that it causes around my bruised collarbone.

“Shit, am I hurting you Jay?” She listens her grip and I rub her ass to let her know that I’ll live.

“I think I’m going to pass out” she breathes in rapid pants and I reach up to squeeze at her heaving breasts. My tongue delves deeper inside her and she’s pulling at my dreads and whispering words that don’t even make sense.

“Okay, okay, stop.” She pants and at first I’m confused but the half crazed look she fixes me with lets me know that I haven’t done anything wrong.

“I want you,” she moans pushing me away and then onto my back. She yanks down my boxers and situated herself on me until I’m groaning and rubbing at her thighs trying in vain to get her to move.
“I’m going to ride this dick like a pony”

“You didn’t just say tha-” but she did. And I can’t finish my sentence because she’s started bouncing away. Her hand claw at my chest and it hurts in the best way. I reach up and cup her perfect boobs and as she’s riding me I take pleasure in the feel of them bouncing in my hands.

“Oh my god, baby”

Her hips fall on top of mine faster and her pussy starts to clench and throb around me and my stomach feels so fucking tight.

“Shit. Shit. Nonnie, fuck. I love you. I love you baby” my voice is strangled and breathy as my orgasm washes over me like a riptide.

“I love you too Jay” she whispers her motions stilling and her body stiffening and convulsing around me. We’re still wrapped up in each other when she says,

“I could really go for some tea” this makes me laugh, a sound that makes my throat tickle.

“Tea?” She nods against my neck.

“When in London right?” I do a resemblance of a shrug and nod,


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#4 First Date {Famous Series}

A/N: You can find the previous parts of the series here. x

This Part is inspired from the lovely video of ‘Night Changes’


It has been a week since the x factor final. No, you didn’t win. Suprisingly you weren’t upset about it. You were happy about the whole experience. You made many friends , you became even more confident about your singing, you learnt so so much in the x factor. But the one thing that you were most grateful for was you got the chance to meet Harry. That night Harry asked for your number which you gave very happily. Since then y’all have been talking to each other on the phone , knowing each other. It was yesterday evening just in the middle of your random chats he asked if you would wanna go out with him. And here you are by his side in his car.

“Can you please tell me where we are going?” “Once again , no love” you blushed at the nickname he just called you. “We are almost there Y/N” he chuckled looking over at you blushing. He found you and your blush absolutely adorable. He knew that tonight is going to be one of the best nights of his life.

Soon you reached an ice-skating rink and you panicked. You did not know how to skate and you did not want to embarass yourself by falling down or something in front of Harry. Sensing your panic Harry started worrying too. “Did she not like it. I knew I should’ve gone for the dinner and then movie plan.” he thought. “Are you okay Y/N?” “Yeah…I just don’t know to skate harry…” you gave him a small smile. Harry sighed with relief. “Is that it? Babe I don’t know to skate either” he lied. “I just wanted us to come here and have some fun” He smiled. You were glad this was just about having fun.

You were about to put your skates when , “Let me…?” Harry spoke sitting down and tieing them for you. You blushed hard. Your heart filled with admiration for Harry. He is such a gentleman!

In the begining Harry held your hand giving you butterflies. When you were finally stable he let go. He was adorable , making you laugh and holding you again when you felt you lost your balance. Entire night was fun and both of y’all had no idea when the time passed and you had to go home. You enjoyed a lot that night and hoped Harry enjoyed your company too. Little did you know , Harry was hoping the same thing.


Even after you reached the hotel , you couldn’t believe Zayn asked you out. Either you were dreaming or it was some joke. You still couldn’t accept the fact when Zayn texted that he would be at your hotel at 7pm to take for dinner. It was only when you saw standing otside your room holding a rose bouquet in his hand that you finally accepted it. 

Zayn had taken you to a very fancy restaurent making you insecure about what you were wearing. Was it classy enough? As if reading your mind Zayn complemented you and that wasn’t the last time he did. Entire evening he was praising you and your work. When the waiter got the menu Zayn asked you what you would have and ordered the same for himself. Y’all talked about everything. You got to know what he liked and disliked. Till now you only knew Zayn from his great looks and amazing voice. But today you met the real Zayn Malik. You loved his personality, about how a smile makes its way upto his lips when he talked about something he loved.

“There is something on your…."he said pointing above his lips. You blushed embarrased and quickly wiped it away…but the wrong side. "No , the other side…wait..” he leaned forward and wiped it off. “Thank you” you blushed. “No problem Babe” and you just blushed harder. 

You both found many things in common one of which was drawing. He watched you go into an entirely different world when you talked about why you loved drawing and how it helps you destress and….he wasn’t even listening now. He just watched you getting excited like a little girl. “Umm..Zayn?” You brought him back to the present “Sorry” he muttered looking down , embarrased.

Sadly , all good things have to come to an end and so had this evening. You couldn’t wait to go out with Zayn again , while Zayn had already started planning the next date.


You and Niall exchanged numbers before going home from the party. Y’all have been texting each other continuously. You think Niall is simply adorable. He is funny and cute. He always knows how to bring a smile on your face. Niall finds you very sweet and lovely. He thinks that maybe you are the one he was waiting for such a long time. 

After a lot of persuasion from the boys , he finally gathered courage to ask you out. He was so glad that he actually jumped when you agreed to meet him at his place at 6.

And here you are standing outside his home , waiting for him to open the door. Inside Niall took a deep breath , remembering all that the boys had told him. “Please don’t embarass yourself” he said before opening the door.

“Hey Y/N” “Hi” you said shyly.

You liked his house. It was cosy and warm. You were sitting on his couch when you saw a photo of him and a baby. You lifted the frame and smiled , they looked adorable. “Thats my nephew , Theo” Niall said walking in with two cups of tea. “Thank you” you said taking one. “Well , Theo is really cute” “Heeyyy!” he pouts , “I am cute too” he prented to be offended. You laugh and he laughs along with you.

You and him talked for a while after which Niall got a board game to play. “Y/N you are soo going to lose” he jokingly teased you. “Oh yeah! Lets see that in the end.” Y’all weren’t even playing the game seiously. And it ended with both of y’all taking each others’ play money.

Niall was constantly making you laugh but that was not because he wanted you to think he was funny. All he wanted was to hear you laugh.

After the game Niall brought his guitar and started singing to you. You were stunned by how splendid his voice sounded. He asked you to join in to which you shyly refused. “C’mon princess there’s nothin to be shy about.” You gave in to his request. You both sang all your favourite songs. You found out that yours and Niall’s music taste was very similar.

The evening which was full of fun , music , laughter , and games had to come to an end and you had to go home. “I really enjoyed today Niall” you said grinning wide. “Me too” He gave you a tight horan hug before wishing you goodnight. There was just one thing going on in his mind - Can’t wait to do this again.


Ever since the incident in the airport , you and Louis have been texting each other without any pause. You and Louis playfully flirted with each other. In one such of a conversation you had expressed your love for cars and long drives.

So , when y’all decided to go out Louis decided to impress you with his beautiful car and amzing driving skills.

You saw Louis leaning against a car , waiting for you at the place y’all decided to meet. “Where are we going , Louis?” you asked. “Just me and you on a long ride” he said walking over to you , opening the door for you. “Thank you ” you giggled. Louis started driving. You turned the radio on. “Hey! Its What Makes You Beautiful!” you raised the volume to the maximum and started singing loud. Louis loved it that you weren’t shy or something in front of him. He joined you in the singing. You both laughed after the song ended. “I didn’t know you could sing” Louis said. “Well Mr. Tomlinson , there is still many things that you don’t know about me” you said. “Aah , then if that is the case , Ms Y/L/N, why don’t you tell me more about you.” “Okay. So let us play this game , one asks a question and the other answers it. This way we can get to know each other.” you suggesed. “I like it.”

And this way you got to know a lot about the little kid hidden behind the one direction band member. You loved how Louis found happiness in small things , how even after being a member of the world’s biggest boy band he didn’t let ego get into his head. Louis loved the same thing about you. Throughout the date he never really felt that he is with the daughter of some big movie actor. He just felt he was with a normal girl who liked having fun. 

“So here we are.” Louis said stopping the car before the hotel you were staying in. “Thank you for such a wonderful day Louis. I really enjoyed today” you smiled. “Me too babe.” “See you then” you said opening the door. Louis smiled softly “Good night Y/N” “Good night Louis” you said kissing his cheek.


After over 2 weeks of texting , Liam finally asks you on a date to the fair. You just couldn’t say no to that cutie. 

You reach the fair finding Liam waiting for you. “You look great Y/N” you blushed looking down at your feet. “Look up love , I need to take  a picture of us.” You smile for the selfie. “It’s good” he says looking at the photo. “Well Let me see it too” you said. “Liam chuckled and gave you his mobile. “Wow it really is good”  you smiled giving Liam back his mobile.

You both walked together looking around. You freed your hand from his hold to rub it with your other hand. “Feeling cold are we?” Liam asked. You just nodded. He instantly took his scarf out and put it around your neck. You were stunned at his beautiful gesture. You were so lucky that you were on a date with the sweetest guy on this planet , like the guy you have always dreamed about. That single gesture of Liam won your heart. You were looking forward for the rest of the night.

“Hey! Lets go there” and you felt Liam dragging you to a stall. “Okay Y/N , now I am going to win the biggest teddy for you” “Liam there is no need for it” You didn’t beleive such games. You just felt they were a waste of time and money. But you didn’t know Liam. He was determined to win it for you. And so he did. “Here Y/N , this is for you” You thanked him. 

You walked around finding different things to do , laughing , clicking pictures , sitting on rides etc. Basically it was a total fun night. You were throughly loving the night and Liam was loving that you were enjoying the night. 

When the night had come to an end Liam didn’t know how to say goodbye. “Y/N , I really enjoyed tonight and would love to go out again….I mean only if you want.” He said. “I’d love to Liam. Goodnight” you said kissing his cheek and getting into the car. And he just stood there wondering if it was real.

You Have A Cute Fight - Zayn/Louis Preference

(A/N: This is not the type of fight some of you guys are expecting… so… yeah. Enjoy!)


Your gaze was intense as you eyed the new piece of art on Zayn’s wall, trying to figure out who he had painted. All of a sudden you felt a warm hand wrap around you waist, a head resting on your shoulder. You hummed and turned your head to find your angelic boyfriend looking at you with a loving gaze. “You’re so beautiful, you know that right?”

You felt a blush creeping up on your cheeks and you turned your head to the other side and stared at the ground as you smiled widely to the comment your boyfriend just passed.

His head lifted its weight off your shoulder and he turned you to face him, a hand behind his back as he looked at you with a sparkle in his eye. You still avoided eye contact as you didn’t want him to see your blushing cheeks, but all failed when he bought his hand up to your chin, tilting it upwards.

“Don’t hide your blush babe, I think it looks absolutely stunning” he said as he inched his face closer to yours, almost whispering the last part. “Gosh you’re so fucking gorgeous, I love you” he whispered before crashing his lips onto yours. You instantly melted at his touch as you bought your hands to cup his face, pouring in the same amount of love and passion into the kiss as he did.

All of a sudden, you felt something cold and wet on the side of your face, his warm lips unlatching from  yours as he pulled away with a smirk, and that’s when you noticed his hand completely smothered in a thick blue paint creating dots on the floor as it dropped from his hand. You gasped and bought your hand to your right cheek and pulled back, only to find the same blue paint completely covering the side of your cheek, dripping to your collarbone in the process.

“Malik!” you screamed as you reached for a can of red paint before taking some of it in two fists before throwing it at him, some landing in his hair and some on his white t-shirt. “MY HAIRRRRRRR! My favourite t-shirt! Oh you have no idea what I’m gonna do to you babe” he yelled, huskily lowering his voice for the last part before staring down at his t-shirt in disbelief.

“Oh come on, like you don’t have a million of those stored away in your cupboard anyways” you stated in a ‘matter of fact’ tone. His eyes suddenly gleamed with a playful glint as his face held a mysterious smirk before reaching out for a can of paint, a deep green taking over his blue hand instead.

Your eyes widened as you stepped back and ran, only to find that there was nowhere to hide. “There’s nowhere to run” Zayn whispered in your ear, your body tensing at the proximity of him and his hushed voice sending shivers down your spine. And within seconds, he attacked your arms with green paint, rubbing up and down, your hands looking like flower stems.

You turned to him and ducked under his arm, running to find a nice yellow paint before stroking his chiselled face slowly, completely covering the sides of his beard and his lips. “You’re not getting away with that, watch out beautiful” he said lowly with a seductive wink as he bit his lip, coughing as soon as he did the action as it caused paint to graze his teeth.

Your eyes widened as you attempted to step back, but your foot got stuck and you tripped over a closed paint can. “Oh shit….” You muttered to yourself quietly as you saw Zayn advance towards you. “Oh shit indeed” he said deeply as he knelt down to your level. He reached to the side where the red paint was before putting his hand in it and letting the paint drip over your lips.

Your eyes widened as you inhaled sharply, unable to say anything due to the weird substance on your face. He leaned in closer and closer until he was hovering on top of you, his legs either side of your waist. He looked at you, his pupils dilating. “Wanna make orange?” he whispered, his yellow yet plump lips hovering over your bright red ones.

You wasted no time in crashing your lips to his as you pulled his now multi-coloured t-shirt, causing him to attack your face hungrily.  


“Babeeeeee” Louis whined from the sitting room as you hurriedly put the nachos into the plate as you rushed to the sitting room to find Louis huddled on the sofa. He looked in your direction, raising the end of the blanket and patting the side next to him.

You smiled at his cute behaviour and set the nachos down onto the table. “Hold on Lou, lemme just get a couple of movies okay?” you said as you walked over to the DVD display cabinet. You scanned the display and bent down to reach the animation section since you were in the mood for something cute.

“Forget the movie, I’d much rather watch this” Louis said, a lingering tone of suggestiveness in his voice. You grabbed a couple of DVD’s and stood up and turned around, looking at the T.V screen in the process. “But there’s noth-LOUIS! Naughty child!” you said, realising mid-sentence  what he actually meant.

“Well it’s not my fault you look so good in those leggings” he stated defensively. “Now come and sit down” “Okay, what movie?” you asked, holding up the four options which were Toy Story 3, Tangled, The SpongeBob SquarePants movie and Jungle Book.

“Tangled” he stated and reached out his hands, beckoning you towards him. “I wanted to watch Toy Story” you said in a childlike voice, pouting sadly. “Babe, you sound like Liam, now put Tangled in and come and sit down”

“Toy Story”


“Toy Story” you stated with a bit more authority as you crossed your arms over your chest.

“Tangled” he said in the exact same tone of voice as you before getting up and taking a large stride towards you.

“Toy Story” you stated, taking a step forwards as you stood only centimetres away from each other.

“Tangled” he breathed out taking a smaller step towards you, your bodies almost touching.

Your breath hitched at the closeness and your eyes went to his lips as his tongue darted out to wet them.

“Toy S-“

“Forget Toy Story and just kiss me” he whispered in a deep voice and you silently obliged, setting the DVD’s on the table as your hands went to his neck, pulling him in for a soft kiss.

Your lips fit together perfectly, caressing each other in the process as his hands went to your waist, pulling you closer to him if possible. Your lips moved in sync as the two of you continued to kiss for what felt like hours and he nipped at your bottom lip asking for entrance which you gladly granted, his tongue slowly entered your mouth, teasing you as you fought back a whine of complaint.

You couldn’t fight back a moan at his tongue softly caressing yours as he smiled into the kiss in triumph, continuing to explore your mouth as you did the same. You felt his lips detach from yours and you opened your eyes to find him putting the Tangled DVD into the player before rushing to flop onto the sofa and getting under the blanket.

“And that, lady, is how Louis William Tomlinson gets his way” he said, winking at you as you huffed in annoyance before sitting down next to him, pulling the blanket over you.

He pressed play on the movie and you nuzzled up against his neck as he pressed soft kisses into your hair every now and then.

Pretty soon the movie didn’t even matter as he began kissing your forehead, then your eyes, then your nose, and cheeks, and neck, slowly teasing you with his soft pink lips.

“Guess the movie didn’t matter at all then?” you asked, giggling as he began kissing your jaw. He pushed you down on the sofa, hovering on top of you, his blue eyes barely seen behind the lust.

“Guess it didn’t” he said huskily before kissing you hungrily.


(A/N: You likeeeee? I was gonna put part 2 of ‘He Accidentally Admits His Feelings’ but I was stuck on ideas and this just came to meeee ^-^ 5 notes for the rest of the boys? Xx CAN I HAVE THE SCARF LIAM… PLEASEEEEEEEE. HARRY. YOU’D BETTER NOT LET GO OF MY HAND OKAY. I DO NOT WANT TO FALL ON ICE.)

Preference #70: He's not Feeling Well (Requested)...

(This is for the anon who requested “you take (care) of him when he’s not feeling well”. I’m sorry it took me so long, but I hope it was worth the wait!)

Louis: Louis had a sore throat, so he had to be on voice rest until he was healed. You tried to get him to use a whiteboard so you could actually communicate, but he insisted on playing Charades. He was bored being stuck at home, so you decided to humor him. The day started out with a lot of interesting requests to help make him feel better. He came into the kitchen as you were trying to make him a mixture that usually worked to fix your own sore throats. He had his own ideas. He kept acting out what else he wanted you to put into the blender, and would act like you were crazy for not understanding what he was getting at. “Go get it yourself than,” you finally got upset after the fifth ingredient request. He shook his head then tried again by acting like he was licking something in his hands so you knew he wanted ice cream. “This isn’t going to work, you know?” you warned as you took out the ice cream and threw it on the table. He gave you an angry face and picked up the blender aggressively pointing inside so you would know he didn’t care. You huffed and mixed in the items each time waiting for him to tell you when to stop. Then pushed the button staring him down but he just gave you a really happy face. You poured him a cup and he quickly swiped it from your hand without a reaction and just left to go to the living room. You thought it was rude as he left you to clean up the mess, and didn’t show you any appreciation. After you finished you went into the living room and sat down in a chair next to him, annoyed, seeing he was lying down relaxing on the couch.  He found a way to make you look at him and wouldn’t stop his silent hissy fit until you came over, so you did and squeeze in next to his side. He motioned for you to rub his throat. “That’s not how it works, this won’t help,” you complained. He gave you sad puppy dog eyes. “Fine,” you started stroking it softly and the cute, intense face he was giving you made you feel sorry for him again. You pretended to choke him and he played along dramatically pretending to die. You started rubbing circles again giggling at his little show. He came back to life smiling up at you as he stopped your hands with his. He patted the area next to him, and turned to his side so you could lie next to him cuddling on the couch. You happily complied as he placed his arms around you and laid his head on your cheek. Suddenly he covered your eyes with his hand, “Hey,” you pushed his arm away. He lifted it back but farther from you face this time. You noticed it had words on it. He kissed your cheek as you read that he had written thank you with a black marker. He always had a way of surprising you when you least expected it. You sighed feeling bad about being angry with him. You reached forward to hold his hand and pulled it close to you, “Any time.”

Harry: You went to the hospital with Harry so you could take him home after he had a small surgery done on his back. They had him under a lot of pain medication that wasn’t going to wear off until later that night. You realized you were going to have to take care of him and keep him out of trouble, but you were kind of looking forward to seeing him loose his marbles for a while. You might even attempt to catch it on camera. Heck, the film may have already been rolling back at your house. On the way home you noticed he was flipping the car sun visor up and down really fast. “Hey Harry, whatcha doing,” you asked making him stop. “Look how flappy it is,” he started again pressing his teeth together. “Yeah,” you nodded, “but you’re really distracting me honey, please stop.” “Boring,” he complained but accidentally ripped the visor off its hinge. “Oh, shit,” he looked over to you and when you didn’t say anything he sneakily attempted to fix it the rest of the ride home. Every time you looked over he would take his hands off and act casual, so you had your fun messing with him, which also helped you keep him quiet. You helped him get inside safely, and helped him to the couch because he was feeling a little dizzy from moving around too quickly. You got him some ice water, which made him feel better and when his stomach settled he laid down. You covered him with a blanket and popped in a movie, thinking he might be calmer than you expected. You were sitting in the recliner by his side watching too and also peeking over at him every once in a while to check in. Suddenly he was standing up and heading over to you. He silently straddled your legs and sat on you’re lap. You looked at him confused then he grabbed the sides of your face and stared for an unusually long time. “I’m going to sing you a song,” he explained almost appearing angry, but he was just focused. “That is not at all where I thought you were going with that,” you joked, but he ignored you. A huge smile spread across his face and he stood up and started singing a goofy song he made up on the spot. He was moving around a lot trying to put on a show for you, so you couldn’t stop yourself from laughing. “Harry no, stop,” you barely coughed out as you got up, “You’re going to get dizzy, and the doctor said you’re supposed to take it easy on your back.” He stopped moving, “I’m fine,” he huffed, but then his eyes got big and he was tilting backwards. You steadied him in a hug and softly wrestled him to the couch. You flipped his legs up onto the couch too, while his upper half tried to sit up. Now you straddled him and gently push his torso down and confined him with the blanket you gave him earlier. “Now stay down, silly, or I’ll be back.” He scrunched his nose with a smile, so you took it that he understood and went over to your seat. He tilted his head back on the armrest, “On second thought, I wouldn’t really mind if you came back.” Even loopy he was still a charmer.

Zayn: “Oh,” Zayn moaned clenching his stomach. “I don’t think I can go to the interview today. I’m not feeling up to it.” You went over to check his forehead. “That’s odd you don’t seem warm.” He gave you a pathetic look, “Yeah, but I’ve got the sniffles,” he took a tissue and blew into it, but to you it didn’t sound like anything came out. “I feel so week I can barely walk,” he pouted. Now you knew exactly what he was up to. If he were really sick he wouldn’t give such a detailed explanation. He would mainly just sleep and wait for you to make the diagnosis on your own. “Aw that’s too bad should I call and tell the boys you can’t come,” you questioned humoring him, but you had your own ideas in mind for how to get him to tell the truth. “If it’s not of bother,” he agreed acting innocent. You went into the other room and pretended to call. You didn’t want Zayn missing any more interviews. It was starting to become a bad habit, so you pretended to call in the other room. “Alright it’s taken care of,” you explained coming back into the room to find Zayn playing a video game. He reached for a tissue and pretended to blow again. “Thanks babe,” he said not taking his eyes off of the TV. “Let the real games begin,” you whispered to yourself. “Zayn you can’t play that,” you scolded taking the controller from his hands and pushed pause, “You’re too week. You should be resting your muscles so you can gain back your strength.” He reached for the controller a slight bit desperate, “But my thumbs are as strong as ox. I don’t need to rest them.” You turned off the game and he looked as frustrated as if you just stepped on his foot. “It doesn’t matter. You need to sleep,” you advised handing him a blanket. “But I’m not tired,” he argued. You picked up the blanket and draped it over him, “You will be. I’ll start making you some soup,” you cheered heading out of the room to heat up some canned soup. You returned a few minutes later while it was cooking, and saw he was still awake. “Can I at least watch some TV,” he perked his head up. You shook your head, “But I guess if you can’t sleep maybe we could have a little fun.” You straddled his stomach and started kissing his neck passionately. You were slowly making your way up to his lips to tease him, then stopped on your way down to make contact. You sighed, “Wait we can’t do this. I don’t want to get sick.” You attempted to get up, but he pulled you back down. “I don’t think it’s contagious,” he whispered lustfully. You pulled back and stood up, “Nice try, but I can’t risk it,” you shook your head. He grabbed your hand and pulled you back before you could leave, “I’m faking it ok? I’m fine, I lied.” He got up and smashed his lips into yours. It was a satisfying kiss. Once he finally released you smiled and looked over to the clock. “Looks like you can still make it if you leave now.” He shook his head scrunching his nose, “Not cool.” You shrugged. “I’m coming back for you,” he explained starting to walk away. “I’ll be waiting,” you smiled.                                               

Liam: Liam was having problems with his eye and couldn’t get a doctor’s appointment until after the weekend. He was in a lot of pain, and was consistently asking for a bag of ice to numb the feeling away. You refilled his ice bag after he was finished with his lunch, and when you gave it to him you realized how frustrated he was at himself. He was hurting too much to fall asleep, but he couldn’t entertain himself being cooped up in the darkness because the light made it worse. Suddenly you had an idea, you left to get your computer then hopped on the bed next to him. “What are you doing,” he asked adjusting the ice bag on his face. “I’m distracting you,” you poked his stomach causing him to cringe and moan about his eye again. “Sorry, I was just trying to get you excited. My bad.” He smiled, “It’s ok, I understand. Just try not to scare me please.” You nodded, “Fair enough, but you wouldn’t mind me keeping you company right,” you asked excited. “I wouldn’t mind that at all,” he decided. “Do you want me to read your top news stories and we can laugh about how fake they are again.” He groaned, “No I haven’t liked them recently. I’ve been sick of that rubbish, but how about we Tumblr me. You can read some of the stories fans come up with. They’re more fun anyways.” “Alright let’s do it,” you started typing in his name looking for new preferences and imagines to read. “Ooo this looks like fun. It’s called ‘He has Fun with your Beauty Supplies’.” He encouraged you to read on and you both started cracking up when it ended with him in a teary mess on the floor. “Let’s see how you and the boys handle ‘Disaster Date’. You’re a jerk Payno,” you joked halfway through the story. “That’d be fun to act on Disaster Date. Do you think I could pull it off,” he questioned with a big smile on his face. “Well maybe if you didn’t smile like this every time you lie about something,” you grabbed his cheeks making him laugh a little. “Read another,” he encouraged shaking you off of him. One title caught your eye when you looked back at the screen. “Hmm, ‘April Fools’ what are you going to do to me?” You started reading a little bit, “Or what am I going to do to you?” After you finished he sighed, “Why do I always end up becoming the Hulk, what did I do to earn that title?” You shrugged, before remembering he couldn’t see. “You kind of give off this vibe. Where you look tough, but then every once and a while you look soft, like right now.” You bumped your shoulder into his. He leaned his head back, “Which do you prefer?” “I like them both at different times,” you responded. “Well if you want to keep me soft Hulk, you better get me more ice,” he warned handing you the bag. “This is really warm. Why didn’t you tell me? I could have got you one sooner.” He looked over to you with his eyes still shut, “I don’t know, maybe when you’re here I just don’t need it so much.” You smiled, happy that your little plan worked. “You’ll come back and read more right,” he called when you got to the doorway. “Of course,” you replied, “I still have to find out if you win Wipeout.”

Niall: “I can’t get rid of this stupid headache,” Niall sat down burying his head in his hands, “I’ve tried everything.” You rubbed his back, “Do you want to go home?” You realized the after party was probably going to be cut short for the two of you. “I’m not really enjoying myself anyway. I don’t see a point in staying unless you want to.” You looked around it was a good party, but it wouldn’t be nearly as fun without Niall’s company. “Nah, lets get out of here,” you decided easily. You drove him home and leaning his head against the window seemed to be the only thing that could give him a little bit of relief. You followed him up to the door and let him inside. He went straight to the living room to lie down on the couch not stopping to grab anything, so you took the liberty of making things more comfortable for him. You gathered blankets and pillows. You place a few by his side, and gently lifted his head to place the pillow from his bed under his ear. Then you wrapped him up snuggly in the blankets you brought down. “This is nice and all, but I don’t think fluffiness is going to scare this headache away babe,” he pointed out pressing his head deeper into the pillow. “I know,” you explained, “I was just hoping it would help you fall asleep sooner so you can start to heal unconsciously without the pain.” He yawned. “That would be nice,” he pulled the covers tight to his neck. You kissed his forehead before leaving him alone to let him attempt to drift off. You came back a half an hour later to check in on him. You saw that he was grumbling something into his pillow. You kneeled down next to him and stroked his head until he looked up. “Still no better,” you asked and he shook his head disappointed. “Alright, sit up,” you demanded. He hesitated confused, but eventually did as you said. You squeezed in behind him and sat pretzel legged behind his back, “We’ll see if this works,” you started massaging his back making your way up to his neck trying to relax him. “What are you doing? It’s my head that hurts not my back.” “I know just give it a chance,” you explained as you moved your hands to his temples starting to rub soothing circles into the sides of his head. “That actually feels really good,” he breathed in, leaning back into you. You smiled moving your hands to other areas digging a little deeper into his hair. “No. That’s nice, but right here,” he grabbed your hands directing them back to his temples. You complied happy you could comfort him. He looked back into your eyes, “Can I lay down, but please don’t leave.” You nodded with a smile then hung you legs over the side and sat up so Niall could lay his head in your lap. You continued to massage his temples until you watched him quietly rest his eyes, and it didn’t take long to realize he was completely out of it. You could finally stop rubbing and realized you were quite tired too, so as you were making plans to maneuver your way out without waking him, you laid your head against the sofa accidentally drifting to sleep yourself.

#5 You Read Fanfiction


‘His eyes gazing at your lips as you laughed with your friends. All he wanted to do was walk up and ask you to the prom bu-’ “Harry give me my phone” you shout as Harry snatches your phone disturbing you from the fanfiction you were reading. “I called you thrice and you didn’t reply once! What are you reading all the time anyways?” A blush crept up your cheeks embarassed Harry might catch you reading fanfictions about you two. “Is it-?” he asked looking up from the phone into your eyes trying to stiffle a laughter. “No” you said bluntly seizing your phone from his grasp. He lost all the control and started laughing loudly. You never felt so ashamed. “I just wanted to know what would it be like to go to highschool with you.” you mumbled looking down at your feet making Harry feel guilty at once. His laughter stopped and he started finding something to say to you that would make you feel better. “Hey baby , there’s nothing to be embarrased.” he lifts your chin. You offer a small smile , still not convinced. “Sooo..?” Harry starts. “So what?” “Are we the hottest couple already?” he asks smirking wide and wiggling his eyebrows at you. “Noo” you laughed. Harry frowns. “Well I am the new girl in school so we don’t know each other…I mean you know me but I just know you as the shy boy sitting in the last bench , and all you do is think about me. you are absolutely smitten by me.” “I can see that happening” harry nods his head. “I hope I ask you out soon before some douche asks out the most beautiful girl in school” he leans in to kiss you. But you giggle and back away. “Sorry , darling , but I have a boyfriend.” you sing the last part. “What?!?” Harry fakes to be shocked and tells you that he wants to read the fanfic too and you both end up snuggling in the bed reading together with Harry swearing everytime your 'boyfriend’ came up.


You were gazing at Niall sleeping by your side as peaceful as ever. He looked so adorable. You didn’t know what gave the writer the idea that Niall , yes Niall James Horan could be a kidnapper! You were still thinking about the fanfic you just finished reading. Niall is like a baby. Him and a kidnapper , that is so not possible. Though by the middle you are absolutely head over heels for your hot kidnapper with an Irish accent and in the end you do realise he was actually protecting you from the bad people et cetra you chuckle thinking Niall as a kidnapper in real life. He cannot kill a fly how do you think he would kidnap people! You sub conciously start playing with his hair causing him to stir awake. He looks up at you and finds you grinning widely. “Babe” he brings you out of your thoughts. “What are you thinking about?” You tried to tell him its nothing and go back to sleep. But his persistence makes you tell about the fanfiction. “Can you imagine? My baby a kidnapper?” you pinch his cheeks. “Well that was a horrible story.” you find him a bit disturbed. “How can I treat you like that?” “Baby it was just a story..” “Well Y/N I don’t like stories in which my princess gets hurt” he says , melting your heart.


You and Louis found out that you were pregnant just a week before he had to leave for tour. Naturally , he didn’t like the idea of leaving you behind. So you joined him on tour. It was not like you didn’t like to tour with him , just that there was nothing much to do. He was always busy practicing and performing. And you , with your 'fantastic health’ had to stay back at the hotel room all alone. You felt like reading some nice book when you remembered the tweet sent to you by a fan having a link to wattpad. You searched through your notifications and finally found it. You saw a masterlist of chapters starting right from the night Louis gets you pregnant to the time you go into labour. “Omigosh! It is about me and Louis!”  Louis came back to find you crying looking at the mobile screen. “Baby” he panicked fearing you were receiving hate. “What happened” he asks softly kissing your tears. “I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. And he is soooo cute. And he is just like you.” You show Louis your phone to give him some clarity about what were you exactly talking about. A smile appears on his face finding out what you were reading. You and Louis end up searching for many other fanfictions like these reading them all night.


You had been a directioner all your life. Reading preferences , imagines , fanfictions is your favourite passtime other than fangirling over the boys. And then you met Zayn and started dating him. But that never changed you. You still are a directioner and always will be. You still fangirl over the boys and you still read fanfictions. You were just lying down on the bed with your tumbr app open on your phone reading a fanfiction. “What are you doing?” Zayn walks over to you. You quickly lock your phone and keep it aside. “Uh? no-nothing at al-all” you stammer. “What happened? Do you need something?” You get nervous. You never told Zayn about you liking to read fanfictions and nor did you plan on telling him. He’d probably think you are some loser and woud leave you. Your biggest fear , Zayn leaving you. Zayn looked dissapointed and just walked away. You hated him to see sad but you had no option. Some time later you go down to the kitchen to drink some water. “Y/N” Zayn calls out softly from the couch. “Yeah?” “Are you cheating on me?” you can see the sorrow in his eyes. “No baby!” you hurry towards the couch where he was sitting. “I would never cheat on you Z. Why would you think so?” “Because..you’re always on your phone and you hardly talk to me and when I ask you what you’re doing you say nothing which is obviously not true!” he exclaims. “Zayn , baby , I am not cheating on you , okay?” you hold his face. “Then what is it that you do all the time?” You didn’t want to tell him. But if you didn’t then he might not beleive you. “I-i read fanfictions” you mumble , looking down on your lap. “You read fanfictions! Babe why didn’t you tell me before?” “I thought you’d think I am a loser.” “Babe..” he looked straight into your eyes , “You are not a loser. You have no idea how happy I am to hear your answer.”


“Hey , you okay?” Liam asks as you continue pushing the vegetables on your plate. “Mhmm” you reply , not looking up. “If you’re okay then why are you so quiet today , my love? Did I do somethi-” “Liam , do you think it is right to be in love with your step-brother and to…sleep with him” you look down to your plate again , redder than a tomato. “What?!” he asks wondering from where did this question even come from. “I mean.. , they aren’t related. It is just that their parents got married and they are so much in love with each other and they tried to supress their feelings but it didn’t work and so-”  You go on rambling the entire plot story of the fanfiction you read. “Babe , why are you asking this to me?”  You smiled sheepishly “I read a fanfiction about us” Liam chuckled at your adorableness. “Babe , it is fan- 'fiction’. The fans write them for fun. We aren’t related by any way , okay?”  "Yeah…but it was so awkward reading that.“ "Well you should try reading Y/favourite fanfiction writer/N. She-” “How do you know about her?” “Babe , you aren’t the only one who reads fanfiction , you know?

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Zayn would drive all the little girls to ballet. He’d smile at them and be his silent self as the little five and six year olds chattered on about block stealing and cootie catching. “You’re not to date until I’m dead, Miss Malik,” he’d say knowingly to his daughter, Avery, as she gossiped. She’d roll her eyes pretending she was much older than she actually was. The girls loved Zayn’s car rides. Maybe its because he looked badass with his leather, sunglasses and tattoos. Maybe it’s because the music he played was cooler than all the other cars. “Uncle Zayn?” Princess Lacey Payne would ask. “Yes, darling?” He’d ask. “Will you be my boyfriend?” She’d ask. Zayn would smile. “Of course, sweetheart.” “Why do you want to marry my daddy?” Zayn’s little girl would pout at her friend. “He has cool music and he can drive and has tattoos,” she’d roll her eyes. “So does Uncle Liam,” Avery would protest. Zayn would smirk in the rear view and smile at each of the girls as he lifted them up kissing each of their cheeks before they skipped into the dance studio. He’d hold his princess in his arms a moment longer. “Don’t worry, angel, I love you,” he’d whisper. “You’re all mine,” he’d promise and kiss her cheek, forehead, and jaw before ushering her off to ballet. “I love you too, Daddy!” She’d call back to him with a giant smile on her face.


“Well, you can’t hit a girl,” he’d say carefully. He knew cooties better than anyone. He’d tried asking one girl out for years and repeatedly was rejected. “But Uncle Louis, she pinched me!” Niall’s little boy, Deaglan whined. “That just means she likes you,” he’d tell you. “Is she cute?” He’d ask. Niall’s son groaned. “No! Girls are icky!” He’d shout. “Except Darcy,” Deaglan sighed dreamily. Louis would watch as his son, Tommy, would smile shyly out the window. “Darcy’s perfect,” Tommy would say knowingly. “Oh really?” Louis would snicker. “And how would you know what perfect is, boys?” he’d ask as he drove the boys to soccer practice. “Because Uncle Harry calls Auntie perfect all the time. And Auntie is Darcy’s mum, so she has to be perfect,” Tommy would explain. Deaglan would nod knowingly. Louis would smirk and nod. “Alright lads, well, neither of you are allowed to touch Darcy.” “Daddy?” Tommy would ask. “Yes?” He’d ask looking in the rear view at his son. “Can I marry Darcy?” He’d ask. Louis would smile. “You’d have to ask her. And Uncle Harry, but you have my blessing.” Deaglan would be rolling his soccer ball around in his lap anxious to get to practice. “Uncle Louis, Darcy’s playing soccer too!” He’d say excitedly. “If she’s anything like her father, you should be careful around her, she’ll be just as clumsy as Uncle Harry,” he’d laugh. The boys would get out and Darcy would come running over to Louis and Tommy. “Hi Tommy,” she’d say shyly. “Hi Darcy,” he’d say sweetly. “Can you be my partner or are you going to play with Deaglan and his friends?” “I’ll play with you,” he’d promise. Louis would squat down and whisper in Tommy’s ear, “take her hand and don’t let go, buddy,” he’d wink and kiss the top of Tommy’s head. “Have fun, guys. Bye, kitty,” he’d smile at Harry’s little girl as she ran off with his son, who defended her honor when he was told he would get cooties by playing with her.


Lacey was thirteen and Liam was still un-thrilled at the thought of leaving her at the movies, alone, with boys, and just her friends. Liam had picked up Avery, Niahm, Claire, and Darcy and began lecturing. “Daddy, they’re like our brothers…” Lacey would roll her eyes. “Except Tommy,” Avery would giggle shyly. “Shut up!” Darcy would say turning bright red. “I just don’t want you girls to get hurt. You have to be careful, okay?” He’d ask and look at each of them. “Promise?” He’d ask. They’d all nod. “You know Aiden’s going to be here right Daddy?” Lacey would ask. “I know,” he’d mumble. And though he was grateful his son was going to take care of Lacey, he did treasure his “nieces.” How could he not? He’d protect Niahm to his death; that was Niall’s little girl. He wouldn’t live if she got hurt. Same for all the girls; no matter how badass like her dad Avery thought she was, or how strong Claire was like Louis, and caring Darcy was like Harry, those girls were little in his eyes and he didn’t want them to get hurt. And yeah, there was bit of leeway considering each daughter had one or two brothers that would take care of them and protect them from their own friends, Liam couldn’t help but worry about his princesses. He couldn’t let them grow up. Avery had a crush on Liam when she was little, how could she grow up to like Aiden? Sure he loved his son. “Daddy, you’re going to miss the theater!” Lacey would say suddenly bursting Liam out of his trance. He’d pull to the theater but notice Niall has yet to arrive with the boys and he desperately wanted to make sure the girls were safe so he’d wait. “Be careful, please?” He’d ask. “Don’t go to the bathroom alone, don’t take drinks from strangers, and stay together?” He’d ask softly. The girls would nod. “It’s the movies, Daddy, not a bar.” The four girls in the back would get out and Liam would lightly hold Lacey’s hand. “Be careful please, angel?” He’d whisper. She’d smile. “Of course, Daddy,” she’d say sweetly. “Don’t worry, Uncle Louis told me I’m just like you. I’m the mom of the group, so everyone will be fine,” she’d promise. Liam would grin and kiss Lacey’s forehead. “I love you, sweetheart.” “I love you too, Daddy,” she’d squeeze his hand and head into the theater.


He drove Niahm and Darcy home from school each afternoon. He loved to see each of them, happy to know they made it. One day in particular, Darcy was quite quiet. “What’s the matter, kitty?” Niall’d ask using her nickname that Harry had given her since the day she was born. They were seventeen now, but they were still babies in Niall’s eyes. “Tommy broke up with her,” Niahm would whisper softly. Niall would glance at Darcy in the rear view. Her green eyes that looked just like his best friend’s. And when Harry cried, it made Niall feel awful–just the same, he felt awful when Harry’s little girl cried. “I’m so sorry, Darce,” he’d whisper. “I can kill him, if you want,” Niall would offer seriously. Darcy would giggle through her tears and smile. “Thank you Uncle Niall, but I’m perfectly okay with him being alive as long as he’s happy. "You’re such a good person, Darce,” Niahm would murmur. “I would let Daddy kill him,” she’d say knowingly. “Uncle Niall isn’t capable of killing someone,” Darcy would roll her eyes. “Much less Tommy Tomlinson.” Niall would smile and snicker. “I’ll see what I can do,” he’d offer. “I’m sure, Louis would gladly kill his son for you, kitty,” he’d wink at Darcy. Darcy would giggle again. “You guys are so mean to the boys,” she’d say quietly. She felt so bad that she was cared for more than the boys. She wasn’t anything special, even though, everyone told her she was. “Well, for you my love, I would kill him,” Niall would offer again. She’d nod. “Thanks Uncle Niall,” she’d mumble as Niall pulled up to Harry’s home. Darcy got out at the same time Louis peeled in and yanked his son out the door. Aiden would snicker as Tommy was dragged up to the front door. Harry came over and Niahm would laugh. Harry’s eyes would jump from Tommy to Darcy and then to Niall. Harry would roll his eyes and pull Darcy to his body and usher her in the house. “You’re gonna pay for that one,” Niahm would call out to Tommy. “I tried warning you!” Aiden would call out as well. Niall would laugh and Tommy would sigh as he went into the house. “Princess?” Niall would ask his daughter. “Yes, Daddy?” She’d ask. “No getting married until I’m dead.” She’d roll her eyes and peck Niall’s cheek. “Of course, Daddy,” she’d smile.


Harry’s little boy was excited for his first day of kindergarten but also more nervous than he could ever explain to his father. “I know you’re nervous bud, but Rosy will be there,” he’d say knowingly. “And Claire is going to come volunteer in the middle of the day so you can talk to her,” he’d remind him of his older “cousin.” “But Daddy, what if the others don’t like me?” “Why wouldn’t they like you, buddy?” Harry would wonder. He’d shrug. Harry picked Zayn’s second son Lucas up and  headed for school. “How about you, buddy? You nervous?” Harry would ask. He’d nod shyly. “Alright lads, here’s what you do,” he’d smirk. “You walk up to a pretty girl and say, "do you have a blue crayon I could borrow?”“ He’d say. "Then smile at them and compliment their hair,” he’d wink. “Works every time.” “Daddy, you’re not seriously giving six year olds dating advice are you?” Darcy would ask from the front seat. Lucas would smile as his pretty “cousin” spoke. Darcy would turn in her seat and smile. “Lukey, you be yourself and play with Riley, okay?” She’d tell him and smile at her brother. “Riley, kindergarten is great, and Daddy’s right, Claire will be there and if you’re scared she’ll help you, okay?” She’d smile pleasantly. “Have a nice day, boys,” Darcy would smile at them as she left the car. “Alright, lads,” Harry would grin. “You ready?” He’d ask. “It’s not so bad and Uncle Niall’s going to take you guys to football practice when school gets out, alright?” he’d ask. Louis’s youngest daughter Jess, would greet the boys with Liam’s little girl Rosy. Riley would jump out to hold Rosy’s hand and suddenly he was no longer nervous. “Riley Styles, get your hand off Rosy,” Harry would order. “It’s okay Uncle Harry, we’re married,” Rosy would smile happily. Harry would roll his eyes. “Your daddy is not going to be happy, Miss Payne.” “He’ll live,” she’d say maturely. Harry would laugh and look at his little boy. “You’ll be fine, mate,” he’d wink at him. Riley would walk up to his daddy and tug on his pant leg. Harry would kneel down and Riley’s eyes would fill with tears. “Hey, none of that, it’ll be fine,” Harry would promise. Riley sniffed and nodded bravely as Harry held him tightly for a few seconds. “Mumma and I will see you after football okay?” He’d ask his son. “Rosy,” Harry would murmur. “Yes, Uncle Harry?” “You’re in charge,” he’d dub. “Be nice, alright?” He’d ask with a gentle smile. “Okay Uncle Harry,” she’d grin and take hold of Riley’s hand. He’d grin and wave as he left the toddlers to their adventures on he playground.

preference #12: his clothes

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Harry: “Why did you walk here in the rain?” Harry asks, sifting through his closet to find something of his for you to wear. “I was only halfway here when it started r-raining,” you shrug, a movement that quickly turns into a shiver. You’re soaked to the bone from the down pour that occurred when you were walking to your boyfriend’s house, and as soon as he saw you on his door step, he ushered you into the confines of his warm house. “I would have picked you up, (Y/N),” he says, picking the nearest shirt he can find and setting it on his bed next to where you’re sitting, along with a pair of his boxers and a fluffy towel. “If you would have called me,” he finishes. He presses a kiss to your cold forehead, helping you stand up and pushing your jacket off. “But then it wouldn’t have been a surprise,” you smile, despite your teeth chattering. He rolls his eyes fondly at you, peeling the t shirt from your body. He’s a perfect gentleman, turning away as you take off the rest of your clothes, but he giggles lightly when hearing you stumble as you’re pulling up the boxers. “Okay, you’re good now,” you say quietly, using the towel to dry your hair. He turns back around, stopping immediately when he sees you. His eyes trail your body, long tan legs peeking out from his black boxers, his ridiculously large flannel slipping off of your shoulder, despite you buttoning it almost all the way to the top. He grips your hips lightly in his hands, pulling you closer to him without letting his eyes leave your body. “What?” you question, pulling him from his thoughts. “Nothing,” he replies, shaking his head easily. He kisses your forehead again, wrapping his arms fully around your waist. “You just look really good in my clothes, that’s all.”

Liam: “(Y/N)? What’re you doing, love?” Liam calls from his bed, watching you stumble around his room through barely open eyes. “I’m gonna be late for work, shit, shit, shit,” you mumble, trying to pull on your clothes as fast as you can. “Where is my shirt?!” you whine, clearly exasperated. “Li, have you seen my shirt?” “Calm down, babe. Just wear one of mine,” he yawns. “Really?” you ask, already walking towards his closet. “Go ahead,” he dismisses. You hurriedly sort through the t shirts and muscle tees hanging in his closet, finally picking out a random dark grey t shirt. You pull it over your body, watching as it falls almost down to your knee. Slipping into your shoes and throwing your bag over your shoulder, you check the time on your phone and see that you might just make it to work on time. “Okay, thanks Li. I’ll be home at 5,” you say, walking over to his side of the bed and pecking his already waiting lips. He puts his hand on the back of your neck, not letting you from pull away just yet. “Text me when you get to work, yeah? I love you,” he says, locking gazes with you. You nod, pecking his lips again. “I love you too, but I have to go, like right now,” you say, pulling away and heading towards the door. “Oh, and (Y/N)?” he asks. “What?” you say turning around quickly. “You look really hot in my shirt,” he says, smirking happily. You roll your eyes, but a small smile makes its way onto your face anyway. “Goodbye, Liam.”

Louis: “Louis, why is your house so cold?” you whine, rubbing your hands up and down your bare arms. Louis merely rolls his eyes at you. “It’s not even cold. You’re just weird,” he says, smirking when you kick him lightly from across the couch. “Can’t we turn the heater up?” you ask a moment later, giving him the cutest eyes you can. “Sorry love, not gonna work on me. I’ve got four younger sisters, remember?” he says, not even glancing twice at you before going back to his phone. You huff in defeat, pouting for a few seconds before you push yourself off the couch and go to Louis’ bedroom. You return moments later, adjusting the baggy crew neck that you borrowed from your boyfriend’s closet. As you sit back down on the couch you can feel Louis looking at you, but you pay him no attention and turn to the TV. “What you got there, (Y/N)?” Louis finally asks, making you turn to look at him. “Well, since someone wouldn’t turn the heater on,” you said, raising your eyebrows. “I had to find alternate sources of warmth.” “And so you stole my jumper?” he asks. You just nod at him, shrugging a little. “Come here, you,” he says fondly, wrapping his fingers around one of your ankles and pulling you towards him. You giggle, not trying to get away as he pulls you in between his outstretched legs. “You look adorable,” he says, kissing the top of your head and pulling you closer to him.

Niall: You wake up to the sun streaming through the black curtains in Niall’s room, squinting in the bright morning light. You lift your head up from where it is on Niall’s chest, turning to look up at him. He’s still sleeping soundly, his eyes closed and his mouth dropped open slightly. His arms are curved tightly around your waist, making it hard for you to get up when you decide to do so. As soon as you’re free from his grip, you pull the covers back up around him and kiss his forehead. You pull your crazy matted hair up into a less than cute bun and slip on one of Niall’s tank tops as you leave the room and head towards the kitchen. You’ve just about finished breakfast when a pair of tan arms wrap around your waist, pulling you back into a warm solid body. “Good morning to me,” Niall whispers in your ear, his voice thick with sleep. “How’d you sleep, (Y/N)?” “Good,” you say, turning to look at him as he hooks his chin over your shoulder. “You?” “Good. Was a bit sad when I woke up without you in the bed, though,” he admits, pressing a few kisses to your exposed shoulder. “Someone’s got to make breakfast, and it’s definitely not gonna be you,” you giggle, turning around to face him. Niall opens his mouth like he’s about to retort, but his eyes catch on your attire and he swallows quickly. He takes a small step back, slowly surveying your body in his tank top. “This mine?” he asks, feeling the material on your hips. “Maybe,” you shrug, a sneaky smile on your face. He shakes his head and tugs you closer, pecking your lips and saying, “it’s a good look on ya, babe.”

Zayn: “Zayn?” you ask, peeking your head out of his bathroom door. “Yeah (Y/N)?” he says back, coming into sight shortly after. He grins when he sees you, towel wrapped tightly around your body, hair and skin still damp from your shower. “What do you need?” “Um…could I borrow some clothes?” you ask. “Yeah, yeah,” he says, nodding quickly. “I’ll be right back, sit tight babes.” He winks, walking away. As promised, he returns quickly after with a few articles of clothing in his hands. “Here,” he says, kissing the top of your head and tucking the clothes into your arms. You smile and thank him, stepping back into the bathroom and shutting the door. You quickly change into what he had brought you, which consisted of a long sleeved t-shirt and boxers. The boxers are a little baggy and the shirt sleeves continue far past your hands, but they’re warm and they smell like your boyfriend: a mixture of cigarettes, peppermint, and just pure Zayn. You walk out of the bathroom and over to where Zayn is laying on the bed, playing on his phone. “Hey,” he says, glancing up at you quickly, and going back to his phone. He turns back to you less than a second later, clicking his phone off and setting it down on the table next to him and letting his eyes trail up and down your body. Your cheeks are tainted pink under his gaze, and you look down at your toes shyly. He nods, giving your body one last look. “I approve,” he says, grabbing your hand to pull you onto the bed next to him.

Until We Meet Again - Harry Styles Imagine

“Miss, there is nothing we can do. All flights are closed”

“Nothing? At all? Look I’ll go anywhere. Florida. Paris. Just so long as I get home”

“All flight are closed. No one is going anywhere, everything is canceled. Sorry miss, but we don’t control the weather.”

As if to prove his point, thunder went off outside, making the windows shake. You could hear the rain pelting off them.

Groaning loudly you place your head on the table.

“Miss? Could you move out the way, there is a line behind you”

You look up giving a fake smile.

“Sure! Thanks for all your help” You say sarcastically.

You turn around, seeing the packed airport and not a seat in sight. Until you saw one in the corner. Knowing that you have to hurry, you quickly walk over there.

Feeling satisfied when you finally sit down after standing up for 6 hours, you get ready to wait for the storm to pass.

“Excuse me? I think you took my seat” A voice calls from behind you.

‘Cant I ever get a break?’ You think.

“Right, of course it is. Sorry.”

“No no, it’s fine. You can sit there”

You turn around to see the stranger and freeze.

'Well hello there’

You look at his face and realise he’s caught you looking at him.

“I’m Harry, and you are?”

“Y/N.” You reply.


You raise an eyebrow at him.

“A charmer aren’t you”

He chuckles at you, “I try”

“Do I know you?” You ask.

You recognise him from something. It’s on the tip of your tongue.

“Well you might. I’m actually from-”

“Were you in that advert?”

He gives you and blank look, making you feel stupid.

“No. I’m from One Direction”

And there goes the light bulb.

“Ohhh. Yeah, I know you!”

He smiles at you, and you’re taking aback at how good looking he is.

'Maybe it’s not such a bad Christmas’

“So what is the oh so famous ‘Harry Styles’ doing in an airport on Christmas Eve in New York City?”

“Lets just say there was an Interview and they got the date wrong. So I now need to go all the way back to London”

He looked quite frustrated and you couldn’t help but laugh.

“Okay. Okay. Laugh at me. So what’s your reason?”

You stop laughing, sobering up quickly.

“I go to NYU, i want to see my family this year. But, apparently even that doesn’t work for me” You sign.

The first time you see your family in a year, and there’s a storm. You couldn’t go during the summer because you got sick. Maybe it’s a sign that you shouldn’t go. Maybe you should just stay here.

The joking atmosphere is gone and you think Harry has noticed because soon there’s an arm around you, and you rest your head on his shoulder.

“You’ll get home. I know it.”

You smile into his shoulder.

“So you don’t want your seat back?” You tease.

He barks a laugh and his body shakes with him. You pull back to look at him.

“Well you see. About that…” He trails off and you finally catch on.

“It wasn’t your seat was it?”

His hand makes it’s way to the back of his neck and you can see a bit of blush arousing.

“No. I just wanted an excuse to talk to you”

You laughed, making him go redder which in your opinion was cute.

“That’s the cheesiest thing I’ve ever heard. Okay, so Romeo what happens after this?”

“You let me take you out on a date”

You pretend to think about it, stretching it out.

“I’ll make you a deal”

He smirks at you.

“I’m always up for a challenge”

“If I meet you again after this, then you can take me out”

“Then I’ll just have to make sure we do”

'I hope you do’

For the next few hours you and Harry talk. You go from your childhoods, right up till now. He talks about his band. And you talk about school. Both of you’s are never lost for a topic. And you find yourself getting to know him, not just the man thrown over the pages of magazines.

Soon you hear the speaker of the airport crackle, and you both stop taking to listen.

“We are glad to announce that the storm has cleared up enough for flights to take off. If you can please be a bit more patient we’ll try and get you all on as fast as we can. Thank you”

You can’t keep the joy from your face at knowing you’ll be home for Christmas.

“Well, I guess this is it”

Confused, you turn around and at seeing Harry the joy soon dissipates. Oh. You forgot about that part.

“I guess it is” You say.

“Well might i say, it was a pleasure meeting you on this Christmas Eve”

Taking your hand he lifts it to his mouth and kisses it.

“Until we meet again. I want my date” He winks at you.

A blush grows up your cheeks.

“Until we meet again” You whisper.


It’s quite easy to tell that I haven’t wrote in a while, because that was not my best work. It didn’t really have anything to do with Christmas either but I hope it’s okay at least haha.